666 mark of beast microchip?


The world is speedily approaching Day of the Lord as Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) helps to understand and recognize end time seasons. The recognized signs are world events and technology helping to fulfill this prophetic season. End-Time Technology DNA Edits and mixes cells and genes as it was in Bible is certainly happening. In ancient Hebrew book of Jasher referred to in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18. It reads: The sons of mankind in those days took from cattle of earth, beasts of field and fowls of air, and taught the mixing of one species with another to provoke Lord God. The whole earth was corrupt because all flesh corrupted its ways on earth, both men and animals in Jasher 4:18. The people in early days of creation knew how to mix species of animals. Cats, tigers, lions, leopards are Felidae family. The fallen angels supervised by satan their chief technologist, married women and taught mankind advanced knowledge created by the giants and other kinds of creatures (Genesis 6:1–4). This super intelligence passed down knowledge for Precise DNA editing tool CRISPR back to those days of Noah.

CRISPR achieves great strides helping mankind, eradicating malaria, curing Leukemia some cases restoring sight to blind. The life-enhancing applications are tremendous yet effort to save lives and advance medical technology extend beyond limit to bio-engineering virus-immune organs in animal implanted into humans. God’s intermixing animal rule says of not touching some flesh or their carcasses seem unclean to some in Leviticus 11:8. Yet families gain from the modern treatments and survival of loved ones. Heart valves from pigs have been used in humans for many years. Some say if not to eat pig certainly living with pig organ inside makes them unclean. Implanting organs of the clean animals, as sheep and cattle not kosher.
Genesis 1–2 says, In the beginning men and women created in God’s image to multiplying on earth giving glory to God. So divine inequality between man and animal forbids bestiality perversion to Creator it carries death penalty. That person and beast in sexual relations put to death their guilt, their responsibility says  Leviticus 20:15–16; Exodus 22:19; Leviticus 18:23. CRISPR technology is controversial to some it violate God’s law. Science is moving forward in a time scientists revive lost species from ancient DNA like in the movie Jurassic Park and really brings back to the days of Noah (Genesis 6:1–4.
Noah’s Ark by Edward Hicks. EndTime rebellion against God like Noah time is forbidden for believers. “Do not let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until rebellion occurs man of lawlessness is revealed, a man doomed to destruction, 2 Thessalonians 2:3. Hell was exclusively prepared for the devil and rebellious angels only and so it was not intended for humans at all says Matthew 25:41 Mankind shortchanged themselves by end-time lawlessness so anti-Messiah rebellion is against God. Today, all around the world many so-called Christians believe earth “evolved” from nothing discarding God’s creation eternal law and standards of God’s love and holiness. Increased wickedness love of some grow cold says Matthew 24:12.
The Word says people in the end times will despise what is good 2 Timothy 3:3 so the wicked flourish at expense of the poor occurring as in the days of Noah.
During Bible end-times, be empowered by God’s Ruach HaKodesh Holy Spirit to show love, compassion combined with fear of God. Bible says the responsibility is toward God is above all else. Scoffers will follow ungodly desires to divide by natural instincts not having Spirit of God. Build yourself up in the most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait in mercy of Lord Yeshua HaMashiach to bring eternal life. Be merciful to all who doubt; save others by snatching them from the fire; to others show mercy, mixed with fear, Jude 1:18–23. Show love to all who hate you because Jesus Christ standing firm to the end to be saved says Matthew 10:22. The Great Tribulation before Messiah Comes to Reigns on earth with believers, nearing final days to reward all persevering by faith. Testimony of Yeshua to the word of God says do not worship beast or its image not to receive mark on forehead or hands. Believers come back to life to rule with Messiah Yeshua a thousand years says Revelation 20:4. Christians know Tribulation-style persecution is here and now. The mark of beast 666 is required one day to buy and sell rapidly developing.
An RFID chip can be placed in various locations, but is often implanted in the hand between index finger and thumb. The preparations being made towards a cashless society to control and monitor people’s lives. End-Time Technology of the Mark of the Beast 666 is already in use intended for future transactions. In Revelations, “The second beast forces all people important and unimportant, rich, poor, free, slaves to be marked on their right hands or their foreheads, so that no one may buy or sell unless he has the mark, which is the beast’s name or the number of its name says Revelation 13:16–17. The mark of beast placed on right hand or forehead to buy or sell technology already in use in the world. This RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip inserted into pets to track them scans and retrieves their ID number if they get lost.
RFID chip reader human programmed does a few useful things as passwords, FOB keys, bluetooth, and chipped cards, unlock cell phone, transfer data through phones, open car door, use office copy machines, open gates to stadiums by standing near if paid. Clubbers chipped since 2004 pay quickly for drinks. Since RFID’s limited range capability, hi-tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and start-ups develop biometric tattoos, or tech tattoos do more than open door. They store vital signs, personal ID data, credit card information and more so no one has to carry ID or bank card. One day, no one is to buy or sell only “new world order” market system ruled by anti-Messiah with that technology.
