a365b28637374bfe462211e46b1e747eJesus is Risen and Seen by Mary and the disciples and other people indoors and outdoors. After an agonizing week of Jesus’ trials, tribulations of His horrible passion suffering and deep trauma pain Jesus resurrected victories in living history and conquered death. Jesus has defeated the last arch- enemy death by bringing eternal life. This is important so celebrated each year to mark these amazing grace of God to save mankind. This new beginning of everlasting life is for all in Christ. Things are happening so fast in life pointing to transitional changes affecting the whole world. No matter what goes on necessary to be in Christ living in hope. Confidence in God is crucial as Mary overwhelmed by grief in time of sorrow so lost in thought she did not recognise Jesus Christ.Easter_Wishes_06It is important not to get so lost in grief not to recognize Christ around. There is tendency to dwell on worry or trauma of excruciating pain without hope. But Christ Rose from death to give life more abundantly in John 10:10.  The devil is trying to steal souls, kill and destroy but God Gives life more abundantly to Bless. Amidst Mary’s grief and tragedy Jesus is right in front of her and by her side go comfort her. Yet focussing more on grief made her not realise Christ is her great source of comfort and strength. So Jesus is already present in pain giving hope of eternal life. Jesus promised to be always with all never to leave any alone as orphans. Jesus is with all the people everyday in Spirit always to the end of the age. Some people assume Jesus just permanently sits by God’s Right Hand detached from current life events on the earth. Jesus is literally is on the earth dailyy attending to people who see Jesus in visions or physically involved in life. Though sitting next to God He stands up advocating, interceding and pleading God’s Grace in defence of mankind. So relevant to know in the face of tragic situations God, Jesus and HIS angels are around like Jesus, close to Mary giving her eternal victory. After Jesus revealed Himself to Mary she felt so reassured by His Resurrection knowing Jesus is Alive forevermore. Jesus is in Spirit working closely around brokenhearted involved in their pain. Jesus is Coming back soon to save, deliver in Rapture forevermore, those in Christ enduring to the end. One day soon there will be no more tears or sorrow like Mary rejoiced to see risen Jesus alive. Many people saw the RISEN Jesus and testified in books read today. Here 4  trustworthy and reliable facts in living history is documented evidence to prove Jesus is Risen indeed so alive.


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