1560104219535-1174773187.jpg20200413_2225181560074782646-1442511009.jpgIMG-20170709-WA0000Jesus is seen in clouds everyday globally in the clouds as His Testrun for assuring people waiting for His help and rapture.fa24dd84ebe38da01e5ba774bfe53103 World events unfolding set the stage as being prepared for rapture of believers praying as God’s faithful remnant elect.wp-1580213006520.jpg20190823_163250.jpg1560102652165-1174773187.jpg The people ready for God’s intervention are rejoicing ready to welcome Jesus. 1560076300374-1595745411.jpgGod’s Son Jesus seen in clouds in many places in God’s Sky Big Screen scenery displays. Jesus is seen in the clouds in various locations clearly. 15600776630701649782422.jpgJesus is seen daily in clouds in parts of the world. Is recorded in pictures, You Tube video or newspapers globally and this is in Italy. 1559072312850-685165869.jpg1560100311310-1174773187.jpg1560075083612-1442511009.jpg3FA9BF2000000578-4455888-image-m-151_1493388235745 1560099938666-1174773187.jpg1560100416267-1174773187.jpgIn depth detail features depict Jesus as accurately seen by people in these vivid Images. Jesus is playing guitar in clouds as some people report hearing heavenly music. So often heavenly choir is heard on earth.056cb7c914efa51aa531eabd06cce1741560075658124153832216.jpgMany people report in the news seeing face of Jesus in communication in NASA picture from space hubble telescope. So amazing God’s relentless Love of all mankind to take notice to change before it is too late. God wants all people saved.1560089995487-1052935009.jpg1560089745499-1958815206.jpg1560074186276-1442511009.jpg1560077290335-1595745411.jpg15600901198891515013349.jpg1560077601249-1595745411.jpgjesus-google-earth-6001560076769082-1595745411.jpgJesus seen by many almost symbolically showing winnowing fork process sifting of wheat from chaff to alert all people to heed God’s to repent before it is too late. Every single day God Reveals miracles to save, heal and deliver in Jesus Name.2015-08-25-e1440608731538God’s Sky Preview shows Wonders in the clouds like film trailers in cinemas showing the sample clips of current pictures. God Advertises Jesus in cloud to attract viewers to prepare for all eyes will see Jesus Coming in the cloud.barrenderoJesus is Coming Soon as seen here Jesus is in the clouds clearly visibly identified by all who see Him. Indeed Bible says all eyes shall see Jesus in clouds when He Returns during the Rapture and His Second Coming to earth in the flesh.maxresdefaultShows Previews of Jesus Coming in the cloud to get people ready for the actual real future big event. God is attracting world attention so take notice stay alert for Bible prophecy fulfilment.IMG_4281Jesus actively daily visits earth in clouds revealing Himself personally to people who see Him. God sends Jesus to save situations that can wipe out mankind.39de0af95f5758cdead1f957bc319961Jesus is seen wearing hat playing guitar to music in heaven in the cloud. Jesus is permanently in the world so interested in all. Jesus comes daily to save lives and help deal with many situations.wp-1456096178665God’s sky dress rehearsal practise is for real impending events to take place in the cloud. Whole world will see Jesus so many indeed are gathering evidence of God’s Wonders towards sky happenings.ac2dfa684143d832d799550bf935d06cJesus appears daily somewhere on planet to comfort people and to reveal God and heal broken hearted who love Him. Jesus Practise run for Rapture Second Coming.hqdefaultJesus is seen often in Beauty MAJESTY of God to confound all. Believe, accept God’s Son Jesus. God’s Truth Creates Magnificent Miracles of Wonder.cen_angelclouds_01-e1413627707894Jesus appears so many times globally in whole world to let all know He will be Coming soon to change things better so there will be everlasting peace, love, Joy of heaven on earth in harmony with all1560077755770-1595745411.jpg1560089572017-1174773187.jpgwp-1560103694108..jpg1560100600941-1174773187.jpg1560100997991-1174773187.jpg15600765708241649782422.jpgpotd-sun-cross_3550052k1560089838259148436159.jpg88fd75f7c75cecd60259570e8a0a49c8f9260df15f0d3a5fe596e574d598d72d1560076496553-1595745411.jpg1560074929689-622898020.jpg1560077917675-1595745411.jpg15600755306281649782422.jpg1560076063642-1595745411.jpg15600761237031649782422.jpgCross of Jesus photographed by many people. This reminds people of Finished Work of Jesus Messiah. Bible in Ezekiel 33:14 says GOD’S PRESENCE is with us.

