Jesus said let “the reader understand” God’s endtime events in Bible. The words of Jesus in eternal life in book of life refers to Daniel 7:1-28 about “Ancient of Days” God’s wrath in Matthew 24:1-51 on Great Tribulations in Revelation 7:14; 19-22. Daniel wrote of wars against God’s people but Jesus defeats God’s enemies. God Ancient of Days told Daniel to warns world of end-time events hapening in the whole world. The GREAT TRIBULATION in Daniel 12:7; Revelation 12:14; Matthew 24:21-22 is the Day of the LORD’S wrath on earth. Matthew 24:15 says when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel standing in holy place (let reader understand). The Holy place is the Temple Mount Zion Holy of holies of God in Israel in place of Yahweh abomination of desolation desecrates it. Tribulation goes on thousands of years but THE GREAT TRIBULATION Jesus talks of in Matthew 24:14 from Daniel 22:7 is restore the Holy of holies to Yahweh. But the abomination of desolations sacrilege Jesus warns about is the antiChrist image in God’s Holy of holies. God ‘allowed, it to show HIS people idolatry practiced offends HIM. God’s people feel how God feels HIS honour given idols. Yahweh’s Holy Temple occupied by abomination of desolation image in Holy of holies so God’s people want Table Mount back to restore Holy of holies to Yahweh. Its the worst day in history as nations pitch to fight over Temple Mount. Jesus said as the gospel of the Kingdom of God is preached as testimony to all nations the end will come. It is people taking sides join one side or other. The Gospel reaches all parts of the world as a witness to all no excuse to say they never heard it. Choice is given by God to accept or to reject Jesus but with consequences. God’s people given advance warnings thousands of years before God takes action. God is slow to anger vengeance hopes people will do the right thing to change their minds. Jesus said let the reader understand this real life issue to make personal choice of their side to take. The antiChrist in Holy of holies has nations under its control fighting each other. Jesus comes with the saints from heaven to defeat them. God judges nations on the day of the LORD at the Armageddon battle. Despite the most advanced, sophisticated weapons God hurls wormwood falling star fire to burn all. Plagues of Moses in Egypt take place during the one day Armageddon battle culmination at the same time in Zachariah 14:12. Seven years later Gog and Magog lead other nation to war against Israel in Ezekiel 38. In Ezekiel 39:9 all who dwell in Israel go out to collect abandoned weapons for firewood. They will build fire with shields, bows, arrows, clubs, spears, armour for seven years. No weapons formed against Zion prosper in Jesus Name. Toxic vitriol against Israel, BDS, attacks are part of nation’s rage of people imagined evil. Jesus said let the reader understand these bigger pictures. God ‘allows’ punishment for Israel for a season rejecting Messiah Jesus is restored. Israel is prefect role model nation God uses to set example to all nations in the Abrahamic Covenant. Jesus is New Covenant Gospel to all nations decides your fate. The gospel of the kingdom is preached in the whole world for a witness to all nations then end will come. The battle takes place against God’s Truth in Matthew 24:18. People run for their lives in field told not to go back to get coats. In Matthew, Mark let the reader understand abomination of the desolation mentioned three times in the book of Daniel. Matthew 24:15-16 and Mark 13:14 on abomination of desolation speak of Daniel’s prophecies of 70 weeks taking place in Holy of holies Table Mount so (let reader understand). All in Judea flee to mountains, Jacob’s troubles is worst time of distress and grief in history affects all nations of earth. In GREAT TRIBULATION battle of nations positioned to fight Israel, strategic locations of various conflicts amalgamate into global war in Israel. Though Armageddon valley is final site of battle nations take sides fighting countries that disagree over boundary, race, religion, tribes, territory ideology, politics. It is antiChrist spirit fuelled lucifer behind the scenes. No nation will defeat Israel but will pay a very heavy price when God moves to defend Israel. Jesus takes over to Rule Israel in Jerusalem King of kings and Lord of lords so government upon His shoulders. Messiah Jesus Christ is the child is born unto us a son given, the GOVERNMENT on His shoulder. His name is Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God and an everlasting Father the Prince of Peace in Isaiah 9:6. Let reader understand Bible history and world event’s spirit behind antiSemitism in Daniel 12:7; Matthew’s 24; Luke 21; Isaiah 9:6; Ezekiel 38-39:9; Revelations 19;13-19; 24. If your name is not in God’s book of life is thrown in lake of fire by rejecting Messiah Yeshua Emmanuel God with us. Ask God to help you believe in Jesus pray daily to be a reader who understands in Jesus Name.


Jesus is God’s Elect said, if His elect not alert can be deceived by satan’s lies. So Bible says believers must watch and pray, trust God in Christ. God says believe and receive Jesus as Saviour by faith through grace in John 3:16; Ephesians 2:8-9. Trust in Jesus for salvation as His elect of Son of God. Confess with your mouth He rose from death, seats at the right hand of Yahweh in heaven. Jesus comes in clouds in rapture for in Christ who believe in Him. Those who believe will not perish so have eternal life. To receive Jesus as Saviour believe you are among God’s ‘whoever’ to be become child of God. In John 6:44, God calls all predestined to His Kingdom in Romans 8:29-30. Jesus is chosen by God so by faith in Christ you become God’s elect. Divine faith in Jesus is evidence you are elect. Jesus said in John 6:37 all who come to God will not be cast out. Father God welcomes you to repent of all your sins and to follow Jesus Christ.

The parable of the sower is God the farmer spreading seeds on fields. Seeds depend on soil, rocky, fertile ground to grow. Problems or challenges of the world make some give up God. Angry, blame God, reject Jesus’ free salvation so many are called but few chosen. Those saved stop rebelling against God Jesus as elect God forgives sin in Jesus Name daily repent asks God’s mercy, grace. Follow God’s plan of salvation, obey God and retain God’s knowledge in mind in Romans 1; 3: 10-18. So no Christ no salvation says 2 Corinthians 4:4 God is not mocked. God draws near if you call on Jesus for help. God opens your eyes to see you Jesus is Messiah and Saviour. Do feel you are “good” and don’t need a Saviour DNA inherited sin from Adam and Eve in all mankind you need salvation or you perish. Salvation is free as Jesus paid price for your sins. All have fallen short of Glory of God so Jesus is Seed of woman God sent to save you gives gift of eternal life in God’s Kingdom.

Gods repentance in Acts 11:18 stops people perishing in John 3:16. Jesus is God’s plan of salvation so recognize your need for Jesus to receive Jesus as Saviour and friend. Believe you are saved if you receive Jesus as Saviour trust God in Christ alone as God’s elect. You believe Jesus sacrifice og full payment of sin you become new creation God’s elect. Read your Bible daily, pray, read children’s Bible if new to God’s words pictures explain truth in the simple way for baby Christians. Faith comes by hearing word of God. God hears you directly in Jeremiah 33:3 so call on God, HE will answers: yes, no or not now. Listen to Bible songs about God and Jesus to build faith and study Bible. Take note learn verses that speak of your needs. Help people you meet who need help if you can help with a smile, prayer, support. Your name is written in God’s book of life in Daniel 12:1 Ancient of Days God on HIS throne in heaven has the Book of life to check names of HIS elect and give rewards in eternal life. Name not found in God’s book of life is thrown to hellfire will not die is tormented. So endure to the end as God’s elect in Christ waiting for the Rapture in the cloud into heaven in Jesus Name.


Elect “eklektos” in Greek elect for God’s purposes. God’s elect according to Jesus :

  1. Jesus said, “The last will be first and first last for many are called but few  chosen in Matthew 20:16; 22:14. God’s elect who repent, follow His command are few.
  2. GOD’S ELECT’S SAKE evil stops.
    Jesus said Great Tribulation evil no life will survive if not cut short for the sake of the elect in Matthew 24:22. Mark 13:20.
    Demonic deceit Jesus warns elect false christs, prophets do great signs, wonders lead many astray if possible the elect in Matthew 24:24, Mark 13:22 be alert watch and pray. Spiritual deceit fools God’s elect some fall away from God’s Truth. 
    God will send HIS Angel’s loud trumpet call to gather HIS elect from four winds of heaven in Matthew 24:31;Mark 13:27.
  5. GOD VINDICATES ELECT God’s elect cry day and night to bring justice quickly in Luke 18:7.
    Jesus mocked on Cross, “if God’s Chosen one come down in Luke 23:25. God’s elect firstborn of all creation is Jesus chosen by God all who believe are saved in 1 Peter 2:6.
    Who condemns God’s elect? God justifies, Romans 8:33. Jesus redeemed His elect to eternal life.

  • GOD’S ELECT CLOTHED IN AGAPE LOVE God’s elect are holy, love, kind, humble, gentle, patient, forgive as LORD forgives. Love unity and peace in Christ, thankful in Colossians 3:12-15.
    God, Christ Jesus, angels watch elect to be fair to all in 1 Timothy 5:21.
    Paul endured all things for sake of elect’s salvation in Christ to eternal glory in 2 Timothy 2:10;Titus 1:1.
    “Peter, said to the elect in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, Bithynia chosen by God to obey Jesus sprinkled with His blood in 1 Peter 1:1,2.
    “You are a chosen, royal priesthood, holy nation, God’s property show God’s mercy and love in 1 Peter 2:9,10.
    The Lamb of God overcome enemies Lord of lords and King of king’s elect faithful in Revelation 17:14.
    In Ephesians 1:12-14;4:30 the elect stand before Jesus, made perfect by His blood.
    God’s elect told be like Jesus love God and love people in Philippians 2:5;Peter 4:1. The greatest is love above faith, hope in 1 Corinthians 13:13.
  • God’s elect word 17 times in Bible, chosen selected in Isaiah 42:1;45:4;65:9;65:22 and Matthew 24:24,31. Mark 13:22;13:27, Luke 18:7; Romans 8:33, Colossians 3:12; and in 1 Timothy 5:21; Titus 1:1; 1 Peter 1:2;2:6; and in 2 John 1:1; 2 John 1:13.


Bible says God’s appears to people and talks to them; performs amazing miracles, speaks audibly and many things unseen today. Why did God reveal and prove Himself in Bible times but seems hidden and silent today?  One reason God is hidden today is willful and unrepentant sin. “They will cry out to the LORD but HE will not answer them. At that time HE will hide HIS face from them because of the evil done” says Micah 3:4; Deuteronomy 31:18; 32:20. Without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Some people miss evidence of God because of a refusal to believe (Mark 6:1-6) so it’s hard to see if you refuse to open your eyes. Far from being hidden, God’s complete plan of progressive revelation given to mankind. During HIS centuries-long communications, God’s miracles and direct talks to people are to reveal HIS character, instructions and HIS plans. After God’s times of speaking, silence. HIS power was not evident, new revelations were not coming directly in 1 Samuel 3:1.God’s first miracle Creation, is the evidence of God’s existence. And the way HE exhibits many of HIS attributes God made us see God is powerful, sovereign and eternal (Romans 1:20). Creation’s first declaration to mankind is “The heavens declare GLORY of God and universe proclaims HIS handiwork” (Psalm 19:1). Since creation God speaks to people to declare HIMSELF to inform mankind of HIS ways. HE spoke to Adam and Eve, gave them commandments to follow but disobeyed and cursed. HE assured them, and mankind HE will send a Seed Saviour to redeem us from sin. After Enoch’s translation to heaven it seems God is hidden but God spoke to Noah to save him and his family. God gave Moses HIS Law for people to follow. God performs miracles to confirm Moses is HIS prophet in Exodus 4:8 to deliver Israelites from Egypt. God performed miracles in Joshua’s time to establish Israel in Promised Land. In time of Elijah and Elisha God talked to prophets to combat idolatry. After times of direct Divine interventions, generations passed not seeing miracles or hearing Voice of God. So is God hidden? Why is HE not physically evident?When Jesus came to earth, after 400 “silent years” from God, He performed miracles to prove He is the Son of God to build faith in Him in Matthew 9:6; John 10:38. After His miraculous resurrection He trained apostles to perform miracles to prove He is truly sent by God. People believe in Jesus to obey New Testament apostles wrote. Any reasons why after time of apostles, God no longer talks audibly or makes HIMSELF evident? God’s words faithfully written down, miraculously kept, is given to us through ages. The Bible is God’s progressive revelation says Revelation 22:18. The completed Scripture manifests in miracles validating Bible. So God’s perfect Word is everything, “for doctrine, reproof correction, instruction in righteousness” in 2 Timothy 3:16. The Bible perfectly is “wise salvation by faith in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 3:15). Its “sure Word of prophecy with HIS miracles seen to obey God in 2 Peter 1:19. God intervenes in miracles to answer prayer based on HIS biblical revelations. Efficacy of Scripture from God is in wonderful miracles seen today to help un/believers to believe.

