Planet X is really in the Bible according to Jesus in Luke 21, Matthew 24, Job 38 and Revelation 8 among others such as Deuteronomy 29:18. For this discussion here today we focus on Jesus’ words on signs and wonders in Sun, skies, clouds, the heavens. Many names used in Bible for Planet X, Wormwood, mountains of fire, Niburu as is known by Sumerians. Jesus said these signs revealed by naked eyes will be seen globally and in various Telescopes on many locations on earth and in space. Jesus said in Luke 21:11 in the Bible: Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom: Great earthquakes in divers places famines, pestilences, fearful sights and great signs from heaven. Signs cause some fearful people to faint or die by shock as signs precede Jesus coming in clouds in Rapture. Matthew 24:27 As lightning comes out of east and shines in the west so the Coming of Son of man Jesus is. As broad daylight Sunshine will Jesus been clearly seen by all and related in News globally. Matthew 24:29, Immediately after tribulation of those days the sun is darkened, the moon shall not give light, stars shall fall from heaven and powers of heavens shall be shaken. 30 Then shall appear the Sign of the Son of man in heaven all tribes of earth mourn and shall see the Son of man Coming in Clouds of heaven with Power and Great Glory. 31 He shall send His angels with a Great Sound of a Trumpet to gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other up into the Clouds in Rapture. 32 Now learn parable of the fig tree; When the branch is tender with leaves know that summer is near: 33 So when you see all these things, know JESUS is near even at the doors. As Jesus went up in clouds alive to heaven in the same way returns in cloud for elect. So THESE SIGNS GIVE HOPE  TO ELECT, REMNANT, CHOSEN, LOYAL, FAITHFUL CHILDREN OF GOD LOOKING UP TO GOD TO SHORTEN evil days, TO REDEEM, RESCUE to escape as Noah was saved in the flood, Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah fire. These signs were referred to by Jesus: As it was in the days of Noah so these will be signs again destroying earth. The fires from heaven burn one-third of trees on earth, one-third of seas and one-third of ships and one-third of  humanity. So Signs jolt mankind to submit, seek God to repent ask for Mercy, Grace forgiveness before final destruction takes place. The signs continue until Jesus’ Second returns to earth physically to Reign in Jerusalem, after battle of Armageddon in Israel.passing-planet-nibirusolar_systemThese great signs are to alert mankind to repent, change and be saved before it is too late. The second reason is God’s time clock is ticking in fulfilment of prophecy 6000 years to restore earth to God after allowing freewill of mankind to do own thing. Time is changing to restore life of mankind back to God but some refuse to yield God’s warnings. God’s Hand is forced to act and destroy all those who refuse to accept Jesus as Lord and give back control of earth to God intended in Garden of Eden. God in Deuteronomy 29:18 told the people HE WILL send Wormwood to destroy them for serving idols baalim. God showed Orion and Pleiades 7 stars to Job in the Bible. Planet X in Orion constellation is seen globally by numerous people and documented. God uses the signs to bring many great earthquakes and volcanoes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, forest fires, storms, hailstones, comets, asteroids to pelter earth to call people’s attention to accept Jesus before too late. Nibiru cataclysm is disastrous encounter between Earth by large planetary object believed taking place on earth. The true living words of God in Bible help people to discover and understand the signs and wonders. Like Bereans listened to Paul preach and taught them Words of God, they studied the Bible themselves. They did not just follow teaching of Paul or what they learnt, heard from a pastor, teacher, evangelist, TV, radio, youtube. They took time to consider and deeply reflect, meditate, consistently study the Bible themselves. Educate yourself and take in accurate Biblical knowledge to save your soul. Eternal is life unfolding through heaven-sent signs and wonders from Almighty God. Great earthquakes and volcanoes are taking place exactly as Lord God Jesus Saviour of mankind predicted like prophets did in the Bible.

Nibiru Planet X source of light after Sun set in total darkness of the night is seen recorded in many places. Although the Sun is set already causing a pitch black dark night of city filmed in foreground, the huge source of light illuminates the sky on the horizon. This is only possible because of a Second Sun source of light immitted seen from various videos put together here on YouTube.



tsunami warning

Landslides by sea slime can spark 65ft devastating tsunamis. CATASTROPHIC: sea slime could cause a devastating 65ft tsunami. Researchers have found tiny organisms in sea slime is responsible for shifting the Earth’s crust so causing underwater landslides. These are much bigger and more powerful than those that occur above water, scientists have said. If they happen on a flat area of sea bed, can trigger huge tsunamis capable of wiping out an entire coastline. The shock findings were published by the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel after experts examined microalgae, which it is thought cause landslides by creating unstable layer of sea sediment. This is why tsunamis are so dangerous.

