Survivors of Auschwitz leave through the infamous gates of Auschwitz I after the liberationAuschwitz true life story of death camps of Nazi Holocaust liberated 27 January by Soviet troops in 1945. On 27 January 1945, Soviet troops cautiously entered Auschwitz. Primo Levi – one of the most famous survivors – was lying in a camp hospital with scarlet fever when the liberators arrived. The men cast glances at the sprawling bodies, at the battered huts and at us few still alive”, he would later write. “They did not greet us, nor did they smile; they seemed oppressed not only by compassion but by… the feeling of guilt that such a crime should exist.” “We saw emaciated, tortured, impoverished people,” soldier Ivan Martynushkin said of liberating the death camp. “We could tell from their eyes that they were happy to be saved from this hell. In less than four years, Nazi Germany systematically murdered at least 1.1 million people at Auschwitz. Almost one million were Jews. Those deported to the camp complex were gassed, starved, worked to death and even killed in medical experiments. The vast majority died in the Auschwitz II death camp is Auschwitz-Birkenau. Six million Jewish people died in Holocaust Nazi campaign to ‘eradicate’ Europe’s Jewish population. Auschwitz was at the centre of the antiSemitic and eugenics genocide of those not of Aryan stock.

What was the Holocaust?

When the Nazis came to power in 1933 they began to strip Jewish people of all property, freedoms and rights under the law. After the German invasion and occupation of Poland in 1939, the Nazis started deporting Jewish people from Germany and Austria to Poland, where they created ghettos to separate them from the rest of the population. In 1941, during German invasion of USSR, the Nazis began campaign of extermination in earnest. Nazis spoke about their invasion as a race war between Germany and Jewish people, as well as the Slavic population and the Roma.Groups of German Einsatzgruppen soldiers out across newly conquered lands in Eastern Europe to massacre civilians. By the end of 1941, they had killed 500,000 people, and by 1945 they had murdered about two million – 1.3 million of whom were Jewish. Behind lines, Nazi commanders experimenting with ways to kill en masse. They feared shooting people too stressful for their soldiers, came up with more efficient means of murder. Experimental gas vans had been used to kill mentally disabled people in Poland as early as 1939. Poisonous fumes were pumped into a sealed compartment to suffocate those inside. By the winter of 1941, the Nazis had constructed gas chambers at Auschwitz. Nazi leaders met in January 1942 to coordinate industrial slaughter. At Wannsee Conference, as it became known, they agreed to what they called a “final solution to the Jewish question” – killing the entire European Jewish population, 11 million people, by extermination and forced labour.

What was Auschwitz?

Auschwitz was originally a Polish army barracks in southern Poland. Nazi Germany invaded and occupied Poland in September 1939, and by May 1940 turned the site into a jail for political prisoners. This area with the infamous lie Arbeit Macht Frei written above the entrance in German meaning work sets you free became known as Auschwitz I.But as war and Holocaust progressed the Nazi regime greatly developed the site. The first prisoners to be gassed were a group of Polish and Soviet prisoners in August 1941. Work began on a new camp, Auschwitz II-Birkenau, the following month. This became site of huge gas chambers where hundreds of thousands murdered until November 1944, and crematoria was where their bodies were burned. German chemicals company IG Farben built and operated a synthetic rubber factory at Auschwitz III-Monowitz. Other private companies like Krupp and Siemens-Schuckert also ran factories nearby, to use prisoners as slave labour. Both Primo Levi and Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel survived Monowitz concentration camp. When Auschwitz was eventually liberated, it had more than 40 camps and subcamps.

How Auschwitz worked?

People from all over Europe crammed into cattle wagons without windows, toilets, seats or food, and transported to Auschwitz. There they were sorted into those who could work and those to be immediately killed. The latter group were ordered to strip naked and sent to  showers for “delousing” – a euphemism used for the gas chambers.

The gas chamber at Auschwitz IGuards used Zyklon B pellets to murder people in gas chamber. Nazis cremated victims in ovens.Crematorium ovens at AuschwitzGuards from “Hygienic Institute” drop powerful Zyklon-B gas pellets into the sealed chambers, and wait for people to die. It took about 20 minutes. The thick walls could not hide screams of those suffocating inside. Sonderkommandos – other prisoners, usually Jews forced to work for guards or killed would remove artificial limbs, glasses, hair and teeth before dragging corpses to incinerators. Ashes of the bodies were buried or used as fertiliser. Belongings of those gassed and those sent to work were taken for sorting in a part of the camp known as “Canada” so named because country was seen as a land of plenty.

Who were the victims?

SS guards sought to hide their crimes as Soviet troops closed in tried to destroy their extensive prisoner records making it hard to fully quantify the number of victims. Academic studies since agree that in total close to 1.3 million people arrived at Auschwitz. About 1.1 million of them died there. Jews from all across Nazi-controlled Europe made up the vast majority of the victims. Almost one million Jewish people were murdered at Auschwitz. One specific example was Hungary’s Jewish population. In the space of just two months, between May and July 1944, Hungary transported 420,000 Jewish people to Auschwitz.Hungarian Jews arriving at Auschwitz in June 1944So many Hungarian Jewish people were killed in such a short time that victims’ bodies were dropped in pits near the camp and burned. Tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews were sent to Auschwitz every day. Three quarters of them were killed on arrival. 75,000 Polish civilians, 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war, 25,000 Roma and Sinti, as well as Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals and political prisoners were also put to death by the German state at the Auschwitz complex.

Auschwitz Is liberated

German authorities ordered a halt to gassing and the destruction of the gas chambers and crematoria in late 1944, as Soviet troops advanced westward. The stockpile of stolen valuables in the Canada sector was shipped to Germany shortly afterwards. Determined to erase evidence of their crimes, Nazis ordered tens of thousands remaining prisoners to march west to other concentration camps, such as Bergen-Belsen, Dachau and Sachsenhausen. Those too sick to walk were left behind all who fell behind on the march were killed. Soviet forces found a few thousand survivors when they entered the camp on 27 January 1945, along with hundreds of thousands of clothes and several tonnes of human hair. Soldiers later recalled having to convince some survivors that the Nazis had truly gone. Elie Wiesel later said in a speech to mark the 50th anniversary of the liberation that the Nazi crimes at Auschwitz “produced a mutation on a cosmic scale, affecting man’s dreams and endeavours.” “After Auschwitz, the human condition is no longer the same. After Auschwitz, nothing will ever be the same.”

