slide_29.jpgGod set king Jesus upon His Holy hill of Zion to declare the decree, the LORD said to me,  You are My Son; this day have I begotten you in Psalm 2:6-7. I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint: my heart is like wax; it is melted in the midst of my bowels in Psalm 22:14. I divide him a portion with the great so He divides the spoil with the strong; because he has poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for transgressors in Isaiah 53:12. In Genesis 35:14 as God changed Jacob’s name to Israel he gave a drink offering on an altar to God. Libations or drink-offerings are poured out liquid oil water or wine to God as part of sacrifice and worship. In Bible History, was used by Israelites in the worship of the LORD Jehovah God as HE has commanded. Burnt and grain offerings are part of God-ordained sacrifices, in the mornings and evenings in sacrifices in Exodus 29:40. A specified exact measure of wine was poured on the altar fire with lamb sacrifices in Numbers 15:4-5. Other ram sacrifices in Numbers 15:6 or bulls The offerings of animals, grain, oil and wine are aroma to the LORD. The food water and wine offerings to God as stated in the Bible are important requirements of worship. Libations formed part of ancient Judaic worship of God in the Bible.                      15614691557783673931164222652223.jpgJacob’s altar at Bethel is place God spoke to him from pillar of stones and poured out a drink offering and oil on the altar. In 2 Samuel 23:16, David poured a drink offering to Jehovah a sacrificial libation. David gave holy consecrated drink to God brought in at the risk of the lives of brave men. King David offered water libation to God poured on the ground. People of Israel on entering land gave God a drink offering of wine. People also drink rest of wine and drinks in the Temple during animal or grain offering, extra portions are kept for priests and worshippers. A drink offering is poured on the altar of burnt offering but priests forbidden to drink wine in tabernacle in Leviticus 10:9. Sacrificial food eaten in tabernacle in Leviticus 6:16. A drink offering was David’s thanksoffering to God for victory and entered rest for 40 years in the time of Solomon’s reign in Israel. Drink offering and grain offering was symbolic of works of the worshiper as fruits of land’s harvested grains, oil, and wine were thanks offerings to the LORD God. Libations were part of God-commanded service of God’s Levitical priesthood. Moses told people of Israel, God said, when you come into the land given to you and reap harvests, bring the sheaf of all first fruits of harvest to priests. He will wave sheaf before The LORD for acceptance after the Sabbath.         15614690516153209119098926182371.jpgThe day he waves the sheaf offer a male lamb a year old without blemish burnt offering to The LORD. Cereal offering two tenths of ephah of fine flour mixed with oil by fire to The LORD as pleasing aroma drink offering of wine, fourth of a hin says Leviticus 23:9-13. The LORD said to Moses, “tell people of Israel, offer to The LORD from herd or flock offering by fire or a burnt offering or a sacrifice, to fulfil vow or freewill offering at your appointed feasts pleasing aroma to The LORD. Offer to God a cereal offering of a tenth of ephah fine flour, mixed with a fourth of a hin of oil and wine for drink offering, a fourth of a hin prepared with burnt offering sacrifice with each lamb, according to Numbers 15:1-5. Libations in the Bible is described in Exodus 25:29 plates, dishes, jars, bowls poured made from pure gold. Again in Exodus 37:16 is utensils of plates, dishes, bowls, and jars for libations poured made of pure gold. In Leviticus 23:18, bread, seven perfect lambs a year old, a bullock from herd, two rams burnt-offering to Jehovah to present with libations and fire-offering as sweet fragrance to Jehovah. Leviticus 23:37 on appointed seasons by Jehovah, to proclaim holy convocations, to bring fire-offering to Jehovah, burnt-offering,  present sacrifice and libation. Numbers 6:15 says basket of unleavened flour is mixed with oil thin cakes anointed with oil and libations.          IMG-20190625-WA0005.jpgNumbers 28:14 talks of libations of half of hin with bullock, and a third of the hin to a ram, and a fourth of hin to lamb wine, burnt-offering every month of the year. Numbers 28:3 describes continual burnt offering presented and libations. In Numbers 29:6 burnt-offering of the month presented, libations ordinances, sweet fragrance fire-offering to Jehovah as commanded. Numbers 29:11,19, goat sin offering atonement plus libations. In Numbers 29:18,21,24,27,29,30,31,37,39, to present offering and libations for bullocks, rams, sheep according to God ordinance. Deuteronomy 32:32-39 says God mocks all gods of rock in which they took refuge to eat fat of their sacrifices and drank wine drink offering to rise up and help you let them be your protection. So God says I AM HE and there is no God beside Me; I kill and I make alive; I wound and heal; and there is none that can deliver out of My hand.” God repeats warnings to gods that ate fat of the sacrifices and drank wine of their libations to rise up to help you as refuge 2 Kings 16:13 & 15. Their burnt and grain offerings, poured  libations and dashed blood fellowship offerings on altar to idols and gods must save them. The God contest by Elijah on mount Carmel taunts pagan gods to deliver its followers but proved Jehovah’s Power as Real Sovereign Living God. The pagan’s drink offering in worship serves creature not Creator God Almighty of King David, says Romans 1:25.

