15498760879142076357252.jpgDNA lives on after SEX with a man, his DNA lives in you forever. Workman noted this research by the university of Seattle USA proves so. There is now a greater understanding of why God asks us not to have SEX before we get married. This research proves that any man a woman has SEX with leaves a part of his DNA in the woman. The man who has had more SEX with her, leaves more of his DNA in the woman. So when a woman ovulates, the eggs that she produces contain more of other DNAs. Educate a girl child to remain a virgin till marriage. Anytime you have SEX with another man you become one with that man spiritually too. So carry a man’s DNA according to Workman SEX Web happens as women have multiple SEX partners. Too many of the male DNA changes because your cells are changing. That also proves why when married couples live together for a long time they end up looking alike. So the woman’s DNA changes through sex with men. This is very serious and the world should know this and stop SEX promotions. It is bad than good and unfortunately women are victims. This was also proved in many other research articles mostly released this year. So it is new and we all have to know. The fact is women retain DNA from all the men slept with. The Cells transferred from a man to a woman during intercourse become integrated into the woman’s body after SEX every single time they have SEX. Be careful and responsible responsible as a man not to also take advantage of women to force sex on them against their will. How will you feel if your daughter, sister, mother or family members are used and abused by men leading to the complex genetic inheritance contaminated bloodline issues.  15498766553702076357252.jpgThis study found presence of genetically distinct male cells in brains of women. This also means these other male cells found in a foetus when the woman gets pregnant. This is microchimerism because every male’s absorbed sperm becomes living part of your life. Sperm is living substance or living cells enters your bloodstream and collects in your brain and spine. So stop experimenting with SEX. The sperm enters a woman so swims until it hits a wall and seeps into your flesh. In the mouth is abomination to God as can get into your nasal areas, behind your eyes and even your inner ear. Enters bloodstream and collects in your brain and spine. You can never get rid of it. It becomes a part of your life forever as true consequences of sexual intercourse affecting many generations. Workman Leadership College says this Original research is from University of Seattle and the Fred Hutchinson cancer research center. Happened accidentally when they were researching to find out why pregnant women carrying boys get men neurological diseases. This is real and not a joke. Stop having SEX if you are not married. And stop having SEX with others than your husband if married. The consequences of doing this is devastating, humiliating and horrible as Sex Web data proved. It is no wonder the world is the way it is, many marriages no longer hold water in peace, truth and love! Children from some homes have behavioural tendencies alien to both parents. Men must respect women’ body as Temple of Holy Spirit of God not to pester them for illicit sex. Say no to SEX when not married. Say no to EXTRA-MARITAL affairs for your own good. In the Bible God warns against such things overlooked as sophistication. The Bible forbids having premarital sex before marriage so nowhere is written the legal age of consent for sex without marriage in the Bible. Sex sells so goods promoted to create seduction to lure to lust thinking it is a human right to fornicate. This is why children as young as five years old become impregnated unable to care for babies. Lust is misrepresented as love to deceive people so billions of unwanted pregnancies terminated globally each year in the name of prochoice. Sadly the Sex Web DNA is retained in women and changes the genetic profile of families.



