15698540731157495813780866790507.jpgYour eye contact is secretly used to judge if you are telling the truth or lying.  Proverbs 4:25, says let your eyes look to connect eye contact gets attention of listener. The body language eye contact is used to determine secretly if you are telling the truth. Hand gestures made, moods, posture and tone of voice, colour worn, confirms what is heard and observed. Silent language indicate if a person is telling the truth or if their actions are congruent to what they are saying. Professionals trained apply eye contact displayed to ensure what see agrees with what a person said is heard.15698541017993568179084049943003.jpg Eye contact is used in profiling to select jobs by staff. Potential employee chosen for role. Eye contact facial recognition profile people at airport by experts trained to assess image of people using standard measures. But six billion people raised in other cultures told to look down as sign respect of respect to elder or boss. To bow head moved up and down to say yes or head moved sideways three times is no. All communities don’t look directly in eyes of adults or leaders if they do, told they its disrespectful. Eye contact is truth in the Western countries so no eye contact is lying.15698541660107598815471588664349.jpgThis contradicts Western expectation of eye to eye contact as proof of telling the truth. The irony is the person observed or assessed by Western standards have NO CLUE they are judged. Professionals trained choose potential people without IDEAS of culture of a randomly selected person by these artificial intelligence technology. Bias of institutional racism undertones means the measurement of people unaware of what is taking place. Individual differences and their style of communication is significant. 15698559844632957957749377765166.jpgA person is stopped or pulled over for not having eye contact expected answering the officer and made uncomfortable. It unsettles and agitates a person’s time wasted without understanding why. This Catch 22 situation misinterprets body language to assume the person has something to hide so guilty. The professional probes further unaware of the anger caused by their lack of knowledge. So misunderstand cultural differences of that innocent person. Ask for reason why no eye, contact don’t interrupt if no EYE CONTACT.15698555935354557282682839323441.jpg People NOT TOLD eye contact in developed countries is an issue. So crucial eye contact matter causes confusion  mistrust involving people unaware of what is going on during interaction. The person in authority uses the privileged position of power to gain upper hand to do what they want. This is injustice  felt by innocent facing consequence for lack of no eye contact chaotic situation set up. Its use for intervention purposes seems a good idea to observe from safe distance potential threat but this concept needs fine tuning. 15698549368068715366091177153195.jpg The body language of touching the face, hair is interpreted by professionals. So potential employee who does not understands what is going on unaware of these process. Schools must teach eye contact in PSMA classes not to mislead people out and about minding their own business. In Luke 11:34 in Bible eye is lamp of of body for vision to focus full attention. A speaker listens actively, deeply to reflect on conversations. The education system training academies must emphasize need to educate experts not to stress people out by their eye contact issues. Their time is wasted feel overwhelmed and exhausted by their treatment. Eye contact misleads if used as proof of innocence to misjudge as ‘guilty.’ 1569855211223402264736410128350.jpgBible says eye is like lamp provides light for your body. Yet considered rude by elders for looking in their eyes. This double standard of looking in some eyes or others don’t look in eyes in developing communities confuses children. Looking in eye in western world in is truth people raised in the West taught to look in the eyes. But not realise implications of policy of no eye contact means dishonesty abuse guilty. Decisions are made on people’s lives by eye contact mechanisms but they do have awareness. The distorted perception of eye contact by professional lack awareness of cultural facts. Some people talk with head bowed way of life wherever they are. 15698551529211664758458734048476.jpgAdults learning about eye contact forget and look down naturally used to, misinterpreted as lying so probed over and over again. Eye contact guilt maltreat people by some of the professionals. Test machine algorithms pick people randomly. Gadget technology chose them unaware they are selected by chance. The person’s cultural upbringing not taken into consideration as no eye contact culture  in developing world. The sign of respect and honour to elders, leaders, bosses or kings in Western countries is interpreted as ‘lying.’15698553084514133208070762997710.jpgCultural shock under values person targeted but doesn’t understand why selected. It may be true in Western culture liar incapable of keeping eye contact hiding something. But is not the case in other cultures eyes must look down as respect. The eye is entrance to soul or window to the soul so is presumed no eye contact means lying. Interrogators use eye contact as truth. Nobody sees inside the soul its a misnomer eyes communicate emotions. Widely opened eye is excitement or passion. 1569856080901921482802635910558.jpgEyes are mirror to the soul expresses hidden things so face reading knows people better through their eyes. You can know anyone in glance by the look in their eyes. From a day nursery body language facial expression is taught toddler given facial chart of laughter, sadness, tears, fear sad, happy smile emojis conditioned to know from childhood. These helps child’s development to understand the emotions people feel. Other cultures do NOT know about facial expressions. Unheard of in some places but used to determine truths or dishonesty globally. Eugenism technology calculation measurement determines pure race faces as truth by analysing data. 15698563677346650689849970460877.jpg15698567215082823320508322049933.jpg15698567687105836674172911464260.jpgAccyracy of images produced by AI data is not identical to original photo input into the computer. So generates debate about ethics of using of the facial recognition technology. EYES ARE MIRROR OF SOUL used to read a person’s thoughts ascertained by looking in their eyes. Trained eyes expresses naturally sculptured emotion but others not realising being read coded by an innocent behaviour. Perception of lying observed data as reliable than what the person says means focus is on eyes, facial expression taken more seriously. 15698564685217602585483894221635.jpg15698564966297660481461924447768.jpg15698560466605823939569402393629.jpg15698555556185845647951945252567.jpg15698554442225817182311506030717.jpgIMG-20190930-WA0004.jpg15698550016522466732695670191677.jpg15698542536351786798650739287017.jpg15698566623168652403132226833191.jpg15698565672722547522470440025800.jpg
Bias shows angry black men no matter what they say personal situation is not believed if its not synchronised by data. Technology is not 100% perfect it can misread information to lead to targeted person unaware of what is going on. Eyes are considered windows to the soul because a pupil tell a lot about what is going on in the mind of a person used by psychologists to determine and diagnosis of truth. In Matthew 6:22-24 says the eye is the lamp of the body draws light into body from eyes. Light shines into the Spirit from God so eyes reflect thoughts. A person’s thoughts can be ascertained by looking into the eyes. The eyes is entrance to the human soul from other people reflecting thoughts. Be careful little eyes what you see. Babies keep eyes focussed on person looking after them. The debate goes on among experts on the ethics of eye contact a sole measure of truth or lie. 