The 2004 Tsunami, Indonesia Banda Ace lays flattened after the tsunami quarter of MILLION dead: could this happen again? Boxing Day 2004, an earthquake in the Indian Ocean sparked a series of tsunamis devastated Asia. Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia the worst affected, body count totalled more than a quarter of a million people. Displacement of the large amounts by the sea bed sediment under water can cause the devastating tsunami,” Dr Morelia Urlaub. The study author said: “Submarine landslides can happen on very shallow slopes, often with gradients as low as one or one-and-a-half degrees. So displacement of large amounts of sediment underwater cause devastating tsunamis.”
But they are believed to trigger monster tsunamis that could obliterate a small city. It is thought one such catastrophic event occurred 8,150 years ago, with the wave so big it hit Norway and Scotland. The report states: “Storegga landslide affected an area larger than Scotland, and the material today covers hundreds of kilometers on the seabed.” These are important details that needs to be taken seriously by those residing along high risk zones. Tsunamis are unpredictable so necessary to be on the alert go look out even when having fun and relaxing. The time of running from the tsunami so fast is critical to saving lives. Observe unusual patterns of behaviour of birds, howling of dogs, sudden changes in the weather or temperature. Go with a gut feeling if something seems different on that day so not quite right but cannot tell exactly what it is. Share with others any changes and do not dismiss such an observation as paranoia. Alertness and quick intervention saves many lives so communicate quickly and organise help to rescue or evacuate before it’s too late.  

By Rachel O’Donoghue /


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I felt tremor at 2:30 in the afternoon and was gently rocked side to side while lying down. I immediately googled to see if anyone else felt this earthquake. It is interesting to know others felt it too so this was not a dream. Earthquakes are becoming more rampart as part of the transitions going on globally. This is more common and equipments able to measure precisely on Ritchter scale. So this is a mild one at 4:4 compared with the bigger ones above 7+ some big ones are predicted to be above Ritchter scale up into 10 and beyond magnitude. Epic centre of earthquake in Wales 4:4points on Richter scale. _100068605_dwpyd8iw4aunrvbMinor earthquake with a 4.4 magnitude affected parts of Wales and England so the quake was felt over all of Wales, most of western England, as far east as London and far north as the southern edge of Lake District, British Geological Survey (BGS) said. The epicentre was approximately 20km north-north-east of Swansea and at a depth of 7.4km, it added. There have been no reports of serious damage or injuries. Jesus said in Matthew 24 many earthquakes will happen as part of end time signs and wonders. Be prepared always ready for Rapture but ONLY GOD knows that day, time or hour. Be safe on God’s side than sorry. Earthquakes hit Japan, Taiwan and Guam in recent weeks so scientists now fear that mega quake is imminent.
IMMINENT big one due to hit soon says scientists. The planet’s “Ring of Fire” geological disaster zone in Pacific seen activities that can cause aftershocks on edges of areas hit and result in clusters of tremors. A tudy published in journal Science Advances analysis of 101 major earthquakes around Pacific Ring of Fire between 1990 and 2016. Aftershocks on edges of faultline earthquake increases rapidly. Thorne Lay, professor of Earth and planetary sciences, UC Santa Cruz, said: “dynamic stress earthquake trigger earthquake activated in clustered time.
Crashed helicopter in MexicoDISASTER: A fallen helicopter from the Mexican earthquake in February. Most predictable earthquakes nearby aftershocks. “Seismologists see effects of long-range earthquake interactions predictable earthquakes in aftershocks.
The research show spate of earthquakes in the Ring of Fire in the first two weeks of February. Series of quakes in region in January, a 6.4 quake struck Taiwan’s east coast, February 6 killed 17 people injuring 180. Mexico City devastated in 2017 by 7.1 magnitude earthquake dead hit Mexico City in massive earthquake, collapsed buildings and killed dozens.Patients and staff outside hospital in Veracruz
The 7.2 rocked Mexico violently caused ash and smoke to spew from Volcano Popocatépetl. Interior Minister Alfonso Navarrete said Friday’s quake caused damage to buildings in Oaxaca, but no deaths had been reported.IMG_20180218_085256
TRAGIC: Casualties from the 7.2 quake that hit Mexico in February. Meanwhile in the UK an earthquake measuring 4.4 on Richter scale hit Wales and the south west today. It is the biggest quake to hit the UK in ten years and though no one has been injured so far, many reported “shaking furniture” and hearing rattling noise and some buildings damaged.


