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In John 14:1-3 Jesus said let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in me. In my father’s house there are many mansions, if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I WILL COME AGAIN AND RECEIVE YOU TO MYSELF THAT WHERE I AM THERE YOU WILL BE ALSO.  goldencity revelation New Jerusalem.jpgGod used precious materials to build HIS priceless mansions in heaven for you in Revelation 21:18-21. Heaven foundation and city wall is adorned with precious jewels. The Foundation jewels jasper are; sapphire; chalcedony; emerald, pure gold and diamond and onyx, carnelian, and bedellium, ruby, sardonyx, sardius; and chrysolite, beryl, topaz, chrysoprase, and jacinth, amethyst plus crystal rivers.unnamed 12 gates are twelve pearls; each one of the gates is a single pearl. The city street’s pure gold like transparent glass. The 12 gates are from a single pearl. The streets of the city are built with pure gold means saints in heaven live in golden houses and walk on pure gold under their feet in eternal rest. Heaven exists as real place discovered by NASA Hubble telescope.                       new-heaven-and-earth

Jesus lived on earth and confirms heaven is real as He lives there right now as His home with the Father God, saints and the angels. The TRUTH is Heaven and earth will be joined together one day in the future and descend on earth. So it is important to think daily about heaven not as after thought for people passing. Heaven’s mansions cannot be compared in value to even most expensive houses in world put together combined value.golden-new-jerusalem.jpg God makes provisions for lands, houses in this life and in the life to come in Matthew 19:29, and Luke 18:30 and Mark 10:30 in Bible Jesus Said, “Truly I say to you, there is no one who left house, brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or lands, farms, for My sake and for the gospel’s sake, but will receive 100 times as much now in this present age, houses and brothers, sisters, mothers, children, farms  lands and in future life in heaven LIVING IN PRESENCE OF GOD. maxresdefault (1).jpg

Above all, Christ is the Priceless Pearl of Great Price for Christ is Christian believer’s Way to God. GOD’S TEMPLE Dwells in their midst and God Almighty and Christ are LIGHT. Enjoy life on earth and live forever in eternity in God’s in mansions of heaven. Heaven’s gates have free entry plus free admission to all sanctified by blood of Jesus so saved by the choices made in life so is yours to be with God in heaven eternal life forever.king-jesus Many live in small houses, tower blocks, hovels called home, there are plenty of others in life at the opposite end of the spectrum, living in mansions in some of the world’s most fantastically expensive houses. The best properties available on open market if you have money cannot compare with quality heaven mansions.nova-jerusalc3a9m-02.jpg

The fabulously rich join unique clubs of the world’s costliest places as they live on earth. So life on earth is very sweet fun enjoyable, wonderful, fabulous, rich, glamorous, continues forever but heaven is bigger than all the best most beautiful homes, mansions, modern sophisticated home building development projects, expensive buildings. As they count their blessings, celebrate daily, some think life is short so want to make the most of it before too late by reckless living.     IMG_20160921_102800.jpgThey make plans for their lives now and for the future because they are sure of themselves and think they are fully in control of their lives ignore God. They live in comfort, surrounded by family, loved ones who reinforce and reaffirm their family love and friend’s support for one another. Often accomplish ranks, titles as their pride and joy in wealth and material needs. Earth mansions, cribs, cars, jetset lifesyle is great and fabulous with multibillion businesses and bank balances that boost their confidence.689886510_1176060.gifGod HAS GREATER and better mansions than all the best mansions of earth put together for everyone who ever lived on earth ready in heaven. The reason being mankind has the immortal spirit that returns to God and therefore death is not end of life. GOD’S Spirit in mankind does not die mankind’s Spirit returns to God. the-glorious-new-jerusalem.png The soul lives on to give account to God on judgement day. Throughout life all mankind remain directly CONNECTED TO GOD so Spirit goes back to God to live in heaven. Death does not mean sleep waiting for decay to dust deconstruction. If so no need Jesus dies to SAVE mankind if mere death enough eternal separation punishment from GOD’S PRESENCE.heavenweb.jpg

They may love God or spare no thought about God, Christ or Holy Spirit, as in their minds they are fully in control of own destiny. This pattern of behaviour repeats from generation to generation, without stopping to reflect what is the purpose of life? Is life all about one’s personal gratification or gallivanting?maxresdefault-2 Hopping from party to another to ‘enjoy’ oneself, shopping buying impulsively   endlessly without meaning to. It is interesting the very material things that are considered of great value to enhance life becomes tons of castaway old school. Mankind takes great pride in an external piece if Jewellery or clothing seen as of more value than their priceless souls of Greater God’s Spirit sustaining lives.La-recompensa-de-los-redimidos.jpgWhy then would Jesus need to prepare mansions for you if one does not need God or think about His charity because they cannot afford to pay Jesus their own anyway? This is because everything in life lasts for a season so comes to an end one day. No matter the longest life span on earth is still short-term compared to GOD’S LONGTERM PLANS FOR mankind. However long life takes changes at some point. People move on and transition into new realms of reality. 344876379b635c70a7f72ec707bd56d1This is just like famous legends become unknown in next generation no matter how much loved they were at the peak if their time. Life is dynamic so changes and people must adapt to include GOD Agenda into their lifestyles in order not to perish. Heaven is Real and the current events of the world is changing to give back to Jesus God’s Kingdom to Reign for ever and ever in new world without end. 0_0_0_0_604_713_csupload_66363642.jpg