34750949_1951655474847566_7126306116589322240_o.jpgHaving too much or too litle affects your point of view on life as a picture speaks a thousand words of such tunnel vision. Limited knowledge impacts perspective of the world. So balance knowledge with money for a better view as image tells various lifestyle stories of different worldview points of people. The first man on the left stands on huge sum of money preventing him from any chance of seeing the panoramic view in front of him. His entire focus is on accumulated money which in itself is a good thing without hindering him. On the other hand, the next man totally focussed on acquiring only knowledge is restricted without any money. Many people have so much useful academic knowledge, intelligence, stored or even written books but never make money. Passion for knowledge without wealth vision is like Tessler not converting knowledge into profit or how to make money from acquired knowledge. That second man has limited view or perspective on life. Despite opportunity like others misses out on bigger picture in front of him. So gets a narrow view of the scenery and can be hindered in accomplishments despite qualifications or academic knowledge.34750949_1951655474847566_7126306116589322240_o.jpg The middleman on right seems to balance a knowledge with money so appears to have greater awareness of life scene. However is also exclusively focussed on only his point of view unaware of a plight of others. The last man on the right side of the image lacks both money and any knowledge so unable to see the picture. Yet within the same vicinity as others cannot see what others see at all. The bigger picture is a puzzle unreachable to him although he looks outwardly identical to others. The story can represent different stages of a person’s life showing no matter whether one has only money and knowledge or both there is a limited perspective each can attain. None of the above has entire views of world symbolised by picture so need a change of perspective. Above all four men described turn their back on world preoccupied by their an exclusive viewpoint. No interest or an interaction between them as is often the case when people are too busy after one thing or the other. It’s interesting image reflects the world sometimes said to be each for himself and God for us all. The horizon of life has limited points of view for all.34750949_1951655474847566_7126306116589322240_o.jpgEach on own journey for money or for knowledge but both just twenty percent (20%) of life. This is because in addition to having money or knowledge one needs also 20% personal needs to build up emotional care. The joy of personal fulfilment of set goal accomplished by a rich or academic or both is worth it.  Yet other 20% is for family and friends and 20% for interests, hobbies, volunteering, or helping others. A final 20% is time to listen and support projects to influence the environment. It is important and necessary not limit life to only money and knowledge. One get great joy from helping yourself, others and good causes. Never forget those you started with no matter how far you may attain good success. There is always the loyal old school mate, teacher, friends, colleagues, family, neighbours happy to see you and to celebrate you. Do not turn your back on them because of your money or knowledge. Understand the psychological significance of symbolic meaning of turning back on people. It means you do not care to face them or looking at something you feel is more important than them. This is the reason why people walk facing queen because you must never turn your back on her. Do not live carelessly doing whatever you feel like in the name of creativity or social media art fashion or photography. Films often end with characters turning their backs towards camera signalling the end then they disappear from view.34750949_1951655474847566_7126306116589322240_o.jpg People assess you by your actions not as you say as actions speak LOUDER THAN words. Learn to reflect on life not to live impulsively and precariously. You need to know the world also perceives you by how you project and present yourself. It may not seem disrespectful but know a can be misinterpreted though is fun and joke to you. Be careful not to copy body language behaviour without the deeper understanding of silent language. The Bible says we are living sermons, read by people watching us as peculiar royal priests, kings and queens of God. Watch how you present yourself to others even if rich or poor. Some employers check to how one relates with the people you are dealing with not just what you say. Take time to study how to win friends and to influence people but not cause offence. Balance both not to ignore or hide away to conceal identity from family, friends or the public seen as having something to hide. Etiquette counselling says read more into things before doing anything not be impulsive because world looks at it as bit of laugh. It can affect the serious position if it makes people get a wrong idea about you. Some approve anything you do or say to please you not to hurt your feelings. Honest transparent loved ones tell you the truth to be careful and humble. Do not be influenced by others who get away with a naive behaviour to influence you to copy them. Submit to God’s Authority even if you have all the money or knowledge in the world. God is Source of all wealth and knowledge, thank God and give all the GLORY in Jesus Name as a born again believer in Christ.

