Free Presentation on What Men Secretly WantOverwhelmingly romantic practical love for loved ones or agape family love for people includes loving warts and all though challenging. So each faces many daily issues of compromise of agreeing to disagree on individual differences. Since all people are not clones prizing imperfections as James Bauer wrote is just part of life. It is essential to achieve harmony inspite of obvious challenges. To other people “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city according to George Burns. This quote makes you laugh because it catches you off guard. You find yourself agreeing wholeheartedly during the first part, only to find yourself agreeing again when he says something that seems to reflect an opposite sentiment at the end. We love to feel connected. We want to feel close with other people. But human imperfections always demand a little bit of space. That’s especially true with family members who don’t always politely respect privacy boundaries. We prefer it when they live in another city for all the closeness and intimacy we want in small doses. There are certain skills and talents that I’m fairly proud of. But it’s my weaknesses I’m most proud of. Well, to be more accurate, it’s growth I managed in those areas that makes me glad. For whatever reason, I didn’t start this life as an accepting person. It’s not that I judged people, or thought myself better than them. It’s just that I didn’t let them get close if I perceived flaws in their personality, intelligence, social skills, or whatever. So you can probably imagine how many close friends I had. I mean I had friends, but I never totally accepted them as “my own people,” so to speak.  Cars - Mater - Photo source – DisneySurprisingly, if you’ve ever seen Disney movie, Cars, you already witnessed a version of the lesson life has taught me (but with fewer talking cars in my case). Lightning McQueen considers “people” of Radiator Springs too flawed and too backward to be worthy of his time. The rusted ignorant “Mater” character is the worst of them. But in the end, McQueen realizes the true value of friendship and learns to appreciate Mater for who he is. McQueen discovers the joy of fully accepting others, flaws and all. I did that. The reason for my confession is simple. My life improved dramatically because of my personal growth in that area. So I spread the word in case it helps anyone else recognize the value of celebrating the imperfection of people. Happily, I discovered most people way ahead of me when it comes to accepting flaws of others. As I began to let them into my life more completely, I realized something I wasn’t expecting.

Disinterested couple sitting on couch.
Therefore, part of my hesitancy to let people get close stemmed from my own irrational belief I could somehow have friendships where nobody perceived my flaws… flaws they were destined to discover if I really let them become a part of my world. It’s interesting as a relationship coach I find myself helping others to build greater relationship intimacy, sometimes by overcoming the very weakness I am describing. It’s like someone with a fear of heights deciding to become a skydiving instructor. In any case, my message to you is this. I know I often emphasize ways to screen out men who are unworthy of your time and affection. But wisdom often comes in the form of a two-sided coin. You cannot understand the whole coin unless you are aware of both sides. So here’s balancing truth. Imperfections are not to be feared in yourself or others. Evaluate the imperfection and decide if it truly interferes with the possibility of a beautiful connection. If not, discover the joy of loving a flawed human being with your whole heart. If you would like to learn a method for triggering this special kind of intense attraction, watch the presentation I’ve prepared for you on What Men Secretly Want below. Always on your side, Learn the #1 Hidden Reason Men Fall In Love (He’ll Thank You For This)


awnrVxD_700bHidden message Michelangelo inserted in human dissimulated in figure of God correspond to brain function parts. The focus though on the Creation of Adam painted about 1511 in 1990 Frank Lynn Meshberger, a physician in Anderson, Indiana, publicly noted in the Journal of the American Medical Association the figures and shapes make up the figure of God as anatomically accurate parts of the human brain. A close look at picture above shows the Sylvian fissure divides the frontal lobe from the parietal and temporal lobes: it is represented by a bunching up of the cape by one of the angels and by a fold in God’s tunic. The bottom-most angel appears to support the weight of God is the brainstem and trailing scarf the vertebral artery. The foot of another angel is pituitary gland, and his bent knee optic chiasm where optic nerves from eyes partially cross over. Ingenious level of detail is simply a staggering and a lasting testament to Michelangelo’s extraordinary unusual knowledge of human anatomy.God-and-Brain

Some argue the point at which finger of God and finger of Adam touch represent synaptic cleft neurons to communicate by means of chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. The Holy Spirit often manifests by a kind of dynamic concept similar to bioelectricity current flowing into people. From 18th century, Luigi Galvani demonstrated that electrical stimulation of frog sciatic nerve leads to twitching of leg muscles. And it is not until 1921 Otto Loewi discovered first neurotransmitter acetylcholine called ‘Vagusstoff’ and earned a Nobel Prize. Michelangelo’s ‘synaptic cleft’ prophetic intuition revealed unaware by uncanny coincidence as a remarkable prophecy.

Michelangelo’s picture superimposes God on phylogenetically ancient limbic system which is the emotional centre of the brain and anatomical counterpart of human soul. God’s right arm extends to the prefrontal cortex, which is the seat of human reason, deliberation and the imagination and creativity that marks us out from all other animals. Another human emotion linked to creativity is melancholic expression in art forms. It is remarkable, Michelangelo painted a forlorn looking angel in an area of the brain sometimes activated when a sad thought is experienced. The God-Spot in the brain sends electromagnetic waves transmission linked to God to people on earth on a daily basis. So alertness is required to tune into special God-Spot moments to hear God’s vital message. main-qimg-66465749d68108bce997df81d31c791c-c

