hqdefaultDoes looks affect jobs and will your face land you a dream job? Some measure expected standard face as a potential employer to decide whose face best fits the job. This new trend selects mostly females based on their looks or shape of their faces. Some companies go as far as asking for pictures in advance and then measuring faces with tape during their interviews for their required face. This matter is becoming an issue of concern as some do not hear from the employer again after their receiving photos. This way of employing staff members was again in the news. BLcsr71CAAEkR4ySo is this another stereotypical selection method of the beauty considered fit for a workplace? This method is based on facial profiling by face reader’s opinions who claim to predict suitable jobs for specific faces. They are consulted to analyse faces to determine the best face for each job. Is this another underhand tactics and an excuse to discriminate against certain faces? It is possible to send own air brushed picture to look impressive often people send a younger photo than their current looks. 364309F600000578-3689902-image-a-3_1468489483342Are companies being influenced by the modern concepts of what constitutes good looks online in the media as true standard beauty? What about ‘Ugly Betty’ chosen to help her boss from getting distracted by his beautiful secretaries to focus on managing his company. What happens if a company is catfished as happens often in many cases including Sarah who got a job from a university based on her photo of previous youthful years. The university appointed her and on arrival for work turned out to be confronted by an old lady three times her age. Sarah did not indicate her current age to them so it was assumed she looked like the photo sent. At first, the university thought it was a mix up until she confirmed her identity and she enough she was the same person. She was allowed to do the job based on her excellent and genuine track record on her CV qualifications and work history. Sarah although het looks did not affect her job turned out to be a nightmare. Sarah told university zoology director, she must live literary with all the animals in her home. ae840eace1a73d45b1ba4ac9d0668f97Therefore Sarah turned posh university accommodation into animal husbandry for her practical research. Her teaching produced great students so made up for lack of her youthful look Was tolerated to live among her beloved animals till she died unexpectedly. Sarah carried on dutifully for many years but became a victim of her own success. One of the animals bit her while taking him to a vet in her vehicle became infected by rhesus as he carried that disease. IMG_20170720_194117 Sarah dedicated her phenomenal long life collaborating with the university for many years. The university afterwards took the animals to the appropriate zoo set aside for all other animals. Then the house was refurbished and restored for new person employed to fill her place. Sarah was a great character and loyal to her beloved animals and carried on with her zoologist passion to a whole new level. Her presence at university was well-known so she was popular and well loved, one of a kind in that gated community. Her research papers, work was immaculate in both classroom and outside winning many awards. Sarah’s looks and age did not hinder or affect her work in at all. So if the university had based the choice on only superficial or aesthetic looks to reject application, they would have missed out on her skills, talents and practical abilities for many years, as an impressive scientist. So do looks really help in choosing the most competent staff members? Sarah’s job technically did not have age limits in those days so she was able to do her work perfectly well. Sarah did what she loved most so died doing her job carried on faithfully to the end. So is it fair and ethically moral to demand specific looks to determine certain jobs?


proverbs-3-12-god-corrects-us-gold_1398839561The LORD God Almighty corrects those HE LOVES as a father or parents correct the children in whom they delight says the Bible in Proverbs 3:12. God reveals to HIS Children error by love to point out mistakes to reveal the correct way to change for good. Correction is done by God directly or through Jesus Christ the Eraser to wipe out errors to restart correctly to show a person unaware of a mistake due to lack of knowledge. This helps learn from mistakes to improve lives to please God. By doing so the lives transformed grow in righteousness and improves in faith, active listening skills in obedience to God. The person gains useful information previously unknown before. Hebrews 12:6-11 says the LORD chastens, disciplines, scourges all HE LOVES to receive correction to endure to gain better experience in life. God deals with people as individual, family or on corporate basis as required.proverbs-3-12-god-corrects-us-green_1078636053Correction of Bart Simpson is a classic example of the line writing exercise on the classroom board to highlight point of correction. Years ago, schools gave pupils correction exercise books for rewriting misspelt words. Of course, as children unaware of exact right words intended word teachers point mistake to teach learners to write many times in exercise books to help remember the correct words in future. The brain coordinates hand movements with eyes to record words. Repetition of the words written many times forever registers so etched in minds of pupils to remember better. But along came a contemporary educational theory it constitutes abuse to ask children to use repetition method to write lines for correction so avoidedsimpson-i will use google before asking dumb questions

So spell checker was born so people did not memorize words for rote learning for recall. Computers correct the words obviously misspelt but words like “cap” and “cup”or “hat” and “hut” for example though correct, if not in context can be incorrect. Drinking milk in “cap” does not show on spellchecker so the reader must know word “cup” in the first place to edit it. This affects spelling error not dealt still with by computer in modern times. Therefore it is important to teach correct words in academia for life as a whole. The Bible says if you correct wise people and they become wiser and love you but correct mockers and they hate you. Choose correction carefully at right time in right way to help improve lives. Purpose of correction is not to shame a person in a negative way for vengeance to hurt them. People who love and care about you help with any issues affecting you to deal with it by Godly correction, compassion, support, understanding as God disciplines us.  3