Their burnt and their grain offerings poured to idols not like Jesus Libations metaphor used to describe Suffering Servant Jesus Who “Poured out His Life in His death in Isaiah 53:12. In New Testament libation symbolic to a Christian’s reflection. A Drink Offering Sacrifice To the LORD God Jehovah by Jesus Christ’s Love. Greater Love has no man than this to give  His Life as a Ransome for many. Ultimately, LORD God’s Libation in New Covenant is Christ Jesus offered His own Blood on Cross to save all mankind. Jesus said in Luke 22:20 He gave New Covenant Cup of wine poured for you by Blood. Jesus’ sacrifice fulfills need of a drink offering. His Blood poured out when the soldier pierced His side with the spear in John 19:34. God in Christ gave His Body for our Peace Offering drink Wine Libation Sacrifice. Jesus Christ refers to pagan libation and said some present at the time told Him Galilean’s blood used by Pilate mixed with pagan sacrifices. He answered them, Do you think those Galileans are worse sinners because of what they suffered? No, unless you repent  you likewise will perish. Those eighteen on whom tower in Siloam fell and killed were not worse offenders than others dwelling in Jerusalem. I tell you, unless you repent you will all likewise perish He said in Luke 13:1-5. The Cup of God Libation when compared to Christian communion in Revelations 14:10 caused poured unmixed cup of God’s wrath anger. God’s wrath against idol worship is seen during Elijah’s victory at mount Carmel. Elijah repaired ancient altar Elijah reminding them of covenant the LORD made with Israel when they crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land. He chose twelve stones of the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob to build an altar in the name of the LORD. The heathens watched Elijah continue his preparations as the prophet made a trench, puts wood and prepared bull on altar and commands the people to flood the sacrifice and altar with water libation. Filled four jugs poured on burnt sacrifice and wood, repeated water offering and filled trench. The three years severe drought in 1 Kings 17:7;18:2 meant water was very precious.20190627_154157.jpg1561426269894954926595381606762.jpg Elijah prayed for fire to come down from heaven he doused the sacrifice with water three times until it filled trenches around altar. His servants in 1 Kings 18:32-35 got water from springs or brooks around the land as in 1 Kings 18:5, “Ahab said to Obadiah, “‘Search land for springs and valleys to keep horses and mules alive. Elijah prays to God to prove HIS Superiority over Baal so Israel will turn to Him. “LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, “let it be known this day You are God in Israel and I am your servant and done all things at your word. Hear me, O LORD so people will know You are LORD God and turn their hearts to you. Fire from heaven consumes sacrifice on the altar, like the pillar of fire at Red Sea separated  children of Israel from Egyptian enemies. The people worship God and shout together with one voice, “The LORD, He is the God; the LORD, He is the God.” The prophets of Baal were destroyed at the Kishon Valley in 1 Kings 18:40 drought ended in 1 Kings 18:41. Soon Elijah sent servant, go and look toward sea, seven times saw cloud small as mans hand is rising from the sea. Elijah said, to Ahab, get in your chariot before rain stops you from heavy rain falling as Ahab rode to Jezreel in kings 18:43-45. Baal, Canaanite god of water and storm had drought, pagans slaughtered at a brook then there was water. Yahweh the God of water and God of Creation in new creation of the born again soul revived in John 3:1-8. The Living Water Jeremiah 2:1317:13John 4:107:38Revelations 7:17. The LORD, He is God; the LORD He is God. Israel accepted God, was saved. Those who accept Jesus will not face any wrath of God because they are forgiven by God Almighty.            20190624_152335.jpgLibation is poured from bowls of Wrath in Revelations 16 plagues. As Thyatirans and Pergamians used the libation wine ritual for idol gods not to Jehovah God. So people copied idolatrous practices of heathen religions in Canaan to invoke gods and ancestral spirits for good or an evil deed by community or individuals. The pagan practice of pouring wine as a sacrifice to the gods took root in ancient Greece. When they wanted to seek their god in a special way, they pour out some wine as sacrifice to help pave way for prayer.  