A=Appreciate Mothers
B=Blessings to all Mums
C=Creator’s Giver of Life
D=Dedicated to Family
E=Excellent Spirit
F=Favourite Food Maker
G=Gratitude to God
H=Hopes For the Best
I=Impressive Inspiration
J=Joyful at all times
K=Knowledge giver
L=Lovely and Loyal


 M=Maximises Resources

N=Nurtures Family
O=Opportunity giver
P=Passion for Peace
Q=Quality Family Time
R=Restoration of Hope
S=Success in Life
T=Thankful for Family
U=Unconditional Love
V=Vision Encourager
W=Wisdom for Living
X=Xenia Hospitality
Y=Youthful & Beautiful
Z=Zenith zeal for Life




art-festival-agetagueda-2.jpgGod’s Umbrellas are so big with enough room for all to be underneath come rain or sunshine. Times and seasons change so rapidly sometimes 4 seasons happen in one day. At times, within a moment of of less than an hour a sudden drastic new change takes place from a glowing hot sunshine day with sweats turning to  the coldest drab rainy day soaking wet. It is on such days the good old umbrella comes in handy. Especially after carrying it in vain without rain or hot weather the day you remove it thinking it is useless is the day the rain comes pouring down on you heavily. So the day the weatherman reassures you of excellent weather with lots of sunshine so you leave an umbrella behind is the day of the heaviest rainfall.10 Michael Fish is remembered in living as one responsible for such unpredictable weather. Yet without advanced satellite dishes predicting accurately, a changing weather condition depends on wind or storms that cannot be controlled by any man on earth. In the same way, life is similar to changeing situations of hot good times of the high life and the cold miserable days of unexpected rain. As the weather conditions change so does mood, health and wellness changes. It is therefore at times necessary to keep on dragging that umbrella around even if it pays off once ir twice a year when really needed. The inconvenience of carrying an umbrella around can seem like insane if seen holding unto it in all weather. 07.jpgYet it is useful to ignore the mockers to hold on to your umbrella. Those laughing may one day ask you to share your umbrella with them if they do not have their own. The irony is how life exactly deals with you in terms of unpredictable situations least expected. Like a reliable umbrella, the faithful continue in active faith and depend on Yahweh to keep them safe and secure in times of need. As long as the quality and durability of umbrella is excellent and strong it can withstand the storm. Spiritually speaking, so is God’s tough umbrella shielding you from all storms and weathers. Although realistic life experiences show storms may cause bruises, falls or wind carries up if still holding onto umbrella during tornadoes.agueda12 Such is life changing experiences that all face sometimes. Umbrellas are also used for dancing as popular song ‘Singing in the rain’ soaked despite umbrella or Big Bang Sheldon sitting on a bench without umbrella. Although these experiences are hilarious jokes, life mimics art and vice versa so can guide you to remember to carry an umbrella. So metaphorically speaking, God is your broad umbrella term representative of variety of colours, shapes abd sizes suitable for each need. So plays the dusl role of uplifting in hot joyful good days and shielding from the rain, wind, storm and snow. DIY-parasol-backdrop.jpgContinue to hold on to God in all seasons or weather, do not ley go because of disappointment of carrying one in vain. It is better to be   safe to have one and not need one or not prepare and be sorry when it rains. Like anything else in life what you put in you get back. Investing in a good durable umbrella is better than cutting corners to buy a cheap one that breaks quickly. So is dependable reliable investment spiritually in God for eternal life. Informed choice makes you trust in the One True Living God not cheap dead imitation version that cannot, see, hear, speak, talk, eat, drink   walk or save. For God is Love so operates by eternal’s Divine Protection inbuilt future is everlasting life beyond all the storms of life. Yet God’s great umbrella needs to be maintained after wear and tear. By being in tune with God this requires knowing the spiritual seasons of life for your own good and interest so cannot be left to any chance. Another important factor is many different companies make these umbrellas but each person has favourite design, shape, size, manufacturer or the colour suitable for all occasions. Nobody can snatch neighbours umbrella because it is wrong colour or size. Each person is given a right to choose the umbrella as they desire or please. So live and let live diplomacy requires agreeing to disagree even if the neighbour’s garden parasol is not exactly to your taste. Umbrellas also provide shades from harsh elements of USV protection.  A long walk in mall or park bench under sun is impressive with beautiful colourful rainbow colours. 9405636238_ee8269a6be_k.jpgSo God made a colourful life simplified so to each carries own umbrella without intruding into another’s choice. These is what learning to live alongside others is about in life. Nobody has sole exclusive access to God as monopoly so whosoever comes to God Jesus will not cast out. One may not see it so or feel others deserve an opportunity to be given the chance to dwell in God’s presence. How ever God is willing to accept or receive all warts and all because God does not want anyone cast out of His Kingdom. Jesus said He will not reject any person of any shape, size, colour height, age or whatever to be part of His eternal salvation. The world’s events demand each person belongs to God directly by calling upon His Name to be saved. The things of these world shall pass away but God’s love and word shall stand forever. So God recognises variety in His worship even if it makes no sense whatsoever to others observing them. So God says leave the tares and the wheat so He will sort things out in the endtime. Focus on your personal life and family because there is no point gaining the whole world and loosing your soul. No matter weather conditions you just need a good strong umbrella personally to use or share with your loved one, family and a friend. In other words God wants you to mind your own business first before insisting on running other’s lives while neglecting your own life. Charity begins at home so start by loving yourself first then extending love to others in Christ.