A record £1.1bn in overpaid benefits was recovered from fraudsters last year

People lose millions in online ‘get rich quick’ schemes according to an article in the news once again on binary options trading. In Israel and Canada, binary options trading is illegal as Adele Robinson, the News Correspondent stated in the news. An online investment scam targeting people through social media has seen the amount of money lost by victims in the UK rise by 400,000% in six years. Figures from Action Fraud show the amount lost to “binary options” trading increased from £6,200 in 2012, to £27m in 2017 alone, with the total currently standing at £61m. Binary option or fixed odds betting are being used by fraudsters as part of a multi-billion pound industry which is believed to be co-ordinated by overseas criminals. A binary option is where you can gamble on an outcome, usually something to go up or down, with the pay-off being a fixed amount or nothing at all. One example would be to bet on whether the value of gold will be above or below a certain price and investors believe they can gain high returns on little amounts. Consumer group Which? has described binary options scam as “Britain’s biggest investment con” with illegitimate companies targeting victims through pop up adverts online and cold-calling.Frank Thornburrow believes he was conned

Frank Thornburrow was targeted through social media and believes he was conned. As an investment idea it first appeared ten years ago but the industry has grown exponentially in recent years. Detective Sergeant Alex Eristavi from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, run by the City of London police, says people are being defrauded on a daily basis. “There is no typical victim,” he told Sky News, “they are just ordinary folk like you and me. The youngest one is 19 years old, that we have recorded so far, and the oldest is 93, so it’s a wide spectrum. “It’s fair to say with binary options coming into play the average victim’s age of investment fraud has dropped because previously it was over 60 and now it’s early 50s. “It’s because the younger generation are taking part in this activity, and it could be easily explained as social media is a lot to do with it, the advertisements and the pop ups etc.”The City of London is home to the UK's financial services sectorThe Financial Conduct Authority will begin to regulate binary options trading this year. Binary options trading is currently regulated by the Gambling Commission but from January 2018 the Financial Conduct Authority will take over. In other countries like Israel and Canada, it has been banned completely. Frank Thornburrow from Kent, lost his life savings when he invested in binary options. He has been unable to get any money back and told Sky News that he believes he was conned. He gives one example from an email telling him that to access his money he would have to make 150,000 trades, which was money he simply did not have. “The last couple of years haven’t been easy,” he said. “I lost my daughter couple of years ago when she died of cancer. I retired and I was looking for a way of making money so I tried binary because it looked good. “And basically it was a big con, it didn’t work out and I lost a lot of money. I’ve ended up with a triple bypass, so that’s the impact it’s had on me.” There is also concern that students are falling victims to scam companies after gambling with their maintenance grants to “flip” their money, according to Action Fraud. The advice from police is that “if you don’t know the field, don’t get involved in it” as there are “so many rogue companies out there.” Which? carried out its own investigations into binary options companies and found evidence of “bad practice across the board”, with high pressure sales tactics and “unfair” terms and conditions. Jenni Allen, managing director at Which? Money, said: “We found for instance that people making a deposit had to invest up to forty times that deposit to even access their money again. “I think most worryingly found examples of where actual data being used was rigged by the company so your initial investments would return some form of profit in return but thereafter you would receive loss after loss.”


