Man sleeping while partner looks annoyedCan you tell if someone is telling the truth? Research suggests as many as 200 untruths are told daily and so can you tell untruths from the truth? There are said to be some tell tale signs of untruth observers can determine from the body language. These signs that someone is ‘spinning yarns’ can be directly noticed if alert or watching carefully. Everyone tells occasional fib to save someone’s feelings or cover up a mistake. Research suggests 200 lies a day are told from the blushing to babbling, expert opinion on telltale giveaways stretching the truth. But these standard measurement can be controversial unfairly used to misjudge those not trained to control their body movements and positions. Although an element of truth is contained in features described under scrutiny clumsy people unconsciously display them with telling lies. Such yardsticks of measurements can be biased against innocent people unaware of conditioned body language.

1. Skin tone Blushing

“Blushing can be a sign, but not always, as some people go red at the thought of being put under scrutiny. Look out for an absence of colour,” says deception expert Darren Stanton. “The blood gets pumped to other parts of the body when under stress, so lips noticeably change and become paler or look thinner.”

2. Posture of Body Language

Liars try to shield themselves. You’ll notice someone fold their arms, flick their hair, or put their hands to their face to create a barrier. “Watch their physical distance too, they may end up at right angles to you or subconsciously move away,” advises Darren.

3. Anchor points

 Dear Coleen: Partner brings ex up in conversationLooking for for telltale signs described includes jiggling leg, tapping fingers, or just looking down at their feet. When someone lies, one of their feet may turn and point in another direction – it’s their wish to escape from the situation.

4. Pitch or Tone of Voice

Does voice go squeaky or unnaturally deep? Insurance companies use Voice Risk Analysis software to spot people who might be giving false information. It measures voice changes difficult to distinguish with the naked ear, then the recorded conversation is put through to their fraud investigation department.

5. Avoiding the question

Private investigator Dan Ribacoff says question avoiders are guilty people who believe not directly telling falsehoods is a better route. Asking a lover “did you cheat on me?” could glean the answer, “Why would I do that? I have you!” Is not really a direct answer.

6. They talk about telling truthPolygraphA polygraph machine to hand to check if you are told the truth. And so Ribacoff suggests a massive warning klaxon goes off in your head if someone uses word “honestly” often. It can be subconscious but if they chuck it in there, doubt them as well as “the truth is.” If a frustrated person falsely accused wants to defend their reputation they use these words.

7. Giving too much detail

When someone gives unnecessary and odd information the bank was closed, there were geese on the line, that sort of thing. They overcompensate and add in false elements to make you ‘buy the lie’.

8. Expressions of Faces

A sign of micro-facial expression lasting one-fifth of a second. The face has 43 muscles which combine to create 10,000 possible expressions. Faking an emotion is hard and often gives a liar away. Cliff Lansley, a body language expert at the Emotional Intelligence Academy, says: “If someone poses sadness they bring their brows down and jut out bottom lip fake sadness, it’s the face a child pulls.”

9. Odd unusual language

If they refer to someone as him or her rather than using a name, they might be trying to distance themself as Linguistic expert Prof Dawn Archer, Manchester Metropolitan University said. Someone who is being truthful will sound more off-the-cuff.”

10. Slowing it down

How we speak is revealing. Liars speak slowly and briefly than people telling truth, as lying requires more thought. People who don’t want you to know the true story are adept at ‘um,’ “you know” and “excuse me.” It’s a sign that they’re playing for valuable seconds until they can come up with the best lie to get you to fall for it. While liars can rehearse their story thoroughly, an unexpected question or trying to recall details out of sequence can throw them.

11. ‘Well…’

Former FBI Special Agent Jack Schafer points out the how the use of ‘well’ in response to a ‘yes or no’ question can be an indicator of deception. He told The Muse: “When person answering a direct question begins with ‘well’ it indicates he or she is about to give answer he or she knows questioner is not expecting.”

Does Lies Affect Health?