hqdefaultGod’s Face appears showing a favourite body language smile or strict stern look detail moves. God is able to display His Strength in anyone who calls upon Him in all moments of life God Strengthes us.face_of_god_cloud_by_jamesbrey-d288n7k.jpg3953601866_b43081f6bb_o.jpgGod appeared to Hebrew Israelites in the pillar of cloud by day to reassure them of His Presence. Moses told God he will not go on journey unless God goes with them everyday to travel along to Canaan land. eikon_1129_02Moses boldly told God they will not go if God did not come along so God at night accompanied them like a pillar of fire to protect them. All the people saw God’s Visible PRESENCE around them daily.tumblr_oc1a0083wt1uc0ho8o1_500Many people are seen in the galaxies as the Hubble telescope searches space far above and beyond the earth. The figures seen observed described as interpreted fits image in the Bible context.b4b4a81cccfd22ca1ad5d62f878794ef.jpgMoses and the 10 Commandment Tablet was recently spotted in the clouds above earth in space. This images remind the world to remember God’s Words daily. Moses and Elijah are expected back on earth  for global evangelism unseen in living history. Through both Israel will be saved to reach countless multitudes from all nations and all tribes on earth. images (4)Their work will take place during great tribulation endtime prophecy to signal deconstruction for reconstruction of the New Heaven and New Earth. They will work with Jesus Yeshua lion of Judah to RESTORE earth to perfection. Then God YAHWEH WHO recently appeared in UK, WILL DESCEND TO DWELL IN ZION. So the 2 witnesses Moses, and Elijah who were Transfigured with Jesus plus Enoch translated alive into heaven. God and Jesus feature in sky testruns readiness for expected endtime arrival on earth. Jesus intercedes so God fastracks rapture to save righteous elect by prayer to God to shorten evil days.bd9c84a4dc9a2e6a34c120a00442a779.jpgGod sent His Chariots in the sky cloud to take Elijah alive to heaven witnessed by Elisha receiving his mantle for a double anointing promised to do God’s work.4448b6dce8d43249a563efe734f1bcd8Elisha prays to God to open servant eyes to see GOD’S heavenly hosts encamped around dwellings of GOD’S righteous to protect them day or night. God’s angels are sent to defend all His people.Cloud formation.pngthree-riders-sky-2559908f859a4395b7607576cb59325ecAngels feature a lot in the sky bringing answers, deliverance from God to all in need. Many see daily if reveal to them.pic-na1.jpg20190823_163250.jpg27f62863279f5832d3e5c1328b7664fdSome angels seem like women without wings as recorded above in actual photo footage by camera. God has Power to do whatever He likes to portray miracles.4e2c72d3ad809c4442ca3e3066c012feSo many guardian angels fly around us to comfort us and to let us know God Cares in all kinds of situation dealt with.4599753889Millions of millions of angels seen there is always 4 angels personally assigned to be with us always wherever in the supernatural Spirit realm guarding and protecting us.


