1560104219535-1174773187.jpg20200413_2225181560074782646-1442511009.jpgIMG-20170709-WA0000Jesus is seen in the clouds daily globally as a testrun to reassure people eagerly awaiting His imminent coming Rapture to get ready.fa24dd84ebe38da01e5ba774bfe53103 World events unfolding set the stage being prepared for Rapture of believers praying as God’s faithful remnant elect to go to heaven. 1560076300374-1595745411.jpgwp-1580213006520.jpg1560102652165-1174773187.jpg The people ready for God’s intervention are rejoicing ready to welcome Jesus. God’s Son Jesus often seen in clouds in many places in God’s Sky Big Screen scene display. Jesus is seen in clouds in various locations. 15600776630701649782422.jpgJesus is seen daily in clouds in all parts of the world recorded in pictures, You Tube video or newspapers globally, this is in Italy. 1559072312850-685165869.jpg1560100311310-1174773187.jpg1560075083612-1442511009.jpg3FA9BF2000000578-4455888-image-m-151_1493388235745 1560099938666-1174773187.jpg1560100416267-1174773187.jpgIn depth detail features depict Jesus as accurately seen by people in these vivid Images. Jesus is playing guitar in clouds as some people report hearing heavenly music. So often heavenly choir is heard on earth.056cb7c914efa51aa531eabd06cce1741560075658124153832216.jpgMany people report in the news seeing face of Jesus in communication in NASA picture from space hubble telescope. So amazing God’s relentless Love of all mankind to take notice to change before it is too late. God wants all people saved.1560089995487-1052935009.jpg1560089745499-1958815206.jpg1560074186276-1442511009.jpg1560077290335-1595745411.jpg15600901198891515013349.jpg1560077601249-1595745411.jpgjesus-google-earth-6001560076769082-1595745411.jpgJesus seen by many almost symbolically showing winnowing fork process sifting of wheat from chaff to alert all people to heed God’s to repent before it is too late. Every single day God Reveals miracles to save, heal and deliver in Jesus Name.2015-08-25-e1440608731538God’s Sky Preview shows Wonders in the clouds like film trailers in cinemas showing the sample clips of current pictures. God Advertises Jesus in cloud to attract viewers to prepare for all eyes will see Jesus Coming in the cloud.barrenderoJesus is Coming Soon as seen here Jesus is in the clouds clearly visibly identified by all who see Him. Indeed Bible says all eyes shall see Jesus in clouds when He Returns during the Rapture and His Second Coming to earth in the flesh.maxresdefaultShows Previews of Jesus Coming in the cloud to get people ready for the actual real future big event. God is attracting world attention so take notice stay alert for Bible prophecy fulfilment.IMG_4281Jesus actively daily visits earth in clouds revealing Himself personally to people who see Him. God sends Jesus to save situations that can wipe out mankind.39de0af95f5758cdead1f957bc319961Jesus is seen wearing hat playing guitar to music in heaven in the cloud. Jesus is permanently in the world so interested in all. Jesus comes daily to save lives and help deal with many situations.wp-1456096178665God’s sky dress rehearsal practise is for real impending events to take place in the cloud. Whole world will see Jesus so many indeed are gathering evidence of God’s Wonders towards sky happenings.ac2dfa684143d832d799550bf935d06cJesus appears daily somewhere on planet to comfort people to reveal God to heal broken hearted who love Him. Jesus appears so His Rapture coming in the cloud is remembered.hqdefaultJesus is seen and beauty of MAJESTY of God confounds all. So believe, accept God’s Son Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. God’s Truth Creates Magnificent Miracles of Wonders.cen_angelclouds_01-e1413627707894Jesus appears many times globally in the world to let all know He is Coming soon in the cloud for Rapture into heaven. Changes in the world gets worse before things better in everlasting peace and love. Joy in heaven seen on earth in harmony with God in Christ.1560077755770-1595745411.jpg1560089572017-1174773187.jpgwp-1560103694108..jpg1560100600941-1174773187.jpg1560100997991-1174773187.jpg15600765708241649782422.jpgpotd-sun-cross_3550052k1560089838259148436159.jpg88fd75f7c75cecd60259570e8a0a49c8f9260df15f0d3a5fe596e574d598d72d1560076496553-1595745411.jpg1560074929689-622898020.jpg1560077917675-1595745411.jpg15600755306281649782422.jpg1560076063642-1595745411.jpgCross and Jesus photographed by people to remind them of the Finished Work of Jesus Messiah. Bible in Ezekiel 33:14 says GOD’S PRESENCE is with us so fo not lose hope for CHRIST IN us is our hope of Glory.