The Creation of Adam is traditionally thought of as illustrating the Biblical creation narrative from the Book of Genesis in which God breathes life into Adam (‘Earth’) the first man. The hidden brain in the picture radically changes interpretation of painting. Michelangelo might simply be suggesting our brain is a piece or extension of God. Or, more provocatively might be suggesting God’s creation projection of the human brain. The picture points to ‘The Creation of Adam’ by God and direct intervention in thoughts and affairs of mankind. People need to reflect through the manual God provided to guide communications and decision makings. God’s direct input in thinking process is vital to help us to be more cautious to please God first and foremost. In the world of freedom of choice, it is a misnomer to detach from God whose touch reaches frontal lobes of our brains. Like milk teeth replaced by adult teeth, wisdom teeth grows in adult age so brain develops such areas after 25 years. This means that certain decisions made without fully knowing implications or consequences is a risk. JCI0730555.f4The frontal lobe particularly is one of such late developmental spurt stages in life. Some mimic like parrots but do not fully comprehend actions because of lack of physiological capacity structure of brain to understand before maturity level of adulthood. So it is imperative communication bears in mind the level of age of the communicant as Brunner’s theory requires. The onus is on adults to take time to explain carefully risks and adult life responsibilities young people may not fully understand for efficiency. It is important for society to protect the children whose brain not fully formed does not understand adult world. When Adam remained in touch with God, they were safe and protected until the fall. God still extends loving open arms to all to call on HIM for help and forgiveness. In the same way children are asked to take on roles beyond their maturity.  9168aeac1ee281064970bb5e4281989f--circulatory-system-neurons

scisource_sd3731F1.largeNeuer 3-Tesla-Scanner Magnetom Prisma von Siemens erschließt neue Anwendungsfelder für die Magnetresonanztomographie / New 3-tesla MRI scanner Magnetom Prisma from Siemens is designed to explore new frontiers in MRI applicationBrunner’s theory emphasise instruction be given at age appropriate level of all people’s level of understanding. Generic message is at times obscure if language used does not make good sense. Human elaboration of actions, thought, feelings, intelligence, motivation, memories and personality. Most neurons in the outer layer if the brain cerebral cortex are not linked directly to muscles or the sensory organs. Billions of neurons make up the frontal lobe. Brain scans of the magnetic MRI scans reveal it is when you think of a word or call up memories that frontal lobes becomes active. So associates the experiences necessary for production of abstract ideas, persistence, planning, care and concern for others, conscience set humans apart from animals. Human beings accomplish great stride in maths philosophy, philosophy, going to space all primarily involve prefrontal cortex. Brain-lobe-diagramIt is shown humans have large flexible prefrontal cortex which contributes to higher mental functions animal do less and non-existing in some animals. And other parts of the brain contribute to our human uniqueness. Behind frontal cortex is the strip stretching across the head  the motor cortex or God symbol of Michelangelo. This connects billions of neurons with muscles as human beings far different from other animals. First is the exceptional capability to use hands, the fingers and thumb perform highly dexterous manual tasks. The second is use of mouth, lips, tongue, facial muscle to talk. Over half-motor cortex devoted to organs of communication. It helps to explain unparalleled communication skills of hands, writing, normal gestures or sign language. 619f5ab88ca623e5cbb4e489c5fbfdb9The mouth plays the major part in human speech. Some 100 muscles in the tongue, lips, jaw, throat, voice chord, chest cooperate to produce countless sounds. One brain cell directs 2000 fibres of an athletes muscles yet a brain cell of the voice concentrates on 2 or 3 muscle fibres for specific pattern of single expression. This changes in a split second timing of scores of the different muscle movements. Average 14 words per second makes sounds of speech and when move tongue, lips, jaw with other parts of hands, fingers, altogether this is movement of exquisite timing of God. In frontal lobe Broca’s area speech centre of the brain the Nobel laureate Sir John Eccles said no area corresponds to other animals though make crude sounds or mimic complicated language. basic-information-about-brainHumans are unique in using Broca’s brain area for speaking and writing. And language involves Wernicke’s area to understand words. Billions of neurons discern the meaning of spoken or written words so can make sense of statements and to comprehend what you head or read. It helps to learn information and respond sensibly. The tone of voice conveys joy, happiness, excitement, bored,  rushed, sad annoyed, frightened and emotions. So various parts of the brain come into play to communicate thoughts, feelings and requests for actions. img_Page_02_Image_0001smallHuman ability speak, write, talk is a marvellous, vast powerful, wonderful creation of God in mankind to communicate. So human speech is special  and separates people from animals. Human speech including body language is secret Divine miracle gift to mankind. Precious memories and thoughts sustain life and gives us the opportunity to ask or answer questions on the meaning. Humans contemplate the past and future through a limitless memory capacity. Human memory is so great it can hold information in a brain that can twenty million volumes in the world’s largest libraries. The brain is to learn, store and recall information as a miracle phenomenon in the biological universe. Human language, thoughts, knowledge, culture is an extraordinary capability of the brain. Conscious people with conscious minds make decisions to do certain things, have awareness and a sense of real self. img_Page_03_Image_0001smallThe mind is tributary of many rivers, creeks, streams, sea fed constantly with memories, images that flow through our mind. Physical make up of the brain’s electrochemical processing that occur in the circuitry functioning of advanced sophisticated computers. The mystery of consciousness neurobiology physiology is a profound mystery of our existence. Vivid memories of past events stored like computer recall in future scenarios. The ability to think, or reflect deeply, analyse, appreciate and to express gratitude, thankfulness, and love are all functions of the brain. The ethics of behaviour patterns stem from the brain to produce factors that mold, influence, impact, refine ideas, beauty, justice, how people respond, feedback and comments. The capacities of human beings created by God to achieve good success in life in Christ comes from God the intelligent Designer of the brain and our creator who cares deeply about all.

Neel Burton is author of The Meaning of MadnessThe Art of Failure: The Anti Self-Help GuideHide and Seek: The Psychology of Self-Deceptionand other books.