Chaotic Moon develops a tech that will monitor vital signs, deliver banking information, and more.  (YouTube capture: Chaotic Moon Studios). The tech tattoos as VP at Google says 10–20 year olds may not wear watch “ interested in wearing electronic tattoo if only to annoy their parents.” (YouTube). Those promoting end-time technology form of rebellion against parents fits right into that end-time sign. In the last days hard times will come so people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, unfeeling, uncooperative, slanderous, degenerate, brutal, hateful of good 2 Timothy 3:1–3. That generation functions in the world with chipped debit cards, chipped cell phones, and chipped tattoos as a natural extensions of themselves. Chipped hand or forehead is a natural reality to them but God warns against it. In US, 4 states prohibit mandatory implantation of RFID chip: California, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Wisconsin. All these signs lead to Coming again of Messiah Yeshua, much more monumental, accompanied by great trumpets sounds, signs in sky and on earth.
Phases of a supermoon eclipse (blood moon over Santa Fe. Great Signs in the Heaven and Earth, great earthquakes, famines, pestilences in various places, fearful events, great signs from heaven in Luke 21:11. Rare celestial supermoon on November 14, 2016 NASA says the closest full moon since 1948, the year Israel became a modern nation. 2014 and 2015 rare occurrence Blood Moon Tetrad: four consecutive lunar eclipses blood moons coincide with the Biblical festival Passover and the last Biblical festival Sukkot God’s timing. These celestial events coincide with major shifts in world taking place.
This Arnaldo Pomodoro sculpture called Sphere within Sphere depicts new world emerging out of the old.  It was gifted to the UN in 1996 by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Blood Moon Tetrad occured immediately after expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492, again 1949 and 1950 at Israel’s war of Independence. So followed Six Day War as Israel liberated Jerusalem and made it capital of Israel again for the first time in 2000 years. So these events bring Jewish people into a new stage of development in God’s overall plan of redemption. Blood moon occurred September 27, 2015, in month Russian troops in Syria and two days after Pope Francis addressed the United Nations endorsing a major step toward new world order, 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at World Summit at the UN General Assembly.
This Agenda “shifts the world onto a sustainable and resilient path,” says the plan website for 17 objectives toward peace, prosperity and education. The 15year fast track world implementation regardless of individual nation’s needs. For Israel Peace objective 16 prophecy says anti-Messiah arranges seven-year peace treaty in Middle East. In God’s Temple rules one world market system, breaks the peace treaty and begins the time of Great Tribulation three and a half years into the treaty in Daniel 9:27. Next Blood Moon Tetrad 2032-2033 is 3years after 2030 Agenda is complete a peace plan in place. Only God knows exact day or time in HIS prophetic plan.
Tectonic plate fault lines around globe are part of Messiah’s Great Quakes. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places these are beginning of the birth pains in Matthew 24:7; Mark 13:8; Luke 21:11. Prophecy watchmen declare great earthquakes increasing in frequency as a sign of birth pains leading to great Day of the Lord. Data suggests are beginning of birth pains as Yeshua foretold. His analogy means pain increases intensely and frequently as braxton hicks of expectant Mothers. The magnitude time frame and quantity of seismic sensors in the world reveal a change worth noting. Believers who have MARK OF CHRIST, SEAL OF GOD reject mark of beast. JEHOVAH JIREH provides by saying you who have no money because of mark of beast come and buy because Jesus paid with His Blood. God provides in great tribulation in anticipation of the final great quake when our Lord returns to establish His unshakable Messianic Kingdom! Says Romans 8:18–25; Hebrews 12:28.
Prophet Zechariah describe momentous day Jesus Feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem. Mount of Olives will split in two from east to west, forming a very large valley, with half mountain moving toward the north and half toward south, Zechariah 14:4. The Bible says time of Yeshua’s Return approaches by with signs of endtime age. The end is near and Time is short so adversary to Jews, believers, working hard to prevent fulfilment of destiny. As Light to all nations the Bibles says Israel is the sure sign as God’s Word goes forth from Jerusalem to Jew and Gentile alike. Messianic Prophecy from Jews to all the nations will go out from Zion as Word of God from Jerusalem in Isaiah 2:3. Make sure you have the Mark of Christ already waiting for Messiah Yeshua’s Coming. In Bible, Isaiah 55:1 says “Come, everyone who thirsts to the living waters! Come, those who have no money, buy, and eat! Come buy food, wine, milk as God meets needs without money provides miracles in Jesus Name with thanks to Jehovah. Mark of Christ in Galatians 6:17 says let no man trouble you because you bear on your body marks of Christ making believers new creation in Christ image by faith. This is the greatest distinction between believers and unbelievers so the blessings of God is declared on all who accept Christ according to God’s rule. The Peace of God passing human understanding, God’s Grace and mercy give Eternal life in Christ. God’s Words guide conscience through Holy Spirit to comfort in life in time of need. God’s great interest in HIS Children with love and favour of God in Christ gives us joy. Written word of God is the rule we live in doctrine and precept. God’s grace and Spirit, sanctifies, quickens, strengthens believers as overcomers in Christ.


