JESUS LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY AS HE DOES NOT ASK YOU TO PROVE YOURSELF PERFECT SO JUST COME AS YOU ARE!!! Often, one is analyzed to decide if you meet a criteria or fit for purpose. Many love you for what you give them, so like the prodigal son when the money runs out, so does the friends. You always give your best, your all, so do things for others beyond expectation and go the extra mile. However, when it is your turn no one seems to be there for you. In fact, the kinder you are, the worse you are treated. You do without so sacrifice your all for others yet none remembers your generosity.

Jesus fully understands rejection, abandonment, reproach, treachery, disappointment, shock, loss hurts, pain, grief, sorrow, betrayal, bereavement for although Perfect, Christ endured all personally for you. Christ was treated badly by people He healed, fed, delivered from bondage and mended their broken hearts. Today, you may be in tears, wondering if you can bear the pain another day. Through strength of God’s Holy Spirit within Christ is holding and carrying you in such times like footprints in the sand. When you have no more ability to fend for yourself, Christ takes over to care for you.  Though you may feel God and Christ abandoned you, know for sure God Loves you even in the lowest moments of your life, even if you do not feel any different physically, spiritually or emotionally.


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