proverbs-3-12-god-corrects-us-gold_1398839561The LORD God Almighty corrects those HE LOVES as a father or parents correct the children in whom they delight says the Bible in Proverbs 3:12. God reveals to HIS Children error by love to point out mistakes to reveal the correct way to change for good. Correction is done by God directly or through Jesus Christ the Eraser to wipe out errors to restart correctly to show a person unaware of a mistake due to lack of knowledge. This helps learn from mistakes to improve lives to please God. By doing so the lives transformed grow in righteousness and improves in faith, active listening skills in obedience to God. The person gains useful information previously unknown before. Hebrews 12:6-11 says the LORD chastens, disciplines, scourges all HE LOVES to receive correction to endure to gain better experience in life. God deals with people as individual, family or on corporate basis as required.proverbs-3-12-god-corrects-us-green_1078636053Correction of Bart Simpson is a classic example of the line writing exercise on the classroom board to highlight point of correction. Years ago, schools gave pupils correction exercise books for rewriting misspelt words. Of course, as children unaware of exact right words intended word teachers point mistake to teach learners to write many times in exercise books to help remember the correct words in future. The brain coordinates hand movements with eyes to record words. Repetition of the words written many times forever registers so etched in minds of pupils to remember better. But along came a contemporary educational theory it constitutes abuse to ask children to use repetition method to write lines for correction so avoidedsimpson-i will use google before asking dumb questions

So spell checker was born so people did not memorize words for rote learning for recall. Computers correct the words obviously misspelt but words like “cap” and “cup”or “hat” and “hut” for example though correct, if not in context can be incorrect. Drinking milk in “cap” does not show on spellchecker so the reader must know word “cup” in the first place to edit it. This affects spelling error not dealt still with by computer in modern times. Therefore it is important to teach correct words in academia for life as a whole. The Bible says if you correct wise people and they become wiser and love you but correct mockers and they hate you. Choose correction carefully at right time in right way to help improve lives. Purpose of correction is not to shame a person in a negative way for vengeance to hurt them. People who love and care about you help with any issues affecting you to deal with it by Godly correction, compassion, support, understanding as God disciplines us.  3

Godly discipline is for good so it is not punishment though unpleasant because one is compelled to conform or comply against own rebellious ideas. Proverbs 9:8 warns not to attempt to correct fools because they are offended so hate you. Adapting to change is uncomfortable so may seem harsh to recipient until they benefit when they correct the error. So Correction requires determination by the teacher to help ‘wise’ to be ‘wiser’ as challenge to one doing correction. Their unpredictable nature, response reaction to correction depends on the persona at receiving end. Element of risk means a teacher helps learners to avoid mistakes to help correct them through a training experience. Criticising a person affects correction as attack on ego or pride may refuse help or reject correction. In the long run, over a period of time, people realise an insolent person’s ignorance is caused by fear of change. So help stop the devices of mistakes damaging them. Lack of Frontal Cortex means those in crises do not know how mistakes can impact lives. Sadly, some learn the hard way by self-destruction that could be avoided if only they listened. proverbs3_11-12Through arguments a stiff neck refuses to take instructions so does not realise the errors done to themselves or to their family. Blinded by error mindset, causes havoc by process of fear rebuff or reject correction so avoid a pointed out error altogether for improvement. The theory that correction discourages children in the early years from learning affects the attitude to correction in general. Left to figure things out for themselves, many people are unaware of their mistakes. So it becomes problems affecting their performance if the person is allowed to be left to their own devices. In terms of future career the person carries on into other areas of life. Anyone who points out errors to them other than own ideas is not well received. Although a trainer from experience knows exactly what they are talking about, so foresees error, the learner does not accept help, refuses correction. Yet correction is specifically for their good, well-being of the whole family or work place, community and world in general.Profitable-for-RebukeIf a stubborn person resists wisdom at all cost to defy authority in the name of freedom to do as they please, they miss out on the Spirit of excellence. Realise boundaries of correction helps to learn better ways to protect them from a long winding road of mistakes. Like prodigal son, God forgives and restores the ways of error to rescue the lost or misdirected by the wrong choices they made. Proper correction helps to avoid, prevent worse case scenarios. A person corrected must be educated to visualise or understand benefits of the correction in advance. So learners must be taught advantages of correction to instill value of flexibility, humility to bring changes in learning methods. Correction is not to inflict pain or suffering but guidance to give correct information to the person taught. The teacher must be patient and tolerant because learners do not immediately see what they teachers know. Important to understand a soft stick bends because it is malleable than a hard dry stick. The concept that learners grow up to correct themselves is not always the wise move. As they continue in set ways without an understanding of the impact of previous years without correction. Many adults get offended when genuine people try to guide them to correct errors. Some explode in anger and rage so take anger on others. This even spills over into the others aspects of life treating anyone’s suggestions in good faith as an attack on their character or personality. 54126707d4518b751f9145ee5d192841