“Yes,” says deception expert Darren Stanton. As well as gestures or ‘tells’ there are physiological symptoms, like changes in breathing, heartbeat and temperature. Even a practised liar’s body is likely to go into fight-or-flight mode, increasing adrenaline building up stress. Regular stress causes high blood pressure, anxiety, excessive sweating and palpitations. “Think of it like digging one hole,” he says. “When you’ve metaphorically got all the earth from that hole, where do you put it? “So you dig another hole, and before you know it you’ve got 14 or 15 holes and you can’t keep up, you tend to unravel.”



Fugu is one of Japan’s most expensive winter delicacies, but it contains a poison that can be fatal.

Japan hunts for deadly fugu fish sold in error by supermarket. So loudspeakers across Gamagori warn people not to eat delicacy after five packages were sold without removing the poisonous livers. A Japanese city activated an emergency warning system to alert the residents to avoid eating locally purchased blowfish after mix-up saw toxic parts of delicacy go on sale. A supermarket in Gamagori in central Japan sold five packages of fugu fish without removing the livers, which can contain deadly poison. Three of the potentially lethal specimens have been located, but the other two remain at large an official Koji Takayanagi said.

The speaker announced, “We are calling for residents to avoid eating fugu, using the Gamagori city’s emergency wireless system broadcast over the loudspeakers located around the city. Three packages will be retrieved today but we still don’t know where the remaining two are. As Fugu is one of Japan’s most expensive winter delicacies often served in thin slices of sashimi or hot-pot. A delicacy popular in Japan, consisting of the fish served raw as sushi or perhaps fried. If improperly prepared contains deadly levels of neurotoxins. Arothron_meleagris_by_NPS_1The fish’s skin, intestine, ovaries and liver contain poison called tetrodotoxin that can be fatal. The part of the fish that contains the deadly poison differs from one kind of fugu to another. The Japanese chefs are required to obtain a special permit to prepare the fish but several people in Japan are killed each year by incorrectly prepared fugu, with dozens more suffering a non-fatal side effect according to the health ministry. Eating a blowfish liver can paralyse the motor nerves and in serious cases cause respiratory arrest leading to death as the regional officials said in a warning statement. The tetraodontidae family of fish includes the many familiar species which are variously called pufferfish, puffers, balloonfish, blowfish, blowies, bubblefish, globefish, swellfish, sugar toads, toadfish, toadies, honey toads, and sea squab


Their scientific name refers to the four large teeth, fused into upper and lower plate used for the crushing the shells of crustaceans and mollusk natural prey. They are called blow fish or puffer fish because of their mechanism, if pursued to fill its elastic stomach with water or air when outside water until it is much larger and almost spherical in shape. If not visible when a puffer is not inflated puffer’s pointed spine protects it from a hungry predator. By inhaling water or air turns into unpalatable, pointy ball rather than a slow, tasty fish. Predators catching puffer before or during their inflation can die by choking. Predators that manage to swallow puffer may find stomach full of tetrodotoxin. Puffers are unpleasant lethal, choice of prey and so depending on species, classification and variety or location by scientific names.


c9ee1524b600b27075e07e9a4f47d4b7--luxury-jets-private-jetsPrivate jets carry favourite foods people crave by travelling all over the world to send their cargo to many destinations in different countries. A Takeaway curry was flown from UK to France by Indian restaurant in chartered private plane to deliver curry meal to the 30 expats in France. The 500-mile journey from Lee-on-the-Solent in Hampshire to Bordeaux was completed on Saturday. And Faz Ahmed from Southsea’s Akash restaurant, said they honoured their business’s policy of free delivery on all orders over £12. Also heard Missy Elliot, looking really beautiful and impressive, on return after dealing with her health issues once shared she flew to a place, I guess in her private jet, to where she got her favourite meal. So this is worth it all especially after overcoming a domestic violence of her childhood. It is so good to utilise whatever resources one has available to achieve ambitions in life. So interesting to live life to the full and be able to enjoy the fruits of one’s hard work. And good to watch rich people whose needs and wants are catered to by a host of dedicated teams flying the express service on jets, speed boats to deliver on time their cravings of golden caviar, truffle mushrooms and others. missy-elliott-press-photo-2016-billboard-1548Congratulations to first class dedicated food service company going extra mile literally to deliver favourite food the private jet. The quality and taste of their food must be so excellent and cuisine so desirable it is taken the business to new heights. Their culinary perfection goes beyond the UK horizon so the sky is the limit. It is good to live a little to enjoy special foods or activities on people’s bucket list. There is time and a place in life whatever is desired can be attained irrespective of cost involved, it is worth it. It is good to celebrate life while alive to indulge in favourite foods. At times satisfaction derived is priceless that no amount of expenses involved is worth counting the material cost. There is no other choice but to eat to enjoy the food craved. I am yet to decide or make up my mind about my favourite foods to order  because there are too many for my love of quality food. And private jets will have to be too busy flying non-stop to be able to keep up with my favourite tastes. Bravo to those who know exactly what they like to eat and then go for it. Yes, the carbon footprints may concern some but most importantly jets are used to deliver worst things damaging earth. Others may use the latest futurist coach trip with sophisticated inbuilt kitchen, bed room and space for cars to use to deliver express service nutrition from their favourite restaurant menu locally or sent to distant places. Bon appetit.