hqdefaultGod’s Face appears favourite body language smile or strict stern look. God displays HIS  Strength in anyone who calls on HIM in all moments of life anywhere to Strengthen us.face_of_god_cloud_by_jamesbrey-d288n7k.jpg3953601866_b43081f6bb_o.jpgGod appeared to Hebrew Israelites in the pillar of cloud by day to reassure them of His Presence. Moses told God he will not go on journey unless God goes with them everyday to travel along to Canaan land. eikon_1129_02Moses boldly told God they will not go if God did not come along so God at night accompanied them like a pillar of fire to protect them. All the people saw God’s Visible PRESENCE around them daily.tumblr_oc1a0083wt1uc0ho8o1_500Many people are seen in the galaxies as the Hubble telescope searches space far above and beyond the earth. The figures seen observed described as interpreted fits image in the Bible context.b4b4a81cccfd22ca1ad5d62f878794ef.jpgMoses and the 10 Commandment Tablet was recently spotted in the clouds above earth in space. This images remind the world to see and remember God’s Words daily. Moses and Elijah are expected back on earth for global evangelism unseen in living history. Through both Israel will be saved to reach countless multitudes from all nations and all tribes on earth later seen in heaven. images (4)They work during GREAT TRIBULATION in  endtime prophecy signal for reconstruction of the New Jerusalem on a New Earth. They will work with Jesus Yeshua lion of Judah to RESTORE earth to perfection. God YAHWEH WHO appeared in UK, WILL DESCEND TO DWELL IN ZION among men. Two witnesses Moses, and Elijah were Transfigured with Jesus. Enoch translated ALIVE to heaven so God and Jesus seen in sky a testrun be ready for imminent Jesus endtime Rapture in the cloud seen on earth. Jesus intercedes to God to fastrack rapture to save righteous elect in prayer shorten evil days or all will persish.bd9c84a4dc9a2e6a34c120a00442a779.jpgGod sent His Chariots in the sky cloud to take Elijah alive to heaven witnessed by Elisha receiving his mantle for a double anointing promised to do God’s work.4448b6dce8d43249a563efe734f1bcd8Elisha prays to God to open servant eyes to see GOD’S heavenly hosts encamped around dwellings of GOD’S righteous to protect them day or night. God’s angels are sent to defend all His people.Cloud formation.pngthree-riders-sky-2559908f859a4395b7607576cb59325ecAngels feature a lot in the sky bringing answers, deliverance from God to all in need. Many see daily if reveal to them.pic-na1.jpg20190823_163250.jpg27f62863279f5832d3e5c1328b7664fdSome angels seem without wings recorded above in actual photo footage by a camera. God’s Power does whatever HE likes to show to portray to reveal in manifested miracles.4e2c72d3ad809c4442ca3e3066c012feGod’s guardian angels fly around to comfort us to let us know God Cares in all kinds of situations we deal with in life.4599753889Countless billions of angels exist so there is four angels God assigned with each person always wherever we go in the supernatural Spirit realm guarding and protecting us.acb92b15cde5758cf56e31d171f22a97God’s supernatural angels in heaven seen in the world on earth. Often are hidden from human eyes God occasionally reveals them. Seen here is Michael Jackson in sky cloud.3673158741_c2b00be8be_z-1A close up view of the larger image below seems like God Himself pointing towards Michael Jackson Cheering dance moves in heaven. Perhaps dancing in heaven?Screen-Shot-2015-06-26-at-8.39.26-AMGod has a Great Sense of humour so He does things to fascinate to comfort fans hurting mourning Michael Jackson. God lets him do favourite dance in heaven.Horse_001.jpgGod Manifests His Glory in the cloud sky to encourage people in life even horses seen in many places as pictured.0f6ee024b1793f4a103354c302b570b3Horses seen in the clouds. God says people will be affected by four apocalyptic horses from God as signs of endtimes judgments.ae213d6b7f944787e552095234dce98cAnimals feature on God’s Big Screen from time to time. Horses ridden in Jesus’ Second Coming in the clouds to Mount Olives. And horses were part of God’s chariots to Elijah.7b6de5e066c4a2645295eca386176569These signs and wonders God uses in living history reveal HIMSELF through various in faces or animals in cloud. Day and night God shows many miracles to people in of animals seen in cloud like dolphin among the selected images on God’s Sky Big Screen Cloud News. A giant supersonic jet in screen appeared in Britain photographed by many on 8th May 2017 in Yorkshire. “Flying to and fro” in the Bible Ezekiel said is faster means of travelling. Ezekiel saw God wheel in wheels. People want instant solutions to enjoy life and arrive at destinations faster. CloudConcorde rising in a form of cloud snapped by amateur photographer North Yorkshire. Photo of a lenticular cloud sighting the Met Office said, is “truly spectacular” snap taken by Thomas Beresford at Ribblehead viaduct on Friday. BBC weather expert Paul Hudson said natural phenomenon technically called roll cloud was quite rare. It is caused by air flowing over top of Whernside from