How the story was reported in 2006God made the black and white people to live together in love and peace.  All are precious to God as first class Blue Print Creation in His Image so people belong to HIM. Believers are blue blood royal Joint-Heirs Messiah Saviour Christ Jesus seated in heavenly places as a peculiar royal priests of God. Absolutely nobody can question God’s Distinguished Mind. Blue blood Christian believers are God’s Children not mere creation. Belong to the KING of Kings and LORD of lords so take a good look at earthly royals. God’s powerful magnificence is demonstrated in the beauty and glamorous perfection and luxurious surroundings. Best of the best quality of everything pertaining to standard of living is provided to ensure lacks no good thing. God creates only the best and highest quality of people so no matter people’s colour, shape, size, status. God chose to create a variety of people according to His Decision, Choice, Wisdom and Unfathomable Knowledge. Approximately in 17,000 is born with albinism so very common all over the world to manifest the Glory of God’s beauty of creation. Let us look at a few examples. Absolutely wonderful and fearfully made are fraternal twins. Sister act: The twins are in different classes at primary school, and have different interestsLoving: Black and white twin sisters Kian and Remee, seven years after they came into the worldOne is black and has big brown eyes other is a blue-eyed blonde with palest of skin. They might share the same cheeky smile, but side by side, they look less alike to people. Remarkably, Kian and Remee are twins born minutes apart. Both are perfect in God’s eyes as none better than other. Leading fertility expert ­Professor Robert Winston, says the birth is “extraordinary.”“This is unbelievably rare and one of the first cases I have heard of in the UK,” Lord ­Winston says. “In the same family albeit generations are significant. This genetic event shows we all are one. The normal pigment melanin contain albinism gene carried but does not result in albinism. The person is carrier of the gene Some parents carry gene with no albinism as one in four chance at pregnancy means baby born with albinism.Sovereign God Almighy creates miracles of the body so has two sets of genes so a person may have normal pigmentation but carry albinism gene. A person with one gene normal pigmentation and one gene albinism has genetic information to make normal pigment. Albinism is a result of the biological inherited genetic alleles passed from both parents though some rare forms are inherited from one parent. For nearly all types of albinism both parents must carry albinism gene to have a child with albinism. A type of inheritance called autosomal recessive inheritance.  Albinism means the body makes unusual pigment melanin causes changes in usual melanin production. 

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She’s Black, With White Skin, Green Eyes,Natural Blonde Hair: Meet Albino Model Diandra Forrest.

Albino fashion model Diandra Forrest is a force of nature teased as a child, her unconventional beauty modelling came calling. So is 19-year-old Shaun Ross, an albino black model from Bronx, New York a mounting envelope pusher in fashion among models with albinism in recent decades. An albino women challenging racial expectationsmall_Brandi17
is Brandi from Silver Spring, MD, says, I’m a black woman with albinism, intriguing and confusing to people. Some people inquire about it and some make ignorant comments. I challenge the white-black dichotomy because I’m black with white skin. Happily embrace both identities as black woman albino. That caused me to live on the margins but I celebrate my complex position. The world’s biggest family of albinism is in India. An insight into understanding albinism reveals it started in the womb of Rebekah the wife of Isaac in Genesis 25:22-25. Rebekah observed the twins moved within struggling. God told her it was a sign of issues in their relationship so its first time twins are recorded as black and white in Bible.

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Above is albinism from Papua Guinea and Kenya and Rebekah’s twins, one is darker than the other. And the children struggled together within her; and she said, If it be so, why am I thus? And she went to inquire of the LORDAnd the LORD said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.” “25:24 And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, there were twins in her womb.” “25:25 And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau.” Albinism is a wonderful beauty of creation by God to manifest His great handiwork to silence the ignorant who lack such knowledge. Albinos continue to be born today all over the world since the birth of the first albino in the Bible. Every corner on earth with living things has albinism due to skin colour minimum black pigment melanin. Melanin is found in the hair and iris of the eye. It is formed in melanin-making cells, melanocytes, situated in basal layer of the skin. The skin tans by produced melanin pigment that protects DNA from dangerous UV rays. UV rays UVB ramps up melanin production a few hours or days after sun exposure. DNA damage in the skin by radiation UVA affects the melanin pigment production within minutes.

Scientists say genes in melanocytes, the cells for melanin production discovered cells make rhodopsin the light sensitive chemical found in the retina. The skin pigment resides in the epidermis, the thin outer segment of three layers make up protective organ. The epidermis has three sub-layers where albinism and freckles does its work. Melanin does not reach the middle layer of skin dermis. It is heavily distributed as concentrations of melanin freckles multiplied covering face or body as birthmark at one spot.Snap1Freckles can be found on anyone no matter their background. The amount of freckles is genetic as small coloured spots, melanin exposed skin membrane of people with fair complexion enough to be visible. The sun’s rays penetrate the skin so activate melanocytes which causes freckles to be darker and more numerous. The distribution of melanin is not same for all, fair hair like blonde or red hair are some genetic factors of freckles. Freckles predominantly are found on the face but appear on skin exposed to sun, arms, shoulders or concentrated on hand like vitiligo.  A presence of melanocortin-1 receptor MC1R gene variant formation of freckles is triggered by an exposure to Sunlight. Exposure to UV-B radiation activates melanocytes increase melanin production, causes freckles to become darker and more visible. Various types of albinism affect people in different ways like Ocular Albinism (OA) affects the eyes not skin or hair. It results from an X-linked chromosomal inheritance and so occurs mostly in boys. Albinism is found in animals, pets, cats, dogs and the fishes shown here for all fishers of mankind to understand God’s creation variety to His glory.Wonderful Albino variety mostly white types of all kinds of animals and people. In humans Oculocutaneous Albinism (OCA) affects the eyes, hair and skin and includes several different forms. First, OCA1 involves tyrosinase enzyme, which converts tyrosine (an amino acid) into melanin. Melanin is a chemical that colors our skin, eyes and hair. OCA1 includes two sub-groups:

  • OCA1a: Those with this type of albinism have no pigment and no active tyrosinase
  • OCA1b: Those with this type of albinism have some residual tyrosinase activity and so havesome pigment. Although they have decreased pigmentation at birth, it may increase slightly throughout their lives. People in this group may even have the ability to sun tan.