  1. A charge to keep I have,
    A God to Glorify,
    A never dying soul to save,
    And fit souls for the sky.
  2. To serve the present age,
    My calling to fulfill:
    Oh, may it all my powers engage
    To do my Master’s will!
  3. Arm me with jealous care,
    As in Your sight I live;
    And O Thy servant, Lord, prepare
    A strict account to give,
  4. Help me to watch and pray,         And on my God Rely                 Assured to trust forever God   Through Christ Jesus my Lord.



Single Mom Used Tax Return to Pay Whole Year’s Rent is news worth sharing as ex-drug addict. This fascinating true story of Knaack in South Carolina, who said she knows that fancy electronics and new shoes are not what is important for her family. “I work a minimum wage job, has two kids and I do it by myself. I just wanted to make sure that if I needed to take time off work if something comes up not going to lose my home” said Knaack 29 who used most of her $5600 tax return to pay her rent for the next 11 months. She used extra hundred to take her 2-year-old and 4-month-old out for a fun day. I  know that a roof over my kids head is what’s important. My kids do not want for anything because my priorities are straight,” Knaack wrote on post shared 150,000 times. Knaack is a recovering addict who wants to spread hope that it is possible to start life over.


Life for anyone caring for small children by themselves can be stressful so some need to splash out and spend money to enjoy respite time as a reward. Others may use money for drugs and substances to try to numb the pain from stress. The interesting fact about this particular true story is she chose to resist temptation to do the right thing. Often any new item bought with hard-earned money seems like duly deserved reward for sacrifices. In this case, Christina Knaak chose to invest beyond entitled self-indulgence to secure a roof over family. This is really a choice encouraging to all working hard to change their lives to better their life first for themselves and their children. With God all things are possible so we can all take a cue from Christina to help bring change into our families to secure the future with the help of God. Well done Christina keep up the good work, although not easy you are doing the right thing to motivate people to have hope. An example to get priority right, parents of small children lead them growing up following adult behaviours and norms.