the east creating stationary type of lenticular cloud. The shape and size depends on wavelength of stationary wave,” he said. Lens-shaped clouds form when air is stable, winds blow from same direction. Others think its a good sign to rebuild Concord. BBC North weather presenter Abbie Dewhurst is impressed by photograth. Supersonic plane retired 2003 British Airways Air France decommissioned Concorde following crash in France in 2000 that killed 109 people on board and four on the ground. And the Lion of Judah is seen in sky clouds often many times globally.Qbmql3m.jpgPAY-Lion-King-cloud-MAIN.jpgcanicheJesus Lion of tribe of Judah manifests above in America and Cambridge UK as shown above. Jesus the Stone rejected by builders has become Cornerstone. There is salvation in other name under heaven among men by which all must be saved. So God’s Salvation Coming in Christ in Clouds. All need to lift up eyes ready to receive, welcome accept Jesus and saved. Jesus conquers dragon in the battle of Armaggeddon forever for  everlasting eternal peace on earth. 3DEA783600000578-0-image-a-33_14886361211423DEA784200000578-0-image-m-32_1488636082579God, Jesus and Holy Spirit seen and heard in the cloud during baptism of Jesus by John. Many other SIGNS and WONDERS are seen in many countries recorded live is reported all over the world. On 5th March 2017 the human figure in Zambia in Africa appeared in the sky for about half an hour. The figure was about 330 meters long or 100 feet and some thought it is manifestation of God as part of the endtime signs and wonders Jesus spoke about. A witness said: ‘We’re shocked to see image looked like human in clouds for close to 30 minutes over the shopping mall. Some started worshipping but others ran away. It may seem strange but all these are foretold in Bible by Jesus in Matthew 24 as part of the end time SIGNS  and WONDERS. This is to ensure people pay more attention looking up more in the sky ready for Christ Coming in Clouds during Rapture. Birds and many other creatures are seen in skies too.6a00d8341c68f553ef0162fed4e2ec970d-800wi.jpg Tfu4jev2e7b945d4e5242f349127c2199b0a834.jpgm1mzjasaf1h0images (1)cloud-illusions-122868739d2dca3d9c88ac96a02f8d0ee1e9a3eeGod and Jesus are the same yesterday, today and forever. So God continues to reveal HIS WONDERS to Keep reminding people HE is actively involved in our lives. ln Acts5:10-12, Peter said, Miracles of God through Jesus is to ALL people of Israel Judea and THE REST  of the world in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, crucified, God raised from death, by Him salvation comes. Jesus Lion of tribe of Judah seen all over the world is the Stone rejected by builders but became the Living Cornerstone. There is salvation in NO other name under heaven among men to be saved Greatest fisher of mankind Jesus LOVES you, He died to save you to give you hope. If you feel hopeless in times like these you need a Saviour Lord Jesus Christ to set you free. 2747411_640pxGod’s Salvation Comes only through Jesus Christ to come in the Clouds for Rapture. So lift up your eyes to see and welcome Jesus to take you to heaven. Jesus will defeat the evil dragon in the battle of Armaggeddon in the battle of souls for everlasting eternal peace on earth. Spiritually speaking God’s symbols in the Sky to inform, gives message or alerts people to focus more on Rapture coming in endtime prophecies. The visual images point to Biblical messages to link heaven to earth. Continue to look up to God Almight to open new window of heaven to pour blessings on mankind. Fast, pray to God to SHORTEN HIS wrath and evil times. Call on God for Mercy. Almighty God took HIS prophet Enoch, Paul, Akiane, Moses, Elijah from earth to heaven. Jesus is not restricted to heaven as the Bible says in endtime GOD will show many SIGNS and WONDERS in the SKIES and CLOUDS. To prepare people to look up to God in heaven to get ready for Rapture. Later God, Jesus, Saints return to the earth physically to live and rule from Jerusalem in Israel. After the Armageddon war Jesus Reigns a thousand years. Then New Jerusalem descends from heaven after war of Gog and Magog settle in Israel forever. Jesus rides a white horse with a sword out of His mouth to defeat enemies of God in Revelation 19:13-19. People on the earth will know God so have perfect PEACE on earth no more sorrow or tears or pain. A loved one and families, friends IN CHRIST reunite in new perfectly young bodies live happily ever after in New Jerusalem from heaven on New Earth. We are CITIZENS OF HEAVEN in Philippians 3:20-21 eargely wait return for our Saviour Jesus Christ. 1 King 22:19, The LORD God wants you to dwell with HIM in heaven. Matthew 1:21, Jesus is the one who saves us from all our sins to be with Jesus in God’s Presence. John 6:33 says God LOOKS on earth from heaven the place where Jesus came down from. In Luke 18:13 we are to lift our eyes towards heaven. After Jesus ascended two angels told His disciples the same way He went to heaven this same way He will return to earth on Mount Olives in Second Coming to RULE from Jerusalem.

