IMG_20170503_113609 Superfast fibreoptic internet is built by farmer’s wife Christine Conder for 2,300 members, rural community Lancashire as a revolutionary internet pioneer. Her DIY solution solved neighbour’s internet connectivity problems in 2009 evolved into B4RN internet service provider of a faster gigabit per second broadband speed to parishes in picturesque Lune Valley. Is 35 times faster than 28.9 Mbps UK speed internet connection according to Ofcom. Began when trees separating Chris’ neighbouring farm from nearest wireless mast only internet connection provided by Lancaster University grew too tall. Something more robust was required and no alternatives available Chris decided to take matters into her own hands. She purchased a kilometre of fibre-optic cable and commandeered her farm tractor to dig a trench. After lighting the cable, the two farms were connected, with hers feeding the one behind the trees. “We dug it ourselves and we lit the cable ourselves and we proved that ordinary people could do it she says. It was not rocket science just 3 days of hard work. Her motto she often repeats in conversation, is JFDI. Three of those letters stand for Just Do It. The fourth is work out for yourself.unnamedB4rn in actionFibre optic cable cattle grid. And JFDI she has. B4RN now claims to have laid 2,000 miles 3,218km of cable connected to string of local parishes to its network. It won’t connect a single household, so the entire parish has to be on board before begins to build. Each household pays £30 per month, £150 connection fee, larger businesses pay more. And households must do some installation themselves. The entire infrastructure is fibre-optic cable right to the property than just to cabinet with existing copper phone lines running to home generally offered by British Telecom. The service is so popular the company has work lined up for next 10 years and people from as far as Sierra Leone attended the open days held couple of times a year. The bulk of work is done by volunteers although there are now 15 paid staff on board. Farmers give access to their land and those with equipment like diggers and tractors do the heavy work. Other landowners can charge B4RN complain on Facebook page about price of cabling under a disused railway bridge owned by Highways England. A spokesperson told BBC standard industry cost include a £4,500 fee for surveying, legal fees and price per metre for cable installation. So B4RN has yet to make profit once it pays back shareholders it should be in good financial health although on condition profits ploughed back into community. Chris’ services to rural broadband have recognised by the Queen was awarded an MBE in 2015, alongside Barry Forde, a retired university lecturer who now leads the co-operative.nl26_03_160928_photo_2_1.jpgcalfNewborn cattle registered online within 5days in UK. Incredibly B4RN customers had been surviving on dial-up services or paying high fees for satellite feeds. So Chris says some still do. As farmers now register online with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) within 5 days of every calf being born to enter food chain, connectivity is vital. “All the farmers who have not got broadband have to rely on land agents or auction marts or public wi-fi spaces which we haven’t got round here either, or paying somebody to do it,” says Chris. Farmers finding dial-up just could not cope with it. They bought satellites, but children use all satellite feed for things and when they came to use it at night there was no feed left, gone over data and they were being charged a fortune for what they then used. “So the farmers have been incredibly supportive of this and that is why they have given us free rein throughout the fields, which we go through to connect them and then we get to the villages which subsidise the farmers’ connections. “You could not do it for farmers alone, but you could not get to the village without farmers so it is win win.300C.jpgB4rn in actionnl13_01_160701_IMG_4504Independent fibre broadband providers like Gigaclear serve 50,000 customers in several UK counties and Hyperoptic is active in 13 cities. They all claim to offer 1Gbps speeds. “The best way to make sure this country has faster up to date internet is support alternative networks says Chris. “When there is competition BT will then up their game. “We cannot do the whole country. BT, Virgin etc are good businesses, they are in it to make profit, as businesses do.” Openreach, currently a division of BT, owns the UK’s largest broadband infrastructure. Big picture is a plan alongside government to get 95% UK fibre coverage,” said Kim Mears, Openreach’s managing director of Infrastructure Delivery. The provider upgraded 90 small Community Fibre Partnership, set up to work in areas it describes as “hard to reach.” Ms Mears appealed to those struggling with poor connectivity to make contact. A lot to gain if communities come together we are really here to help,” she said.