gut feelGut bacteria affects the brain and mood swings which impact the body. Recent research shows good gut microbes are essential from quality nutrients in foods Gut bacteria creates a serotonin happy mood and joyful mindset. Some of the processed foods deficient in essential mineral nutrients contain residues of toxic chemicals from fertilisers and the pesticides in the food chain. Product can contain unhealthy chemicals affecting a mood swing. Often people who have no time to eat well and without time cook simple healthy menus resort to the junk foods. Cheap unhealthy foods cause the obesity, diabetes and numerous health problems as the meals grabbed eaten too fast for proper digestion. Whatever food is available if desperately hungry is stuffed and gulped down with drinks also unhealthy. The modern trend of the rat race lifestyle means most do not even shop or stock healthy ingredients. Often too expensive within budget due to low incomes may resort to fast foods in high streets, eat whatever is available as job markets in ate in jeapoardy. Your-Gut-BacteriaWith spiralling property prices constant online connectivity, these undoubtedly is anxious times for young people. Stats back this up, with almost one in five 16-24-year-olds in UK dealing with stress and anxiety. A recent study suggests that the anxiety levels may not just be driven to what’s going on inside brains but in gut caused by bacteria microbes. After carrying out research scientists at University College Cork, Ireland found strong links between the high levels of depressive and anxious behaviour and having a low-level of gut microbes. The study showed ‘microbe-free’ displayed higher anxiety levels than those without them. It’s believed the gut’s microbiotic environment influences molecules in 2 areas of the brain’s pre-frontal cortex and amygdala tied to a range of mental health condition of depression anxiety.Gut-bacteria-weight-loss-300x203
Links between what you eat and what you feel emphasise the latest findings in years to come do not only focus on the ins-and-outs of brain chemistry and antidepressants but take a more holistic view of our mental health. A double-pronged treatment is encouraging news to those who have a generalised anxiety disorder. In the UK it’s believed about 5 % of the population and young people affectedHowever, treating food as a solution to complex mental issues is by no-means being suggested. The past few years ‘clean-eating’ trends are criticised by experts saying they cause problems as approach to food unhealthy extreme.

While fad diets may be debunked, according to one specialist, paying attention to your gut isn’t another mere craze. “It definitely isn’t just a trend,” says Dr Megan Rossi, Research Associate at King’s College London. Gut’s sudden rise to prominence as an arbiter of our mental health is due to technological advances, she explains. “We weren’t able to sequence all the bacteria and understand their genetic profiles and their functionality until now,” she explains. Only in the last 10 years has the tech been available to understand the gut’s true potential. “I definitely see the gut as like a second brain,” she says. And, like the brain, we are far from understanding all of its mysteries.diet_620x350_61490876592

But there are some things you can do to keep your gut and your brain fighting fit. Fermented foods, such as kimchi or live yoghurt, are said to be beneficial, while recipes including pulses and legumes, onion, garlic, dates, figs, and asparagus can all help good bacteria to flourish. Dr Rossi says variety is also key: overdosing on just one kind of veg won’t bring the health benefits that varied, plant-based foods do. And she is keen to stress that food isn’t a miracle cure, when it comes to severe, chronic depression. But being kind to your gut might be one important way of being kinder to your mind. If you’d like more information and support about topic be able to get help from experts in healthy eating treatment centres. If you need counselling tell your GP to set up for you to deal with ang deep root causes of anxiety causing unhealthy eating. Pay attention to good healthy diet in general improves health and gets rid of certain illnesses as Jamie Oliver showed by the changes in school meals in UK impact on children’s health and well-being.  In addition anxiety is fuelled by hidden chemical, enhancers and preservatives. It is important that to know and learn to understand effects on brain and body. Gut-Bacteria-InfographicGood food from the rainbow diet ensure each part of the body gets appropriate nutrients necessary for the cell growth, regeneration and repair of the human tissues. Some do not eat properly, resort to online self diagnosis by convincing themselves they have symptoms read about. In the course of counselling, psychiatrists said, following a five-year study of patients treated in 5 English hospitals. Research shows internet was feeding a “silent epidemic” of health anxiety as harmless ailments often mistaken for terrifying diagnoses. And they said the growth of fitness trackers likely increased levels of hypochondria, heaping pressures on cardiac clinics and neurology units. Dr Helen Tyrer, a senior clinical research fellow, Imperial College London, said anxiety was often triggered by event, such as the patient suffering a health scare, somebody in their family getting ill, dying, celebrity their age dying or getting sick. “They become convinced they are developing a serious underlying disease, or that an existing medical problem is much more serious than it is,” she said.Prevent-Your-Gut-Bacteria-From-Making-2Such beliefs are held despite medical evidence to the contrary.” Lead author Professor Peter Tyrer said the internet appeared to be fuelling the trend: “We think increasing frequency is because of cyberchondria,” he said. “People now go to their GP with list of things they’ve looked up on the internet and say ‘what do you make of this and the poor GP, five minutes into the consultation, has four pages of reading to do. “Dr Google is very informative but he doesn’t put things in the right proportion,” he said. It is true Google helps as source of good information but contradictory advise leads to confusion or lack of awareness of the real causes of changes in moods. Food plays major part in human brain formation so eating the right foods can contribute to a healthier mindset. Food is not just an option of favourite palate taste but thought must be put into good food to train people to value their body better. The family meal cannot just depend on ads seen on Telly to feed the precious body and good brain foods. How-Gut-Bacteria-Affects-Brain-and-Body-PinA glamorous food advert picture does not match contents inside the food box or taste anywhere near similar freshly prepared quality good home-made meals. A good budget can buy the affordable ingredients if determined to feed family and eat well. So much time spent online or watching telly can be used instead to prepare these simple quick 15 minute delicious menus for a family. The rise in ADHDT some autism spectrum is linked to chemicals in some foods that must be avoided.