Reprove not a scorner lest he hates you, rebuke a wise man and he will love you. Give instruction to a wise man so he will be still wiser, teach a righteous man and he will thank you and apply correction in their lives. Correct fools and they take offence. Do not despise chastening of the LORD God; neither be weary of HIS correction. So accept correction for your own goodAccept correction of God by Grace and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth and teach you. A personal Bible study as a faithful Child of God is part of growth and maturity in the LORD. Start correction of children as early as possible from 2 years old to correct them in love at their level not by anger. Teach children by pointing out correct manner of behaviour as part of life for all to learn. It is imperative to carefully train a child to get rewards for their good behaviour to help reinforce correction. Follow up with apology and hug so child learns to accept teachers doing well to teach child to accept critique of work performance. Children with trained good sense accept correction and even recognise error by admitting error if unnoticed by teacher. A child can politely point out error to a teacher because all are human, so make mistakes in life. The secret is to get up immediately for good success not to feel disheartened by correction. Correction is good as it builds a person up to thrive.


Jesus said many fake pastors and false prophets deceive and mislead people to misdirect genuine faith in God. So Bible forbids practice of occult, black magic, sorcery, consulting dead or astrologers. When you live on land the LORD God gives you do not follow abominations of heathen nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who makes sons, daughters pass through fire or practice witchcraft, or soothsayer or interprets omens or sorcerer, conjures spells or a medium or spiritist or calls up the dead. Or casts spells to hex and curse people because vengeance belongs to God. For all who do these things are abominations to the LORD your God who drives out enemies from before you. You shall be blameless before the LORD your God. For nations dispossessed listened to soothsayers and diviners for you, the LORD your God forbids it in Deuteronomy 18:9–13. Bible says be wise to test the spirits to discern and see if they are from God Almighty through Jesus Christ. The devil thrown out of heaven is determined to fool some people to think following the TRUE GOD. Recruits deceiving spirits to mingle in churches to create deception, confusion, strife, entice, entrap souls to hell. God never forgives devil banned from Eternal life in heaven forever kept in hellfire after 1000 year millennium Reign of Jesus on earth. The devil roams about seeking to recruit to destroy some people to take to hell reserved originally exclusively only for devil and rebellious angels turned demons. So deceives and destroys people using fake counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders or rituals thinking the devil is ‘protecting’ them. Rituals embedded in ‘culture’ accepted as norm without realising abomination sin judged by God. Many in fear of life sent by families consult them for ‘help’ with fertility, childbirth, health, wealth ensnaring souls. God’s miracles mixed with trick potions to people invite devil to take control to own lives to destroy them in the end.