YAHWEH GOD’S enemy satan

15497125986782080048441.jpgYahweh God cast out from heaven to the earth HIS enemy lucifer, satan aka devil once beautifully adorned with precious stones as singer. Pride, insubordination lies recruited one third angels to accuse oppose God and all believers. Cast down as lightning, deceived Adam and Eve thrown out of Garden of Eden against God’s plans and purposes for mankind. God lets lucifer continue for a season by free choice of mankind to decide for themselves. All who listen to God and Obey God fulfil His WILL.1549713552588-1754967139.jpg

Supernaturally God is Compassionate, Merciful and wants people to make up their own minds by freewill choice about their destiny on earth and their eternal life. God allows freewill so that people discover why HE WARNS against association with lucifer. An accuser and opposer of God misleads people to turn away from God’s TRUTH deceiving them to offer “better” alternatives. God tells HIS Children to follow Bible teaching of HIS WORDS not to lean on own ideas or understanding because there is a way that seems right to man but the end is death and destruction. 1549713885281689634761.jpg

God said people will turn TRUTH to lies and lies to ‘truth’ because they prefer to listen to HIS creatures not the CREATOR. Romans 1 says God gave them over to “reprobate minds” thinking they are more enlightened than God Almighty. This leads to God’s WRATH and Jesus’ Wrath judgements taking place globally to RESTORE POWER TO JESUS CHRIST CHOSEN BY GOD TO RULE OVER ALL THE EARTH IN JERUSALEM.15497118128491374817730.jpg

People will not freely let go so endtime Armageddon battle will be the final day God takes control back from lucifer and associates forever. Locks up lucifer one thousand years to PROVE to the world HIS ORIGINAL PERFECT “VERY GOOD” LIFE destroyed by satan, devil, lucifer. GOD sends volcanoes, hailstorms, wild fires, floods, earthquakes, blood moons as part of birthpang Endtime signs to warn people before too late to repent.


People will realise they were deceived by dragon lucifer stealing, killing and destroying them. Those who repent are FORGIVEN BY GOD IN JESUS NAME. So all the lucifer followers go to hell once prepared for only rebellious angels but lured people to join them. God does not force anyone to follow HIM so lets all people exercise their freewill choice but each face consequences of their actions when time is up on their judgement day.


God lets lucifer rebel with all associates BUT WHEN GOD JEHOVAH NISSI THE MIGHTY ONE IN BATTLE ARISES HIS enemies will all be scattered in Jesus Name. God delays the Rapture and the judgement day for all people to repent before it is too late. GOD FORGIVES and LOVES all people so does not want any person to perish. Read LIVING TRUTH from Bible to learn these accurate facts for yourself in Jesus Name.



1549124613696-335622547.jpgTHE LIVING GOD ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH ASKED IS THERE NO GOD IN ISRAEL to heal Ahaziah who consulted idols and forgot GOD. Ahaziah, King of Israel was king of the northern kingdom of Israel but other was Ahaziah was the uncle of Ahaziah King of Judah. Israel’s Ahaziah was eighth king of northern kingdom of Israel the son of Ahab and Jezebel. He reigned for two years from 852-852 BC but Ahaziah king is one of the wicked rulers. Ahaziah’s parents brought Baal worship to Israel turning God’s people away from HIM. Ahaziah’s evil “aroused anger of the LORD” in 1 Kings 22:53 due to worship of Baal leading his people in sin of idolatry. King Ahaziah depended on his own ideas tried to ally with King Jehoshaphat of Judah. So God’s prophet Elijah was sent to stop Jehoshaphat ties with wicked king, 2 Chronicles 20:37,49. King Ahaziah fell from window, injured himself, confined to bed sent people to inquire of Baal-Zebub “god” of Ekron to see if he will recover in 2 Kings 1:2. The LORD sent prophet Elijah to give God’s message to King Ahaziah he will never recover from his injuries and will die in his bed. Message was told King Ahaziah who became angry and sent his captain and 50 soldiers to get Elijah. The captain told Elijah,”come down from the hill” he sat on but refused and said, “Fire come down from heaven to consume you and the fifty men in 2 Kings 1:10. The LORD let miracle fire consume them. Ahaziah twice sent men to Elijah, second group same thing happened fire kills soldiers. The third captain humbled himself and begged for his life, and the LORD spared his company. Elijah went to see the king and repeats God’s message of judgment to Ahaziah so he died. Ahaziah without sons succeeded by his brother Joram, a sinful ruler not as evil as his brother or parents before him says verse 17. Bible reminds Christian believer’s to be very careful not be influenced by those who want to mislead them by fear or mind minding spells