God supernatural runs His Own world in heaven simultaneously in existence with earth. Sometimes hidden from the human eyes, God Shows it occasionally. Seen here Michael Jackson in sky cloud.3673158741_c2b00be8be_z-1A close up view of the larger image below seems like God Himself pointing towards Michael Jackson Cheering dance moves in heaven. Perhaps dancing in heaven?Screen-Shot-2015-06-26-at-8.39.26-AMGod has a Great Sense of humour so He does things to fascinate to comfort fans hurting mourning Michael Jackson. God lets him do favourite dance in heaven.Horse_001.jpgGod Manifests His Glory in cloud sky to encourage people in life so horses seen in so many places and pictured.0f6ee024b1793f4a103354c302b570b3Horses are seen in the cloud. God says people will renew their strength like eagles and soar on high winds of God.ae213d6b7f944787e552095234dce98cAnimals feature too on God’s Big Screen from time to time. Horses formed part of Jesus Second Coming in the clouds. The horses form part of God’s chariots.7b6de5e066c4a2645295eca386176569These signs and wonders God uses in living history to reveal Himself through various in the cloud. Day and night God shows miracles to people in shapes of animals seen in cloud like dolphin among the selected images on God’s Sky Big Screen Cloud News. A giant supersonic jet in screen appeared in Britain photographed by many on 8th May 2017 in Yorkshire. Flying to and fro was described in the Bible as a faster means of travelling. People want quick instant solutions to enjoy life and to arrive at their destinations. CloudConcorde rising again in form of a cloud snapped by an amateur photographer in North Yorkshire. Photo of a lenticular cloud sighting the Met Office said, is a “truly spectacular” snap taken by Thomas Beresford above Ribblehead viaduct on Friday. The BBC weather expert Paul Hudson said natural phenomenon was technically called roll cloud was quite rare. In this instance it is caused by air flowing over top of Whernside from east creating effectively stationary type of lenticular cloud. The shape and size depende on wavelength of stationary wave,” he said. The lens-shaped clouds form when the air is stable and winds blow from same direction. Others think it is a good sign to tebuild concord. BBC Look North weather presenter Abbie Dewhurst was certainly impressed by photograth. The Supersonic plane retired in 2003 British Airways as Air France decommissioned Concorde following a crash in France in 2000 that killed 109 people onboard and four on the ground. The Lion of Judah is seen in sky clouds by many globally.Qbmql3m.jpgPAY-Lion-King-cloud-MAIN.jpgcanicheJesus Lion of tribe of Judah manifests above in America and Cambridge UK as shown above. Jesus the Stone rejected by builders has become Cornerstone. There is salvation in other name under heaven among men by which all must be saved. So God’s Salvation Coming in Christ in Clouds. All need to lift up eyes ready to receive, welcome accept Jesus and saved. Jesus conquers dragon in the battle of Armaggeddon forever for  everlasting eternal peace on earth. 3DEA783600000578-0-image-a-33_14886361211423DEA784200000578-0-image-m-32_1488636082579

In addition to God, Jesus and Holy Spirit seen and heard in the cloud many other signs and wonders are seen in many countries and recorded live as reported all over the world. On 5th March 2017 in Zambia in Africa this human figure appeared in the sky for about half an hour. The figure was about 330 meters long or 100 feet and some thought it is manifestation of God as part of end time signs and wonders Jesus spoke about. A witness said: ‘We were shocked to see image looked like a human in the clouds for close to 30 minutes over a shopping mall. Some started worshipping but others ran away. It seems strange to people but all these are foretold in Bible by Jesus in Matthew 24 as part of the end time signs and wonders. We believe this ensures people pay more attention by looking up more in the sky often in readiness for Christ Coming in Clouds during Rapture. Birds and many other creatures are also seen in the skies too.

2e7b945d4e5242f349127c2199b0a834.jpgm1mzjasaf1h0images (1)cloud-illusions-122868732747411_640px9d2dca3d9c88ac96a02f8d0ee1e9a3ee

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. So God continues to reveal His Wonders to Keep people reminded that He is Actively Involved affairs of life. ln Acts5:10-12, Peter talks about Miracles of God’s salvation through Jesus. Peter said,’let it be known to all of you and to all people of Israel Judea and all the rest of the world in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, crucified, God raised from death by Him salvation comes. Jesus Lion of tribe of Judah manifests above in America and Cambridge UK as shown above. Jesus, Stone rejected by builders became Cornerstone. There is salvation in NO other name under heaven among men by which all must be saved. 6a00d8341c68f553ef0162fed4e2ec970d-800wi.jpg Tfu4jevGod’s Salvation Comes through Christ in Clouds. So all need to lift up eyes ready to receive, welcome accept Jesus and saved. Jesus conquers devil dragon in the battle of Armaggeddon forever for everlasting eternal peace on earth. So Spiritually speaking God uses symbols in the Sky to inform, give message or to alert people to focus more on nearness of endtime prophecies. These external visual images point to Biblical messages to link heaven to earth. Continue to look up to God Almight to open new window of heaven to pour blessings on mankind Fast prayers stop God’s wrath so call on God for Mercy. Almighty God, Jesus, angels, saints, prophets like Moses and Elijah visit earth anytime God decides to send them. So they are not restricted to heaven and Bible says during endtimes there will be many signs and wonders in the skies and the clouds. To prepare people to look up to God in heaven to get ready for Rapture. Later God, Jesus, Saints return to the earth physically to live and rule from Jerusalem in Israel. After Armageddon war Jesus will Reign one thousand years. The New Jerusalem descends from heaven after war of Gog and Magog to settle in Israel forever. So will Jesus ride white horse with sword out of His mouth to defeat enemies of God. People on earth will know God and have perfect peace so no more sorrow or tears or pain. Loved ones, families, friends reunite in perfect youthful body live forever on earth happily ever after.

