Recently we organised an event for young people. We invited people from all over the world to join us to make a clear statement on the position we stand with regard to morals. In the process we sent invitations to local schools and churches then made preliminary personal visits to speak and to clarify any issues of concern to them.right_way_wrong_way1_xlarge We got local centrally located venue easy to access and had appropriately trained and experienced staff in place. Many young people expressed their enthusiasm interest and adults were to accompany those within a certain age range. Mostly only some Christian schools were willing to participate.

16582167-illustration-depicting-a-roadsign-with-a-moral-high-ground-concept-evening-sky-backgroundOthers made excuses and bowed out. The theme of event was morals guidance for the young people to make wise choices for the future. We apply Bible morals source of authority to build foundation on. We know fully others understand, shared our views so expected full support or co-operation.


Yearly records showed moral decay on the rise as consequences of choices were often for life. We were horrified to learn the same society accuses, blames youth for loose moral actively encourages indulgence. Sending mixed messages trivializes it since young people lack frontal cortex brain many do not fully realise the deeper issues of moral life.????????????????????????????????????????

So needed guidance from a mentor to support and help them make good decisions in life. Young people and need good hobbies and habits to focus interests and passions. They need to concentrate on talents, abilities to bring joy to keep them preoccupied as the devil finds work for idle hands. Those being trained must be supervised to join others who made up mind to be pure based on accurate Biblical teachings.images (28)

Responsibilities connected to certain right choices and how it impacts life forever was clearly explained with prayer. It was worthwhile so this event takes place all over the world in various venues each year. Yet liberal views on intimacy condone strong urges must be indulged in at all cost. Without any self-control or respect for other people’s body as a Holy Temple of God, and a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. Sex is trivialised as a sign of macho strength to get laid whenever one wants without any restraints.morals

Cartoons, videos, games, media, films all, highlight sex used to sell products. This desensitizes sex as mere casual porn commodity for indulgence with no thought of long – term effect or the damages to survivors. So many adults live with pain, grief, sorrow, nightmares reliving trauma of abuse with devastating effects on life, affecting love, focus, peace of mind. The damage is beyond explanation unless a person is a survivor.if-you-have-to-make-a-law-that-hurts-a-number-of-people-just-to-prove-your-morals-or-faith-then-you-have-to-true-morals-or-faith-to-speak-of

Sanctity of relationship and treatment of people is left to animal beastly instinct in such matters. Some take undue advantage of naive children grooming them with paedophilia gangs. Some network with each other to perpetrate abuse yet forget each human being is created in image of God. No matter circumstances or belief, God requires an account of how children, young people are treated by those in charge.unnamed (19)

Schools must give clear moral standards not just tell children, young people, a responsible use of condoms. The question is how can children know when to bother to get condoms while subjected to undignified treatment. The idea anytime intimacy is fun and entertainment through perverted abuse is really apalling savagery. As it destroys the life of survivors beyond expression of words.there-are-some-things-that-money-cannot-buy-like-manners-morals-and-intelligence-quote-1

Survivors live with damaging consequences while the perpetrator may not even remember them as human beings. Intimacy is a sacred act created, approved and endorsed by the Almighty God for legitimate use. It is not intended as a relief joke to indulge tension or lustful actions to abuse people. Many suffer hurt in silence and so compensations does not restore hurt deflowered virgin to original state. Neither does money wipe out grief and pain caused by such trauma retained for life.

Never-let-your-sense-of-moralsNever compromise self in any group with false sense of security to be involved to attack to cause pain and damage to others for fun. For no matter how dense a crowd, one cannot hide from the roaming eyes of God of Justice creator of priceless souls not valued or treated with dignity, respect and honour. God who sees in secret will fight for and vindicate survivors to thrive in Jesus Name to overcome trauma, reproach and despair. So teach children, young people to respect God’s creation.