How to cope with anxiety

Dr Rachel Andrew offers her advice for teens struggling with anxiety:

  • Seek appropriate help if you feel you need it
  • Remind yourself that it only forms a part of your strengths, talents and abilities
  • Try and practise mindfulness to stay in the moment, as your anxiety will drive you to constantly think of the future and worst case scenarios
  • Try to stay focused on the present and more manageable situations
  • Take a break on social media or at least have moments in the day where you switch alerts off.

Healthy-Gut-BacteriaThe study, funded by National Institute for Health Research, tracked 444 patients with “severe health anxiety” at cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology and respiratory departments. While some had genuine health complaints, or had suffered them the past, all had abnormal levels of anxiety. Those given cognitive behavioural therapy saw a significant drop in anxiety levels, five years on so similar death rates to those given standard NHS care, suggesting that counselling did not lead to a failure to discover life-threatening illnesses, researchers found. The hospital food is another issue as patients sometimes are unable to eat what is provided. Lots of tons of food is wasted by NHS because is unsuitable for dietary needs in certain situations or patient too ill to eat that sort of food provided. Holistic approach to good diet will reduce some illnesses compounded by junk food or starvation. Healthy food education must extend to manufacturers also and start early from childhood. Convenience foods are good but cannot be totally depended on solely for nutrients. Fresh food quickly prepared contains ‘live’ nutrient than the one stored for years before being eaten.gut-bacteria-boost-health-fb.jpgGutVideo-657x360Scientists filmed this picture seen here showing bad bacteria eating the healthy brain bacteria. In other words the poor diet can create toxic bacteria to damage brain cells, cause some mood swings or depression. Food is medicine to healthy body so provides energy and strength. On the other bad junk food destroys the body slowly causing long-term diseases. Pay attention to your food because you are what you eat. There is no excuse to neglect the body because of healthier foods now abundantly available to choose from. A little effort makes good difference to mood swings and improve serotonin.  It’s better to eat well without the plastic containers damaging earth and the environment because people think they are too busy to cook. Time spent travelling, queueing in long lines for food can be easily used to cook the simple healthy home-made meals. The TV show proved it took longer in some cases to wait for good ordered than to make a freshly prepared meal. So many step by step recipes are available to use to follow and cook meals. A Can’t cook won’t cook TV programme also guided people to turn simple ingredients into gourmets meals fit for a Kings, Queens, or superstars. Experiment with your own favourite foods and cut down the sugar, fat and salt in some foods. It can be done as many people changed diets, felt better and lost weight as a bonus and a glowing skin feeling happier too.

Gut bacteria could be linked to autism, new research suggests (stock image)

  • Gut Bacteria and Autism
  • Due to a three-way relationship between the brain, gut and hormone cortisol
  • This mechanism is thought to influence how ‘messages’ are communicated
  • Bacteria in faeces influences hormones in gut bacteria
  • Further studies on relationship can determine help symptoms 
  • Researchers analyzed gut and brain connections for humans to learn more about symptoms.