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Revitalising me time is a special moment taken to develop your inner strength to fine-tune and enhance your life. This awareness is key to recognising that the tension in your neck, shortening of your temper, restlessness or being fidgety so you just cannot focus to concentrate means you need to take regular time to rejuvenate yourself. It also helps to know your reactions in adversity for how you show fatigue is essential to your health. Putting in “me time” balances your life determination, hard work and resilience to achieving your lifestyle. Time set aside to take best care of your personal life is investment to your personal well- being and overflows to bless your loved ones and colleagues. Keep a day or two each week, set aside to reflect on your life input, review what worked well, your strengths, best achievement, challenges faced and how you overcome them. how-to-schedule-me-time-1-size-3

You need to read actual book each week to detract from gadgets for a while from radiation and distractions. Most people think leading a nonstop active life from one activity to another means hardwork. However, something gives by taking its toll on the body so keep journal to record your daily gratitude practices, reflect on your plans and progress. Check in with how you feel, as well as how you are doing, to connect your physical and emotional reactions to your lifeactions. A massage of your own body enhances blood circulation, drinking water is best for detoxing, sleeping 8 hours minimum all add up to ensure a sound mind and a sound body. Physical exercise is good for the body as much as me time rest times.women-relaxing

Self-compassion is permission to step off self destructive roller coaster to change your life with a better action plan. It is so easy to fall into trap of keeping pushing, keep striving on keeping going until the body breaks. Allow yourself me time to renergise and recharge your batteries as you regularly give your car MOT to ensure it is in good condition and safe to drive. Allow yourself the chance to do something to improve personal life from your “me time” list. Allow yourself time to relax and invest in maintaining your well-being, replenish your mind, plans or changes to maintain your life. homeschooling1

Running helter skelter to and fro takes its toll on the body and mind so clogs clear thinking. Clarity of mind is necessary to make good choices and good decisions. A fogged mind constantly overloaded with too much information, stress or worry cannot help in fully understanding choices made. Offload into a safe space like a journal to clear your head. You can write what is meaningful to you down to read later. Often as you will be surprised how you felt then as feelings change with the moment. This is why you need not follow the feelings to rush to make a decision or impulse buy but reassure yourself and reflect deeply first about the implications and consequences. So you learn quickly that you are a survivor on a daily basis.tumblr_obyy6wmsc91vc094bo1_1280

Take a moment or two now to think about how you balance striving for your desired outcomes and your perfect “me time” activity. Are you at risk of pushing to breaking? How do you spot those moments and what are your “me time” revitalising activities? Taking time to revitalise takes courage and strength to say no to many other attractive options available vying for your attention often spurred on by friends. Some think me time is loneliness and negative if not constantly surrounded by voices of friends non stop. Some may misconstrue it as isolation and mental imbalance so make fun of the moment calling you a hermit or anti-social. However, it is so rewarding if one can listen to favourite music or reading undisturbed. This calms the mind and rests the body to regain strength ready to continue with life. Research me time activities suitable for you to develop habit to rest yourself. 

metime_image-2_1Take time to eat properly and drink fluids regularly for hydration. Look for a good book to read as soul food to nurture your mind, soul and body. Clear your head and refill with good thoughts spoken out loud to your hearing to boost confidence. Books are helpful to concentrate to focus as it takes you deeply into the contents of the message. Talk to friends for support but be aware of seemingly contradictory advise can create confusion not knowing what to do. Take me time for concerns of your life to make informed choices as you reflect deeply because charity starts at home with yourself first. Then you become better equipped, refreshed to make informed choices. Jesus took time aside from the multitudes, disciples and the apostles for 40 days by Himself to Seek the Face of God in prayer. You may not need that long but twice a week can help to fine-tune your life, thoughts and emotions. Those who proactively practice the PRESENCE of God enjoy greater peace of mind. Reconnect with yourself and love yourself as the Bible says love others as you love yourself. God did not say neglect yourself to please others. Me time acknowledges you and values you accept and love yourself. Stop running away from yourself thinking someone else will come along to love you before you deserve to love yourself. Me time is not abandoning family or loved ones. It is crucial to mental health and sanity because you cannot continue giving of yourself without taking a break. As you stand up for yourself you become stronger because this is why God made Sabbath day for your day of rest too. God Rested on the 7th day so you need rest.