The very fear emotion preyed on to enjoy life in the here and now is precisely the very reason to stop and get off the auto- pilot lifestyle to reflect on destiny. So the questions is It just to be born, grow, get education, get a job or own business, pay taxes, marry, have children or not, repeat cycle with grandchildren to 5th or 6th generations as long as life permits. 9712d3eb3e2b99bf799fbacff575dba0.jpg Enjoy baptism parties and confirmation, graduation, weddings, baby showers, baby naming parties. Grand babies grow and so this cycle repeats again in the next generations. Is this only reason for procreation to multiply and replenish earth? Is this really all life is about. Is this really why God created the earth for people to thoroughly enjoy themselves before too late?                many_mansions_by_peterpawn-d4lnnqu.jpg about creator’s feelings concerning His creations, attitudes towards Him and ingratitude by the people He sacrificed His Life to save? Do they receive, thank, appreciate Him in any way, shape or form? Some are too busy to think about ‘such important decision in life or too busy to care God and heaven. So young full of life think it is better to enjoy fun and entertainment than attend church. Some try later hardly relate, understand sermon, message preached so need help.Sea of Glass - Ted Larson.png

Some think it is a waste of fun time to attend church so want specific message relevance to the modern fanciful society. Some seek entertainment fun lifestyle in church so feel unfulfilled and limited or restricted, and see no point in attending church yet church has MORE Godly FUN. Life may seem fine by hangovers friends with benefits, drunkenness and freedom to live as one pleases. However, everyday GOD KEEPS AN ACCURATE RECORD IN THE BOOK OF LIFE so will require account of lifestyle with regard to also fellow human beings on earth.music-with-harps.png

So supposed to be is carefree lifestyle until too old to move about anymore so end in home for old people then what next? Jesus said that He has mansions readily available for those at the end of their journey in life. Property owners, God and Jesus Gives title deeds, keys of heaven’s mansions to only believers who Complete His Contract Agreement to accept Him, love Him, Serve Him, win souls for Him, sponsor ministries.img_20160921_122258 Honour God the Father’s Covenant Agreement Property Conditions. Choice to enjoy heaven, eternally is 1000 times better than earthly so personal choice  personal decision in life is yours. Whether one believes in Christ or not He Still Loves you and has a home for you in heaven to live eternity. It is up to you to remember you came into world alone so will face God alone. In Romans 5:19 Bible says, by one man Adam’s disobedience many were made sinners, by ONE MAN Jesus’ OBEDIENCE also many are made righteous. So receive free SALVATION from God in Christ for ETERNAL life.               03f6f8bf-41b2-461a-8994-4e8d99cbc2e3.jpg

PARTYING friends and accomplices may mean more to you than anything today, yet in the end of it all you belong to God as His creation. Others on the other hand not privileged live ordinary simple lives on earth faithfully labouring, toiling and suffering for God on earth. They shall not find themselves shut out from heaven’s gates of pearls. Each faithful and loyal believer who endures to the end is REWARDED IN HEAVEN BY GOD LIVE FOREVER IN ETERNITY.       maxresdefaultBorn again believers walk on golden streets to receive their biggest mansions from God in heaven. So it is up to you to decide to join the beauty of heaven or torment in hell for rejecting Christ and salvation from God. God loves rich wealthy people so agrees with them to enjoy the fruits of their labour to celebrate life and enjoy the best life can offer. Creator OWNER of all silver and gold, treasures, God wants you to have FIRST PRIORITY to God to remember during party celebrations God the Giver of your life TRULY LOVES YOU.mm1HEAVENLY MANSIONS PREPARED BY GOD await believers who acknowledge to accept God as SOURCE OF ALL WEALTH and so people are all stewards of HIS WEALTH. God Provides fairly for all, not for an exclusive few who deprive His children. In Heaven, God provides best, most priceless mansions, great buildings for all LORD GOD’S CHILDREN in Christheaven-or-hell-patahHeavenly mansions are so perfect and no deprived areas, no poverty, no utahs, no inner-city, shanty towns, bondocks, or ghettoes, favellas, no nogo areas or post code gang fights, no turf wars, plus no concentration of poor suburbs or ghetto inner city neighbourhoods. No nyangas, Soweto, New Towns, Projects, Zongos, Nimas, Roystons, slum dumps, no down markets, no rubbish foragers, no down-town people. Heaven is all upmarket hierarchy seated in heavenly places with God. Today, no matter rank, file, status, position in life God has beautiful perfect priceless mansions for all in Jesus Name.




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