IMG_20180418_124612In the Bible, 2 Kings 21:13 says God will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipes dishes, wiping and turning it upside down. And after washing dishes it is turned upside down or sideways to drain properly so to prevent the murky water festering to breed germs. It is interesting God says men wash and wipe dishes considered as women’s work or job. Its fascinating and surprising some men strongly feel housekeeping is women’s job. washingup-impressAlmighty God describes the real life dish washing by men and associates with the Biblical events mentioned to make an important point to warn people. God usually uses metaphors to highlight many messages to people about events that happened in living history. God points out to men washing dishes and remembering to turn them correctly not to breed and spread germs is alright and demands an applaud. IMG_20180418_120301Some will say God only used it to describe an action and so did not say that men should wash dishes. Millions of men wash dishes and cook everyday so is perfectly acceptable to do in some places throughout the world. Once a family went to buy washing machine from a big store. The salesman advised the boys in the family trying to convince their parents to buy a dishwasher so the boys do not have to do dishes. He told them dishwashing is women’s job so the place for women is in the kitchen. IMG_20180427_202550There was a time that education of girls was considered waste of time and so not allowed to attend schools. Some parts of the world still treat women this way because they fear educated women are above their control. However, it is well known that well educated women train children academically better to be excellent achievers. Therefore both the men and women gain from education so can help each other at home. They can hire housekeepers if too busy to do the dishes and pay them. God is telling men no housework is beneath them so must help their spouses. The family can benefit from teamwork of both partners including children helping with chores.IMG_20180418_120214.jpgHowever, this kind of thinking is flawed because the dishes have to be scraped of the leftover food bits into the bin before loading into a dishwasher. Such advise assumes those boys will not need to do domestic chores for women. Yet those boys used more cups, cutlery and plates in the family than anyone else so did not drink water from own clean cups more than once. Instead of washing own cups and plates just leave them piled high for the mother to wash. Even if a dishwasher machine cleans it is still moist or wet so has to be wiped before dishes are packed into the cupboards.  IMG_20180418_150132Despite the fact that both parents work all day long, paid their mortgage to keep the roof over their heads, buy and cooks food to feed them, pay bills. Still expect their dishes to be done exclusively only by mother. This idea is popular certain that jobs must only be done by women. Especially in paternalistic societies the macho men think that domestic chores belong to women. It was also assumed that it was the feminist movements that are responsible for demanding men do domestic chores in these modern times. IMG_20180418_124705So sometimes men vehemently object to domestic chores especially if the spouse is a full-time housewife. They argue that they provide the roof over the heads of the family, earn the bacon so domestic housework and childcare are women’s jobs. The reality is in fact those wanting a happy life need to know a happy wife is a happy life supported by all family to maintain their happiness too. Almighty God Yahweh approves of men washing dishes and wiping it dry and so men no longer have excuse its women’s job. 77836142-elderly-man-doing-the-dishes-isolated-on-white-backgroundGod could have said women washed the dishes and dry it for the Gospel message but chose men to do the dishwashing in the Bible. This does not mean only men must wash the dishes exclusively either for domestic chores require team work and wisdom. Anyone freely available than others can help with dishwashing to ease burden and load of housework. It is important to be aware Jerusalem is God’s City on earth a bone of contention of nation’s fighting to take it from God to stop Jesus’ Reign from Israel. 15652569466357529003341902984011.jpgGod warns nations by military coalition against Israel they succeeded in the past because HE ALLOWED it. Apocalyptic endtime attacks against Jerusalem will be dealt with by God HIMSELF. It seems nations dividing HIS City gain an upper hand but God’s agenda unfolds Rapture and Armageddon battle will take place according to Bible. God Almighty wipes Jerusalem like dishes, plates, wiped but all Israel shall be saved as God ordained two Witnesses and 144,000 Israel tribes sealed to evangelize Israel to be saved.man cleaning kitchenDishwashing liquid advert campaign reveals bias against women assumed to be ONLY ONES doing washing up. Inside Edition footage of Markle talks of sexist ad for Ivory washing up liquid on Nick News in 1993. Classmates watch adverts reviewed to assess message. Prior to the interview the class wrote to show host Linda Ellerbee drew attention to advert which said: “Women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans.” Due to actions of the girls advert changed to include men as God says men do dishes.

Meghan said,  “We didn’t think it’s right for kids to grow up thinking mom does everything 14-year-old Markle told Nick News. “Its always ‘mom does this, mom does that” so the class wrote to Procter & Gamble so the company’s ad changed. They wrote to Hillary Clinton, “To help  change commercial to: “People all over America use Ivory washing liquid” in a letter to company was effective because Procter & Gamble took their suggestion to change sexist commercial. “Two boys from the class said: ‘yeah, that’s where women belong in the kitchen.” The girls domesticated run household while boys let off go outside to play football or stay indoors on computer games. It is worse when children are not trained in useful housekeeping skills to grow and apply life skills. Prepare your children for real practical life so essential to train boys and girls. The privileged have housekeepers others do dishwashing themselves help use family dishwashing machine to ease burden of parents and spouse if married. People earn money doing dishes a good job for men God approves and endorses so men have no excuse.


  1. My dad as a boy in the Great Depression claimed washing dishes was “women’s work.” My grandfather straightened him out quickly with this verse.


    Our Father God ensures men and women do dishes. Glad to know this verse helps to ease the burden of domestic work to fairly balance family responsibilities. Thank God you find the word of God helpful. Thank you for your comments and God bless you.

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