Life is full of lessons. Some lessons are learned in an instant–like when you touch a hot stove. Others take time to fully understand–for example, what it truly means to be in love. But regardless of the size of the lesson, there are 30 important ones everyone should know before exiting young adulthoodand entering the next phase of their life.


1. Your habits can make or break you. Every action is a brick, meaning it’s what you do on a daily basis that determines the house you end up with. You are the house you build.

2. You are what you read. If your body is a reflection of what you eat, then your mind is a reflection of what you read and study. Fill it with good stuff–not candy, like social media.

3. You cannot compare your path with anyone else’s. We each have our own struggles, and we each have our own triumphs. Your path is your path for a reason. Pay attention to the lessons meant for you and you only.

4. Your inner circle is your “dream team.” If you surround yourself with negative people, your dream will die. If you surround yourself with positive and driven people, your dream will thrive. It’s on you to build your “dream team” accordingly.

5. Your life is a reflection of how well you know yourself. It always comes back to self-awareness. The more willing you are to address your fears, shortcomings, and points of conflict, the more self-awareness you will have and the happier you will be.


1. How you invest your time is a reflection of how you invest your money. The smart and wealthy know the value of their time. They see each minute, hour, day, week, month, and so on as an opportunity to invest wisely in themselves. You must do the same.

2. To be productive, you have to remove distractions. Productivity is not about multitasking. It’s actually the opposite. It’s about trying to do less, so that you can ultimately do more.

3. If you aren’t getting done what needs to get done, there is a fear. We avoid the things we don’t want to do–or worse, wonder if we can do at all. This is why startup plans and book ideas get pushed to the back burner so often. To get the work done, you have to confront what’s holding you back.

4. Efficiency is a process. It doesn’t happen the first or second time you do something. Which means in order to be productive in the fullest sense, you have to commit to the process of always looking for ways to improve over the long term.

5. Failure to prepare means preparing to fail.You can’t expect yourself to move through things quickly and effectively if you haven’t set yourself up for success. What you do today impacts where you start tomorrow.


1. The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. Without a positive relationship with yourself, every other relationship in your life will suffer. It always starts with you.

2. Friendships and relationships are collaborations. They are not one-way streets. Healthy relationships make both parties better.

3. Trust is built through actions, not words.You can’t pay attention to what people say or promise, only what they ultimately do. The way someone acts will tell you everything you need to know.

4. A real relationship is built on vulnerability.It doesn’t matter if it’s a friendship, a significant other, or even a business connection, the best exchanges are rooted in some level of vulnerability. At the end of the day, we’re all exploring life together. We want to have genuine connections.

5. Every relationship has its ups and downs.Conflicts and disagreements are inevitable. What matters is how each conflict is resolved. And the key is to always maintain a level of respect and benefit of the doubt, so that both parties can be heard and mutually understood.


1. Your body is a temple. Treat it well.

2. Too much sugar and you’ll crash. Candy diets and processed food binges aren’t part of a healthy lifestyle. Your body is a reflection of who you are, your habits, how you treat yourself, everything. Cut out the bad stuff.

3. Lack of sleep is not a trophy. Bragging about only getting three hours of sleep last night is not something to be proud of. What it shows is the lack of balance and unsustainable workflow. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

4. Physical activity is crucial to personal wellness. No matter how busy you get, or how hectic things are, you always have to make time to take care of your physical body. Exercise is key. If you don’t, you’ll pay for it later.