21 thoughts on “JESUS SEEN IN THE CLOUDS

  1. Don’t be deceived many will come in my name. The pictures are not Yeshua or God! Mathew 24; Immediately after tribulation of those days the sun darkened, moon not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and powers of the heavens shall be shaken: 30 Then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see Son of man coming in clouds of heaven with power and great glory. Yeshua is not in photos above; all eye will see him, even ones that pierced him. Set truth in your heart obtain wisdom and understanding.


    1. GOD’S SIGNS: Genesis 1:14 God said, “Let there be light in firmament of heaven to separate day from night. For SIGNS, seasons, days, years. Sun, moon, stars planets are all SIGNS from God.

    2. In the baptism of Jesus in Matthew 3:13-17 God’s VOICE IN HEAVEN is heard on earth with SIGNS of Holy Spirit a dove. God said, This is MY beloved Son hear Him. GOD’S SIGNS, WONDERS in the heavens above and on earth, blood, fire in Acts 2:19 still CONTINUE on earth.

    3. In Acts 4:16 SIGNS seen by all in Jerusalem not denied.

    4. Acts 8:13 Simon believed baptised, with Philip saw GREAT SIGNS, MIRACLES was amazed.

    5. John 2:11 First miracle SIGN Jesus did at Cana in Galilee manifested His Glory so disciples BELIEVED Him.

    6. Romans 15:18-19, I speak Christ WORDS to Gentiles to obey GOD’S WORD, DEEDS, SIGNS, WONDERS to fulfill GOSPEL OF CHRIST JESUS.

    7. John 2:23 At Passover many BELIEVED in His Name for SIGNS done.

    8. John 6:2 Large crowds followed Him because of SIGNS of healing the sick.

    9. Isaiah 8:18: SIGNS and WONDERS in Israel are from the LORD of hosts who dwells on Mount Zion.


    12 Galatians 3:5 GOD’S SPIRIT does MIRACLES by faith not laws or logical analysis. Things of God SPIRITUALLY DISCERNED according to your faith be it unto you in Jesus Name.

    13. In Daniel 3:25 Jesus is the fourth man in the fire. Jesus with God in creation appear on earth. Born in the FLESH in John 1:1 in the beginning Jesus is Word made flesh who dwelt among us.

    14. Daniel 6:27 saw God’s SIGNS, WONDERS saved from lion’s den. Daniel rolled and sealed WORDS OF GOD in scroll until endtimed said many will go here, there to increase knowledge in Daniel 12:4. In Ezekiel 1:4-28;10:1-22 SIGNS, VISIONS saw God’s Spaceship. Revelation 9:10 “locusts with tails like scorpions sting to kill are warplanes bombs. So increased knowledge education, technology, vehicles, buses, cars, trains, jets, planes, ships are all SIGNS in the Bible happening today.

    15. Deuteronomy 4:34 says No god takes a nation from another with SIGNS, and WONDERS so its a Great deed from God in Egypt to show HIS GLORY to make NAME for HIMSELF among all nations. GOD’S SIGNS AND WONDERS are GOD’S SUPERIOR POWER. Aaron’s stick turns to Snake swallow magicians snakes.

    16 In 1 Corinthians 12:28-29 God”s apostles, prophets, teacher’s HOLY SPIRIT MIRACLE GIFTS for healing, tongues, teaching is NOT to all.

    17. In Acts 5:15 People brought sick on streets for Peter’s SHADOW to fall on them to heal them IN JESUS NAME.

    18. Acts 19:11-12 GOD DID MIRACLES by hands of Paul’s handkerchiefs, aprons, touched him given to sick healed, evil spirits came out of them. In Acts 19:19 many who practiced magic spells, charms, idols Paul burnt them worth lots of money.

    19. Acts 6:5 Stephen, full of faith in Holy Spirit did many SIGNS, MIRACLES, WONDERS as GOD WAS WITH HIM devoted his life to prayer.

    20. Luke 23:8, Herod saw Jesus, wanted to see Jesus’ SIGNS and MIRACLES.

    21. John 6:14 People saw SIGNS said, “This Prophet Jesus indeed GOD SENT Him to us.

    22. John 6:26 Jesus said, “You don’t believe in MIRACLES, SIGNS but follow to eat free meals provided by Jesus. Romans 16:18 says some people don’t serve Jesus but their belly. So use smooth talk to deceive naive people. God said fake Christians seem Godly, lack true power of holiness, biblical truth not transparent. Jesus said put CONFIDENCE in God not man. So Bible says cursed is one who puts more confidence in man than CONFIDENCE in God in Christ. So Bereans studied Bible to check what Paul taught them. Some theologians do not believe in God, Jesus, Holy Spirit are good orators, trained salesmen with gift of talks, sells ice to eskimos. Atheists preaching as a career job to earn a living. Their sermons so convincing manipulates emotions so people follow them, not God and Lord Jesus. They don’t preach Gospel of salvation in Jesus Name run social programs to make people feel good. Create codependency members prefer: “pastor said” not God said, Jesus said Bible said don’t the read Bible. Controls church members tells them what to believe, not challenged. Does not believe in MIRACLES, SIGNS, WONDERS of God because they don’t sit at the feet of the Lord Jesus to learn from Him. If you dig deep they have lust issues can’t get closer to God to hear HIM. Draw near to God and HE will draw near to you. They discredit and mock all faithful humble believers in Christ. Jesus said by their fruits you will know them. Seek the LORD while HE may be found in Jesus Name to save you.