Ancient-of-Days-for-blog-postThroughout recorded history majority of humanity has seen existence of the Creator, Who intentionally brought the Universe in to being and sustains all life as an obvious truth. This truth does not stem from doctrine or belief system, but it is at the heart of all religions, and is underlying, indispensible principle of most spiritual practices. In Buddhism, misrepresented as an atheistic tradition, recognizes existence of guiding consciousness. As the Zen Buddhist master, Soyen Shaku, said, “Let me state that Buddhism is not atheistic as the term is ordinarily understood. It has certainly a God, the highest reality and truth, through which and in which this universe exists.” Scientific discoveries have only reinforced this realization, as it becomes even clearer the Universe was carefully designed. Prominent British mathematician Roger Penrose calculated the probably of random chance producing a Universe conducive to life at vastly less than scientifically accepted definition of “zero.” Even if one were to accept arguments from those who claim the Universe is not so “fine tuned,” we must rely on the mind-boggling, and empirically unproven, concept of multiple Universes, and then probability of random events leading to life only budges from staggeringly unimaginable to extraordinarily unlikely. And we are still left with such clearly designed, incredibly complex, mechanisms as DNA and the brain. This is not “God of Gaps” explanation, any more than looking under the hood of a car and deducing a designer is “Engineer of the Gaps.” To postulate a random, undirected, meaningless, existence in the face of unbelievable complexity and purpose of life is, in actuality, the much more irrational, and less logical, conclusion. This has been compared to proposing that a hurricane whipped through a junkyard and randomly assembled a jet plane. Late in his life the previously ardent atheist Anthony Flew famously noted, “What I think the DNA material has done is that it has shown, by almost unbelievable complexity of the arrangements which are needed to produce life, intelligence must have been involved in getting these extraordinarily diverse elements to work together.” For his honesty, courage and humility, Flew was mocked, and even labeled as senile, by many ardent atheists, who saw his statement as an unforgivable, heretical violation of their strict dogma that any hypothesis is acceptable except God.the_names_of_god_by_eagleknight-d2z4big

To make the scientific claim that one will “go where the evidence leads,” and yet consider such utterly unsupported hypotheses as multiple Universes, alien seeding (which, of course, still leaves the questions of where the aliens came from), mind memes (a total fantasy) and lightening strikes animated primordial chemical soup to create life (which has never been scientifically reproduced), while not even considering the obvious possibility of a deliberate Creator, is to be intellectually dishonest at best. What are the reasons for this irrational, and often very nasty, refusal by some to even consider the existence of a Creator as a viable hypothesis? I offer several possibilities:

A Childish Concept of God

For many, the belief in a Creator is rooted in a personal, direct encounter, in God experience, others often is pure consciousness, pure creation, endless love, animating energy of everything, or the Ultimate Reality. For those who experienced God Presence God concept is sophisticated not childish, based on immaturity, knowledge and innate gifts. Jehovah God is a man seated on throne in white cloak, long beard who made the world according to Isaiah in the Bible.” Richard Dawkins, for example, said, “We are all atheists about most of the gods societies have ever believed in; some of us just go one god further,” he showed a childish image of God. And he showed a lack of any experience in the spiritual realm. If he had any direct experience he would have known that all these societies were attempting to describe the mystery of Spirit in human archaic terms and idea of competing gods is a literalistic and immature one. Jehovah is the Most High God Above all gods made by man so must humbly recognize theology is an activity for which, frankly, he has little talent or understanding. Such a childish view of God is not limited to atheists but applies to religious folks who place dogma over personal experience, and for whom any digression from dogma is punished.maxresdefault

Tyranny of the Mind

The human mind is a powerful tool, but can also be a cruel tyrant. While it is skilled at storing and analyzing data, it cannot feel, and so there is much such as art, music, compassion, love, sex or Spirit that it cannot truly know. The mind, though, insists on analyzing these things, and tries to convince us that its analysis is the only way of knowing. It does this because it has little trust or no respect for anything not measurable and linear, and consequently it resists recognizing the other essential human facilities: needs of the body, the wisdom of emotions, and most especially, the guidance of Spirit. For those who have developed strong connections to body, emotions and Spirit, the mind can be managed and used properly. There are those who for a variety of reasons, have weak connections to body, emotions and Spirit. Their mind has free reign, dominating their lives and seeking to eliminate anything it cannot rationally comprehend. Then the mind eliminates anything that challenges its supremacy. For such a tyrannical mind, concept of a Creator God Ultimate Superior Being of intelligence that dwarfs theirs own is completely intolerable.

An Ego Strategy

As I’ve written in several previous blogs, the ego is the software implanted in us to ensure survival. Its job is to scan for threats and devise strategies to avoid pain and death. The ego knows only fear, and it will fiercely fight anything that threatens its survival. And nothing is more frightening to the ego than sharing or ceding control with another, because this feels like death. So the ego’s favorite strategy for protecting itself is the refusal to surrender to anything or anyone. It will even go so far as refusing to acknowledge a mistake, to apologize, to recognize superior abilities in others, to admit a weakness and, most pathetically, to ever express gratitude. I recently heard a man state that he “does not believe in gratitude,” but instead prefers the word “appreciation”: “I appreciate a delicious meal or a beautiful sunset, but I feel no need to say ‘thank you,’” he proudly proclaimed. This is the voice of ego. And to make the claim, as did the late Christopher Hitchens (who I deeply respect for his exposure of injustice), that there is no Creator/Designer because Hitchens did not approve of the way that eyes are designed, is also the pathetic voice of ego; it is the refusal to say “thank you” for the gift of life and miracle of sight. This is sad. Clearly one does not need to believe in God or follow religion to be wonderful, happy, caring, human being. What matters most is how we treat each other. But the refusal to even consider that a Creator may exist often accompanied by the adamant desire to “prove” otherwise and to ridicule those who do especially in the face of much blatant evidence, is an indication that a psychological mechanism is at work. Perhaps what is needed for such irrational position may not be more intellectual investigation, but psychoanalysis.5-proofs


Dramatic conversion by Astro Physicist one of the world’s leading Cosmologists, Dr Hugh Ross impacts academic world as Paul’s conversion to Christianity! One of the reasons cited by a Prof. Flew was “the evidence.” He admitted for a long time the growing problem of Evolution’s inability to explain how life began, or how anything began, led him to the inevitable conclusion it was inadequate answer in face of God evidence. DNA Genome code unraveled evidence for Design became “undeniable.” These two pieces of evidence 1. the existence of life demanding Life-Source 2. the scientific evidence of an extremely complex code in make-up of life DNA were enough for Prof. Flew to renounce atheism.The-Trustworthy-Argument-For-Gods-Existence-That-Youve-Probably-Never-Heard-Of-2


