heavenly-sceneHeaven’s rich bliss City is designed and built by God with best quality genuine and most expensive jewels. The city is built with the purest gold, onyx, diamond, topaz, emerald, jasper, Revelation 21:18-21, wall is built of jasper, city of pure gold, clear as glass. Foundation wall of city jewels are 1st jasper, 2nd bedecked sapphire, 3rd agate, 4th emerald, 5th onyx, 6th carnelian, 7th chrysolite, 8th beryl, 9th topaz, 10 chrysoprase, 11th jacinth, twelfth amethyst. 12 gates from 12 pearl are made of single pearl, street of city of pure gold, transparent as glass. The city of heaven has beautiful, Glorious rooms built from same precious jewels. Heaven’s treasure surpasses all the treasures on earth combined. God’s Heavenly Skyscrapers in 1 Corinthians 2:9 as seen here so God’s  Great City, in Heaven will come to Jerusalem descending out of Heaven from God in Rev 21:10. Revelation 21:19 says foundation wall of city is adorned with all kinds of jewels. There is no need for a sun or moon, and no need for a temple or church. There is Glorious, Worship, Singing to the Glory of Sovereign Lord God Almighty and thanksgiving. Magnificent Presence of the Lord God is Light forever. God’s Throne is surrounded by bedazzled 24 elders, saints and the angels. Heaven is a place of matchless blessing, adoration of God. God’s precious jewels are genuine Superior Quality designed by God Himself crowning believers.


The 24 elders in heaven laid their crowns sceptres and various rewards in Heaven at God’s feet and bow down worship. So live in Jesus’ prepared mansions for all saved believers in heaven. Homes and contents are beautifully laid pure genuine real gold, diamonds, jewels there. Great treasures are stored up for the believer saints who will inherit all things in Revelation 21:7. Christ makes all things new in heaven, new body changed to youthful stronger perfect look. God’s crown jewel for all saints rewards them for services of soul winning. Heaven is very rich in wealth, joyful, peaceful, happiest feeling of joy, perfect pleasure, satisfaction for winners as overcomers. Blue sapphires represent divine favour so gemstone of choice for kings and high priests. The British Crown Jewels have full large blue stones of beautiful intricate work.









Interestingly British Crown jewel a most expensive jewels on earth worth over 50 million pounds in money. Precious stones contain God’s chosen jewels for Israel. God’s Beauty and Majesty is seen in wonderful treasures precious to God on earth. And in Heaven Houses streets, pavements, furniture, crystal rivers are made from priceless precious stones given to all believers saved in Heaven by God. No matter class, status, position, office, place in life, in God’s Eyes all people the same through Christ. Saved saints and believers have homes built with genuine quality precious stones.

These jewels represent the 12 tribes of Israel worn by priests. Similar stones decorated the devil when he was the top angel in charge of all angels and music in heaven before he fell and thrown out of heaven to earth. Heaven is so rich nothing compares with the wealthiest riches of wealth in the world. Believers are rewarded by God according to the various crowns bedecked with jewels. 12 tribes and saints return with Christ to reign in the New Jerusalem set up as God’s Kingdom on earth. After 7 years tribulation, Christ rules 1000 years in perfect peace. Then the devil is let loose briefly after war of Armageddon in Gog Magog and destroyed.gemstonesJesus prepared heaven for all believers to live with Christ in God’s presence eternally

Breastplate of judgment or Choshen  Hamishpat is associated with Urim and Thummim used for divining will of the Lord. The priestly breastplate is made of embroidered linen sized shaped into a square cubit.  It contains 4 rows, each with 3 precious gems embedded in the plate surrounded with gold. Each jewel in the priest’s breastplate represents 12 tribes of Israel’s names engraved on the stones. So God uses individual letters of names to spell out judgments for Israel when the Urim was used to consult Him. The priests stand before Eleazar the High priest, who obtains the decisions inquired of Urim before the LORD.  So commands entire community of Israelites go out and at his command they will come in says Numbers 27:21.
Beautiful Priestly garment stained glass window depicts Kohen Gadol High Priest in priestly garments in photo by Andreas Franz Borchert. In Brit Chadashah New Testament, John describes his vision of the New Jerusalem with the foundation stones of the city walls adorned with 12 gems.  Most of these gems are in the breastplate. Some precious stones’ true identities were lost, since Hebrew and Greek cultures shared no definitive gem names, during 1,000 years between the writing of 1 Samuel and the Book of Revelation. “The foundation stones of the heaven’s city wall are adorned with precious stones. Foundation stone is jasper, second sapphire; chalcedony; fourth emerald; fifth sardonyx; sixth sardius; seventh chrysolite, eighth beryl, ninth topaz; chrysoprase is the tenth and eleventh jacinth; twelfth amethyst in Revelation 21:19–20. Over 30 different opinions of identification of breastplate stones rabbinical literature tradition exist. Due to text translation or challenge of exact words in languages a stone may be different from original in Torah or Bible. Description of priest’s Breastplates and New Jerusalem show God’s beauty glorified as we all serve HIM on earth and Heaven surrounded by brilliant splendour of streets paved with gold divinely cut jewels embedded in foundations. God considers certain colours and materials important and glorifying in service to Him like Holy garments for Aaron for God’s Glory and beauty in Exodus 28:2. Ephod garment underneath breastplate, made of fine linen woven out of gold, blue, purple scarlet threads. King David’s clothes or robe fine linen with all Levites carrying the ark, singers and Chenaniah leader, singing with the singers. David wore ephod of linen in 1 Chronicles 15:27; 2 Samuel 6:14. Serving God in Beauty of Holiness God creates in His physical world helps understand His spiritual world.  The use of physical gems on the breastplate of Kohen Gadol stones is to represent Israel 12 tribes so breastplate connects with discovering will of God. Stones represent precious Israel to the LORD God and HIS desire to lead them into HIS will. Precious stones embedded in foundations of the New Jerusalem represent 12 tribes, helps to understand continued importance of Israel in the Messianic Age. Believers in Yeshua play significant role as a holy priesthood of the living stones and the spiritual house through Yeshua Messiah. Jesus Christ is Living stone rejected by men chosen by God is precious in the sight of God. And believers are living stones built up as a spiritual house holy priesthood offering up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Messiah Yeshua in 1 Peter 2:4–5. As precious jewels, precisely cut to shape and polished by master lapidary, has ability so uniquely reflect beauty and glory of God’s Ruach HaKodesh or Holy Spirit as we serve Him. When we fulfill our destiny, we take our place in spiritual house, whose cornerstone the One who holds it altogether Yeshua HaMashiach. God says, Behold, I lay in Zion a Choice Stone, a Precious Corner Stone, all who believes in Him will not be ashamed or disappointed, 1 Peter 2:6.