    23. John 20:30 Jesus did many SIGNS, MIRACLES seen by disciples not written in Bible. Jesus ascended to heaven ALIVE appears in sky to reassure people of coming Rapture.

    24. John 20:29 Jesus said, you believe because you SEE me but blessed are those who don’t see me and believe.” Jesus walked through wall and walked on water, calmed sea, got money from a fish’s mouth. Jesus appears anytime and visits people physically. Jesus in clouds BUILDS UP FAITH TO ENDURE TO THE END TO BE SAVED.

    25. In Revelations chapter 1:12-18 Jesus from heaven appears to John on island of Patmos. 12 John saw Jesus standing at the centre of seven golden lampstands 13 His garment to His feet, on His chest a golden band. 14 His hair white as wool, His eyes like flaming fire. 15 His feet like fine brass refined in furnace, His voice sound of many waters; 16 He had in His right hand seven stars, out of His mouth a sharp two-edged sword. His face like sun shining. 17 John fell at His feet and Jesus laid His right hand on him said, “Don’t be afraid I am the First and the Last. 18 I am He who lives but died I am ALIVE forevermore. Amen. I have the keys of hades and death. 19 Write these things to take place shortly to the seven churches to reveal God’s endtime SIGNS, MIRACLES, WONDERS, PLAGUES to the world. The Revelation 12:1 GREAT SIGN appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with SUN and MOON under her feet, on her head CROWN of TWELVE STARS SIGN FROM GOD happened September 2017 as recorded. The Apocalypse horsemen, bowls, vials are all SIGNS from God happening on earth among others.

    26. In 1 John 4:1 Don’t believe all spirits, test spirit if from GOD, false prophets in world but GOD’S MIRACLES, SIGNS, WONDERS, EXIST.

    27. Matthew 12:38-39;16:4 Scribes, Pharisees said “Teacher show us a sign, Jesus said, evil adulterous generation seeks sign no sign given except SIGN of JONAH in Nineveh. SIGN OF JONAH IS REPENT, ASK GOD’S MERCY FOR FORGIVENESS OF ALL NATIONS IN JESUS NAME to stop God’s wrath destruction of earth.

    28. Revelation 13:13-14 Some performs signs, fire from antiChrist heaven deceived to worship image of beast. JESUS IN CLOUDS is not image of 666 mark of the beast new world order.

    29. JESUS WARNS sign in Revelation 16:14 evil spirit performs for kings in the world for battle of the great day of GOD ALMIGHTY.

    30. In Matthew 24, John 4, Revelation 19:20 Jesus said false prophet signs deceive many to worship image of beast receive mark of beast 666 new world order.

    31. In Matthew 24:1-51 disciples said, “Tell us SIGN of your coming Jesus said, “let no one deceive you, ‘They are Christ self-proclaimed messiah with followers. Cult leaders say they are “Christ” dress like Jesus all over the world but GOD’S ONLY SON Jesus Christ of Nazareth is ALIVE in heaven. Said the times and seasons don’t worry about for ONLY GOD KNOWS TIME, HOUR, DAY not the angels or Son of God. Jesus transfigured REVEALED SIGNS to James, Peter, John saw Moses, Elijah went ALIVE into heaven in God’s chariots of fire seen by Elisha.

    32. Acts 6:5 Stephen, a man full of faith so Holy Spirit did SIGNS, MIRACLES, WONDERS for GOD IS WITH him saw heaven OPEN, Jesus standing by the right hand of God on HIS Throne. Jesus in HEAVEN spoke to Paul (Saul) on earth on his way to Damascus Syria to persecute Christians in Acts 9:4. Paul fell on ground HEARD Jesus say to him, Saul Saul why do you persecute Me?

    33. John 6:14 When people saw SIGNS Jesus did they said, “This is indeed Prophet sent to us. Jesus told His disciples don’t rejoice for SIGNS MIRACLES, WONDERS, God does through you, rejoice your name is written in the book of life in Luke 10:20. Israel saw great signs, miracles and wonders from God but God called them a stiff necked, stubborn people who did not obey God. God puts HIS WORDS above HIMSELF so SIGNS MIRACLES, WONDERS, PROPHECIES pass away but the WORDS OF GOD is eternal.