IMG_20170509_094533.jpgRevelations 22:19 says if anyone adds to the words of God or deletes taking away from the words of God it is sin God will reprove and deal with that person. Be a Berean and Study the Bible yourself and compare original texts to note changes in meaning. Deuteronomy 4:2 says do not add to or subtract God’s Commands so keep the Commands LORD God gives you. Consequences for tampering with the Word of God either adding, deleting or substrating from Bible is warned by God Who said HE WILL remove names of those who do from HIS Book of Life. The Shakespearean English translation of Bible modernised must remain true to original meaning of God. Salvation depends on Christ’s finished work on Cross so people have to abide by God’s Standards. Effort to make Bible easier to read must not destroy Central Message of the Gospel. Christ is Word made flesh Who dwelt amongs us on earth to save by Sovereign God’s Words directing us on Godpath of life for eternal salvation.hebrew-context-of-galatians-41-728.jpgWe had Bible study group meeting some time ago, taking turns to read out loud the Scriptures for particular day. A few people could not follow text and kept on asking for verses referred to. We took a look at their Bible and surprised their texts varied from ours. This happened many years ago when we realised these subtles changes, especially if you once memorised Bible verses growing up like the King James Bibles then words sound different in meaning. Those who feast on God’s Words readily notice changes. God’s Words energises to feed, protect and incapsulate you. When you revise prayer affirmations daily, at first you will not know anxiety and doubt creep in from negative misformation. So after two weeks saying praying affirmations, you will know Scripture by heart as the word daily protects you and shields you from fear and doubt. feast-on-gods-wordDo do not panic for Word of God says everybody must know word themselves. There is no second-hand faith so you have to know God’s Words yourself to save you. We noticed some Bible texts completely disappeared and today we received important message reinforcing changes taking place in Bible as follows: “A VERY CRITICAL ALERT!!! says, Hello beloved saints, I am sure you know new international version (NIV), published by Zondervan is now owned by Harper Collins who publishes Satanic Bible and The Joy of Gay Sex. NIV and the English Standard Version (ESV) removed 64,575 words from Bible including Jehovah Calvary, Holy Ghost, Omnipotent a few named. Bible renews and transforms a life held in darkness to be translated to Kingdom of Glorious Gospel of Light. It is how the strongholds are broken and people set free to serve Almighty God. KJV_Matthew_24-24The opportunity to receive God’s Words is beset with opposer contenders trying to stop gladiators from winning games. Spiritual warfare tactics is used by the devil’s false Christ’s and false prophets, showing great signs, wonders to deceive itching ears. So those not well versed in word of God are deceived including the very elect as Jesus warned. The NIV, ESV has removed 45 complete verses. Most Bibles device on phones e.g OLIVE TREE BIBLE STUDY APP. Try to find following scriptures in NIV and ESV on computer, phone, device right now if in doubt: Matthew 17:21, 18:11, 23:14; Mark 7:16, 9:44, 9:46; Luke 17:36, 23:17; John 5:4; Acts 8:37 you will not believe your eyes. Refuse to be blinded by satan and do not act like you do not care. Let us remember what Lord Jesus said in John 10:10 (King James Version). These attempts are to lure and deceive people into false security of their messages but God does not approve manipulations by people bending texts to suit themselves.beware-of-faith-based-on-feelings-rather-than-gods-wordTHE SOLUTION If you must use NIV and ESV, BUY and KEEP EARLIER VERSION OF the BIBLE. A Hard Copy cannot be updated. The changes occur when they ask you to update app. on your phone or laptop etc. Buy and KEEP EARLIER VERSIONS AND STORE THEM. There is a crusade geared towards altering Bible as we know it; NIV, ESV and many more versions are affected. We are living in the last days and Jesus is Coming Soon as the Gospel is preached everywhere all the prophecies being fulfilled. The devil is working hard to try to occupy Christians with things of the world so Jesus Coming will catch them unawares. Those who reject God texts reprint own versions to suit their interpretations to seem as if Bible said so. Be sure read to original versions especially New King James changed from Shakespeare era.e9ae378a96912ce06a61f66053e47c09Please prepared there is no more time to waste. And take advantage of sms, WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook, twitter etc to send this message to all your contact. Do not ignore this source of evangelism reaching dying souls to save and rescue the perishing. God be with you always and bless you for doing His Command! This confirms what we realised many years ago as God says My people perish for lack of knowledge. The Bible says God’s Truth you know sets you free and faith comes by hearing word of God. So the church that used to cry and repent for sin, after hearing the word of God, today compromises by defending sin of changing Bible texts to suit the church. revelation-22-vs-18-19bowl-1-webedc8377f4d945edcabd547c737e12f13af1385821bbc43cffd5b7246f948ee46Accurate knowledge is so essential like Bereans to study to know the word of God to impact lives. If a person does not know the words of God they assume it opinions of man imposed on them. So reading Bible in context helps to learn to understand God better. The Bible also has many verses in different places to emphasise God’s Words for repetition to reinforce the message. Jesus answered the  devil from the Word of by saying it is written you must not tempt the LORD your God. So do not twist God’s Words to suit intentions against God’s Words to mislead people, often baby Christians in search of God’s Love. Use faith building Bible encouraging you and leading you to God not distorted versions promoting rebellion against God. They often look for error to justify the Bible is not worth believing to lure you from salvation in Christ. The word of God is Sacred Texts written in the Bible through Holy Spirit according to Timothy 3:16- 17;5:1-2 says The Bible is necessary to teach, reproof, for correction, training in righteousness for all believers not just men of God. To be able to answer Biblically from texts as God’s manual for life equips by the Word of God. The WORD of God is Alive and is sharper than a two-edged sword cutting through bones and narrow to perform changes in hearts and minds of people. Hebrews-4-2-The-Word-Is-Living-and-Active-red-copy1.jpgThis is why devil fights hard to prevent gaining knowledge from Bible because it is greatest weapon that defeats satan in the name of Jesus. Whole generations are kept ignorant from powerful words of God that gives perfect peace beyond human understanding. So to overcome adversary, Word of God must be stored in your heart and your mind to actively recall from memory to replay moment by moment, to feed your soul for hope, assurance and confidence in God. This chaotic world is a man-made version so God will restore His Kingdom for all His Children in Jesus Name. The Word of God is the Lamp to your feet and Light to your path driving away darkness. So knowing the Bible is protection armour that keeps you strong in faith not to be deceived. Jesus said in Matthew 24:24 that the very elect, if not careful can be deceived and misled by the devil. The Bible is a living word so people become living sermons to Glorify God.