20 thoughts on “JESUS SEEN IN THE CLOUDS

  1. Indeed through signs and wonders… GOD shows us that HE is the Alpha and the Omega. The First and the Last. The Beginning and the End… GOD reveals that He is Omnipotent (All Powerful God, Omnipresent (Everywhere) and Omniscient (All Knowing)… JESUS IS COMING SOON!!!!


    Absolutely true mockers say when is He coming dismiss signs but this time THE WHOLE world is shut down in SIGNIFICANT PARADIGM SHIFT to wake people up to run to God before it is too late. We are all to repent like Jonah sent to Iraq Nineveh for our nations to be SAVED IN JESUS NAME. Or perish like the time of Noah’s Ark or Sodom and Gomorrah burnt down. So believers understand these God’s signs of the fig tree but others say they’ve seen it all before, not moved. Jesus said even elect can be deceived if they do not watch and pray in Jesus Name. Life may be hard but Jesus says rejoice for your salvation is near even at the door. GLORY to God, Thank you Jesus for the Holy Spirit our Comforter. Thank you for comments and God Bless you stay safe.

    • Thank you video uploaded is JESUS walking in CLOUDS. Bible says in Psalm 104:3 God makes CLOUDS HIS CHARIOT. God WALKS in CLOUDS. Jesus and God walk in the heavens and appear on earth if they choose to do so. To prepare people on earth to get ready for Rapture because JESUS IS THE SIGN TO BE SEEN BY ALL ON EARTH on that day. Jesus is SIGN of Son of Man in Matthew 24:30 to appear in sky, all NATIONS will SEE JESUS. Some think figure is devil as Bible says angel of light show signs and wonders too. In Egypt magician’s snakes SWALLOWED BY AARON’S SNAKE. God’s POWER is GREATER than devil’s limited power. Bible says according to your faith be it unto you. God and Jesus Seen but people but did not die. God seen by Moses and 70 elders who ate with HIM and LIVED in Exodus 24:9-12. Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, Joshua and 70 elders of Israel went up mountain and SAW THE GOD of Israel, all ate, drank together and lived. In Acts 7:55-56 Stephen saw heaven opened and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. In Acts 9:4 Jesus in heaven spoke to Paul on earth saying “I am Jesus you are persecuting” as Saul/ Paul persecuted Christians on the way to Damascus. Thank you for your comments and God bless you.

      • Acts 1:9 After he said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight. 10 They were looking intently up into the sky as he was going, when suddenly two men dressed in white stood beside them. 11“Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.”

        There is a figure that goes ahead of the Christ figure… They seem to get to the edge of the opening (inter-dimensional portal) and then be stepping down, as if descending steps. A forerunner is also prophetic. I think this video is far more significant that people know. Less fanfare than many expect, but this seems to be an arrival. Christ is manifested, in the clouds, a forerunner ahead of him, descent to earth (concentrating, focusing, becoming, blending in with the crowds?)… Is Christ, and a companion, walking among us right now (not having come by birth, but by manifestation)?