    34 Revelation 12:3 SIGNS appeared in heaven a great red dragon of seven heads, ten horns on heads seven crowns.

    35 In Numbers 14:11 The LORD told Moses, “How long will people despise and not believe SIGNS and WONDERS I SHOW them? 2 Timothy 4 said time comes they will not listen to SOUND DOCTRINE OF God. By own lusts heap teachers to itching ears to hear what they want don’t hear God’s TRUTH. Many Christians don’t believe in GOD’S RAPTURE. Jesus, Enoch, Moses Elijah, ALIVE in heaven SEE God’s GLORY. The saints, 12 apostles, 12 sons of Jacob by God’s throne. After 1,500 years Moses met Jesus and Elijah in transfiguration in Matthew 17 were from heaven Mankind’s dominion in heaven flesh and blood new glorified body in God’s domain. BELONGS to God but Jesus, Abraham, 24 elders of Israel as 12 apostles, 12 tribe =24 elders sit around God’s throne in heaven once lived as flesh and blood on earth. God’s Seed Second Adam Jesus said I go to prepare A PLACE FOR YOU if it was not so I will tell you. After I PREPARE A PLACE for you I will COME and take you to where I LIVE heaven so YOU WILL LIVE IN HEAVEN ALSO IN GOD’S PRESENCE. Jesus is ALIVE in heaven He took 12 apostles, 12 elders, saints IN CHRIST into heaven. Christians IN CHRIST in heaven others although saved remain in graves until SECOND RESURRECTION in Revelation 20:12-3 after the millennial REIGN of Christ a 1000 years. Due to unbelief in Jesus’ promise in John 14:2-3 into Father God’s heavenly mansions. Rapture is the FIRST RESURRECTION of those IN CHRIST in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11. The dead IN CHRIST RISE FIRST and those ALIVE changed in twinkle of an eye to glorified bodies into heaven 7 years of GREAT TRIBULATION. Return to Armageddon war to RULE on earth, ROYAL PRIESTHOOD Joint HEIRS with CHRIST JESUS. In Matthew 24:40-42 Jesus said, One will be taken the other left behind. Those ALIVE IN CHRIST taken but others left behind its not just Jews running into the mountains. The whole world is affected do not let material possessions of the world fool you to stay behind. Jesus said the rich will run into bunkers throw away diamonds, jewels to moles, beg death to kill them in vain in running from God’s judgement. Jesus said its easier for a carmel to go through narrow Straight Street in Israel than a rich person. Where your treasure is there your heart is, told build treasure in heaven where it does not rust or is robbed.

    36. John 5:54: Jesus said you seek eternal life but don’t believe MIRACLES, SIGNS God did in Moses. Why will you believe Me if you don’t believe WORDS of God Moses wrote about Me in Bible?

    37. John 3:2 A man came to Jesus at night said, “Rabbi we know you are from God no one does SIGNS YOU DO unless GOD IS WITH Him GOD’S SIGNS and WONDERS are works of Jesus.

    38. Joshua 10:12-14 the LORD gave Amorites to sons of Israel so, “SUN stood still at Gibeon and the MOON in Valley of Aijalon, for vengeance on God’s enemies.

    39. In 2 Kings 20:1-11 God turns SUN backward for King Hezekiah as a SIGN God will heal him.

    40. Matthew 11:20-21, MIGHTY WORKS Jesus did ignored, didn’t repent, “Woe to you Chorazin, Bethsaida if MIGHTY WORKS were in Tyre and Sidon they will repent in sackcloth and ashes. Jesus’ SIGNS not believed God’s POWER reject MIRACLES, SIGNS, WONDERS, God’s WORDS of salvation so they perished.

    41. Jonah 1:17 The LORD’S fish swallows Jonah three days and nights in rock bottom at sea. But doing God’s work in Nineveh, Jonah is offended God didn’t kill them like Sodom and Gomorrah. Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah so it will be before COMING of Jesus. Debauchery of Sodom and Gomorrah exists as predicted. In Isaiah 4:1 seven women will take hold of one man, say we will be known by your name so not one man one wife. SIGN of Jonah to fast and pray to God to ask God’s forgiveness and Mercy in Jesus Name to stop God’s wrath tribulation destroying you to shorten evil days.

    42. In 2 Corinthians 11:14 if satan disguises as angel of light, God’s WORKS, SIGNS discredited as evil beelzebub is sin against the Holy Spirit. The Pharisees, teachers of the law told Jesus His MIRACLES, SIGNS, WONDERS from God is by beelzebub evil spirits in Matthew 12-22-30, Mark 3:20-27. Jesus said a house divided can’t stand satan evil spirit doesn’t cast out demons in people. GOD’S SIGNS, WONDERS, GREATER than fake counterfeit miracles Jesus condemns in His Name. Jesus said, depart from Me all evil doers into the lake of fire in Matthew 7-7:23.

    43. In John 12:37 Jesus did MORE SIGNS, MIRACLES not written in Bible. Not all believed so if people didn’t believe SIGNS of Jesus’ time when on earth why will they believe His SIGNS from Him in heaven? Joel 2:28-30 says, in the last days GOD will pour HIS SPIRIT on ALL flesh; your sons and daughters will prophesy, old men dream dreams, young men see VISIONS. 29 On servants and handmaids I pour MY SPIRIT. 30 I SHOW SIGNS, and WONDERS in the heavens, on earth, blood, fire, earthquakes, pillars of smoke, plagues, locusts, tsunamis, tornadoes are all endtime SIGNS. But the GREATEST SIGN before Jesus Second Coming to earth is SALVATION IN CHRIST JESUS.

