CA6VIMKSCAXWA1HOCAH5J3ZGCAYEJ731CAMU86A4CARXF8O9CA7QC1FUCA63660VCAXTRC8XCASIIY21CAONT1BTCADQR0J0CAU4PWA9CA564PWWCAE8V0RFCATMKNMZCA0UV3E4CAXVFXCFCAUSA78YCAGK5F1ADo you know some people you lived with or worked with who disappeared from your life? Some moved on due to changes of jobs, location or time changes in career, promotion or search for greener pastures. Drought makes people move further afield into unknown and unchartered territory. Often not sure of personal safety or violent situations of places. Two women worked once late accepted lifts from two strangers because buses not working after midnight. It turned they were targeted by customers who stalked them. One woman screamed loudly to alert other next door who jumped through toilet window to escape with her life. Her body was not found by the family because too dark at night to locate place.HeirHunters5xOthers pass on vital information, wealth or skeleton in cupboards without any reason to think so. Heir hunters knocked on their door to delivered surprising good news or shocking secret of inheritance bequeathed to them. Discover lost family and bad news of death, while they were still wondering if those people are alive or dead. So precious memories from old photographs and past experiences are all they have to hold onto. Others speak to possible contacts, network of friends and family in vain. Ceremonies birthdays, anniversaries are particularly difficult.  LTheir voice and jokes are often remembered by their loved ones who live with the void of their absence. One such missing person was a colleagues I once and asked to say hello to only to be told by the spouse he disappeared while on duty on his job so wad never seen or heard from again.  He was called human map because trained surveyor he could tell any location like London cab drivers before satnav. was invented and became popular. There was no suspicion circumstances or any dubious actions on his part.facebook-logoIt is painful to tell loved ones and spouse, siblings and colleagues about the person. A daughter taught in place disappears never heard of again. It is difficult for children who are young to remember loved one so listen to others recount their lives to them. Considered devastating if the person never married or children to continue bloodline and family tree. Incident happened when young sailors docked in the place warned about. Followed their captain’s instructions to move about in groups or pairs, never to go anywhere alone. Despite warnings the 2 were lured into a strange neighbourhood they never ever visited before. After many months at sea wanted ‘fun’ but the locals wanted money and imported goods from abroad. Were ambushed so one murdered without knowing at the time the other ran for his life and the other never made it. The family thought he was at sea but were told the sad news. Unfortunately they could not visit the location because nobody knew the exact place they were lured to so bodywas never found for burial.fig,white,mens,ffffff

Faithful and loyal friends keep the memory alive through relentless campaigns and the publicity to continue their search for loved one until time limitation delay stop of lack of response mean the person is presumed dead. Other ccasions funeral or memorials enmass in place only for person to turn up alive unexpectedly. There is joy, jubilation by loved ones and shock for spouses who moved on in new relationships.MDmissingimageMilk cartons, newspapers, radio, posters or other communication methods are all used to reach as many people as possible. In an effort to jog someone’s memory to help if underage or disabilities to receive medical care quickly necessary as soon as possible.  Yet not all missing people ever located so may be honoured with funeral for closure. The family may build memorial in honour to remind community and hope someone somewhere may have answers to questions on their mind. As new generations replace the old, often the missing person becomes part of family history without raw emotion of pain felt by those who know intimately while alive. Remembered with flowers and memorial tended to prevent it from ruin.440px-Garden_of_the_Missing_in_Action_IMG_1290Relatives often do not know or understand the circumstances surrounding those lost so wonder if the were at peace in their last moments. Some of course are never heard from, lost contact with loved ones. So could not get back in touch for help in a difficult moment. Those left behind grieve through stages of bereavement in denial, anger, guilt, survival complex, trauma or coming to terms of loss. Some never recover from shock, suspense of unanswered questions so become ill, depressed, angry and lose faith by blaming God.200px-UnknownBritishSoldierSome friends, relatives and colleagues at times find loss so unbearable lose interest in life become struck with mystery illness, nightmares but just carry on in life for the sake of siblings or responsibility of life duties. Others become too ill to hold down jobs in same place of the one lost so move on. The mssing missionaries, millions, slaves M.I.A. rest in peace in the Safe Arms of God, comforted by Jesus Christ. God sees and knows all, vengeance belongs to God. RIP