Queen’s life teaches lesson in Christian faith, duty, endurance, humility, loyalty, resilience and responsibility. She never complained or explained her principles. It was amazing to see history repeating the beautiful traditions, pageantry, pomp and special ceremonies after 70 years. People dedicated time and great service to help make all events and procession run smoothly to honour the Queen’s passing. 4:2 billion people watched all over the world mourned and grieved with the royal family and the Commonwealth nations. It is interesting to note before the final part of the committal of the Queen into the royal vault, the crown, sceptre and orb were taken off her coffin and put on the altar. This significantly acknowledges Almighty God Yahweh as the source of all power. HE gives authority to appoint kings, leaders to rule and reign but are accountable to God. Elizabeth II’s era ends with the symbolic breaking of wand of office placed on her coffin. The sermon emphasised promise of Jesus of a new life of all in Christ into eternity. Her soul lives with Jesus in heaven. So the Queen is returned to her LORD and maker simply as “Elizabeth” as Nelson Mandela called her. She is always Elizabeth humble, dignified, never let her status, powerful position as a monarch get into her head. Her coffin was lowered into the vault to join Prince Phillip, her parents, sibling, family at St George’s chapel. Her steadfast character is a great example to all. Elizabeth rest in peace.


Royal Welsh adopted goats as mascots in 1770s after one appeared at a battlefield. A Welsh wild billy goat strayed onto their battlefield, saved goat instead of eating it. Led the Royal Welsh Fusiliers’ colour party from fields. The goat cared for by member of Drums Platoon is a non-commissioned officer named Goat Major. Goats serve as a security alert in the fields, trigger bombs, protect soldiers. Another Welsh soldier found a kid goat when cold put the goat inside his jacket to keep warm. Soldier fell asleep enemy Russian patrol approached Welsh position. The bleat of the goat woke the soldiet to alert the rest of the troops. A Welsh goat attended proclamations read in devolved parliaments in Northern Ireland. Ukrainians in Zaporizhzhia injured after a booby trap grenade was set off by a goat saved them. If regimental goat dies a letter is written to the Queen to ask permission to select a new one. David looked after five goats, two named Taffy in his time with the Royal Regiment of Wales, three are named Shenkin with Royal Welsh. Each goat has its own personality, some better behaved than others,” said Joe. This Shenkin is one of the best. Its a real pleasure working with them to support charities like Macmillan nurses or other organisations. Dreamflight charity sends seriously ill children on the holiday of a lifetime. They met celebrities like Sir Cliff Richard and Catherine Zeta Jones. Being involved in these kinds of things is rewarding and interesting thanks to wife and family for putting up with busy life as Goat Major all these years. Its a demanding job but very rewarding and always interesting, proud to be given the opportunity to serve as Goat Major. Gareth Edwards one of the greatest players of the game acknowledged Joe’s iconic presence. He walks past me every game I do interviews or prematch presentation in area,” said Welsh rugby legend. He is a part of the occasion so it’s wonderful the crowd appreciates them, they are popular. Gareth joked: “I’ve seen Joe tow the goat but the goat tows Joe. I’m sure Joe has great memories and we will miss him because he’s part of Arms Park experience. I’m pleased to wish him all the best. The Goat keeper for 30 years retired looking after the goats. Animals also detect infections and diseases in humans like cancer or TB not seen on scan machines. Horses, dogs, cats, fruit flies, mice, pigeons, rats have a strong sense of smell. Birds and dogs detect the earthquakes before humans do. Animists think its witchcraft charm if animal useful or use animals for blood sacrifice, libation, to help defeat enemies. Romans 1:25 says some exchange God’s TRUTH for LIES to worship to serve creature not Creator God who blesses them forever. These goats are reminders of past history to thank God for all HIS loyal creatures saving and comforting lives.


