dormitio-and-upper-roomAfter Christ returned to Heaven the apostles and disciples stayed put in Upper Room in Jerusalem in obedience to Jesus’ instructions in Luke 24:49. Jesus told the disciples to remain in Jerusalem until they received the Holy Spirit to empower them to continue to build up His Church in God’s Kingdom. Jesus told the apostles and disciples to wait because they need to overcome the emotional trauma experienced during Jesus trial and crucifixion. They need to rest and become strengthened by the Holy Spirit. And to review their mission to recharge their batteries by receiving the Holy Spirit to carry on boldly with the ministry. It is important to be filled with Holy Spirit to empower the disciples to do the supernatural work which they could not do naturally on their own after the departure of Christ.Cenacle-Upper-RoomThey stayed in Jerusalem about ten days together with the women in prayer and fasting united in fellowship. Its precious time of refreshing after these traumatic events they experienced watching Jesus’ death and resurrection. Stayed together in unity and the community prepared to preach and reach people in Jerusalem first and all nations. They continued in prayer to wait for the Holy Spirit promised of the Father by Jesus before going to heaven.HolyLand2012 1561Holy Spirit is Power from God through Jesus on high is Mighty Spirit of God to equip with Godly Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding, Counsel to walk in LOVE to accomplish greater works of God. Jesus Said that believers through the Holy Spirit will do Greater works due to more time on earth than Jesus. God’s Wisdom gives the sound Mind in Christ to serve God in Jesus Name.26TheCenacle_wide-00ea86b0b1eb377cece9c70f7a2537d6597c229e-s900-c85.jpgThe Holy Spirit gives strength, courage, power to minister the word of God out of Zion from the city of Jerusalem to all nations of the world in Jesus Name. The disciples became emboldened to preach as never before through the Holy Spirit. However before they received the Holy Spirit they were filled with so much fear so that they locked the doors of Upper Room. Jesus visited them going through the walls after resurrection many times to surprise and encourage them before He ascended alive into heaven. So left behind the disciples continued in the Upper Room. They yearned for strength and physical presence of Jesus together with them giving them reassurance.  Pentecost 1The Upper Room is the place known as the Cenacle from Latin cenaculum which means dinner from word cena. Acts 1:13, says Upper Room was used for the Last Supper and is place Apostles stayed in Jerusalem. Jesus walked through Upper Room walls because doors locked due to fear of attack from Jesus’ enemies. Then disciples after Jesus Crucifixion and His resurrection received great boost from God through Power of the Holy Spirit.disciplesMany events of disciples described in New Testament took place in the Upper Room. Such as Jesus washing disciple’s feet and some resurrection appearances of Jesus. As gathering place of disciples and Jesus’ Mother Mary after Ascension of Jesus. People met Jesus’ disciples and continues to be centre of pilgrimage in Jerusalem. The Upper Room was where the election of Saint Mathias an apostle took place. In the Upper Room above all is the descent of HOLY SPIRIT upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost. Tristan_Pentecostes.jpgPeople heard the loud sudden mighty rushing wind that descended upon the disciples to change their countenance. So cloves or tongues of fire stood on top of each person’s head visibly seen by all people. They spoke languages they did not speak before and empowered by Holy Spirit acted out of the norm. This made people think they were drunk so people gathered around Upper Room to find out what was going on that day. So Peter stood on the balcony to explain to people from all parts of the world under heaven to preach salvation in YESHUA. Peter-preaching.jpgPeter reminded them about Covenant of God and the Messiah who came to save on earth. Then taught them about Jesus and His resurrection power to conquer death by eternal life. The people asked Peter what to do to be saved and Peter told them to receive the Lord JESUS as Lord and Saviour. 3000 people were saved to become part of God’s Kingdom to join the disciples. God CONTINUES to add many more souls daily to HIS CHURCH IN Christ from all nations, tribes at that time worshipping God in Jerusalem. The Word of God spreads abroad and was published among all people of all nations under the heavens represented in the crowd in Jerusalem. God’s Word multiplied, grew and grew, bearing so much fruit from the glorious harvest of people’s good hearts through the whole world. The Holy Spirit’s Fire manifests throughout all nations in the world celebrated in worshipping God.a4f6ffe8e0b89ff6bfd928090a48e9cb.jpgAs Jesus promised the disciples received the Holy Spirit, 3000 believers received the Holy Spirit too. Filled with power and manifestation of fruits of the Holy Spirit. People heard disciples speak in their own languages and saw tongues of fire on each head. Today, the Holy Spirit continues to fall on people who believe and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Messiah. The Holy Spirit enables a believer to gain strength and power of God to minister and help people.e963af7ba990afc584344112b9e833d4.jpgGod’s Power is still freely available to all those who ask Jesus to Lead and guide, teach, bring understanding of the Word of God in the Bible in Jesus Name. The Holy Spirit continues today in believer’s life to Strengthen and gives wisdom of God to help us as our Paraclete. Today the world needs the Holy Spirit more than ever before for guidance, help and strength to overcome in Jesus Name. So invite the Holy Spirit to dwell in your heart to help you serve God better in Jesus Name. Talk to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit everyday to guide and help you grow and mature in Godly faith.



  1. Wow, awesome blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is great, as well as the content!

    Thanks God Bless

  2. Effeсtively like Mommy mentioned, after we love one anotheг and love the world tһat Jeѕus died for, that?s a sort of worship. When we tаke into consideration God and listen to thе sermon or in Sunday School, is a manner of worshipping God as a result of were ⅼearn һow nice God is and He liкes that. Once we sit around and tell each other what the best things aƅout Goԁ are.
    You undeгstand how mᥙch yoս like hearing individᥙals say how smart or cute God is. Nice to know Gⲟd lіkes when we talk colⅼectively about how great He is and Daddy told us to pray to God.

    Thanks God Bless

  3. I want to admit that this is really helpful, Thanks for taking your time to
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    Thank you for feedback and feeding on soul food from the Word of God in Christ through the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name.

  4. Your article is actually useful. More than that, it really is engaging, compelling and well-written. I would want to see even more of these types of good writing.


    Thanks for finding our articles useful and helpful to your spiritual growth and interest in God in Christ through the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name. God bless you.

  5. This web site certainly has all of the information I needed about this
    subject and didn’t know who to ask.


    Thank God for guiding and directing you to find information and helpful answers to questions on your mind. God Bless you.

  6. I absolutely love your blog.. Pleasant colors & theme. Did you develop this amazing site yourself? Please reply back as I’m attempting to create my own site and want to know where you got this from or exactly what the theme is called.
    Thank you!


    The theme of our blog is based on God’s Words as our source of information in modern context. To address relevant matters and help people searching for answers. We as messengers of God write and deliver the Gospel Message based on the topics the Holy Spirit directs us to share from the Biblical perspective in Jesus Name. Our focus is to help people find God for themselves by reading the Word of God to inspire them to discern the Truth. God Bless you.

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