The Holy Spirit speaks to us as a Comforter, Teacher, leads into God’s Truth (John 14:16). He works our conscience to guide us and it’s important to understand the Spirit is giving insights in revelations. He speaks through written Word of God the “sword of Spirit” in Ephesians 6:17. The Spirit brings us specific Scriptures to mind when we needed most in John 14:26. He enlightens us to understand the Word and empowers us to live it. Holy Spirit reveals to us facts about heaven found in Bible’s sealed endtime words for today. To prepare us for the Rapture with God’s signs, miracles and wonders in skies today. So God seem hidden but HE is Spiritually discerned. “The just live by faith” (Habakkuk 2:4). And God gives people continuous miracles, signs daily if they look, focus on God. HE trusts us to search Scriptures daily to live by faith not by sight says Matthew 16:4; John 20:29; 2 Corinthians 5:7. If it seems like God is doing nothing know HE is Sovereign LORD and HE CARES about you. HE brings completion of HIS perfect plan in HIS Son Jesus coming in the clouds for Rapture. God directly reveals HIMSELF to some people. God works behind the scenes in best example of God’s hidden work book of Esther. God is not mentioned but HIS Sovereign work is from beginning to end. Make time to listen to God in HIS Presence ask HIM to help you in Jesus Name. GOD AND JESUS LOVES you so do we.

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GOD’S POWER pass all powers

God’s POWER is Greater than all the powers on earth and in the spiritual realms. God is angry people prefer lesser powers deceiving them not to submit to HIM. God’s POWER in the Bible is seen many times. God demands loyalty from all to choose to serve God not to serve baal, asherah or any other idol gods.

1. The LORD told Gideon, “Take your father’s bull and bull seven years old, break images and cut down groves. Burn graven images with fire in Judges 6:25. God told Gideon to destroy idol grove shrines and so he got the victory over his enemies. Don’t destroy gods if not a deliverance minister told by God to do so. Worship God in Spirit and in Truth in Jesus Name and pray for your family for God to open their eyes and save them.

2. Aaron’s staff swallowed up the magician’s staffs as Pharaoh’s heart became hardened not to listen to Moses in Exodus 7:8-13. And he and his army perished in red sea as they tried copying them crossing over to Canaan.

3. Jacob brought his family back to Canaan and God called him to build altar in Genesis 35:1. Jacob took away family idols, trinkets Rachel took from her father’s pagan images collection and buried them under a tree in Genesis 35:4. Jacob sanctified space to build altar to honour and worship God alone.

4. Samuel warned Eli, son’s sins against God taking meat before sacrifice to God cost all Israel to lose in war. Hophni and Phinehas slept with women in temple prostitution. So God’s anger raged but ignored warning the whole nation is punished. They carried Ark of God into the temple of Dagon and placed it beside idol Dagon. In 1 Samuel 4:8 Eli fell and broke his neck at the news of defeat in battle by Philistines. Heavily pregnant wife of priest Hophi died in childbirth. Hophni and Phinehas died as Philistines seized ark of Covenant put in dagon shrine. In Samuel 5:4-6, Philistines found dagon idol is broken on ground before the ark of the LORD, head and hands broken off lying on the floor in Ashdod. Whole nation’s idolatry led to God’s judgement and punishment by God’s enemy.

5. Saul consulted banned witch of Endor in 1 Samuel 28:6-14 before battle. Abandoned by God for rebellious arrogance didn’t do God’s will so rejected as king the Spirit of God left him. Saul banned witches but in desperation disguised himself to seek help for outcome of battle. The witch called spirit imitating Samuel told him he will die in battle. The witch recognised Saul but she insists on feeding Saul so cooked for him. He ate at the devil’s table but is servant of God, Saul and Jonathan died and Isreal defeated.

6. David took idols from battle to his home when Phillistines abandoned their idols in battle. David and his men took idols when Philistines took ark of God to dagon’s shrine in 2 Samuel 5:21. In 1 Samuel 19 its David’s wife Michal who dressed idol in bed escape from king Saul her father. In Hosea 1-3 God told Hosea to marry Gomer wife of prophet.  Hosea’s harlot wife a prostitute and a whore was unfaithful wife. Yahweh told Hosea to marry a wife to show Israel’s unfaithfulness to God. Many times God rescues HIS people who prefer to devote love and attention to a creature or idol images hurts God so much.

7. Solomon’s wives had idols in God’s Holy Temple disobey God. Solomon’s numerous women convinced him to turn to idolatry of pagan gods. So for gods diana and minerva Solomon built the dedicated temple outside Jerusalem, where his wives and concubines burn incense offered sacrifices in 1 Kings 11:7-8. In I Timothy 4:13 Solomon’s heathen wives turned his heart from God to idol worship. Solomon built magnificent Temple to God allowed idols into God’s Holy Temple.8. Priests worship sun, moon and star gazing turned their back to God’s Temple in Ezekiel 8:16-18. Turned their face to the sun, moon and host of heaven God forbids. Put images in Temple’s inner sacred spaces only priests entered to defile Holy of Holies priests were killed and burnt to ashes. Ezra 9-10 priests, Levites who married heathen Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Ammonites, Moabites, Egyptians, Amorites. 2 Heathen pollute Godly Holy seed if not converted. 3 All who fear God of Israel because of sin sat with Ezra to 4 evening burnt offering. 5 Ezra stood before the LORD God and fell on knees lifted hands to the LORD 6 I am ashamed to lift up my face for sin guilts high as heavens. 7. Sin of kings and priests cause the heathen kings to capture and rob them. 8 After exile and slavery shown love and mercy 9 a king of Persia help them rebuilt Temple of God in Jerusalem walled city in Judah. 10 Abandon and break God’s laws 11 the prophets warn but filled with corruption. 12 God to prosper nation 14 to STOP anger to destroy remnant 15 The LORD God of Israel forgives. 10 Men, women, children cried 2 For sin against God 3 agreed to divorce pagan wives sent away with children follows command to fear and obey the law of God 4 And set things straight with leaders, priests, Levites people of Israel 5 did as Shecaniah said 6 Jehohanan refused food, drinks, mourning because of sin. 7-8 so leaders, elders disinherit, excommunicated from Israel. 9 On fifth December the tribes of Judah, Benjamin 10 Ezra priest 11 Confess sin did God’s demands 12 separate heathen 12 As God said 13 to stop sinf. 14 The leaders tried heathen cases with elders and judges to stop wrath of God. 15 Jonathan Asahel’s son and Jahzeiah Tikvah’s son Meshullam, Shabbethai Levite disagreed. 16-19 Leaders, judges worked December 15 to March 15. So the priests married to heathen wives gave guilt offering of ram sacrifices. In Ezra 10:9 fifth December is twentieth of ninth month Hebrew calendar. In Judges Delilah – Dalila, is Samson’s love traitor in Judges 16. So the Philistine bribed her to trap Samson coaxed to reveal secret of his strength Nazirite long hair was deceived betrayed to enemies died9. Elijah calls God’s fire from heaven defeats idols of Jezebel in a Carmel contest because they served idols. Elijah reminded Israel of loyalty to God to serve God alone. Not to mix God’s Holiness with idol worship because it led Israel into exile as God’s punishment. He killed 950 baal prophets but Elijah felt alone he didn’t know 700 loyal Prophets of God in Israel. Elijah was frightened and frustrated by threats of Jezebel gave up job so went to heaven alive in God’s golden fire chariot.

10. Carved images of idols Manasseh set in house of God angered God in 2 Chronicles 33:7. Manasseh repented and burnt idols. Leviticus 10:1-20 Aaron sons priests made sacrifice uncalled for so Nadab, Abihu died. Aaron’s two other sons Eleazar and Ithamar lived. In 1 Kings 13 the LORD’S lion mauled prophet. The LORD sent for his body thrown on road with donkey and lion standing near it. Its a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God in the pulpit or pew. Paul did not want to save others to perish. God stops rebellion against Moses so earth swallowed Korach’s accomplices and family. As Miriam turned leprous against Zipporah Moses for a black wife God is so POWERFUL so fear God, study the bible, pray, love, forgive people.

11. Blood of bulls, goats will not save you in Hebrews 9:12–10:4. The blood of goats and calves in 9:4, blood of goats and bulls (9:13) blood of calves and goats (9:19) and blood of bulls and goats in (10:4) does not save a person from sin permanently. It works for a while is repeated again and again by person from generation to generation in bondage.

12. Jesus ULTIMATE BLOOD ALONE VALUED by God for salvation into eternal life for the Christians. GOD’S POWER IS GREATER than the pastor’s power. The widow of a prophet told Elisha, ‘Your servant’ my husband died and a creditor came to take my two children as slaves.’ Prophet colleague of Elisha God’s servant’s death left his wife destitute in 2 Kings 4:1-7. Elisha helped the widow sell oil to pay off husband’s debt and saved their children. 4 The prophet could ask Elisha before death for help but didn’t in fear of gossip or shame nearly lost their children. Do not let pride stop you from seeking help as a leader or pastor. Jesus loves and cares about people so feeds people in Matthew 14:3-12; Mark 6:30-40; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:13 had twelve and seven baskets leftovers the 3,000, 5,000 to 10,000 includes women and children. Jesus hates wasting food so share your food with others. God chose Jesus the way, the truth and the life to redeem us from sin. God is a jealous God will not share HIS GLORY with anyone. God is changing things in the world shaking people to wake up to make a choice before its too late. Repent on your knees in tears to God ask for HIS mercy for your life, family, loved, nations, enemies. God is angered by mankind’s rejection of HIM is restructuring the world to destroy those who reject Jesus. All who accept God will be saved in eternal life in heaven. Make sure you accept Jesus as personal saviour by praying: Father God please forgive my sins in Jesus Name. Wash me with the BLOOD of Jesus and destroy evil idols in my life and in my family and nation in Jesus Name. Thank you Father God for forgiving me, help me to serve you alone in Jesus Name. In Christ, “we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us” says Romans 8:37 and rejoice in our Saviour who makes all things possible in Philippians 4:13. In Christ we are loved, forgiven and secure. In Christ we are adopted, justified, restored, redeemed, reconciled and chosen. In Christ we are victorious, filled with joy and peace, and granted the true meaning of life. What a wonderful Saviour is Christ! Amen.