Godly discipline is for good so it is not punishment though unpleasant because one is compelled to conform or comply against own rebellious ideas. Proverbs 9:8 warns not to attempt to correct fools because they are offended so hate you. Adapting to change is uncomfortable so may seem harsh to recipient until they benefit when they correct the error. So Correction requires determination by the teacher to help ‘wise’ to be ‘wiser’ as challenge to one doing correction. Their unpredictable nature, response reaction to correction depends on the persona at receiving end. Element of risk means a teacher helps learners to avoid mistakes to help correct them through a training experience. Criticising a person affects correction as attack on ego or pride may refuse help or reject correction. In the long run, over a period of time, people realise an insolent person’s ignorance is caused by fear of change. So help stop the devices of mistakes damaging them. Lack of Frontal Cortex means those in crises do not know how mistakes can impact lives. Sadly, some learn the hard way by self-destruction that could be avoided if only they listened. proverbs3_11-12Through arguments a stiff neck refuses to take instructions so does not realise the errors done to themselves or to their family. Blinded by error mindset, causes havoc by process of fear rebuff or reject correction so avoid a pointed out error altogether for improvement. The theory that correction discourages children in the early years from learning affects the attitude to correction in general. Left to figure things out for themselves, many people are unaware of their mistakes. So it becomes problems affecting their performance if the person is allowed to be left to their own devices. In terms of future career the person carries on into other areas of life. Anyone who points out errors to them other than own ideas is not well received. Although a trainer from experience knows exactly what they are talking about, so foresees error, the learner does not accept help, refuses correction. Yet correction is specifically for their good, well-being of the whole family or work place, community and world in general.Profitable-for-RebukeIf a stubborn person resists wisdom at all cost to defy authority in the name of freedom to do as they please, they miss out on the Spirit of excellence. Realise boundaries of correction helps to learn better ways to protect them from a long winding road of mistakes. Like prodigal son, God forgives and restores the ways of error to rescue the lost or misdirected by the wrong choices they made. Proper correction helps to avoid, prevent worse case scenarios. A person corrected must be educated to visualise or understand benefits of the correction in advance. So learners must be taught advantages of correction to instill value of flexibility, humility to bring changes in learning methods. Correction is not to inflict pain or suffering but guidance to give correct information to the person taught. The teacher must be patient and tolerant because learners do not immediately see what they teachers know. Important to understand a soft stick bends because it is malleable than a hard dry stick. The concept that learners grow up to correct themselves is not always the wise move. As they continue in set ways without an understanding of the impact of previous years without correction. Many adults get offended when genuine people try to guide them to correct errors. Some explode in anger and rage so take anger on others. This even spills over into the others aspects of life treating anyone’s suggestions in good faith as an attack on their character or personality. 54126707d4518b751f9145ee5d192841

Reprove not a scorner lest he hates you, rebuke a wise man and he will love you. Give instruction to a wise man so he will be still wiser, teach a righteous man and he will thank you and apply correction in their lives. Correct fools and they take offence. Do not despise chastening of the LORD God; neither be weary of HIS correction. So accept correction for your own goodAccept correction of God by Grace and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth and teach you. A personal Bible study as a faithful Child of God is part of growth and maturity in the LORD. Start correction of children as early as possible from 2 years old to correct them in love at their level not by anger. Teach children by pointing out correct manner of behaviour as part of life for all to learn. It is imperative to carefully train a child to get rewards for their good behaviour to help reinforce correction. Follow up with apology and hug so child learns to accept teachers doing well to teach child to accept critique of work performance. Children with trained good sense accept correction and even recognise error by admitting error if unnoticed by teacher. A child can politely point out error to a teacher because all are human, so make mistakes in life. The secret is to get up immediately for good success not to feel disheartened by correction. Correction is good as it builds a person up to thrive.