The anti-Semitic Law watchdog wants:

  • Stop anti-Semitism hatred policy
  • Engage staff in respect for people
  • Assess workplace risk deal with it
  • Report antiSemitic joke and insults
  • Teach people on holocaust damage
  • Deal with antiSemitic complaints
  • Know antiSemitism is a crime
  • Don’t torelate antiSemitic harassment
  • God blesses you if you bless Jews

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Ian Payne with shoe donationsIan Payne noticed conditions of runners’ shoes when he started a running group in Kampala. When staff sergeant Ian Payne moved his family from the UK to Uganda for work, little did he know that he would also embark on a journey of generosity. For the past eight months Ian has been on secondment at the High Commission of Uganda in the capital Kampala. He started a running group at a local boxing club and saw condition of the runners’ shoes. “I looked down and saw the boys’ shoes were in a bad way,” says Ian, who is originally from London. Felt fortunate for myself and my family but very sad inside as I could see poverty and I did not like it. Yet they were smiling and happy getting on with life, humbled me and I wanted to help.Boxing club member with shoesA young boxing club member receiving a pair of trainers. Ian thought about the number of shoes he no longer wore and quickly decided to donate his shoes. He enlisted help of friends and family to give away their spare shoes too. When I received them kitted out guys but had loads of shoes left over, says Ian who is part of the Adjutant General’s Corps in the British Army. Ian stops at a roadside to give trainers to youngsters. When he drives out of Kampala for business, Ian says he sees many people walking on roads with no shoes. “Out west it’s really bad,” he said. I keep shoes at the back of my vehicle if I see people without shoes, I pull over and give them a pair.wp-1578331833242.jpg Faces light up given shoes that arrived Ian thought of where he could donate them, visited the local orphanage giving dozens of shoes to children. Joy makes a difference, evident straightaway. Seeing their faces light up, they are so happy to receive something that seems simple to us. Many dropped to their knees saying ‘God bless you’, and praying.” When Ian posted appeal for shoe sharing on social media, the response was huge. So some people have contacted him saying they have created shoe collection stations in their local areas. Ian’s colleagues on the operational tours send donations. Many people sent shoes that have hardly been worn and are in good condition. Others may be old but are better than no shoes.Boxes of shoes in lorrySo far, Ian has received the majority of donations from the UK, but he has had interest from other parts of the world from Cyprus to the US. Its snowballed a social media response,” says Ian. “Its full-time job replying to messages started with trainers expanded to any kind of shoes though don’t accept high heels! Its not convenient in long distance walks of types of jobs done. He says people wanted to send clothes but it was just him handling all donations. I’m a one-man band I  asked my daughters to help me. Ian wants to take trainers to more schools in the rural areas. Ian wants to go to more schools orphanages in rural areas he has identified in need for shoes for children. I can’t stress enough how grateful they are to receive the pair of shoes,” he says. “I still feel saddened I barely scratched surface so much more can be done.” African weather is so hot feet gets hard like egg cooked on stone. The sunshine heat hurt feet as thorns pricked soles of feet.wp-1578395647559.jpg


wp-1578310280677.gifLast night Jesus appeared in the clouds and looked at us but didn’t say anything as we shouted Jesus. The looked like He just wants to show up to comfort people though Jesus is higher up from us in the heaven connects with us on earth. Then it was if He was playing peekaboo game with as He goes behind the clouds and then He shows Himself again and again.wp-1578310305448.gifThe second time a woman shouts, Jesus pointing at Him. We saw Him again the third time towards the right side of sky Jesus and surprised us getting out from behind clouds and resurfaces again as if playing a game of peekabo with us. He said nothing at all in the three times He showed up on same night a few minutes so saw us looking at Him and I woke up. Often in crucial times Jesus shows up to reassure people He is aware of things going on earth so is in control despite circumstances of life. In these situations it is encouraging to see Jesus appear in dream in a sombre and playful manner. Didn’t have to say anything showing up is good enough for us. Gospels have the red letter words of Jesus Christ in Bible containing the GOOD NEWS message of Jesus to mankind.wp-1578310337242.gifA silent Jesus golden moment meeting sometimes like the quiet Quakers let the Holy Spirit manifest presence. God said be still and know I AM God so in silence and quietness is your confidence. Word of God says, “there is time to speak and time to be silent.” There are occasions in life we are so surprised that we become speechless. Silent interactions becomes the best priceless moments experienced by eye contact or silent embrace, a hug enjoying moment or just being present. A picture speaks a thousand words so to see each other face in face in the dream is amazing and wonderful. Joy of seeing Jesus knowing we are in His  Presence satisfies longing of our hearts to see our Lord again. Jesus intervenes on behalf of mankind so will come for Christian believers in Christ in Rapture imminent, but only God knows exact day, time and hour planned. Life is changing fast God is moving shaking things in the world.  Events happening in the world in Bible in Daniel 9-12 predicted sealed for such a time as this. Be sure you belong to God in Christ and your name  in book of life.


20200429_135913Jesus second coming on a white horse to Mount Olives in Israel for Armageddon war is the worst slaughter to take place on earth. Jesus’ second coming is KING of Kings and LORD OF Lords written on His thigh as conqueror. Jesus and saints ride white horses from heaven and land on earth in Israel for Armageddon war. 200,000,000 army cross Euphrates river dried bed to Israel to fight against Jesus over Temple Mount. Countries support Israel to defeat opposing armies fighting in Meggido war. God’s hand is forced by mankind’s evil rebellious ways enforce wrath of God. After 6000 years tolerance God takes concisive decision to save all who repent in Christ in eternal life but those who reject Jesus will perish.downloadfile-130God sends Jesus in second coming to the earth to get rid of evil people to recreate perfect world. DNA sin of Adam and Eve has contaminated mankind fallen short of God’s Glory. Falling short of GLORY of God is missing the mark of righteous life worthy of God’s that Glory departed due to sin. This is the reason to come to God by faith in Christ in Mark 10:21. Romans 3:23 says all have sinned so come short of the GLORY of God’s standard. Jesus is the hope of Glory of God to restore us to God. In Colossians 1:27 God chose to tell Gentiles of glorious riches of mystery in Christ in you the hope of glory. Christ in all His glorious riches in Spirit dwells in your life. God’s make you clean from sin to restore glory in Christ to reconnect by love. Sin separates mankind from God Jesus reconciles to God. Christ in you is hope of Glory in eternal life. John 17:22 says God’s GLORY is restored in Jesus’ Glory for mankind’s glory. God’s Spirit in Jesus lives in us so we live and move and have our being in Christ Jesus.1555071342334-689469692.jpg Jesus takes sword out of His mouth to  kill in Revelation 19:13-19. His clothing  is dipped in blood, His name is Word of God. 14 Armies from heaven follow on white horses clothed in fine linen, white and clean. 15 Out of Jesus’ mouth sharp sword smites nations to rule them with rod of iron. He treads the winepress by fierce wrath of God. 16 On thigh is name KING OF Kings AND LORD OF Lords. 17 Angel standing in sun with a loud voice, to fowls flying in midst of heaven, come gather to supper of the great God. 18 To eat flesh of kings, captains, mighty men, horses, those sitting on them, men free or slave, small and great. 19 The beast, kings of earth, armies gather to make war against Jesus on horse and against his army but bodies pile high crushed in a winepress of God’s wrath for rejecting Jesus. God’s weapon of mass destruction from heaven star wormwood falls make water bitter, comets, hailstones, fires, volcanoes, earthquakes, destroy Temple Mount. Largest army in single battle on earth Jesus will defeat to rule thousand years in millennium in Israel.IMG-20200523-WA0006 Many saying peace peace but a sudden destruction coming upon whole world as punishment for rejecting Jesus. The choice is given to decide before its too late. The whole world is affected its not just Israel but the battle takes place in Israel between nations at Armageddon. Its not freedom of choice to be religious or not and go Scot free. God’s Kingdom is being rebuilt on the earth and Jesus is KING of Kings and LORD of Lords. This changes are taking place so join Jesus to be saved or you will perish in hell. Jesus is seen as gentle, meek and mild loving all people without limits. The set time of God is coming to establish a new earth and a new heaven. People against God are not allowed in because only those who accept Jesus become the children of God. The rest are thrown in hell fire.