Some people feel that acceptance of God is entirely a matter of faith. But the Scriptures actually claim that it is the truth which is the basis for this faith (Rom. 10:17). Truth is only truth if it isobjective truth, that is, it is true for everyone regardless of time or circumstances. Thus, God is either true (and there can be objective proofs to support this), or He is not true and only subjective ‘truth’ can be offered for ‘proof’. Some ancient Philosophers have argued that the fact mankind can imagine there being a God is a proof that there must be one. While this argument does have some merit, it mainly has limitations. Taken to its natural application this means that ifanything can be imagined it must exist. Based on the nightmares I had as a three and four year old boy- I really hope this theory isn’t true or I’m not going to sleep well tonight! On the other hand, ‘beliefs’ and ‘truth’ are sometimes not entirely related. Tertullian once bragged that the main reason he so readily accepted Christianity was that it was fundamentally absurd. Perhaps he was alluding to 1Corinthians 1-2 which talks about human wisdom and divine wisdom being incompatible. Some people are so committed to their beliefs that despite the evidence of truth they refuse to change their beliefs. In this way we observe that what some atheists claim is their scientific basis for unbelief is nothing more than belief in opinions rather than evidence. Despite mass evidence to the contrary, many atheists refuse to accept origin of life is best explained by the obvious Designer Creator God. We have to applaud Prof. Flew for having the courage to consider and then accept the evidence. “Proof” though is measured and determined according to the type of claim. The type of proof needed to substantiate a claim involving chemistry is different to type of proof needed to substantiate a claim made about history. Proof in physiology is different to the type of proof needed for psychology. Proof in philosophy is different to the proof required for philology. Proof required for biology is different to the type of proof required for theology. To demand “hard” science: physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy proof tests an only acceptable means for testing soft science psychology, history, philosophy, literature is unreasonable. Thus, imposing natural proof tests on supernatural claims is an unreasonable measure and totally inadequate. But supernatural claims made have natural implications but God appears to many yet makes HIMSELF invisible to others. God created all we see in Romans 1:20 “proof” has universe as the “supporting evidence” looking at natural evidence to support God Supernatural reality.isaacnewton1-2x


Atheists Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, attack theism belief in God by attacking religious behaviour of those claiming to believe in God and abuse of religious rules to oppress people. The type of god religious fundamentalists use for abuse is not Jehovah GOD I AM. Omnipotent God Jehovah the Creator of uinverse and mankind  is a Unique Wonderful God. CS Lewis artfully makes the point in “magician’s nephew” several people confronted with evidence of God yet interpret evidence differently. Lewis describes Uncle Andrew’s direct encounter with Aslan who vehemently denied he was seeing and hearing as making himself look stupid. And Lewis, the former atheist himself, continues, “When it comes to proof for God, the evidence is cumulative acceptable proof.

Evidence for proofs for the existence of God invites atheists to reconsider claims there is noneThe following reasonable evidence proves indeed the Personal Omnipotent God described in Christian Bible.


1: Everything has a cause...

It is illogical to suggest something has no cause this is why theory of evolution becomes inadequate. It cannot explain how anything began let alone life. When we consider the evidence that there are things which exist it logically demands someone caused it to happen. Then rule of the universe is the solution origin of all life and things. This demands there must be someone eternal who exists so created all although do not understand this in order for it to be so. At this point some do not try to understand things because minds get in the way. But the opposite is the case perfectly legitimate to ponder things that minds find too big actually too inadequate to comprehend them. Faith and logical thinking are not imcompatible but realise they require discipline and exercise.eso_planetseverywhere

2: There is evidence for design

The unraveling of the Human Genome Code was announced to the world as the discovery of the language of the Creator by then President, Bill Clinton. Scientists discovered an extremely sophisticated genetic language necessary for even the simplest life forms to exist. To think this level of apparent design just happened randomly or by chance is mathematical equation of probability with more zeros than can type plus no word for numbers thousands of trillions! The universe displays an amazingly complex level of interdependency logically leads to the conclusion it was designed that way. So there are too many coincidences, just rightness for it to be random haphazard coincidence. The earth is “just the right” distance from Sun; it contains “just the right” mixture of chemicals and gases to sustain life; humans have “just right” ability to breath these gases; the human body has “just right” synergy of internal organs in order to function, and so on. Its important to note the Bible does not give a date for the commencement of creation of the universe, or the date for the creation of mankind. The universe may well be 10,000,000,000 years old, and mankind’s origins may well be as recent as 5,000 – 6,000 years ago. These numbers are in no way counter to the Biblical record, extremely compatible with the evidence.The Design Argument for the Existence of God

3: Intrinsic morality point of reference…

How do we know what “evil” is? How do we know what “good” is? These concept demand the existence of a standard to make such evaluations, understanding what these concepts mean. Each of us are born wit innate sense of morality. We each fundamentally know what is right and wrong through conscience. It is incredible to consider matter time, culture, geographic location, or people, the Moral Law has been universally acknowledged. This tends to confirm all of creation bears the finger-prints of the Creator who is fundamentally good and right. We each share knowledge of what is right and wrong not just because we are taught or conditioned to accept such values but because born with them.64c4b35ad8e698245862bbd9ce869f9a

4: Resurrection of Jesus Christ…

Skeptics dispute living history evidence that Jesus Christ rose again from death but do so perilously. There is enough evidence to validate it and it is the point all of history of Christ and Christianity rests. This means Christ and Christianity are true as the physical resurrection of Christ. Since Christ literally arose from the dead His History and teachings have have credence. Resurrection of Christ is a historic fact based on the over 500 eye-witness acvounts, the preparedness of all of those witnesses to defend their testimonies even at the point of losing their lives, the resultant baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues- still available today is most overwhelming piece of proof for the existence of God.Against all Odds

5: Claims of Christ are experienced

Jesus Christ made claims about benefits of following Him. He offered “rest” for the weary, “nourishment” for hungry, “water” for the thirsty, “resurrection” for dead, “direction” for aimless, and “liberty” for the oppressed, “protection” for the vulnerable, “healing” for the hurting, and “salvation” for the lost. I was 15 years of age when I accepted Christ. Never have I ever regretted it. It has been a journey for me that has seen me grow and change. I have felt LORD guiding me. I can honestly say I have heard Him speak to me even though it hasn’t been audibly. He has answered my prayers so I now almost take it for granted my prayers will be answered. He has given my life direction, purpose that I otherwise would never have had. Today He extends to you the invitation to experience for yourself the claims which He has made. The evidence for the existence of God is available for the honest enquirers there are honest answers. Those who acknowledge there is reasonable evidence of all 5 points of evidence accepted they can no longer claim to be “atheist.” Like Professor Flew they can bravely embrace the title “theist,” God believer without adopting any particular religious framework. So once this position is reached the next phase of the journey is to answer the question, “Is religion necessary or even helpful in discovering God?


