125567-300x300-1In Matthew 26:41 , watch and for  the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.Mark 13:33 says, Take ye heed, watch and pray for you know the time is of temptation and adversity. from Bible. Luke 12:15 says believers are to watch and pray without ceasing against all forms of greed for LIFE does not consist of abundance of possessions. As the world deals with troubles, challenges, recklessness, traumatic consequences, to remain strong in the Lord in the power of His Might. Perilous times are around so there is a sense of urgency to keep watch over one’s life, soul, mind and body with intercession for loved ones. Believers are reassured a thousand shall fall at their side and 10,000 at the right hand side but it shall not come near in Jesus Name. There is so much pressure to make more things, buy more, sell more while the previous purchase has not been used. Things have overtaken life so much, if one cannot afford it, one is encouraged to borrow to get in debt. God says in Proverbs 22:7, the borrower is a slave to the lender who exploits them for excessive profits to grow money to keep pace with current keep driving excessive unrealistic profits, decisions are made daily stretching the earth beyond its capability damaging it beyond repair. Avarice makes it impossible to stop or truly reflect on ethical ways of handling the earth. Craving appetites cause more waste from toxic things that do not decay quickly so destroy natural resources in the name of sophistication. People often feel things made easy or simply affordable means it is cheap and not the best quality so expect complicated input to cater for their demand as long it pleases the eye. The higher the price, the assumption it is the best quality and value for money, so no effort is spared in producing vanities upon vanities that cause excessive ozone waste. The speed to produce more for the sake of business overrules any concerns about the cost passed to consumers while destroying natural habitat resources which needs to be conserved and preserved for future generations. Retail therapy creates good feelings for a short while until the bill comes through.

High self-esteem and happiness are defined by material things, replacing a good old family time of story telling around the fireplace. Some wear everything once and not care to pass it on to less fortunate because their rubbish is too good for such people to use. Brand new shoes or clothes last for years, yet the consumer is blamed, their demands drives the earth to ruin as seen in amazon forests, causing domino effect of drought and tsunamis all over the world. The environment is used beyond measure yet it does not matter as long as profits sour. Waste of healthy foods, things, constant changes to efficient equipment in the name of style and design has taken precedence to compel people to buy more to get rid of the previous one although working perfectly. Instant and disposable has become the norm, yet more than enough land available and perfectly provided by God’s design for homes, businesses, is turned into thousands of acres of rubbish tips while complaining about lack of houses. Profit from insurance claims of company wastage target claims is faster so more appealing than slow pace sale of goods.

matthew-26-41-watch-and-pray-brown_1300066979Hyped exaggerated profit margin is attractive than saving earth to provide needs of all as God provided. Profits and shares outweigh real value of commodities grown for generations or years destroyed overnight. Some living on the cultivated land are displaced without food and water. The privileged few destroy, dehumanize and devalued human life. The people with the lion shares create these problems. But what does it profit to gain the whole world and lose the soul. Things are useless in after life so why let greed destroy the earth? Pyramid mammon schemes are applied daily to drive profit beyond reality to cause bubble and bust resulting in credit crunch. The earth shows signs of stress from wear and tear. Yet beneficiaries continue to destroy next virgin forest no matter what. At this rate the earth cannot continue without tragic consequences like Japan, though people assured everything was safely under control.The titanic was said to be unsinkable by God, so at what level will guerrilla business tactics take notice to change to ethical business of Biblical methods designed by God to preserve the earth. Believers are to watch and pray for God to give them power to get wealth and riches without sorrow in their houses to be enriched to become a blessing to others. Are you seeking God’s Face in prayer as Jabez did in 1 Chronicles 4:10 by applying Godly Principles for increase and prosperity. God answered Jabez indeed so increased and blessed him as he asked God to do. God helped Jabez’s global  business expansion not to cause pain, grief, sorrow, lack, deprivation, poverty, economic under – development, disadvantage, economic slavery using guerrilla business strategies and under – hand tactics to destroy other’s resources while mocking them through propaganda by bragging of billions of profit made at expense of such business decisions? One does not have to return to draconian ways to live in a cave to wear animal skins.Be caring enough to reflect on true cost effect of impact of excessive billions of dollars of massive waste daily on earth. Have a sense of duty to care responsibly, value, appreciate God’s beautiful and wonderful earth God created for all. Put on your thinking skills and do your part to love, appreciate it. Do not take it for granted by constantly exploiting it to produce things not needed. Yet all are paying for the excessive waste produced with billions of pounds thrown away each year. As you love life, alert and vigilant for your soul, so be passionate, active about this lovely, beautiful wonderful earth inherited to preserve it for future generations. As every little helps so plant more trees or sponsor those doing so. Remember, to watch out in the little daily choices to save the earth. Yes we can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us to stop the excessive waste for if one can defeat 1,000, two can defeat 10,000, so you do the maths for 7+ billion people stopping excessive waste daily.

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