Gut bacteria can be linked to autism as a new research suggests. Pathogens in the stomach alter brain’s development and may increase an individual’s risk of suffering from the spectrum disorder, a study implies. A three-way relationship between brain, gut and stress hormone cortisol appears to influence ‘messages’ communicated in the body, which may result in autistic symptoms as research adds. Lead author Austin Mudd from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, said: ‘Changes during infancy can have profound effects on brain development, and its possible the microbiome collection of bacteria, fungi and viruses inhabiting gut plays a role in this process. The researchers further studies required for 3way mechanism to determine autism symptoms. But can be reversed by strengthening the gut’s lining. Study author Dr Qinrui Li from Peking University said ‘Efforts to restore gut microbiota to a healthier person has been shown to be really effective. Its a review of taking probiotics, prebiotics, changing diet for example to gluten and casein-free diets have a positive impact on symptoms. The study carried out by researchers analyzed the brain and gut developments. Researchers examined faeces to determine if bacteria in stools influences compounds in the blood and brains. The Key findings revealed these results that the presence of the bacteria Bacteroides and Clostridium in faeces is associated with higher level substances involved in cell signalling myo-inositol. Bacteroides is also linked to increased amounts of a substance, called creatine, in brain. The bacteria Butyricimonas was found to be linked to the amino acid n-acetylaspartate (NAA) in brain, while Ruminococcus lowered NAA’s cognitive concentration. The presence of such bacteria further influence levels of hormones cortisol and serotonin and determined by gut bacteria. Mr Mudd said: ‘Changes in neurometabolites in infancy can have profound effects on brain development so possible that the microbiome or collection of bacteria, fungi, and viruses inhabiting gut plays a role in this process.’ The findings were published in the journal Gut Microbes. 



Hope is restored in humanity through the miracle life of Hope who survived the streets.  It is exactly one year ago the world came to know a young little boy called Hope. This week Hope will start school. Hope now lives with care worker Anja Ringgren Lovén, on 30 January 2016 and one year later on his first day of school. Anja Ringgren Lovén Facebook  page gives more details by the Danish aid worker who rescued the young boy who ostracised by his community in Nigeria says now he has completed his first week at school. Anja Ringgren Loven marked the landmark in 3 year old Hope’s life by recreating similar image of her encouraging him to drink from a bottle of water as shared around the world one year ago. Ms Loven and her husband, David Emmanuel Umem, run an orphanage in south-east Nigeria for children who have been abandoned by their families as a result of superstitious beliefs, called the African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF).

They took on and named then two year old Hope on 30 January 2016, after he was accused of being a witch. Hope was emaciated, riddled with worms suffering hypospadias, inborn condition where one has incomplete developed urethra. Writing on Facebook at the start of this week, Ms Loven said: On the 30 January 2016, I went on a rescue mission with David Emmanuel Umem, Nsidibe Orok and our Nigerian team. A rescue mission that went viral, and today it’s exactly 1 year ago the world came to know a young little boy called Hope. This week Hope will start school. Thank God for Divine intervention on behalf of Hope and God help billions of children needing urgent support in the world in Jesus Nameas 400,000 children at risk from Nigeria famine. The post, contrasting the old and new images, has been shared more than 27,000 times. Ms Loven was named “the most inspiring person of the year 2016” by Germany’s Ooom Magazine at the end of last year, beating the likes of Pope Francis and Barack Obama to the title. George Kindel, OOOM’s editor in chief, who led the jury that chose the list, said: “When she saw the starving child, she acted like a human being and became an inspiration for millions. Her sustained efforts to help the abandoned children of Nigeria gives us hope and encourages us to follow suit.”  1 John 4:4 says in the Bible, little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for HE who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. Thanks be to God for all the compassionate kind-hearted people who help give hope to Hope and others.
Original Article by Independent Writer AdamWinthnall@adamwithnall 
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Road to Recovery Sign

Post acute withdrawal syndrome PAWS post-withdrawal syndrome, protracted withdrawal syndrome or prolonged withdrawal syndromes describe set of persistent impairments occur after withdrawal from alcohol. Opiate benzodiazepines, antidepressant substances is in infants born to mothers using substance dependent on during pregnancy may also experience a post-acute withdrawal syndrome. Post-acute withdrawal syndrome report by those in recovery community say a scientific study to support is limited. The disorder not recognized by Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or major medical associations. Be realistic to stop burying head in sand and make a tough decision to change even no matter how hopeless life may seem to you.20140711-213822-77902045Drug abuse effects of alcohol or prescription drugs, symptomatology can resemble mental illness. The intoxicated or withdrawal state cases of substance induced psychiatric disorders persist long after detoxification. The prolonged psychosis depression or amphetamine, cocaine abuse. A protracted withdrawal syndrome can occur with the symptoms persisting for months after cessation of use. Benzodiazepines are notable drugs inducing prolonged withdrawal effects. Symptoms persist years after cessation of use. Severe anxiety and depression are commonly induced by sustained alcohol abuse in most cases abate with prolonged abstinence. Moderate alcohol sustained use may increase anxiety and depression levels in some individuals. If drug-induced psychiatric disorder fades with prolonged abstinence.shutterstock_102143875-e1442238812300Symptoms can affect a recovery process of restoration of life. And symptom can sometimes come and go with wave-like reoccurrences, fluctuating in severity of symptoms. Common symptom impaired cognition, irritability, mood swings and depressed mood anxiety, reach severe levels of relapse. Protracted withdrawal syndrome from benzodiazepines can  produce symptoms identical to general anxiety or panic disorder. Some prolong in nature or severity of benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms means an abrupt withdrawal not advised. Tapering slows stages because of common symptoms of post-acute withdrawal syndrome can be frustrating with fluctuating emotions:mesa-drug-rehab-for-relapse-prevention-e1447182081627