The Queen told Attenborough, ‘she won’t be here’ four years ago in her private garden walkabout. They saw sundial solstices not tangent after many years moved to new place Buckingham palace said. They talked of trees commemorating her children’s births. Noise disrupted their conversations as they strolled through Queen’s private garden discussing trees. Attenborough told Queen, some trees take 50 years to grow she answered “she won’t be here to see them ” while smiling. Thought of death was natural progression she came to terms with, in her wisdom and knows of her passing into heaven. Her Christian faith, confidence, diligence and devotion to the Gospel with wisdom of God, assured her of knowledge of eternal life. It is surprising she spoke about death which happened sooner than expected after loss of her beloved husband Prince Phillip. She prepared in advance and her funeral plans organised before passing. Above, all she is walking in the beautiful paradise garden in heaven with God, Jesus, husband, family, friends, subjects, earned heaven’s crowns. God wipes away all her tears from her eyes no more death, sorrow, crying or pain. For old things have passed away and all things become new in Revelations 21:4. Rest in peace your majesty in the loving arms of Father God Almighty Yahweh in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. God comforts her family, nations mourning her death and celebrating her life of selfless service, duty, dignity, diplomact and tact. She led quite a dedicated, humble, stoic, unique examplary lifestyle of steadfastness and resilience. A double rainbow and cloud shaped Queen honoured her entry into heaven. She said the price we pay for love is grief shows her Christlike character. Be assured she is with her maker encourages you to mourn with hope. All in Christ will rise reunited see all loved ones again in the resurrection in eternal life in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


Bible history in Deuteronomy 28:31-68 tells God’s reasons for slavery. States why a man lies with another’s wife or build houses but don’t dwell in it. Plant vineyard not gather grapes ox slaughtered eaten by others. Donkey taken not restored, sheep  given to enemy not rescued. 32 And sons and daughters given to others longed for. Nations not known eat fruits of your lands. 34 Oppressed, crushed is driven mad by sight of events seen. 35 The LORD strikes knees and legs with boils not healed from soles of foot to top of head. 36 The LORD took kings into nations fathers didn’t know to serve gods of wood and stone. 37 Have become astonishment byword among the nations the LORD drove you. 38 Sow seeds in fields, gather little, locusts consume it.  39 Plants and tend vineyards but not drink  the wine or eat grapes, worms devour. 40 Olive trees don’t anoint with oil. 41 Sons and daughters are taken into captivity. 42 Locusts consumes trees and produce of land. 43 Strangers rise above you lend to you but you don’t lend to them. They are the head you are the tail. 44 The curses come on you to overtake you until destroyed, because you did not OBEY the LORD God’s commands and statutes. 46  You and your descendants are signs and wonders. 47 You didn’t serve the LORD with joy or gladness of heart for abundant things. 48 Serves enemy of the LORD who sent hunger, thirst, nakedness in need. God puts yokes of iron on your neck to destroy you. 49. The LORD brings a nation against you swift as eagle their language you don’t understand. 50 Fierce nations which don’t respect elders or young. 51 Eats increase of your livestocks and produce of your land till destroyed. 52 They attack at your gates and fortified walls trusted in land the LORD gave you. 53 You eat fruit of your body and flesh of your sons and daughters the LORD gave during in famine. 54 The kind man is hostile to his brother, wife and children. 55 He won’t share flesh of his children to eat. 56 A wife refuses husband’s love. 57 Then eats placenta of her children secretly for lack of food. 58 And don’t observe words of law written in book or fear the LORD. 69 The LORD sent plagues, diseases, sickness on descendants. 60 HE will bring diseases like Egypt you fear. 61 Sickness or plagues not in the Book of the Law the LORD put on you till destroyed. 62 Only a few in number left not as stars as heaven’s multitude for you didn’t obey the LORD God Almighty.63 The LORD rejoiced when you multiplied but rejoiced to destroy you plucked from lands you possess. 64 The LORD scattered you among nations from one end of earth to another. To serve gods your fathers did not know, wood and stone. 65 In nations you find no rest, the LORD gives anguish of soul. 66 Life in doubt, fearful day or night. In the morning you wish it is evening. In the evening you wish its morning due to fear in your heart. 68 The LORD took you to Egypt in ships, sold you to enemies as fe/male slaves but nobody bought you. The LORD told Abraham, Know your descendants will be enslaved in a strange country and mistreated four hundred years in Genesis 15:13. God Yahweh punishes all enslavers who took God’s possessions. Vengeance belongs to God, patent owner of all lives, silver and gold and cattle on a thousand hills. Don’t gain the whole world and lose your soul in hell all brought nothing into the world will take nothing out. Don’t shoot the messenger enforcers of slavery. The LORD punishes and judges idolatry and rebellion. The reason behind slavery of nations is the disobedience of God’s law. Stop anger and attacking people God used. The answer is repent from sin against God who punishes enforcers in Revelation 19:15-19. Inciting racial hatred against enforcer is misguided, lack of knowledge. Learn and understand Bible history of slavery of all nations. Most nations enslaved other countries destroyed in history. All nations are taken over by the LORD God Almighty Yahweh given to KING Christ Jesus of Nazareth in Millennium and the New Jerusalem established on earth.


