dfafc4914e8b094df0a8fbd4dcd7904fGod’s beautiful vivid rainbow coloured angel is seen in the vision dream flying peacefully and majestically in sky in the vision last night. In dream while sitting out with family and friends looking up in sky suddenly emerged the rainbow angel. His soft flowing rainbow wings in the clear blue sky bright sunshine, angel wings widely spread out in sky. In God’s  Throne room a rainbow surrounds God. Archangels, cherubims, seraphims are God’s Higher angels around His Throne whose rainbow wings show their status.Cloud-iridescence-in-skyGod’s beautiful vivid God’s Rainbow is significant sign as an important symbol Bible representing God’s Promises of Peace to Noah and His family. During the end time God’s Prince of Peace Jesus Yeshua Messiah will Come soon to save Christian believer groups in Christ. God uses HIS symbol in angel’s iconography visions to comfort people seeking God. Ezekiel 1: 26-28 talks of rainbow around Beautiful rainbow Cloud pictures taken by many people reveals God’s miracles recorded to remind the world of God’s REVELATION 4:3 PRESENCE reaching us from HIS surrounding rainbow. God’s Rainbow shines like emeralds encircling Throne. God’s emblems of Excellence and Divine Nature is manifested on the earth in Rainbow. God watches over mankind to bless them even if they choose to go in opposite extremes of what God says to do. God and Jesus Control mankind’s rainbow brain, rainbow DNA, rainbow foods connection in the rainbow bodies.wp-1577977052880.jpgmary-k-baxter-revelation-of-heavenwp-1577992340298.jpgwp-1577821993803.jpgwp-1577977124662.jpgIMG-20191008-WA0002.jpg2010729163740917274a172dc55947cfe64960f1409d262f3d946ff5 6c7885c046a73ea26090d93f9dd39f83cc2bf413888b962c5c5e63ffbeb140d6 Rainbow wings spanning so big touches top of sky flowing all the way to skyline with horizon. Accompanied by feelings of hope, reassurance, sombre joy calm. Prior to visions thoughts of unfolding events before shown from God in time of spiritual house cleaning to begin time of personal reflection to seek God’s face17c244683293a8f8858f1e4a75d198a5angel-cloud.pnge756acf2f1cd4991744_origGod’s Divine photographic timing is real so shows everything sometimes photos captures best moment in specific times. img_20161124_175044Beautiful rainbow angels sent by God to remind us His rainbow Sign Promise to be kind to people never destroy them but some destroy them. Good and nice to see symbol of comfort, hope from God in midst of adversity and troubles of this world in sadness. God Continues to Ensure people know He Cares about all what goes on here daily on earth. Many people see and record an actual angel footage in sky clouds documented circulated globally all over in the world.rainbow-angelarticle-2188615-148DAF69000005DC-72_964x721327a1602646fbea4393585d74ecec551fire-rainbow-bangkok-june-2015-1.jpg God’s messenger angels bring hope in time of despair to help encourage bring comfort. Skies feature communications from God as Jesus will appear in the sky cloud. Like trailers of the latests films in cinemas shown while waiting for the real film of the day. So God is revealing in His Stages clips of Jesus Coming in cloud to prepare people to be more alert. In book of Joel, God reveals dream and visions to people in the end time. We are excited by God’s Sky Channel Notice Board as so readily available in our world today.7517d2382ce9a272439e04a424073bc6Be excited by God’s Sky Channel Notice Board readily available in world today. God shows signs wonders enveloping the planet to relate with all His beings to connect with people on planet earth. God sends angels on His behalf with the beautiful wings of peace, love, hope and light ethereality, transcendental beauty, God’s MAJESTY and GRACE. Rainbow is the symbol of God’s Grace and majestic abundance in times of need to Trust in God as Source of all thing to mankind.tumblr_n987lrhASx1tc258so1_128017xi18mjssmnnjpgSo Jesus and real images in the cloud and sky is taken by many people seen that day. So this phenomenon of angels in rainbow colours are significant. God wants to let whole world know God’s miracle power to appear in history at time to comfort people. Most people blame God for the world’s problems but devil responsible for all misery, grief, pain, sorrow hatred that causes wicked actions that destroy. This is why people must trust God and Jesus to be saved because opportunity knocks to be part of God’s Kingdom.82700081262789629b201aef5139edb4Jesus and His angels will Come in Cloud in Rapture for only those who believe it will happen. Those who do not believe God will be left behind on earth to go through great tribulation worse than all