Over the years is the custom to pour from cup they drank as sacrifice to their gods and dead relatives. So some, Philippians out of a pagan Greco-Roman culture, mixed this type of sacrifice with an Old Testament drink offering. Taking measure of wine, gins or water mixed with flour poured out as a sacrifice to please their gods. The prayer system of pouring Libation to God Only on Altar is contaminated by a Canaanite idolatrous way of praying. Apocalyptic wrath of Jesus and God’s Wrath will judge those who serve creatures, not God Almighty Creator. The Living Water Jesus poured His Blood mixed with water from His Side to redeem us from curse of law to bring us boldly into Presence  of God.

The patent owner of all resources on the earth and the firmaments deserves the best quality of first fruit harvest, water or wine for thanksgiving. The focus is to give thanks to God for sustaining life on earth and for replenished resources. So libation water celebrations take place in the years in various seasons of harvests. Libation is specifically for Living God to thank Him so what role does idol play in nurturing mankind? And Paul said in Philippians 2:17 his life is poured like a drink offering.  He said, that “I am being poured out like a drink offering so he compared himself a cup of wine poured out on altar of sacrifice. Some pour on ground to mother earth and ancestors. He felt poured out as their sacrifice for the Lord’s work metaphor used twice in imagery of drink offering to describe service. In Philippians 2:17, challenged church in Philippi to live worthy of testimony in dedication to God. In 2 Timothy 4:6 of his ministry compared his life to wine poured out of vessel on the altar. Paul understood struggles of toils of apostolic ministry like libation is sacrificial service of Churches offered drinks, food, God, wine New Covenant. Paul shares joy of libation-labour with others to pour out their lives too in service to God in Phillipians 2:17-18.               15613833503098766392615814667642.jpgAncient Romans and the other cultures use libation symbolic in their worship meetings. The Kwanzaa ritual libation uses water poured to honour their dead included in communities of African American ancestry. The practice has historic universal appeal of sharing the drink wine, water, or malt etc. Jesus Sacrifice embraced libation imagery in New Testament texts like Luke’s cup in 22:20;Philippians 2:17. Revelation points to wrong religious practice of a libation  judgment John condemned the libation; wine ritual to idols and not to Jehovah by God’s enemies non allegiance to God. Jewish temples in Jerusalem were used by Greeks and Romans for ritual wine pouring in honour pagan deities and emperors veneration as lord and gods.  Imperial focus on libation views by the Christians contradict an expected Godly identity in Christ alone. New Testament wine libation prayer to God Almighty is for eternal life redemption. Importance of wine as Blood in Christian Eucharist represents libation in the communities of Jesus’ followers. Red Wine poured in worship to God is through Jesus’ Blood Shed for the Christians. Libation to God demands exclusive loyalty to the Jealous God who will not share HIS GLORY with anyone. Believers are to direct worship to God in Christ alone in New Covenant. True God required the people to pour out liquids from bowls, cups and vessels at sacrificial Temple setting gatherings for libations to Him Alone like wine, honey, milk, oil and their water rituals.           1561383387552181348352340085116.jpgThe Bible and Septuagint has examples of libations offered as part of sacrifices in events: Exodus 29:40; Leviticus 23:13; Numbers 15:5–10; Numbers 29; 1 Kings 18:34. Greek and Roman offered wine to gods. And the New Testament  reference to libation in Luke 22:20 is libation New Covenant Blood of Jesus is poured out to save all. in ungodly ritual seen as wrong religious practices by God’s judgement. In Hebrew Bible in New Testament Cup of wine by John in Scripture supersedes worship offered to Roman deities. God’s Divine judgement against all those who worship false gods overall condoned by Roman Empire. Christian community is to choose to identify with Christ as the Citizens of heaven. Apocalypse Wrath of God is due to neglect to celebrate and honour God in Jesus Christ ALONE. SOVEREIGN GOD PREFERS NEW COVENANT CHRIST APPROPRIATE IN GOD’S DIVINE LOVE. Revelation 14 and 16 libation bowls says followers of the Lamb Jesus assured through Rapture so doom awaits Babylon and the beast. Loyalty to God in Eucharistic libation is an integral part of the Christian belief and Gidky lifestyle. Those who continue faithfully to God are not under wrath compared to those who worship beast. Children of God are purchased by Blood of Lamb Jesus offered for humanity to God. Babylon is fallen with all nations who drink wine of her sins.  