2 Timothy 3:1-4 says in the last days people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, blasphemers, ungrateful, unholy 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, lacking self-control, brutal, despisers of good, entitled traitors, headstrong, haughty, 4 disobedient to parents, unholy, without love, slanderous, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure than lovers of God. 5 They have a form of Godliness but deny its power have nothing to do with them. 6 They enter homes to gain control over gullible wo/men loaded with sins, swayed by evil desires, 7 Always learning but never comes to knowledge of the truth. 8 As Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, they oppose the truth. Their depraved minds reject faith. 9 They will not get far as their actions are clear to all. The Bible says they love and think only about themselves 24/7 and don’t look after the interests of others. They enjoy hurting people and thrive on sufferings they cause others. Their world revolves exclusively around themselves. Wants to be centre of attention ignore others, causes hatred and divisions. Vindictive only do things for personal gain, angry, vicious, hypocrites, control, dominate, obsessive, possessive, manipulative, secretive, lying to people, do not understand genuine love.They do not know how to love genuinely so use people as objects they discard after exploiting them. They are competitive, cruel, envious, jealous, sadistic individuals who bully and abuse people. They hide under the cloak of love bombing, charming, mimicking, copying to impress and fool people. They rush into marriage to avoid being exposed by those who know them. They are disrespectful, dishonest, disloyal, self absorbed, self centred, opportunistic, nasty, have no emotional feelings of empathy but pretend to love you. They blackmail and use others to attack people. They feel superior to God Almighty Yahweh, like satan think they are better than all people. They ignore family, are selfish, bankrupt financially people they latch onto until bled dry. They don’t change, move onto next targets. Bible says AVOID them, have no contact change your phone number avoid them. Delete their number, block them, get rid of photo memory, give away mementos. They damage lives of many people they blame for their bad behaviours and actions. They constantly argue and fight because they feel insecure and bully people. Jesus died to save you don’t be manipulated in the name of “love” seduced to ruin your life. Listen to your family and friends don’t be isolated, scammed by lust and deceived. True love genuinely includes your family’s affection for you. Be wise, discerning, not deceived by wolves in sheep clothes. Watch and pray in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. God will judge all people one day so be careful how you treat people there are consequences to give account to God Almighty Yahweh.

Gain whole world & lose soul?