Christ and MoneyThe book of Haggai Chapter 1 in Bible sums up direct connection between God, Church, money. Whether fabulously rich God says give to Church as nobody must come to His Presence or House empty handed. The Church of God is House of God and the temple His people as stated in Acts 20:28-30. The minister overseer is appointed by God through the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the Head of the Church and Sacrificed His Life to save all people. The Priceless Sacrifice of Jesus cannot be paid for by any amount of money. tow God’s House is funded reflects also on personal and corporate BLESSINGS and general well-being. 1 Timothy 6:17, God says, ” Instruct those who are rich in this present world not to be conceited or to fix their hope on the uncertainty of riches, but on God, who richly supplies us with all things to enjoy.” Jesus spoke to the poor to give no matter how small like widow’s mite of 2 pennies noticed by Jesus as commented on the lesson of the widow’s mite in Synoptic Gospels of Mark 12:41 -44 and Luke 21:1-4. Jesus talked about money many times in Bible. It is good to talk about money in church to give for God’s House and God’s Work to prosper in the soul in Jesus Name!781d88debc8ee860a6704e12daf0d18cGod’s Message on money in church is that God owns the talents that make people rich to acquire wealth. Every business person gets their entitled cut for due diligence hardwork reward. God Wants His Cut so many more people are reached and trained to gain more skills to be saved and blessed. Rich people do a fantastic job investing in assets globally in property, their grand design panelled homes, with the latest gadgets. So the wealthy, must REMEMBER to contribute and fund His House with same passion. God Reminds people He is the Source of all Wealth and Riches. God does Really CARE about ‘your’ as entrusted steward. You own for God to promote God’s Work, save people Dear to GOD’S Heart. SOULS are God’s Greatest Priceless Asset Valued to live in His Presence into eternity. The hyped materialistic things could be given to the poor instead to be right with God. The wealth is not to show off riches but to bless God’s creation globally. The non profit projects stop homelessness as the valued life saved changes for better. Does-God-Really-Care-About-My-Money.pptxSo God Wants all to be grateful, thankful to God because God Gives Power to get wealth and enjoy it. If not consequences affect the whole nation. The governor priests and people are all frustrated as they try to make own lives comfortable while neglecting temple of God v:4–6. The rich and poor are to do their part to build up God’s House. God created the world and all possessions in it. The Kind of investment the rich make determines their passion or interests. So passionate they put their money where their mouth is so walk the talk. In the same way as the rich people, God’s Ultimate Passion is all that must be saved. Everything is Done by God to redeem mankind and restore them back to Himself in a good relationship. The lost souls need to be taught to understand the True Bature of God to fall in live with God. Money-front-coverIs it time for you yourselves to dwell in your paneled houses, while this house lies in ruins? Consider your ways you sow much and harvest little; you eat, but never have enough; you drink, but you never filled; you clothe yourselves, but not warm; and earns wages but earned wages you put in a bag with holes. God is yearning for His People to Look Up to a true message if the Gospel. God deeply cares about personal happiness of the rich people. So many have so much of this world’s goods but never happier or at peace within. They grace the highest places of honour and eat the best foods but still not content or at peace within. So want more wealth turned competitive sport with each wanting to remain at the top of the ladder. Therefore refuse to use money so not to reduce perceived status on the list in Forbes. Him  MW-CW943_moneyo_MG_20141020145617So live in perpetual frustration and also discontentment as nothing satisfies. God says you devote yourself to your work, sowing, planting, investing, eating drinking and buying expensive designer clothing, best quality shoes for yourself with earned wages, but neglect God’s House Kingdom ministry body of Christ temple of God in 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17. God says if you know how to enjoy the good life personally you need to help win souls that last beyond life into eternity. At the end life each will be accoubtable to God no matter how rich or successful in life. The tithe belongs exclusively to God’s work related needs concerning the publishing of Gospel so all people can be saved. It pays for costs literature, Bibles, everything to do with the sharing God’s words so set aside for Gospel Message. If you a rich person, generous helping to eradicate poverty  globally God bless you. In addition, you need to tithe everything earned first to God before chraity work. Giving to people is kind but not negate Covenant Tithe of Malachi 3:10 that says, “Bring all tithes into God’s Storehouse, so that there may be meat, food, needs met in mine house to prove me now in this to open the windows of Heaven to pour out BLESSINGS for you.”