By Her Side: George and his mother Betty

BY HER SIDE novel is about a son writing about an extraordinary experience caring for his mother with dementia diagnosis. George Hodgman was confronted with a life-changing decision when returning home for his mother’s 91st birthday. He was shocked by Betty’s ailing health and the realisation she had dementia, George put his own plans on hold to become her carer until the end. As Betty’s mind fragmented, George, from Missouri in America, rose to the challenges of caring for someone in the grip of dementia. George, 56, a former magazine editor and publisher, found strength he didn’t know he had and somehow despite his awful cooking and sometimes short temper the pair were just what each other needed. Inspired by experiences, George has penned Bettyville, which has become a word-of-mouth phenomenon. The memoir documents Betty’s final months as George stands by her side. It is an honest account of dementia, understanding and acceptance  and, ultimately, loss.Extracts from son's novel

In this special edited extract from novel Bettyville, George talks about caring for his mother and how, by losing her, he finally found himself. His mother could not live alone yet vetoed all conventional alternatives. He pretends to be in control when she said.“Do not put me in a place with a lot of old people.”  There were days he could not please her but he knew deep down that her crankiness was an act, a way to conceal her embarrassment at having to ask anything of anyone. On some days she would swing between being just about fine, barking orders at our cleaning lady, sharp enough to play bridge with her longtime partners. Yet at other times, she was a lost girl with sad eyes. I was scared I would be the one to break her. I wasn’t certain what I would wake up to. One day I discovered her trying to put her sock over her shoe.


Reduce risk of dementia NHS guidelines:

Eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Maintain a healthy weight.

Exercise regularly.

Don’t drink too much alcohol.

If you smoke, stop.

Keep blood pressure at a healthy level.

If you need practical help for someone who has dementia – or you simply want to talk to someone who understands what you are going through – contact the Dementia Helpline on 0300 222 1122.

There is a wealth of information at His mother was scared but would not speak of her fears, they were locked up tight. She kept her secrets. I kept mine. That was our way; we struggled with words. He imagined anything made her a little happier. So knew her days were numbered in the house, built by his father. He polished the silver, fixed her meals, bought her new bracelets, left Peppermint Patties under her pillow, drove her to battalion of doctors. And her days were filled with little hurts. She bruised easily in the end and was petrified of falling. It is what she feared above all. It became hard to get my mother excited about anything, even going to the city. A few years back, when taking Betty into St Louis for the periodontist stopped at Saks department store where he wanted to buy her a new outfit.

Spotting Signs Of Dementia

According to Alzheimer’s Association, there are ten signs to look out for:

1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life.
2. Difficulty planning or solving problems.
3. Difficulty completing familiar home tasks.
4. Confusion with times or places.
5. Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships.
6. Problems with speaking or writing.
7. Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace your steps.
8. Poor judgement.
9. Withdrawal from work or social activities.
10. Changes in mood and personality.

After reading these signs it was then he noticed the depression had settled into her lethargy. She looked tired and was unable to summon the energy to shop for new clothes. He found it was terribly difficult when his mother was sad, angry with herself, tired of trying, even living. So found it physically exhausting and challenging even in terms of small things like remembering when all her appointments were or when she took what pill. But it was the depression he felt when she was depressed that almost slayed him the pain she felt he could not control that sent him to bed, unable to face her. It came to the point where he had to be satisfied if he could find one thing each day  a fancy dessert, a ride to a pretty place, a little gift that made her smile. Sometimes out of nowher could see the little girl my mother once was in her eyes. She was funny, sweet, bossy and mischievous. It is necessary to have regular check up to monitor changes.

So son wrote novel on extraordinary experience caring for ailing mother after dementia diagnosis to help others dealing with dementia relatives. Onus on men to care for parents is becoming a phenomenon not known in the past. It is important to get respite care to help both the carer and one cared for.