Don’t gain whole world to lose your soul in hellfire says Matthew 16:26; Mark 8:34-38. What does it profit tyrant dictator to control whole world abusing and exploiting others manipulated and taken advantage of? For self agrandisement promotes themselves by illusions of grandiosity dupe, insult, lie, hurts millions globally? Due to ambition or selfish self service desire fame and wealth by trampling on people? They think they are superior to all, dominate and overrules excellent advise and humiliate themselves. Almighty God Yahweh HATES sin but gives grace to the humble in James 4:6. A good name is better than wealth and riches that cannot save your soul. God is warning the world to change to repent not to end up in hellfire. Satan was so deluded, thinking is above God, created divisions and hatred in heaven. Deceived one third of God’s angels turned into demon spirits, possessing evil wicked people on earth. Evil spirits drives some people satan attacks and destroys. The devil only comes to kill, steal, destroy, God gives life more abundantly, be content at peace in Jesus Name. The arrogant, proud bully harassing victims doesn’t know God. God is restoring the world in Christ Jesus of Nazareth, He will rule and reign eternally into eternity. No human being is above God or mankind don’t gain the whole world and dubiously to end up in hellfire. Beware of selfish ambitions that tramples on others only to end up destroyed by God and Jesus’ wrath if you do not repent. Love yourself and fill God void in your heart with joy from God’s words. Forgive yourself and others or God won’t forgive your sins. The things of man made world passes away but the love of God in Christ Jesus endures forever.


Jesus is the LIGHT of the world in John 8:12. Jesus told people whoever follows Him the LIGHT of the world will never walk in darkness. God is LIGHT in 1 John 1:5 showing HIS goodness. God is good all the time all the time God is good. In the New Jerusalem God and Jesus are LIGHTS no more darkness, sunshine, electric lights or candles in Revelations 21:23. The City has no sun, moon the GLORY of God and Lamb Jesus are LIGHTS. All in Christ have LIGHT of God in them in Matthew 5:14. God loves you sent Jesus to die to save you from sin. All who accept Jesus Christ of Nazareth do have the light of God shining through them. So let your LIGHT shine before men to see your Godly deeds to praise your Father God Almighty in Heaven with Jesus. You are the LIGHT of the world a city on a hill can’t be hidden. The devil is an angel of light using fake light to recruit people into hellfire. Follow only God Almighty Yahweh’s LIGHT in Christ Jesus Name of Nazareth. Read and study the word of God’s LIGHT in Psalm 119:105. God’s word is a lamp to your feet and LIGHT to your path to show you the right way to go. It is important you discern God’s Holy Spirit’s LIGHT from idolatry light of darkness to worship only the Living God Yahweh. Don’t join your LIGHT to other lights they are not from God’s source. It appears as light but God’s LIGHT supercedes other lights in Jesus Name. The deception of the age is all lights come from God but the living God and Saviour Jesus’ LIGHTS don’t compare. The BLOOD of Jesus Christ washes away all sins to purify a person to boldly enter the Presence of God Yahweh. Is your faith built on Christ Jesus alone to save you from God’s wrath and judgement coming on the earth? Don’t follow doctrine of devils and traditions of the men working against the Kingdom of God.


When I was a child, I acted like a child and talked like a child; I thought like a child and reasoned like a child. As I became an adult I stopped doing childish things says 1 Corinthians 13:11. The process of growth of human body changes from baby to adult naturally except in the cases of stunted development. Baby Jesus grew up from manger into Saviour of the world. In Luke 2:52 Jesus increased in wisdom stature had favour with God and man. We are to be like our Saviour Jesus to follow His example to gain wisdom and maturity. In Bible babies feed on milk as infants not on solids until developed teeth to eat solid food in 1 Corinthians 3:2. Baby fed milk not meats until able to digest solid food in Hebrews 5:12-14. Young believers like babies feeds on soul foods until grows Spiritually to understand Godly wisdom. To receive the Kingdom of God as children is not to be childish but trust God by faith like little children believe innocently.The fear of the LORD God produces Godly wisdom for the greatest life a person lives. Leads better life on earth in the will of the LORD by walking in the love of the LORD in Proverbs 9:10. Babies move from infant to toddler, children, teenagers to adults years physically. Emotionally and Spiritually grow in stature, gain wisdom, observing, learning from significant others for own experience. No one is an island adapts to the dynamic changes in life. Make decision considering interest of others at heart in Phillipians 2:4. Not look to own interest only but interests of others. The selfish toddlers don’t know boundaries wants parents exclusively asks parents to abandon siblings to focus on them. Jealous and envious of care taken of others in a development of children. Bible says TRAIN CHILD when they GROW won’t depart from inputs learnt in Proverbs 22:6. A child must know basic right from wrong at 2 years if disciplined understands authority. God CORRECTS those HE LOVES, delights in Proverbs 3:12; Hebrews 12:6. A firm, consistent discipline trains the child to fear respect, honour parent’s authority set tone for good success in life. Discipline in love NOT cruelty teach consequence of actions. Bad behaviours nipped in bud to stop problems families or nations face if foundation sound from toddler years. Excellent training can stop a rebellious self-destruction blame on family, or guilt trip actions. Firmly correct toddlers as adults honouring family not dangerous threat to self, menace to society and world peace and harmony.