IMG-20200813-WA0010Inner beauty shows is the real character content a person feels in connection with others with joy, warm good vibes. Inner beauty is confident strength of character with good physical appearance. Beauty is skin deep goes far beyond external looks or physical appearance to impress. Inner beauty is not excuse for the ‘ugly’ people to feel better. 1 Peter 3:5-7 says cultivate inner beauty and gentle Spirit, gracious and kind God delights in. Holy women are beautiful to God this way. 1 Peter 3:4 says let the inner person of your heart shine through with good quality as a gentle and quiet spirit, precious in the sight of God. 1 Peter 3:4 says wives, be subject to your husbands if any obey not the word will be won by conversation of wives. 2 Your conversation will change them by your good example. 3 Adorning, plaiting hair, wearing gold and clothes in moderation with modesty. 4 Do not let your inner heart be corrupted by outer ornaments and external adornments. IMG_20200814_2953bae4cf84a1ef23e04d0c5258e2d2caa2A meek gentle quiet Spirit in the sight of God is of a great price. 5 This is how holy women who trust in God are adorned in subjection to their husbands. 6 So Sarah obeyed Abraham calling him lord. God’s daughters are not afraid to be humble to treat people well. 7. Her husband dwells according to knowledge, giving honour to wife as weaker vessel. And heirs together of grace of life so that your prayers be not hindered. 8 Have a mind of compassion, love the brethren be courteous, humble. 9 Do not render evil for evil to inherit God’s blessings. 10 Love life to see good days to by refraining your tongue from speaking evil. 11 Do good, seek peace and pursue it. 12 The eyes of the LORD on the righteous HIS ears open to hear prayers. The face of the LORD is against those who do evil. 13 Who will harm followers of God? 14 If the righteous suffer be happy don’t be afraid of terror troubles. 15 Sanctify the LORD God in your heart ready to give answer to all who ask for reasons of your faith and hope in God be humble and polite. Jesus said life is not made up of your material possession outer things but what defines you is what comes from your mouth and inner being. The thoughts of your heart in conversations define and reveal your true colours. External influence enhances your inner being to add value to your life. You reveal yourself as a reflective mirror image prism of your inner self. You show what is inside you by your action and your words. We see the world the way we are. Your words build people up by your genuine charisma attractiveness or hurt by your false charm. Repulsive behaviour quickly seen through nobody wants your company and you wonder why.0_9GcYJXzd99BY6RXcdownloadfile-68IMG_20200813_16774IMG-20200813-WA0014

16 Have good conscience though they speak evil of you they will be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ. 17
Its better by will of God to suffer doing good than evil. 18 Christ suffered for sin of the just and unjust to bring us to God. He was put to death in flesh quickened by Spirit. 19 He saves from bondage the 20 disobedient and stubborn. The LORD God waits as in the days of Noah ark prepared and eight souls saved in floods. 21 His baptism saved us in good conscience toward God in resurrection of Jesus Christ. 22 Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God with angels saints, authorities and all powers subject to Jesus Christ. Proverbs 31:30-31 says beauty jfades and charm is deceitful but a woman who honours the LORD is to be praised. So honour comes from inward beauty of good positive attitude, respect and humility to all people. Physical looks mean nothing with a stinking attitude repulsive behaviour. 

There is too much emphasis on an outward physical appearance and time consuming. A whole industry of beauty products enhance life and make up hides perceived flaws too embarrassing to appear in public. God lets people use make up products and resources made abundantly to improve looks. At the same time God warns of outlandish vulgar physical appearance craving such negative attention it distracts focus of issues at hand. The luxury of time enables obsessed make up some even wear to bed or cannot leave home without. Said they feel naked without make up. A marriage broke up because the bride did not look like her fake make up as presented to the groom. The husband was in shock so he asked for divorce immediately granted him. He said he felt duped looking at glamorous packaged woman who did not look in a real life like the bride he married.

God looks at the heart not the time devoted to outward physical looks neglecting content of character. Too much emphasis on looks is affecting many insecure people who feel not good enough physically. This affects them so much it causes anxiety and pressure to look like someone else. Worst of all it costs lots of money to keep up the fake persona. Some of the products used are toxic carcinogens that causes cancer. Other products enter a blood streams of nursing mothers tested in babies. Lead and many chemicals affects babies in a womb coupled with junk foods eaten causes many health issues for life. Extra procedure involves surgery botox to keep up with their appearance for youthful looks. So many fear growing old gracefully, naturally DNA of sin degenerates. Some men and women think it is body looks lifestyle without character but the physical body grows and changes. Affect relationship of those who want perfect types to marry. No one on earth is good enough to match a selfish impossible deluded standard they set but not perfect themselves. Pojects insecurity on others do not focus on inward heart tarnish reputation. True inner beauty happiness begins inside your heart, you are what you say do in life seen by all in contact.

Sometimes the river flows but nothing breathes.
A train arrives but never leaves.
It’s a shame.
Oh life – like love that walks out of the door,
Of being rich or being poor.
Such a shame.
But it’s then, then that faith arrives
To make you feel at least alive.
And that’s why you should keep on aiming high,
Just seek yourself and you will shine.You’ve go to search for the hero inside yourself,
Search for the secrets you hide.
Search for the hero inside yourself
Until you find the key to your life.In this life, long and hard though it may seem,
Live it as you’d live a dream.
Aim so high.
Just keep the flame of truth burning bright.
The missing treasure you must find
because you and only you alone
can build a bridge across the stream.
Weave your spell in life’s rich tapestry –
Your passport to a feel supreme.You’ve go to search for the hero inside yourself,
Search for the secrets you hide.
Search for the hero inside yourself
Until you find the key to your life.Search inside yourself. (You’ve got to search) 
Search inside yourself. (You’ve got to search)
Search inside yourself. (You’ve got to search)You’ve go to search for the hero inside yourself,0
Search for the secrets you hide.
Search for the hero inside yourself
Until you find the key to your life.You’ve go to search for the hero inside yourself,
Search for the secrets you hide.
Search for the hero inside yourself
Until you find the key to your life.You’ve got to.
(Search inside yourself) 
You’ve got to.
(Search inside yourself)
You’ve got to.
(Search inside yourself)Search


downloadfile-99God created all people to live in peace with all on earth. Taylor Swift paid £23:000 fees towards a black girl’s University education to study maths. If more rich people sponsor poor students acquire skills or employ them to have better lives not photo opportunities to boost their image. Jesus said in endtimes offence and vexation to abound. Autocratic dictator tyrant lawless leaders use Martial laws to force people against their will, legal rights or due processes. Beware demanding your legal rights not valued by army, police or authorities enforce Martial law. Section 60 order allows officers to search anyone in places without any “reasonable grounds” to make up charges to arrest people. This law started 27th April online be careful its a bait for Covid-19 control forces people to comply with tyrant’s law vaccine against people. To make more money due to LOVE OF MONEY the root of all evil uses chaos to force people to comply. Structural institutional racism is used to abuse people destroy God’s creation. Protestors are arrested, jailed quicker than police arrest murderers. Protestors pay bail money to police so families take loans to pay bail or stay in jail. Make the right choices to preserve and support black people’s lives. 20201123_114619Educate yourself how best to help improve black lives to give them respect and dignity. George Clooney showed appreciation for all who helped him to become successful. They allowed him to sleep on their sofas and gave him chance in life. Do not see people at the top and assume they were all born rich or it came to them effortlessly. Many struggle for years willing to endure challenges faced but determined to succeed work hard to be who they become. This is a great story because it helps young people to humble themselves to be willing to face challenges in life. There is no shortcuts to success and challenges build up character and resilience to perform well. George remembered those who helped him and rewarded them for their input into his life. Many helped out of their good hearts so did not expect any reward from him. But he gave $14,000,000 to many to thank them. Its even more interesting to learn he drove the van as florist to share this money not in his most expensive private jet to impress them. 






20201024_141342 It costs money to hire lawyers to defend the protestors in court takes two years in jail for hearing pay legal fees. In jail raped, bullied, beaten, abused or killed by prisoners. Think before you join ‘peaceful’ protests stay safe. Police doing their job well respect all people are humble, politely questions people. A ten year old girl wrote thank you cards to police for appreciation. A young man handcuffed saved a policeman who collapsed on floor to call for help. A good policeman ensures two  children he found help play safely on floor. 11 year old drove Mercedes helps grandma stop diabetic coma. And Denzel Washington anonymously helps to pay fees for Chadwick Boseman’s acting career, Oxford University.20200909_161408Boseman in conversation with security man Carter on set for gods of Egypt in Australia,” said, “We didn’t talk much about Black Panther but he put the first issue of Black Panther in my trailer. His original issue of Black Panther when he was a kid with note ‘You’re going to get this role.” Oh my God the host, Kelly Ripa said. There was no sign that Marvel was going to do Black Panther movie or bring Black Panther into Marvel universe Boseman said, “but became a thing built in my head; actor repeats story to US presenter Jimmy Kimmel, turning to camera naming Charles Carter as planter of the seed. Carter was in his car in Sydney when he heard the interview played back on Australian radio station. He smiled and recalled one of their last conversations on set. “If they ever do a Black Panther movie that comic book will be worth a lot,” Boseman told Carter. “No, it’s a good luck charm to stay with you forever,” Carter replied. He added jokingly, “Just don’t forget me when you’re a superstar!”


