cloud-formationJesus will appear in the clouds on white horse with saints to return to the earth during Armaggeddon war according to the Bible. Jesus will return to fulfil the numerous prophecies about His Physical Return in the Flesh. Horses are seen frequently in the clouds to remind people about these end-times events during the last days. These horses seen by the cloud spotters are daily recorded faithfullly to manifest the Glory of God as stated in the Bible. It is good to learn these things to know. Ignorance is no excuse that is the reason why GOD Sends HIS Words to all through HIS ministers, Apostles, pastors prophets teachers and the evangelists to share with people to gain knowledge.three-riders-sky-2God Says HE WILL SEND 4 types of horse in the clouds to warn the whole world of events taking  place. This images in the clouds are actual footage recorded by the many people who saw them. God Always Gives Advance Warning to people before HE TAKES ACTUAL Actions. Horsemen seen in the cloud are rehearsal of real events taking place on earth.ba646b1db6c59c4b3c0c69727ad65dc6.jpgEach horse is colour coded by God so the message relayed represents actual event symbolised by each of 4 horses to appear on earth. A false white horse counterfeit mimicks real genuine One to be riden by Christ Jesus. This deceives many to think they are bringing peace. Bible says while they shout “peace peace” in pursuit of a peace they cause chaos and damage. The times accompanied by great tribulation and heavenly signs. Numerous signs in the heavens do point towards prophecy fulfilment plus earthquakes, floods and natural disasters blamed as Acts of God.seals.jpgBlack horse represents famine, inflation poverty caused deliberately using food for power, control and dominance. Bible says buying and selling takes place by a methods unapproved by God so causes more harm than good. The road to hell is paved with good intention so the havoc displaces people making them landless. Unable to farm an enonomic destruction affects globalised system thereby creates exclusive business for privileged few. It causes inflation and dependency impact that causes needless loss of precious life.Warn.jpgThe red horse causes wars among people who used to live peacefully with all in unity and love as neighbours. Meanwhile these wars draws in many nations taking sides to fight against each other. People turn on each other in the name of peace. These chaos is now seen daily in media on the news  yet some unawre of what is going on prophetically. Dr Billy Graham says read the Bible and watch Prophecy unfold in the news. These events are the conflicts in each zone that takes place. image5493.jpgEvery human life on earth is affected one way or another so most important thing is to ensure one calls upon God for HIS GRACE, COMPASSION, MERCY everyday. God says people must give HIM NO REST day or night through prayers to shorten the evil days. If not Bible says mankind will be annihilated including very elect who can be deceived. It is necessary for each to study Word of God in context to better understand thses events.  7seals.jpgThe REAL authentic White horse Ridden by the Son of God Yeshua Messiah JESUS Returns as Conquering Messiah to Claim HIS EVERLASTING DOMINION FOREVER.  GOD let’s mankind self- rules themself to PROVE HIS POINT WITHOUT GOD IN CONTROL IT HAS NEVER Worked so will not work. God seems harsh to let things roll without intervening so ALLOWS man FREEDOM OF CHOICE RULE FOR NOW.HeHasRisen.gifThrough fasting, crying to God, prayers repentance God says HE WILL FORGIVE TO SHORTEN THE EVIL DAYS because if God deals with mankind by HIS Wrath no body will remain alive on earth. So check these things out and prepare yourself to be saved by God IN HIS MERCY. This is a very serious life matter that concerns all people on earth. So no excuse to say one did not know for exception from God. As the pale horsehorse symbolises diseases, pestilence and plagues causing death.

beware_whitehorseman_the_anti_christ_revelation_6_2.jpgThis uncompromising message helps to understand God better. So do not count yourself out saying you are not religious or you do not do religion. The world goes the changes planned since Foundation of the earth so nothing new. It is essential to ensure one personally factors in these information to be empowered to prepare for things going on and things to come. GOD ALMIGHTY IS VERY REAL AND HIS WORDS DO NOT RETURN VOID BUT DO ACCOMPLISH AND PERFORM WHAT IS TO BE DONE. These horse have started appearing and captured on YouTube video to see for yourself. Ensure makes informed personal choice to serve the Living God in Christ.




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