Do spend the rest of your life in agony for not achieving dreams intended in previous years. Let there be a joyful stirring in your spirit to face the future boldly to heal and let Jesus Live in you to face tomorrow. Everyday around the world there are millions of people waiting on your accomplishments. A real study of your past will maybe reveal most decisions made based on assumptions and probabilities of glossy brochures.  Then  the reality of your situations never matched up to your expectations so you begun to blame and condemn yourself. It it now programs of world events reveal the sources true causes of the crises of life globally. So do not submit to threats and consequences of life in general and think your case is a one-off. Do not torture yourself emotionally by thinking you did not try harder that’s why are different. You know for sure you did your ultimate best. So rest in God and relax in Christ and recognise the origin of the problem.  The world’s system influenced choices and decisions that gave problems than solutions. So the word of God reveals and exposes the problem to restore all believers back to God. The bureaucracy of life is made harder for people living in dreadful terrible physical conditions daily. It is caused by direct decisions of acquisitions made to sabotage lives of others. The 1% short change the rest 99% yet shouts loudly accusing the people whose actions did not cause the problems. Countless millions lose assets and property despite paying mortgages for years become homeless through no fault of their own. Ruthless guerrillas business tactics and financial policies actively use methods that target people by positive engagement to lure them into thinking there is gold at the end of the rainbow. Constant façade of 1% fat cat few manipulates the 99% of ordinary people thrashed daily. Then parades around pointing accusing fingers at helpless people who did not cause credit crunch in the first place.  It beggars belief human beings can become so evil to love money above precious lives so deprive ordinary people. Yet vaults are full of zillions of tons currency lying idle in secret private banks. Meanwhile they own all the global businesses that deprive and bury food while people starve and die.The 99% trampled upon has much more power than they realise because without consumers the rich become nothing. So people need to protect themselves from being sucked into mirage strategies that keep people tagged permanently to delusion of grandeur policies.The 1% cannot continue to hold to ransom 99% of the world by wicked manoeuvres. Superiority complex looks down on others falsely believing have monopoly over God’s resources. May feel too posh, too busy or too preoccupied enjoying their lives considered more important than others who do mundane menial jobs to serve them. They are happy to enjoy the fruits of God’s provisions of silver and gold usurped harvest for themselves. God’s deliverance and salvation message is seek eternal life of real true treasure that does not perish. So do not to hold onto temporal things to retain them as a reservoir but be a conduit to bless God with your talents, time, abilities, thinking that is the source of true happiness and wealth. Real authentic genuine blessings of God makes one rich without sorrow. Reflect on the breath in you, the ability to eat by yourself is not helped by gadgets or machines that prolong your life. Think on the dynamic motion of essence of life to appreciate and thank God. You do not have to be perfect and have it all before you enjoy God’s blessings in life. Some people are in your life for a season to help you according to God’s Plans and Purposes in your life. Drink Jesus’ Best Vintage Blood Life Giving Power of  healing in extreme trauma circumstances. Obey God’s commandments attached to Godly responsibilities. To love all people as God’s creation to help them enjoy God’s blessings, wisdom, joy of the Lord, knowledge, education and upkeep comes from God’s business but consider it beneath their status to treat God’s people equally. Accept God’s salvation plan in Christ Jesus to worship God to restore life balance when things seem to be getting out of control to do God planned for your life. You m ay cry, crawl, get depressed but never drown in Jesus Name. Stand in the same sustaining faith of Jesus Christ to hold onto God. Live God-made lifestyle in line with Bible and Christianity. Like the Pharisees and Sadducees do not use Corban excuse not to help elderly parents. Sacrifice to take responsibility to help adult dependants in business plans without conflict or argument. 

Christians may feel they need support of matured Christians. So be available not too busy or too preoccupied with more important things to help in God’s Kingdom. Share the love of God as  you are happy to enjoy the fruits of the God’s harvest for salvation. Enjoy blessings and upkeep comes from God’s business and blessed status to serve without reluctance. Accept God’s salvation plan in Christ Jesus to please God.  On the other hand, if not available or perhaps not feeling equipped then others can stand in the gap for you or help others on your behalf to get them to work on time to do God’s work. Practical humanitarian help for others brings healing as God said because when the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. God restores health unto you and  heals your wounds says the Lord in Jeremiah 30:17. Behold God Will bring  health and cure to cure you, and reveal to you the abundance of peace and truth in Jeremiah 33:6. God binds up the broken-hearted and will strengthen that which was sick in Ezekiel 34:16. As time is money, delay in work can affect profit margins of business projects due to lackadaisical attitude. So be instant in season to keep up with priority. Ensure all children have focus, attention, supervised to gain skills for lifestyle business. Jesus compared categories of Christian in God’s Kingdom as vessels who accept Christ as Saviour.  All are fit for purpose in Father God’s House to give great future potential of all God’s children to change with the right approach. Accept skills in Christ, with right training, support and discipline helps to develop, grow and bring new strategies to bless God’s Kingdom. God’s approval brings greater impact to understand to improve quality life to build up inner thoughts of the hearts.Modern technology creates differences in approach of new trends demanding changes in methods of life. Go ahead by experience and feel confident to work fast like a more experienced adult. Demonstrate maturity without tantrums be wise as an efficient competent adult to work together on team in same environment.

