in-this-image-planets-saturn-uranus-jupiter-earth-and-venus-are-shown-aligned-on-an-orrery-model-to-form-what-looks-like-jesus-on-the-cross-believed-to-have-occurred-on-april-3-33-a-d.jpgThe planets Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, plus Earth and Venus aligned in orrery model to form spectacular celestial view seen as man on crucifix on the day associated with Jesus’ crucifixion on April 3, 33 A.D. Positioning of planets on date close to 2,000 years ago, Saturn’s rings at the top of figure could be seen as representing a “halo” or the crown of thrones placed on Jesus’ head. Uranus and Jupiter form the stretched hands, while Earth and Venus form the feet. As the planets align some see the RETURN of Jesus’ Star of Bethlehem seen on horizon repeated as the biblical phenomenon, the Star of Bethlehem. Since 2005, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn visible together in night sky time. Fascination with planet alignments is great because planets rarely often align due to their different orbiting. After this year, the five planets will be seen together again in October 2018. The zeal, interest and the passion devoted to seeking planets above GOD CREATOR OF THE PLANETS seems valued more planets named after Greek Roman gods and idols above GOD, MAKER, MOVER, SHAKER of the planets. Somehow ALMIGHTY GOD AND JESUS searched for in planetary movements than the WORD OF GOD IN THE BIBLE.solar-system_2165219b.jpg

Isaiah 47:13 says all the counsels you received wear you out and destroy you. So let your astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions month by month let them save you from desolations God is bringing upon you. So Isaiah 47:13, do not seek help from those who pretend to tell you what will occur by looking at the stars as the Chaldean astrologers divined by consulting these movement of stars and planets. Today, there exists emphasis on human rights and free choice to follow whatever god one likes but God’s law is concerned with preserving Purity and Godliness.  Purging evil from nations is holiness to protect all the people, you must purge evil from among you in Deuteronomy 17:7. So all forms of occult practices carry death penalty. These include spiritual practices commonplace today widely accepted like sorcery, divination, fortune telling, star readings astrology, wizardry, listening to psychics, mediums channel for spirits of the dead. God acknowledges pagans participate in occult practices leads to the downfall of nations so is forbidden for God’s people. To receive guidance from one’s astrological chart, reading palms or tea leaves, attending séances, Ouiji boards not permitted for people of God. But many today either in ignorance or in defiance of God’s law read books about wizards, dabble in occult on dangerous spiritual path. The nations dispossessed listen to those who practice idol sorcery divination. But the LORD GOD DOES NOT permit you to do so in Deuteronomy 18:14. New Age belief based on information of movements of the Sun, moon, planets psychic religion juxtaposed to Christian Gospel perceived view of mysterious world events. Psychic Christian believers think bible is aligned to Astronomy Magi used the movement of these stars followed to visit Jesus in Bethlehem. So these ancient Egyptian astrology idolatory and myths of sun worship, science of planet tracked today in Christianity. Constellation movement around sun considered Jesus in galaxies, 12 disciples, 12 months, 12 tribes, Israel circling central figure Jesus as the sun.o-messias-vem

New Age believers search for God, Jesus as sages of man-made phenomena. But GOD WILL CUT OFF all sorceries from your hand not to have fortunetellers anymore if you repent. So idolatry links Christianity with new age religions and mystical occultic powers. Do not turn to mediums, spiritualists to be defiled by them I am the LORD your God. Bible in  1 Leviticus9:31, says Do not seek familiar spirits, wizards, necromancers talking to the dead; to make yourselves unclean by them in Bible in Leviticus 19. God Says DO NOT consult stars or fortune tellers for in the day of trouble they cannot save you. Romans 2 says those who believe in, trust, give credit to creature not Creator God look to movement of planets not One True Living God Creator. God so Let’s them be deluded to give devotion to idols. Jeremiah 2:13 says, My people commit 2 evils so FORSAKE GOD, FOUNTAIN OF LIVING WATERS, to hew out cisterns for themselves, such broken cisterns that can hold no water. People are told they are their own gods, master of the universe promoted to higher level codes, mysterious signs relayed secret signs of mankind. Display recognized illuminati symbols covering one eye with hand representing the Illuminati Eye of Horus. One eye covered by item, shaded partly in darkness so eye in light at the same time. Display 666 sign with fingers influenced by teachings think they are gods. Clash of ideas and ideologies, life trials, battles, feelings of stress coupled with pressures of wealth, society deals with to cope with prosperity against all odds inherently affect the human spirit. This leads to the search for meaning of life people search answers to life. 