The Second Coming if Jesus with saints back to earth takes place on return from heaven after the Rapture into heaven. It important to know Rapture is the FIRST RESURRECTION of the dead with living believers into heaven before the GREAT TRIBULATION. The Second Coming of Jesus is on earth and Jesus becomes the KING OF KINGS and the LORD of Lords and rule from Jerusalem. Rapture will take place to rescue believers from the wrath of God before earth is destroyed. A third to a quarter of earth worldwide is destroyed by God’s anger of rebellion of mankind since the tower of Babel. A number of people fight against God’s choice of Jesus so God takes back earth and destroys his enemies. These things happening on earth are end time birth pangs before Rapture into heaven. It is time to be saved to escape the wrath of God happening on the earth. Accept the salvation plan of God be saved in Christ to go in the clouds to meet Jesus in air to heaven. All left behind have last chance to accept Jesus through two witnesses, 144,000, three angels preaching Gospel of God. After that Jesus will reign for a 1000 years. All nations grafted in Christ will know and worship God Almighty.





IMG_20200730_46567Count your blessings even in adversity you can God’s blessings in Deuteronomy 28. So  obey the LORD God commandments and the LORD God sets you high above all nations on earth. 2 God’s blessings comes on you to overtake you if you obey the LORD God. 3 So you will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country. 4 God will bless fruit of your body, produce of your ground, increase your herds, increase your cattle and flocks. 5. God will bless your basket and kneading bowl. 6 Bless you when you come in and bless you when you go out. 7 The LORD will cause the enemies who rise against you to be defeated before your face they will come against you one way, flee seven ways. 8 The LORD will command HIS blessing on your storehouses and on all you set your hand to do. God will bless you in the land the LORD God gives you. 9 The LORD will establish you as a holy people to HIMSELF sworn if you do you keep HIS commandments and walk in HIS ways. 10 All people on earth will see you are called by the name of the LORD, and be afraid of you. 11 The LORD will grant you plenty goods and fruit of your body, increase of your livestock and the produce of your ground in the land God gave your forefathers. 12 The LORD will open to you His good treasure in heaven to give rain to your land in season and bless the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but not borrow. 13 The LORD will make you the head not the tail; you will be above not beneath if you obey commandments of the LORD God and observe them. And do not turn aside from the words commanded you this day to the right or left to go after other gods to serve them.IMG_20200730_0704

Disobeying God’s Commands 

15 But it shall come to pass if you do not obey the voice of the LORD your God, to observe all HIS commandments and HIS statutes these curses will come on you to overtake you. 16 Cursed in city and in the country. 17 Cursed in your basket and kneading bowl. 18 Cursed the fruit of your body and produce of your land, increase of your cattle and offspring of your flocks. 19 Cursed when you come in and when you go out. 20 The LORD will send curses, confusion and rebuke all you set your hand to do until you are destroyed and perish quickly because of the wickedness of your doings forsaking ME. 21 The LORD will send plagues until HE consumes you from the land. 22 The  LORD will strike you with disease, fever, burning, the sword, sunscorch, mildew pursued you till you perish. 23 Heaven will be as bronze and earth as iron. 24 The LORD will change rain of your land to dust. Heaven will come down on you till you are destroyed. 25 The LORD will cause you to be defeated by enemies so you go one way against them, flee seven ways before them; You will be troubled all the kingdoms of the earth. 26 Your carcass will be food for birds of the air and beasts of earth no one will frighten them away. 27 The LORD will strike with boils of Egypt not healed. 28 The  LORD will strike with madness,  blindness and confusion. 29 Grope in the day as blind gropes in darkness; you will not prosper in your ways oppressed plundered no one shall save you. 30 You will marry a wife but another man lie with her; you will build a house but not dwell in, plant vineyard but not gather grapes. 31 Your ox slaughtered before your eyes but not eat it; your donkey taken from you but not restored to you; your sheep given to your enemies and you will have no one to rescue them. 32 Your sons and your daughters given to other people, eyes fail longing for them all day long and no strength in your hand. 33 A nation you do not know will eat fruit of your land and produce of your labour, oppressed. 34 Driven mad because of things seen. 35 The LORD will strike your knees and legs with boils not healed from soles of your feet to top of your head. 36 The  LORD will bring a king set over you in a nation you or your fathers not know to serve their gods of wood and stone. 37 You will be scorned proverb among all nations where the LORD will drive you. 38 You will sow seed in fields but gather little for the locust will consume it. 39 You will plant vineyards but not drink  the wine or gather grapes worms will eat them. 40 Your olive trees will not anoint you with oil so without olives. 41 You will have sons and daughters but they shall not be yours; they will go into captivity. 41 Locusts will consume your trees and produce of your land. 43 The stranger among you will rise above you.54d5bf5499c6ff6c44a9dc9b41fc552d44 He will lend to you but you will not lend to him; he will be the head and you will be the tail. 45 All these curses will come on you, pursue and overtake you, until you are destroyed because you do not obey the voice of the LORD God to keep His commandments and statutes commanded you. 46 They will be upon you for a sign and wonder and on your descendants forever. 47 Because you do not serve the LORD God with joy and gladness or for God’s abundant supply. 48 You will serve enemies the LORD will send against you, hunger, thirst, naked in need of everything. God will put yoke of iron on your neck to destroy you. 49 The LORD will bring nations against you from far ends of earth as eagles. Nations whose language you do not understand. 50 Nations fierce don’t respect elders or favour their young. 51 They will eat the increase of your livestock and produce of your land until you are destroyed not leave your grain or new wine, oil or the increase of your cattle or offsprings of your flocks until they destroy you. 52  They will attack you at your gates until your high fortified walls you trust, come down in the land; They will besiege you at your gates in the land the LORD God gave you. 53 You will eat fruits of your own body, flesh of your sons and your daughters the LORD God gives you in a siege in desperate times enemy distress you. 54 The refined among you will be hostile towards his brother, wife and to the rest of his children he leaves behind 55 He will not give them the flesh of his children he eats because he has nothing left to eat. 56 So delicate woman among you will not set soles of her feet on the ground will refuse her husband, son and daughter 57 She will eat placenta after birth. 58 If you do not observe the words of the laws written in this book, to fear the LORD GOD 59 The LORD will bring on you and your descendants the plagues and sickness 60 God will bring on you diseases of Egypt to cling to you. 61 Sickness and plagues not written in the Book of the Law the LORD will bring on you until you are destroyed. 62 You will be left few in number though once as stars of heavenly multitude, because you do not obey the voice of the LORD your God. 63 It shall be as the LORD God rejoiced to do you good to multiply you, the LORD will rejoice to destroy you to bring you to nothing plucked from land possessed. 64 The LORD will scatter you among all people from one end of earth to the other to serve gods, you or your fathers don’t know, wood and stone. 65 Among those nations you will find no rest or sole of your foot rest. The LORD will give you a trembling heart, failing eyes and anguish of soul. 66 Your life sin before you; fear day and night. 67 In the morning you wish its evening and in the evening wish its morning!’ because fear terrifies your heart because what seen. 68 The LORD will take you into Egypt in ships not see your land again. You will be sold to enemies as slaves but no one will buy you. Israel was sold into Egypt when Titus took Jerusalem in 70 AD/CE all Jews over seventeen years old, men and women were sent by ships to Egypt to work in the mines. They were sold as slaves there but since the slave market was too full no one wanted to buy them many perished. The poor, disabled and elderly were left behind to till the land. Diaspora slavery and spiritual bondage without redemption of God means some people perish. Jehovah says MY people perish for lack of knowledge in perilous times count your blessing for breathing, eating, talking, walking, shelter. Thank God for your loved ones in Jesus Name. 