2577Eating flowers is an ancient practice so now on the menu in the world again as edible flowers gain popularity. By her own admission, Jan Billington, grows and sells flowers from her organic farm in Devon, “smells amazing.” Downside, is she is often stung by Italian honey bees and is badly allergic, “although it’s just a matter of swelling”, she says. “It goes down eventually.” Billington sells seasonal flowers to chefs and cocktail-makers, but recently begun selling to amateur cooks hoping to inject a little personality into their cooking. Edible flowers are in spotlight or polytunnels thanks to frost, because of Instagram, where they are used to zhoosh up food shots, and because of rise of veganism, provide a bit of textural variation. To me, edible flowers look nice but lack purpose. Part of the issue lies with a long and tasteless association with the sort of haute cuisine that shouldn’t survive in this economy. An example being Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes’s once-famous 12-course tasting menu at Viajante that cost more than £200. One course involved plate of flowers paired with a white wine, the net result I left early because was tanked and hungry and it seemed unlikely another two courses would resolve hunger. I am curious again, Billington sends me a £13 box of early spring flowers polytunnel flowers a month early, which includes primulas, violets, pansies and dried rose petals. Historically, flowers in cocktails, perfume and animal photos mentioned some order roses for photoshoot with a giraffe. Food is biggy on Instagram for inspiration and find plenty. There are flowers on cakes, pansies with smoked salmon, violet’s pancakes, nasturtiums on cheese. Rules of edible flowers have no rules. Inspired, I make a nice one-pot pasta dish adorned with violets, which quickly dissolve gently into broth. The next morning, a bowl of bran flakes is instantly transformed into matrimonial bed with small scattering of rose petals. Although flower food look glamorous it must have nutrients for a body’s needs.8788175634691841511Whatever is chosen must have essential nutrients or vitamins required by body to be healthy. Billington’s business is on the uptick because people don’t want to die with a worrying number of people getting poisoned by picking the wrong plants. James Wong, a botanist with column in the Observer magazine, recently posted a withering, warning comment after someone scattered toxic narcissi on a breakfast bircher. Others stick stems into cakes or buy flowers online that have been sprayed in pesticides. One vlogger poisoned herself when she ate the wrong sort of agaveThe main thing says Wong is do your research. In short, nasturtiums taste peppery, pansies like lettuce, forage flowers like cucumber. Buy sensibly, and if you’re unsure don’t eat it and also remember meadows are minefields. This article amended on 15 February to correct type of plant eaten by a vlogger. It was agave, rather than aloe vera. If foraging for flowers, herbs, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits be very careful and show anything gathered to an expert horticulturist, herbalist or botanist, those trained who know these various edible plant species. With cost of living getting higher some people are turning to nature for food if possible. It is necessary to seek expert advise if one intends to do so. And as the name also suggests may not replace a full meal if used as garnish or aesthetic scents for food or cocktails. Enjoy moment but be aware it is not same as a heavy meal.  


Killjoy councillors in London are threatening a clampdown on tree climbing in dozens of public parksUN Mental health addiction disoder has shown children indoors all day playing on computers, iPhone, gadgets damages children. Sound of Music film is a classic example of regimented children ruled by iron fist, scooped indoors, helped by Julie Andrews to play freely outdoors. It is similar to Mary Poppins introducing a fun lifestyle to children allowed to be happy play freely not uptight, stifled or subdued. London borough Wandsworth plans fines up to £500 for the climbing of trees, flying kites or playing cricket in parks. Pursuits considered ‘annoying’ to others falls foul of new by-laws threats of hefty fines from ‘park police.’ Killjoy councillors in London are threatening a clampdown on tree climbing in dozens of public parks. Seen as most innocent of childhood pursuits, a rite-of-passage of physical challenges fondly recalled in adult life. But now killjoy councillors in London threatening clampdown of tree climbing in dozens of public parks with threat of £500 fines. So in Wandsworth clambering up oak or a maple without “reasonable excuse” faces wrath of park police under new set of rules governing behaviour in 39 open spaces. The South-west London borough overhauling park rules for first time in nearly a century, threaten anyone breaking them fined and ejected by police-style officials.Harmless activities like kite-flying could attract fines if Wandsworth Council gets its way. With tree climbing, traditional outdoor pursuits like kite flying or play about game of cricket or other pursuits considered “annoying” to others falls foul of regulations. Borough’s previous 27-point list drawn of 1924 is replaced with 49 new diktats, including bans on metal detectors, remote control model boats on ponds, unless approved first at a committee meeting on Wednesday. The rules will be enforced by civilian park police like Met officers with a kit of stab vests, handcuffs and bodycams, but lack their powers. Playing cricket in park attracts attention of park police. If anyone cannot provide a “reasonable excuse” for playing at the park told they committed offence.

Wandsworth embroiled in row of heavy handed policing of children’s play after three year old Idrees Waiyasil and dad forced to leave Battersea Park police accused them of breaking park bylaws playing with a toy car and threatened them with caution. The outdoor playing campaigners say Wandsworth’s new by-laws hits borough’s poorest children to be encouraged to enjoy fresh air daily for healthy exercise. 5 bizarre London by-laws: Wandsworth (1924) No person in verminous offensive filthy condition shall lie upon or occupy any seat.” This is in Section 54 of Metropolitan Police Act Of 1839. No sliding on ice or snow “in any street or other thoroughfare, to the common danger of the passengers.” The Royal Parks & Other Open Spaces Regulations 1997 Touching any pelican is “expressly forbidden” unless “prior permission is obtained.” In Burlington Arcade Paul McCartney is only person allowed to whistle among the boutiques, after granted special permission by the security guard beadles in 1980s. The TfL railway by-law, Passengers must form an orderly queue if instructed to do so to “regulate order or safety on or near the railway.” They said that Tory-run Wandsworth council allowed, “Go Ape” adventure playground, costing from £20 to £62-a-time, be built-in Battersea Park, cracking down on youngsters climbing trees. Paul Hocker, director of a charity London Play, said: The council’s actions show they don’t want poor kids to play freely literally bolstering the huge bank reserves by fining children for climbing trees or flying a kite in the park. “Play is more important than ever to London’s children’s health so need places to play freely without threats in Wandsworth.

