downloadfile-54.jpgResearch of overated, underated ego reflects on people’s views of themselves. Those who overated themselves were not as competent as they think. People talented underestimate themselves by blind spot. Over raters think they are the best most talented one in whole world. So make wrong decisions and choices based on the overstated, unrealistic opinion to impress others yet they can’t deliver what they promised. Anyone who points errors to them is seen as negative, so easily offended. Excellent achievers if lacks confidence has a low-self esteem do not believe in themselves or their abilities experience stunted growth in performance. So demote themselves don’t reach full potential applying for jobs below them. Dealing with all who think are better at their job than they really are is a problem so annoying. It can lead to disaster if group project is made much more difficult by that someone’s unchecked domineering ego. A new TED-Ed video, based on a lesson by the psychologist David Dunning dives into why it happens and why people badly judge their skills. Looks into phenomenon the Dunning-Kruger effect. Knowing how competent we are and our skills is important not to stack up to other people as a self-esteem booster.ccd765b6a46d12274eb6ac5688cb648813980530_f496Addison Anderson said it helps to figure out how to go ahead with decision, instinct and needs instead of seeking wrong advice. Like God’s army 12 spies in Canaan saw enemies as giants but themselves as grasshoppers. So forgot God’s MIGHTY deeds delivering them. 2 spies gave good repoert said we will defeat enemies lets go at once as Caleb and Joseph told Hebrews in wilderness. Ten spies gave bad report said enemies are giants Hebrews cried all night made God angry banned from entering Canaanland. Even if they are giants nobody is bigger than God so majority is not always right. Anderson said a psychological research shows that people do not evaluate themselves accurately. Due to fear reflect on themselves poorly foegetting their strengths and abilities. Impact others negatively they join in to ruin opportunities due to the lack of confidence. Beware a company you keep influences you to make bad choices. Pride is another factor refuse to admit error to save face makes it worse. Despite Caleb or Joshua reassuring Hebrews God will deliver them if they obey but chose to believe bad reports.IMG_20210108_19585Hebrews underestimates strength in God to crdeit enemy stronger devalued their good success in life. So many in life believe in bad report to join friends to blend in rather than be only the few who stands up to the wrong majority. On the other hand giants over rate themselves defeated by boy David helper by God. So people overestimates their abilities detrimental to themselves due to the lack of awareness of their real values. This is a level that violates even laws of maths. A research of Software engineers in two companies told to rate their own performance. 32 percent of engineers at one company and 42 percent of other company put themselves at the top 5 percent. A distorted self perception of high egoist megalomaniac often is self indulgent over aggrandise their abilities. On the other hand those lacking in confidence of low self esteem undervalue themselves. Depreciated their real self value talent. An psychologists Dunning and Justin Kruger in 1999 said the people lacking in knowledge or skill in areas suffer a double ‘curse.’ So first make mistake in reaching a poor decision making process. They misjudge themselves thinking they are not good under estimate themselves. This is a knowledge gap preventing them from real abilities and not seeing their error. The poor performer lacks expertise to recognize how badly they perform but vainly over rate self indulge and highly rate themselves. So how will they know if they are bad cooks without understanding culinary skills? Its good news if people know they are bad at a thing they admit it. But a level of experience, expertise is needed for the people to come to realise such a valid realization of incompetence. IMG-20191029-WA0004.jpgTheir moderate experience expertise gives them lesser confidence in abilities, Addison said to learn more. So more knowledgeable overestimate others. Experts aware they are knowledgeable make mistake and assumes everyone is knowledgeable. Result is people inept or highly skilled in their bubble have inaccurate self-perception Addison said. The unskilled can’t see their shortcomings. And the exceptionally competent, don’t perceive their unusual abilities. There way to prevent is: “First, ask for feedback from other people and consider it even if it’s hard to hear. And secondly more importantly keep on learning the more knowledgeable one is its unlikely to have invisible hole of incompetence. It is good to keep in mind this is explanation of why how incompetent people overestimate themselves. Other example of explanations, check out a good rundown by psychologist Tal Yarkoni. These also includes personality types, pride, arrogance, cockyness, and the delusions of grandeur or psychotic episodes of hallucination. Its difficult to convince the people because of this distorted perception. Some may require the clinical psychologists  for treatment to understand these thought patterns. It is necessary to know people may lack capacity for critical thinking for clarity of logical reasoning skills. May be engrossed in their own heads building castles in the air or burying their heads in the sand so lacks spatial awareness.

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