Heavenly Home Song

My home in heaven in Heaven is beautiful x 8

Rom Gidi Gidi Kem mbala mbala x 8

Rom Gidi Ke malake mbala mbala malamba eh Rom Gidi Gidi

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    Thank you for your kind comments. Our blog is a mixture of writings depending on global issues at hand. We respond to relevant topics from Bible viewpoints. Other topics are reblogged or updated based on research to inform and clarify matters. We answer comments from readers to help increase knowledge for better understanding. We do not charge for the materials provided here free of charge because freely we receive from Our LORD God in Jesus Name so freely we give back to God. Though it costs money to pay for facilities equipment, resources, office, internet we volunteer time to also teach online to share Gospel Message. We trust and believe Jehovah Jireh God to provide all our needs through HIS riches in Glory by Christ Jesus. Thanks again for your comments, God Bless you.

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    • Thank you for letting God’s Words inspire and guide from the lots of great information available in Jesus Name. Thanks and God bless you.


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    Thank you for your comment and glad to know you find the posts motivating you to write your own blog. We give thanks to God for making His Words impact and touch your life. Thanks, God bless you.

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    God likes worship so when we praise or worship God HE is happy. God is in our midst in Spirit during worship and we enjoy refreshing times of joy in God’s Presence. Thank you for your comments and God Bless you.

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    • Every text and teaching material is directly based on Jesus and God’s words from the Bible plus related Christian Sources relevant to help clarify the message. There is no depiction of Jesus Christ as exclusively belonging only to any particular race, culture or people. For God so loved the world He sent His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ that whosoever believes in Jesus will not perish but have eternal life. Europeans globally set up schools and curriculum so people seem to associate Christianity with European missionaries who taught the Bible.

  10. Okay which Jem for which Tribe, as you have benjamin under 3 stones here, according to your sources???? I/We would love to know our true heritage and this page is confusing as all the other avenues I’ve taken… It feels as if this struggle for knowledge is made more arduous purposefully and with intent!

    • Submitted on 2015/10/17 at 3:02 pm | In reply to God’s Hot Spot.
      God Chose 12 RAINBOW COLOUR foundation stones to symbolically represent the 12 tribes of Israel settled to date according to the location of each tribe in nation Israel. Priests wore this precious visually stunning breastplate to remember the nation of Israel in prayer. Due to translation difficulties of finding exact equivalent words for original Torah texts in Latin, Greek, English, translators had to use familiar words available to them. This is because some alphabets are not found in other languages. Therefore translators used ad libidum, for the closest possible translation most suitable to the text. All translators agree on the identification of the gemstone named “jasper” was probably chosen because it is similar to the Hebrew word. These names can be traced back in Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Assyrian, Greek and Latin, among others hence changes in the translation. Despite slight translation changes perhaps you could try searching through your family tree archives to decide which gem you prefer. These gems listed in Revelation, Chapter 21 are the same twelve sacred gemstones Jasper in the breastplate representing the Benjamin tribe. The good news is Jesus Christ chose these 12 tribes to reign and rule with Christ eternally.

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    • In Hebrews 11:10, the Heavenly City has foundations whose Architect and Builder is God. So the New Jerusalem’s Planner, Creative Designer and Maker is God the Father. God prepared this city in glory from the foundation of the world. God promised before the world began for His Chosen people. The Spirit of God makes this known and prepares the saved, chosen, redeemed, elect to dwell in eternity. The Lord Jesus Christ is the forerunner Who entered to prepare heaven ready for the possession of believers. This shows the superior excellency of God’s Glorious Home City State Dwelling Place. So as the Patented Owner of the Heavenly Property Only God has the Sole Right to Authorise Entry through His Son Jesus Christ. Thank you and God abundantly bless you.

      • Yahushua was preparing the City/State/Kingdom of Heaven (right here on earth) for the true Israelites. According to the Prophecies you have based your religion on, his chosen people are finally waking-up after their curses being lifted. Those that have called themselves Christians and have not followed the letter of the covenant, those that have enslaved the only chosen people of Yahushua are praying to pagan gods and has nothing to do with his father. Authority has already been given and it comes with rules and a guest-list (most are not on it) He only blessed one people and if you are not they.. …forget entry!!

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