to ensnare to serve idols.1549123402455614764637.jpgNo matter how highly educated or good success in business in leaders positions, families may trick them to follow evil covenant, dedicate members from past generations to current ones to entangle to satan. After Ahab’s death the country of Moab declared independence refused to pay tribute to Israel. Ahaziah’s health from fall on balcony or palace window in Samaria injured. Instead of turning to the LORD sent his people to a temple of pagan god Baalzebub, Ekron to ask if he will recover from injuries. Prophet Elijah intercepted his messengers told, because Ahaziah chose to inquire of a pagan god rather than the LORD, he will not leave bed he was lying on so die was the message from God. Ahaziah died as Elijah said, Ahaziah’s brother Jehoram became new king, because Ahaziah did not have son to succeed him. The name Ahaziah means “Yah holds firm and the story of Ahaziah also in 1 Kings 22:40-53 and 2 Kings, chapter 1. Ahaziah grew up saw damage done in the Carmel Contest by GOD ALMIGHTY to baal worshippers so Elijah kills idol prophets. Ahaziah did not learn lesson of two opinions serving of God mixed with idols led to deaths of the baal prophets. GOD ALMIGHTY had major triumph so Elijah expects change of heart of people to be totally dedicated to YAHWEH ONLY. Yet people continued generational idol evil spirits so were not delivered from evil to cast out demons possessing people. Slaughtering them caused evil spirits to enter those alive to carry on doing evil as never before. THE JEALOUS GOD DOES NOT WANT HIS GLORY SHARED WITH idols. Ahaziah’s decision to seek idol deeply hurt God he made as if non-existent and incapable of healing him. His action offended God unlike King Hezekiah saved God refused to heal him so let him die. Important to note was Ahaziah’s choice to put trust and confidence in idols is bad example as king leader to his people. His actions cost two diligent army captains and the 100 soldiers sent in two batches of 50 to perish with Ahaziah. His pagan worship affected past family from three to four generations of ancestors, parents.15491238320721050413306.jpgBible says all who join to eat ritual foods of ceremonies affected. Ahaziah’s father Ahab and Jezebel raised him, evil spirits in his life still at work after their death. Ahaziah did not know better continued in pagan way of his parents. GOD WILL INTERVENE through Jesus Christ and so deliver people from evil spirits not to be controlled any longer or under such evil influence. Modern generations may not consult idol but spirits in family names, rivers, days set side for gods. GOD told Gideon in Bible to destroy idols, groves altar built a NEW ALTAR FOR JEHOVAH IS ONLY COVENANT WAY to break evil covenants under New Management of GOD ALMIGHTY. Ahaziah prefers idols so GOD’S POWER separated by sin lost PROTECTION COVER OF GOD. Repent to asked for God’s Forgiveness, Mercy, and Grace, Compassion GOD FORGIVES you. The other Ahaziah of Judah, nephew of King Ahaziah of Israel was Jehoram’s evil son of righteous King Jehoshaphat. King Ahaziah of Judah was related to late King Ahaziah of Israel, through his mother, Athaliah daughter of Ahab and Jezebel. Ahaziah of Judah walked in evil ways of his father so the LORD let him reign less than year in 841 BC, 22 years old in 2 Kings 8:26–27. Ahaziah allied with uncle King Joram fought in a war against king of Aram. Joram wounded, went to Jezreel to rest in 2 Kings 8:28–29 Ahaziah of Judah joined him there. Jehu anointed by LORD king of Israel was to destroy house of Ahab in 2 Kings 9:1–10. Jehu knew king Joram of Israel and king Ahaziah of Judah in Jezreel, rode to city in verse 16. King Joram and Ahaziah go to meet Jehu but Joram knew Jehu’s plan, tried to flee in verse 23. Jehu, shot Joram with arrow, killed him in verse 24. Ahaziah tried to run Jehu’s company pursued him, wounding him. Ahaziah made it to Megiddo but he died there in verse 27. Jehu’s campaign for God killed Jezebel and destroyed all Ahab’s family.1549124132651-887859176.jpg 15491232061561050413306.jpgConsequences of King Ahaziah of Israel and Ahaziah of Judah’s history is about Jewish people but God sends leaders of people to leading them to the LORD. The The Northern and southern kingdoms destroyed by God’s judgment for the evil ways. Desolation sacrilege took the table mount and exiled Jews. So the remnant spent 70 years in captivity and returned to Judah but kingdom was never same again. The Bible accurately predicts the history of Holy Land Israel and future of whole world, fall of empires, Rise of Messiah Jesus Christ to Reign KING of Kings in Jerusalem. Elijah and Moses expected to come to earth to perform many similar past miracle to shake up the world for Jesus Kingdom. The King of Israel was in trouble so ill he needed to know what the future held fo