ht_meteor_horse_painting_ll_130925_33x16_1600Metro was once a well-known racehorse but it looked as though ill health would soon mean the end for Metro. Then his artist owner Ron, had an unusual idea. It is said that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. So when Ron Krajewski first introduced his horse, Metro, to an easel there was no guarantee he would paint. After all, this horse had been struggling with health problems since he was adopted by Ron and his wife in 2009. Metro had once been a successful racehorse as Metro Meteor he won eight races and $300,000 (£234,000) prize money at prestigious Belmont Park. However, he was retired by his stable after bone chips in his knees caused permanent damage. “We were looking for a horse Wendy could ride and probably quite naive,” Ron says. “We soon discovered Metro had worse race injuries than we had bargained for,” Ron says.Metro ridden in a race (left) and receiving treatment for his knees (right)

Metro had many months of rehab and medication after Metro Meteor won eight races in his career, but it took a toll on his knees horse shoes helped for a time, but in 2012 X-rays revealed his knee joints were closing up. A vet said they would lock up within two years, at which point Ron and Wendy would have to put their horse down. “I didn’t just want to put him out to pasture and forget about him. I was thinking about how we could spend time together,” Ron says. He had noticed that his spirited horse liked to bob his head to get attention and pick things up in his mouth. A professional artist himself, Ron wondered if he could convince Metro to hold a paintbrush. “I taught him to touch his nose to the canvas for horse treats, then to hold a paint brush,” Ron says.Metro tackles the canvas assisted by RonMetro tackles canvas assisted by Ron paints left to right. He could have just touched the paint brush to the canvas and then dropped it and that would have been the end of it. Luckily for us he started making up and down strokes and seemed to enjoy it. So Metro was soon creating works that Ron judged were good enough to put on sale at a local gallery. First 4 paintings sold out the week put on display and Metro’s unbridled style has been compared to Jackson Pollock, a painter famous for his splatter and drip technique. Metro’s brush strokes are nothing a human can make, because he doesn’t think about what he will do before he does it. His strokes are thick random or sometimes broken, which lets other colours show through. It all just vibrates on the canvas,” Ron says. Metro’s unusual ability caught the attention of local TV news in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and his story was picked up nationwide. By 2014, there were 150 people on a waiting list for his works.Metro at an easel out in a field