evil happenings combined. So necessary to accept Jesus to belong to God and to be God’s Child in Christ. Only those in Christ who follow God Yahweh Elohim Adonai Jehovah saves in Rapture. This private personal decision for everyone. Everyone is born individual in life so a person faces God alone in judgement. All who are His ready for Christ to take in future Rapture by Christ. God Reveals more Cloud Wonders to prepare world to get ready for Second Coming of Jesus.Rainbow_Skies_by_welshdragonThose in Christ will be saved by Jesus and His angels when they come in the in expresses love and care for people hurting all is well. God sends Jesus in the cloud as Jesus went through deepest pain in life so understands the grief or sorrow of all human beings. This is why God has placed His Special message of hope and abundant love to confidence in Jesus. Those in Christ recognise its in line with Bible as clearly started in Bible in Genesis to Revelation. God’s gift of a rainbow is the sign of hope as promised through years on life’s journey on earth. This is how angels wings look close up.a7d999ea3ce8084a62fac1cc15ba80a9.jpgThe rainbow symbol of God’s Glory and abundance brought in time of need to Trust in God Source. God Connects with all people on earth through His rainbow expressing His Love and Care for people hurting. Jesus has gone through deepest pain in life so understands grief sorrow of all human beings on earth. God Glory intersects world foundation of the earth since beginning is continuing in God’s angelic realm. Ezekiel 1:26 prophet describes vision of God’s Throne like Rainbow surrounded by angels.Ezekiel 1: 26-28 describes God’s Looks in vision surrounded by 24 Jewish Elders = 12 Apostles+12 Tribe of Israel in heaven wearing crown on their heads looking like Sapphires stone sitting on thrones. High Priests wear the same 12 rainbow colours of jewels on breastplates to pray representing 12 tribes of Israel. Sitting on God’s Throne is Human Appearance resembling Image He made mankind in 27, with Brilliance all around Him. In 28, God’s Rainbow is like Cloud on rainy day. The Light of God’s Shekinah Glory Shines from Jehovah Ezekiel facedown worship gives adoration honour to God.2a08042eb408bea1bcb8f761c2b2c4f4Angels play prominent role sent by God to give special messages of hope and an abundant love to retereite confidence in Jesus. Those in Christ recognise events in line with Bible Genesis to Revelation. God’s gift of rainbow sign throughout the years on life’s journey from earth to glory. God always intersects world in foundation of the earth in the beginning in earnest continuing with the angelic realm. Angels play sent by God to help all human beings travel in nano seconds in stars system galaxiestumblr_nhipxoUDw61s1vn29o3_1280God directly instructs these ascending descending to obey GOD’S Commands and GOD’S biddings. Master Jesus joins in unison with God Assist in co-creation of earth, planets heaven new home, in existence higher dimension realms. All in Christ will enter a better place for all human beings invited to join this realm. Those who accept Christ are increasing the chances of God spiritual awareness, discernment of frequencies of all world events. They are becoming increasingly aware of phenomenom of signs of birthpangs of end times. This new earth and new world already exists as part of God’s eternal time in heaven. a71dcc47abbd29998e986c0967eb3163angel-in-the-clouds-florida-youHistory is unfolding simply as God told prophets and Jesus came to confirm. Together all alive and breathing beings, or those who pass into eternal existence simultaneously at the same time reunite in rapture with all already existing in heaven. As difficult as this sounds Jesus warns of these perilous times of great tribulation concept. It is necessary and important to understand the realities of God’s Point of view, true nevertheless. These messages of upliftment bring an understanding through internet. As the information is available in Bible and the churches. People begin to seek God and take seriously in society in Jesus Name.cen_angelclouds_01-e1413627707894God brings human being’s awareness of things occurring. God’s Plan intersecting earth ongoing in numerous experiences too much to write about all dimensions. Life events must be studied meditated on in line with Bible and shared. All in universe being prepared by God in Christ upgraded to another level in all universal occurrences are happening everywhere. God is inviting all people to not limit life just to the planet earth but think beyond daily living. Although the planet earth contains human race, and all perceived riches wealth to satisfy