tithe-boxGod warns people will live in such constant frustration if spending time and energy on seeking pleasure and leiaure for comfort and security from the world. Yet moan or complain when asked to spend for the Glory of God. God says such pleasure leave sour aftertaste of depression and guilt and frustration. God loves rich people and is happy for them to be rich. In addition, God wants them to share with the world the joy to show example God loves the rich too. So the churches blessed with the donations, free will offerings, proceeds from talent and hardwork of the rich members helps sponsor Gospel to reach far more people. So the modern church needs presence of the rich to humble themselves to seek God. God wants all people to be saved.hand_with_bag_of_donations.jpgTo restore nation, Honour Glory of God in verse 8 the people must give tithes, donations and offerings to the church. God’s solution remedy for frustration is build God’s House first, invest in God’s Priority of soul winning, maintain God’s House to pay bills, taxes, food in store house with tithes. God Opens Windows of Heaven to Pour Out Blessing you do not have room enough to store. These blessings include being alive today and living in eternity, wellbeing, the homes provided by God so not homeless in the cold freezing streets. Able to eat food by yourself, walk or talk all enabled by God daily. It is when ond takes time to count all BLESSINGS to show Gratitude to God one realises how much BLESSED you are.  church-money-615cs082112God takes pleasure so Appears Glory, says the Lord.” It is serious matter real problem to neglect God’s Building or indifferent God. The Church today exists for the Glory of God (Ephesians 1:6, 12, 14). Indifference to the growth and spiritual prosperity of the Church and mission is a sign of failure to Love God. The sour fruit results in life of chronic frustration as lacks God’s Approval for good success in Jesus Name. A life, deep and fulfilling says God is sponsor House of the Lord of hosts. God’s house cannot lie in ruins while busy with own houses.57343768People are to obey God to fund work on God’s House so seek God’s kingdom first and all other things added according to Matthew 6:33. The importance of giving is to recognise our lives or good success depends on it as a commandment from God. Those who discovered the secret of giving understand Joy and peace of GOD which passes all human understanding. The church must understand God Owns money so people are stewards of money. So a clear Biblical teaching on money is essential to prosper as God desires for His people. God’s Interest Rate is Best with salvation pecks of eternal life!!!the_church_and_money__gary_waters  The heart is truly where the treasure is in Christ Jesus. Church leaders teach people about money because the fear of God is the beggining of wisdom. Let the church undetstand true value of money. Look at the material abundance and temporatary superficial satisfaction for a moment. People seek gratification in illusion of things sought after again in search of the Glory of God lacking in those things. Constant search for one thing to bring ultimate Joy happiness drives world to over produce and waste money, time, energy and resources. The wealth enables materials for message to be printed and published to spread good news globally, to cover costs involved in satellite TV, leaflets, books or materials, equipment transported to each region to preach. Anyone involved in ministry has understanding of high costs of ministry. Cross-laying-on-Money-Fotolia_450504_XS.jpgAll money, wealth and world reaources come from God the Owner ofall silver and gold. Plus cattle on a thousand hills. Using resources without God’s method has consequences due to lack of respect and consideration of God. So waste junk yards, land fill sites burying excess good food worth billions of dollars daily while people starve ignore God’s Commands. Toxic wastes destroying earth as greedy excessive use of natural resources affect health and wellbeing. If God is taken more seriously on giving to build His Church, people become spiritually better off connected to God to bless them. So world financial institutions take notice that credit crunch, locusts, pestilence, disasters God’s response to treatment of God by giving or not to His Kingdom.10-reasons-not-afraid-to-talkStop attacking pastors making excuses not to give. GOD’S Servants are doing you a favour of teaching you accurate knowledge on money matters in church. God says My People perish for lack of KNOWLEDGE. Put Confidence and Trust in God in Christ not in money that rusts and get lost in ponsy schemes deceiving and promising you the moon but enjoy your money. Give to God and leave the sservant of God in GOD’S Capable Hands to give them Wisdom to build His House and people to spread Gospel Message to win souls. Stop complaining against the pastors, leaders. Why are you willing to pay mortgage, taxes to man but refuses to give to God’s Kingdom for eternal life?