7B9A2770-1024x68320200618_10235620200827_18085620200830_10394620200904_12203820200905_10150020200905_105912Think of CONSEQUENCES of criminal record no jobs and injured maimed killed by police. How is the protests stopping police brutality, injustice; they make more money, get richer. Protests do not STOP police brutalities. Some police forces are even worse than before as EMPOWERED BY MARTIAL LAW MILITARY WEAPONS used to enforce civil control by a greedy few lovers of money? GOOD POLICE exist and are kind, helpful, polite, put their lives at risk to protect society. But the worst police officers don’t go to jail for evil crimes against humanity. The colleagues get angry, project their anger on protesters or press or anyone minding their own business. Police get angrier if colleagues killed, do more stop and search to venge their anger, frustration to arrest black people, so be wise don’t play into their angry hands for their vendetta.  20201023_18413320201024_220743IMG-20200602-WA000161IByRR1JzL._AC_UL320_ML3_The press must wear reflective uniform and ID for police following orders; among police some structurally institutionally racist use a violent way against black people, spit hoods, guns but its villains barking orders who are wicked evil ones with their BEST SECURITY PROTECTION sonsafe nobody touches them EXCEPT GOD. And tell me how does looting, burnings in the name of George Floyd and others solve case for justice turning public’s sympathy to anger against thems? Jesus has WARNED in Matthew 24, that FEAR causes lawlessness and people running riot. During shortages, no food, no jobs Martial law used by a few arrogant cocky greedy who take all material resources God provides for people, wasted. Bible warns it happens irrespective of social media opinion views, people abuse peaceful events. Its best to support bereaved families and raise funds for funeral. Many ultra wealthy filthy rich blacks MUST invest in black youth and train them, employ black people not show up for photo opportunity to ‘prove’ sympathy until next time it happens. A wicked evil person who hates blacks is not changed by burning, looting or businesses, destroyed. That will not change them, they claim insurance, business as usual for them. IMG-20200530-WA0003BE WISE do not be fooled into thinking all who take oath to SERVE to PROTECT apply normal peace time laws. Covid-19 changed the world forever its no longer business as usual. Jesus says there will be lawlessness and offence PROTECT your life. Don’t give opportunity to the trigger happy racists to harass or kill you due to your anger in vain. Autocratic tyrant instructs human violation laws so peace and harmony is thrown out of the window. Do not be fooled into thinking normal laws are still in place. If people can’t use conscience God put in them to obey God to do the right thing what makes think you’ll change them to treat fellow humans kindly? Standing in front of such racists authorised to abuse endangers your life. Those saying “human right constitution” laws gives them the right to challenge tyrant laws must be aware of the authoritarian abuse of power. Absolute power corrupt absolutely do not rely on abuser to do the right thing wasting your precious time. Protect your life do not fall into the trap to think majority is always right. A coward tyrant uses Martial law to control and dominate but the GOOD NEWS is GOD’S GREATER POWER RENDER JUSTICE on your behalf if you do not take laws into your own hand. Perilous times globally take place do not perish for lack of knowledge as God warns HIS children in the world.250px-Govt_placement_chartRevelations 19:13-19 says God’s vengeance on your behalf will come to vindicate you. 13 Jesus dressed in robe dipped in blood His name Word of God. 14 The armies of heaven riding on white horses dressed in fine linen, white and clean. 15 Out of his mouth sharp sword to strike down nations. “He will rule with an iron scepter.” He treads winepress of the fury of wrath of God Almighty. 16 On his robe on thigh has name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. 17 Angel stands in sun in a loud voice to birds flying midair, “Come, together for the great supper of God 18 Eat flesh of kings generals, mighty, of horses and their riders, flesh of people, free, slave, great and small.”  19 The beast, kings of earth and armies gather to wage war against Jesus rider on horses army will be defeated forever. The abuse of power is desperate attempt of autocrat tyrant people be aware JESUS SAYS GOD WILL DEMAND BLOOD of humans from them. Empowered autocrat tyrants use Martial laws in a peace time trigger happy bullies avenged by GOD HE SEES KNOWS evil. Jesus warns all trigger happy bullies God is in heaven keeping HIS ACCURATE RECORD of all events happening on earth holds each person accountable for their actions. Do not fall into their traps to be tormented in hell next to racist haters by anger. Your colour created is by JEHOVAH NISSI for HIS GLORY so think before you act God’s judgement day is coming. In crowd or group be aware of anarchists hiding behind events hurt others cause confusion. Beware of changes taking place globally. Bible says things get worse so Jesus comes in Rapture to rescue those in Christ. All left behind go through the GREAT TRIBULATION sealed by the Holy Spirit. Pray for GOD’S WISDOM  to guide you in Jesus Name. Do not act out of anger, vengeance, hatred God is the judge.20200602_233548Trump did not come to pray or lament the death of George Floyd in church or address deep wounds expressed by peaceful protest by the thousands upon thousands. He didn’t bring calm to situations exploding with pain Budde added. Trump’s church maneuver on Tuesday from the Republican ally Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse. “There is no right to riot but the fundamental constitutional right to protest cleared by violence for a photo op treats Word of God as political prop.” The Church’s proximity to the White House has frequent visit from the president St. John’s, Episcopal congregations said liberal critical approach to Trump since beginning of his term. Prior to a Church appearance, Trump gave a fiery speech vowing to establish law and order at all costs by shooting for looting use dogs. Reports said Trump wants nations to see him in open after news outlets report hiding in White House bunker as protests near Executive mansion. Floyd, 46, died May 25 killed by the former police officer Derek Chauvin who knelt on his neck nine minutes during arrest for allegedly using counterfeit $20 bill at local store. His last words: “I can’t breathe,” slogan nationwide demonstration. Derek and three other officers involved in Floyd’s arrest fired after video of his death went viral. Chauvin arrested is charged with third  degree murder and manslaughter. As demonstrators demand three other officers be arrested and charged too. Chauvin kept knees on neck not praying to God but to kill.

The Bible is the most sacred text of Judeo-Christian churches without permission used with a backdrop message “All are welcome.” Jesus said blessed are peacemakers, blessed are the merciful in a sermon on the Mount” said John Fea professor of American history, Messiah College. Trump act against teaching of Jesus said James Martin, Jesuit priest and consultant to Vatican’s communications dept tweeted: This is revolting Bible is not a prop and the Church is not photo op. Bible is not the political tool, God is not your plaything. Rabbi Jack Moline the President,  Interfaith Alliance said Trump standing in front of St John’s Episcopal Church holding Bible but in response call for racial justice uses military force to clear peaceful protesters is one of the most flagrant misuses of religion ever seen.” Trump doesn’t belong to congregation occasionally attends the service but does not like to ask God for forgiveness. Trump said God wants Trump president but evangelical women reject Trump. Church is essential to his political future. In 2016, Mr Trump won 81% of white evangelical votes, exit polls of white Catholics support is over 60%. Trump defies normal laws orders shootings and use of dogs against the protestors. Champions evangelical, conservative voters but divisive rhetoric, three marriages, sexual assault by dozens of women hush-money pornography film actress, record false statement 18,000 in Politifact website in BBC News. God creates a variety of humans for HIS GLORY attacks, insults God’s people’s race, colour, shape but they didn’t choose how to be created. Bible says God struck Miriam with leprosy for her racism against Moses’ black wife Zipporah. Beware don’t bring God’s judgement on you to go in burning hellfire repent to be saved.20200828_223227


20200611_07345420200611_07324515680449437944780065845189322578.pngGod’s black women gives birth to all whites.20200905_100125


Lyrics of Leaning On Everlasting Arms:

What a fellowship, what a joy Divine,
Leaning on the everlasting arms;
What a blessedness, what a peace is mine,
Leaning on the everlasting arms.
Leaning, leaning,
Safe and secure from all alarms;
Leaning, leaning,
Leaning on the everlasting arms.
Oh, how sweet to walk in this pilgrim way,
Leaning on the everlasting arms;
Oh, how bright the path grows from day to day,
Leaning on the everlasting arms.
Leaning, leaning,
Safe and secure from all alarms;
Leaning, leaning,
Leaning on the everlasting arms.
Oh, how sweet to walk in this pilgrim way,
Leaning on the everlasting arms;
Oh, how bright the path grows from day to day,
Leaning on the everlasting arms.
Leaning, leaning,
Safe and secure from all alarms;
Leaning, leaning,
Leaning on the everlasting arms.
What have I to dread, what have I to fear,
Leaning on the everlasting arms;
I have blessed peace with my Lord so near,
Leaning on the everlasting arms.
Leaning, leaning,
Safe and secure from all alarms;
Leaning, leaning,
Leaning on the everlasting arms.

What fellowship what a joy Divine leaning on the Everlasting Arms…

Proverbs 3:5–8 says, Trust the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. 6 In all your ways acknowledge Him
and He will direct your paths. 7 Do not be wise in your own eyes. Fear the LORD and depart from evil.
8 God’s word is health to your flesh and strength to your bones. 9 Honour God with your possessions.


The Queen’s royal speech addressed the nation with a message titled, “we will meet again” to tell people life goes on despite Covid-19. The Palace  stressed unity and giving thanks to the frontline workers so the broadcast is designed to reassure and inspire all people, in times like this. People across the UK gathered to watch the Queen’s address. But most of all the recast of coronavirus crisis is a defining moment for all nations forever in efforts to save vulnerable lives. NHS staff under enormous pressure to work without PPE adequate equipment. With Second World War metaphors around at the moment, the Queen remembers by a direct reference to her first radio broadcast in 1940. Then, Queen a young princess and her sister Margaret spoke to the children who were evacuated.

The Queen: “We will be with our friends again we will be with our families again we will meet again.” Reminds of times of innocence of childhood and sacrifices earlier generation of a long perspective on Britain’s history. Echoes of a struggle of the 1940s defined Britain’s self-image, through broadcast. Winston Churchill said, after fall of France in 1940, after a thousand years Britons say, “still finest hour.” The Queen says history will judge the nation and “those that come after us will say Britons of this generation are as strong as any.” “Life of who we are isn’t part of our past,” “it defines our present and our future.” The Queen celebrated communal feeling existing today by an  applause for care and essential workers. She said, “expression of our national spirit” and “symbols of rainbows drawn by children” displayed on the windows share hope in perilous times. The talk of peaceful national traits, “self-discipline” “quiet, good-humoured resolve” “fellow-feeling” of common good of the nation.Prince CharlesThe Queen’s eldest son, Prince Charles, spent seven days in isolation on testing positive for coronavirus. The queen’s speech is about collective effort to help each other. “Together we are tackling a disease,” she said. “If we remain united and resolute, we will overcome it.” “We will succeed,” she insisted, “and success belongs to each and every one of us.” So was time for some great-grandmotherly wisdom occupying often lonely position, offered her thoughts to all alone in self-isolation. In UK, almost all front pages carry photograph of Queen, delivering address to nation from Windsor Castle.A family watching the Queen's coronavirus speech on TVA family in Hampshire watched Queen’s TV address on coronavirus outbreak as The Daily Mirror and the Sun pick out the same message for headlines: “We will meet again.” For the Daily Mail, the historic address evoked the memories of Vera Lynn and “Britain’s Blitz spirit.” Thd Guardian’s sketch writer John Crace says monarch’s address is  “clear moral leadership” many political leaders have failed to provide in the current crisis. It is only a certain amount of head of state who can speak in times like these but a reference to the government’s efforts to tackle the outbreak is notably absent. It is important to support each other and to pray for prime minister in hospital with the Corona virus.A family watching the Queen's coronavirus speech on TVThe Queen’s speech encourages people to seek God, if a believer pray, meditate or non believer reflect. God’s earth faces things happening globally affects as the Bible in Isaiah 24 says apocalyptic event will happen to whole earth. 1. The LORD God makes earth empty to waste it. God distort plans of earth scatter inhabitants abroad. 2. Cataclysmic events shakes the people priests, servants, masters, maids, mistress, buyer, seller, lender, borrower creditor, debtor 3 The land is so empty its plundered as the LORD’s said. 4 The earth mourns, languishes and haughty proud panic. 5. The earth is destroyed as inhabitants transgressed God’s laws by breaking Covenant. 6. So curse devoures earth and all who dwell in it so desolate. The inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men are left. 7. The new wine fails, vine languishes, the merry-hearted sigh. 8 The sound of tambourine ceases, noise of jubilants end, joy of harp cease. 9 They shall not drink wine with a song, strong drink is bitter to who drinks it. A 10 city of confusion is broken down the  houses are shut up so no one goes in. 11 There is cry for wine in streets, joy and pleasure of land is gone 12 The city is desolate gates struck with destruction. Prime minister hospitalized in intensive care unit as Covid-19 affects globally.People in Leicester watch the Queen deliver her addressThe Queen’s prayer is said for nations as 13. Land shake like olive trees, gleaning of grapes. 14 They will lift up their voice and sing; People sing on balconies and the majesty of the LORD is heard aloud from the sea. 15 Glorify the LORD at the dawn of light so name of the LORD God of Israel heard in coastlands of the sea. 16 From ends of earth we hear songs: “GLORY to the righteous God but some say, “I am ruined, ruined! Woe to me! Treacherous dealers deal treacherously. 17 Fear and snare on the inhabitants of earth. 18 All who flee from noise by fear fall into pit and are caught in snare. The windows on high open and foundations of earth is shaken. 19 The earth broken, splits open is shaken. 20 The earth shall reel to and fro like drunkard shakes. So transgressions shall be heavy it will fall and not rise again. 21 And shall come to pass that day the LORD  will punish the exalted ones on the earth and kings of the earth. 22 They are gathered together as prisoners shut in a prison after many days will be punished. 23 The moon will change, sun flare for the LORD of hosts reign at Mount Zion Jerusalem with HIS people GLORIOUSLY on earth.

We’ll meet again
Don’t know where
Don’t know when
But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day
Keep smiling through
Just like you always do
‘Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away
So will you please say hello
To the folks that I know
Tell them I won’t be long
They’ll be happy to know
That as you saw me go
I was singing this song
We’ll meet again
Don’t know where
Don’t know when
But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day
We’ll meet again
Don’t know where
Don’t know when
But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day
Keep smiling through
Just like you always do
‘Til the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away
So will you please say hello
To the folks that I know Tell them I won’t be long
They’ll be happy to
That as you saw me go
I was singing this song
We’ll meet again
Don’t know where
Don’t know when
But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day

1 God be with you till we meet again;
By His counsels guide, uphold you,
With His sheep in love enfold you;
God be with you till we meet again.