Children must not be left alone by excuse they enjoy innocent years without interference to just play. Child play is worth billions of pounds to keep them pre-occupied to deprive them of essential reading skills, logical reasoning and analytical critical thinking. There is misinformation that skills involved in-game boys are transferred into learning. That is absolutely not true because it is addictive so causes stunted emotional growth. It prevents children from active interaction with others. Consequently some miss age appropriate God ordained training to equip them to grow not depart from it. Such timid children live in a bubble unrealistic second world of virtual reality so find it difficult to engage in practical life reality skills required daily to sustain emotional growth and personal development. The success of the mind is a great achievement but not exclusively the only avenue of developing a whole life. Education, training, academic excellence is important for a healthy environment. However an understanding of all aspects of life in addition to mind development is necessary. So a bold life recovery transformation life altering significant experience is needed to help impact life as a Christian believer. Children need guidance, anointing, impartation and direction in life to teach them to serve and learn from humility like Elisha to pick up double portion anointing on their lives. Parents bear the brunt of raising children by imparting new wine from old bottle metaphorically speaking lifestyle. So impartation requires a well-rounded application without destroying the natural talents and abilities. Imbibed values require Godly foundation as malleable bendable securely without breaking new bottle. The branch attached to Christ the Vine to protect it. Lots of children between 5-7 years develop skills using play schemes as educational psychologists confirm. Transferring skills into real life experiences of children set in ways is possible to be remoulded. The success story means a hands on life training to learn new gifting to adapt easily to change. God knows how to recreate Bible laws by grace to live under the power of God’s Power through hands on practical application of life without controlling others.In Mark 2:28, Jesus confronted believers and leaders not to make laws to enslave others.  Jesus says to rejoice in Christ for interpreting keeping faith to set them apart in God. God’s hierarchical laws and structural designs blessings give upper hand advantage for a rightful place in society.  Jesus empowered by God’s power as Anointed Head of the Church is the Perfect Son of God Who came to save the lost, heal the broken-hearted and preach good news to the poor.  Jesus’ great following grips people placed in Jesus not to ostracised, isolated, abused. Inward and outward love of God is essential. God Loves, Forgives, Accepts all who after repentance serve God in Spirit and in Truth. After pain or during suffering still  appreciate God more, feel grateful, humble and thankful to God. To fully know the greater joy of gratitude to God for His Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness in Luke 7:36-50. Jesus accepts, loves, interacts with people despised, criticized, judged, shunned by others. Accepting Jesus and His Blood washes sin white as snow to change completely. Old things pass away so become new creations in Christ Jesus. So become more enthusiastic, passionate about God and compassionate about Godly values. Sunday School songs and lessons helps groups blend into the things of God to produce great fruit in God please God in action. In Matthew 14:25, power of God in Christ works miracles. Those transformed in Christ believe in God’s miracle power, the Holy Spirit, resurrection power of Christ. God is in charge of life surrounded by those who praise God who rewards all.  Keep alert under God Control to please God like Jesus’ obedience points to God factor addressed. You deserve God’s Best like any other person on earth so believe exclusively in God’s plan for your life. Even when treated badly and discriminated against do not be codependent.

Run to God the Strong Tower in the Christian race in submission to God. Lead or be led by leaders to come boldly into the presence of God through the Blood of Jesus. Secure faith in God in Christ good enough to associate with. Feel assured and guaranteed in God to treat fellow human beings in a healthy way to subdue enemy. Do not let control, exploitation of others through political, social, religious traditions of snobbery destroy you. Like Pharisees and Sadducees,  some take advantage to exploit those led through submission suppression. Do become stagnant due to abuse in professional capacity burnt and traumatized by authority abuse. Even if lost millions in investments misled by authority favourites or in church due to appalling treatment trust God to challenge or confront them in reprisal on your behalf. Leaders and led need consideration for each other because no one is perfect. Be God empowered to express and voice genuine love, mercy and forgiveness to praise of God. Due to  social standing, work, opinions, views, religious inclinations, may criticize and condemn others not in denomination or measuring up to their faulty human standards. Jesus says repent to be accepted into Heaven. For it is not worth exploiting and abusing others by owning all to deprive others. There is no point leaving such things behind on earth and burning forever in hell for choices and decisions that destroy others. Some feel rights of entitlement like your majesty the child, waited on hand and foot as secular law demands them to be raised. As adults used to playing with people’s lives as untouchable conditioned for years in permissive ways. So must change by doing ethical and moral business principles ,required to become perfect to work hard with proper training and discipline. So must not have delusions of grandeur to think too highly of themselves by their material worth above Godly Values. Father God is Hopeful, though disappointed they will be obedient and compelled to sow right into their lives. Social services must be trained to be involved in upbringing in caring to train as God requires from childhood. This helps to connect and to work in God’s Kingdom. The opposite response law expects to fester in depression according to consequences of problems for life. Father God is never too busy, or absent in helping in doing what He considers important in investing time in God children’s lives. God is able to help you overcome emotional and physical losses to restart life again in Jesus Name.