Those who accept  Jesus are all saved from God’s judgement wrath.           20190624_145339.jpgGod’s Sacrifice is BEST SACRIFICE for all who worship HIM not the beast/s image will drink the wine of God’s anger poured in cup of wrath. Revelations 14:14–20 says winepress of God’s wrath is like sickle harvest grape’s judgement. In Joel 3:13 harvest of grain symbolizes true peace not wrath of  God against the earth. Winepress blood horse height punishment is deliberate. Revelation 14 and 16 shows those not in God’s Favour liable will drink His anger, and violence blood flowing like wine. Seven libation bowl poured in the sanctuary of Temple worship. Seven angels from heaven sanctuary carry plagues. In Revelations 15:7, one of four living creatures gives the seven angels seven golden bowls full of anger of God to pour libations wrath of God. A voice calls from heaven instructing the angels to pour out their bowls, full of the wrath of God on the inhabitants of earth. Afflictions poured out are the boils, sores or turn waters to blood, burning people by sun, darkness, pain. The woman in purple, scarlet, with gold, jewels, pearls, in hand golden cup of abomination of fornication. On forehead written mystery of Babylon the great, mother of harlots, earth’s abomination seeks to destroy Jesus.         15613858462575771971790556379631.jpgJohn saw a woman, drunk with blood of saints and the blood of martyrs of Jesus in Revelation 17:2–6, will be repaid with double the cup she mixed in Revelations 18:6. God’s Wrath judgement is against wrongdoers imaged in winepress and drunkenness. The mixed wine libations wine press fury Wrath of God Almighty is judgement suffering. Wine offerings in Roman worship made in Jerusalem temple libations was a part of daily life in the ancient world. Libation imagery from Scripture highlights Revelation’s attacks of wrong religious practice. Who is like the Jehovah God in Exodus 51:11; Psalm 113:4–6; Isaiah 44:6–7. Revelation warns of incorrect worship of the beast highlights sinful actions against God. So  Revelations condemn such a world wide worship of the beast Babylon to wreck havoc on those inhabitants of earth. Their libations refer to idol worship and so plagues of Revelation 16 subvert the real authentic God’s right worship in John’s community by Jesus worshippers. And so True worship reveres Lamb Jesus Christ, Son of God Almighty who sits on His throne Revelation in 4:9–10; 22:3–4. Wine libation imagery iused in Revelations God’s judgement to unleash suffering on those who worship incorrectly and by sinful excess in life.  Revelation relies on the biblical imagery familiar to people by apocalyptic vision.           20190624_151517.jpgExodus 25:29 describes sacrificial items for worship of God like plates, dishes for incense, vessels to pour drink-offering of pure gold to offer liquids to God. The offering of libations instructions in biblical texts show exact liquid offering, normal ordinary sacrificial worship of Israel. God gives the precise instruction for libation in the Temple of Jerusalem in Graeco-Roman period. Worship at Jerusalem in temple during period leads up to temple’s destruction in 70 CE. In Asia Minor the new temple synagogues letters show that libation was offered at banquets or public in diaspora journey of Jews to Jerusalem. Crowds during the Passover and Pentecost from countless continents, cities over lands, seas, from east, west, north, south annual feast of sacrifices and libations to God on altar. Libation records in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Temple worship says to rejoice this day and pour out strong drink offering, new wine on altar of the LORD year by year. Book of Jubilees says Noah sprinkled wine libation on sacrificial fire offering of the wine and the water Sukkot festival by Jews. In the Second Temple era libation copied pagan wine cult worships. Divine condemnation of a wrong idol religious practice non-Israel by God of Jews is revealed by prophets to warn them.