The devil knows the Bible better than some believers to quote verses as he did to Jesus Christ. Jesus already knows the real true words of God so said to devil “it is  written.” The trouble is they do not read, study or know the contents of the Bible or God’s Will concerning their lives. So turn to psychics, palm readers and fake charlatans to tell them what to do in life. They do not seek their creator or maker to help plan their lives but do take advice from such people enriching themselves at the expense of their lack of knowledge. God says HIS PEOPLE perish due to their lack of knowledge of Bible. God lets them delude themselves by thoughts of reprobate imaginations concocted in their minds. The devil is ready to use and abuse them to distract them from the true love of God. There are millions of genuine pastors doing will of God helping, praying interceding, offering practical solutions, sacrificing time to assist genuine believers. But the ones who attend church and still mix belief in fetish in the name of ‘culture’ have one leg in the kingdom of God and another leg in satan’s world. God says to choose today whom you will serve. If you believe in the One true God, belong exclusively to God alone, do HIS WILL ONLY. Cannot hop on one leg in God’s Kingdom or other to devil but stand in God in Christ on both feet and firmly grounded and rooted in Christ Jesus. True Christian believers come totally under new management of Jesus Christ so old things pass away and all things are made new in the BLOOD OF JESUS IN JESUS NAME. So changes take place inside the heart to transform and renew mind in Christ TRANSLATED from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God’s Glorious Marvellous Gospel of Light in Jesus Christ Name. God has not given believers the spirit of fear but of POWER, LOVE AND A SOUND MIND. So repent and serve God in the Strength of God’s WORDS and devil runs from you. Do not seed fetish ‘protection,’ Seek God Almighty Jehovah Nissi to save you for Eternal life forever. Jesus came to save, heal, deliver you from all destructions and works of the devil over your lives in Jesus Name. Trust God completely to do greater work publicly in your life so to testify by BLOOD OF THE LAMB JESUS CHRIST. Remember, the blood of bulls, goats cannot save only THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE OF JESUS IS ACCEPTABLE TO JEOVAH YAHWEH IN JESUS NAME.



I am God’s own as I belong to God is the title of this article of today’s Akiane’s birthday. Her artpiece says it all she is God’s Own. She said she belongs to God and so credits her talents and abilities to God. This answer reflects on question to which church one attends or the religious denomination group one belongs to is the subject of conversation. Often we are told clear labels help to deal with all fairly and equally in a just manner to ensure in filling forms and documents, records properly included. We are told tags, labels, classified boxed for right category enable better services or treatment to be given. In addition, ensures catered appropriately for so needs taken care of according requirements.


Akiane boldly declared ‘God is too big to fit into one religion. It is good to know faith inclination to honour God. Labelling to know exact belief details to make provision fairly for various groups or interests represented seems a laudable act of generosity of heart. It can unfortunately condition and mould rigidly to become a tool of religious ideology to cause divisions in the community. In Galatians 3:28 it is stated there is neither Greek nor Gentiles, slaves or free because all are considered equal before God. In heaven there is no denomination or group labels. One always wonders why some labels does not include British Americans, viking whites, anglo saxon British. Yet seem to label ethnic group generational ancestral roots most have no clue about since dominant culture jumbled them up. Like Kunta Kinte lashed for retaining own name many had master’s name stamp harshly enforced them. So does this new subtle tags and sublime labels really improve services or are devices to discriminate against some. Does world really exclusively belong to some more than other’s? Endorsed labelling does not allow change for by those subjected to the short straw drawn for them. So does labelling ensure fair and just treatment as often reassured?



In Matthew 17:1-13, during the transfiguration Jesus took His inner circle loyal friends: Peter, James and John, up to the mountain top to reveal His forthcoming Glory with Moses and Elijah. Jesus wanted to confirm His True Identity as Messiah to let them see He was above Moses, a great prophet of God, who led them out of physical bondage from Egypt and gave them the law on Mount Sinai. Elijah also led them out of spiritual bondage and restored them to God on Mount Carmel but their work was not enough to save them eternally. Peter was so carried away in the supernatural realm in the moment on the mountain top, he wanted to settle down to build 3 tabernacles to remain there. However, The Unique Heavenly Tabernacles, Treasures, Gems and Streets of Gold cannot compare with any beautiful buildings on earth. For they are beyond description, so like the tower of babel cannot compete with God. So Jesus reminded Peter there is no need to preserve a temporary moment in eternity for the heavenly mansions are already prepared by Jesus for the saved elect. So it is not necessary for churches to dwell more on size, or beauty of physical structural constructions of bricks and mortar, for vain display of prosperity, wealth, riches as designed Temples in the Name of God.