The scientific method is synonymous with methodological naturalism. This is the idea the only way knowledge can be apprehended is if it can be observed. But this is a fairly recent hijacking of what the scientific method means. If scientific method leads to certain deductions be it physical or metaphysical removing the restrictions which might holds back the truth if we employ the scientific method in examining any theories involving metaphysical claims. There is sufficient evidence to show the universe began and must have a beginning, include the dimensions of time and space as part of beginning. Therefore “Beginning Cause” outside of time and space is one of the central claims of Bible about God: He is eternal and dwells ‘above the heavens’ Hebrew 7:26. God is outside of time and space. Applying deductions of scientific method proofs “God” is ahead of time and space. Within time and space there is moral-evil, corruption and decay. The Creator is outside but within and HOLY, immutable, and impeccable. Concept of “God” fits perfectly with the concept of Jehovah portrayed in Christian Bible. So the simplest way to discover Identity of Creator-God is employ scientific method to Psalm 34:8 and Matthew 7:7.


1-e1455075514539Above llustrations show the differences between extrovert brain straight to the point and introvert brain analytical so what is it like in introvert’s head as Liz Fosslien and Mollie West shows some of these differences when compared with extroverts brain. Extroverts are said to be more active full of energy excitement while some introverts sometimes feel misunderstood. When one visualizes what is going on inside both brains one is surprised to note the differences. Six illustrations inside the heads are:5

Introverts pay more inbuilt attention to details, spatial information, knowledge taking in their surroundings compared to extroverts. According to an introvert advantage by Marti Olsen Laney, some introverts have longer neural pathway for processing stimuli. Information runs through their pathway associated with long-term memory and planning. It is more complicated for some introverts to process interactions and events. 6As they process information, introverts are carefully attending to their internal thoughts and feelings at the same time. Therefore slower in decision making to join in if busy or prefer own company. An extrovert may see introvert boring, but they are easily bored but complain introverts are too serious, not fun to be with so extroverts always in search of new adventure. But soon fed up need a fix to be stimulated in mind. Introverts often remains calm when extrovert gets agitated and carried away by restless fidgeting emotions. Uleash fear and stir panic unaware of inherent personality traits and behaviour patterns.4-1

According to studies by psychologist Hans Eysenck, introverts require less stimulation from the world in order to be awake and alert than extroverts do. This means introverts are more easily over-stimulated. The flip side of introverts’ sensitivity to dopamine is that they need less of it to feel happy. Extroverts’ brains run on an energy-spending nervous system, whereas introverts’ brains run on an energy-conserving nervous system. This is why introverts feel content and energized when reading a book, thinking deeply, or diving into their rich inner world of ideas. Introverts’ brain is not strongly rewarded for gambling or taking risks as extroverts’ brains are. The brain’s reward and pleasure system activated naturally within their own dopamine neurotransmitters. Scientists found that extroverts’ brains responded with more pleasure to positive gambling results. So introverts feel less excitement from any surprise or risk. 3-e1455075717748The introvert’s brain treats interactions with people at same intensity level it treats encounters in detail checking it out with passion as same as inanimate objects. Introverts process everything in their surroundings and pay attention to all the sensory details in environment, not just the people. As introverts are thinking, they reach back into long-term memory to locate information. Introvert often compare old and new experiences when making a decision, which slows the processing down but leads to carefully thought-out decisions. This means that introverts have an active dialogue with themselves and usually walk around with many thoughts in their minds. So even at a party setting may not fully enjoy it like an extrovert.21-e1455076042154These descriptions are not necessarily a case in all extroverts or introverts as there are exceptions to every rule. The debate continues with some people in favour of these brain interpretations. It is necessary to treat individual people as own personal basis than a generic label lumping all into categories. These issues discussed also attempts to group people to help efficient use of available resources and expertise required. It is important to categorise people in terms of such brain data to allocate skills and talents correctly. Understanding a role best suited in each case and strengths also helps to make best use of time in social interactions. Some find these differences intriguing and fascinating. It is necessary to know some people have traces of both extrovert and introvert in them so sometimes actively outgoing to socialise while at times wants privacy to create, paint, design, read, write, sing or meditate on the presence of God alone. So neither is better than the other just differences that surface so recognised. 



If your goal is to restore or maintain a healthy heart, there are a variety of foods that can help to unclog arteries of plaque build-up, lower your blood pressure, and reduce inflammation – the main culprits of cardiovascular illness. Many of the foods on this list contain healthy fats, antioxidants, and soluble fiber which are great not only for your heart, but also to promote healthy skin, hair, hormone production, and nutrient absorption.  You can feel better, have more energy, and improve your heart health without the use of toxic chemicals.

1. Asparagus

One of the best vegetables for clearing arteries, asparagus is full of fiber and minerals, as well as a long list of vitamins including K, B1, B2, C, and E.  Asparagus can help to lower blood pressure and prevent blood clots that can cause serious cardiovascular illness.  Try steaming raw asparagus for maximum vitamin potential!