Denzel-WashingtonGod is at work in Hollywood among the believers often seen in movies globally. So encouraging to know many hold on to God although obviously having good success in their life and careers. This is good news some attribute success to God in appreciation of God-given talents and abilities. In addition God, specifically makes way for others to receive the Gospel Message by a set of miracle events. It is good such inspiring testimonies encourage aspiring stars acting on stage to be motivated in films to credit God for achievements. There are real living testimonies found in so many Hollywood roles played by Denzel in some films portraying his faith like the Book of Eli. The LORD God Almighty desires people from all walks of life to belong to His Kingdom. The Word of God is designed for rich and famous, nobles, captains, kings, queens, entrepreneurs, businessess, whosoever wills, including poor people. God has a Biblical way of using servants, nannies, housemaids, gardeners among others to reach their master’s ears to be healed or saved and delivered. According to the plans and purposes of God people need God no matter their status, power, position, station or calling in life. And so helps to know that God loves all people.1397016946-0e8d35b48184070e00cc39588d5675d1

Many believers genuinely love God in the film industry and also contribute greatly to cinematography. Produce numerous films to enhance and highlight texts in the Bible in line with the Word of God in context. This enables the audio-visual presentation of Word of God to help the Body of Christ. Others boldly share their testimony to declare their faith and the marvellous works of God, sometimes it cost jobs, employment opportunity. The Christian women are not ashamed to share their faith in Jesus openly, despite the stigma in Hollywood. Many express their belief in God openly crediting God for making a way for them to be in their working roles in Hollywood. These are famous people who understand that life without God is meaningless. Therefore protect their hearts with the word of God daily for strength to carry on and face many challenges of life. Just like anyone else even Hollywood’s rich and famous must overcome practical issues in life. Jesus died to save all people including the Hollywood these mega superstars in the wonderful Name of Christ Jesus. ChristianWomen__2_There are many more Christian believers in Hollywood including another person well known worldwide. He is Stephen Baldwin’s family salvation is a miracle, his body representing different stages of his life has scripture John 3:30, on the back of his neck shortened to 3.30 “I must decrease so He may increase,” referring to humility required in Christ.   The youngest sibling of Baldwin acting clan accepted Jesus in the aftermath of 9/11. But the wake-up call came after a Brazilian nanny was singing about Jesus in Portuguese to Baldwin’s baby in front of Stephen’s Brazilian wife, Kennya. “A hired lady from Brazil named Augusta, in the whole first week she’s working was singing in Portuguese she spoke with his wife Baldwin told CBN. Kennya suddenly realized whom the nanny was singing about. She went to Stephen and said, “Do you hear what she’s singing about?  She’s singing about Jesus.”
After overhearing singing few more days her curiosity could not be contained and she approached the nanny directly. “I noticed your singing, and I’m wondering why every song is about Jesus?” Kennya was taken aback when Augusta burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?” she asked. “Quite frankly, I think it is a little bit funny you think only here to clean your house.” To Kennya’s amazement, she explained through a prophetic word, she was told that if she went to live with the Baldwins, Stephen and Kennya would one day come to faith in Jesus Christ and be involved in ministry. “She goes on to tell his wife, before she had accepted the job, she prayed with her pastor and some church members in Brazil. I haven’t told this part of the story a lot. She had a dream and saw me, saw my wife and saw my first daughter Aliya.

Baldwin was not impressed or moved about what appeared to him at the time to be religious gibberish. “Did not faze me for a second,” he said. Raised Roman Catholic up until 11 or 12. Didn’t stick. Went out into the world and did my own thing. Among his “own things” were roles in Born on the Fourth of July (1989), Posse (1993), Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994), Threesome(1994), The Usual Suspects (1995), Bio-Dome(1996), Fled (1996), The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000), Fred Claus (2007) The Flyboys  (2008). In addition as award-winning actor became a producer and an author. So Kennya was first one in the family to receive Jesus. After spending much time talking about Jesus with Augusta Kennya attended a Brazilian church in New York City, seeking answers and learning more about Him. As time went on, Stephen became curious, felt drawn to God began asking questions. Then 9/11 struck.