peter-preachingDuring Pentecost Peter empowered boldly by Holy Spirit preached powerful message to devout Jewish men, women and children from all the nations under heaven in Jerusalem. Jesus commanded the apostles to wait to until they receive the Holy Spirit before ministering after Jesus’ Resurrection. In Jesus Farewell Discourse to His disciples Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to them after His departure to heaven John 15:26 stating “I will send to you from Father God the Spirit of Truth to bear witness of Jesus.” The apostles and 120 disciples instructed by Jesus, “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift My Father promised as you heard Me speak about. John immersed with water but in a few days you will be immersed with Ruach HaKodesh Holy Spirit. You will receive power when the Ruach HaKodesh comes on you and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth according to Acts 1:4–8. 613445810_2249c2d193The disciples plus the 120 people living together in the Upper Room Cenacle in Jerusalem is the site of the Last Supper Cenacle room. The Holy Spirit alighted on the 11 apostles after Easter in the place they stayed as first Christian Church to start teaching and sharing Gospel from Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit descended on the disciples from all nations present in Jerusalem. Peter’s sermon touched so many people as following messages shows: 36 Let all Israel be assured God made Jesus you crucified both Lord and Messiah of all nations.” Peter’s sermon shows his amazing transformation right before our eyes. The Holy Spirit filled the believers visibly seen like flames on their heads. Started speaking in many languages understood by people from all nations. Supernaturally they started speaking in other tongues to encourage believers to strengthen them during the challenging moments in life.mOONpWtF3723hDVrSNrZHIg Christian Pentecost in New Testament is the descent of Holy Spirit on Apostles, and disciples in general location of the Cenacle. This is the house where the Mary the Mother of Jesus lived among Apostles until her death or dormition  event celebrated in the nearby Church of Dormition. The followers of Jesus described in Acts of Apostles 2 : 1:31 and according to Luke 22:12–13 experienced descent of Holy Spirit. This occurred while the Apostles celebrated the Jewish day of Shavout Hebrew שבועות‎‎ or the Feast of Weeks celebrating the giving of the Law to Moses at Sinai. “Pentecost” refers to Pentecost: 50 days after Jesus rose from death on Easter Sunday. 7 weeks after Easter Sunday and 40 days after Jesus’ resurrection plus 10 days on Ascension into heaven. So Shavuot is significantly shared by the Jews and Christians to equips us to become bold, strong to do greater works like Peter did at Pentecost to go and make disciples of all nations. makediscipleswp When the people heard this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the other apostles, “Brothers, what shall we do?” 38 Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enables us to fulfil the great commission to share the gospel with others wherever we are. The great commission is not exclusively for only the apostles, prophets, priests, preachers, teachers, evangelists, pastors or pope, churches or professionally trained. Command is for all believers in both the pulpit and pew to share GOOD News of love, hope, joy of the Lord to help others overcome adversity in the Name of Jesus Christ. In the world of glitz and glamour, so many people look for fulfilment in things or in places. The void is only filled by God in Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Good to share the gospel to fulfil the great commission for all nations to be saved as God wants. TheGreatCommissionPeter continued by saying, 39 The promise is for you, your children and for all who are far off for all who the Lord our God will call.” God is still calling Chosen vessels to share the good news of salvation, healing, deliverance to go and share everywhere with all. Those who cannot go physically can help provide the material resources to equip others to go. All can pray for those in the battle fronts of salvation for strength and protection by covering them with the Blood of Jesus in their prayers. So encourage, inspire sponsor with God’s words of Hope to build up all to go share Good News in Jesus Name.imagesWith many words Peter warns, pleads with them to save themselves from a corrupt generation.” Peter shows world urgently needs salvation no matter how sophisticated it is. Salvation of the soul is essential when all is said and done so important to reconnect with God. God’s point of view of world is stop selfish land grabbing political demarcations of maps. God considers all people HIS big family of various shapes, sizes so wants all nations and tribes saved in Christ. So various people on pilgrimage went to Jerusalem 3 times a year. The Parthians, Medes, Elamites, Mesopotamians, Judea, Cappadocia, Pontus, Phrygia Pamphylia, Asia Egypt, Libya Cyrene, Rome, Jews, proselytes, Cretans and Arabians all the people under heaven met in Jerusalem. Together with resident Jews as Bible text says, “dwelling in Jerusalem were Jews devout men from all nations under heaven.” Most were Jews by birth but in crowd was Gentiles converted to Jewish faith. Devout Jews together with the proselyte Gentiles Christians saved present in crowd from all nations under heaven for festival celebrated by Jesus.

Declare-His-Glory-Picture2Those who accepted his message were baptized and 3000 people were added to their number that day joined disciples to form God’s first church. While others returned to own nations to preach the gospel, share faith experience and their wonderful salvation testimony. Each year Pentecost Sunday Pentecost is also celebrated by whole world. Theology of studying everything about Holy Spirit called pneumatology teaches various works of Holy Spirit. An English word from two Greek words: πνευμα (pneuma, spirit) and λογος and logos or teachings. Pneumatology includes study of the person of the Holy Spirit and the works of the Holy Spirit. This normally includes the Christian teachings on new birth or born again new creation in Christ, Spiritual Gifts or charismata), Spirit Baptism evidenced by Speaking in tongues, Sanctification, inspiration of prophets, teachers, seers and indwelling of Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enlightens on the Trinity on many different aspects of Christianity by different Churches and theological approaches.crowd-388417The Gospel Message of Christ Jesus is important to share with all nations of the world to essentially save souls since 3000 years to modern times. Believers play crucial part in saving souls in the outbacks of hovels or most sophisticated parts of society. This world needs God through Christ more than ever before. Pentecost is celebration of Jews and the converts from all nations under heaven travel 3 times a year to Jerusalem to worship Yahweh. God-fearing Jews from all nations staying in Jerusalem were from every nation under heaven in Acts 2:5. They took Gospel Good News to the countries globally shared to date in living history. At Shavuot Israel saw amazing reversal of days of Moses after receiving Torah at Mount Sinai as 3,000 souls perished because of the sin of the golden calf in Exodus 32:28. God’s Mercy Forgiveness, Grace extends to the whole world including all nations saved. This same day years later, number of soul saved after the Ruach HaKodesh was poured was 3,000 people added to the community. Gospel continues today in all nations until Jesus returns to reign and rule on earth in Jerusalem. So Yeshua’s followers work tirelessly to bring Good News to all Israel first and beyond to all Gentiles grafted in Christ.