Are you wondering what happens to your prayers and why some are answered quicker than others. The prayer of the upright pleases God in Proverbs 15:8. The Bible reveals God created humankind for a very personal relationship with Him. Prayer is a key way that we engage in that relationship and talk to Him.  And it is a persistent theme throughout the Word of God. Often some prayers answered are thoughts not even shared with anyone yet surprisingly come to pass. At other times hardly had the words come out of your mouth when the answer is knocking on your door. A similar thing happened in Acts 10:4, 31 when Cornelius was praying privately in his prayer closet. To his utter surprise an angel turns up with information concerning his prayer. When he looked on him, he was afraid, and said, What is it, Lord? And he said, “Four days ago to this hour, I was praying in my house during ninth hour; and behold, a man stood before me in shining garments, 31 and he said, ‘Cornelius, your prayer has been heard and your alms remembered before God. 


In such intense moments you may feel sad, lonely, rejected and abandoned as if nobody cares about you or your circumstances anymore know that the Almighty God is watching and listening to your prayers. He hears every word and listens to every heart cry. He cares about the disappointments and the pain, the grief and sorrow, low self esteem and all the heart aches. Some prayers God answers instantly to surprise and reassure us that He cares, Other prayers God says not now, you are not ready wait, at other times God specifically and categorically says no, never, it is not good for you. This is because God always has something better in place behind the scene soon to be revealed at the right time. This is when our response or reaction in God’s answer will prove our faith and our trust in God. Yet God sent an answer in verse 32 Send to Joppa and invite Simon, called Peter, to come to you; he is staying at the house of Simon the tanner by the sea.God sent help immediately in answer to prayer.

God knows your name and address, street and exact house number so through a vision spoke to Peter to go and be used by God to help Cornelius in 10:19-33. When we see our call clear to any service, we should not be perplexed with doubts and scruples arising from prejudices or former ideas to try to predict how soon or when God answers prayer. God directed both men at the same time in two different locations concerning the same issue. Cornelius had called together his friends, to partake with him of the heavenly wisdom he expected from Peter. We should not covet to eat our spiritual morsels alone. It ought to be both given and taken as kindness and respect to our kindred and friends, to invite them to join us in religious exercises.

Cornelius declared the direction God gave him to send for Peter. We are right in our aims in attending a gospel ministry, when we do it with regard to the Divine appointment requiring us to make use of that ordinance. How seldom ministers are called to speak to such companies of all they hear from their presence in the sight of God, to hear all things that are commanded of God! But these were ready to hear what Peter was commanded of God to say so we must all still seek God’s anointing, rhema logos word confirmed in the Bible.

Daniel 9:20-27 had an answer immediately sent after prayer, and it is a very memorable one. We know God sends answers to our prayers by angels not necessarily with physical wings. As we pray with fervency God promised by faith we will receive His promises at times as an immediate answer to the prayer; for He is faithful that has promised. Daniel had far greater more glorious redemption revealed to him by God’s plan to redeem His people. Daniel discovered God’s answer after intercession and prayer on behalf of his people and nation. God still works out His direction for is church in the latter days through those acquainted with Christ’s grace in prayer. Therefore there is a sense of urgency to seek God’s face for guidance as never before.


The pre- eminent Christ who appeared as the 4th man in the flame with Daniel, is an evening offering type of great sacrifice Christ offered in the evening of the world. In virtue of that sacrifice Daniel’s prayer was accepted; and for the sake of that, this glorious discovery of redeeming love was made to him. In verses 24-27 is one of the most remarkable prophecies of Christ coming and his salvation. Messianic Jews accept Christ, so the time is expressly fixed for His coming. The 70 weeks the end of the period. Christ is sacrifice offered making full atonement for sin, and bringing in everlasting righteousness for complete justification of believers.Those who know of God, but do not know Him, there is a misperception He is remote, impersonal, uninvolved in daily lives. God is directly involved keeping us alive, allowing us to breath, walk, talk, active in society or cared for by someone.God hears prayer and is always on time according to His plans for us.

Prayer is fire sent forth to accomplish what it sent to do by faith in Jesus Name.With crucifixion and rejection of Jesus the measure of troubles come upon all nations. All blessings bestowed on man come through Christ’s atoning sacrifice, who suffered once for sins, the un/just, that he might bring us to God. Here is our way of access to the throne of grace, and of our entrance to heaven. This seals the sum of prophecy, and confirms the covenant with many; and while we rejoice in the blessings of salvation, we should remember what they cost the Redeemer. How can those escape who neglect so great salvation! God’s word is prayer fire power because God’s Spirit is consuming fire working through believers who are also flames of  fire to manifest His power and love. So prayer to God protects believers as a strong spiritual weapon sent to pull down strongholds used as a tool of God to accomplish God’s miracles.


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