4ac8d8bcfe1d3eb8efb32701f8ea52abSales of paintings help fund new experimental treatment for Metro. Ron sometimes set up an easel for Metro to paint outside. The vet created technique to apply a drug called Tildren directly to his knees. “Within a few months X-rays showed the bone growth had receded. It has added years to his life,” Ron says. So Ron and Wendy keep Metro and their other horse, Pork Chop, at a stable four miles from their home. They visit them about five days a week and two of those Ron and Metro have a painting session.Metro (left) with his friend Pork Chop in the snowMetro (left) and Pork Chop, Metro has got a little section in the barn that we call his studio. It’s all set up ready for him to paint,” Ron says. “I did try to get Pork Chop to paint once, but he just wasn’t interested.” Ron acts as both art director and assistant. He picks the colour and loads paintbrush before handing it over. Metro then makes the strokes. “I always stand on his left so he paints from left to right. If I hand him the brush in upper right hand corner, that’s where he will go.”Pork Chop takes an interest in Metro's workPork Chop watches Metro working, Ron and Metro work on 3 or 4 canvases at once during a 20-minute session. “We will spend two minutes on one canvas and then swap it for another. He tends to smear things together so we’ll do some blues and then let it dry, then let’s say some orange. This builds up the layers.” Metro, who Ron says has an “A-list extroverted personality”, is in his element at the easel. “I can put out the easel in the field and he will stop eating grass and stand right in front of it. “He loves to paint. I’m not sure how much he can see as horses have a blind spot right in front of their noses. I think he likes feel of running brush on canvas.”Three paintings by MetroMetro’s large paintings, Metro’s large paintings sell for a few hundred dollars. Like Metro, art was not Ron’s first vocation. Raised in a fishing family that caught salmon in Alaska he went on to serve in the US Air Force. He became a professional artist at the age of 40. “I mainly do pet portraits, which are very lifelike and controlled. When I paint with Metro it’s the opposite. You can’t predict what he’s going to do when he gets the brush in his mouth. It is controlled chaos. Metro’s paintings continue to sell well. “We have different sizes that vary in price from $50 to $500. We’re selling one or two a week,” Ron says. Ron and Wendy donate half of Metro’s earnings to a charity called New Vocations, which retrains and rehomes former race horses. So far they have donated $80,000 (£62,000), which will have helped 50 to 60 other horses. And now at 14 years it seems Metro has no inclination to slow down. “There is something about painting which really interests Metro,” Ron says. “I don’t think he’ll ever get tired of it.”

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SELF-ACCEPTANCE is influenced by the sublime messages of society children are receiving in the early years. Later as adults in life they bear the consequences of living with others perceived as less than themselves in the communities. A caring attitude towards self-acceptance from a healthy point of view is to detox vitriol hatred seeds sown in early childhood. Educational courses often have biased racist undertones and social networks reinforce hatred of some children in schools. Subtle suggestions becomes inner critic causing grieve by inability to be the perfect child accepted or as adult in society. Pressure to fulfil unrealistic dreams by comparing oneself to another is underlying strategy causing anger and division in society. Propaganda tells the false stories through books and images to influence innocent minds to become racists. So it is important to look at the context in which the person questions self- hatred spewing negative ideas about themselves projecting self- hatred on towards others. People are comparing themselves by the views of people’s lives on social media, TV and in the news. So it becomes easy to convince yourself that everyone is having a better time than you. Recognise you are strong, list what makes you personally happy and have a sense of meaning of life, inner peace for good success, joy and happiness. Believe in God, love Jesus, yourself and family even if not perfect. Do not look up to the external visible surface lifestyle of others but deep within inside yourself to use gifts and talents God gave you. Lots of money spent lavishly and glamorously lasts only a short season before craving a new thrill. Those you admire look cool in your eyes but have no deep God morals.img_20161201_160530

Invite Jesus in your heart to strengthen you to overcome self hatred and racism. Change your mindset, do small things to make you feel good like eating healthy food and sleeping well. Play works with children struggling with confidence and low self-esteem. Self-acceptance is to change misinformation, bias to think well of yourself in line with GOD’S plan for your life. Take responsibility for your wellbeing and eliminate stress.  Some people feel ashamed about who they are due to propaganda targeting them as inferior. Be really honest with yourself to transform and renew your mind. Talk to yourself in the mirror daily and declare I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the Image of God. Accept flaws, use your voice be the best you can be, confident, sure of self-acceptance to overcome any low self-esteem issues. Know what you want from life above all and let peace of mind and inner joy reign in your heart with sound mind of Christ. In reality it is helpful and useful to build up confidence in own head first. To help others see you as reliable, trustworthy, interdependable. Everybody is unique so celebrate yourself and do not look for any affirmation approval before you feel human. Only you can do what you do so be the best you, you can be. Others will respond or react to how best you present yourself and what you spew out of your own mouth. Misery loves company so a pity party attracts the wrong people into your life making things worse. You can overcome by rejecting negative voices unaware was implanted from childhood damaging your life. Life is easy, simple if you know how and believe in God your maker’s opinion about you. Everything will be okay stay strong this is your year. Focus and believe in yourself to love you first and love others as God’s people.