Faith in God in Christ in academic field devote research to belief, behaviour by the institutions described, compare the interpretations to explain emphasize SUPERNATURAL ALMIGHTY Deity God and Jesus by Cross perspective. Secular world seems appealing and attractive to upcoming artists, without explaining the real truth behind acts or lyrics the devil uses to lure and deceive various artists to lead the weak astray. The devil wants souls tortured in hell to brag and boast to God he can cause downfall of anyone not discerning his evil ways. Increase your knowledge so that you will not fall prey to the deceit. Be aware of who you listen to and follow and study the Bible yourself to know the TRUTH of GOD to set you free in Jesus Name. People sell their souls for money and power but what shall it profit a man to gain whole world to lose their soul. It is worthless when one is burning in Hell for eternity there is no way out ever. So Read the BIBLE TRUTH with WISDOM to help you. Eternal life awaits those who follow SOVEREIGN LORD GOD. Choose ETERNAL life not eternal death. Man’s search for God through Theology teaches understanding nature of transcendent or SUPERNATURAL God. Genuine Christian Education studies Godly Faith belief of a Godly viewpoint in Christ. Studies draw on Christian disciplines of Faith in God and methodologies include the study of living history archaeology anthropology, sociology, psychology philosophy culture and the history of Christianity. New Age beliefs originated in 19th century when scholarly historical analysis of Christian Bible flourished and Hindu or Buddhist texts were first translated into European languages. The influential scholars were Friedreich M. Muller England, Cornelius P. Yield in Netherlands, religious studies by scholars worldwide. As Comparative Religion or Science of Religion, in USA. History of religions tries to understand and to relate with different religions so made to help to relate better in society. Rather than dismissing or eradicating different religions to convert them as done in past age begun to teach all roads lead to HEAVEN using different routes.gps-satellite-around-earth-moving-animation

Therefore it was assumed and seen as a freedom of choice to pick whatever one preferred and get along with others on a similar other paths. This brought about the peace movement of multifaith living side by side peacefully and sharing the knowledge of different religions. It was then decided all religions professed a common goal and similar views in different forms based on background or cultures. Hence multifaith was born to live together in the community. As heroic as this approach sounds in place of crusader wars it was soon causing the need to compromise in some ways to be acceptable to others where it seems to be contrary to each other’s belief. So ideas borrowed incorporated into Christian faith whereas different religions did not always adapt to accommodate Christian Faith. After centuries of religious wars want multi faiths to recognise each other to live and let others live in love. Those older who fought in those religious wars felt nothing was accomplished so chose multifaith paths. Those who felt they are exclusively responsible for converting the whole earth to their religious belief took full advantage of their foot in the doors begun subtly to imbibe their ways into Christian faith creating new age religious thinking. Having been then desensitized from strong opposition rather embraced and welcomed trends that watered down and blended new age ideas incorporated into Christian faith.d51f3bee1e46e0cb9ae4be84d6c16e98