IMG-20200219-WA0003 True love brings joy in marriage, single life celebrating love with people happy for couple to support the relationship. It is a festive season of affection so people  enjoy their company. But rift or damage of love needs hope to endure to adapt in healthy ways to adjust to family life. The couple not doing well need to know love is not just happy times. First count your blessings despite adversity you surprise others with what the LORD does in your life. Thank God be grateful for your life. 20200206_121949Write down good times in your life you felt most happy within yourself and felt good about yourself. What made you so happy and content you felt life is good and wonderful? When you felt happy can you recall how you celebrated those times. Did your happiness last long or did you self sabotage by indulgence that ruined the moment and you regret loss?20200206_122049To bounce back from hopelessness and loss to pick and start life over again. To learn from experience to grow wiser to repeating problems changed your heart, mind, feelings emotions into good for your sanity. Be honest with yourself in a choices or decision making for the good outcome to stay strong not compromise. The “love tank” syndrome is the mirage of shifting your love life to be “filled” by another person. Impossible, unrealistic, to expect to live your life by piggy back lovd void of genuine love and affection. wp-1580750543586.jpgTina Turner song says what has love got to do with it?  To expect love life to face no challenges and no uphill struggles is delusion causing pain of dissatisfaction. Life is tough so demanding perfection in a relationship of two people adjusting in a couple’s life is insanity driving people crazy. There is no such thing as perfect families though grass seems greener it’s a different story on a closer look. IMG-20200206-WA0007Changing circumstances in relationship can be shocking so cause anger, hatred bitterness and disappointment because if unmet needs or expectations. Its good to know NO SINGLE INDIVIDUAL is able to fulfil your entire life exclusively. This is why no wo/man is an island everyone in your life is put there by God for these reason to build you up and to encourage you. Do not cut yourself off from family or loved ones in the name of love it is a coercive controlling behaviour abuse.IMG-20200219-WA0003Recall the good times of personal joy of things you DID BY YOURSELF and made your life happy and feel fulfilled. Loving yourself FIRST is a command: Going for walk, read a book, listening to favourite music, write a story, visit, invite friends over, don’t isolate yourself. Meet up in a public place with friends, swim go for a massage in a reputable place, don’t wait for people to validate or tell you what to do. Do not think a damaged relationship means your life is destroyed beyond the repair of your circumstances. Although you may feel sad, recall past times you overcame and recovered your life. You will feel better than before what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and WISER.wp-1580750500770.jpgAvoid repeating the mistakes to lose the precious time and waste money to miss friends, family, lose houses and lands, family but remember Creator God owns people not you. God restores a hundred times the loses in life and in life after no matter how wonderful your love life is you will account to God for your life, abilities, gifts, skills, God given talents. Its God who gives POWER  to get wealth to eat is a gift from God so look to God your maker your Source of life. Do not put anyone on a pedestal above God in your life. Celebrate the people in your life in your life, remember to celebrate yourself too. Don’t abandon your life to be controlled by anyone its not love, its coercive abuse Stockholm syndrome.13980530_f496Dr Carmen Bryant on you tube channel daily teaches on Narcissistic love bomb and educate people broken hearted or getting out of complex relationships. In her words in an excellent book is found further details describing a narcissistic behaviour of people. Most people do not realize narcissistic relationships. So find out everything they thought about their relationship was a lie. Hard to look over your life in a long-term or a short-lived relationship to find out the person you thought cared didn’t have capacity to do so because of their personality disorder. Personality disorder hides under charm and charisma destructive to themselves and anyone involved. It hurtful to find out that you were only an object/tool to accomplish their own personal goals so you were depleted of resources needed for their personal gain. The book allows you to look at the seeds planted through life and the thought process that led so many people into this type of abusive relationship. This book has honest look at real life experiences and emotional damage. And the reality of the lack of awareness within our society of how such individuals operate and leave trail of destruction everywhere they go.61FOQhSbQYLPRAYER: Almighty Father God creator  of Heaven and all things on earth we humbly come before You with thanks giving in our hearts, asking for Your never ending mercy. We lift Your name on high above all name that exist. Our Father and creator, we ask You to bless,
us protect, and pour Your supernatural favor upon us, our children, spouse and friends. God we ask You today a Divine intervention in our lives, for Your touch in all our lives, job promotion, freedom from debt, rebuilding relationships with our spouse and friends. And we pray for world peace, for your peace that passes all understanding in all Your children. We pray for your protection against the Corona virus and Your mercy on those who have fallen victim to it. Father any situation You touch, we believe is never the same. Father in heaven, let Your will be done in our lives as Your decision in our lives is the best and will always be the best, the please send double portion anointings and blessings in the quickest time to people follow and pray in Jesus’
Name. We worship and glorify you God in the name of your Son our personal Saviour, Jesus Christ. AMEN! We pray for protection during the storm and for those who feel unloved and unworthy. We pray for forgiveness of sins, healing and peace in our hearts. Jesus, You are our strength, We love You and need You, please heal family. LORD, thank you for wonderful days, food, work and day of life. LORD, bless our friends, enemies for all need You. The LORD bless you we pray you fulfill your dreams in victory. The LORD bless you with grateful heart in the Name Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you and your family working in areas of trauma witnessing the serious narcissist abuse, victimization and devaluation of people. Encouraging you to seek help on their behalf when no one believes them. Advocate and support abused people so worked hard to help them to restablish their self-esteem and self-worth. Guide in hope narcissism victim recovers from damage effects of abuse. To respond to people around the victim or survivor to tell their stories. To gve survivors hope to show what narcissist abuse looks like in action to outsiders. Books, knowledge to salvage their lives to restablish life.




20200613_171405Earth means land in old English Eartha in Milky Way Galaxy planet of sun, moon, star constellations in Bible in Isaiah 13:10; Amos 5:8; Job 9:9, 38:31. And Kesîl (כְּסִ֥יל) Orion giant Kîmāh (כִימָ֗ה) Pleiades, Aldebaran Arcturus, Sirius. Ash, Ayish  (עָ֭שׁ ‘Āš) in Job 9:9, 38:32 HyadesArcturus or Ursa Major, evening Star Venus. In Job 37:9 Məzārîm (מזרים) Ursa Major, Ursa Minor mazzalot, planet constellations zodiac. In Genesis 1:1 two planets in Bible כיון KîyūnChiun in  Amos 5:26 is Saturn. Venus, meleḵeṯ ha-šāmayim, (מְלֶ֣כֶת הַשָּׁמַ֗יִם) is “queen of heaven” in Jeremiah 7:18 cakes baked in idolatory against God. Isaiah 14:12 Hêlêl (הֵילֵ֣ל) “son of morning,” (בֶּן שָׁ֑חַר Ben-Šāḥar) morning star Venus bright seen before dawn light-bearer.IMG-20200608-WA0108
Astronomy in Genesis to Revelation and God asks Abraham if he can count stars in skies like grains of sand. God asks Job if can compute Orion or Pleades. Sun’s solstice and moon calendars determine days, hours and time in regions of earth. Sciences masters knowledge of solstices, calendars, course of sun, moon or stars and planets. The sun and revolutions of the planets are in the words of God and prophets in Isaiah 5:12. The work of the LORD God is in operation of His Hands. Sun’s revolution, orbits of planets show wisdom of God mankind understands in Deuteronomy 4:6 God’s nations. Sun’s gravity in the solar system holds these 9 planet orbiting in our Milky way Galaxy.




