images (27) Christ is celebrate as the authorized endorsed King of kings and Lord of lords. God Highly exults Jesus by giving Christ the Name above all names to whom every knee must bow and every tongue confess Christ is Lord. Those washed by Sacred Blood of Christ to endure and overcome with testimony join to Celebrate Jesus Christ’s Party Above all other parties to celebrate in victory. Christ steps forward to receive scroll for He Alone Qualifies to do so.snap12114 (1)Christ is called to receive the highest accolade of distinction for distinguished service to mankind. Christ truly earned this Genuine Glory Approved by God. The VIP and distinguished also already waiting for this wonderful moment. This battle was won by Christ the lamb chosen exclusively as the Son of God to save mankind. GreatCouncilinHeaven4.jpg03_01 (2) Christ steps forward and takes centre stage. God Almighty gives Christ the symbol of Power and Authority to rule over all nations. The saints and angels clap in unison to confirm their approval and acceptance of King of kings.Those on earth think they have good times must wait to Celebrate Real Best times at Jesus’ Special Party. ceu-50 Jesus sits next on the throne, on the right hand of God accepting thanks and praise as an advocate interceding for believers still on earth. Afterwards all are called to celebrate enthronement of King of kings. They have a lovely meal which cannot be compared to even the best food on earth. They talk to each other and swap stories of the life journeys and testimonies and passion for loved ones to make successfully in future to join them. thought (1) Meanwhile greatest music sound is booming with Glory Honour, Highest Praise, Adoration to God. Heaven’s chefs are ready with banquet set in perfect peace and great rejoicing and dancing is ongoing perpetually forever and ever. Another new arrival is welcomed so celebrated for making it safely into Heaven. There are peak days huge multitudes arrive enmasse and so Heaven is kept busy during such peak times as queues get extra long.It takes time to go through all the record books of life to check life accounts. Extra attention is paid to merits and also distinguished service to God. Crowns of life are duly given to each called to the centre and rewarded with noted life achievement.when-jesus-calls-your-name (1) The list goes on continuously so heaven is busy buzzing with new entrant’s given the welcome shout. The book of life is opened to check entrant’s life doings. Those who qualify and approved proceed to join others in Heaven. The one’s found wanting are sent to hell immediately. Those who make it are transformed instantly so clothed with their new heavenly garments. People happily join to rejoice to celebrate Jesus and worship God in heaven..2245e538807f2f9b79e807a0426b5531 Heaven is a pleasant place for all worthy of gift of salvation. Life on earth is beautiful, lovely with great moments and challenges yet Great Celebration is bigger, better so lasts forever. Life here on earth is just for a season, so temporary until Christ Jesus returns to restore Perfect Peace on earth like Heaven again on earth in future time set by God.



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    • Christ Jesus ascended ALIVE to heaven seating on the Right Hand of God. So intercedes for all for God to have Mercy to forgive people. Christ has received all authority and power in heaven and on earth from God to Rule and Reign Forever and forever, Amen. Thank you and God bless you

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