5. Coffee is good, but too much coffee is bad.When your entire diet becomes “red eye” after “red eye,” it’s time to address the sleep problem.


1. You don’t get anywhere fast trying to cut the line. There are no shortcuts. Throwing someone under the bus on your way up will only come back to bite you. Focus on investing in yourself and your skill sets, the rest fall into place.

2. Your reputation is everything. Above all, you always want former employers, co-workers, partners, and collaborators to speak highly of you. Upholding reputation is everything when it comes to building a successful career for yourself.

3. It’s not about what you’ve done, but what you’re currently doing. Especially in our new world of digital media and personal branding, people want to know whose attention you are commanding today. What impact you are having today.

4. Humility goes a whole lot further than bravado. It’s not about convincing everyone how much you know. It’s about showing that you’re a team player by being willing to listen, learn, and add value where you can. No one likes a spotlight searcher.

5. Becoming a leader has nothing to do with a formal leadership position. Just because you have a big fancy title does not mean people will listen to you, or even take you seriously. To lead a team effectively, it starts with holding yourself to the highest standard and leading by example.


1. You aren’t aiming for perfect. You’re aiming for perfect practice. It’s not about tunnel-visioning on the shiny idea of the final product. It’s about treating each step of the way with intention. That’s how you create something worth presenting to the world in the end.

2. External rewards are fleeting and unfulfilling. They’re fun, sure, but they are not the end goal–not by a long shot. What holds far more value, and defines the quality of your life, is how many people’s lives you impact for the better. However you choose to do that is up to you.

3. Believing your own hype is dangerous. No matter what you achieve, or how externally successful you get, you have to always remember the kid that started out on his or her path out of pure curiosity. You should never lose that childlike sense of wonder.

4. You are only as good as the last risk you took. If you have to rely on your last home run (which may have happened a long time ago) to speak for your current talents, you have fallen stagnant. Success over the long term is about constantly pushing yourself to take the next big risk.

5. Somewhere, someone much younger than you is practicing his or her heart out, coming for your spot. Just remember that. Anyone can reach the top of the mountain. The hard part is staying there.


The first big milestone @ 30 years.


amurtimur1Unlikely friendship developed between a goat and a tiger, amazing the world. The fantastic friendship between the two happened when the goat was given alive to a tiger to eat. However, the tiger instead of eating the goat has formed an unlikely relationship between the two by sparing the goat’s life. People are also trying to figure out why the tiger which ate goats over the years yet at this point spared goat’s life. The goat flourished in the same cage living together with the tiger and relationship thrived between both unpredictable friendship between a tiger and a goat went viral so attracted more visitors to the zoo. 1336954294Against all odds Timur the goat is still alive even after he was meant to have been the food for his friend, Amur. The goat was thrown into the cage some time ago but Amur the tiger did not eat the goat. Pretty soon as the world followed their love story and became more intriguing. Even more fascinating is the fact that they lasted longer so created suspense as people wondered how long their friendship would last. Pictures were taken often regularly to show their friendship was ongoing and was real news at the time. Even more surprising is the fact that Amur gave his bed for the goat to sleep on.tiger-goat-friends Suddenly, the news brought the people increasing the number of visitors to the zoo. it was not long when the privileged goat begun to take liberties and kicked the tiger who had shown kindness to the goat. But this time the goat run out of luck because the tiger reacted to teach the goat a lesson by grabbing the goat’s leg. Unfortunately, the goat was injured so they are now separated from each other. The goat is recovering well and a search is ongoing on for a new female goat to keep tiger company. .xw_1189002.jpgTiger-befriends-goat-at-Russian-safari-park-Photo-600x330The Bible says that when a man’s ways please God, HE makes his enemies to be at peace with him. It is necessary to stay humble to enjoy the favour of God that spared the goat’s life. And not to “grow horns” by becoming proud and arrogant taking for granted the compassionate friend who helped save life. Thinking it was okay to head butt the tiger, the goat made a terrible mistake that cost their friendship. So it is good to remember to be kind to those who sacrifice personal happiness to help. In return treat them with kindness and respect as the golden rule says treat others as you like to be treated.