A council spokesman said rules drafted by Department for Communities, Local Government is to help tackle anti-social behaviour so such powers used by other English councils. He said they consulted local people so 87 per cent in favour of introduction by the Metropolitan Police. Updating by-laws means properly deals with problems of bad behaviour that damage parks, causes distress and upset to those who want to enjoy them and in extreme cases deter certain people from visiting them.” The Police order of a boy at age 3, to stop playing with toy car in London park sends a message to a child that they cannot play outside freely. In local areas of homes are parked cars so children warned no playing around the safe areas of their homes. Those who venture to local park to play cannot do so anymore. Clear bold warnings must be clearly posted all round the parks to prevent luring people to trap them with fines. Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, Labour MP for Tooting, said: “We need a common sense approach to this as bureaucracy could easily get in the way of a friendly fun of children especially. Local groups of friends said they were stopped from playing football on the Tooting Common because they didn’t have permission. As they were using coats as goalposts and having harmless fun. Said be careful not to overreact in situations with by-laws introduced to local parks. Serve purpose of making money more than protecting local residents denied innocent fun.



Revelations 16 talks of angels throwing a vial at the Sun to increase heat of Sun to scorch the earth, burn one third of trees and burn people to death as part of the great Tribulation. There Sun is getting hotter and changing Sun rays are more hotter in hot zones. With the binary Sun in tow when it’s closest to earth Sun the earth gets hottest. High waves on the earth all over the world caused by Sun affects earthquakes and volcanoes and other extreme situations beyond expectations. The strong radiation changes seawaves to high waves from built-up sea energy. The rate of rampart waves are so many people feel some cities will be drowned by them. Global warming affects the tidal waves still debated so the frontiers in Marine Science launched new section on changing Physical Oceanography to show undercurrent changing patterns in modern times. Combined with plenty of available information data from the climatology records rapid changes must be noted by those living in coastal areas. Planetary magnetic tidal impacts core of earth causing volcanoes, tsunamis and high waves. These waves of destruction are being forecast to rip through some mainlands globally, killing millions of people yet governments doing nothing about it as a documentary has claimed. Manmade efforts trying to curb, prevent or stop global warming seems to do the opposite. Flash floods in some places is now more common than ever before with damaging effects of earthquakes. Furthermore, fracking, aluminium and other toxic chemicals being pumped into atmosphere damage ozone layer of earth. The green house effect is causing acid rain back in soil seeping in oceans repeating the cycle.The UN is warning that we are now on course for 3C of global warming. This will ultimately redraw the map of the world. UN climate negotiators met for summit talks this month on new figure on data available. Until now, global efforts such as the Paris climate agreement have tried to limit global warming to 2C above pre-industrial levels. However, with latest projections pointing to an increase of 3.2C by 2100, these goals seem to be slipping out of reach. The situation is most people love the sea and are drawn to live as close by as possible. Surfers do wonders by courageous daring displays which attract more people in search of adventure. It is good to enjoy life, have fun but equally important to educate people about imminent risks involved. These rapid changes require decisions to do enough to save precious hundreds of millions of people from a miserable future,” said Erik Solheim, the UN environment chief, ahead of upcoming Bonn conference. The biggest resulting threats to cities around the world is sea-level rise, caused by expansion of water at higher temperatures and melting ice sheets on the north and the south poles. Scientists at the non-profit organisation Climate Central estimate 275 million people worldwide live in areas flooded at 3C of global warming. Asian cities worst affected. The regional impact of these changes is highly uneven, with 4 out of 5 people affected in Asia. The sea levels will not rise instantaneously, the calculated increases will be “locked in” at a temperature rise of 3C, irreversible warming slows down. Osaka, Japan5.2 million people battered unreasonably by typhoons, relentless rains by climate change-induced flooding meteorological department show swath of Osaka region GPS big as Netherlands in water in 3C so 1/3 region’s 19 million residents live in urban areas. The sea-level rise reshapes dense and sparsely populated areas. As a result of global sea-level rise, storm surges economists project coastal floods puts $1tn of Osaka’s assets at risk by the 2070s by Union of Concerned Scientists.article-0-07838117000005DC-359_964x592

