Family Enjoying Christmas Dinner --- Image by © Ariel Skelley/CORBIS


Portrait of Happy Family Piled Up In Park

Family Praying Before Dinner ca. 2001bc2eef61e21a63e172897568d11324f3

Technology enhances life to some extent but must not overtake family life and the relationships dear to us. As the whole world drifts online into a virtual reality existence, mobile phones entertain us. It is designed and tailored to our every like and desire. They greet us when we wake up and send us off to bed. They keep us in contact. And we can share with other people our triumphs and our challenges. z4nmu09gzrlrlmcqzbotMobile phones give us news and show us directions or find us the best prices. Yet there is more to life than this marvelous device that makes our life easier and not boring. If all one depends or relies on is a mobile phone then one is emotionally bankrupt. Beyond cell mobile phone is God WHO satisfies much greater needs.  Our Lord SAID, life does not consist of what we eat and drink or do. f68a7c32196525b30cc356e20e9e73e6

In our day we need to include God and Christ through the Holy Spirit. Life does not consist of only use of cell or mobile phones but interesting direct interaction with God and fellow human beings. The virtual world is isolating people from the real quality family time. Most people are preoccupied with cell mobile phones and cut off from real humans. Mobile phones intrude gently, ostracise overtly so subtle the users do not realise their practical life, physical exercise and human contact is overtaken by a little powerful gadget.

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Mustard Seed.



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