love guide

1.  GOOD MANNERS:- Good manners are essential etiquette in life as it helps to express a courteous polite well-bred social behaviour. It shows self-respect to enable one to get along with others better in life. Good manners are an important value to learn. Behaving in an appropriate socially acceptable, respectful manner displays respect to others. Good manner creates good impressions on others to feel good and also makes one feel good about oneself. Good manners mean kind and thoughtful consideration for others. Good manners at home; during meal times at the table, using a calm correct tone of voice on the phone shows discipline. Good manners creates a positive healthy atmosphere and in relationships in the family. Good manners at school; and good manners outside are equally important so not weakness but strength. The bible says in 1 Corinthians 15:33 people need to watch what they say or hear because do not be deceived evil bad company communication corrupts good manners. Listening, waiting your turn, saying please, sorry,  thank you shows understanding of good manners.

2. GOOD MORALS is essential protection for one – self. Applying good right conduct shows one has the understanding in knowing distinctions between right and wrong helps to make better choices. Ethical issues demand a stand of moral attitudes to express or convey truth. Godly counsel and right conduct in speaking or writing in literary work guides and influences others especially young people to train them to make the right choice best for them. Good morals help to understand various points of view on personal, cultural values, codes of conduct or social mores. God’s Absolute Moral Truth Stands Above and beyond human perception in terms of right conduct so connote objective claims of right commandments. People sure have strong beliefs about what’s right and wrong so morals vary from person to person. Confidence in God’s moral absolutes is to help make society workable. Enduring principles expressed to us by Godly authority for human behaviour is based on the Bible. God expects people to do the right thing to accept His Way for good. What is considered right does not seem so to some hence crises of modern life. Abandoning God’s moral characteristics caused sin to enter ruining mankind. Jesus brings good moral standards reconnection to God. 

3. RESPECT is a word thrown around a lot and has become a kind of greeting among some friends. Mutual respect is a positive feeling of admiration for a person, entity, a nation or a religion. Specific actions and conduct often portray respect, recognition and tolerance for others. The need to show respect is crucial for society to function effectively. A particular stance, attention to a specific detail or point of view means one may not always see eye to eye so agree to disagree by mutual respect without allowing differences to create the 3rd world war. One can have a feeling of deep admiration for someone or their abilities, qualities, or achievements with a lot of respect. Parents must endeavour to teach and train young children early from a very young age, to have mutual respect for all people irrespective of race, colour, status, gender or age.

4. CHARACTER:- Character-education is very important in imparting high value self-esteem. This is a combination of mental characteristics and behaviour to distinguish a personality or group behaviour. Such features and traits form an individual nature of the person’s characteristic quality. These includes the way someone thinks, feels and behaves. Character reveals someone’s personality that conforms to a set of standard rules shared by many people. The distinctive nature of a person gives the people in an area its character. The individual character is influenced by the community character in an interesting or unusual way and vice versa. When someone has excellent character this is an accomplishment with a sense of achievement. A distinguished person is well-trained, authentic, genuine with core moral virtues. A place described as full of character has exciting adventure features, fun, pleasure so people feel good and well-treated. Emphasis is on character building child-rearing wisdom for empathy and respect to teach children to be better people.

5. COMMON SENSE: Common sense is defined as a basic ability to perceive, understand and determine things shared in common with nearly all people. These are standard normal values reasonably expected of nearly all people to make good decisions without any need for debate. Common  sense  means there is assumption that a person is expected to automatically know what to do. Therefore people may not be trained specifically yet observed to do the right thing. In addition, some common sense is unique to a vicinity or locality. And so only those familiar with the normal lifestyle know what to expect. Those who do not conform to the expected standard of common sense are seen as not smart enough. An awareness process of adaptation is required to gain better knowledge and understanding. Young people learn common sense from trial and error to gain experience to discern what works best or what to avoid. Others watch some people’s choices and common experiences to advise themselves. Common cannot be taken for granted because it comes with wisdom and maturity. Common sense is not as commonly assumed it is because some people seem to have more money than common sense.6. TRUST is confidence and reliance agreement that something committed or entrusted to one’s care for use or safekeeping is safe. In relationship trust means one feels comfortable to be the real true self without wearing masks. One is sure to be accepted warts by the other person. Trust is a duty of care and responsibility to be in charge in a relationship. Trust means one has nothing to hide or conceal in disguise to another person. It takes the grace of God and strength of character to confide in someone and still face risk of rejection. Trust is also belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective. One has assurance that an arrangement in which someone’s property or money is legally held or managed by the person is profitable in the in the interest of the owner. Trust is designed to support individuals and groups to gain highest value to enhance life without sabotage in win win fair situation.