“Matthew 7:13-23 says false prophets are particularly dangerous because they appear to be genuine. They seem to have credentials of authority Jesus calls, ‘sheep’s clothing’ in verse 15. The outward forms of Godliness can incline one to believe false prophets, reliable guides. Some wear distinctive garb, colours, which sets them apart as leaders. They may have  the title ‘reverend.’ They may be men who hold positions of religious leadership. They may well have graduated from divinity school. Indeed, they might even be seminary professors. Judging on the basis of external indications might wrongly assume them to be reliable guides, but must not evaluate on such external evidence.” The worst form is the mixture of thoughts or ideas taken from a “non-Christian false doctrines of the flesh or man’s secular humanism. Herod in Acts 12:21-23, and religious, spiritualism. False leaders previously Christian can be morally apostate 1 John 3:4-10  and the theologically apostate (1 John 2:18-27.”Paul Becker, A Voice In Wilderness, 2000, Romans 16. “These who claim to be uniting everybody are actually the ones CAUSING “divisions” dividing people AWAY FROM God’s Word Away from God’s TRUE TESTIMONY Doctrine through Jesus THE Chosen Saviour God Approves. A True Doctrine brings “unity” to Believers in  1Corinthians 1:10. DO NOT COMPROMISE YOUR LOVE FOR GOD and throw away God’s Doctrine to divide God’s Children. Shirley Ann Miller, Anti-Christ Spirits and False Teaching,” Lampholder Ezine on “Mind Control “Lampholder Publications. “God GAVE everyone on the face of the Earth a mind. When you suppress or suspend thought process you essentially disconnect the whole person. God made mankind to interact with Him by a renewal of mind the soul, spirit, and body. God Speaks to us through His Holy Spirit, HE Speaks through our spirit to the mind, renewed in the Spirit confirms Holy Spirit promptings aligns with Word of God. Supernatural received “spiritual” messages manifest themselves from the spiritual realm into the physical through “the senses and the passive mind.” If you disconnect thought process, you open yourself to receive evil supernatural, spiritual manifestations happen manifesting presence by opening yourself up to anything but Holy Spirit, you WILL find yourself dealing with the “other spirits.” Always test the spirits to see whether they are of God in 1 John 4:1. Anti-Christ spirits plot in the air and work on earth against God and believers must continually fight back with SPIRITUAL POWER through prayer, intercession.”dec0d361b60a3e5300282541071e102d

In other words mankind cannot put self above God and Christ by aligning them roles deemed fit as they please. The other category rejects outright God and Jesus by consistent effort going to an extreme length to try to convince people God and Christ never exist except they borrowed their faith from ancient gods used to promote new branch of religion. God’s Earth named after Greek and Roman gods, goddesses. Jupiter, Saturn,Mars, Venus, Mercury given names thousands of years ago. Other planets were not discovered until later, after telescopes were invented. James 4:17 declares, “Anyone, who knows the right thing to do but does not do it is sin of omission is a result of not doing the right thing God’s Word teaches one should do. Generally contrasts with sin of commission that a person actively commits. Romans 7:14-20, God is NOT PLEASED with both types of sin. Contradiction in human nature conflicts with the fleshly desires of the world versus Godly lifestyle. Paul said, the flesh fights Spirit of God so does what displeases God. At times one goes against the grain like Samaritan stopped to show compassion to a man in need in Luke 10:30-37. Jesus’ example teaches all to help those in need. To avoid doing good is sinful, to pursue evil to cause pain to others goes against WILL OF GOD. Jesus depend on LOVE actions to determine destinations of eternal life. Jesus on the sins of omission in parable of sheep and goats in Matthew 25:31-46. The goats sent away by Christ saw others hungry thirsty but did not provide food and water. Saw others in need of clothing sick or in jail but did nothing to clothe or to comfort them. The sins of omission committed against needy people not intentionally starved or deprived of their clothing. But sin of omission committed if they could have provided for them but chose not to. Finally apostle Paul provides a summary statement that explains why we should do what is right and refrain from sins of omission: “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” in Galatians 6:9. When we do the WILL of HEAVENLY Father God Matthew 12:50 says we avoid sins of omission and live productive, fruitful lives PLEASING to God Almighty the Rewarder of those who diligently SEEK GOD in Romans 12:1-2. The destination leading to heaven or hell depends on man’s own life choices to please God or  rebel against God. Jesus died to set mankind free from all works of the darkness of the devil’s to translate us into GOD’S KINGDOM OF GLORIOUS GOSPEL OF LIGHT for ETERNAL Life.


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