Till we meet, till we meet,
Till we meet at Jesus’ feet;
Till we meet, till we meet,
God be with you till we meet again.

2 God be with you till we meet again!
’Neath His wings protecting hide you,
Daily manna still provide you;
God be with you till we meet again!

3 God be with you till we meet again!
When life’s perils thick confound you,
Put His arms unfailing round you;
God be with you till we meet again!

4 God be with you till we meet again!
Keep love’s banner floating o’er you,
Smite death’s threaten wave before you. God be with you till we meet again!

During self-isolation trust God in Christ.20200406_21365220200411_195113A 99-year-old war veteran raised £23m for NHS to be guest of honour to open Nightingale hospital in Harrogate. He aimed to raise £1,000 for NHS Charities Together to complete 100 laps in garden before his 100th birthday. The veteran, born in Keighley, West Yorkshire appear via video link at opening on Tuesday. He said its an honour and chance to thank NHS workers directly. May God bless all NHS workers sacrificing their precious lives in the frontlines to help others in these times. Thank you all soooo much.Harrogate Convention CentreCapt Tom, lives in Marston Moretaine in Bedfordshire, said: “I am still amazed by the amount of kindness and generosity from UK public who continue to give in spite uncertain times for many. “I think the amount raised demonstrates how much we all value the dedication and sacrifices made by our NHS workers. I fought during a war they are fighting in a war too. NHS Charities Together said is truly inspired and humbled by his efforts. What a great example to us all no matter what we are going through to do what it takes to help and support others. No effort is too small too insignificant to make a difference. Its so encouraging God bless him.

Simon Stevens, the NHS chief executive, said: “On behalf of the NHS our heartfelt thanks go to Captain Tom Moore for his remarkable fundraising efforts for NHS charities. “Inviting Captain Moore to be our guest of honour at opening of NHS Nightingale Yorkshire and Humber is to thank him. The Harrogate Convention Centre will be used for 500 beds the first of the field hospitals to be built outside a city. The veteran, served in Myanmar in Second World War, praised by Duke of Cambridge, described as a “one-man fundraising machine.” Prince William  donated undisclosed amount. God bless him and the royal family and all people.screenshot-2020-06-02-at-24449-pmhqdefault-1


wp-1578310337242.gifCall on Jesus to save you in eternal life to rescue you in Rapture if you believe in Jesus Christ. The world is changing as Jesus warned so Revelation is unfolding in all parts of earth. Trust God to help to face challenges going on. The Bible says in 2 Samuel 24:1-24 David’s sin against the LORD God for counting God’s army.” David’s went against the advise an army Captain gave him. David put his trust in chariots and horses in defeat of enemies forgot Jehovah Nissi fights his battle by heavenly host armies single handedly!!! 11 The LORD sent prophet Gad a seer to tell David, 12 ‘Choose your punishment for your mistake. 13 Gad gave David the options of three years hunger in land or enemies chasing you three months? Or three days of disease in the land” 14 So David told Gad, “Let the LORD punish us because God is merciful, don’t let people punish us!” 15 The LORD sent a disease on the land until chosen time to stop the plague by His mercy, thank God!

In Dan to Beersheba, seventy thousand people died 16 As angel raised his arm to destroy Jerusalem the LORD changed His mind felt sad about terrible things to happen told angel to stop destroying people. “The angel of the LORD at the threshing floor of Araunah Jebusite. 17 David saw angel that killed people and David told the LORD, “I sinned against God not the people God punish me and my family.” 18 Gad told David, God said “Build altar to the LORD on threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite. 19 David did as commanded. 20 Araunah saw the king and servants bowed to the king. 21 asks “Why did you come here?” David said to buy your threshing floor to build ALTAR to LORD for the disease plague to stop.” 22 Araunah said, “Take the land to sacrifice oxen for burnt offering and threshing board and yokes for wood. 23 The LORD God be pleased with you.” 24 King told Araunah “I will pay for your land not offer the LORD burnt offerings that cost me nothing. David paid for the floor, oxen, two and fourth pound silver 25 Built ALTAR to the LORD burnt whole offerings God accepted, disease stopped. Call on God for mercy on family, friends and nations in Jesus Name. Thank God for Jesus our Messiah sent to save from punishments of sin Jesus took away.

Jesus warned 3000 years ago there will be plagues in end times. Revelations 22 says those who change word of God will suffer plagues. China said they will soon change Bible to communism man-made ideas corona came immediately. When a Chinese doctor warned people of virus he was accused he spread false rumour but caught the virus and died. Haiti said satan was their god so earthquakes hit them immediately. End time plagues or wildfires and volcanoes, the tsunamis, mudslides, plagues, floods or tornadoes, locust, pestilence perilous times famine, droughts Bible says one third of all trees destroyed by fire, ships sink, seas, rivers asteroids, comets, meteor toxins pollute earth to cause death. Revelation 6 says spirit of death causes people to die until Rapture. Later is GREAT TRIBULATION death God mockers who reject Jesus the Son of God must repent. All who accept Jesus even if they die in Christ will go into heaven but those who reject Jesus after death go in a hellfire punishment. ALL THESE ARE IN BIBLE FROM GOD AS JESUS WARNED 3OOO YEARS AGO. Today when you hear His Voice accept Jesus to be saved. During attacks it was said some children just received Christ when they were attacked and died. The people who died in Christ resurrect into eternal life in Christ live in infinity. The coming disaster is worse than COVID-19.


Once you are caught unprepared then you are doomed eternally.

COVID-19 will soon end, *but if you don’t put your ways right, and JESUS’ second coming take you unaware then it is worst than coronavirus.*

Do self examination:
*✓Wash your heart*
*✓Keep a social distance from evil*
*✓Avoid the crowd of wickedness and wicked men*
*✓Cover your mind from being infected from the sneeze of sin and hatred*
*✓Do not shake hands with abomination*
*✓Do not hug heresy and false teachings.*
*✓Be safe so that you will be saved.*
*✓Sanitize your life with the Word of God*.
*✓In case you notice symptoms of sin, call the helpline of Christ in PRAYER.*
*✓Remember to boost your spiritual immunity system with Faith and the Power of the Holy Spirit.*

Romans 8:35-39 SAYS GOD LOVES YOU
35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.

37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


wp-1580499368344.jpgwp-1580499432263.jpgwp-1580499392845.jpgIMG-20200217-WA001020200209_010905Biography 2013/07/31 is 37 years in 2020 is 44years old caucasian white Meghan.  20200206_02030120200210_15384820200522_064028










wp-1580499409395.jpgLeft behind clothes in storage in Canada despite intention to become British after marriage. Without clothes to wear given blank cheques to spend to excess orders clothes. Calculating ploy used to buy her clothes to copy Diana tricked Harry and took advantage of impressionable Harry to fall in love her strategy worked. Refused to wear tights, hats wore black nail varnish broke protocol for negative attention “racism” to justify her excuse of ‘intense media scrutiny’ to leave UK. A picture speaks a thousand words so her actions exposed by newspapers of schemes backfired as a con artist fraud. By the time she left her second husband Trevor, his $96million invested in the film dwindled to $12million she left not quite the billionaire lifestyle she craves.wp-1580499286808.jpgwp-1580506607825.jpgwp-1580506691734.jpg20200208_181713IMG-20200512-WA0006wp-1580563965874.jpgwp-1580513649728.jpgwp-1580513632101.jpg20200208_18184720200208_181809

IMG-20190813-WA0000None of these homes are good enough for them?IMG-20190819-WA0020



wp-1580499009941.jpg20200204_18204120200204_18191920200524_22021320200526_23412520200526_233330People pay for Wimbledon seats told to get up to empty seats ordered by Meghan so nobody allowed to take selfies near her at public stadium during a tennis match in UK. Her actions upset lots of people who look up to the royals as role models not to be self-centred attention seekers. People are not allowed to wear hats to block other’s views behind she put hat on breaks protocol rules. Exposed herself to seduce Ohanan instead of being at Balmoral said baby too young to travel. But flew him in private jets to watch Serena play tennis in US told not to attend because she distracts Serena with attention seeking behaviour is beamed on screen and her focus is on her husband not her game.




IMG-20200212-WA001520200207_16202020200209_010814People don’t care what you know until they know you CARE because ACTIONS speaks LOUDER than word salads. So all achievements in life is nothing if self-centred, selfish, self-indulgent and rude to her majesty bamboozled by lies. Says will stay at home for quiet birthday but flys on private jet to celebrate in Ibiza. Said its a home birth and money spent to build room warned against by expert doctors. She wore fake prosthetic moon bumps but pretends to be pregnant and given “birth” in private hospital. Wasn’t pregant but lied nobody asked if she is OK going through “pregnancy.” Baby’s detail kept secret, a first in British Royal family history created more suspicions hiding surrogate birth? The privacy ten commandments to neighbours is don’t talk, touch, ask, go near them so people obeyed, isolated themselves but moans nobody asks if OK. The fake pregnancy announced on Eugene’s wedding day at their family meal, megxit announced on Kate’s birthday, hands on belly 300 days till ‘birth’ hands on hair. Royals not hold hands in public office insult queen or a family publicly on TV washing her dirty linen in public. They sue British press or demand more “progressive royal family and their financial independence.” But £100,000,000 is wasted by their reckless squandering of tax payer’s money. Uses royal titles but complain family “toxic” she does not want their child raised yet none saw baby. Insults and sues media by her artogant rules against 1000 year established royal family’s rota contract over 100 years. Fixated newspapers and media exposes their shenanigans trying to pull wool over British people’s eyes. Told queen St George church smells to spray perfume during wedding. Wanted red carpet treatment like a celebrity of Hollywood. She wants painful memory scandal crown of Russian family killed to embarrass queen stopped spoilt brat behaviour of ‘what she wants she gets’ “she gets what she is given.” Merching clothes, jewel, endorsing adverts a with royal eats cake and have it but despises royal duty. Lies the press chases her like Diana killed by drunk driver in France. Rejects royal protocol on duty members obey and insults the British stiff upper lip. Refused to go to Balmoral baby too young to travel flew baby. Refused visit to queen Prime Minusters visit. Refused to join family Christmas time took away Harry loved bombed from his brother, family and UK people. Preaches climate change but flies more unnecessarily has high carbon footprints. Threw out staff of listed property and took whole house, stopped them using carpark, rebuilt this listed property outdoor kitchen without planning permission. 5 million total for this home not good enough to live. Plans queen absent at son’s christening thinks a minor royal. Wakes her staff at 5am to give orders non stop during day but the working day from 9am to 5pm. Rejects security advise so swamped in a market security steps in to remove her. Royals are not allowed to earn an extra money alongside the money given them but got contract from Disney to do voice overs she did a conflict of interest. Took Harry from military duty to red carpet Disney event to ask for work said “this is why we are here.” Rate of spending spree on clothes so high engagement dress alone £80,000, maternity to Morocco £98,000+ queen stopped high costs before royals get bankrupted. Refused to wear a dress in the royal box so royal paranoia won’t allow anyone near her at tennis cleared viewers sat in a public domain with her guests from US so her security told off a man taking selfie. Pharrel and Beyonce told, “British don’t make her life easy yet taxpayers paid for £50 million wedding including security. Private jets £500,000 baby showers not allowed in this Royal family in austerity Britain. Seven staff members resigned in 18 months for no consideration for others. Abandons her father, siblings, family, friends over 30 years except her mother. Claims “toxic” “racist” ‘suffocating’ family hates son due to racism but holds on to their title, as an “internationally protected person” funded 24 hour security but wants “financially independence.” And gets millions from royal family for pocket money. Don’t gain whole world and lose soul. Foresight could have set up better plans. Coincident birthday is 4th August of Queen mother, dogs corgies, so these actions people see through and call out is racism?

