1556734281989-160608383.jpgIMG-20190811-WA0001.jpg15656388879437536761303600864503.jpgIMG-20190811-WA0002.jpg15656419084767952847164275594775.jpgIMG-20190806-WA0005.jpg15656410422992786104024077879533.jpg15656418188033645581050399667934.jpgIMG-20190811-WA0004.jpgMatthew’s genealogy of Jesus shows His royal descent and right to King David’s throne. He is presented in Matthew as King and Messiah as foretold by the Old Testament prophets. So book starts with His genealogy because He is important to the Jews as Jewish Gospel as their descendant from Abraham represents Jesus as the expected Messiah KING of the Jews. It is this reason why Jesus is presented in a different way by each gospel. Each was written inspired by the Holy Spirit from their points of view to represent Jesus’ ministry: KING of Kings, Son of God, Son of Man, Saviour. These Gospels present Him to give a complete picture of Jesus. A list of three sets of names contain the fourteen generations of family of Jesus from the patriarchs, to the monarchy to timeline after return from deportation. 20190811_164533.jpg15656428023107839948122759188330.jpg15656409395063786966958752582039.jpgIMG-20190811-WA0007.jpgIMG-20190811-WA0003.jpg15656444847014646621326611450320.jpgThese family trees of Jesus’ genealogy and Nativity of Jesus described in two of the four Gospel of Matthew and Gospel of Luke. Luke traced genealogy upwards towards Adam and God, Matthew traced it towards Jesus. Both gospels say Jesus is not conceived by Joseph but is rather miraculously in womb of Mary, mother of Jesus by the Holy Spirit. Both traced Joseph to King David and to Abraham. The lists are identical between Abraham and David except for one but they differ completely between David and Joseph. Matthew gives Jacob as Joseph’s father and Luke says Joseph was son of Heli. Attempts at explaining the differences between the genealogies have varied in nature. Modern scholarship interprets texts of the Luke and Matthew accounts of the birth of Jesus by number of points in common. Both have Jesus being born in Bethlehem, in Judea to virgin mother. In Luke account Joseph and Mary travel from their home in Nazareth for census  in Bethlehem so Jesus is born and laid in manger. Angels proclaim him saviour for all people and shepherds come to adore him, family returns to Nazareth. In Matthew, The Magi followed a star to Bethlehem, where the family are living, to bring gifts to Jesus, born the King of the Jews. And King Herod massacres all males under two years old in Bethlehem in order to kill Jesus, but Jesus’s family flees to Egypt and settles in Nazareth. So Biblical scholars reconcile contradiction of the differences from perspectives of Gospel the writers. Modern scholarship explains various issues of gospel history in theology in documents chronological timelines. Families know members but not all family members on both sides so, genealogy of Jesus is traced by His father and mother sides in history. And the whole world is connected to Jesus in Adam and Eve through to Abraham the Father of all the nations on the earth.

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