The costs of protecting cities from rising sea levels and storms are likely to rise so is costs of repairing storm damage,” it said. “Decisions made today can have a profound impact on security, culture and lives of people of this ancient city. Like much of Japan, Osaka has network of seawalls and other coastal defences in place to combat tsunami although their effectiveness disputed in the aftermath of the 2011 triple disasters. Osaka city authorities are investing in other infrastructure to mitigate effects of flooding, but public education is vital, according to Toshikazu Nakaaki, Osaka municipal government environmental bureau. Past response was focused on reducing causes of global warming, but given that climate change is inevitable, according to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), discussions turned to how to respond to the natural disasters that will follow,” Nakaaki said. Like other major coastal city areas it is anticipated Osaka will be affected by natural disasters caused by the climate change. So needs to establish exactly what might happen in advance to help prepare adequate tools for survival and how much financial damage it causes.Tsunami_(19)

The expected sea levels rising is a point worth noting now rather than in the future as seas are already rising. Keiko Kanai is aware that her home city is susceptible to natural disasters. She heard historically, tsunamis caused by earthquakes put many parts of Osaka underwater and knows some parts of the world are at risk too from rising sea levels,” said Kanai, who teaches at local university. But didn’t put two and two together until now did not give much thought to the idea Osaka too could be engulfed by rising sea levels. Kaori Akazawa, a nursing care consultant, said flooding was a consideration when she was deciding where in Osaka to live. When she moved there she talked to her colleagues about risks, she said. That is why shr always rented apartments on the fourth storey or higher. Alhough it is worrying, never considerd moving. In Alexandria, Egypt 3 million people are affected. On the Alexandria Corniche, waves slowly lap at a shoreline dotted with plastic chairs and umbrellas from beachside cafes. Students perch on steps of imposing Alexandria library. Its the same coastline that draws locals to its scenic vistas threatening to slowly engulf historic city as sea levels rises. 847-waspadai_perairan_babel_hujan_petir_dan_gelombang_tinggi-696x341

The IPCC reported that Alexandria’s beaches would be submerged with a 0.5-metre sea-level rise, while 8 million people would be displaced by flooding in Alexandria and the Nile Delta if no protective measures are taken. A 3C world threatens far greater damage than that. Yet for many residents, there is little public information to connect the increasingly chaotic weather and floods with climate change. The vast majority of Alexandrians do not have access to knowledge so quite worrying. Experts say governments must raise awareness of problems not wait until it too late as already happening, said 22-year-old student Kareem Mohammed. It is necessary to train people to prepare in advance for high waves damaging a city impacted by storm surges. Some do not realise urgency of such impending disasters so everyone thinks we should act on this problem 50 or 80 years from now, agreed his friend, Hazem Hassan, a student in marine biology at a nearby Alexandria University.FANTASY_Moses_Ocean_FreewayOfficials maintain protective measures are being taken as Egypt spends 700m EGP [£30m] annually to protect north coast,” said Dr Magdy Allam, head of Arab Environmental Experts Union and was part of the Egyptian environment ministry. So miracles are needed to save humanity from drowning by highwaves towering over cities breaching walls too small to contain such pressures. Allam cited Mohammed Ali sea wall, built in 1830 as key protection as well as the concrete blocks lining the shoreline designed to detour flood water away from residential neighbourhoods. But critics say this is far from enough given the large-scale high wave problems. So studies indicating the city, one of many coastal human settlements around the world will be partially submerged by 2070 if nothing is done,” said Ahmed Hassan, of Save Alexandria Initiative, a group that works to raise awareness of the effects of climate change on the city.2DDC00D000000578-3294639-Photos_of_yesterday_s_remarkable_attempts_to_surf_Atlantic_swell-a-4_1446107336034

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1.8 million people affected as residents of Brazil’s postcard city with plenty of reasons to fear global warming even if they do not quite know it. According to Climate Central temperature rise of 3C would cause flooding of not just Rio’s famous beaches such as Copacabana and its waterfront domestic airport, but also inland areas of the Barra de Tijuca neighbourhood, where that last year’s Olympic Games were held. Barra is built around a network of heavily polluted lagoons that empty into the sea. The prospect of it being underwater alarms resident Sueli Gonçalves, 46, who runs pensioners’ health projects, with a 23-year-old son Yuri Sanchez carrying the shopping past Olympic Park. “My God. Oh Jesus,” she said, with nervous laugh  will leave there, go to United States, To Canada.” The family knew about global warming but unaware of potential scale of impact on upscale neighbourhood of smart condominiums and the shopping mall. She said, Nobody takes it seriously people do not think longterm. The storm surges recently destroyed hundreds of metre’s beautiful beachfront pavement overlooking Macumba beach, a popular surfing spot on Rio’s western fringes. Last year, heavy waves in other storm surges felled an elevated, clifftop cycle path between Leblon beach and Barra de Tijuca which had not been built to survive high seas, killing two people.Tidal-wave-Tsunami-Spain-portugal-796446