20200615_031741 IMG-20200614-WA0009Earth is ignificant in Bible astronomy so notable in solar system of starry heaven of God. Bible shows the creations of God to determine all seasonal holidays. Bible computation of observed calendar days transmit knowledge of heavenly region. Lunar tablets or telescope, satellites rely on cycles of authority to determine time zone boundaries in meridian times and latitudes. Bible numbers in astronomy a seven days recurring theme in the Bible. Menorah seven lamps on four branches correspond to lights of seven planets of Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The Bible recognizes their great importance in four lunar phases in seven days 7.4 days. Earth is so vast it is impossible to travel round to photo in one go. Gravitational cycles of earth’s movement change constantly NASA has compiled best images of orbit satellites.  maxresdefault-13earth-composite

20200616_182148 20200616_184025hqdefault620px-Earth_poster.svgGod completed creation in Genesis said everything “was good very good” before sin DNA contaminate mankind and the earth’s pollution. Seven days in Genesis 1:1 perfect world seven words, twenty-eight letters of 7 x 4 in Bible as God’s signature. God said, “Let there be lights in heavens to separate  day from night sign to mark season, days, years, festivals. In Genesis 1:14 on 4th day of 7 day creation God the made sun, moon, planets in the sky to help to distinguish between the seasons and day or night. Earth is in galaxy milky way billions of galaxies. Visible inner solar space’s 5 planet alignment is seen in the skies. The radio sound limit from earth means space satellites reveal more than the visible or telescopes. Living on planet earth gives view of solar system plus the planets, comets  countless stars in Milky Way Galaxy. Location of earth cosmic universe position on spiral arm of Galaxy help to see inwards to centre of Galaxy outwards towards edge. Billions of stars in Milky Way Galactic plane milky light seen on earth. In Texas, Central African Republic, Madagascar or in places unpolluted by light, telescope, satellites.  IMG-20200614-WA0004IMG-20200608-WA0145IMG-20200608-WA002720200613_18281020200613_17114720200613_182538


Earth is a tiny dot in Milky Way galaxies of billions of stars in the universe. Milky way galaxy contain billions of stars and constellations. Earth, sun, moon orbit in solar system. The suns and star galaxies some identified by 12 signs of 12 sons of Jacob twelve tribes of Israel in logos flag symbol of the tribes. Shapes of the stars of heaven is lion of tribe of Judah, Orion as Jesus in the sky. The heavens or Earth has two borders of a universe covering Earth. Diameters of firmament equal to distance of 50 in 500 years true of Earth on large sea Tehom rests in Genesis 1:6.
Distance of firmaments of Earth’s journey of 500 years distance is equals diameter when Sun visible. The firmament are made of fire, gases, water and star like Sun consist of fire. East and West is removed from each other as the firmaments from Earth. Heaven and Earth’s horizons between them water above or below in Genesis 2:4. Earth rests on water by mountains, winds, storm terrestrial globe kaddur inner solar system surrounded outer colder regions. Study of astronomy in Bible’s sacred time cycles of Sun and Moon, Twelve constellations of Mazzaroth in zodiac twelve months calendar by planet movement. Orbit of nine planets of the Solar System is perfect alignment. Appear in same part of sky 1,000 years ago in year AD 949 until next time on 6th May 2492.IMG-20200604-WA0002IMG-20200609-WA0000IMG-20200609-WA0005All planets in visible line up in western sky rare heavenly show repeated in 70 years 2040 and again 2494. Venus, Mars, Moon, Jupiter in solar system celestial show until early May. The nine planets, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn seen in early April. Mercury in west at sunset on clear night five planets spaced out in diagonal line from horizon to overhead mid-May. Neptune, Uranus need a small telescope 3 to 4 inch in lens size. Planet Pluto is smallest farthest in instrument of 10 inches at 4 a.m telescopes asteroid and comet Ikeya-Zhang is in eastern sky. Sting of Scorpio in Milky Way in Exodus 15:6. Comet passes face of Orion above or below star so Haley’s comet on Earth in 75 to 76 years. Appears seventy years and leads mariners astray so they stock larger store provisions. Orionids prolific meteor shower part of Halley’s Comet. Orionids is produced each year as Earth passes through debris trail bits collides with atmosphere last time comet Halley was in 1986. Orionids is leftovers from Halley’s Comet. Space rocks hit Moon to make craters. Orion near Taurus when warm season begins. Comet tail kokba de-shabbiṭ rodstar appears each seventy years so leads mariners astray but stock larger store of provisions when adrift.IMG-20200609-WA0004IMG-20200609-WA000720200523_172445The sting of Scorpio Constellation name of the month Aries Ṭ’leh – Nisan. Taurus Shor – Iyar and Gemini – Teomim-Sivan. Cancer Sarṭan –Tammuz. Leo – Ari – Av. Virgo Betulah Elul. Libra – Moznayim – Tishrei. And Scorpio Aḳrab- Cheshvan. Sagittarius – Ḳeshet – Kislev. Capricorn – Gedi – Tevet. Aquarius – D’li – Shevat Pisces – Dagim – Adar. The first three are in the east, second three in south, third three in west and last three in the north around the Sun. The first three months of spring the Sun travels in the south to melt snow, fourth through sixth months of summer travels directly above Earth to ripen fruit. In seventh ninth month’s autumns it travels above sea to absorb the waters and in last three months of winter is in desert so grain don’t dry up and wither. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius face northward; Taurus, Virgo, Capricornus westward; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius southward; Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces is eastward. Some scholars say twelve signs of zodiac twelve tribes of Israel. A moon cycle is used for seasonal feasts.20200530_193136downloadfile-72IMG-20200613-WA003120200613_144025IMG-20200613-WA0045IMG-20200611-WA0013
In Genesis 1:2-5 God created light first day a sign for day and night, fourth day in Genesis 1:14:19 God created sun, moon, stars. God and Jesus are the light and parts of universe have light without the sun as source of light. The speed of light in units formula of objects at rest modest amounts of mass and energy. Chemical, nuclear reaction, transformations cause system to lose energy to environment. Mass releases radiant energy light, thermal energy. Flintstones rubbed creates sparks of fire light with no sunshine. Insects, plankton sea creatures and satellites in space use own sources of light not the from sun. Sun times zones in four solstices are: Tekufot of Nisan, Tammuz, Tishrei and Tevet seasons of year, rising sun in Genesis 34:1. Some six seasons the year in Genesis 34:11 sun (ναρθήκιον) source of heat in Genesis 6:6. The moon is part of calendar shines on 1st of month; its light increases until the 15th the disk [דסקוס (δίσκοσ)] is full; from 15th to 30th wane and on 30th invisible in Exodus 15:26. Earth was geocentric model star movements Aristotle, Ptolemy, Greek philosophers said stars had no motions attached to spheres at center of Earth. Heliocentrism disagreed Solar sphere planets revolve around Sun sphere moving with planets. Sun at center moves under the firmament but night above firmament. And some say sun moves by day in firmament so advanced telescopes, satellite in space show universe firmament beams details in NASA images changes changes old viewpoints and enhances modern knowledge solar system.IMG-20200604-WA0010The Sun’s 365 windows through emerges in 182 in the east, 182 in the west, and 1 in the middle place of first entrance. In a year the moon’s 30 days cycle average in a month but solar year is longer by 11 days than in lunar year. Sun completes its cycle in a 12 months Jupiter in 12 years; Saturn in 30 years Venus and Mars in 480 years in Genesis 10:4, Pluto in 243 years. Sun rises in the east and sets in west at times of deluge travels in retrograde opposite direction. Every 28 years it returns to its original point of departure on Tuesday evening of spring solstice in opposition with Saturn. Plato said Sun, planets don’t return to place started as the universe is rotating constantly in cycle of 28 years. Moon’s cycle of 19 years in Genesis 1:14 and name of five planets, star, moon, satellite are: Shabbatai שבתאי,  Saturn “restful” name God’s Sabbath Day Seventh of rest.
Tzedeq צדק Jupiter is “righteousness” as embodied in Divine majestic presence.  Ma’adim מאדים, Mars means “red one.” Ḥammah חמה the Sun means ” hot one.” Kokhevet כוכבת, Nogah נוגה or Kokhav-Nogah כוכב נוגה, Venus is a “she-planet,” and “bright one,” or the “bright planet.”  Kokhav כוכב, Mercury is: “the planet” of planetary influence. Mercurial principle of multiplorancy adapts to represent all many facets of existence. As “the planet” Mercury is bland without moons and of no essence. Levanah לבנה, the Moon is: “white one.” The solar system is known because it’s more visible within scope of the earth’s limits. The names of days of each week derives from names of seven planets. But weekdays are not named in Hebrew besides Sabbath referred to by number is day one and day two etc. The  Milky Way is Fire-Stream in  Daniel 7:10 Nehar di-nur of significance in Bible.