Peter is to build up sacred spiritual temple of souls, than cause burden of pressure from debt they could not afford. For instead of focussing more on soul winning, ministering to members for salvation and spiritual restoration, it turns attention to keeping up with the Joneses. Jesus had to bring Peter back to reality by reminding him of the priority of his calling, not to fixate on physical material needs or past laurels but urgently see the salvation fields ready for harvesting of souls for the end time is near. In Matthew 16:13-20, Jesus checked to see if His disciples recognise His Great Work by asking them, ‘Who do men say I am’ They said some thought Christ was Elijah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist or other prophets. Jesus knew they heard other’s opinions about Him including that of his depressed cousin, John the Baptist. John, in his lowest moments of trials and temptations that he brought upon himself, was in the valley of the shadow of death so sent to ask, if Jesus was the Real Messiah or they should look for another. John who prepared the way for Jesus’ ministry is worrying so much he became anxious and depressed.

John wanted Jesus to rescue him for his mistake of casting pearls before swine for judging and not minding his own business. Herod did not fear God, his brother, or listen to his own conscience. Jesus’ ministry would be short-lived if He joined John in similar predicament. Other Christians could pray for John like others did in Acts 16:16-40 so John could sing Praises like Peter and Silas worshipped God in the midnight hour and expressly released to surprise Rhoda. Instead of John the Baptist, helping himself by encouraging himself in the Lord like king David did in 1 Samuel 1:1-25, or be focussed to work together with Jesus to win more souls, John was distracted by Herod’s adultery of taking his brother’s wife in Mark 6:17-29. Jesus minded His Own Business First, by saving the lost, teaching, preaching, healing the sick, so did not waste time on Herod who did not listen to John the Baptist who was qualified and approved by God to deal with it. God endorsed John’s Baptism of Jesus by immersion, so acknowledged with His Voice Heard from Heaven seen descending like the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove upon Jesus. Yet Herod still refused to humble himself to repent with help, support and intervention of such a great prophets like John and Paul. Herod’s unhealthy obsessive compulsive codependent infatuation with his brother’s wife, cost John the Baptist his life and ministry.

Although greater than Herod, Jesus submitted by example in humility to John so Jesus knew Herod will not listen to Him. Herod saw John and Jesus as threats, trying to ruin his momentary passion, personal happiness and love – life and trying to destroying his political power and kingdom. So Jesus boldly continued his great work on earth, regardless of attacks by those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Jesus knew John will be resurrected in eternity while Herod burned in hell for his actions if he did not repent. Jesus was more concerned about the lost multitudes, His apostles and disciple’s personal belief and eternal salvation. Jesus wanted to ensure they focus on Him to accomplish their goals to save souls, not to dabble in matters too high for them, like Herod manipulated and used Salome’s dance to try to buy her affection with material promise of half his kingdom to a child, to compromise sin. Her mother took advantage of the situation and used her cruelly by demanding John’s head in retaliation.

Jesus wanted to clarify his inaction of not intervening to rescue John to declare and prepare them for his own death and resurrection as The Messiah. Jesus used Wisdom to choose battles carefully, so did not abuse His Power to get involved in all affairs, but ‘delegated’ such matters to other’s equally competent, like John the Baptist, in God’s Kingdom to deal with it. Jesus focussed on his disciples so asked, but ‘who do you say I am?’ Peter answered correctly, “You are Christ Jesus The Messiah, The Son of the Living God.’ Jesus told Peter, ‘flesh and blood did not reveal this to you but the Spirit of the Living God. Jesus explained, God’s Spiritual Truth is discerned by revelation from God. Christ Mission above all is to restore God’s Spiritual Kingdom first, before material things are added.  Jesus called Peter to build His Church for the gates of hell cannot prevail against it by those who killed the flesh but cannot kill the soul. Peter was to focus first on Christ’s Priority to win souls, not be distracted by judging others or by tabernacle building to show off riches, wealth to display man – made sophistication grandeur often not too relevant for eternal soul winning with already – made mansions in Heaven by God The Greatest and Best Architect.

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evidence, proof from history, in fulfilment of all the prophecies made thousands of years before Jesus was born. Due to Peter’s accurate deeper insider knowledge, Jesus declared Peter as the approved leader of His Church, to build the Kingdom of God, with His people of faith, power and praise under management leadership of Christ The Head through the Holy Spirit, whom the gates of hell can never prevail against His Church in Jesus Name.