A million dollar sock entrepreneur with Down’s syndrome makes fun socks sold globally saysocks, ‘let me be me’ and “Pull up your socks” isn’t just a phrase to John Cronin. It is the key to his entrepreneurial success. In 2016, the 21-year-old told his dad, Mark, he wants them to start a business after graduated from high school but wasn’t sure what kind. “My first suggestion was a fun store, but we didn’t know what to sell,” says John, a native of New York’s Long Island. Next he considered a food truck, but there was one problem: “We really can’t cook!” jokes Mark. Colourful socks were the passion of John. Eventually they settled on an idea.“John had worn crazy and colourful socks his whole life, so it was something he loved and suggested we should sell socks,” says Mark. “Socks are fun and creative and colourful, and they let me be me,” says John, who has Down’s syndrome.John with his father MarkJohn with his father Mark and with that, John’s Crazy Socks was born. A year on, they say they’ve made $1.4m (£1.03m) in revenue, raised $30,000 for charity, shipped socks to customers including Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former US President, George HW Bush. ‘Thank you’ notes’ are sent online store has around 1,400 different kinds of socks, featuring everything from cats, dogs to barbeques to Donald Trump. An order is shipped the same day with a pack of sweets and a hand-written ‘thank you’ note, and John will deliver them himself if you live nearby.John CroninJohn really is an inspiration, says Mark. As the face of the business, John attends trade events, speaks with the customers, suppliers, and comes up with initiatives like, “Monday madness mystery bag” or “Sock of the month” club. Mark deals with the technical aspects of running business. “John really is an inspiration,” says Mark, adding that he never gets any special treatment. “He works very hard in this business. We’re usually in the office before 9am and frequently don’t leave until after eight at night.”A selection of socks sold by the online storeA selection of socks sold by the online store. In a year, the pair have shipped over 30,000 orders. So donates 5% of all profits to the Special Olympics, which holds sports events for the people with learning disabilities. John competes in games in sports as basketball, soccer and hockey. He designs “awareness socks” to raise money for charities including the National Down Syndrome Society and the Autism Society of America ‘spreading happiness.’ “We have a social mission and a retail mission, and they’re indivisible,” says Mark. I don’t think it’s enough anymore to just produce a service or produce a product. I think there has to be values attached to that, and we have a model that’s showing that.” “What we’re doing is spreading happiness,” adds John.John preparing socks for delivery at his officeJohn preparing orders for delivery at his office. The company wants to get more disabled people into work, and nearly a third of staff have a disability. “We’re working to show people with disabilities and learning disabilities can do things too,” says Mark. “When I talk to employers I tell them it is absolutely imperative that they hire people with disabilities.“Not because it’s the right thing to do, not because they’re nice guys, but because everybody is looking for good workers. “This vast, untapped pool of great workers are available.” ‘It’s been a joyride. The pair say one of their biggest challenges has been keeping up with demand. In the first month, John’s Crazy Socks delivered 452 orders. Three months later this rose to over 10,000 and they soon had to move into larger premises to cope with pressure. “We’ve been a little surprised at how fast it’s grown,” says Mark. The wider socks market is growing too. Globally worth more $42bn in 2016 expected to reach more than $75bn by end of 2025, said Transparency Marketing Research.John with his friend and former employee SamJohn with friend and former employee Sam. “Most of us wear some a sort of a uniform to work it might be a suit, it might be khakis and a polo shirt, it might be an orange jumpsuit,” says Mark. “Yet you can wear a pair of socks and express yourself, adding some colour and flair, and you can do that for $10 or less.” Their sock-success has also been boosted by increasing attention from news outlets and their growing popularity on social media. They’ve garnered more than 90,000 likes and over a million video views on Facebook. Mark admits it’s been a learning curve. He’s a Harvard graduate who’s spent his career in healthcare management and law. Retail and the sock business is new to me, but we’re learning and having fun, I have perfect partner,” says Mark.SocksYou can express yourself through your socks ‘for less than $10’, says Mark. We have been asked, well what do you do when you have a conflict? We really haven’t had any. It’s been a joyride,” he continues. “We’ve always been very close and always spend a lot of time together. It’s a very good partnership because we both share in the mission. We both know we need each other. If this was John’s Serious Socks, it’s not really going to be working.” Giving an opportunity to others is what they are proud of so far. “It makes me happy as I like helping all the customers and I like working with my Dad,” says John. “For me it’s the model,” adds Mark. “It’s the demonstration that we can build the company based on giving opportunities be that giving back or treating people well – and that we can be successful because of that.”John with some of his socksDown’s syndrome never holds me back says John. Mark and John hope to build on their success and turn a profit in the second year. They’ll be offering custom socks and opening a wholesale line to sell onto other small businesses. The pair also want to build a studio in their offices for “John’s Crazy Socks Network” to produce more social media content. So,“Down’s syndrome never holds me back,” says John. This is an amazing story and inspiration to people to hope for the best and enjoy their passion to become global business success model. 