20200612_022203IMG-20200608-WA009020200612_022038IMG-20200604-WA0011IMG-20200604-WA0012 IMG-20200606-WA0000pluto-6-24-and-27-2019-Steven-Bellavia-Mattituck-NY-800IMG-20200608-WA0028

A Sir Roger Penrose Professor of Oxford University on cosmology admits science does not know the first few moments of beginnings of universe.” Sir Roger said, “Equations can’t be relied on to infinity or beyond for mathematical principles precise equations don’t work to explain abstract theory of singularity.” Sir Roger said universe written in mathematical theory is not quite right to give an exact dates so its a mystery. Einstein relativity theory time expands beyond academic computation of maths and metaphysics comprehension is mystery. Wants to know how three infinite abstract realms or physical give rise to conscious and mental realities. Physical separated from abstract, consciousness, mental is mystery. Omniscient concepts of mathematical abstract can’t explain three realms. Hypothetical philosophies are abstract so is mystery in connecting three worlds. Small parts of the physical laws connect tiny part of world mystery in human activities. Divine mind’s super mentality is God’s precise mathematical blue print intelligent universe. Solution  to the three is Christian’s view of God’s firmament in ethical aesthetical beauty. Realm’s of supreme goodness is rich in a theology of God’s creation of universe. God’s phenomenal realm has tripartite division united in diversity. The highest being God is expressed in our image so knows the universe as HE told us in the Bible. Hypothesis theory view of God in metaphysical world cannot fit its logical abstracts to Bible truths. Unity in deeper totality of infinite three is imbalanced if degraded by mankind’s inanimate logic. The highest being God data figures don’t match their logic. Singularity big bang fundamental thermal dynamic entropy randomised observation in mirowaves radiation uniform spectrum is gravity’s ordered structure. Protons matter black holes in galaxy randomised imbalanced but God’s gravity fixed in cluster. Some blackholes swallow matter up, radiation energy disappears so heat turns to cold in some universe parts. Tedium protons remain infinitely so does not experience passage of time without mass.

So the measure of space in terms of the light distance time light scale conformal picture circle limit space boundary. The finite boundary map of space in infinity exists in other side of the universe eons. A remote past and future infinite scaled space cyclical expansion of cosmology. The universe by Aristotle or others is a beginning cause of empirical evidence time measured by metaphysics quantity of time existence no future conclusions. Time protons simultaneously exist but symmetrically not homogeneous. Metric time before, after preserved to infinity. Fine tuned universe plausible as God’s planned. Multiverse habitable constants of eon suits current life not symmetrical to external world. Eons evolve observed universe in fine tuned nice conditions is not plausible. The random self selection life not fine tuned universe insufficient to explain huge CCC puzzle to illustrate universe and human propagation form. Logical interpretations lack a clear view of the bigger mystery beyond humanity. Theism provides a fundamental unity of world moral goodness undying force of reality. God knows paths of heaven and nature of planets or comets. Bible name constellation explained: כימה  .כמאה The Pleiades Seven Stars hundred stars are named in Bible in Amos and Job. These modern space station satellites reveal in depth details of inner, outer exoplanets. Earth’s galaxy one of countless billions in the visible atmosphere within limits of telescopes. Satellites in space today reveals these amazing creation of God’s infinite universe beyond measure. The firmaments are too deep and too wide for human comprehension. Earth is just a tiny dot in the universe among many other magnificent creations of God.

20200611_194756In Job 38:4-30 God said, 4 “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? 5 Who decides measurement or who stretch line of the cornerstones as 7 the morning stars sing together and sons of God shout for joy? 8 Who shuts sea when it burst out from womb and 9 when I made clouds garment of thick darkness swaddling band. 10 Set their boundaries and said, 11 ‘This far shall you come, no farther and here your waves stay? 12 “Did you command morning since your days began to cause dawn in its place. 13 That it takes hold of edges of earth and wicked shaken out of it? 14 It changes like clay and features as garment. 15 From the wicked light is withheld their uplifted arm is broken. 16 Did you enter the sea or walk in deep? 17 Was gates of death revealed so you see gates of deep darkness? 18 Do you know expanse of earth and universe. 19 Where is the way to dwelling of light or the place of darkness? 20 Can you take their territories to discern path to its origins? 21 You know the number of your days. 22 Did you enter storehouses of snow or see hail 23 in time of trouble in day of battle or war? 24 Do you know way to place light is distributed where east wind scattered on earth?25 Who cleft channel for torrents of rain or the way for thunderbolts 26 to bring rain on the land or desert no man lives? 27 Or revive the waste desolate land to make ground sprout with grass? 28 Does rain create it’s own drops of dew? 29 Who made ice or frost of heaven?30 or waters frozen like stone on the face of the deep frozen?