imageGideon’s family members were idol worshippers who had a shrine altar to pour drinks for idols and blood sacrifice of animals to deity gods. Yet despite Gideon’s family dedication in serving their idols,  gods, things got worse for community. They worked extremely hard in fields so planted seed crops in the right season. Cleared their fields in anticipation of getting a great harvest beforehand. Instead of enjoying fruits of their hard work, the enemy deprived them from planned reward. Each year they woke up to find harvest gone and taken by enemies. So their idols did not defend or save them from the enemies. Gideon was broken hearted so spent his time crying, lamenting and grieving over their loss in their empty barn. God Almighty saw Gideon’s grief but Gideon lacked wisdom and understanding it is God the creator who gives increased crops. So God took pity on Gideon and sent angel to help plan, prepare to fight to defeat enemies who robbed them.However, God gave Gideon a condition to Obey God to do His Command to get rid of family idols to focus exclusively on worshipping God. So God instructed Gideon to pull down and to tear down to destroy shrine and to sacrifice bull or cow meant for idols to GOD ALMIGHTY. So Gideon knew exactly the reaction of the family members so chose a few trusted servants to destroy the shrine grove at night. Gideon also built a new Altar to God to replace idol altar. Gideon obeyed God so sacrificed his natural father’s sacred cow to the Living God to make a new covenant. God was pleased so helped Gideon to defeat the enemies who harassed them. One would think, Gideon’s family will rejoice and see the reason to join Gideon’s new found faith in the Living God. Instead they wanted to kill Gideon for secretly destroying shrine grove and sacrificing their sacred cow to God. God is Creator Owner of the cow and Real God so Has Right to ask Gideon to sacrifice cow to Him instead of worshipping it as god.
Gideon told them a Real Powerful God needs nobody to defend Him so nobody must be killed for the shrine destroyed to get rid of false gods to accept the Living God. Therefore let the god defend itself to prove if really a True God. Instead of killing Gideon they thanked God for sending help to deliver them. So their idol was not offended for being replaced by the genuine True GOD ALMIGHTY. Gideon proved they served a dead false god that did not defend or save so switched to Kingdom of the Living God and saved. Gideon was delivered by God from their enemies and changed from evil ways to worship and serve the True Living God. God translated Gideon from kingdom of darkness into the Glorious Kingdom of Gospel of Light of Jesus Christ with his whole family and nation. They travelled annually to Jerusalem to pray in God’s House of Prayer for all nations. Whom the Son Jesus sets free is free indeed so Gideon’s family became saved. God defended Gideon by giving him victory to surprise his enemies. Many people blindly follow the family tradition and ancestral covenant of dedication to idol shrines. Some families take idol names as commitment to the gods. Others are named after river gods or fertility gods, without realising they sold their soul to devil. ALMIGHTY GOD IS A JEALOUS GOD so Will Not Share His Glory with anyone. The Living God warns those who feel that they need lesser gods as messengers to speak directly to God. So do not need idols to speak for family to God on their behalf. Talk to God directly yourself. This is because idols have eyes but do not see, they have ears but do not hear, they have mouths but cannot speak or eat, they have legs but do not walk so do not act on behalf of you or  anyone before God. God said those who worship them are spiritually blind and dumb or lame like them. In Hebrews 9:13-10:6, the Bible says in 13, though blood of bulls, goats, ashes of a heifer sprinkled on the unclean people sanctifies and purifies the flesh. 14 So Much More is Priceless Blood of Christ Jesus by Eternal Spirit Offered Without Spot to God on the Cross of Calvary. So purged conscience from dead works to serve the living God.
