Children become distracted when they are surrounded by toys Too many toys are bad for children as a study suggests that the children become distracted when they are surrounded by too many toys. This is what the parents have suspected all along. Children who have too many toys are more also easily distracted so do not enjoy that quality playtime with other children as the new study suggest. Researchers at University of Toledo in Ohio, US, recruited some 36 toddlers and invited them to play in a room for half an hour, with either four toys, or 16 toys. They found youngsters were far more creative when they had fewer toys to play with. And they played with each for twice as long, thinking up more uses for each toy and lengthening and expanding their games. The authors conclude parents, schools and nurseries should pack away most of their toys and just rotate a small number regularly, to help encourage the children to become more creative to improve the attention spans of the children. This study sought to determine if the number of toys in a toddlers’ environments influences their quality of play,” said the lead author Dr Carly Dauch in journalInfant Behaviour and Development.“The higher number of incidences of play in 16 toy condition did interfere with duration and depth of play. Other toys present created their external distractions. “During toddler years, children develop but not master, higher levels of control over attention. And their attention plus their play was disrupted by factors in an environment present with distractions. The results of the present study suggest an abundance of toys create distractions. But provided with fewer toys in their environments the toddlers engaged in longer periods of play with single toy allowing better focus to explore, play more creatively.”Getting rid of toys encourages children to read more or paint, say researchers Getting rid of toys encourages children to read more or paint, says researchers. Britons spend more than £3 billion each year on toys and surveys shows that a typical child owns 238 toys in total but parents think they play with just the 12 ‘favourites’ on a daily basis making up just five per cent of their toys. It is not the first time research suggested that too many toys distract children. In the 1990s the German researchers, Elke Schubert and Rainer Strick conducted experiment where the toys were taken away from Munich nursery for three months. After a few weeks, the children re-adjusted and their play became far more creative and social. The published research of their findings in their book, called, The Toy-free Nursery. In another book, ClutterFree with Kids the author, Joshua Becker also argued fewer toys are better for children because a sparse playroom encourages creativity to help children develop attention span and to teach youngsters about taking care of their possessions. “A child will rarely learn to fully appreciate the toy in front of them when there countless options are still remaining on the shelf behind them,” he said. “When children have too many toys, they will naturally take less care of them. And they will not learn to value them if there is their replacement ready at hand. “Fewer toys causes these children to become more resourceful by solving problems with only materials at hand. And resourcefulness is a gift with unlimited practical uses in their futures.

The research is published in the journal Infant Behaviour and Development. The conflict of interest of the toy companies advertising children playing with many latest toys makes parents feel obliged to buy them for the children not to feel left out. Children display their toys online on social media to compare with each other including the addictive games that stop children learning, doing homework assignments later in college, university or focus at work. Lack attention span or focus from childhood affects the adults today unable concentrate for few hours to complete tasks at hand. Christmas is around and parents must not let a child manipulate them emotionally to buy a toy without teaching them first value of essential basic reading at level. Children can get a few educational toy to reward them to do exceptionally well in a field of academic achievement at school. The development steared towards a specific direction of any future career requires relevant toys to influence natural gifts, talents and abilities. Otherwise parents unintentionally make children victim of success by their ability to buy too many toys they can afford. Just because it is possible to buy things seen on the TV in adverts does not mean it enhances their specific development. Parent knows the children best, whether they are trained experts or not must help child learn not to depend only on school to learn. Early learning through practical play is now rapidly eroded by virtual reality keep children cocooned online. So important to carefully reflect before Christmas on piling up toys to “prove” your “love” of your children to the world overloading them with too many toys. Experience shows most children are just so happy playing with the box, not expensive toys boosting their parents ego. Millennium children are suffering from the lack of a social understanding or interaction due to isolated attachment to toys valued as more precious than engaging with each other. Time consumed worrying about their toy possessions makes them miss out on appreciating fellow human being as adults due to learned behaviour. The competition among children, teenagers over toys leads further to threats of the perceived anger of friends loving them only for their material possessions. The toys must not take over to babysit their children without adult supervision and input. One of the best ways to bond with children is play with them sometimes to help them value the adults in their lives.