  •  Psychosocial dysfunction
  • Anhedonia
  • Depression
  • Impaired Interpersonal skills
  • Obsessive-compulsive behaviour
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Autonomic disturbances
  • Pessimistic thoughts
  • Impaired concentration
  • Lack of initiative
  • Craving
  • Inability to think clearly
  • Memory problems
  • Emotional overreactions or numbness
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Physical coordination problems
  • Stress sensitivity
  • Increased sensitivity to pain
  • Panic disorder
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Sleep disturbance

relapse-factorsSymptoms intermittently but not always present. They are made worse by stress or other triggers or arise at unexpected times and for no apparent reason. They may last for a short while or longer. Any of the following may trigger temporary return or worsening of symptoms of post-acute withdrawal syndrome:

  • Stressful and/or frustrating situations
  • Multitasking
  • Feelings of anxiety fearfulness, or anger. Claustophobic
  • Social conflicts
  • Unrealistic expectations of oneself

Unpredictable nature of symptom make progress complex. Abstinence is the best option regardless of excruciating pain debilitating mental and physical state, if detoxing, rest assured it will pass.f366767263bd8febce7da7ed76b8ce35Overwhelming symptoms often need a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and plus a good pain management team to support and help you. So do not suffer in silence get physical massage to help enhance your blood circulation. Multi – vitamins food supplements ensure vitamins A, B, C,D, E and drink water to help detox. An intervention helps, plus eating healthy, sleeping well, find stimulating hobbies to help boost seratonin. Ensure Physical activities and physical Exercise to help distract mind, don’t overdo itnpushing yourself beyond your limit. Do not feel guilty or sad for the past in missing out numbed by medication. Or may be seen as insensitive or lazy apologise if you have to, move on to rebuild your life. Do encourage and reward yourself for your success of self-control discipline to help you to continue to heal. Pray to God and believe in Christ to heal. Seek empathic confidential support for your wellbeing. No matter how stressful and painful it is during recovery there is light at the end of the tunnel to smell the flowers again.84197be22820dadf7a9338cbb6eab423Endure to the end to emerge at other side to turn your success to help others. Water you crossed on a river yesterday is not same river water you cross today. Learn emotional being and change day by day. Do not have a perceived fixed expectation to beat yourself up for not meeting standards. Life is dynamic so be grateful, thankful for each day alive to cope as much as you can. See cup half full do not be disheartened if your rate of recovery seems slower than others interacted with on social media forums. Do not ever give up on yourself or give in to quit there is hope for your future in Christ in God. Jesus Loves you so can face tomorrow to GLORY of God in Jesus Name. Do not let toxic anger bitterness rob you of JOY of the Lord. Stop distress caused by unpredictable emotions that drive you to abandon treatment. It may seem easier to keep on numbing pain by pill popping but long term damages the body and takes toll. Can poison a blood circulation, affect your immune system if repeating cycle of the dependency on medication with side-effects. Use Herbal treatments if available do not force date changes setting fixed time to get better. Process seems daunting but calibrate to have success don’t compare treatment.


Screenshot_2015-11-18-12-09-06.pngNumerous studies say that a lack of sleep seriously affects work performance. For staff at insurance group Aetna, it pays to get a good night’s sleep. Specifically $300 (£225) a year. US firm’s concern about the impact of sleep deprivation on their employee performance, that it encourages its workers to sign up to a scheme rewards them for getting at least seven hours of shut-eye per night. Aetna staff that participate can earn $25 for every 20 nights in which they sleep seven hours or more, up to a limit of $300 every 12 months. Introduced in 2009, so far about 12,000 of the firm’s 25,000 employees participated last year, an increase from 10,000 in 2014. Staff can either record sleep automatically, using wrist monitor connects to Aetna’s computers, or instead are trusted to manually record how long they have slept every night. Kay Mooney, Aetna’s vice-president of employee benefits, says that the sleep scheme is “one of many different healthy behaviours we wanted staff to track”. The firm’s staff receives extra funds if they do exercise.
Couple sleeping