So last year, Rio’s city government and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro produced a study entitled Strategy for Adapting to Climate Change. Current challenge consist of the need to deepen knowledge and monitoring of oceanic phenomena and the evolution of the sea bed and coast,” a spokeswoman for the city’s secretariat of the environment said in an email. An “adaption plan” for climate change produced with the help of professors from federal university suggests strategies to deal with needs and vulnerabilities in areas such as transport, health and housing. But so far little has been done. Nara Pinto, 38, who lives in the sprawling Rocinha favela and sells snacks on the pavement overlooking Copacabana beach, said the loss of Rio’s famous beaches would cost a lot of jobs. “The beach is tourist point,” she said. What can be done to stop this?U414P886T1D12824F12DT20120416143632

Shanghai, China

17.5 million people affected if Shanghai is completely gone some think they will move to Tibet!” says the resident Wang Liubin, when he is shown projections for the city after 3C of global warming. When it comes to flooding coastal city is one of the world’s most vulnerable. As one of the world’s biggest ports, former fishing village is bordered by Yangtze river in the north and divided through the middle by the Huangpu river; the municipality involves several islands, two long coastlines, shipping ports, and miles of canals, rivers, and waterways. In 2012, a report from a team of UK and Dutch scientists declared Shanghai the most vulnerable major city in the world to serious flooding, based on the factors such as numbers of people living close to the coastline, time needed to recover from flooding, and measures to prevent floodwater. According to those Climate Central projections, 17.5 million people could be displaced by rising waters if the global temperatures increase by 3C. Projections show a vast majority of city could be submerged in water, including much of the downtown area, landmarks such as Lujiazui skyline and historical Bund, airports and outlying Chongming Island. Since 2012, the government has been making steady inroads to tackle the threat, including building China’s largest deepwater drainage system beneath Suzhou Creek waterway, made up of 15km of pipes to drain rainwater across a 58 sq km area. It has rolled out 40bn yuan (£5bn) River Flood Discharge project stretching for 120km between Lake Taihu and the Huangpu river to try to mitigate the risk of upstream lake flooding. Flood prevention walls are being built along waterfront in places so high the river is blocked from view and 200km more are promised across city’s outlying districts. Flood controls are put in place along famous Bund waterfront, where walkway was raised to help counter flood risk, as well as a series of water controls and dams.b4adfbf40ebb52097fa252ab0eead7c4c38bb9536dc408b439e85280e8b4d467ce67cc4064d7e525c51d2c39fd68607b40ddd90a6bb5b6bf6a234408756de1af (1)Ingeniero afirma que Harvey e Irma fueron creados por el hombre

Miami, US

2.7 million people are affected but few other cities in the world have as much go lose from rising sea levels as Miami, and the alarm bells sound ever louder with each successive the king tide that overwhelms coastal defences and sends knee-deep seawater coursing through downtown streets. Locals consider this the “new normal” if the biggest city of Florida’s largest metropolitan area is to cease to exist with 3C temperature rise. At 2C, forecasts show the entire bottom third of Florida area south of the Lake Okeechobee currently home to more than 7 million people submerged, with grim projections for the rest of the state in a little more than half a century. In Miami-Dade county alone, almost $15bn of coastal property at risk of flooding in the next 15 years. A sense of urgency is evident at city hall as commissioners are asking voters to approve a Miami Forever Bond in the November ballot including $192m for upgrading pump stations, improving drainage to raising sea walls. As a really precious city many people love it willing to invest right now but it is going to take lots of more funds to protect it,” said Ken Russell, the city commission’s vice-chair. Last year, the city of Miami appointed sea-rise expert Jane Gilbert in newly created role chief resilience officer with instructions for a robust stormwater management plan to look at storm surge like Hurricane Irma in September which brought significant flooding to downtown Brickell and the neighbouring Coconut GroveProposals include elevating roads or abandoning neighbourhoods to the water to protect others. Needs universal recognition all in this together, to protect this amazing global city that it has become,” she said. Natalia Ortiz, grew up in Miami, fears the future as its very scary,” said Ortiz, who works with Cleo, a climate change advocacy group. Says son is 11 daughter nine, so they’re young but thinks about their future, will they be able to raise their children in Miami the way had the luxury of raising mine?” San-Andreas-Faultmaxresdefault

California and Canada

California awaiting ‘big one’ caused by stress faultline increasing earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis. September 2017, CALIFORNIA was rocked by 28 earthquakes in just 24 hours, sparking fears “big one” could roar any moment soon.  Big One if hits California has huge earthquake rattles Mexico. California earthquake catastrophic San Andreas fault ruptures causes deadly tremors in Mexico. Powerful 7.1 quake in Mexico City kills 200 people warned to prepare survival kits of food. California’s next ‘The Big One’ 03:43 (CNN) Channel, 30th September 2017. The scene is terrifying as entire sections of a Mexico crumbled so people are being warned to get ready for any changes that will take place. San Andreas Fault in California stretching in continental fault extends roughly 1,200 kilometers California. It forms tectonic boundary between Pacific Plate, North American Plate and motion is right-lateral strike-slip. Its Length:1,200 km (750 miles) with Cities:San Francisco affected among others. UN is warning 3C of global warming redraws the map of the world. UN climate negotiators met for summit talks this month on new figure on data. Until now, global efforts as Paris climate agreement tried to limit global warming to 2C a pre-industrial levels. Projections point to increase of 3.2C by 2100, goals slipping out of reach. Most people love the sea drawn to live close by as possible. Surfers do wonders encourageous daring displays to attract people in search of adventure. Good to enjoy life, have fun equally important to educate people of these imminent risks involved. Rapid changes mean decisions to do enough to save precious hundreds of millions of people from such future,” said Erik Solheim UN environment chief at Bonn conference. Biggest threats to cities around the world sea-level rise, caused by expansion of water at higher temperatures and melting ice sheets on the north and the south poles. Scientists at the non-profit organisation Climate Central estimate 275 million people worldwide live in areas that will be flooded at 3C of global warming.CnOyfD6VUAA_v9K