In Hebrew Bible God is always against Babylon oppressors using their sacrifice in libations in Jeremiah 19:13; 32:29; 44:17–19. Hebrew Bible shows their libations and a drink offerings to gods offend Jehovah God so warned it is wrong. Jeremiah condemns the use of libation offerings to queen of heaven Babylon goddess opposition to the God of Israel in Chapter 44 and 32 Baal or unnamed god worship libations. Jeremiah 51:7 like Revelation 14:8 is on Babylon as a golden cup in the LORD’s hand making all the earth and nations drank by her wine went mad. Libation imagery’s of the drunkenness and immorality sources in Deuteronomy, Esther on libation of wrong religious oppression. Deuteronomy 32:37-38 asks why such gods of their libations poured are not coming to save Israelites from God’s wrath. Esther in her prayer to God said she did “not honour the king’s feast or drunk the wine of libations” in Esther 14.17. The biblical use of libations is to God on the altar but Ezekiel consistently points out the wrong behaviour of those who have deviated from the will of God. The Bible on God’s wrath in Ezekiel uses pouring out eleven times in Ezekiel 7:8; 8:8; 9:8; 14:19; 20:8; 20:13; 20:21; 20:33; 20 : 34; 22:22; 22:31; 36:18. The wrath of God is poured out against all the people who angered God by worshipping other gods disobedient to God’s rules. Ezekiel says the wrath poured is against foreign peoples and Israel. God’s wrath is meted because  God’s people intermingle their worship with ungodly ideas from other nations. Ezekiel 38 is close to Revelation wrath fire in Ezekiel 22:22-31.                     15614639615948560712912485402558.jpgGod’s wrath in Revelations 15:5–8 texts is in this context of libations criticized. Christian group gatherings and group meetings is distinct from idol libations by Eucharist body and Blood of Christ so raising of a cup in Jesus’ honour took place as a form of libation symbolised a union with Christ communal experience but the pagan libations are rejected. So in 1 Corinthians 8; 10:14–3 Jesus’ bodily sacrifice libation of blood in the context of the Last Supper, emphasizes common cup poured out by a Covenant in Jesus’ blood in Luke 22:20. Paul’s service to Christ is poured out like libations in Philippians 2:17. The Christians reflect on Jesus’ community eternal life Gospel message saving them from God’s wrath on followers of Babylon made to “drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured in cup of his anger” in Revelation 14:10. The heavenly meal banquet on earth is replicated in Divine wine and bread in their remembrance by their communities. Some do not use the wine rather water or juice. The Creator God’s water, oil, milk and honey sacrament origins from the Creator God used in worship of the pagan gods.” The bread and water Eucharistic connects to communities with sacred food. After the prayers holy bread, wine, juice taken by Christians to prevent wine-drunkards in Church. Revelations show restriction of wine use among Jesus-following groups against pagan associations with Jewish or their Christian belief. Thyatira, Pergamum, Thyatira follow teachings against John’s eating food from idol sacrifices.             1561463778110651738356615806246.jpgNicolaitans hold on teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak to put the stumbling block before the sons of Israel. They eat foods sacrificed to idols and a practice of immorality. Balaam in Numbers 24; 25:1–6 and 31:16 eating of food offered to other gods. Thyatira, members who follow Jezebel John claims teaches and beguiles God’s servants in immorality and eat food sacrificed to idols. Jezebel  idol gods polluted true worship of God in 1 Kings 16:31; 18:4–19; 19:1, 2; 21:5–25; 2 Kings 9 condemn evil religious observances as stated in Revelations 2–3 speaks of eating those foods sacrificed to idols and drink libations of pagan worship. The wrath of God is against their rebellious