Hailey Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin, Aliya Baldwin, Kennya Baldwin. “September 11th kind of freaked me out,” Baldwin recounted. “I said, ‘Hey, what’s this all about? My wife’s a Jesus freak. Maybe it’s time I begin thinking about this faith thing.’ Pursued it, became born again, accepted the Lord, baptized in water. At first, his faith appeared somewhat unconventional. “I did the little Stevie-B kind of bungee-jumping, sky-diving psycho version,” he said in The Blaze. “And I made covenant with God, I said okay, I’m an adrenaline junky kind of guy so challenged God to give an experience greater than anything experienced thus far, in a deal I brokered a deal with God.” Half of the nanny’s prophecy was fulfilled but other half was for the actor to get involved in ministry. “I was too busy running around doing my thing.” Right from the start, testified loudly about Jesus perhaps too strongly for some in his immediate circle. The Blaze quoted him saying at first he was “probably a little too much blowtorch.” “When you go on the news, or CNN, and you are excited, you do not realize on the beginning of Christian journey people are going to have a perception now,” he said. “And I did not really care, and does not care, and has no regrets. But I didn’t realize.”He wound up losing gigs.

Showing off Hannah Montana tattoo, he got on a whim posed with Hannah 

Then, Mark Burnett’s Bible series hit the History Channel in 2013, and Hollywood woke up to the earnings potential of faith-based movies and Christian films came out. Baldwin was perfectly poised to join trend and starred in 2013 movie “I am in Love With a Church Girl.” In 2004, he directed the Christian theme skate boarding film called Livin’ It to share the gospel with kids in a skateboarding and stunt biking culture, in which Baldwin himself is very much involved. His 40-minute documentary features extreme sports athletes, is the footage of street outreach, and moving stories of God’s miracles told by 11 top “hardcore sports” athletes. Baldwin said Jesus Christ has given him peace and made him a better father and husband. “And I couldn’t do that unless I had some understanding of God’s will for me,” said Baldwin, who is now 50. Again, I only has understanding because I know what it’s based on, which is the Bible and I read it every day.”  Now we’re in a particular time in the world’s history where it is time people stand up for Jesus, people get more aggressive and radical how they communicate with our culture about Jesus,” he said. “My point is simply this: I believe I have a calling. Do you know what that calling is? To stand up in a new and hard-core, radical way for the Lord. In the process, if I insult a couple of people, if I offend a couple of people, and if I got to shake it up a little bit, as long as it is led by the Holy Spirit, amen.”

kevin-hartKevin Hart’s mother was going to help him with rent to kick-start his comedy career, but when the due date passed he called his mom and all she said was: “Have you been reading your Bible?” A week later it was the same thing: “When you read your bible, then we’ll talk about your rent.” Annoyed at his “over-religious” mom but desperate about eviction note on his door, Kevin grudgingly sat down and opened the Good Book Bible.

eniko-parrish-8-141“I go home and say, ‘Man let me open this Bible up,’” Hart explained to Oprah Winfrey. “Open the Bible up, six rent checks fell out. She put all my rent checks in the Bible.” Score one for mom and the Lord! Hart the self-spoofing star of Real Husbands of Hollywood, doesn’t need Mom’s rent money anymore. He’s enjoyed a steady stream of movie roles starting with Paper Soldiers (2002), Scary Movie 3 the next year,Soul Plane (2004), In the Mix (2005) and Little Fockers(2010). He ranked as the highest paid comedian by Forbes, valued at $87.5 million. In his latest gig, a quixotic Hart fails hilariously in constant attempt to climb Hollywood   social ladder. While not overly vocal about Christianity, Hart is believed to hold the values of his mother, even if he pokes fun at her zeal in comedy routines.


Dedicated to Christianity, Hart uses his whole family’s faith as a frequent topic in his stand-up. He doesn’t make fun of Christianity itself, but he does make fun of how people can be hypocritical with religion as a drug addict Jesus-loving cousin  according to Hollowverse. On that same day when the checks tumbled out of his Bible, Jesus tumbled out too. Hart was born in Philadelphia in 1979 to a cocaine-addicted father who was in jail more than he was in Hart’s life. As a teen growing up in a harsh reality, Hart resorts to humour as coping mechanism. His love for slapstick eventually won several amateur comedy competitions on the East Coast until landed recurring role on the TV series Undeclared. Jump to the rest of the story.

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