In 2000, living in landlocked region with no sea whatsoever I was completely surrounded by the high sea waves yet not drowned in a dream. It was before popular internet data readily available or current events recorded on tsunamis so the dream bothered me. I went to an environmental lecture the next day and the lecturer’s topic was on exactly what I saw in the dream. He showed us maps and gave notes on the rising sea levels and the earthquakes happening. I did not mention my dream to anyone just was amazed at the information given. The lecture said it was all happening so continues to happen. He gave namelist of same cities and many more in lecture notes that will be submerged if nothing is done about them advance. It sent a chill down my spine as I pondered over those lecture notes. I recalled my dream and felt spirit of heaviness crying tears over the details. I mentioned to some people affected if possible to move or do something about it to help others. On the whole not long after dream so many cities shared on TV high wave disasters we were taught about. The lecturer said he had friends who owned tourist travel businesses in some of those places so was also deeply concerned. Then other places like Louisiana, the Philippines, Japan among other started experiencing the highwaves. In addition, tidal Sun and moon magnetic waves compound a sea warmed up to produce huge waves. As Fatima predicted in 1917 tsunamis to be shared in 1962, it was sealed and was never made public so many perished. In Isaiah 52:7 God’s word says beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of one who brings good news to publish peace bringing good news of happiness and publishes salvation saying to Zion, Your God reigns. In same way God extends HIS Mercy and grace by delaying these disasters so people can hear the Gospel before it is too late. As Moses and Israel faced red sea and were miraculously saved and delivered from danger so God is able to save those crying unto Him to save humanity once again. With God all things are possible ask for God’s miraculous protection and deliverance. Jesus calmed storm at sea so call Jesus to help and be kind to yourself listening to instructions on the weather forecasts. Take action in advance to preserve lives in Jesus Name because God is able.moses-parting-red-sea-prince-of-egypt

This happenings sadly are part of end time judgements of WRATH of God and Wrath of Christ. Humanity is given a choice to change behaviour patterns since invention of electricity damage to earth increased. From planes throwing nuclear bombs to chem trails or missiles there comes a point God wants earth to be restored from destructions. People are unwilling to accept change or live simple lives that does not destroy earth with plastic wastes, damaging flora and fauna.  Toxic chemical destroy nature, organic plants and human lives now suffering from previously unheard of diseases. God decided enough is enough so sending Nibiru wormwood to cause havoc to shake earth. God waited 6,000 years patiently by hoping all mankind would come their senses by their own choice to submit to God. Although It is true billions love God and devoted to HIM transition is taking place by God wanting to restore HIS earth to original perfection again. The great Tribulation cataclysmic unfolding sadly gets worse before it gets better. If you are reading this article make sure you are in God’s Kingdom by accepting His Son. This is condition God gives for HIS salvation plan through Jesus to endure ETERNAL life. After Rapture things get worse so do not be left behind in Jesus Name. The new earth replace old destroyed planet. The Bible creator of universe takes back HIS property as God destroyed people by flood waters in Noah’s days and fire, Sodom and Gomorrah. Jesus said, as in days of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah so will be until Son of man Jesus returns to take back power to rule to Reign KING of Kings on earth in Israel.

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Flood maps created using sea level rise estimates from the Climate Central and digital elevation data. These population estimates refer to urban agglomerations comprising built-up area of a city and the suburbs linked with it. Data comes from maps including OpenStreetMap data. TheTemperature projections are based on the University of Washington emissions modelling and UN warming estimates. Trajectories have been updated to match the latest temperatures as recorded by the Met Office Hadley Centre.

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Queen Elizabeth II riding an elephant during her visit to India in 1961.Commonwealth institutions champion’s multiculturalism challenged by changes of Brexit taking place. This global group of affiliated countries comprise colonial master and colonies together since 1965 electing leaders after independence. But some people feel conferring leadership by birth automatically as empire’s head needs to change after events of Brexit. Is xenophobic antimmigration actions of a few racists justify complete separation of longterm friendships. Equinsentially intergenerational commonwealth of the nations is being put to the test. People query the Commonwealth post-colonial club of nations which share strange and complicated relationship to past empire. Some already asking what will happen when British Queen dies? With various decolonising conversations around the world from Rhodes Must Fall to Black Lives Matter is it time Commonwealth considers decolonising relationship to the former colonial ruler, Great Britain? Are the Commonwealth members ready to question privilege of leadership in an institution fundamentally colonial? The head of Commonwealth technically is in position inherited with crown officially. Although no single country is the head of Commonwealth its headquarters is in London. This is not accident of history but quirky empire routed through the rationale of convenient geography. The Commonwealth’s power flows through London conferred by the monarch and into the former colonies. This maintains the old centre periphery dynamics of an empire. The Queen’s status as head of Commonwealth complements mystique of power associated with the monarchy.