0147. PATIENCE is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, solve problems, or going through suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. Patience is endurance formed by particular arrangements and sequences of calmness. Patience is peace of mind in adversity with confidence in God who has all things entrusted to God under His Control. Patience is the forbearing state of endurance under difficult circumstances. It means persevering in the face of delay or provocation,  annoyance, misfortune, pain, without complaint, loss of temper or irritation. Patience enables one with the ability not to act on instinct or retaliation. Patience requires the capacity and the quality of being patient and persistent.

8. CLASS: A person is said to have class, good taste if the person behaves in acceptable manner consistent with a well – bred decent upbringing. It means one belongs to the standard group or community with specific patterns of behaviour. To behave outside the norm of a particular class means one is not in tune with class. Personal taste lifestyle depends on class. Class is a diverse set, collection of groups or configuration containing members regarded as having certain attributes or traits in common. This depicts a kind or category of people whose accent, wealth, education plays a role in defining who they perceive themselves to be in specific  classes in society. So demand to be treated as such within the generic God class.

9.  INTEGRITY is having a good reputation with reliable good social skills. Integrity means honesty, uprightness, probity, rectitude, honour, with an upstanding very excellent character principles of ethical morals,  righteous moralsnoble in character, high-minded, right-mindedness, virtuous, decent, fair, scrupulous, sincere, truthful, trustworthy. Total focus of being whole with undivided attention on the issue at hand. Togetherness and seeking well-being of others. It entails being honest and having strong moral principles of moral uprightness. It is generally a personal choice to uphold oneself to consistently have integrity. This requires adherence to moral and ethical principles with soundness of moral character and honesty.

10. LOVE is God and God is love so this definition incorporates the all-embracing Godly love which flows through Jesus Christ to all people. Love is includes a variety of different feelings, states and attitudes ranges from interpersonal affection and companionship. Intimacy and sexual interaction is an essential part of relationship. Love involves intense feelings of unconditional love, positive emotions, instincts demonstrating affection. God is originator of love so sent Jesus to save mankind. So marital love is rooted and grounded in God who said it is not good to be alone so created Adam’s spouse Eve for companionship and as a help meet to replenish the earth. Expressing love to all fellow human beings is obligatory. Love means all people are respected and valued even if having different opinions.  

Human emotions and instinct are known to affect falling in love, mutual attraction, friendship, common interests, to what makes one look appealing in opposite sex relationship. Love all people loved  and give the necessary attention required to all individually. One can have acquaintances, friends, colleagues, family love respectively. There is specific love for each of the above category, so one does not feel sharing Godly love means betraying anybody. Above all, love God, Love Jesus, Love yourself and family and surround yourself with people you love who love you. Have a good positive attitude and remember money cannot buy all things although money certainly makes the world go round to some extent.