2. Avocado

avocado2avocado-pesto-pasta-with-hot-smoked-salmon-105302-1The next time you make a sandwich or salad, consider adding a few slices of avocado in lieu of mayonnaise or heavy salad dressing. Studies have shown that the daily consumption of avocado result in improved blood cholesterol with a decrease in triglycerides and LDL of around 22% and an 11% increase in HDL – the “good” cholesterol that helps to keep arteries clear of obstructions.  Not only can this delicious fruit help to keep your blood flowing smoothly, the average avocado also contains around 4 grams protein and 11 grams of fiber, not to mention an impressive list of vitamins and antioxidants. For an even more potent dose of avocado, why not try adding avocado oil for your diet. Read our recent article here revealing ten reasons you should add avocado oil to your diet.420970_1280x720

3. Broccoli

Broccoli is another vegetable that is loaded with vitamin K which helps to prevent calcification or hardening of arteries. Eating vitamins, antioxidant packed broccoli can also help to prevent oxidation of LDL cholesterol which can lead to serious heart conditions.  This super healthy veggie also offers a heart-healthy dose of fiber which helps to normalize blood-pressure and reduce stress that cause tears and eventually plaque build-up) in arterial walls.

4. Chia Seeds

11750070877199195178When included daily as part of a heart-healthy diet, fiber and alpha-linolenic acid contained in just two ounces of Chia seeds can help to keep arteries clear by regulating blood pressure, reducing LDL cholesterol, lowering triglycerides, and increasing HDL cholesterol.  Daily cardiovascular exercise is another excellent way to improve heart health and keep arteries clear, Chia seeds are doubly effective.  The boost of protein and nutrients offered by this tiny superfood can help to make any workout feel just a little bit easier. If you want to try Chia seeds then you can get some from this page on Amazon.

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5. Cinnamon

You’ve probably heard that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.  But did you know that a spoonful of cinnamon makes your risk of heart disease go down?  Just one tablespoon of ground cinnamon per day can work to reduce cholesterol levels while at the same time clearing and preventing plaque build-up.  Cinnamon is also full of antioxidants which further improve cardiovascular health by protecting blood from damaging oxidation.  So put down the sugar and start enjoying cinnamon.  Try this fragrant spice in a cup of tea or sprinkled on top of coffee.  Or check out the recipes on EatingWell with cinnamon.

6. Coconut Oil

21 Foods That Naturally Unclog ArteriesDisregard the old myth all saturated fats bad and leading cause of cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis.  Regular consumption of coconut oil – about 2 or 3 tablespoons per day – can help to reduce plaque build-up in the arteries by aiding the conversion of cholesterol in the blood stream into a form that our bodies can use.  High concentration of medium chain triglyceride, lauric acid present in coconut oil is also thought to improve blood coagulation as well as to perform antioxidant functions in the blood stream, further diminishing the risk of heart disease.

Want to try coconut oil? You can get a jar from this page on Amazon.

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7. Coffee

Also contrary to popular belief, coffee is not bad for your healthStudies have found that drinking between 8 and 16 oz of coffee per day can reduce your risk of heart disease by around 20%.  Just remember to take all things in moderation, including caffeine.  Over-consumption of any stimulant has the potential to increase your blood pressure and heart rate, which can lead to some serious health problems. There are some ways you can make your coffee extra healthy. Here are seven things you can do.

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8. Cranberries

health-benefits-of-cranberriesCranberries are another antioxidant-rich food which can help to improve cardiovascular health by reducing LDL and raising HDL cholesterol levels. In fact, cranberry juice has more antioxidant power than all but one other fruit juice (100% red or black grape being the exception.)  Enjoy two servings of 100% pure organic cranberry juice daily to protect your heart and improve your health.

9. Cold-water ‘Fatty Fish’

Also rich in healthy fats, cold-water fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna can help to clear arteries.  Try to eat fish twice per week to reduce plaque build-up and inflammation that can lead to heart disease.  Also, eating cold-water fish can help to improve your overall cholesterol lowering triglyceride levels and increasing HDL cholesterol in the blood-stream.

10. Flax/seeds

150506112204-fruits-nuts-vegetables-grains-stockOne of the best sources of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), flaxseeds are known for their ability to reduce blood-pressure and inflammation, helping to keep arteries clear of obstructions and improve overall heart health.  Enjoy a serving of 100% organic golden flaxseed added to a delicious smoothie or in one of these heart-healthy recipes by EatingWell!

11. Green Tea

21 Foods That Naturally Unclog Arteries

Green tea –especially nutrient-rich Matcha green tea  contains high levels of catechins, antioxidant plant phenols which hinder the absorption of cholesterol during digestion.  Enjoy a cup or two of green tea every day to improve your blood-lipid levels and help reduce arterial blockage.  Green tea also provides a natural boost to the metabolism which can help you to lose weight, further bolstering your cardiovascular health.

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12. Nuts

raw-postA heart healthy snack alternative to prepackaged and processed foods, raw nuts are a delicious way to clear arteries with many auxiliary benefits, to boot!  Almonds are by far the best option, being high in monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, fiber, and protein.  Walnuts are another great choice.  As an excellent source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) the same EFA that gives flaxseeds their favorable reputation – eating a serving of walnuts every day can help to improve blood-pressure, reduce inflammation, and keep arteries clear of obstructions.

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13. Olive Oil

Rich in monounsaturated oleic acid – an essential fatty acid (EFA) known for its positive effects on cholesterol levels and oxidative stress in the blood stream – olive oil is widely considered to be one of the healthiest oils for cooking and dressing food.  According to a recent study, use of olive oil for these purposes can actually reduce the risk of serious cardiovascular illnesses by up to 41%. A word of caution: When shopping for olive oil, avoid buying the lowest-priced option on the shelf.  These products are inexpensive for a good reason. Low-cost olive oils are often cut with cheaper, less-healthy oils or have been damaged by heat during the extraction process.  Instead, go with certified 100% organic virgin olive oil.