life experimental race. Ascending into heaven’s higher dimension in glorious body, Jesus proves God’s existence. This same way all those in Christ participate in occurring rapture so for the first time ever in history many as in the Bible taken into heaven so Jesus Christ rapture globally celebrated.6a0115700ec3b8970b011571043c65970c659e033a15bb3689e39590763236d113God’s Divine Miracles manifest always beautifully by God in earth realm. We wish to impress upon God’s love from higher realms of heaven for humanity. Since creation of all earth’s creatures, all earth beings, outer beings belong to God. This life miracles progressing beautifully for God’s higher creation so infused in the heart by God’s divine, pure love. So Jesus the Light of world Christ tells us all to know that people are loved here in season, transcending into eternal love forever. The dimension of love on earth cannot compare with depth of Love of God. All watching this events unfold assisted by God sending angels to comfort loved ones. God csn disguise Himself as Angel too so careful how to treat fellow humans.e756acf2f1cd4991744_origGod’s Divine photographic timing is real and shows everything. So Sometimes a photo captures a moment in time that is rare and unique in history to share on Biblical prophcies coming to pass soon in everyday in the world globally seen. Sometimes moments gives reverence impression of what is going on. Here are a few examples of photos that were taken just at right moment create truly beautiful to show God’s Majesty. God is ever near to bless, Love, Assist welcome people to His Highest Dimension realms of beauty, light, abundance, peace, joy, perfect peace, no more grief, sorrow. So enjoy high quality heavenly realm life. God qualities of dual life existence links heaven earth directly daily ocurrences. God sends Jesus to earth bring salvation love pales in comparison with heaven. Loved ones seem to fade but in Christ enter heavenly higher dimension. Focus on God’s Message to earth realm to keep eyes on Jesus Author and the Finisher of faith. Don’t focus on the negative things never-ending in the world. For God Still is in control not matter the doom gloom.6a3ffe53fb5a7ce08a42f791c9b464ebMore focus on God keeps mind in perfect by staying standing on the word of God. This is how faith only increases through word of God. Focus more on impending new life new heaven world to come in which all in Christ are entering. God, Jesus, saints and angels welcome with open arms with His Abundance of Love, homecoming into higher realms. Heaven is where all descended from into earth paradigm. The heavenly place is already familiar to all in earth dimension realm. Lives transform by beginning in starting a renewed life, bouncing into heavenly Joy between different times of earth life. Almost a continuation life time travel of of those ascending to higher dimension.17c244683293a8f8858f1e4a75d198a5Time ceases to be measured in that way of chronological meaning of importance so never ceases to exist. Sequence of time is absorbed in gloriouus moment of everlasting peace and joy eternally. So earth time concept is being replaced by new heavenly time release by God. All who continue to trust  God will join in future ascension experience which is real. Indeed as world is changing moving into the new earth higher dimensions, so many will begin to trust more in God as True Source and origin of life. Jesus is the contact point into higher dimension so God’s being angels, ascend or descend to do their Master’s God’s Bidding. This abundant love of God is available to all of to enter and transition into new world of God in Christ. God is extensing goodwill of trusting in Him as man’s Source God.cc2bf413888b962c5c5e63ffbeb140d6The message to all today is Trust God no matter what happens in life. Continue to believe in God Source in Christ Jesus and beyond into the higher heavenly realms. I have looked for closest possible image of rainbow angel seen in dream vision to share this message and this is the ones found as a symbolic representation of the living angels sent from God. These are the ones that best tell the message as much as humanly possible. I can confirm not drunk, hallucinating or high on any mind distorting substance. I accurately share what God Reveals to me simply as a humble servant the least among God’s dedicated saints and loyal generals.  The events of this world are being fulfilled as Jesus foretold most important thing is to live right for God’s Approval in Christ Jesus. Love God and love all people9e95c0fe868b7c3edda489b49d7be5f3mary-k-baxter-revelation-of-heaven


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