Articles rebloged from public domains are views and opinions of other people. So ‘Meghan can’t have it all’ says Royal author Anna Pasternak who warns that Meghan must realise she can’t live like an ‘A-lister’ while enjoying privileges of her role in the Royal family. Anna insists it is crucial to the monarchy to have respect, value to honour the queen and the nation as a whole. Do you think these views are fair and accurate? What do you think about these comments?


Photo of Dr Roberts helping her colleagues by securing bin bags on their headsDr Robert shows alarming facts medical professionals who care for critically ill patients for 13 hour’s day use plastic bin bags for personal protective equipment (PPE) out of clinical waste bags, plastic aprons and skiing goggles. The public keeps social distance of two metres but NHS staff are asked to examine patients suspected of coronavirus at a distance of 20cm without any proper protection. Nurses in ITU(Intensive Treatment Unit) doing procedures at risk of the aerosol spread of virus. They wear theatre hats with holes, don’t provide any protection. The government’s distribution problems affects national supply team and armed forces “working around clock to deliver equipment. NHS England said a million respiratory face masks delivered on 1 April with no mention of much-needed head protection or long-sleeved gowns. Dr Roberts says hospitals don’t  receive help from the government is cause for concern. The respiratory protection face masks used past best-before end dates:  expiry 2009, 2013, 2021 so are recycled.20200405_144317Dr Roberts pulls expiry dates from a face mask's packaging20200405_180527IMG-20200411-WA0004Intensive care doctors need correct PPE to patient use ventilator to support their breathing or body contact resuscitation. The world’s richest exlpoiting people are told urgently donate big chunks of their fortunes to buy PPE for hospitals not to invest in Bill Gates culling global plan yo kill people. Tackle coronavirus pandemic and help millions of people across the globe whose lives you throw into crisis by Covid-19. Billionaires like Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey committed huge amounts of money to eliminate humans is not solution to their man-made crisis. Members of the wealthy elite criticised for pledging small fractions of fortunes to address the worst-ever global health emergency set to trigger economic crisis on the scale of 1930s Great Depression. Its killing highly skilled ethnic doctors and ethnic minorities. Donald Trump ‘lost $1bn in a month’ from coronavirus lockdown Jeff Bezos, founder, Amazon world’s richest person donated $100m (£80m) to the food bank charity Feeding America. The charity runs a network of 200 food banks, said Bezos’s donation is the biggest ever received so “countless lives will be changed by his generosity”
Chart showing comparison of face masks

The ambulance drivers must wear PPE, and crew should wear the appropriate proteftion because of aerosol molecules level of exposure risk faced. A frontline  staff cannot keep 2m away from patient so should wear protective masks kits to be sent by government. The £10,000:00 extra allowance to each MPs on top of a second home allowance and £1000 pay increase should be used to buy PPE for the dictire and nurses, The government says it provided over 761 million pieces of PPE in UK to hospitals, hospices, care homes /care providers, GPs, dentists and pharmacists. These disposable items are replaced to stop the spread of Covid-19 from staff to patients. So 761m includes body bags, pulse oximeters, swabs, and clinical waste containers, plus cleaning equipment and detergent to NHS Trusts. Is not enough for the 1.58m NHS staff in UK hospitals and community requiring PPE used once per patient others can be used for whole sessions during a ward round visit to many patients. The gowns aprons, gloves surgical masks should be disposed of after single use or session. A PPE worn during highest risk situations  lots of splatter from infectious droplets needs single use. Goggles or face shields reused if decontaminated. Staff need to use lots PPE following the guidelines:IMG-20200411-WA0003Pregnant nurses, healthcare assistants said they were working in direct contact with patients who tested positive for Covid-19 or suspected of contracting it, despite government guidelines forced to work. Classifying as a vulnerable group, are disgusted with treatment and stress put on them at this stressful time,” said one healthcare assistant. Lobby groups and charities, including Pregnant Then Screwed (PTS), Maternity Action written to the Royal College of Obstetricians and the Gynaecologists (RCOG) on guidance changes to women less than 28 weeks pregnant continuing to work in a non-Covid patient role if all necessary safety precautions are taken. More than 50,000 people signed petition and paid leave as the NHS pregnant nurse Mary Agyeiwaa Agyapong died contracting Covid-19 at work but baby survived yet to be tested for virus. Public Health England said it stockpiled  PPE label new expiry dates all “passed stringent tests” so “safe for use by NHS staff” buy Dr Roberts is not convinced. Ventilated under care are three of her colleagues who all tested positive for coronavirus. An intensive care doctor in Covid ward like Dr Roberts lacks access to adequate protection worked on non-Covid wards wearing no PPE symptoms Dr Roberts said show contracted virus at work. Colleagues visit patients with no relatives allowed in hospital hardest thing is telling families withdrawn care over phone. Relatives dying or died but can’t see them,” says Dr Roberts NHS hid England record of medical professionals admitted later contracting coronavirus at work. Many health-care workers test positive infected died from coronavirus: Include Areema Nasreen the staff nurse West Midlands, Thomas Harvey, health care assist. east London, Prof Mohamed Sami Shousha, Dr Alfa Saadu London, Dr Habib Zaidi in Southend, Dr Adil El Tayar, London, Dr Amged El-Hawrani in Leicester. Dr Roberts bracing peak to hit in less than two weeks. The anaesthetic machines designed to work for just two to three hours run now four to five days getting leak failures simply not enough.”20200409_121626Also short of PPE, an intensive care nurse in Spain wears a bin bag and a protective plastic mask, donated by a local company.20200409_121819Extra intensive care beds, in operating theatres and wards doubled hospital’s capacity to support critically ill patients, who can’t breathe  themselves and need a ventilator. Intensive care, Dr Roberts says nursing staff are affected. Intensive care nurses are highly trained to deliver care one-to-one to critically ill patients may be asleep, have close relationship. “Extra beds, nurses under pressure look after up to four patients deliver same level of critical care. They are in tears and struggling whole system falls down. New temporary building for ambulance bay to vet all patients for symptoms of coronavirus before they are admitted. It is run by clinician Dr Roberts points out, could be looking after patients..Almost 400 care companies providing home support across the UK told BBC they still do not have enough personal protective equipment (PPE). Without protection, providers say they are unable to care for people awaiting hospital discharge. Of 481 providers, 381 – 80% – said they don’t have enough PPE to support older and vulnerable people. The government said it was working “around the clock” to give the sector equipment it needs. The BBC sent questions to nearly 3,000 members of UK Homecare Association. A quarter of them said they run out of masks or have less than week’s supply. Coronavirus doctors say hospitals were not made to use so much oxygen.Member of medical staff adjusts oxygen supply in French hospitalShortages are dogging the fight against the coronavirus. At the Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI) only possible to test six staff for virus per day, consultants make own personal protective equipment and BRI’s Dr John Wright reports there’s an urgent need to save oxygen. Estimated peak of epidemic mainstay of treatment is to keep patients breathing are issues preoccupying us for ventilators, oxygen.  UK is low down international ventilator league table but put in orders for more, appears to be a bit of run on them and we’re worried our order won’t arrive in time to meet the Covid-19 peak. There is growing evidence simple machine used by patients with sleep apnoea (snoring and interrupted breathing) in their own bedrooms is effective alternative. Dr Tom Lawton, one of ingenious intensive care consultants, managed to get a 100 from local manufacturer. Safety screens protect pharmacists at Boots but others put at risk. High street pharmacists “at risk”of catching, spreading, coronavirus by lack personal protective equipment (PPE), professional body says. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society members don’t have right equipment, masks, gloves or aprons. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said pharmacists are the key health care professionals entitled to PPE from NHS England millions of PPE is needed. Chief pharmaceutical officer Keith Ridge said government arranged for equipments to pharmacists who feel abandoned on the frontline. Doing their jobs to help others but feel endangered putting lives at risk. A Boots pharmacist speaking to a customer from behind a safety screenThe government is accused it failed to deploy the 5,000 contact tracing experts employed by councils to limit spread of coronavirus. The environmental health worker’s local government experienced contact tracing prevents infections to spread, outbreak norovirus, salmonella, legionnaires’ disease. A spokesperson for Public Health England (PHE), which leads on significant outbreaks, said the organisation did not call environmental health workers to carry out contact the tracing for coronavirus and local health protection teams not effective. Covid-19 crisis delivering relief materials during calamity airlifts citizens from countries. Covid-19 sweeps across the world, crew members made the serious allegations of shortcoming to ensure safety of crew and passengers on rescue flights. Letter BBC said, Executive Pilots Association a body represents senior long-haul pilot’s airlines given ‘flimsy’ pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that “tears, disintegrates on rescue flights.” Letter to airline, aviation ministry: “disinfecting aircrafts short of international industry due care best practices.” “Its inadequacy compounds chances of viral exposure to equipment, contamination, community infection transmission to Covid-19 crew members passengers or public at large.A pilot leans out of the cockpit window to wave goodbye2020-News-Brief_2020-03-09T012745.803Z20200408_091030727306_v4Letter urges urgent PPE concerns dealt with to stop spread of Covid-19. Airlines adopt problematic practice Slot resale: Airlines buy and sell slots like currency. In February 2016, Oman Air paid the Air France-KLM $75m a pair of prime early morning slots. Slot sitting: Airline can’t find buyers for slots give it away free to partner airlines to hold a slot long term, Airlines don’t make or lose money. And Ghost flights: Airlines send the empty planes to fill slots. Airlines lose money on empty flight not as much as lost slot. Covid-19 decreased demands force the airlines to fly ghost flights to stop losing slots but is not enough. UK airline Flybe declared bankruptcy due to strain. The Airline industry to lose $113B decreased demand. So critics say UK authority slot coordinator must relax rules to prevent airlines losing money, wasting jet fuel and damaging environment. Its not first time industry stopped,  “use it or lose it” rule 9/11, credit crunch financial crisis. Care homes ‘refused kits because stock reserved for England’GlovesProtective equipment needed for staff to who work in care homes deprived by an excuse its for England only. A care home owner in Wales says she was refused a personal protective equipment(PPE) her suppliers are reserving stock for English customers. Ceri Roberts runs two care homes in Porthmadog and Criccieth in Gwynedd. She told BBC Wales two suppliers declined to sell to her when she tried to buy aprons and gloves for her staff. The Welsh Government said care homes could access PPE through councils if they experienced issues. One supplier told her it was selling stock “on behalf of Public Health England.” Ms Roberts said she was aware of problem on Wednesday morning. “I tried to buy them, but only customers in England allowed to,” as said. Supplies, protective equipment two care homes needs for 78 residents in each home and cared for by two people respectively. Prince Charles sent a letter of gratitude to all posties.20200510_09470820200410_151345Royal Mail puts “profits before safety” as postal workers say company is failing to protect them from risk of catching coronavirus. Shortage of gloves, masks, hand sanitiser employees tolď the BBC. They claim social distancing at work is “almost impossible.” Royal Mail says it invested £15m in protective equipment and the health and well-being of staff is their top priority. Last two weeks, staff at eight Royal Mail sites and three in Scotland left over safety concerns. The BBC saw footage of employees working shoulder -to-shoulder in a sorting office, without social distancing measures.Watford General HospitalJohn Alagos, 24, became ill and died on Friday worked at the Watford General Hospital in Hertfordshire. His mother Gina Gustilo told BBC the family waiting to hear if he tested positive for Covid-19 to help them isolate. The hospital closed to new patients on Saturday due to the problems with oxygen equipment now opened. It said it ensured staff had right level of protection but tell people to stay home to avoid spreading virus. People told to stay at home not to go to hospital if its without the adequate equipments. Many people lost jobs some given loans they are held responsible for in default. The worst austerity is suffered by those who raised family to replenish the earth discriminated against by government pension at 60 years. Some postcodes of 60 years in London and Coventry given pension and bus passes to 60 years olds. They enjoy retirement pension but their AGE MATES born on same dates denied, pension age is extended by government. Young graduates have no jobs but old pensioners forced to work doesn’t make sense forced to continue working after pension age. In Wakefield a man in his 80’s still working didn’t want to stop but didn’t realise to claim a state retirement pension and continue to work. Pension service pays a backdated lump £140,000 and extra £185 a week but deprives age mates by unfair treatment of pensions. The man asked his identity kept secret declined request for interview by the the Local Democracy Reporting Service .20200405_150719 20200405_145416CarolineCaroline was fed by the Food banks yet once a successful career woman earning £50k. Now living on £35 week benefit had financial difficulties after the birth of her second child. She went from earning £50,000 a year to relying on a food bank said she will “never be able to thank” its volunteers enough for the help given. Caroline was living and working in the Netherlands, running an employment agency, when she became pregnant. After the end of a relationship and facing housing and health problems she is living on £35 a week.” She said she would encourage anyone who was struggling financially to seek help from a food bank. Caroline, who wants to use her first name only said without help of support from Stoke-on-Trent food bank “I don’t know where I would be right now.” “The volunteers are amazing people,” she said. “The biggest thing in my experience is you are not judged, no matter what your background, nothing matters, just that you are made aware so educated in where to go to get help and move you from that situation.”People talking about using food banks said, “It means they can eat get healthy.” She earned up to €1,000 in week with a commission before becoming pregnant with her daughter now nine. Caroline returned to England about 18 months later fell pregnant with her son, seven, but the relationship with her children’s father broke down and he remained in the Netherlands. She had no support with childcare and complications after her children’s births left her unable to work full time. Rising damp in their privately rented home meant she was spending £400 a month on utilities and had to top-up the rental payments not fully covered by housing benefit. She said at times it felt like “chaos” where she had “no control over anything.” “I had ebbs and waves when living off barely anything,” she said. And so while volunteering at children’s centres given her first token for the food bank.Stock food bank image20200409_122015Scant food cupboardDeprived families without food still face government delays a £15:00 weekly free school meal voucher unfit for aristocrat cat and dog a day. Government scheme UK to poor children in school lockdown, lack emergency food supply. Some food banks are stolen so no donation schools buy their own vouchers for desperate families. Parents wait 10 days for such a government voucher. Department for Education to provide extra cash to schools facing unavoidable costs. Under government scheme, families eligible for free school meals in England must receive £15 a week per child. Edenred company appointed to manage scheme struggles to meet demand, even after its website rebuilt Easter weekend. The nation’s class system ensures upper class multibillionaires are paid millions of pounds each year to indulge in their lavish luxury wasteful lifestyle but can’t provide for children they deprive from God’s resources available to all people.