Family gatherings stressful?

Sadly, according to a new study, many families the first argument starts just after 10.13 on Christmas morning – with four or five more before the day is over! This can happen in families who don’t see each other very often and are then all together at Christmas. Christmas is a big focus, but other times like Easter or weddings, funerals and other family get-togethers can bring about pressure points erupt into family arguments. And the little things that trigger rows can be simple perhaps even the preparation of lunch, when a cook is trying to prepare a delicious meal and resents doing all the work or the other family members interfering too much. Couples often get into arguments because one or both has had too much to drink. Its particularly difficult where there are stepchildren. A couple may have different ideas about how to bring them up, and big decisions of how much to spend on the Christmas presents can cause disagreements.Six ways to stay close when your children leave home

Blended Family Matters

Blended families with step children can be part of the challenges faced during a Christmas festivity. If you have children from a previous relationship and your partner does not, you might disagree over the children’s behaviour. Or, if your partner does have children who are with the other parent for a big occasion like Christmas or a holiday, the presence of your children can cause resentment. The disciplinary lifestyles can be different and each parent may be softer in dealing with own child. It is good to be self conscious and aware of a child’s needs to treat them equally well.

Repairing family relationships

In the cold light of January try to make up with the family members you have fallen out with, even if you think it’s not your fault or that they might not react well. Pluck up courage and talk to them, face to face if possible, or by telephone or letter. Here are a few tips.My secret to feeling great at 56? Just do it!

  • Don’t restart the argument, wait until the person you need to talk to is in a good mood and then tell them that it is so nice when you do get on together that you would like it to be like that more of the time.
  • Tell them how much you regret the argument, that you are sorry if you upset them and that you love or care about them. It takes courage to say you are sorry.
  • Tread sensitively, no angry voices or unkind words, and make the person feel listened to and hopefully they might respond in a similar manner.
  • Ask what they need from you and say what you need from them.
  • If they don’t feel the same way, avoid another row and say, ‘I just wanted you to know that I am sorry we argued.’
  • Don’t be afraid to go to counselling if things seem really bad, it could make you happier in the long run.
  • Finally, make it your January resolution to think about how you would like life to be different, whether that includes drinking or spending a little less, or to have better relationships with the ones you love.”
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    Some people like cooking but if all avalanche on you over Xmas I have had to be honest so.I keep Xmas day for my husband and children as I explain i can only cook and cope with so many .Boxing Day is a running buffet which I top up with mainly cold food or things I can cook in 20 mins that just need throwing in the oven. I get decorations together and others sort out the tree . If anyone wants special food or find them something missing ot can shop for it.

    Be Close to kids who left home

    Yes it’s the end of an era, but your children moving out can sometimes bring you closer than ever. Keep in touch with each other daily. It easy if you know how. Meet up regularly if possible and Skype, telephone, visit.

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31477660-christmas-carolThe songs we know specifically as carols were originally communal songs sung during celebrations like harvest time as well as Christmas. It was only later that carols begun to be sung in church, and to be specifically associated with Christmas. Research has been conducted on carol singing, but one of the few sociological studies of caroling in the early 21st century determined sources of songs are misunderstood.


Some think it is simplistic to suggest caroling is mostly related to Christian beliefs. Other carol singing reinforces the preservation of diverse national customs or local family traditions. This entry encourages you to sing carols with friends, family, loved ones to create camadier. Sometimes singing yourself is therapeutic so clears the head. The Christmas song lyrics are biblically based with words of hope celebrating the birth of JESUS Christ.