Psalm 49:7-8 says no human can save your soul or pay your ransom to God. You can’t redeem others, it is by God’s grace and mercy in the Name of Christ Jesus of Nazareth. The ransom for your soul to God is paid by Jesus so there is no other name given among men under heaven that can save your soul. God redeems sins through Jesus blood and His testimony. Don’t put your trust and confidence in mankind to save you. Psalm 49:7 says no man can save his brother. No man can pay God to save them they need the Saviour like you so love your family. Do your best for them but you can’t redeem them from sin’s debt paid by Christ Jesus to God. It is so sad to watch a family member or friend ruin their lives. You fast, pray, sacrifice and provide everything for their wellbeing but they get worse. They are sadistic deriving pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, humiliation and tormenting others. They are charming at first to fool you but the first fool is not a fool. Do not be fooled or duped again, stay strong be bold, do the right thing eventually the real truth overcomes evil. They can fool some people some of the time but cannot fool all the people globally all the time. And no matter how loud they shout by taking a sadistic pleasure in bullying and hurting others for their amusements you will win.

You cry to God to rescue them but they more you despair their actions ridicule and mock your family. They are ungrateful, unthankful, harassing family they abandon. They blame everyone falsely accuse they are black sheep of their family. If life is so toxic how come family members are stable except them? Their envy, jealousy and debauchery or lasciviousness drives them from loved ones instead of learning from family sponsoring them. Their unrealistic expectations of delusions of grandeur led to think better opportunity exists elsewhere not bless their family. It causes deep pain, hurtful things said about family, using misinformation to tarnish family but the LORD sees it all. No humans can save  another’s soul. Uplift them, pray, love them from a distance if at risk of their threats. Let God deliver them, don’t try to save their soul by your human efforts. Forgive them but don’t interact if in danger of any appalling action from them. God and Jesus knows and understands will vindicate you in Jesus Name of Nazareth.


God’s LOVE dwells in all who walk in love in 1 John 4:16. God’s Spirit is in all who love others and are humble. Christ Jesus of Nazareth loves you, gave His life to save you. Love people even if they don’t like you, God says love them. You do not have to be best friends joined at the hip or dominated by them. Love shows kindness and pray for them in the Name of Jesus. 17 God’s love shows you are true child of God. And God’s love in Christ makes us like Jesus. 18 There is no fear in love perfect love casts out fear. 19 We love because HE first loved us. 20 If you love God but not love others a liar. How do you love God you don’t see but don’t love those you see. 21 Love God and all in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. You are part of God’s Kingdom to express love to people in Jesus Name. Forgive people let God deal with them, vengeance belongs to God. It your duty to love and correct people in love. Your example of loving them changes their minds and softens their heart towards God. Loving people doesn’t make you a doormat to be walked all over. Godly love is rooted in Christ who strengthens us to do all things j Jesus Name. Loving the unlovable being firm and fair but not push over taken for granted in Christ Jesus Name of Nazareth.