Farmers without buyers forced to throw away milk down the drain can donate it to food banks so government pays them. Caroline said staff at the Stoke-on-Trent food bank are “angels” And by collecting food once a month staff helped signpost her towards other support services. She was too proud to admit I needed help, she said. But I don’t think pride has any part to play these days in visiting a food bank because, if you need help, it is one of the best places you can go.” Caroline, who lives in Stone, added: “I am hoping for a brighter future. I am settled so the children are settled, I do not have debts, it feels amazing to be in this position. So “When I was at my lowest I never would have seen myself where I am now. “But if it were to happen again, I will go back to a food bank. These threats are always there for anybody, anything can happen around that corner.”Sarah too got help after she was seeking help from a food bank among millions of people suffering poverty in Britain. It is interesting people assume there in no poverty in advanced countries. So think people collect gold on the streets to live lavish super abundant lifestyles. This is far from the reality of millions suffering unable to feed themselves, unemployed disabled, wait three to six months to be assessed for basic necessities of life. And without money many starve to death in silence as treated like scum of the earth. Do not be fooled life is glamorous for all in Britain especially those taking huge loans given to human traffickers liars who promise them “jobs” in Britain. The truth machines took over millions of jobs, electric cars soon no needs for the humans drivers. AI robots will work so there is real concern of job losses as big brands close and lay off millions of workers globally. Do not let anyone fool you to deceive you about the wealth or riches in Britain. The carefully managed manicured lawns and riches are not just freely available as traffickers promised. Lie to cage you in shipping containers to suffocate you as found dead in Britain. People overloaded in boat drown at sea exploited by traffickers. Errol Graham death: Nottingham man starved after benefit stopped in Britain.Errol GrahamErrol Graham had history of depression and the relatives of this man starved to death after his benefits stopped said this evil cruel system is “not fit for purpose.” Errol Graham, 57, weighed four-and-a-half stone (28.5kg) when his body was found by bailiffs who broke into his Nottingham council flat to evict him. An inquest found his loss of income caused huge distress.”Daughter-in-law Alison Turner said it was “heartbreaking… it’s horrific to die like that.” The case raised in Commons by Debbie Abrahams MP, called for independent inquiry of cases people died after Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) reviewed care.Pine View flats, RadfordMr Graham’s last contact with officials approached about rent arrears. After rarely seen lost contact from DWP and his employment and support allowance (ESA) was stopped in August 2017. This affected his housing benefit it ceased on 10 October. ‘No food in his flat’ the last official contact with housing provider Nottingham City Homes, heard shouting and punching door on visit in February 2018. PC Emily Dunn told inquest no signs Mr Graham injured but he “looked very thin.” She added there was no food in the property, other than a couple of tins of fish in cupboard five years out of date. The flat had no gas, no electricity, inquest heard, with “significant mail” by front door. The medical cause of death was recorded as starvation. As assistant coroner Dr Elizabeth Didcock said: “The sudden loss of all income, and the threat of eviction caused huge distress, worry, and significant financial hardship. “Loss of income and housing final devastating stressors had a significant effect on his mental health. “Safety net surrounding vulnerable people like Errol in British society had holes within it.”Debbie Abrahams MPMP Debbie Abrahams said treatment of some claimants a “serious concern” Miss Turner told BBC: “It is so heartbreaking, horrific, for someone to die like that, the failure he suffered, he didn’t deserve it. “Its shocking the system is not fit for purpose. “He was without money for six to eight months. “Errol didn’t physically bring himself to talk to strangers or ask for level of help lost out not here today.” Sophie Corlett of mental health charity Mind, said: “Its the most vulnerable who we hear are slipping through net. “This gentleman as many people have lifelong conditions unlikely to change yet they are recalled again and again for face to face “assessments” people find very challenging.” DWP said its establishing a serious case panel to review its work. A spokesman added: “This tragic complex case and our sympathies are with Mr Graham’s family.” Over 5000 people in UK died in 2019 from austerity poverty. Benefits officials’ apologise after mum’s suicide due to her benefits stopped.Jodey WhitingJodey Whiting suffered physical and mental health issues. The mother of a disabled woman who took her own life after some benefits stopped was given a personal apology by government officials. Jodey Whiting, 42, from Stockton, had some payments stopped after she missed a capability assessment because she was in hospital with pneumonia. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) later admitted mistakes were made and paid the family compensation. Senior officials travelled to Teesside to explain what changes have been made. Ms Whiting, a mother of nine, suffered physical and mental health issues, curvature of spine and a brain cyst, and took 23 tablets each day. Following her death in 2017, an independent inquiry found the DWP did not follow procedures to telephone and visit Ms Whiting after she missed the appointment. Process of complaints takes too long so people suffer without food, rent or heating living in the cold.Parents fightingThe most serious complaints about DWP agencies like Child Maintenance Service sometimes take years to be resolved. So children go to school without breakfast. Some become homeless, sleeping in the streets in freezing cold begging for food. People with the most serious complaints on Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) wait 18 months before the case is investigated. BBC Radio 4’s Money Box learnt nearly two-third of investigations miss the target to be solved in 20 weeks. A man in dispute with one of its agencies called the delay “obscene.” The DWP said it understands “the impact of waiting for investigation has on people and their families.” The most common complaints to DWP includes failure to follow proper procedures, excessive delays and poor customer service. Alan, not his real name, said it took four-year wait in total before his case is resolved. He complained to the government-run Child Maintenance Service (CMS) in November 2017. It took thousands of pounds of redundancy payment from his bank account. The dispute made his existing mental health problems worse left him “flatlining” he says. Unable to work is “getting poorer by the day.” And drained so ‘Exhausted’ by procedure after 18 months, Alan’s case unresolved was given the permission to complain to Independent Case Examiner (ICE) and CMS, pension payments and disability benefits. Alan’s complaint accepted, but took more than a year before someone was assigned to investigate it. After that Money Box saw figures suggesting two-thirds of cases take longer than 20-week target half take six months or longer. So this means that hundreds of people face a wait of more than two years for their complaints to be resolved once accepted by ICE. Many die before their case dealt with and becomes too late in one of the richest nations in the world. Money is returned to chest while millions die in austerity poverty Britain. The universal credit rollout is delayed again to 2024PaulaPaula’s universal credit payment wasn’t enough to live on its cuts down payment so sanctions people deprived. “It scares people” and siphons money to assessors not doctors who cut people off payment new delay pushed to September 2024. It denies claimants would lose money as a result of the change. Discussions lead to delays recorded by the BBC team series Universal Credit: Inside Welfare State, on Tuesday. Six payments into one beset by problems, with claimants wait five to six weeks for the payments to start and many reports of people falling into debt, and having to resort to food banks as a consequence.People queue at job centrePeople transferring to universal credit have to wait five to six weeks for first payment. Addvance loan payments of the benefit introduced to help people through the five weeks with no money coming is blamed for putting claimants into debt. Once the benefit comes through the payments are reduced to pay off the advance loaned claimants. These changing circumstances such as moving in with new partner affect some people. Fewer people report changes because it is said by film-makers allowed access to meetings inside Department of Work and Pensions. Officials ponder what to do to help as programme shows Bolton mum Paula struggling to feed family as her universal credit. Payment of £500 a month with deductions paid for loans of five-week wait. It includes rent, council tax, water bills, bus fares, electric and gas bills, shoes clothes for winter cold months,  TV licence, food. She ends up at food bank Paula told debt counsellor.Paula at foodbankPaula goes to a local food bank for food donated by the public to help the people starving. Universal credit cut off money of family without support falling into a loan taken in advance repayment.” She added benefit deductions to pay off the advance, leave people “constantly trying to catch up” often without food or basic necessities of life. Neil Couling, a senior civil servant in charge of rollout for past five years, is filmed telling a Whitehall meeting: “We’ve got a lot of anecdotal evidence of people scared of universal credit. “It’s serious issue for us, in terms of completing the project by December but I’m urging people not to panic.” The people seen as “projects” by privileged without understanding of poverty in UK cause more harm than good to the poor.Neil Couling in meetingThree, six, nine months doesn’t matter if headline says: ‘Delay, disaster he says’.“I will say, ‘Go safe, put claimants first and I’ll take beating.'”‘Hugely embarrassing’ Despite problems, Mr Couling thinks the universal credit if implemented will be successful as “right thing to do.” System to form bedrock of social security in the next 30 years.” Expects universal credit to continue to grow with 2.6m people in  September last year: “Cannot put brakes on, if we get something wrong disrupts their lives got no alternative bank to go to get help we are payer of last resort.” Labour Shadow Work Pension Secretary Margaret Greenwood says news “hugely embarrassing” for government called for universal credit to be scrapped. The public have little faith in it many afraid of it,” said Ms Greenwood. Government says universal credit introduced slowly. Its “biggest change to welfare system in a generation, bringing six benefits into one monthly payment offering support to the most vulnerable people in society said Mr Quince. Sad its least in society in need deprived to cater for the richest billionaires in society who can afford to provide for themselves. The stipends of £500million for repairs and £80 million annual pocket money plus £21 million lose change, £5 billion to cut 45 minute train journey millions dies in austerity poverty Britain. Some are given tents to sleep in freezing cold. Decaying corpse found at Harlow’s ‘human warehouse’Templefields House in HarlowA cleaner at a troubled former office block used to house homeless revealed she and other staff discovered a “weeks-old corpse” in a room. Tania resigned from her job after being asked to clean room where man’s body was discovered in June 2019. Investigation by BBC East and Panorama found evidence security staff “lost control”at Templefields House in Harlow Essex. The building described as “human warehouse” by a tenant, BBC found hundreds of families rehoused by London boroughs in office blocks and industrial estates in Harlow  living next to drug addicts and ex-prisoners. Robert Halfon MP for Harlow describe practice “social cleansing.” Essex Police confirms death not treated suspicious. Identity of dead man was not disclosed.Bikes at office turned into housingResidents complained of isolation and surrounded by warehousing or business centres. Tania did not want surnamed used became employee of the landlord Caridon, with partner Matt who is head of security at Templefields after they lived at the block as tenants. “The smell hits you before you opened door, there were flies everywhere its awful,” she said. “He’d been there five or six weeks decomposed.”The couple said a number of people took their own lives at the time they lived and worked there. Current staff told undercover BBC reporter other tenants died. A reporter was told “we’ve cleaned a dead man’s room was found hanging waited for the body bag stood in hallway to make sure no-one come in while he was cleared.” So management at building concerned with getting room cleaned and letting it out to a new tenant, Tania said. “I was in complete shock, but it was more of a concern to get another room needed to be cleaned that day”, she told the BBC.Terminus HouseProperty owner Caridon’s statement is “We break mould in social housing and stigma given to social tenants. “Unlike other private developers offer housing-related support to tenants vulnerable within community.” “We successfully helped tenants turn their lives around with supportive service provided going above and beyond for individuals.” The ordinary people treated this way many once successful in society. Their lives is made worse by austerity poverty that lacks resources for proper care. Many lost homes as mental health patients in  the community system so overwhelmed they are abandoned without adequate care. Sadly things are getting worse the way things are being handled.Disabled people ‘pulled into poverty’ as benefits falls short. Sydney, cares for disabled mother, says the current system isn’t working for her. Half 14 million people living in poverty in the UK are disabled or live with someone who is, research for a charity suggests. Joseph Rowntree Foundation blames high cost of coping with disability and struggles disabled people face in finding job to pay enough to live on after bills. Executive director Claire Ainsley said plight fundamentally wrong. Government says it is committed to tackling poverty, spending £55bn this year on benefits for the disabled people. Annual report, published for Friday, the charity urges: reform of benefits system to make it more flexible for jobs to help people with disabilities progress out of low pay. Correlation between disability and poverty analysis demonstrates how closely connected the two are across the UK. The “shamefully high numbers” of disabled people put in poverty by social security system fails to protect them. Its a fact disability as indicator of poverty shows economy is not working for all, Ms Ainsley said.purseResearchers found compared with rest of population people with disabilities less likely to be working or worked an average 13 fewer hours a week. Live in households worse off by £200 a week. So almost 4.5 million of informal adult carers in UK, s quarter living in poverty, with working-age female carers at risk. A ingle mum-of-three Jennifer Hobbs cares for both12-year-old son, Nathan, with neurodevelopmental disorder, and elder son Stanley 15 has heart problems so time-consuming gave up cleaning job relies on food banks. “It really infuriates me,” Jennifer from Bristol told BBC. Not much help out there for families with a disabled adult children forget disabled children turn are disabled adults. Think to myself, what’s going to happen to my son when my son gets older if he can’t work because of his disabilities. He will get penalised and end up on the dole or on disability benefits for the rest of his life. “I don’t want him to have to resort to food banks, like I do.”Jen HobbsJen Hobbs from Bristol cares for two disabled sons. Imran Hussain, Action for Children’s policy and campaigns director, said austerity problems with universal credit left too many families like Jennifer’s “fighting to keep heads above water”called their predicament “is appalling.” He urged ministers to: provide more support to help parents with caring responsibilities to find work to restore value of children’s benefits to pre-austerity levels for basic necessities. Disability benefits to help cope with the extra costs of life conditions research by disability equality charity Scope shows it falls short. Households with disabled members who claim any income-related benefits frozen for past four years while prices rise, says Scope. James Taylor, its head of policy, campaigns, said findings were shocking, but not surprising. “Life costs much more for disabled people on average £583 a month. “Huge numbers of disabled people denied opportunity to get into and stay in work cost more in terms support.” Department for Work and Pensions wanted one million more disabled people to be in work by 2027 compared with 2017 consulted on how businesses can support disabled people to thrive in work. It plans to introduce national strategy for disabled people. Its interesting £80 million can fix big Ben clock but no funds for the NHS hospitals with shortage of doctors and the nurses overworked by unGodly hours. So many overwhelmed are suffering needlessly others commit suicide due to extreme time tables and inhumane long hours of cutting budgets. Some doctors working days without sleep is happening in one of the most advanced nations on earth. A government civil servant described it as displaying “bleeding stumps” – where departments told to talk about scaling back their services drastically without money promised during election given to them. Empty promises deceive public for votes for politician multimillionaires who say” watch my lips no school fees for university students then increase fees from £3000 per year to £9000 per year for home students. Do not deliver fake promises but get increase in perks, free lunch and second home allowance, more pay but not hand over the money promised to hospitals and schools.Health Minister Robin SwannDepartment of Health facing waiting list in crisis pictured centre Health Minister Robin Swann. And Dr Esmond Birnie an economist from a University said all the parties can no longer have it own way if executives don’t find new ways to raise revenue need more cuts made. It leads to domino effect of shortage of staff and a longer waiting list for a desperately ill people.  “It’s a hard decisions constantly puts pressures on such systems allowed to build up. “The hope is money would arrive from London to ease the burden ultimately money didn’t arrive amounts people hoped for less its decisive crunch point so something has to give.” Holding Stormont purse strings is Conor Murphy interviewed on Thursday, would not be drawn on cuts could after a final budget drafted is no surprise to the taxpayers.Stock school pupil imageEducation needs a £billions of pounds to boost budget shortfall as schools are in debt. Its suggested Westminster must do something immediately to lend helping hand. That seems unlikely to happen as the government committed extra £1bn pledges in New Decade, New Approach deal but Mr Murphy heads to Whitehall again next week to try his luck. He’ll do that after sitting down with executive colleagues to decide if Stormont budget should be delivered but Westminster’s budget set for 11 March. Officials need funding to start addressing the backlog of debt issues. Ministers made elections  pitches publicly and privately now the nation waits as multi billionaires get all lavish luxury jet set lifestyle paid for by these poor tax payers indulging them to flaunting faces and whine and complain about not being happy or thriving.