Sing your heart out to JESUS CHRIST and use your voice given by God to thank, praise and worship Lord God Almighty. Do not worry about not being a musician not professionally trained. God loves to hear voice so sing from your heart to God. Express yourself and sing even your own written songs to God. God is not requiring perfection from your songs just expression of your feelings, thoughts, joy to glorify God and bless His Holy Name. chrstmas-carols16157-caroling-kids-400x200

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methode-sundaytimes-prodmigration-web-bin-cc04bb76-4155-4b11-b742-30b52504a051Christmas giving clearly shows God’s love in action and is a message to dearly loved one as a sign to prove affection, caring, attention, and support the loved ones, family, friends, guests and even others unknown through charity giving. Christmas is also the time some give the most extravagant or expensive tangible gifts. Christmas is a great opportunity to give as never before throughout year. Giving involves some people interacting through the direct contact of giving gifts personally. Some are delivered through a third-party by hand courier, postman or airlifted and dropped to pick up or other intermediaries chosen. Christmas season is moment when giving becomes central in our lives. ABOVE ALL THE BEST GIFT RECEIVED AND GIVEN AT CHRISTMAS IS CHRIST JESUS SO GIVE CHRIST AS BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO OTHERS. God so LOVED the world He Gave His Only Begotten SON JESUS so all who believe and receive God’s Gift will not perish but have everlasting life according to John 3:16. SO JESUS IS REASON FOR THE SEASON.Loving families remember family members  and elders and make a trip with gifts to thank, show appreciation, honour and respect to  them. Christmas is a great season of giving with the chance to share blessings with others. Showing love by giving takes many forms, different shapes depending on the context and environment. It involves gold, silver, diamond ring, trinkets, jewels and treasures for romantic love declaring intention of marriage. People are willing to sacrifice to save for months, work hard for years to give a better life  to loved ones. So put a roof over loved ones heads to create a beautiful cosy home for comfort. They live unprecedented lives to contribute to a beautiful lifestyle for family. It is intriguing value placed on giving right and appropriate gifts fit for purpose.

People will give anything at all to bring joy and happiness to loved ones. The giver carefully applies thinking skills deeply to ensure the gift expresses the deep sentiment felt. It means a sacrifice of time, secrets with family members to hold it in until the appropriate time to reveal the gift. Some priceless gifts are indescribable in value terms so too wonderful for words. So real love is not just about mere words . Giving is an indispensable practical demonstration of love. This is a real aspect of love life and affection. Giving reassures the receiver one is well thought of so cared about. Some gifts literary cost arms, leg,s or lives for the beneficiary recipient to be rewarded  to them as a next of kin or descendant of the giver donor. Some inherit gifts from family trees traced by loyal, dedicated asset inheritance teams  without whom they would never have received their gifts. 104241371Some gifts are surprises beyond imagination so the receiver is lost for words, or sheds tears of joy and happiness. It may be a kingdom given to an heir on the throne with signet ring of power and authority. Or achievement attained by professional qualification award gift ring. Love stories tell us about castles, mansions, towers, hanging gardens, houses, sculptors commissioned, built and dedicated in remembrance and  memory of loved ones. Houses, lands, money material physical possessions are all freely given by God for all mankind to use. Pyramids are built-in honour of kings and queens plus Chinese army  statues of emperors into the after life. They are willing to be workaholics so deny and deprive themselves to better their children’s future. Some save lives so rescue others and share to support the less fortunate in their family during Christmas.