    44. God’s POWER in Christ is doubted because many told MIRACLES, SIGNS, WONDERS ended with Jesus and Apostles. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. In Mathew 24:30 Immediately after GREAT TRIBULATION when the SUN darkens, MOON not give light, STARS fall from heaven, powers heaven shaken, Then appears SIGN of Son of man in heaven, tribes of earth mourn when they see Son of man coming in clouds of heaven with power and great glory. All eyes will see him the even ones who pierced him is Jesus’ physical Second Coming to rule earth in the Millennial Kingdom in Jerusalem. In Daniel 7:13-14 the Son of man rides clouds to take authority with Ancient of Days God. Saints return with Jesus after 7 year’s Rapture. Jesus Son of Man returns in cloud with power in great Glory to rule earth in Revelations 19:8-20:15 so redemption is near even at the door. Immediate SIGN Jesus is riding on white horse with saints and hosts of heaven to Mount Olives Israel for Armageddon battle to defeat enemies. That day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem, and Mount of Olives will split in two from east to west forming great valley, half of mountain moves north and half moves south in Zechariah 14:4. God will come down in New Jerusalem to DWELL among us on the perfect earth. Thank you for your comments, stay safe, God bless you.

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  3. Indeed through signs and wonders… GOD shows us that HE is the Alpha and the Omega. The First and the Last. The Beginning and the End… GOD reveals that He is Omnipotent (All Powerful God, Omnipresent (Everywhere) and Omniscient (All Knowing)… JESUS IS COMING SOON!!!!


    Absolutely true mockers say when is He coming dismiss signs but this time THE WHOLE world is shut down in SIGNIFICANT PARADIGM SHIFT to wake people up to run to God before it is too late. We are all to repent like Jonah sent to Iraq Nineveh for our nations to be SAVED IN JESUS NAME. Or perish like the time of Noah’s Ark or Sodom and Gomorrah burnt down. So believers understand these God’s signs of the fig tree but others say they’ve seen it all before, not moved. Jesus said even elect can be deceived if they do not watch and pray in Jesus Name. Life may be hard but Jesus says rejoice for your salvation is near even at the door. GLORY to God, Thank you Jesus for the Holy Spirit our Comforter. Thank you for comments and God Bless you stay safe.

    • Thank you video uploaded is JESUS walking in CLOUDS. Bible says in Psalm 104:3 God makes CLOUDS HIS CHARIOT. God WALKS in CLOUDS. Jesus and God walk in the heavens and appear on earth if they choose to do so. To prepare people on earth to get ready for Rapture because JESUS IS THE SIGN TO BE SEEN BY ALL ON EARTH on that day. Jesus is SIGN of Son of Man in Matthew 24:30 to appear in sky, all NATIONS will SEE JESUS. Some think figure is devil as Bible says angel of light show signs and wonders too. In Egypt magician’s snakes SWALLOWED BY AARON’S SNAKE. God’s POWER is GREATER than devil’s limited power. Bible says according to your faith be it unto you. God and Jesus Seen but people but did not die. God seen by Moses and 70 elders who ate with HIM and LIVED in Exodus 24:9-12. Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, Joshua and 70 elders of Israel went up mountain and SAW THE GOD of Israel, all ate, drank together and lived. In Acts 7:55-56 Stephen saw heaven opened and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. In Acts 9:4 Jesus in heaven spoke to Paul on earth saying “I am Jesus you are persecuting” as Saul/ Paul persecuted Christians on the way to Damascus. Thank you for your comments and God bless you.

      • Acts 1:9 After he said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight. 10 They were looking intently up into the sky as he was going, when suddenly two men dressed in white stood beside them. 11“Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.”

        There is a figure that goes ahead of the Christ figure… They seem to get to the edge of the opening (inter-dimensional portal) and then be stepping down, as if descending steps. A forerunner is also prophetic. I think this video is far more significant that people know. Less fanfare than many expect, but this seems to be an arrival. Christ is manifested, in the clouds, a forerunner ahead of him, descent to earth (concentrating, focusing, becoming, blending in with the crowds?)… Is Christ, and a companion, walking among us right now (not having come by birth, but by manifestation)?


        Yes Jesus manifests Himself everyday to many people in numerous places physically, in visions and in dreams as Joel prophesied in Bible in the last days. Jesus is accompanied by angels in the cloud or seen by people preceding him or with Him. Jesus reveals Himself to some people physically or to other people in visions. At times Jesus is with people in Spirit since He said I will never leave you or forsake till the end of the age. Jesus’ presence is felt by people even if they do not see him physically. Many times He is seen directly in heaven as Stephen did and Paul heard him while they were on the earth. God spoke directly from heaven during baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist and the transfiguration. There is a direct interconnection between Jesus in heaven and people on earth on a daily basis. The Bible says God will show many wonders in the Sky and in the heavens to remind people of Rapture and first resurrection of the dead together with the living into heaven. After will be great tribulations and later Second Coming to rule as KING of Kings and Lord of lords on earth in millennium reign. Thank you for your comments, God bless you.

    • Yes I love this video. He is coming soon! I know this!

