Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 16.13.57It is important to mind your own business by keeping an eye on it to ensure it flourishes and grows to make profit and to expand globally. At some point however, the business becomes to big for the owner to keep eyes on all branches daily. This is why others are hired to develop and maintain growth of the business. Such a move is right and considered appropriately genuine by caring enough to seek other’s, paid for their expertise and services to keep eyes on the business interests and so people do not lean exclusively on their own understanding to avoid pitfalls and destructions. Such help is appropriate when given in good faith to build up and lift up the recipient’s business without hidden motives or agendas to boast only the fat cat’s interests and egos in the process at the business’s expense. This is why people get help and share concerns because it is believed two heads are better than one, since no one is an island one bounces ideas for feedback for progress.

There are numerous occasions when the right intervention of family, loved ones, friends, colleagues, spouses, significant others even those of enemies literally saved lives. It is true a problem shared is a problem halved by comparing inputs from other’s perspective to help clarify deep emotional issues or business concerns. If not, it can engulf one not to think clearly in the midst of stress so cause people to run helter-skelter, telling anyone who cares to listen to off-load their chest. This brings great relief for a short-time then resurfaces again but it is re-assuring to know others care about the situation.At times one is actually advised to inform others on need to know basis for future reference and witnesses. However, if not done wisely it worsens the situation of the restoration process as too many cooks spoil the broth. Claims profess surely inherited secret recipes are the best. But subsequently, ruin food instead. Too much added junk E ingredients destroy culinary perfection. Instead of specific, accurate, right weights and measurement recommended by master-chef. Similarly, in real life some people approach other’s business with too much passion, overzealous enthusiasm than required appropriately in trying to help. They do not realise they do more harm than good because they do not fully understand the boundaries of business relationships. They take other’s private confidential matters and run with it in the name of help since they feel they are always right and perfect. As the master-gossip, they ensure everyone knows about other’s issues through them yet nothing changes for the better to improve that person’s life. They enjoy gossiping as full-time job and always has the latest story but like Chinese whispers their version of the story changes totally so does not sound like nothing like what it began with. Those sharing story due to selfish fear of losing loved one in anticipation of changes, sabotages them to retain friendship. They get negative attention by preferring that friend to remain under their thumb due to blatant jealousy. So they set about destroying that loved one, as they strongly believe they know better how to deal with them than themselves through co-dependency.

They do not let them become independent, so use blackmail, issues death-threat plus manipulations to keep a tab on them. As it takes two to tango, they often hand-pick and select vulnerable, impressionable people who naively trust them. If the worm turns they have tantrums fits, huff and puff curses that return to them 7 fold in Jesus Name sealed by the Blood of Jesus. They also gang up to attack victims due narcissism for if they cannot control or gain selfishly from that person they want to punish, destroy, because they cannot stand to see their success in life without them. In another story of insubordination, rebellious accomplices were punished, swallowed and buried alive from an opening in the earth for attacking God’s anointed. Those forthcoming boldly were threatened to be bitten by God’s serpents for disobedience accused of not following instruction from ministers. Some misquote Bible verse, ‘greater love has no one than to lay down their lives for others. So take advantage of victims forced to join in to do their bidding against God’s will in fear of reprisal.Meanwhile such bullies never lay down their lives for anyone or any of those they ruin in the process. Jesus has already laid down His so no other life sacrificed can save. A classic case is that  of the priest Aaron and prophetess Miriam, the two siblings of Moses. Both though mightily used by God to support Moses’ ministry now felt they too knew God and can make decisions for Moses. Yet forgot God said touch not my anointed and do my ministers and prophets no harm. They complained about the black woman Zipporah, Moses married because they were racists who claimed they were upholding God’s warnings not to marry the heathen on the land. God allowed Miriam to be covered with leprosy and Moses had to intercede to God for mercy and for forgiveness so  Miriam was restored. This is the authority abuse in church by those taking advantage of innocent people who come to serve God under them. Many become too power – drunk so think they are above everyone else so chose to surround them selves with those who dare not complain for fear of losing their powerful position and life. Again, Hophni and Phinehas, are two junior priests and sons of the high priest Eli, took advantage of worshippers by serving best portion of sacrifices to themselves first before God’s Portion was offered on the altar.

Furthermore, they indulged in lustful acts of intercourse with women dedicated to serving in God’s Holy Temple. They were spoilt brats out of control who refused to listen to those who pleaded with them to change and stop such acts of defiance of God. So God called the child prophet, Samuel to prophesy consequences of their actions upon the whole nation and on themselves. Instead of humbling themselves to proclaim a fast, repent lament, ask God for mercy, grace and His deliverance like Nineveh repented or Esther saved the nation from racist murderers they rudely ignored warnings, so accepted punishment and destroyed the whole nation plus their wives and children. They decided they would not change for no one, not even for God or consider the lives of the innocent people dragged down by the consequences of their actions. People needlessly died for something they did not do for cooperate responsibility and accountability. Minding ones own business can protect one’s life for God to intervene on one’s behalf as God did for Moses or ruin the nation involved in the process of condoning sin against God. Ultimately, God Jehova Nissi has the Final Say So WILL Defend the defenceless and all those exploited and treated as underdogs. Keep minding one’s own business in the right way and God will deliver you, keep you safely covered by the Blood of Jesus, for no weapon formed against you will proper in Jesus Name.

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