Ms Mooney adds regarding the sleeping programme, Aetna likes to view itself as a “living laboratory, to see that if this is something effective for the other larger employers as well.” Is concern of some workers pocketing cash without actually getting all the sleep?  “We are not at all worried, it’s on honour system, we trust staff,” she says. Aetna’s commitment ensures the workers get enough sleep comes as a number of studies warn not sleeping long enough can significantly affect our ability to do our job. In the US alone, average worker loses 11.3 working days or $2,280 (£1,700) of productivity per year due to their sleep deprivation, according to a 2011 report by American Academy of Sleep Medicine. It calculates that this adds up to an annual loss of $63.2bn for the US economy. Meanwhile, the 2015 European study by the Rand Corporation said “staff who slept less than 7-8 hours per night, experienced significantly loss of more productivity compared to employees who slept more than 8hours per night on average.” And researchers at University of California San Francisco warned last year not getting enough sleep can make you ill. They found people who sleep less than 6 hours a night are 4 times more likely to catch a cold if exposed to virus.  Arianna Huffington, the founder and boss of news website Huffington Post, is on a crusade to persuade other business leaders to get enough sleep. She says that until 2007 she was a textbook example of a go-getting boss who was trying to survive on very little sleep – often just three hours a night. Until one day she passed out in the office as a result of exhaustion.

Arianna Huffington

Ms Huffington, who had been working 18-hour days, woke up with a broken jaw and covered in blood from a cut above her eye. She tells the BBC: “For many years I subscribed to a flawed definition of success, buying into our collective delusion burnout is the necessary price we must pay for success.“In terms of the traditional measures of success, which focuses on money and power, I was very successful.“I was not living a successful life by any sane definition of success. I knew something had to radically change, I could not go on that way. Continued Ms Huffington committed herself to getting at least 8 hours sleep a night, installing blackout curtains, and ensuring that her digital devices far from her bedroom. So transformed her life, greatly improved her ability at work. Ms Huffington is so evangelical about the need for people to get more sleep that earlier this year she released a best-selling book on subject – The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time.the-smart-mattress-cover-that-helps-you-sleep-better-136396484947203901-150226181421.jpg“The business world is waking up to high cost of sleep deprivation productivity, healthcare, ultimately, the bottom line,” she says. Jennifer Evans, co-founder of Canadian marketing business Squeeze CMM, admits that she still doesn’t get enough sleep, despite the problems this can sometimes cause. The 46-year-old Toronto-based entrepreneur says that when she is tired “decision making is tougher… I have made some awesomely bad decisions when sleep deprived.” Yet often she has too much work to do to allow her to get an early night. Business decisions are better made in a healthy mind office environment. Gadgets make it harder to switch off mind even if one knows must ideally get more sleep. Temptation for a quick sneak peak of just one more thing drifts into hours lost in thought unaware of time passing. At times surprised by a bright morning sunshine indicating sleepless night and getting up to work regardless. Feeling drained or exhausted phones in sick hence inconsistent work schedule. The boss complains of lack of focus attention to details, mistakes. Compounded by the undergirded residues of previous alcohol trait in the bloodstream it all adds up to stimulate a mind to stay awake causing system out of control pattern so repeats itself phone friends to let them know in advance if not visiting. IT IS IMPORTANT TO LOOK AFTER ONESELF FIRST AS GOD SAID LOVE OTHERS AS YOU LOVE FIRST YOURSELF. NOT NEGLECT YOURSELF TO LET POLITENESS OVERRIDE WISDOM OR GUT FEELING COMMON SENSE. Drastic measures required to break an unhealthy cycle of Monday to Friday night meet up for drink. That can be relegated to once at weekend Friday Night Only to catch up on lost sleep on Saturday. Rest well and prepare for work from Sunday choosing clothes to wear, shoes neatly laid aside. Check bag, contents, ensure documents, notebook, pen, paper, reports, phone, sandwiches made, keys ready for office etc. Give enough time for an anticipated delay of traffic jams, weather conditions. Motto: Always AHEAD OF TIME at least 15 minutes, read, have hot drink to pick up mood for day. Do not become modern technology victim overwhelmed or spoilt for choice, too much overload distraction so unable to sleep. God’s inbuilt purpose sleep mechanism is to do you good that is reason but 24/7 electricity electronics changed work and rest patterns. To sleep 8 hours is human right so enjoy sleeping without a guilt of unfinished business.sleep.jpgI once slept so deeply in boarding school all rushed in to see if I was alright. After Saturday night entertainment turned out they put the smallest person through a bathroom window to unlock front door to let everyone in. Still unaware, it was one person who asked what happened to me last night, and narrated this incident to me. For some reason can really sleep deep because learnt to sleep early and enjoyed sleeping to restore my body for repair as God planned to refresh for next day. Although almost comatose  deep sleep in college dorm is not how to sleep I am working on learning to sleep light if necessary with alarm clocks set. Back up support set in place to check up on me if not awake by scheduled time if need arises not to happen again. By contrast, US businesswoman Sabrina Parsons says she has valued getting a good night’s sleep for years, realising that it greatly improves her productivity. “When I’m tired I’m not quick on my mental game,” says the 42-year-old boss of Palo Alto Software, which is based in Eugene, Oregon. She adds that even simple tasks such as answering emails can be arduous if she is too tired. Everyone’s body metabolism is different so some people can thrive on minimum  sleep. Others cannot cope because it causes fogged head blurred thinking as the body is awake but the mind asleep.7b3753cc4f39d8520acff0678a86f53b.jpgAlmighty God Rested on 7th day so it is not laziness to take good personal care of body to relax and sleep well. You know yourself best so be kind enough to look after yourself not joining in all activities of owl friends who seem fine despite late nights. You are not seen in bad light if you explain sleep apnea affects your petformance. Some function well despite staying up late. Others have the effects of late nights intruding in work such as headaches, disorientation, lack of focus, tiredness due to lack of sleep. As more business leaders recognise the problems caused by lack of sleep, an industry has grown up to help tackle the issue. Els van der Helm an Amsterdam-based sleep adviser who has worked with the numerous bosses of global companies. “Sleep is essential to coming up with creative solutions, calmly seeing insight into processes, putting things together intelligently,” she says. Ms van der Helm adds without enough sleep the people “lose their ability to judge their own performance.” What about those individuals who seem to be able to cope perfectly well with little sleep? Such as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who was said to need 4 hours sleep a night. Ying-Hui Fu, professor of neurology at University of California, San Francisco, says there may be genetic reason. She says she and her team have discovered a rare gene allows someone to be productive on 5 or 5 hours of sleep a night. The gene is said to be active in one in every 1,000 people. “You can not make yourself a short sleeper,” says Dr Fu. “You either have the gene or you do not.” So to be safe than sorry do sleep and take cat nap breaks on long distance journeys if driving. Plan resting time in between journey to refresh yourself to be more alert and eat properly, drink plenty of water to hydrate the body. Above all, sleep, sleep, sleep you are not lazy just wisely taking care of your precious body.