Perhaps strong association with crown made sense in the early years, when the Commonwealth’s goal of bridging the economic gap between “developed” and “developing” countries as the coloniser and colonised was envisioned through north-south flows. But is this the case? The world is a more complicated place than the Commonwealth secretariat’s establishment in 1965. Global economy flows through several centres, including emerging economic powers as members of Commonwealth like India and South Africa. The symbolic relationships of old is said not suit the postcolonial world so people seeking alternatives. But the real question is if commonwealth countries are completely independent especially in terms of economic development. This codependent relationship seems to need each other more. The natural resources flow from postcolonial regions into the Western world, processed and sold back as indispensable manufactured goods so crucial. These include food, medicine, services, computers among the modern gadget lifestyles of postcolonial nations. Like Brexit itself, sentimental feelings of relative deprivation causes people often to feel sense of injustice by association. It becomes strong obsession to detach to achieve more individualist nationalist goals. Cooperation among nations cited as hinderance to good success so this is reinforced until people take action vote to leave. Only to realise politics is much more deeper than anticipated without really fully understanding implications in advance until it is then too late. For example refusal to contribute billions requested into EU triggered Brexit but departure demands payment. Question is contributing to protect international interest abroad by union members as a united front than paying without same privileges is the new reality unforseen in advance. This complex set of Brexit new grounds being negotiated through trade deals with individual nations is part of the consequences of Brexit. The point is before powerful leaders make inciteful statements without properly researching or doing homework first nation’s suffer. Lack of understanding of real issues of basic necessities: food, water, medicines hits the postcolonised nations most. Often its innocent women and children who bear brunt of macho policies flexing muscles to prove point. Is there any perfect alternative possible to counteract these feelings some want to impose on all? Living history repeats itself with 70 years of relentless wars of the past still lingering today. Peaceful friendships seem a better choice options than the bitter vitriol of hatred sewn by the few. Ignorance is bliss so some who demand changes lack knowledge of the past histories and consequence’s effects on such nations. It sounds progressive to be rid of colonial times of servitude of codependence but alternatives worse divisive seeds. The truth is all nations on earth need each so must learn to be able to listen and Value differences God created for HIS GLORY.

The former Canadian prime minister Lester Pearson remarked that the Commonwealth has gone from having an emperor to a king to a head. Despite upheaval of decolonisation, there is still no diversity in who serves as head. The organisation’s diversity is represented by and through the position of secretary-general, which provides the real leadership on a world stage. Shridath Ramphal of Guyana, the longest serving Commonwealth secretary-general (1975-1990), championed the Commonwealth as a family of nations that fostered a common humanity. The international aspiration of the Commonwealth was, in his words, “the supremacy of community over otherness … the negation of dominion and racism.”

That sounds nice, but is possibly not terribly truthful. Ramphal embraced a vision of the Commonwealth as represented values based on equality and anti-racism, while downplaying the inherent contradictions of the Commonwealth – the exploitation, violence and deeply ingrained racism that made its existence possible. Commonwealth members risk making the same mistake if they fail to seize this opportunity to infuse the institution with a new leadership structure.

Is the United Kingdom – and by extension, the British crown – capable of the moral leadership required to fulfil this role? Can the monarchy reinvent itself by facing its past and current exploitation of its former colonies? The Brexit vote revealed Britain’s nationalist and isolationist position on world affairs. The leave campaign was fuelled by xenophobia and racism against immigrants. Politicians campaigning for Brexit did so with imperial nostalgia mixed with thewhite man’s burden; the alternative they proposed went back to Britain’s special status within the Commonwealth as first among equals. With this questionable foundation, Britain cannot be trusted to champion internationalism and multiculturalism.

This is an opportunity to consider a democratic approach to the Commonwealth leadership. Let us use it to refresh the organisation and make it relevant to the majority of its members. Electing a titular head from outside of Britain’s royal family would increase the international spirit of this “family” of nations. There can be a Commonwealth without Britain at its head; there can even be a Commonwealth without Britain.

In fact why not rethink the structures of the Commonwealth altogether? Perhaps the head of the Commonwealth could be a title that is auctioned off? There are plenty of oligarchs in London who might be willing to pay for such a privilege – and the money brought in from such an auction could be invested in a fund for reparations. That would be no less fair than simply conferring the title by dint of birth.

Nalini Mohabir is assistant professor of postcolonial geographies at Concordia University, Montreal