cloud-formationJesus will appear in the clouds on white horse with saints to return to Ìsrael at Mount Olive during Armaggeddon war in Bible. Jesus’ return fulfils prophecies of His Physical return in the Flesh as the KING of Kings and Lord of lords. Horses seen in the clouds remind people of end time events in the last days. Four horses seen by cloud spotters records manifest wrath of God’s judgements. Learn these things to be in the know ignorance is no excuse. God’s words and signs are wake up call to ministers, apostles, pastors or prophets, teachers, evangelists to share with you to gain knowledge to be saved.three-riders-sky-2God WILL SEND four types of horses in the clouds to warn whole world of evil events taking place. Images the clouds are actual footage recorded by people who saw them. God is giving advance warning to HIS people before ACTUAL actions take place. The four horsemen in the clouds is rehearsal of real events taking place on earth which intensify in perilous times of GREAT TRIBULATION.  ba646b1db6c59c4b3c0c69727ad65dc6.jpgEach horse is colour coded by God so the message represents the actual event symbolised by four horses on earth. The false pale white horse is the counterfeit fake religion imitating Jesus white horse to deceive those who think they bring peace in the world. The Bible says they shout “peace peace” in pursuit of peace but cause chaos and damage, ruin lives. Times of tribulation and heavenly signs in the heavens points to prophecy wrath curses. And earthquakes, floods, natural disasters, Acts of God, volcanoes, wild fires, mudslides, tornadoes, thunders and death gets worse on the earth too.seals.jpgBlack horse represents famine, inflation poverty of manipulating food supply for power, control, dominance by a selfish few greedy people. Bible says there will be no buying and selling unless people take mark of the beast. Taking mark of the beast means sold your soul to devil so God will punish you. Man’s methods are unapproved by God causes more harm than good. So road to hell is paved with good intention the havoc displaces people making them landless. Unable to farm, shop enonomic destruction affects globalised system. But creates exclusive business profit for the privileged few. It causes inflation, job losses, dependency, fear, diseases and loss of precious lives.Warn.jpgA red horse causes wars among people who used to live peacefully in unity and love their neighbours. The wars draw in many other nations taking sides to fight against each other. People turn on each other in the name of peace. These chaos seen daily in the news media yet some unaware prophecy is going on globally. Dr Billy Graham said, read your Bible and watch prophecy unfold in the news. The conflicts take place in many zones.image5493.jpgEvery human life on earth is affected one way or another so most important thing is to ensure you call upon God for HIS GRACE, COMPASSION, MERCY daily. God says, people to give HIM NO REST day or night through prayers to shorten evil days. Or Bible says mankind will be annihilated and the very elect deceived. It is necessary to study the Word of God to know to understand all these events.  7seals.jpgA REAL authentic White horse is Ridden by the Son of God Yeshua Messiah JESUS returning to Mount Olives in Israel as a Conquering Messiah. His EVERLASTING DOMINION is FOREVER. GOD will stop mankind’s self-rule to PROVE HIS POINT WITHOUT GOD IN CONTROL LIFE WILL NEVER Work. God seems harsh to some, but things roll without HIS intervention. To ALLOW FREEDOM OF CHOICE RULE to self-destruct then Jesus takes over.HeHasRisen.gifThrough fasting, crying to God, prayers repent for God says HE WILL FORGIVE and SHORTEN THE EVIL DAYS. Jesus our Lord conquered death and gives eternal life. God forgives all who accept Christ but deals with mankind by HIS Wrath if they reject Jesus. Nobody will remain on earth alive if God does not forgive all. So check this facts in Bible to prepare your life to be saved by God IN HIS MERCY. It is a very serious life matter so concerns all people on earth. You have no excuse to say you didn’t know for ignorance is no excuse to be exempted by God. Pale horse symbolizes disease, pestilence or drought famine plagues causing death.beware_whitehorseman_the_anti_christ_revelation_6_2.jpgGospel message help you to understand God better. So do not count yourself out saying you are not religious or do not do religion. The world is going to change as God planned since foundation of earth. Its essential you personally follow God to believe this information to empower you to prepare for things going on. GOD ALMIGHTY IS REAL HIS WORDS DON’T RETURN VOID BUT ACCOMPLISHES ALL IT PERFORMS AS IS SENT TO DO. Horses in clouds in You Tube videos ensure you make an educated informed choice and serve the Living God in Christ your Lord and personal Saviour and God’s friends.

The angels warn mankind to repent and take God seriously before its too late in the GREAT TRIBULATION that will kill one fourth of people in the world. The wild fires, volcanoes, earthquakes are warnings to mankind to get ready for Rapture into heaven. Life gets worse so there will be chaos and Marshall law to impose new world order on mankind. It is satan’s agenda to destroy mankind to try to annihilate humanity in the name of population control. Jehovah Nissi has provided more than enough resources to feed all his creation. God is not broke its a GREEDY SELFISH FEW WHO think the world belongs exclusively to them who vow to eliminate billions of people GOD CREATED IN HIS OWN IMAGE AND LIKENESS. They took all resources they waste on themselves but turn around to blame ordinary people suffering daily. It is their agenda to control mankind to ensure their one world anti-Christ plan takes over thr world. But God Almighty will not let them get away with this evil deeds they will perish in hell if they do not repent and stop their wicked ways. They are killing many people to control the world population instead of sharing God’s resources fairly as God planned. It is causing deaths globally but know God sees it all and REMEMBER VEAGEANCE BELONGS GOD who will deal with them.IMG-20200404-WA0032Jesus will take over earth and get rid of them all after the Armageddon battle in Israel. They all gang up together against Israel to annihilate them God intervenes to destroy them with asteroids, comets, meteors and heavenly army. Jeremiah’s prophecy confirm Bible warning of end time events so repent and accept Jesus. Your wealth, riches, class, status will not SAVE YOU SO CALL ON JESUS TO SAVE YOU. CHARIOTS, HORSES, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION WILL NOT SAVE YOU. SOME BELIEVE IN CHARIOTS AND HORSES BUT CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS IN JESUS’ RAPTURE RESCUE FROM EARTH TO HEAVEN AVOID FOUR HORSEMEN.



  1. Let the will of God be done, God is just and right in pushing us for we aren’t righteous, Jesus Christ son of God have mercy on me.


    We thank God for HIS MERCY, GRACE, GLORY salvation in Jesus Name. Thank you for your comments, take care, God bless you.

    • Thank God for HIS Son Jesus taking all sins upon Himself to set all free so all who believe will not perish but have an eternal life. All in Christ are prayed for by Jesus interceding in heaven and His Spirit with believers till the end. Jesus promised He will not leave nor forsake those who belong to God. We stand in agreement with Jesus to help you keep your faith in Jesus Name. Thank God all the GLORY goes to God. Thank you for your comments, God bless you.

  2. May God bless the work you do.
    thank you


    All GLORY goes to God in Jesus Name. Thank you so much for your comments, God Bless you abundantly in Jesus Name.

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