wp-1578042951401.gifGod’s earth is about 6,000 years old in Bible history from Adam’s time to date. Though it is the old earth replenished in Adam’s time. Man’s fallible false dating methods used can confuse range of ages from a few thousands to billions of years. Vast majority of methods don’t give exact date’s billion years. Cultures Age of earth confirm what the Bible teaches. But radiometric dates shows errors. The age of earth is a matter of trust God’s worldview. Will you trust all-knowing God on subject or trust imperfect man’s assumption about the past always changing? The LORD God says the, “Heaven is MY throne and earth is MY footstool. All these things MY hand made by these, things exist says the LORD. I look on poor and humble person who listens to MY word in Isaiah 66:1-2. Some say God took the billions of years to create earth because day to God is thousand years. So Bible literal six day’s creation is to them a metaphor. As God rested on Sabbath seventh day is 7 thousand years of rest in eternity older than Sabbath day earth. Various methods used calculates ever expanding universe conform to secular hypothesis. Bible says earth is the LORD’S and fullness thereof whose report will you believe? God will demand an account of HIS Earth, universe on how treated by mankind. What do you say about HIS resources to use equally God is impartial God loves all people God provides sunshine, rain and food for all mankind and believe God truly loves you.


wp-1577717343772.jpgDr Ephraim Kwaku Amu was a famous Ghanaian composer, musictechnologist and teacher. He was born, 13 September 1899 at Peki-Avetile or Abenase in Peki in the Volta Region a male child born on Wednesday, Kwaku. His father Stephen Amuyaa Papa Stenafo was woodcarver, mother Sarah Akoram Ama. Ephraim was baptised by Rev. Rudolf Mallet, 22 October 1899. Amu in May 1906 aged 12 at the Peki-Blengo E.P. Boarding Middle School shows his interest in music and agriculture. Enjoyed music played in church by Mr Karl Theodore Ntem who played organ. Amu’s teacher of music on organ in return for work on Mr Ntem’s farm on Saturdays taught him  music he loved and did agriculture. In 1915/16 year, Amu passed the standard 7 School Leaving Certificate and Abetifi teachers Seminary Exams. With others walk 150 miles from Peki to Abetifi with boxes on head to start teacher training education. They rest at Koforidua, and NkawkawAsubone and Obomen. In college joined 25 others, Amu saw some students classmates had steel bicycles built his own bicycle from wood carved from a wooden slab in the bush near college.wp-1577730979485.jpgThe students discovered his handiwork named it Amu. It is on record the son of Swiss principal, Stern, enjoyed rides on Amu wooden cycle. Amu’s ingenuity led to carved wooden balls for their school games, which replaced imported balls used at the seminary. Amu completed his four-year teacher-catechist training in 1919. Newly graduating as a teacher-catechist, was one of the two preachers selected in the pulpit on behalf of fellow mates to preach to express appreciation to the tutors and townsfolk. The sermon was an assessment of the quality of the theological training offered to students. Amu chose sermon text from Matthew 25:40 for occasion themed, “the LORD will thank you for all the good you do for HIS little ones.” Amu used Twi and Ewe in his short sermon. Amu is known for his use atenteben, Ghanaian bamboo flute he promoted and popularized the instrument throughout the country, and composed music for it. Amu composed “Yen Ara Asase Ni” -This is our own land a nationally acclaimed patriotic song is performed at national functions.wp-1577719597840.jpgIn 1926 Amu transferred on promotion to the Presbyterian Mission Seminary at Akropong on recommendation of the Synod Committee of the Eʋe Presbyteria Hame. At Akropong, in his new ways of doing things, actions, ideas, unorthodox. In charge of gardening request students to use waste to manure college farm the students unpleased it was a taboo for an educated man to waste. Proved example carried waste to college farm ahead of unwilling students. Dr. Ephraim Amu employed no one to sweep his rooms, wash his plates or run errands for him. No manual work too menial or hard for him, believed in using African cultural artefacts and good African technological and social inventions. He preferred title Owura to “mister” prefix to his name. Dr Ephraim Amu selected Twi names for four new college dormitories completed in 1929. On request from Mr Ferguson Principal of Akropong Training college, Amu came out with a solfa and notation of street song “Yaa Amponsa” set to his own chaste words. His students enjoyed the new song, melody and new words. The street ballad Yaa Amponsa, popular with great appeal and appreciation.wp-1577717331895.jpgAmu learnt to speak correct Akuapem Twi from the members of his Akropong Church singing band who specialised in Amu’s type of African music during the period he led and taught the group. In 1927, inspired by the contents of Wasu, a journal published by the West African Students’ Union, Amu decided he would wear African dress with pride. So not to wear warm those unsuitable European clothes in the tropical Africa. He made efforts to make Christian church service meaningful to African worshippers who were ashamed of their African clothing, language, music or their African names. As part of his ingenuity and creativity Amu introduced bamboo odurogyaba, odurogya and atɛtɛnbɛn. In 1931 after Amu preached wearing African attire on Sunday, he was summoned to appear before the church court. Rev. Peter Hall told Amu, “We were taken aback to see you conduct a Sunday service in native cloth hope you will not do this again.” Amu in his polite manner took leave of the church session but decided in his heart to continue to work in the church as a catechist and music teacher than to become minister of the Gospel to accept wearing unsuitable European dress. In June 1942, Amu married Beatrice Yao and presented a wooden box made of the finest wood instead of an imported steel trunk to his bride. Dr Amu married at the age of 43 on 3 September 1942.wp-1577718179380.jpgDr Amu drove a truck almost similar to this with metal frames he drove around. On Saturday, 27 March 1965, University of Ghana conferred honorary degree of Doctor of Music on Ephraim Amu at University of Ghana, Legon. An Ephraim Amu Foundation was founded in 1995 launched in 2004 in his honour. Blessed to know Dr Ephraim Amu and visited his hometown to attend his son and his daughter in law friend whose wedding we attended. We knew Dr Ephraim Amu for five years in visits to his beautiful home. He is one of the great Pan African pioneers who did his part for Africa quietly in humility allowing his music and lifestyle to speak for itself. As the Ghanaians say, “a good quality product sells itself” without any attempt of spin doctor bulldozing inferior item sold. Dr Ephraim Amu did his best in life left his wonderful legacy of promoting African music, drum cultural values important to him. Dr Amu Day is celebrated as global icon ambassador of African costume culture, music, drums, organic agricultural production. He led by example, so extremely hardworking and it is a privilege to personally meet and know Dr Ephraim Amu’s works of music. He is acknowledged on currency of Ghana as a citizen who stood up for his country and traditions. Above all he loved God as a living testimony for all to see in humility to the Glory of God. Too young to fully understand or appreciate his Pan African cultural views, grateful and thankful for his life as Ho Technical college renamed after Dr Ephraim Amu. Dr Amu’s music is underway by Galaxy Music imprint of ECS publishing Group, released three titles introducing non-Ghanaian choirs to his work to stir up interest in the wider corpus. A quarter of Dr Amu’s works is published in five collections out of print some missing.wp-1577717317363.jpgThough some scores missing, autograph manuscripts filled void unpublishable. With his daughter Misonu Amu is being developed into a new edition of Amu’s scores through a process of comparing primary sources published and versions of audio recordings in consultation with Ghanaian members of team intimately familiar with Amu’s music performance practice. This new six-volume of critical performance edition will present works according to voicing. Thirty titles per volume organized as follows: 1-3) three volumes SATB scores, 4) A volume TTBB scores 5) Volume unison/duet/trio work 6) one volume instrumental pieces. Amu held students’ interest teaching simple African tunes and rhythms studied and adapted the popular traditional African dance, song. Amu also studied Western music and traditional African Music. He studied European Music: Bach, Mozart, Hadyn and other Masters. Amu before hid studies at the Royal College of Music London 1937 had a solid foundation in theory and practice of music. He studied harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, piano, composition of musician Herbert Howells and Gordon Jacob. Amu’s music studies in Europe prepared his musical career in Gold Coast, Ghana. wp-1577717343772.jpgDr Ephraim Kwaku from 1940, for fifty years led contemporary Ghanaian Art Music active musical life in Ghana. He established a Government Music School at Achimota and a Faculty member of University of Science and Technology, Kumasi. Established Music Department Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana at Legon as Senior Research Fellow from 1962-1971 then retired. Amu’s career created the National Orchestra of classical music in Ghana. The National Theatre, National Choir honoured Ephraim Amu, on his ninety- fifth birthday. Choir, conducted by Mrs. Dinah Reindorf performed the works by Amu. Amu’s music is classified into three distinct styles: Early period (1920-1937), middle period (1937-1951), third period (1952-1996). Early work is simple diatonic chords. Songs use duple, triple effect patterns: Biakoye (Unity), Israel Hene (King of Israel), Abibirimma (African Sons) Akwaabadwon (Welcome Song Hail Victors). Middle period works polyrhythmic polyphonic textures show fine music. Amu’s polyphonie textures in Ghanaian languages foundation for his works: Adawura Bome (Play for Me). Akyede Pa Mafo (Giver of Good Things). Amu’s works melo-rhythmic idiom of instrument music effective in writing songs vocals: Adawura Bome  (S.A.T.B.) (Play For Me) percussion rhythm gong and drum of sounds as kon kon kon and pete pete pete.’ Hyiawu hunters’ song. Alegbegbe…(God Loves World). Amu’s music preserves and reflects the linguo-musical dialect music to make culture relevant to Ghanaian music composed, collected and studied.wp-1577717343772.jpgDr Ephraim Kwaku 1958 plays bamboo flutes seprewa, atenteben, instruments developed so standardised. Akan drums atumpan and fontom in his works. His Agyinamoa Wou (demise of cat), scored to bamboo flute ensemble of Atenteben of piano. Amu provides the foundation for composers to contribute to growth sustains Ghanaian mix European music. Ethnomusicologists combine the strong academic interest in music styles. Amu’s vision influence composer’s integration of European African music element and relevant African ethnomusicology helps to understand his music distinguished by his career. Eweland music of Amu’s Asafo Ghanaian war set to Fante tunes of worship in church. Highlife popular West African music origin in Ghana use European- diatonic harmonics emphasis raised to the supertonic minor seventh, modulation dominant African rhythm. Percussive rhythm, parallel harmonics in thirds or sixths; melodic line pattern of texts, non-lexical syllables harmonic and rhythmic effects. ASεM YI DI KA Dr. E. Amu Art Music Ghanaian elements mix native with the European culture: Israel Hene (King of Israel) Odumayefo Ibrefo (Tiresome worker) Awurade Otumfo Kese (Our Great LORD) Onipa dawohoso (Be on guard) Yen Wura Jesu Anim Obi Nni Ho (None like Jesus) Wope Onyame Asenoa (To be like God) Akwaabadwon (Welcome victors) Hyiawu (Hunters’ song) Adawura borne (Play for me) Alegbegbe Mawu lɔ Xexeame (God loves world) Abibirimma (Sons of Africa) Tete Wobika  (proclaim) Nenyo De Wo Dede (Perfection) Mo koso So Mforo (Keep climbing) Onyame Ne Sahene (God Captains our host) Biakoye (Unity) Asafo (War music). Bonwere Kentenwene (Bonwere weave) Mawue Naa Me, Mawue Tea Me (God gives, God withholds) Akyede Pa Mafo (Giver of good things) Yen Ara Asase Ni (This is our land) Enne Ye Anigye Da (Its a joyful day) Ennye Yen Nyame (Not to us O LORD) Sam Befa (Collect what you left behind) Asem Yi Di Ka (Prime talk).wp-1577717410363.jpgUnited Nations must set 13th September Dr Amu International Pan African Day to be observed by the United Nations. It is important to designate specific day as occasion to mark events, topics in order to promote awareness and action of his objectives of the Organization. Member States propose observance and General Assembly to establish by resolution his contribution to music. Celebrations by specialized agencies of United Nations UNESCO, UNICEF, FAO this issues within their scope by the General Assembly.

