IMG_20140126_201121Believers are more than conquerors in the name of Jesus Christ because Roman’s 8:31-39, gives assurance that despite tribulations and challenges of life nothing shall separate believers from the love of God. This verses  encourage one through those moments when feeling blue to hold on steadfastly to God through Christ Jesus no matter what the issues, difficulties and the challenges faced daily. It may be issues from work, neighbours, friends, loved ones, or even the weather and storms of life. Sometimes it may be in dealing with physical, spiritual, emotional or other’s problems which weighs heavily and threatens trust and confidence in God. Whatever the situation, it is important to hold onto God in the midst of adversity. This is because of the cloud of witnesses surrounding and watching to see the manifestation of God’s Power and Faithfulness in your life. With God’s help every situation is under control although the external circumstances may seem contrary to the results expected.

God loves you deeply and is always available for you even if you do not see or hear him like your friends talk to you. He Will never turn His back on you when you draw near to God, He draws near to you. In a family, the one who makes time with parents gets to know them better and is wiser than sticking to only peers. God never separates from you though you may not feel his presence all the time. If one sins against God, He forgives, forgets, restores after repentance, in Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness as Jacob did in Genesis 32:9-31, saw God face to face, his name changed to Israel and his descendants still keep Abraham’s covenant with God today. God separated from satan, due to insolence and pride of trying to usurp God’s Glory, so was thrown out of Heaven to earth with a third of rebellious angels looking for those who let them, to devour. Abide in God’s Secret Place hide in Christ Jesus forever.

People may try to separate you from the love of God by complaining you have Obsessive, Compulsive, Jesus Syndrome (OCJS), as you talk too much about God, and spend too money on things of God by sponsoring church ministries. They may advise you to reduce the amounts given or stop entirely. Yet such people do not mind spending money on things destroying their health, taking loans to go on holidays to enjoy themselves. Some spend the whole nights partying and drinking yet mocking you for going to all night vigil to worship God. Worst of all, life does not seem different although loyal and dedicated in serving God. People cannot separate anybody grounded and rooted firmly in Christ Jesus. Politely thank, pray and bless them for interest but continue to focus on God. Well-meaning friends can lead astray because the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Discern negative people influencing concerns of life. Stop friends who try to separate Job from God’s love, healing miracle restoration. People’s decisions cannot separate you from God’s love in Jesus Name.Above all else, do not separate yourself from the love of God in the Name of Jesus Name. No matter how tough the going gets, remember you are more than a conqueror, protected in Christ Jesus’ Blood in Jesus Name. Do not be overwhelmed by problems to reject God. As a matter of fact, the greater the storm the faster the speed to run into Gods loving arms. Do not allow fear, guilt, shame, rejection by people or anything cause you to separate yourself from God. This is because God treats you differently from how people accept you. God does not define you by your sins, mistakes, past but people judge and call you by problems like ‘the woman with the issue of blood but that did she did not separate herself from Christ. The blind beggar did not let people separate him from his miracle from Jesus. Do not let anything draw or seduce you from God’s Presence, God’s Divine love and protection cover through the Blood of Jesus Christ in Jesus. Remember Jesus has given you All Power in Heaven and Earth, Power over all the power of the enemy so absolutely nothing shall by any means hurt you in Jesus Name. So you are more than Conqueror in Jesus Name with thanks and Glory to God.

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