IMG_4131-768x768commonly, whilst scrolling through Instagram, you will often see his page’s name appear and absentmindedly watch, like or comment on his content. His trademark page has been cemented as a go to for all things urban, ranging from funny videos, memes, new music, banter and news. Not one to expose his identity much, at only 19 years old, he’s the youngest entrepreneur in the U.K at present to singlehandedly make a name for himself through the use of social media.

Raised in an environment which was financially challenging for his family, this week’s featured guest DIDN’T even own a phone when he created one of the largest curated content pages on Instagram. Borrowing friends phones at school, he created an Instagram account where he began posting videos for banter, after being deleted 4 times from the social handle, today, one of his main Instagram accounts has a heavy weight solid following of 1.2 million, with his other 3 ranging from 228k, 500k and 32.2k. After being approached by major labels and well known artists requesting features on his pages for promotion, numerous online companies expressing interest in buying his page and more recently Apple, for his new app, at 19 years old, he has a promising future ahead of him. From having no phone, to making over £20,000 a month through his online successes, we “Get 2 Know” the U.K’s youngest viral entrepreneur and social influencer.

Anthony Arron Aka ImJustBait

Rae: So Anthony, we’ve all seen your name floating about on social media, ImJustBait is everywhere. There’s a lot of people that recognise your page and know who’s behind it, but for the people that don’t know who’s behind your page, tell them how it all started and got into curating content online ?

Anthony: I just used to post funny videos for my friends, at first it was just for my own entertainment. Just to have bants and buss joke. Around that time I used to watch two other pages again for banter, I started my page properly in 2014 and saw the public’s reaction and that I was beginning to get a following and realised could go somewhere.

Rae: It’s inspiring to see a young person like yourself doing so well by using a resource which is available to everyone. I personally have seen ImJustBait’s page and it’s content floating around, not just on Instagram but on your Twitter ImJustBanter. 2 years ago there was a tweet from you saying that a company offered you £15,000 for your Instagram account, what happened with that ?

Anthony: I had so many offers for my Instagram, that was one company of many, The biggest offer I received was from a big company, they emailed me offering me £500,000 for the account, I read it and deleted it straight away…

Rae: You deleted it ? Why is that ? I know when I was 19 years old I would have taken £500,000 without question.

Anthony: I put so much passion and years into growing the account, them trying to put a figure on my page just downgraded it. It’s not about money.

Tyler(manager): As a young creative and being the influencer that he is, going through the struggle, he’s the only one coming like the U.K Shade Room right now. You can’t put a price on his Instagram because that can grow as a brand, it’s something that started off as a passion project and then turned into a business and started making money.

Anthony: It literally happened.

Rae: Nice, and look at you, you’ve got own app ! How did that come about ?

Anthony: Basically I’ve been deleted off Instagram 4 times, I didn’t wanna rely on any platform I was thinking how can I get all these people to follow what I post ? I thought I would just make my own platform, that’s how the app came about. Instagram don’t pay you, I’ve never received anything off Instagram, I thought how can I make my own money ? I’ll start my own platform.

Tyler(manager): Knocked Whatsapp and off iTunes charts with his app.

Anthony:App came 3rd in the charts..

Rae: That’s mental ! Like I mentioned, a lot of people know ImJustBait as a brand, but don’t know who you are, we see the odd picture but you don’t really post about yourself, are we going to see more of you Anthony ?