GOD’S STRENGTH HELPS ENJOY GOOD, ENDURE CHALLENGING TIMES CREATE SACRED SPECIAL LOVE NEST ZONE EXCLUSIVE FOR PASSION GIFTS EXCHANGED HELP EXPRESS TOKENS OF DEEP LOVE JOURNEYCelebrating Valentine’s Day origins its a remembrance of the martyred Catholic priest in Rome. Valentine accounts say, defied edict of Emperor Claudius, which forbade the marriage of young couples in order to save men for more focused military use. Valentines married young love birds anyway and beheaded on February 14 in tyear AD 269. Celebrate true love sentiment with flowers, cards, meals, teddy bears and chocolates. True love is much sweeter than candy deeper than movies or romance novels. Bible teaches about Godly Love in John 3:16 and romantic love in Book of songs of Solomon. Some love start at first sight in the Bible.  Five examples are Adam and Eve (Genesis 2:20–23), Rebecca and Isaac (Genesis 24:64–65), Jacob and Rachel (Genesis 29), David, Abigail (1 Samuel 25), David, Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11–12).  Intense initial love matures into a more rooted love. Before Rebecca saw Isaac she committed herself to him approved by family. First sight of him experienced intense feelings of love she nearly fell off of her camel. Already bound herself to him beforehand, her soul was able to recognize (know) him as her true soul mate even before they had actually met. Love is the ability to relate to another with deep, intense attachment is called wisdom knowledge before emotional feelings.  The relationship of Jacob and Rachel is considered prototypical example of romantic love.

Upon seeing her first time at a well, he was smitte able to singlehandedly roll back stone covering well then water her father’s sheep. Real love is so pragmatic practical by hands on hard work for life. Not just fantasy, accurate perception of Rachel real knowledge beforehand due to her family background. David and Abigail, David prepared, so did not have foreknowledge but did experience love. Her wisdom and charisma succeeded in calming his anger, emotions, creating a situation so his approach to relationship is guided by her wisdom. David killed Bathsheba’s husband so to marry her is betrayal of lowest level of relationship. Lust at first site is exception rather than rule. Impetuous initial love is difficult to form roots get help. Intense  feeling can  stabilize a relationship afterwards. No matter how love begins with passion fire lightening or slow and steady effort, it can develop and grow roots by God’s Grace and guidance in Jesus to endure.

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