A young couple recently set up a home together after marriage so asked what to do about the housework? Wondering what to do because domestic matters were previously taken care of by the man’s traditional full time housewife mother. The bride wants teamwork as both work full time and want to do it by themselves or hire housekeeper option.


This highly skilled man feels it is women in full control of the kitchen at home but contributes his part if asked. To arrive at compromise both seeking neutral advise because wife comes from background of house keepers. So their options under the circumstances are either division of labour to save housekeeping fees or do DIY for now but nothing set in stone.


They both are trying things out for now as starters but wants to have rota to see how things work itself out. But the wife feels it is a matter of who is around first to do it. At the moment, the wife works but does the majority of the housework. However, state of affairs brings worrying tendency to carry on vacuuming, dusting standard unique artistic skill. She feels women have exclusive cleaning style.

Hugh Muir doing the washing upYet wants husband to get involved in the task to master new skills as a challenge. This will mean giving up games, news or relaxing time as she understands. But it was not clear yet other domestic jobs in the future. These jobs seem to be divided along traditional gender lines of a man’s jobs versus a woman’s jobs in the home. The wife cooks more cleans as the man tends to the car maintenance or house, other issues related to the home.

article-2611641-1D4CC19900000578-480_634x853The living room seems fairly reasonable and pristine choice to clean as flexible based on first come first service provider for that moment requiring a quick clean. Especially the kitchen seems to be more of an issue as time is short kitchen more of a mess. So there’s help available to transform it in a quarter of hour time. To save and enjoy precious quality time each other after a long day apart. This is useful to helpful plan for a super-speedy kitchen clean up of the kitchen.


Minute 1

Clear all counters and throw out any packaging.

Put all food stuff away.

Minutes 2-5

Load everything into your dishwasher and switch it on. Dishwasher tablets are so powerful, they not only clean your dishes, they also remove hidden grease from your dishwasher… And a cleaner dishwasher means you get sparkling clean dishes wash after wash.


Minutes 5-8

Hand wash anything that still needs washing then wipe down sink, drainer and squeeze out the washing-up cloth.

Minutes 8-10

Clear any clutter, like bills and paperwork. Pop old newspapers and magazines into the recycling.

Minutes 10-12

Grab your cleaning materials wipe down work surfaces, your hob and the fridge.

Minutes 13-15

Grab the hoover or a brush and sweep the floors. Done! Allow all hands on deck willing to partake no matter how young. Encourage participation and built on it for future use they will need these skills.


Do you have any tips to share for when you need to get the kitchen looking as perfect as possible?


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