him. Instead of calling on ALMIGHTY God idol as an insult to the ALMIGHTY. The judgment on a King of Israel is to all to listen as Christians so not do exactly same thing. Going to psychics in search of answers instead of God, asking gadgets or electronic apps for guidance instead of God. Looking to horoscopes for star readings instead of God, taking fortune cookies as message from God instead of HIS HOLY Word. God does not take kindly to them if HIS Children give the authority to anything and anyone other than HIM. Prophets like Elijah, pastors, priests, rabbis, are sent to deliver God’s message as conduit between God and HIS people. Christ has died on the Cross and veil ripped in two wall of separation between God and HIS moved to enter through BLOOD of Jesus. Deliverance needs Christ to stand as our intercessors between us and God and so human beings used by God to guide the believer to receive forgive of sins from God in Jesus Name. The will of God over our lives belongs to the Sovereign God in Christ. Let us ensure we learn from the king not to make same mistakes that the King of Israel made in this Scripture. The signs of Endtimes are part of Wrath of God to come so all are warned to take God seriously to repent and be saved in Christ Jesus.






1549027091708679176621.jpgHomesafeguard security protection is to ensure people feel safe day or night in a City. Proverbs says self control is like a City’s wall keeps intruders ransacking treasure. Self preservation is protecting yourself first and then others by caring. It is self discipline not selfishness and so looks out to help others too. Billions of dollars are spent to secure premises and employ security guards to keep people safe at all times. It is necessary to design homes and offices to meet the safety standard requirements to prevent danger and hazards. So security cameras play prominent roles to record activities to help protect people, assets and property. Investment in the gadgets and video recording equipment ensure an atmosphere of feeling safe to get on with life. To some extent confidence in efficient gadgets are useful but creates dependency by not observing events in detail as people should. An assumption experts will deal with matters unfolding impede issues as people may not realise their role to help others in time of need.1549027173606633821775.jpgPublic awareness education essentially helps to teach importance of empathy to observe accurately for modern relevant information. The time event is noticed is written down on paper or send text to others for a second opinion as witness. Challenge, confront, question if safe do so, call for back up support if available. Call for help away from the scene not to alert perpetrators, write description of clothes, height, any birthmarks, facial features, accent, head shape, hairstyle, shoe shape and size, if any accessories, bags, jewels, favourite foods, games, sports, interests, family, friends, smoker cigarette jot butts, glass or bottles drank from can provides DNA to help identify them. Each person must alert the family and friends of whereabouts to ensure you are safe. Catfish online is the people pretend to be someone to mislead them to gain their confidence. The trusting, honest, sincere, genuinely kind person thinks everyone is like them. So treats well them by what they tell them not realising they are not who they said so it’s later they realise been catfished. 1549027231529539738362.jpgModern age, global community is closer to home in the bedrooms, schools or in the college library online. The idea is people may feel “grown up” to handle their life without asking an advise from older wiser persons. The Bible says the older people must guide the young ones because they have been through similar past experience. Any friendships or the interactions demanding secrecy, threat, blackmail, extortion is not as helpful to the targeted person. Lack of the frontal brain cortex means young people can be unaware of risks and consequences of actions. The thrill seeking adventure fantasy of unknown excitement desired ignores warning signs. Excuses made to overrule gut feelings and press ahead by not listening to emotional feelings. The promise of easy reward, freedom from daily mundane boring routine normal studying or working life is too good to ignore. Highly value the warning not to talk to strangers, not accept lifts, be in a company of chaperones to overlook life is deemed naive. An assumption mobile phones can call for help to reach out for help any moment lures those at risk to be in unrealistic situations. 