imageGod lives in our hearts yet the heart of God bleeds for what mankind is doing to each other from each generation to next generation. Our Father LORD God Almighty generously and abundantly created a perfect theocratic world with Himself as Perfect Head and Leader. Ungrateful unthankful unappreciative mankind abandoned God in Eden.

imageSince Eden Garden for self-rule got kicked out of God’s Safe Protection. So chaos of epic proportions entered the world. Strategies to improve life creates complicated complex stressful ways. So putting mankind under more pressure uptight and costs more than ever to live a normal life. The cycle must be broken as it cannot be any more tolerated for pattern of life continue to deteriorate.imageIrony is all responsible for imbalance of life cause so much pain and destruction to others in the process. Human life can be enhanced in some aspects, devalued in other areas creating contradictions. The worst part is none is God’s fault but God gets unfairly blamed for the world’s problems. It is time to call upon God for forgiveness for Him to repair damage caused by man for rejecting God.God god wants us to look deeper inside in all areas of life choices to remember to keep Him alive in our hearts not just during  on some occasions daily in our business, family, international, domestic policies because the earth is the LORD’S  and the fullness thereof. It is impossible without God to go on without ensuring what is done falls in line with God’s will for all mankind as a whole.imageMankind pays a heavy price for leaning onto own understandings. Everything points to fact mankind is incapable of making it without God’s input. This is the reality check mankind must realise. We need God more than ever before! It amazes me what is done for selfish lust rewards yet things of God are dismissed as irrelevant or unencessary.  Whatever it takes is done to consume on flesh by greed yet a simple action to save souls eternally is ignored. Yet God demands the blood of unsaved from believers.