15 For this cause Jesus is the Mediator of New Testament by means of death, for redemption of transgressions. The first testament is for those who only received promise of eternal inheritance. 16 New Testament promise is fulfilled through Jesus by necessity of death as A New Testator.17 Jesus Christ is the New Testament so 18 the Gospel is Fulfillment of Old Testament. 19 Moses in the first testament spoke to all the people according to the law. He took blood of calves, goats, water, scarlet wool, hyssop, sprinkled the Holy Book and people. 20 Saying, with this blood of the testament God is Enjoined to you. 21 Sprinkled the blood on tabernacle and all vessels of the ministry. 22 All things by law were then purged by the animal sacrifice by their blood because without shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. 23 It was necessary pattern of things then but now heaven is purified by the better sacrifice of Jesus Christ. God sent Jesus The Ultimate Sacrifice to redeem believers with His Precious Blood in Jesus Name so wrote our names in the Book of Life. 24 Christ Entered into the Holiest Place made with hands. In heaven appears in the presence of God for us. 25 Jesus Offered Himself as High Priest, Entered the Holy Place to replace need for the yearly blood sacrifices of past rituals.
image 26 Despite the fact since foundation of world it was done, Once Jesus Christ Appeared to put away sin by Sacrifice of Himself, it is no longer necessary for Christians to continue animal or human sacrifice. 27 It is appointed unto men once to die and after this is judgement of God. 28 So Christ Once and For All Offered to bear the sins of all people of all nations. Look to Jesus to appear the second time without sin unto salvation. In Hebrews 10:1, the law was a shadow of good things to come so Jesus Christ is the Good News of the Gospel Offered as a Timeless Perfect Sacrifice. 2 So do not offer animal or human sacrifices as worshippers of God. Once purged by the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ there is no more conscience of sins. 3 For making sacrifices is remembrance again of sin every year. 4 For it is not possible for the blood of bulls of goats to take away sins. 5 Jesus came into the world to Sacrifice His Life as an Offering. The law can never sacrifice year by year continually to make perfect. Cease to offer sacrifices because Jesus Christ paid the price for all sins. Greater Love has no man than Only Jesus Christ Who Sacrificed His Own Life for all. The efforts of man to sacrifice again means rejection of the Finished Work of Christ. It is not possible the blood of bulls and of goats to take away mankind’s sins. The Sacrifice Offered by the body of Christ was prepared by God Himself.6 Burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin, God has no pleasure. This is why on mount Carmel Elijah asked the people to choose to serve only the True Living God or perish. Idol worshippers create their own gods from wood, gold, silver, bronze, clay, statues, sculptors from the rocks made by God, gives the credit to creation more than give honour to God the Creator. So idol worship fetish ritual is occult control to manipulate people to play on fears, shortcomings. God is not pleased by idol covenant to subject the whole family, nations into serfdom, shrine marriage bondage, slavery from generation to generation.
It is built on primitive fear and scandals especially where people are desperate for fertility solution, child birth, wealth and healing. People do anything to achieve things without realising such spiritual satanic bondage cuts the people off from God’s Presence forever in sin. People repent and seek the face of God personally not to be lost forever in God’s eternal damnation for rejecting Jesus Christ. The devil uses witchcraft to fool people into thinking actions are acceptable to God. Gideon is a great example in Bible plus Manasseh, others who destroyed idol groves to rebuild faith in the Living God. God calls upon all to obey Him to destroy family shrine altars to replace with God’s Altar. Gideon’s obedience to God brought victory for the family and the whole community. Those saved in family can pray for God to open the spiritual eyes of their hearts to better understand God’s Spirit of Truth. The truth you know sets you free in Jesus Name. Ask God’s Divine Guidance Protection Cover of Jesus’ blood to set you free from the idol spiritual bondage. If you have any shrine marks on your body, own any objects, possess tokens, as point of contact from shrines burn or give to deliverance minister for Godly Counsel. Make sure you do accept Jesus Christ as a faithful worshipper of God only. Study and read your Bible daily to understand God’s will and purpose for righteous living in Jesus Name. In extreme cases you may have to choose God First above all else but God is Faithful so will make a way for you in Jesus Name. Time is running out for Jesus to return so ensure you belong exclusively to God in Jesus Name. You cannot serve two masters combining both the Worship of God with worship of idols in secret. You destroy yourself and family by so doing. Jesus came to destroy all works of the devil over our lives to deliver us from all destructions in Jesus Name. God wants all people to Love Him and love one another in Jesus Name to live together in peace.