Extra £427m for education in Northern Ireland requested same as England too.

Its appalling austerity poverty, Sunday Mirror reports NHS England agreed a £7m contract with a US firm, praised by US President Donald Trump, to help the health service identify its most expensive patients. A company, Optum, running nine-month programme trains managers to rank people according to their risk of illness, the paper says. The contract raises fears people to be turned down for operations because of age or weight, the paper claims. The paper’s leader column says it makes it hard to believe Mr Johnson’s promise that the NHS is “not for sale” pledge repeated by the health service in its response to the story. Meanwhile government’s funding formula for flood defences in England is to be rewritten, according to the Sunday Times, because of concerns it favours wealthy southern areas over parts of the north.Its the third weekend in a row that parts of UK have been hit by flooding. And the Environment Agency’s formula is based on property values, explains the Times, meaning that nearly two thirds of the £2.6bn-budget goes to areas of London. The new model takes into account the impact on health potentially diverting hundreds of millions of pounds protects the country’s poorest flood-prone regions. And a pub that claims to be the inspiration for The Bull in The Archers is reportedly called last orders for final time, because of financial difficulties.The Bull Inn in Rippingdale, LincolnshireLocals say the Bull Inn in Rippingdale, Lincolnshire, is the inspiration for the Bull in Archers. According to Sunday Times, locals in the town of Rippingdale in Lincolnshire say the Bull Inn inspired not only the Ambridge pub but the idea for the Radio 4 series itself. The Times notes the claim is contested; villagers in Inkberrow make same assertion about their watering hole, The Old Bull. It is so beyond belief love of money and greedy wealthy allowed to reduce state of many roads to poor countries. Britain one of richest countries in the world yet the majority of people in Britain suffering.  The recent cold snap may have made the pothole problem even worsePublic spending watchdog is concerned about impact of funding shortfalls on roads. Years of underinvestment led to a deterioration of roads or Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon said. Ms Mallon was reacting to figures showing £1.7m in compensation paid for vehicles damaged by potholes between 2016 and 2019. The figures obtained by BBC News the under Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. In 2019 £500,000 compensation was paid to drivers.Dept for Infrastructure minister Nichola MallonNichola Mallon said winter weather had impacted condition of roads In 2018, more than £750,000 was paid out by the Department for Infrastructure. Ms Mallon said: “Like so many people, I am aware and concerned about upkeep of our roads. “Years of underinvestment as well as the impact of severe winter weather has led to deterioration in the road network and in recent years this has impacted on the level of vehicle damage compensation payments.”Top 5 roads in NI for defects in 2019. [ 118 Shore Rd, Strangford (Shore Rd to Downpatrick Rd) ],[ 115 Browns Bay Rd, Islandmagee (Millbay Rd to Ballytober Rd) ],[ 110 Blackstaff Rd, Clough (Main St to Carricknab Rd) ],[ 103 Shore Rd, Belfast (Doagh Rd to Mount St) ],[ 96 Augher Point Rd, Newtownsville (Kiladroy Rd) ], Source: Source: Department for Infrastructure. So found the lack of funding had led to significant reduction in the number of potholes being recorded or approved for repair.

Top 5 roads in NI for defects in 2019. [ 118 Shore Rd, Strangford (Shore Rd to Downpatrick Rd) ],[ 115 Browns Bay Rd, Islandmagee (Millbay Rd to Ballytober Rd) ],[ 110 Blackstaff Rd, Clough (Main St to Carricknab Rd) ],[ 103 Shore Rd, Belfast (Doagh Rd to Mount St) ],[ 96 Augher Point Rd, Newtownsville (Kiladroy Rd) ], Source: Department for Infrastructure. The FOI statistics on the number of road defects across Northern Ireland were released to BBC News NI by the Department for Infrastructure. Road defects includes: cracks, potholes recorded carriageways, hard shoulders and lay-bys. The lack of investments by the Government is said to be the cause of poor quality roads in Britain. There are too many roads to be able to list in this post but in the public domain to do your own research to see the facts and data for yourself. As roads are essential transports for vehicles the drivers using such roads damage their vehicles due to poor conditions of the roads. Austerity poverty extends from working families sleeping in their car, tents or in bed and breakfast hotels because people do not have homes. The cost of social care has been cut many mentally ill people are homeless and sleep on the streets in UK which never happened in recent years. Social services in charge of the people unable to look after themselves have their grants and funding cut so they are roaming the streets in tattered clothes. Many often seen bare foot and unkempt without CPN community nurses to care for them or ensure they take medicines prescribed to control moods. May God intervene to save Britain in Jesus Name. Meanwhile expenses for peers in House of lords are spiralling “out of control” according to analysis by Sunday Times. The number of peerages is increasing, while money claimed by peers rose by 29% in a year and they recently voted to give themselves pay rise, the paper says. The result? A “triple hit for taxpayers,” the report claims.

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