sacrifice within communities  eating non-Christian offerings to idols and still partaking at the LORD’S table. Elijah dealt with double-minded people hopping between God and idol’s contest at Mount Carmel. Libation debates now focuses on those born again Christians professing faith in God but indulging in  idol libation eating drinking rituals. The LORD says choose today whom you will serve for the wrath of God is against the ones serving two masters God and gods. Salvation in Jesus means He loves you.Jacob in Genesis 28:10-22 meets God in dream of heavenly ladder and angels turned stone pillow to pillar altar Bethel House of God support and resting place built in Christ Jesus the living stone for God’s building us pillars in God’s testimony of expressing Gospel.        15614646327436072408697771101214.jpgJacob said, This is the House of God His Church in Ephesians 2:22 manifestation of God in the flesh in man in 1 Timothy 3:15. God’s House is the New Jerusalem Holy City dwelt in by God in Revelation 4:2-321:11. And Jacob’s oil libation is offering poured on the altar is like anointing oil filled by Holy Spirit from Father God in the Son Jesus in Spirit reaching us. The story of Jacob’s ladder links to Jesus our heavenly ladder in John 1:51. Christ is The Ladder Between Heaven and Earth our Bridge of Christian Church. Christ our Ladder joins us to Heaven with countless angels ascending and descending with the Son of Man in John 1: 47-51. Jesus, Ladder Connects Heaven to God’s Supernatural life with angels by love of God. The ladder in John 1:51, says, the Lord Jesus is heavenly vertical way in the Rapture and eternal in God’s Presence.  The Triune God flows to anoint and fill us in house of God. The Holy Spirit anoints us so we become living stones in God’s house for God’s building 1 Peter 2:5, pillars in the Temple of God’s Church in Revelation 3: 12. The House of God’s Home is dwelling place says 1 John 2:20, 27 in us. Jacob returns to Bethel in Genesis 35:1-8 God said to Jacob to rise up go to Bethel and dwell there to make altar to God who appeared there to you as you fled from Esau your brother. Jacob told all his household with him, put away strange gods, be clean, and change your garments. Let us arise, and go up to Bethel make an altar to God answering me in the day of my distress, with me on the way as I went. They gave Jacob all strange gods in their hands and earrings in their ears, Jacob hid them under the oak by Shechem. So Jacob built altar to God.20190626_100016.jpg15614652861982000141599335740480.jpg

They journeyed and the terror of God on the cities round about them did not pursue the sons of Jacob. Jacob came to Luz in the land of Canaan called Bethel, him and all the people with him. And he built there an altar and called the place Elbethel because there God appeared to him, when he fled from the face of his brother. Deborah Rebekah’s nurse died, and was buried beneath Bethel an oak and the place is named Allonbachuth. So Jacob is Named Israel in Genesis 35:9 -15 after God appeared to Jacob again, when he came out of Padanaram, and blessed him. And God said to him, Your name is Jacob: your name shall not be any more Jacob, but Israel shall be your name: and called his name Israel. God said to him, I AM God Almighty so be fruitful and multiply. Nations will come out of you and kings shall come out of your loins. The land I gave to Abraham and Isaac, to you I give it and your seed after you will I give the land. God went up from him in the place He talked with him. Jacob set up a pillar in the place he talked with God to build altar of stones and poured a drink offering on it and poured oil on it. Jacob called place God spoke with him Bethel in Israel many thousands of years before exile. God says do not lean on own understanding to put a ‘culture’ first above God’s Commands and your personal salvation in Jesus Christ.

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