      Thank you the GLORY goes to God for preparing all those who bless believe to expect the return of Jesus in the clouds in rapture. God bless you.

  4. I have seen Jesus severally in the clouds and in my dreams. Most time when I sm overwhelmed by certain life situations I just pray and ask God to reassure me of His presence in my life and guess what He always gives me a sign by appearing to me in the skies, Heaven is real and rapture will soon take place whether we like it or not. Everyone should be ready, set your ways right and accept Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour. My prayer is this , Lord if I miss everything on earth, don’t let me miss heaven in Jesus’ name. Amen.


    Amen and Amen thanks and Glory to God for your faith and confidence in waiting for rapture to go alive into heaven. Only God knows exact day, time or hour as we actively wait in Jesus Name. Thank you for your comments, God bless you.

  5. Hi, someone asked, “Are events happening in the sky UFOs? I will like to know why mysterious shapes are seen in the skies.


    God’s signs and wonders of chariots of fire sent to Elijah was seen by Elisha in 2 Kings 2:3–9. So Elijah the prophet taken to heaven after Jezebel tormented Elijah and Israel. Chariots and horses of fire lifted Elijah from evil Jezebel his mantle fell to the ground Elisha picked up. And wheels in wheels chariots of angels seen by Ezekiel in Bible in Ezekiel 1:1-28 and Ezekiel 10:9-11 four wheels by angels in four directions don’t turn as they went. These are God’s Supernatural signs in the sky some call UFO’S. Some are weather phenomena, comets, manmade military secrets said to be UFOs. Others are unexplained objects Bible says from the second heaven where fallen angels live as their domain. Jesus said endtime supernatural events will occur in sky to deceive people. God creates people in HIS OWN IMAGE and LIKENESS but aliens do not look like God’s IMAGE. The devil uses counterfeit power copied from God’s POWER to try to mislead people not to believe in God. Occult power evil spirit imitate God’s POWER Jesus warned about. Earth is the only planet that sustains life so extraterrestrial occurrences Jesus warned about in Matthew 24. God’s miracle signe alert people of endtime warnings to repent to prepare for Rapture to be saved in Jesus Name. Some people say rapture is alien abduction taking people to other planets do not believe in Rapture. Evolution theory uses alien UFOs try to convince people life exists in exoplanet but Bible does not say so. UFOS turn out to be natural phenomenon or the classified military secret tests.

    Roswell Incident—July 1947

    Military officials check debris from ‘UFO’ crash Roswell, New Mexico. The government said captured a flying saucer. A few hours later changed story it was a weather balloon.

    Washington, D.C., Sightings—July 1952

    Reports, of blips on radar traveling close to 100 m.p.h. gain speeds up to 7,200 m.p.h. sighting result of “temperature inversions,” cause ground light bounce from clouds appear lighted objects in the sky.

    Swamp Gas Sightings—October 1966

    Fast-moving, disc-shaped objects in southeastern Michigan. A UFO expert investigated sighting as “swamp gas.”

    Phoenix Lights—March 13, 1997

    Eyewitnesses saw UFO’s flying over Phoenix Lights,” objects witnessed in five other cities. Investigation by U.S. Air Force said UFOs were flares dropped from an A-10 “Warthog.”


    Over two years people saw strange objects over Sea of Marmara by Bosporus and Dardanelles straits. A watchman videoed objects from May and September 2008 of significant recordings of UFO some explain as military secret tests.

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  7. true,but the bible say”keep watching because we don’t know an hour when is he coming
    Yes indeed this absolutely true we are to keep watching for Jesus Coming in Cloud for Rapture and later to earth to rule from Jerusalem, Israel. However Jesus reveals Himself daily all over the world to people and visits some people physically. Or appears in dreams and in visions as Joel prophesied. This means the Son of God is not limited or restricted to heaven, before His official expected imminent return in the clouds or later to earth. During transfiguration Moses and Elijah came from heaven, appeared to Jesus, Peter, John, Mark and went back into heaven. Jesus after Resurrection showed Himself FIRST to Father God in heaven before returning to appear through wall of Upper Room to disciples. Jesus’ glorified body is able to function both in heaven and on earth so reveals Himself whenever He wants. Thank you for your comments.

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    • This is absolutely true all this is happening because Jesus reveals Himself to many people in clouds, visions, dreams and even physically visits some people. Heaven is directly connected to earth so continues to interact with us to assure us of God’s Love. Jesus and the angels visit earth regularly. Christian believers are eagerly awaiting Jesus’ spectacular rapture and second coming afterwards. The evidence is get your camera ready and look out after asking Almighty God to reveal Himself, His Son Jesus and angels to you too. Most people just look up and see Jesus appearing unexpectedly to surprise the world. Even if you do not personally experience these directly there are numerous occasions when others record this happenings. The whole world will soon see Jesus physically in the clouds one day. Thank you for your comments, God bless.

      • Jesus loves you and wants to be close to you too. Call His Name and ask Him be your friend. By God’s Grace you can see Him also so keep looking for Jesus. Thank you and God bless you.

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