14. Orange Fruits/Juice

anitoxidants-foodsDrinking just two cups of 100% orange juice (no sugar added) every day can help to improve blood pressure and reduce inflammation of arteries.  Also, orange juice is full of antioxidant vitamin C which helps to keep arteries clear by preventing oxidative damage in blood stream.  For more information about how orange juice improves circulatory function, read this article by the Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

15. Persimmon

A-simple-Persimmon-Smoothie-recipe-perfect-for-using-this-delicious-winter-fruit-uprootfromoregon.com_-1024x681DOxWroOVAAAqNM9Persimmons are loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols, both of which work to decrease LDL and triglycerides in the blood-stream.  Persimmons are also a great source of fiber which helps to regulate blood pressure, keep your heart healthy, and your arteries clear.

16. Pomegranate

Antioxidant phytochemicals naturally present in pomegranates do an excellent job of protecting circulatory system from damaging oxidation which cause plaque build-up and dangerous blood clots.  Pomegranate also naturally stimulates production of nitric oxide in the blood which helps to open arteries and regulate blood pressure. Try eating fresh pomegranate or enjoy the organic pomegranate juice!

17. Spinach

One of the famed dark leafy greens, spinach is loaded with fiber, potassium, and folate all of which help to lower blood pressure and keep arteries clear.  According to recent studies, just one serving per day of folate-rich greens like spinach can lower homocysteine levels as risk factor for cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis.  Why not mix it up a little?  Enjoy your spinach sautéed, in a salad, or as part of a heart-smart smoothie!

18. Spirulina

Spirulina is a cytobacteria (or blue-green algaeas they are often called) which not only helps to regulate lipid levels in the blood, it is also a complete protein.  Unlike other plant sources of protein, Spirulina contains all of the essential amino acids needed by the human body to maintain optimum health.  Spirulina is also packed with EFAs, including alpha-linolenic acid the essential omega-3 fatty acid found in chia and flaxseeds that has been researched extensively for its ability to reduce arterial inflammation, improves cardiovascular health.  Take Spirulina daily as supplement or try it in powder form in some of these delicious recipes.

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19. Turmeric

21 Foods That Naturally Unclog ArteriesCurcumin, the main component of Turmeric, is a powerful anti-inflammatory.  Adding turmeric to your diet can seriously reduce inflammation and damage to arterial walls which are leading causes of plaque build-up and blood clots.  Furthermore, studies have shown us the high levels of curcumin in Turmeric aid reduction of fatty deposits in the arteries by up to 26%.  Try some of these excellent recipes using all-natural organic turmeric.

20. Watermelon

Not only is it delicious, watermelon is another fruit that is great for your heart.  As an excellent natural source of the amino acid L-citrulline, watermelon can help to keep arteries clear by lowering blood pressure and decreasing inflammation.  In much the same way as pomegranate, watermelon naturally stimulates production of nitric oxide, which further improves artery health and blood pressure. Try some of these Best Watermelon Recipes by Southern Living!

21. Whole Grains

1019 Trade out your bleached carbohydrates for theirwhole grain alternatives to give your heart health a boost.  Foods like whole grain beans, breads, whole wheat pastas, brown rice, quinoa, barley, and oatmeal have long been celebrated for the role in improving blood cholesterol levels, keeping arteries clear, and reducing the risk of serious heart disease. Need a little help finding foods that fit the bill?  Check out this great guide to whole grain groceries.


Issy Mason

Malachi 3:5 says God’s will quickly deal against those who defraud workers of their wages, who oppress employees so deprive people of renumeration due to them. Slick employers commit crime of failing to pay deserved due wages and benefits employees guaranteed by law. God records mistreatment by zero hour and deprived pensions require account from employers. Despite good academic degrees people in zero hour jobs using skills but paid no decent salaries.  The 2:1 degree to zero-hours contract is commonly now an issue with people compelled to take jobs unrelated to their expertise just to earn money to support themselves. It is interesting companies that can afford to pay well seem to prefer machines which do not have family to provide for above humans. Such graduates cannot find the most suitable jobs that helps to combine family needs with professional roles. It is such a problem most graduates live below poverty line with huge mounting debts. One case is Issy Mason’s degree counted for little in her job hunt as she needed to work part-time. As a report finds having a degree offers young women little help in the jobs market if they are also mothers needing flexible working hours, one young mum explains her frustration. Money is so tight you never really know how much you are going to get paid each month,” says Issy Mason a 26-year-old graduate, from Nottingham, who also happens to be a single mother. She has an upper-second class degree in languages and international business from Sheffield Hallam University, and speaks fluent Spanish and completed two internships in marketing, one of them overseas. She achieved all this alongside having become a mother at 19 but her skills and qualifications seem to count for little in her hunt for graduate job because she needs a flexible work pattern. She says the only jobs open to her flexible enough to fit around school pick-up for her six-year-old daughter offer zero-hours contracts.

‘Minimum wage’

Throughout her degree, Issy always worked part-time. She thought this, alongside unpaid internships, would make her more employable as graduate. But the reality has proved “dispiriting” and she feels shut out of the graduate jobs market. She applied for graduate schemes but not lots of flexibility,” she says. “You can’t negotiate start times and finish times for school pick-ups. “There is scope in senior roles for part-time and flexible working, but there’s less flexibility in entry-level jobs. “I feel a lot of opportunities out of my reach. It is incredibly frustrating and depressing. “At times, I really took it personally. It really hit my confidence.” But she still hopes “for a job that pays salary rather than minimum wage.”

‘Too little support’

The Institute of Student Employers, which represents leading companies that hire and train young staff, said it was not aware of any of its members running part-time graduate schemes. But Issy believes employers who write off or fail to support young mothers are missing out on talent. She fears being thought “unreliable” because of her caring responsibilities but says young women who complete their degrees as parents “have already shown tenacity and motivation and commitment for good careers.” “We’ve shown we want to make a contribution to society,” Issy says. “We just need a bit more support.” “It’s not just about the grad schemes though flexibility should be available across board. “There’s definitely scope for government to help businesses to understand how to be more flexible and welcome more well qualified mums into their employment.”