Happy New Year to all readers and sponsors. We thank God for all the Christian Believer families who celebrated CHRIST during CHRISTmas. Many unsaved are not Spiritually Aware of their Blessings in Christ like saved Christian families who follow Christ. Billions have  no idea secular agenda tries to ban God, Christ, Bible from Schools. The Creation Living History in Bible as Origin of mankind is not taught in secular public schools. So dismiss God as not Tangible Evidence they can prove. In Psalm 14:1 God calls them fools who disregard God for fool says in his heart there is no God. So prefer own man-made textbooks imposed on children with exams. Christian believers are forced to compromise or if they stand up for God’s Truth to refuse to comply fail in exams. Although born- again children know the Bible best, evolution theory uses back door sabotage attack of the devil to frustrate Christians Science students from doing exceptionally well in what they know best. So Christianity is always under attack especially since the birth of Christ became global celebration. The person of Christ since infancy caused jealous kings to kill and massacre children d to try to get rid of Jesus yet Jesus’ family fled to Egypt secretly.

So it not just Christmas under attack trying to prevent Christian believers from celebrating Christ their saviour. Christians have been mauled by Nero’s lion’s and Nebuchadnezzar’s fire for refusing to bow down to idols. Christmas is ALL ABOUT JESUS CHRIST for Christians to celebrate Christ.With the Bible removed from schools for many generations, BILLIONS celebrate shopping. Recently I visited a city centre where Christmas decorations was ”SHOPPING IN BIRMINGHAM as Banner for celebration in place MERRY CHRISTMAS. The annual market Christmas fare dropped stall with CHRIST IN THE MANGER WITH SHEPHERDS gift from Germany displayed usually in previous years at the centre of the Christmas Festival. Other stalls include heathen things allowed on display sold to public. So agenda keeps appearance of Godliness but denies God’s Power in Christ. Christmas ambience encourages more shopping rather than REFLECT ON CHRIST TO WITNESS ON SALVATION THROUGH JESUS.Each year gets worse with debauchery in the name of CHRISTmas as unsaved majority do not even understand the PURPOSE OF CHRISTMAS.  This year the Coca Cola travelled singing carols and giving free drinks all over the world. Santa is not a murderer like Barabbas but a messenger like the humble saint Nicholas who provided for the poor. St Nicholas example was  changed to give gifts to cheer children and adults at Christmas globally. GOD IS THE SOURCE OF ALL GIFTS INCLUDING LIFE AND SALVATION THROUGH CHRIST. GOD IS THE GREAT  PROVIDER WHO GIVES POWER TO CREATE AND GET wealth to give gifts USING GOD GIVEN TALENTS, ABILITIES AND HARD WORK. CHRISTmas is about giving SPIRITUAL GIFT OF CHRIST and FAITH ACTION EXPRESSION OF LOVE through giving. God said faith is dead a hungry neighbour is hungry and freezing cold while Christians refuse to feed or give a coat to warm him.  The world inadvertently PROMOTES CHRIST because ALL ATTENTION SHIFTS to CHRISTmas season. The world may not FULLY UNDERSTAND  CHRIST but it is a God-given opportunity to share CHRIST. When people mature and Grow in Spirit the Holy Spirit guides them to better understand CHRISTmas IS ALL ABOUT CHRIST FIRST.

 GOD gives GOOD REAL USEFUL GIFTS like LIFE, SUNSHINE, RAIN, FOOD, ALL RESOURCES to keep all alive. Christian believers follow Jehovah Jireh’s GIVING EXAMPLE to give to neighbours to keep them alive and warm. The heathen give gifts so how MUCH MORE WILL NOT OUR FATHER JEHOVAH IN HEAVEN, WHO OWNS ALL THE SILVER, GOLD AND CATTLE ON A 1000 HILLs not allow gifts for believers. CHRISTMAS IS FIRST ABOUT CHRIST. Gifts can be made for a personal touch and deeper sentimental value. So it is good to take advantage of CHRISTmas to SHARE GIFT OF CHRIST WITH ALL and exchange relevant appropriate gifts to meet needs in Jesus Name. Giving gifts to others is giving unto CHRIST whom people were surprised to learn saw their giving was ACTUALLY APPROVED by Christ in the parable of sheep and goats. CHRISTMAS IS about CHRIST and all GOOD GIFTS COME FROM GOD’s RICHES  in GLORY  in heaven’s THROUGH CHRIST JESUS.  OUR GIFTS COME FROM GOD THROUGH CHRIST JESUS not santa the messenger. God bless you.