b17d404269f7af7464cd05434f3abd26Researchers show a clear difference between male and female brain scans as these images reveal in a recent scientific research. The images confirm the way both males and females think about an identical situation or communicate with each other.  Often the female as primary nurturer has duty of care to talk with sensitivity and compassion to a baby or child whose development depends mostly on mother immediately after birth throughout the infant years. So God in HIS infinite WISDOM designed the female brain to thoroughly assess the details of each decision in depth because a helpless little baby depends on her. To ensure help for the baby who cannot talk or express verbally their feelings the mother has to think through the child’s needs. This explains toing froing thought process of a female brain and a constant need to verbalise thoughts to comfort or instruct accordingly. As a result girls and women in general are often better verbal talkers than men. The differences in Men said to be from Mars and women from Venus highlight importance of knowing how female brain works. Females attach their feelings and emotions to understanding their needs. Men straight into a shop buy what they came for and leave while the woman lingers trying to decide between the type of items to choose. A frustrated partner after watching her change her mind many times will try to encourage her to pick just any one as long as it does the job. It is crucial to realise and recognise females as deeper thinkers so process items with regard to their quality, style, texture, shape, size, colour, function, value for money, if it suitable for use or fit its purpose, costs in terms of whole budget, durability and positive appeal, aesthetic and emotional feeling toward item before any decision is made. The process becomes complex with too much choice available making up the mind gets even longer or delayed. 3decbraingraphic

Therefore an item on the female mind is analysed subconsciously by how the item blends with other previous items, decor, uses and whether it is unique or special to them. It means whereas a male might see item as a mere item or tool to equip life better the female’s mind goes on autopilot to think this about more in depth details of the item. Having spent much more time to think through also means she spends more time remembering more about the item. The mind works in this case like a slow motion film recording each piece of information of item first before the final decision.  Based on her hormones, moods and any other emotional issues, she may feel sure at one point yet return item and unhappy because the item did not match her thought process of imagination at the time of buying the item. This can be part of retail therapy to soothe and comfort self with material goods to numb pain than facing distress. Although exciting for a season lasts for so long so off one goes to look for that illusive special item. A female’s brain must be explained so the men must not talk to women as they talk to men. In the same way the female must not overload a male with too much information verbally assuming the man exactly comprehends her perspective accurately. The structural framework and capacity of the male brain is not designed for long winding zigzag thought process like a female’s. So females must learn to share meaningful relevant information to the man straight to the point to match brain structure to communicate. Female pleas often come across as lectures, sermons, or rants which undermine a relationship instead of helping change. Female brain process helps makes it easier for girl’s language development faster than boys. It is necessary to teach to motivate boys and girls according to their thinking process to grasp messages better. At the same time need talking to in meaningful way.  In certain cultures men spend most time with each other working or talking dancing, interactive or support. Women do things together to help one another in same way. Razor sharp tongue woman needs self-control not to overload a man with too much information he is unable to process because of his brain structure.

2dec1a7700000578-3295457-image-m-24_1446163034795This started as men went out hunting and protectors of the community. The women often stayed behind raising children, doing domestic chores in the past. As a result, modern society is more integrated interacting with each other more on a new level. So this process must given attention in the way children are taught to communicate as boys and girls. Women multitasks by thinking simultaneously as brain image  shows. Men are more focused on specific task more than merely talking through same thing many times without any action taken. A woman may not need an action based on the conversation but just active listener to offload onto. Offloading in the manner women talk may not be the best method for the man to hear the woman due to their thought processes. Although the man is quiet and paying attention the information may be too much unless given clearly in bite size to match his brain capacity for speech. The brain is underlined by circumstances, or experiences and maturity which impacts communication. In addition background plays a part so men may have similar concerns to seek answers to. However a male and female in the womb start life first three months similar until XX or XY chromosomes indicate gender. Gender, hormones, age experience, maturity, affect thinking and degree of emotions attached to situations by fe/males.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaaoaaaajdq5ogyyzdu1lwuwytqtngy0zs1hyje1ltzjnmvkymywn2vimaFurthermore, the CORTEX brain stage of development in boys and girls means the child brain is not the same as an adult brain. This was not again requires the adult not to talk to child in same way using adult language above a child’s understanding. It essential to speak to a child using words they understand although they mimic accurately it does not mean they have an adult brain capacity to grasp the real full meaning of a conversation. So adult must be aware of how to communicate with a child in a meaningful way. These differences must be noted in policy making to meet needs of fe/males in society. The world must take notice of priority needs of fe/males versus imposed biased influences based on male thinking only. It is impossible to talk on behalf of a woman if a man is without knowledge of their needs. This includes communicating bad news to men up the hierarchy because women do not want to appear to be negative. Men must be pragmatic to get the message if you want to keep your family and life in general efficient be open as imperative to be upbeat with new lifestyle news. But listen to emotional needs too it is part of life of positive news lifestyle. Children trained to be more caring and sensitive to emotions express feelings better so good communicators. This enables them to be more tolerant loving adults and a genuine partner and spouse. So avoid the macho aggression domestic violence insecurities and low self-esteem. Bible in Proverbs 18:2 says  a fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. It is important to listen twice with 2 ears and speak once with one mouth after actively listening with respect and honour to all people.


