After Christ returned to Heaven the apostles and disciples stayed put in Upper Room in Jerusalem in obedience to Jesus’ instructions in Luke 24:49. Jesus told the disciples to remain in Jerusalem until they received the Holy Spirit to empower them to continue to build up His Church in God’s Kingdom. Jesus told the apostles and disciples to wait because they experienced emotional trauma during Jesus trial and crucifixion. They needed rest and strength to review their mission to recharge their batteries by receiving the Holy Spirit to carry on boldly with the ministry. It is important to be filled with Holy Spirit to empower the disciples to do the supernatural work which they could not do naturally on their own after the departure of Christ.


So they stayed in Jerusalem for about 10 days together with the women in prayer and fellowship in unity. They needed that precious time of refreshing after the traumatic events they experienced by watching Christ death and resurrection. They had to come together in unity to recreate the community to prepare to preach. They were to continue in prayer to wait for the Holy Spirit promised of the Father.

HolyLand2012 1561

Holy Spirit is Power from God through Jesus on high is the Mighty Spirit of God to equip with Godly Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding, Counsel to walk in LOVE to accomplish greater works. Jesus Said believers through the Holy Spirit will do Greater works due to Sound Mind in Christ at work in us in Jesus Name.26TheCenacle_wide-00ea86b0b1eb377cece9c70f7a2537d6597c229e-s900-c85.jpg

The Holy Spirit gives us the strength and courage to minister the word of God out of Zion, from the city of Jerusalem to all nations of the world in Jesus Name. The disciples became emboldened to preach as never before by the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost 1

The Upper Room is the place known as the Cenacle from Latin cenaculum which means dinner from word cena. In Acts 1:13, the Upper Room was used for the Last Supper and is the place that Apostles  stayed in Jerusalem. Jesus also walked through the Upper Room walls when the doors were locked due to fear of attack by the disciples after Jesus Crucifixion.


Many other events described in the New Testament took place in the Upper Room  such as Jesus Washingdisciple’s feet and some resurrection appearances of Jesus. And was the gathering place of disciples after the Ascension of Jesus. The election of Saint Mathias as an apostle took place in the Upper Room. Above all is descent of HOLY SPIRIT upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost. Tristan_Pentecostes.jpgPeople heard the loud sudden mighty rushing wind that descended upon the disciples to change their countenance. So the cloves or tongues of fire stood on top of each person’s head visibly seen by all people. They spoke languages they did not speak before and empowered by Holy Spirit acted out of the norm. This made people think they were drunk so people gathered around the Upper Room to find out what was going on that day. Peter stood on the balcony to explain to people from all parts of the world under heaven to preach salvation in YESHUA. Peter-preaching.jpgPeter reminded them about Covenant of God and the Messiah who came to save on earth. Then taught them about Jesus and His resurrection power to conquer death by eternal life. The people asked Peter what to do to be saved and Peter told them to receive the Lord JESUS as Lord and Savuour. That day, 3000 were saved so became part of the disciples.slide_4.jpgGod CONTINUES to add many more souls daily to HIS CHURCH IN Christ from all nations, tribes at that time worshipping God in Jerusalem. The Word of God soon spread abroad and was published among all people. God’s Word multiplied, grew and grew bearing so much fruit from the glorious harvest of people’s good hearts throughout the whole world. a4f6ffe8e0b89ff6bfd928090a48e9cb.jpgAs Jesus promised, the disciples received the Holy Spirit, 5000 believers received the Holy Spirit too. So filled with power and manifestation of fruits of the Holy Spirit. People heard disciples speak in their own languages and saw tongues of fire on each head. Today, the Holy Spirit continues to fall on people who believe and receive Jesus. e963af7ba990afc584344112b9e833d4.jpgGod’s Power is still freely available to all those who ask Jesus as He leads guides, teaches, brings understanding of Word of God in the Bible in Jesus Name. The Holy Spirit continues today in believers life to Strengthen and gives wisdom of God to help us as our Paraclete. 


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