A master’s in hope

Issy’s zero-hours job as a receptionist in one of Nottingham’s sport centres offers more regular hours than her previous work. “Sometimes they call on the day if they need me,” she says. Life is difficult as money is precarious and fluctuating.” The Young Women’s Trust supported Issy with career coaching, counselling, and in January, alongside her part-time job, she will start a master’s degree in branding, advertising at Nottingham Trent University. She says there have been times when she has felt “quite negative” about herself and also her capabilities but now she is cautiously optimistic. “I realise that I do need to get a graduate position but I am a little bit more positive because by completing a master’s degree, I will show that I still have enough drive to develop my career.” Marketing meeting

What does government say?

A government spokeswoman said a record number of women were now in work and legislation gave all employees with 26 weeks’ continuous service and the right to request flexible working. “We are determined to support women into work so we have expanded access to high-quality affordable childcare and earlier this year fulfilled our promise to double the free childcare available to working parents to 30 hours a week, saving them up to £5,000 a year,” she said. “We also recently announced £5m to support people returning to paid work after time spent caring many such people will be parents with childcare responsibilities.”

The research

The most recent Higher Education Statistics Agency figures show 3,665 female graduates were on zero-hours contracts six months after leaving university in 2016. And analysis of long-term data from the University of Essex’s Understanding Society Study, for the Young Women’s Trust, indicated young women with degrees likely to be jobless as men with no qualifications, because they were parents. “Young women are working hard because they want to be financially independent. But instead, many are getting stuck on low pay, in insecure work and, in many cases, shut out of the jobs market altogether,” said YWT chief executive Carole Easton. Dr Easton called for more support and mentoring to ease their transition into work, a commitment to invest in jobs and skills for women and more access to affordable childcare. “There should be a ministerial champion to oversee progress,” she said “Giving young women the support they need to find secure, well paid work will help them to become financially independent to gain businesses and the economy too.” Above all, if all women decide not to have any children in the world, the whole world will be worse off and unreplenished. It is in the interest of nations to value role of motherhood to stop treating parents as lazy villains who refuse to work and want to be parasites. A mother’s work is never done and more than 24/7, day or night with no breaks in between. It is a least rewarding duty of care for life still involved in adult children’s lives. The sooner society values motherhood to ensure mothers as primary carers take care of children the better for society. Many children in latch key, after school club barely know their parents and vice versa. Yet society blames their parents if the children are not successful in life. The foundation of education from early years must be examined to value input of mother and fathers. Head knowledge is great but life consists of wisdom and practical living skills from experience in life not just merely the taught academic information in books. Brain use is good but the most genius brains some times cannot function without support of the family to navigate life. Academic life is wonderful but education alone is not good enough to be productive in family real life needs juggling with business. So the family must be valued more.

Produced by Judith Burns, BBC News education reporter


The view of the fireball approaching earth from Wilcot, Wiltshire. Picture: UKMON

Meteor fireballs seen in sky reported by various people in UK. Blazing fireballs seen over southern England by dozens of people who said the fireball lit up the English sky above Wiltshire according to news reports and you tube videos. Two falling meteors resulting in blazing fireballs have been seen widely in the skies over southern England. Dozens of people reported seeing the objects across England, Wales and northern France just after midnight on Saturday and following morning. Many people captured video or photos of the meteor showing large bright objects appearing to flare up and then recede in the night or early morning sky. The American Meteor Society website’s record of everyone who reported the fireball at midnight on SaturdayThe first sighting was after midnight on Saturday with the majority of people from UK Meteor Observation Network (UKMON) and American Meteor Society (AMS) viewing it in south/east England.The American Meteor Society's website record of everyone who reported the fireball at midnight on Saturday

It was categorised as a bolide, which is the technical definition of a meteor that results in a flash as bright as the moon. The second came seven hours later with reports from the people who contacted UKMON and AMS coming in from the south/west England and South Wales. A handful of those who reported seeing the fireball at midnight said it produced a sound, described as a “rumble as the multiple booms lasting 2-3 seconds but others heard no sound. Richard Fleet, a member of UKMON, told Sky News the first fireball was the second brightest fireball seen in the UK for three years. “It was probably a few kilograms of material,” Mr Fleet, from Wilcot, Wiltshire, said. “It would have been coming in at about 20 kilometres per second (km/s). The Space Station is moving at about 8km/s.An image of a fireball seen in the sky above Wilcot, Wiltshire. Picture: UKMON

The image of a fireball seen in the sky above in Wilcot, Wiltshire pictured by UKMON. “There are multiple flashes as it breaks up. It would have happened at about an altitude of about 30km. “It was bright but nothing like the one broke up over Chelyabinsk (in Russia). That one would have been about 15 metres across. This one about 15cm.” Someone calling themselves Sol C on the AMS website said: “It was so quick as inside house looking out the window. Initially thought it was a firework but there was no firework sound and my friend next to me saw it too.” Spence J, in Culmhead, Somerset, described it as a “very high elevation bright greenish light terminal flash that lit up night-time countryside and the few clouds in the area. Didn’t get a good look at it as was driving at the time and it seemed to come over from behind me.” After witnessing the 7.15am UK time fireball on Saturday, Christmas T told AMS website: “Wow never seen anything like it before. And almost all reported later the fireball was not accompanied by sound but over half said the object appeared to break up as it came towards Earth.The American Meteor Society website's record of everyone who reported seeing the fireball at 7.15am on SaturdayThe American Meteor Society website’s record of everyone who reported seeing the fireball at 7.15am on Saturday. Fred T said, was inside so field of view was somewhat restricted but significantly brighter/bigger than anything he’d seen before (eg “shooting star”), esp as in full daylight.” Mr Fleet said the appearance in the sky of fireballs and a subsequent fireball seen over France on Saturday night was coincidental and they were not related. He said the data gathered by UKMON would now be analysed in an attempt to work out whether any material from the meteor survived and hit the ground and, if so, where. There is going to be showers of meteors in the the end times according to the Bible. It is part of shedding objects in space that are floating about. These include debris around earth disturbed by other unsual patterns of objects interrupting ecliptic atmosphere hurled as missiles. During the end times God will hurl meteors as weapons to destroy enemy armies that fight against Israel in Armageddon. The earth will be transformed by Christ the KING of Kings Lord of Lords to Reign eternally forever.