They may provide help from a male perspective but still not be good enough from a woman’s personal point of view.  This seems like ingratitude to put in so much effort and  not be seen as well done or appreciated. This is true if the female is not consulted by the male surprising her with the wrong item as a gift for example. To a woman, she is not highly valued enough or taken very seriously so what means a lot to her is insignificant to the one most loved and expected to know her better than anyone else. So personal as homes are designed or cars bought and holidays planned it is better to please the one most loved than go by only expert salesman’s choice to make a decision in the interest of loved female. This brain differences can make women seem slower to take action yet it helps to explore the anticipated up and downs if a situation in advance before it takes place to see the consequences. But does not necessarily guarantee ataraxia of calm perfect peace always.  Perceived  view of an event is totally different than actual reality. Taking into consideration needs of a person to provide appropriate help is not a weakness of being told what to do. The purpose is to ensure resources are allocated properly rather than just aesthetic designing and producing things nobody needs or used because it is not the right products because gender was not fully comprehended. Marriage is the only lifetime institution untrained for yet people are expected to succeed by figuring it out themselves. So necessary to know love alone is not enough in life.06brain1

Another major issue is it may not be possible to always design an exclusive male female gender related items so neutral products to resolve such needs.  It is interesting the female resolve is often determined by nurturing needs while men want to display power, as externally referenced. The lines are blurred so men simulate pregnancy but cannot understand fully actual real pain women go through. In the same way women cannot understand what it means to be a man because they are not. The best thing is to respect and value each other to help understand life because seeing it does not mean knowing it. On average male brains are 10% larger than female brains yet a bigger brain does not mean smarter,” says Daniel Amen, MD, author of Unleash the Power of the Female Brain. He studied more than 45,000 brain scans. “And no differences have been found in men and women’s IQs, regardless of brain size. So the arguments and debates over gender differences hard-wirings continue as the scientist agree or disagree with research. There is definitely female differences in communication. Following these studies are questions of why men seem to lean more towards systemic structure than fluid emotional type essential for their nurturing. So asked if testosterone levels make fe/males more empathetic? A group of Cambridge scientists led by Simon Baron-Cohen argued men are, on average, more suited to tasks requiring “systemizing” while women are better at “empathizing.” “Systemizing” refers to drive to analyze, explore to construct a system, while “empathizing” involves identifying others’ emotions, thoughts responding to them appropriately. These tests are keen to get to the bottom of basic differences in behaviour and responses shown in brain scans to determine attitudes in general towards each other. So attempts are not eugenic stereotype propaganda for superiority complex of fe/male intelligence. Rather seeks to understand basic natural differences between the fe/male brain functions in life. 20131207_stp001_1-1

The brain structure and wiring may be different in specific areas and size there are fe/male roles performed better often by opposite gender. This is due to input of family and environment one grew up in and talent. The brain performs best when  team complements each other because female rains are best in certain areas more than others. Both females and males perform best at their strength of competence. So gender per se is not issue here but need to genuinely improve communication for  better understanding with each other. A careful study of differences hopefully will help to plan decisions to benefit each category in society. The brain matter is not a black and white generalisation to typecast gender. It is reveals interests of females and passion developed  built on based on perception from early years. Education highlights those differences initially but had to integrate female as isolation built on differences drew both apart emotionally having not much interaction to observe such behaviour patterns.  The man focusses on one task but women multitask better for family.the_differences_between_men_and_women_640_06.jpgAbove all, mutual respect and compassion shown each other enhances the relationship between the genders. So making an effort to learn how each one processes information to understand how messages filter through the brain. The Bible says renew and transform your mind to conform to God’s DESIGN not just follow instinct. Therefore taking time to carefully understand the fe/male brains helps to be in the know to make informed choices. This will drastically improve the interelationships between both genders for the better. There are leanings towards masculine or feminine brain choices depending upbringing. The so called fe/male jobs are performed by both talented and gifted people outside traditional box of gender roles. This  means the jobs are done by whoever is able to do so. In addition, the brain is capable of storing information and messages to retrieve when require. People with photographic memories are better at recalling information accurately. Memory involves knowing something is stored being able to retrieve information. But forgetfulness theory says memory decays after each new memory creates a ‘trace’ that fades away if not accessed regularly. Four major reasons people forget information: storage failure, interference , retrieval failure and motivated forgetting. So be gentle on each other and use repetition to reinforce information to remember to recall instructions. A forgetful memory must use post it notes, a to do list with priority goal in red time limit to create urgency, some items stay permanently on to do list forever for competency, use pictures and posters, alarm clock, diary, routine and people to help remind you. So telling someone once is not enough and reminding them is not nagging them or undermining them. Rather a duty of care in the service of love for one another. Appreciate and be thankful to those who care enough to remind you to be the best you can be. Remembering to recall deep relevant events and appointment is a bonus that enhances your life and brings promotion because people can count on you as dependable, reliable a handpicked person of proven record so trustworthy in caring for self but puts others first.