cutcaster-photo-100139446-Morals-Road-SignRecently we organised events for young people and invited people from all over the world to join in to make clear moral  statement position. This stand of regard to moral process invited the local school and Churches. My preliminary personal visit to speak to clarify issues of concern to them to work on as a community.right_way_wrong_way1_xlarge We got to a centrally located venue easy to access and had appropriately trained and experienced staff in place but is not received. For young people expressing a view of their enthusiasm interest adults must accompany those within a certain age range. Mostly its only few Christian schools willing to participate in event.16582167-illustration-depicting-a-roadsign-with-a-moral-high-ground-concept-evening-sky-backgroundOthers made excuses and so bowed out because the theme of event was moral guidance for the young people to make wiser choices for their future. To apply Bible morals as a source of authority to build life foundation on. To know fully their role in relation to others always to help understand shared views expected of each for full support by co-operation.time-to-do-what-s-right-saying-clock-quote-words-illustrate-moral-choices-positive-features-such-as-31478236Always doing what is right a challenge as yearly records showed moral decay on the rise as consequences of choices were often for life. We were horrified to learn the same society accuses, blames youth for loose moral but encouraging indulgence. Sending a mixed message to trivialize matters since all young people lack frontal cortex brain do not fully realise the deeper issues of moral life.????????????????????????????????????????Many need guidance from and mentors to support and to help them make good decisions in life. Young people and need good hobbies, music, sports and a good habit to focus on interests and passions. They need to concentrate on the talents, and abilities to bring joy to keep them preoccupied as devil finds work for idle hands. To be trained must be supervised to join others to make up their mind to live based on God’s Biblical teachings.images (28)So responsibilities connected to certain right choices of how it impacts their life and forever was clearly explained with prayer. It was worthwhile so this event takes place all over the world in various venues each year. Yet liberal views on intimacy condone strong urges must be indulged in at all cost. Without any self-control or the respect for other people’s body Holy Temple of God and dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. Sex is trivialised sign of macho strength to get laid if one wants to without fear or restraints.moralsCartoons, videos, games, media, films all, highlight sex used to sell products. This desensitizes sex as the mere casual porn commodity for indulgence with no thought of long – term effect or damages to survivors. So many adults live with pain, grief, sorrow, nightmares reliving trauma of abuse devastating effects on life, affecting love, focus, peace of mind. The damage often beyond explanation unless a person is a survivor.if-you-have-to-make-a-law-that-hurts-a-number-of-people-just-to-prove-your-morals-or-faith-then-you-have-to-true-morals-or-faith-to-speak-ofSanctity of relationship and treatment of people left to animal beastly instinct in such matters. Some may take undue advantage of naive children grooming them with paedophilia gangs. Some do network with each other to perpetuate abuse forget each human being created in the image of God. No matter how the circumstances or beliefs, God requires an account of how the children, young people are treated by those in charge.308771_005
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Schools must give clear moral standards not just tell these children or the young people the responsible use of condoms. The question is how can children know when to bother to get condoms while subjected to undignified treatment. The idea that anytime intimacy is fun and is entertainment through perverted abuse is really apalling savagery. Destroys life of survivors beyond expression of word.there-are-some-things-that-money-cannot-buy-like-manners-morals-and-intelligence-quote-1Survivors live with the most damaging consequences while their perpetrators may not remember them as a human being. Intimacy is a sacred act created, approved and endorsed by the Almighty God for legitimate use. It is not intended a relief joke to indulge tension or lustful actions to abuse people. So many suffer, hurt in silence and compensations does not restore their hurt deflowered virgin to original state. Money cannot wipe out their grief or the pain caused by trauma retained for life affects future marriage. The intimacy required to consummate a marriage becomes memory of past pain.

Never-let-your-sense-of-moralsNever compromise yourself in a group with false sense of security and to be involved to be attacked causes pain and damage to others for fun. For no matter how dense the crowd, one cannot hide from the roaming eyes of God of Justice. The creator of your priceless life or soul values you to be treated with a dignified respect and honour. God sees all secret things will fight for you and so vindicate a survivor to thrive in Jesus Name. And  to overcome trauma, reproach, despair, shame or blame. Teach children, young people to respect God’s creation as they are precious to God so their angels fight for them in Jesus Name. Do not replay a role in abusing yourself by guilt not to forgive yourself. It takes two tango, ask God for His Mercy to forgive you for a situation beyond your control in Jesus Name. Thank God for your salvation in Christ Jesus so don’t let past define you.