Works by Ephraim Amu:

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Amu composed several musical pieces, briefly summed up among the others:

  1. “Fare thee well”
  2. “Mawɔ dɔ na Yesu”
  3. “Nkwagye Dwom”
  4. “Dwonto”
  5. “Yetu Osa”
  6. “Israel Hene”
  7. “Onipa da wo ho so”
  8. “Yaanom Abibirimma”
  9. “Yen Ara Asase Ni”
  10. “Adawura abo me”
  11. “Samansuo”
  12. “Ale-gbegbe”
  13. “Mia denyigba lɔ̃lɔ̃ la”

Dr Amu composed the next song below based on the traditional craft of Kente weaving of Ghanaian national costume. Vibrant colours of fabrics of the textiles is so bright and techniques of weaving sounds so rhythmic he composed next song. Kente is impressive but expensive was originally worn only by kings and queens for centuries. Made popular by leaders now available to all to wear on special occasions. In memory of Dr Amu Ghanaians wear cultural costumes on Fridays to work to celebrate their independence from colonialism. Still under economic yoke Dr Amu will not be amused would compose a new song.

Bonwire Kente Song:
Akyinkyinakyinkyin ama mahu nneɛma

Akyinkyinakyinkyin ama mahu nneɛma,
Akyinkyinakyinkyin ama mate nsɛmma,
Asante Bonwire Kente nwene deɛ,
Manhu bi da o,
Asante Bonwire Kente nwene deɛ,
Manhu bi da o,
Kwame nim adeɛ yɔ
Ne kente nwono na abɔ me gye
Ne nsa; ne nan, n’asadua saa nie:
Kro, kro, krohikro,
Hi, hi, hi, hi,
Krohikro hi krokrokro,
Hi, hi, hi, hi,
Na ɛyɛ me dɛ o,
Na ɛyɛ me dɛ o,
Na abɔ me gye koraa,
Na ɛyɛ me dɛ o,
Na abɔ me gye koraa.
Roaming about has made me observe things,
Roaming about has made me hear of stories,
As for Asante Bonwire Kente weaving,
I’ve never seen some before
As for Asante Bonwire Kente weaving,
I’ve never seen some before
Kwame knows his craft His expert Kente weaving, amazes me.
His hands; his feet, the loom sound thus:
Kro, kro, krohikro,
Hi, hi, hi, hi,
Krohikro hi