Anthony: Yea, that’s why I got management behind me, Tyler’s helping out a lot to come out more as an entrepreneur. You will see a lot more, I’m doing events, radio and a lot of stuff like that, that’s the aim,…

Rae: Yea I did lock into Bitchy Online which is run by Link Up’s editor, Wardah on Radar Radio with yourself !

Tyler(manager): There’s a few premature projects going on at the moment as well, there are major labels that are interested in Anthony possibly curating his own mixtape compilations and a few other projects, he’s been in labels and has been doing a lot of artist development. Labels are interested in getting him in as an influencer. There’s gonna be a launch for his app and brand officially and put his name to it, this come’s back to the point of not being able to put a price on the brand, he’s a 19 year old that has generated a following of 1.2 million, Anthony’s just sourcing out the app market at the moment, he’s had a lot of conversations with labels and a lot of endorsement for his brand, you’re gonna see a lot of ImJustBait floating around.

Rae: This is crazy !! As a young person how have you managed to keep your business hat on and who’s been supporting you ?

Anthony: It’s just been me, when I was 18, I was working for Uber and had my own code making £20,000 a month and at one point was spending around £7,000 in a day, I knew the money was gonna fly, so I had to get a company. £20,000 a month at that age was just crazy, I’ve learned to manage my money a lot better.

Rae: Stopppp it ! So you’re the urban Richard Branson, and all now we don’t see you on social media flossing ! Mad ! So new years coming, fresh plans, what’s going on for you ?

Anthony: There’s so much,…

Tyler(manager): Basically, the ImJustBait brand is officially properly gonna launch in January, Anthony has merchandise that he’s been working on for the last 6-8 months that he plans to unveil, away from that he’s doing a lot of brand endorsement stuff alongside doing some artist development for a major label. In terms of expansion he’s really getting his name up in the music industry as well as the tech market. What I know about Anthony’s vision for the next 6 months is that his focus is on developing his app, he’s new to the app game and is already making noise in the tech market, he’s on the right track.

Rae: Amazing, …. ImJustBait’s page is consistent in posting content daily, how do you manage all the posts with everything else your juggling and just getting on with other things in the day ?

Anthony: I post 10-15 posts a day , sometimes more, it used to be around 40, I manage it, I’m just so used to it and it’s a passion. I can still go out with my friends, I been out with my friends all day, I’ll go home and I post, I enjoy it.

Rae: How have your friends and your family reacted to your success? You said that you started ImJustBait for bants and look at it now !

Anthony: It’s a good feeling that I’m able to look after my family, their grateful, I like that I’m in a position to help them. The biggest thing for me is the recognition, I can go to Westfields and like 200 people would stop me and want a picture, I just came back from there, it sounds mad, but its mad to me that people actually want to stop me and take pictures (laughs).

Rae: Well the people are liking what you are doing so c’mon… amazing ! On the music side of things you do post a lot of music videos, is that for the people or because you like it ?

Anthony: I’ll post it because I like it even if I don’t know of them, people like Not3s, Tizzy Brandz, I posted Not3s’s first video went on my page before he made Addison Lee and it did really well, there’s been so many artists that have benefited from ImJustBait’s page but I don’t wanna name names. Labels have approached me to plug their artists.

Rae: So even after getting deleted you didn’t get disheartened and why were your accounts deleted?

Anthony: I’ve been deleted 4 times, that was all together for a period of around 9 months, I didn’t have wifi or a phone so I would go to school and use the wifi there on my friends phones. My family didn’t have much money, I got a job at Sainsbury’s and saved up to get an iPhone because I saw the potential in the page, and then dropped out of college, but I didn’t give up. I made a back up page straight away, and that back up page is the one that now has the following of a quarter of a million. I learnt after the 4th time how to filter my content, I would look at the things I post and think, would I show this to my nan ? As soon as I dropped out of college the page started blowing.

Rae: From banter to business, Anthony i rate you, things are set for you.

Anthony: Yea there’s so much to come..

Rae: Your an inspiration Anthony, thank you for sharing your journey!

Anthony’s app “I’mJustBait” available to download on the app store.