Another form of OCA, OCA2, affects the p-protein, another protein involved in melanin production. It is much more common in persons of African descent. People in this group have a pigment but typically do not tan. Another form OCA, OCA4 clinically indistinguishable from OCA2. It involves SLC45A2 gene, which produces a protein involved in melanin production. Others Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome (HPS) rare type of albinism, has increased incidence among people of Puerto Rican descent. Inter-marriage shows God’s creation in love and unity by the same maker.360_ghana_0411Chediak-Higashi Syndrome is another rare form of albinism is characterized by abnormality in certain types of white blood cells lower resistance to infection Also others have Griselli Syndrome a rare type of albinism of only 60 known cases worldwide. Chediak-Higashi Syndrome, itinvolves immunodeficiency associated neurological problems. Learn more at /derm/ topic9 26.htm. It is good to read more books and watch TV documentaries successfuly showing how white person takes melanin tablets so skin tone turns black. So convincing his friends, colleagues or acquaintances did not recognize him. The book written about his true experiences to prove his point on biased attitudes towards black skin colour created by God Almighty.Black Like Me.jpg

The title based on book Black Like Me written by John Howard Griffin. The book was adapted a 2013 documentary film entitled White Like Me. During the time of the book’s writing in 1959, race relations in America were particularly strained and Griffin aimed to explain the difficulties black people face in life daily incertain areas. Under the care of a doctor Griffin artificially darkened his skin to pass as a black man. Black Like Me in true story book by journalist first published in 1961. Griffin a white native of Dallas Texas in the book describes his six-week experience travels on journey on Greyhound buses and occasionally hitch hiking in racially segregated states of Louisiana, Mississipi, Alabama and Georgia passing as a blackman. Sepia Magazine financed the project in exchange for the right to print account first as a series of articles. Griffin kept a journal of his experiences; the 188-page diary was the genesis of the book. 1964, film version of Black Like Me starring James Whitmore  was produced. Robert Bonazzi later published book Man in the Mirror: John Howard Griffin and Story of Black Like Me. Title of the book is taken from last line of Langston Hughes poem “Dream Variations,” White Like Me: Reflections on Race from the Privileged Son book by activist writer Tim Wise. A personal account examines the white privilege and conception of racism in American society through experiences with his family and in his community.Whitelikeme.jpgThe title is based on the book written with a new preface updated chapters, White Like Me is one-part memoir, one-part polemical essay collection. It is a personal examination of the way in which racial privilege shapes the daily lives of white Americans in every realm: employment, education, housing, criminal justice, and elsewhere. Using stories from his own life, Tim Wise demonstrates the ways racism affect people of colour and benefits, relative terms, “whites like him.” He discusses how racial privilege can harm whites in the long run and make progressive social change less likely. He explores the ways in which whites can challenge their unjust privileges, and explains in clear and convincing language why it is in the best interest of whites themselves to do so. Using anecdotes instead of stale statistics, Wise weaves a narrative that is at once readable, scholarly, analytical and accessible to those genuinely wanting change for a better society. In White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son is a book by activist and writer personal account examines lack conception of racism in American society experienced in the community. Cross cultural trans-racial family is an interracial family consisting of two or more races. Some examples are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s family, Sandra Bullock and her black son, Madonna’s black daughters and white celebrities with non-white children. There nothing wrong with the mentioned families; financially stable, loving, respect children’s right. The rich provide comfortable life for children, no matter the race of the child. Some people ask why white people are adopt black children when there are plenty of white children to adopt. The child’s good cultural input is enhanced and given a sound training for good success in life that is what is most important. Look at the children left behind because of such arguments, what did they achieve for progress in communities.thAs the above black and white piano cake reminds all to enjoy the day of celebration together, so does the music keys play better in harmony to create excellent songs. Likewise, God creates and approves inter-dependence to live in peace and get along. There is nobody without melanin skin tone on earth neither did God create clones of any specific colour exclusively to be on earth. God Loves and Adores Colour so look around to see bright beautiful adorned flowers, more beautiful than King Solomon in glory. God the Master Artist mixes and blends melanin colour to create various shades of people according to HIS PLEASURE OF SKIN TONE DESIRED FOR HIS GLORY in creating. God created the whole world to prove everything is possible as He intends to do. The world does exclusively belongs to God for the earth is the LORD’S and the fullness thereof.  Born again citizens of heaven are the ambassadors of God’s Kingdom on earth. Believers receive the Blood transfusion in Christ responsible and accountable to God and God’s Children, believers are held to a Higher Standard to be like Jesus. God perfects what concerns believers, including people who hate and despise God’s creation. God freely provides for all, sustains with Sunshine, rain, food. GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS FOR HE LOVES ALL HIS CREATION EQUALLY. GOD LOVES ALL FOR ALL ARE GOD’S CREATION SO THE PERSON DID NOT CREATE THEMSELVES!!!!!!!.

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