unnamed (16)God Spots is God’s Remote Control Point inbuilt in brain for contacting us. God’s wifi wireless antennae connect brain to uplink to heaven for receiving messages visions, information from God. Medical Scientists after numerous experiences documented over many years confirm mankind is directly in tune with God. These locations in brain scientifically revealed God Spots called, Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) GodSpots specific spots created in brain linking us directly through God’s inbuilt thought processes in mind reminds us to retain God in our and remember to talk to God to receive answers from God. God wants constant uninterrupted Direct Line CONNECTION in Christ to heaven for quick attention. GodSpots maintain God’s Top Position in our hearts, minds for adoration, love, affection, worship, reverence and feel secure in love of God for us.05_Brains-greatest-Mystery_God Spots in brain helps communicate with God directly as the source of all wisdom and knowledge linking us to God. We experience Godly moments of consciously calling God or God reaching to us through Christ by His supernatural miracles. We are connected to God’s Top Spot regularly by instinct or gut feeling so make decisions looking up to God. We recognize extra courage, strength to achieve good success beyond normal abilities so say the Good Man upstairs watches over us constantly. God wants us consciously to know love Him The True Living Almighty God who Speaks to us. Brain scans registers and records changes in brain vivid joy, experiences taking place in the mind. Memories are recounted by people include children’s accounts agreeing with Bible truths.braingod-91197545cb9c89fc01996d6ccf9c5eda32ecdcaeThe medical team’s amazing wondrous miracles heard witnessed by numerous such encounters of people sharing their testimonies and experiences. All these true stories agreed on God’s power and love and life in heaven. Many see Christ angels, relatives who passed on with joy and smiles while passing. So recovered from comas with beautiful experiences of heaven. We cannot logically reason or explain how but know for sure Spirit of God through the Holy Spirit works in us. This process described is Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) links to God from God Spots in brain. God Spots are used during prayer times, visions, Christian meditation, Godly messages received through people like seers and prophets.The Supernatural power God used to create universe is put into brain by God. So God’s Spirit backs us up we do things by God’s Mighty power for His Glory. God is source of wisdom, love so gives greater meaning to Christian believer’s life. God really manifests His knowledge in Bible. God is passionate about all His Children Loves to talk to communicate with us or vice versa. Scientific advance in medicine sees happening advance concept communicating with God scientific concept. And soon will become common place. An incredible spiritual events happening to confirm God Spots in brain. God impacts lives daily so those who take time to listen or write notes know that God talks to them. The creator of the brain knows best to connect mankind to Himself. It is important to  listen to Spirit of Living God for better understanding, knowledge of God being close to God. Missouri University neuropsychological basis for spirituality not just isolated to specific area of brain.” Brick Johnstone, Professor, School of Health Professions says, “Spirituality is dynamic so many parts of the brain play a role.” Certain parts of brain play more predominant roles work together facilitate spiritual experiences. God Spots link mind to God for the perfect peace beyond a human understanding. Juggling activities in life dealing with issues, easy to relegate God to back burner. God Protects His first in our heart Position in through God Spots brain connection to keep in touch with Jesus, Creation and Christian believers.God is truly amazing as more details of His Glorious Majesty is revealed by the sophisticated gadgets designed through talents and gifts inbuilt to magnify His Wonderful Creativity of brain scans. The universe  has long since shown God’s Power and now brain scan details show deeper insight of God’s creative expressions. So God is revealed through many different sources to confirm His Greatness and Omnipotence.god-is-happeningSo due Honour and Glory must be given to God as He Deserves in Jesus Name. God has so much interest in people  that He ensures we never lose touch with Him. God talks daily to us so we listen deeply to hear heaven’s music loud and clear as local radio station play records. NASA speaks to astronauts in space so Almighty God inbuilt in our brains His Own Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) to stay in touch with beloved Creation daily on earth from heaven in Christ.