1549026766239-360973855.jpgHyper alert people are seen are fearful, worrying or needy and insecure. Online Facebook or Twitter accounts can lead to good friendships developed and great network link connection to job markets, dating and support chatgroups. And yet precaution must be taken to ensure you know the person you talk to looks real in life, like online photos. Relationship matters are NEVER a SECRET if a person TRULY LOVES YOU they will HONOUR YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Including your family cultural background and loved ones for support or relationships become too close for comfort. Travelling into another city to live to study, work or marry is daunting if unfamiliar with the realities of life. A person revealing themselves to others expects reciprocal treatment. The well-meaning person is often vulnerable to others with ulterior motives deceiving them. So be alert, on guard to watch out as your brothers and sisters keepers to intervene safely. 1549026692815-1015280994.jpgCall for help from others to help in case of risk events. Do not be in the middle of escalating events use commonsense, wit or sense of humour if appropriate. God’s Eyes roams to and fro on behalf of HIS Children as a CCTV over the whole world but God works through people. Angels around always people so the best way is pray and invite the Holy Spirit to guide you. God’s WORDS says endtime events of unseen evils will happen so do not live as usual taking life for granted. The roaring lions seeks those they may devour. Train children to be very afraid if threatened, harassed or promised an invisible rewards not seen to confirm it by a responsible adult THEY KNOW IN THEIR FAMILY, Teacher, Doctor, Pastor or other law-abiding citizens. If it is too good to be true do not depend on a story told you by perpetrators. Use wisdom to get help and support from people above all you must be homeguard safety elites. You owe it to help yourself and to value your priceless irreplaceable life to seek advise from parents. Reliable and many trustworthy people you know and grew up with for years know you better than stranger tricks to danger. The devil and monsters do not have horns or tails but look normal like human beings.15490262381641050413306.jpgTalk and confide in family and friends who love you and care about you more than you know. Safety gadget effective but needs people to be alert to protect themselves. Trend of perpetrators is to initiate and invoke witchcraft power to subdue and to dominate others by mind binding spell to control, deceive people. The solution is God’s Divine Protection cover Intervention by prayer in Name of Jesus. We do not fight flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places so do not rely on your own mind only. A soldier who goes to battlefront equally deserve same reward as homesafeguard watchmen on the look out for invaders. A soldier on offence is equal to soldier on defence in the frontline community. King David went to prophet Abiathar to ask God if he should pursue the enemies who invaded and ransacked city when at war. His men cried and wanted to kill David but he encouraged himself in the LORD. He won victory as prophet said recovered wives, children and all assets. 400 men went to battle wanted to take all credit to keep reward from the 200 watchmen who protected camp supplies left behind. Front line warrior soldiers, “wicked men” or “men of Belial will not divide spoil with “lazy” people who did not risk life to fight and pay the price.”1549026615745-887859176.jpg 1 Samuel 30:22, says their murmuring was about to turn to mutiny but David had heart of God, came near 200 men saluted them” in verse 30:21.” So David laid down law of spoils, “Same part goes to battle frontline equally to all staying by stuff shared” in verse 30:24. All 600 men shared spoils equally as Numbers 31:27-28 says divide booty between the warriors who goes to battle with people watching stuff at camp or at home. Elite soldiers and intelligence agencies train people about cyber crime so majority of public need to learn basic knowledge on how to act, or respond and intervene in changing society. Cameras are efficient but people need to help so involved in locating people to identify perpetrators. Witness can be discreet without alerting calling for help to be attacked. So people need to actively learn about mindsets of perpetrators revealed in testimonies by delivered believers in the Church of God in Christ. A lot of parents depend on the children better in use of computers so do not know the extent of risks. People think if it’s online officially acceptable receive so follow instructions. Warning is given in Bible the devil only comes to steal, kill and destroy but God gives life and life more abundantly in Jesus Name in John 10:10. The devil deceives, lies so manipulates because if the people know their evil intentions, plans motives will not follow them. God’s Holy Spirit is in Name of Jesus to discern evil to protect you. Listen to GOD’S WORDS, Be TRULY HONEST with yourself, GOD PUTS HIS SPIRIT in you to guide in Jesus Name.