        Yes Jesus manifests Himself everyday to many people in numerous places physically, in visions and in dreams as Joel prophesied in Bible in the last days. Jesus is accompanied by angels in the cloud or seen by people preceding him or with Him. Jesus reveals Himself to some people physically or to other people in visions. At times Jesus is with people in Spirit since He said I will never leave you or forsake till the end of the age. Jesus’ presence is felt by people even if they do not see him physically. Many times He is seen directly in heaven as Stephen did and Paul heard him while they were on the earth. God spoke directly from heaven during baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist and the transfiguration. There is a direct interconnection between Jesus in heaven and people on earth on a daily basis. The Bible says God will show many wonders in the Sky and in the heavens to remind people of Rapture and first resurrection of the dead together with the living into heaven. After will be great tribulations and later Second Coming to rule as KING of Kings and Lord of lords on earth in millennium reign. Thank you for your comments, God bless you.

    • Yes I love this video. He is coming soon! I know this!

      Thank you the GLORY goes to God for preparing all those who bless believe to expect the return of Jesus in the clouds in rapture. God bless you.

  2. I have seen Jesus severally in the clouds and in my dreams. Most time when I sm overwhelmed by certain life situations I just pray and ask God to reassure me of His presence in my life and guess what He always gives me a sign by appearing to me in the skies, Heaven is real and rapture will soon take place whether we like it or not. Everyone should be ready, set your ways right and accept Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour. My prayer is this , Lord if I miss everything on earth, don’t let me miss heaven in Jesus’ name. Amen.


    Amen and Amen thanks and Glory to God for your faith and confidence in waiting for rapture to go alive into heaven. Only God knows exact day, time or hour as we actively wait in Jesus Name. Thank you for your comments, God bless you.

  3. Hi, I noticed someone asked, “Are all the events happening in the sky not UFOs ? I too would like to know about the mysterious shapes we are presently experiencing?

    • God and Jesus’ pictures are well-known so people recognise them when they appear in the skies in clouds all over the world so are not UFOs. But some people think unexplained supernatural events in the sky could be UFO,s. The Bible says God lives in the third heaven and the second heaven is occupied by the fallen angels from heaven as their domain. And Jesus said, supernatural events will occur in the skies and in the heavens so convincingly even the very elect can be deceived. The devil uses counterfeit power to produce almost identical events to copy God’s POWER to try to mislead people to follow him not to believe in God. So occult power from the devil imitates God’s POWER to manifest such events Jesus warned about. The earth is the only planet that sustains human life currently so extra terrestrial occurrences seen are those Jesus warns about in Matthew 24. And God’s miracles are to alert people of endtime warnings to repent to prepare for Rapture to be saved in Jesus Name.

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  5. true,but the bible say”keep watching because we don’t know an hour when is he coming
    Yes indeed this absolutely true we are to keep watching for Jesus Coming in Cloud for Rapture and later to earth to rule from Jerusalem, Israel. However Jesus reveals Himself daily all over the world to people and visits some people physically. Or appears in dreams and in visions as Joel prophesied. This means the Son of God is not limited or restricted to heaven, before His official expected imminent return in the clouds or later to earth. During transfiguration Moses and Elijah came from heaven, appeared to Jesus, Peter, John, Mark and went back into heaven. Jesus after Resurrection showed Himself FIRST to Father God in heaven before returning to appear through wall of Upper Room to disciples. Jesus’ glorified body is able to function both in heaven and on earth so reveals Himself whenever He wants. Thank you for your comments.

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    • This is absolutely true all this is happening because Jesus reveals Himself to many people in clouds, visions, dreams and even physically visits some people. Heaven is directly connected to earth so continues to interact with us to assure us of God’s Love. Jesus and the angels visit earth regularly. Christian believers are eagerly awaiting Jesus’ spectacular rapture and second coming afterwards. The evidence is get your camera ready and look out after asking Almighty God to reveal Himself, His Son Jesus and angels to you too. Most people just look up and see Jesus appearing unexpectedly to surprise the world. Even if you do not personally experience these directly there are numerous occasions when others record this happenings. The whole world will soon see Jesus physically in the clouds one day. Thank you for your comments, God bless.

      • Jesus loves you and wants to be close to you too. Call His Name and ask Him be your friend. By God’s Grace you can see Him also so keep looking for Jesus. Thank you and God bless you.

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