So knowing God is not based on mere logical reasonings of man-made thinking and data analysis of information highway attempting to contradict God. Peter’s conclusion derives from a deeper spiritual insight into God’s Truth, plus facts received by open minds filled with the Holy Spirit and understanding of the Word of God. For faith comes by hearing God’s Truth from the Word of God and the Truth you know sets you free. Jesus had to clarify with the disciples to find out exactly what they truly believed to ensure they had accurate knowledge. Jesus knew if those closest as disciples got it right for Jesus to be lifted up, then they will pass on accurate information to draw all to Jesus Christ to become their personal Saviour. It was important and essential Jesus had a deep conversation with the disciples for they had heard and seen many contradictions about Jesus. As The King of kings and Lord of lords, granted all Power and Authority from Heaven and earth, some expected Jesus to solve all problems immediately and save them from their enemies the Roman rulers and Greeks defiling their Holy Temple, Land, taxing and levying them. They expected Jesus to establish a worldly physical kingdom to meet their material needs. So they misunderstood Jesus who had to ensure they fully understand his true calling and mission on earth.

As familiarity breeds contempt the people of Jesus’ hometown, Nazareth did not believe, accept or support Jesus because they saw Christ merely as an adopted son of a carpenter. They did not believe a natural human being could be used by God to do Supernatural things as Jesus did. The accusers, doubters, mockers, and sceptics constantly searched for excuses to use against Jesus saying he was from beelzebul. The sceptics believed in the little devil’s power than the Bigger Power of the Living God used by Jesus Christ. Though Jesus worked with the disciples daily and empowered them with authority to heal the sick and cast out the devil and evil spirits, Jesus still had to talk with them. It seemed fairly obvious they will know who Jesus is by now, for He is very special and different from other leaders. Yet Jesus had to prepare them to think beyond their physical needs of the material world beyond eternity to live forever longer than years on earth. God wants His beloved people to prosper and be in good health even as their soul prospers. However, God does not want them to live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from God’s word. God wants them to live and enjoy more abundantly and wealth and riches but not at the expense of not investing in the harvest of souls.

Jesus helped the apostles and disciples to know the full meaning of ‘Christ’ the Saviour to let them understand what it cost Jesus. He took their place for punishment, had to bear their sins to endure pain, grief and sorrow to set them free. That Special Christ Hat nobody could wear because no human sacrifice could pay the exact price of sin. So must never be taken for granted to love earthly pleasures more than love God. Material things and pleasures of the flesh last for a fleeting season. Jesus helped them give up unfruitful toiling to become eternal fishers of men. Their families thought they lost their minds and brainwashed to follow Jesus with no fixed place to call his own. Jesus sent for colts to travel and ate food prepared by His loyal supporters. Jesus told them not to carry a wallet or extra change of clothing but totally depend on God. Such an accomplishment was not for the fainthearted who needed to know their bank balance, profit stocks and shares before starting any projects.

Christians bear the Mark of Christ Jesus so set apart for full commitment to God. They had to stop toiling without good result, unhealthy relationships, estranged family, constantly trying to discourage faith and trust in God to focus on God. Christ left His earthly hometown Nazareth where He could not do any miracles because of their unbelief. He did not waste His precious time to be distracted and delayed with silly debates, arguments and gossip trying to convince them to believe in Him. Jesus went straight to help those who desperately and urgently needed Him most. The same power and anointing that touched and healed others will work if only you believe. The choice is yours, so the question is, ‘who do you think you are in relation to Christ?’  Do you ensure you fully know and understand His True mission on earth because Christ came to save those who are lost, to heal, deliver and destroy all works of the devil in lives, in family, business, finances, relationships, to restore and reconnect them to God directly. Christ is real and will return as a Savior to rescue the remnant faithful but judge skeptics and mockers who reject Him. As Israel is precious on High Priest’s breastplate so Christ has you in His Heart and knocking at your door to save you. Answer and let Jesus into your heart today even if distracted off course, back-slided, repent, ask God’s forgiveness, mercy, pardon, grace to start afresh for With God all things are possible because Jesus loves you.