Some give generational and ancestral land gift title deeds passed on to family members to preserve into the future. The entire planet universe given to Adam and Eve to rule and control.Over time prospectors cut up land, fenced free roaming cattle and animals and took ownership. God allowed this due to the rebellion and ingratitude nature of Adam and Eve’s greed. This  deceived and led them into to wanting more although they had everything.So if ordinary human beings know how to give such good gifts to their children and loved ones, how much more the it pleases God Almighty to give.  God is the Greatest given Who cannot be outdone by anybody’s giving no matter how expensive the price tag. It is good to enjoy the gifts and food with friends and family. A Christmas sees a sizable distribution of part of income on endless wealth by corporate businesses rewarding  loyal staff. Businesses give loyalty card gift reward points to promote goods and keep customers interested  in buying more goods and products.Christ gives the gift of eternal life so restores the relationship between God and mankind with blessings of privilege of Godly wealth. While we are giving to family, loved ones we must remember to honour God’s servants. We need to give to those feeding our souls good nutritious spiritual soul food. Giving to help pastors, churches, people to share the Gospel for a soul winning Christmas Gift. Give your own pastor and leaders Christmas gifts to encourage them in their ministry. A Christmas love gift offering can include time to prepare the hall, sweep church, help with administrative work of the church, type news letters, cook food to feed the sick or older members unable to attend church. Send flowers and cards to hospital to pray with them. Give lifts to those unable to travel to church who cannot afford bus fare, taxis, coach or train. Be willing to volunteer and give yourself to work for the Glory of God.

unnamed-file-3If you love and believe in obeying God’s command and giving tithes, offering, contribute to pay for cost of church rent premises for worship place, food for the homeless, refuges who attend church or around outskirts. Gifts given sometimes to enemies during season of goodwill towards all people. Step up, smile, give to help eternal life and soul more precious than material temporary gifts which pass away. Do not overlook Christmas was God’s Best Occasion to God Demonstrate His Love in Action by the birth of Christ. Prophesies upon prophesies since Genesis to revelation promised the Saviour. But it was on Christmas day God fulfilled His Love in action. So be there for the lonely people without friends to talk to like Jesus did and give good gifts as 3 wise king did.wise-men-present-gifts-smallGive gifts to those ‘imperfect’ parents you would prefer to avoid and do it unto the Lord God Almighty. Do not be too selfish to compete with friends to brag about the amount of luxury gifts you got but ignore family  and loved ones who brought you into the world. They may not be perfect but God has a reason to give you to them. Above all, the greatest gift is your presence to grace the Christmas occasion with family and friends. The sick, widows, orphans, the poor and strangers are dear to God’s heart at Christmas. So people sacrifice and give unto the Lord God Almighty. Jesus said to visit those sick, thirsty, hungry in captivity and to provide to nourish the homeless people. Giving requires appropriate best gifts to each person not insignificant dumping.

It is important not to turn a blind eye to ignore suffering fellow human beings. Blaming, condemning and accusing them while tons of GOD’S PERFECT FOOD is thrown away. Bank balances are of no use in heaven so do not sell one’s soul to cause famine deliberately to create shortages to maximise profit  Each person has something to give including time, love, help, caring, encouragement. 3 wise magi kings gave appropriate gifts, gold, frankincense, myrrh suitable for Jesus’ ministry. The shepherds also gave Him sheep, others contributed to help feed and support Christ Jesus. The Saviour Jesus Christ grew up and joined family business. Christ lived at home so looked after His mother, earthly father, brothers and sisters. Jesus Christ is remembered for giving Greatest Gift of all, His Life as a ransom for many.


Christ Jesus gives of Himself to bring salvation, healing, deliverance to mankind.  Thank God for Jesus Christ and make sure you receive God’s free Gift of eternal life.  Do not accumulate material physical things. Take endless loans to buy perishable things to build up junk and clutter in your home yet still addicted to buying more. Reckless buying is symptom of tip of iceberg of inner – turmoil bandaged by shopping retail therapy. The prospect, joy, and thrill anticipation, surprise of new item lasts only a moment and soon forgotten out of season. Seek, receive, keep the REAL ETERNAL GIFT OF CHRISTMAS, JESUS CHRIST. FOR WHOM THE SON JESUS SETS FREE IS FREE INDEED IN JESUS NAME. Give yourself the best Gift Jesus. So begin to review, reflect, renew your life according to God’s plans and purposes for your life in Jesus Name.

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