1549026521227614764637.jpg REMEMBER TO CALL ON GOD as King David did when his enemies ransacked his city and held families captive. Ask God’s deliverance in Jesus Name, break generational curses. Rely on Bible and your parents to guide you daily not on that stranger deceiving you to destroy your life. All strangers are not evil, kind ones publicly get involved in the society BUILD community, not destroy it. Jesus said anyone not building you genuinely uses and abuses you because he is evil child of his father the devil. Be careful, humble, respect to honour your parents so it is well with you to live long in Jesus Name. Don’t be wise in your own eyes, there is a way that seems wise to a man but the end is death and destruction. Valentine day is coming soon so people looking for love online must beware of fake people deceiving, seducing, luring to buy and sell human beings or harvest body parts to sell. Stay close to family or well-known friends and a trusted family member. Confide in teachers, doctors or friends, never keep secrets even if lover or “online friends” say so. Think about your precious life in your hands, never trust a person you never met with the family. If they truly love you they will love your family too publicly and not in secret because your parents may say no to them. You want to be safe than sorry in Jesus Name so talk to married people to learn about proper way of finding a spouse. Learn about bills, rent, the hard work of self-denial to put spouse first or cooking, cleaning, working, childcare. A romantic fantasy of dating time is not a real life happily ever after read in books or actors pretending to be married on TV where life is perfect.15490264448921050413306.jpg Real life is duty of diligent care to help family some people fantasize someone will love them by a flattery lies getting them into bed to deceive them. You are WHOLE whether single or married but prepare for your future. God said it is not good to be alone so wake up, follow God’s direction to guide you in life. God cares about LOVE LIFE because you are God’s property. Attend love school in a Church to learn about true meaning of marriage. Don’t make yourself gullible to be taken advantage of by predators after your life and your money in name of fake love. They do not care about you don’t fall for their tricks and scams. Call on God or prophet as king David did to ask God’s HELP and defeated Goliath to marry King Saul’s daughter. A genuine man will first seek his permission from your father, mother or parents, family not secret lies of naive fantasizing about romantic love in ignorance seduced and abused. Your body is God’s Holy Temple for the Holy Spirit of God to dwell in so do cheapen yourself to those deceiving you into prostitution. They do tell you in advance their evil plans against you but promise “lucrative jobs” to fool you. The money they collect from the people they sell their slaves plus the loans you given to them “process” fake document makes them rich. Focus on your life, volunteer if unemployed in the genuine places registered to help others. Do not spend all your life online trolling strangers to come to “help” you. Read newspapers to educate yourself about dangers, risks in the world. Do not dismiss or think you can handle your life alone without any family, friends, colleagues around you. No man is an island so everybody needs somebody known well in a community, trusted and reliable. God sustains your life so seek HIS Face daily in Jesus Name pray, cover yourself with Jesus’ Blood.