Attention! is one of the first words we remembered in life as it was my fathers favourite word to help us focus when teaching us to read as children. He accentuated his version with a French tone although we are English people. So we were  more alert for some few minutes as we put up with his command. Sooner or later we drifted off to play used to again to straighten us to continue studying. We memorised verses, times tables, spelt as calculators were non existent then. It almost seemed like the sound of music training his children but not quite to the extreme of wearing military uniforms. Attention means focus fully, zoom in on a minute detail more alert or focus. Growning up and taking on similar responsibilities we better understand our father’s use of the attention word and Attention on God. Attention is not preferred word chosen to encourage support others learning to read or write. Better understand it takes love, hard work, numerous data, paper work  to help children learn to read and write. Appreciate father’s devoted love precious time dedicated help to improve skills for life. Help tremendously can be the best can do for God’s ATTENTION.Attention means God tells us to remain alert on the look out at all times. As times and seasons constantly change so it brings dynamic adjustments to adapt to keep on top of things. Attention helps attend to job at hand in here and moment day or night. Various games and riddles exist to help us spot the difference, missing words, scramble, countdown words etc. to enhance brain to focus to see minute details possible to the human eye. So a distraction affects attention, TV hours control life. Those looking up to TV role model attention do seem to miss point of REAL ATTENTION COMES FROM GOD THROUGH CHRIST WHO SACRIFICED HIS LIFE TO SAVE ALL! So we stand in agreement to call Spirit of the LORD’S Attention for all’s attention in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!

It helps work towards the highest possible level of efficiency to focus to produce ultimate perfection required. Children own TV, games affecting attention span, concentration, focus, mental well-being, electro-magnetic wave radiation seen as sophistication. Some children stay up to play games unknown to parents in bedrooms. Firmly permit adults if on business trip to train to read or write. Build self -confidence to focus more attention premier word as a result attention is a word that stands out in my mind wherever I am. Often loud speakers blurt out the word attention! attention! attention! everybody listen to this important announcement.

Undue obsessive attention means an intense desire and craving  forever to share feelings enjoyed by ravelling in the moment unrealistically. So this reminds us again of a nearby company using it many times a day to call attention to keep people safe in premises within certain perimeters to ensure a safe distance as vehicles passed by. Life seemed well ordered and pleasant with everyone knowing their place. There was always respect and an unspoken honour of hierarchy submission to authority. Often it was easier to obey and do as told as the consequences were clear and loud and implemented. Attention is inbuilt focus for concentration designed by God do things properly. Attention is required for detail, accuracy, specific information, health, safety. Godly ATTENTION knows and understands Jesus Christ. Attention to detail helps perform better, enhance abilities, talents, skills, career. Attention is external action of adulation expected. Given by screaming fans, crowds doing outrageous things to get noticed for 15 minutes of fame. Deepest level of inner concentration to achieve joy and good is success inside. Yet paying attention to God is the best source of strength for all to make it life. Attention is gateway key to success to decide what enters mind. Take time think set up of environment impacts attention. Attention deficiency, centre of attention, attention seeking, attention span, modern words thrown around get attention from others. Many complain gets no attention from spouse, family, siblings, colleagues attention but ATTENTION 2way street not cul de sac.

Therefore it seems almost impossible to equate or entrust a feel good factor from getting attention from external sources unrealistic for life as deeper than mere staring at one by another all day long. To demand external attention only talking exclusively to loved ones as their private property and possession. So is necessary to understand life as a whole is perfectly created in GOD’S IMAGE. Decisions and choices depend on seeking God’s Face personally now matter how much in love or how rich. Then confirmed decisions mean an assurance of thinking through carefully first. Others are a sounding board to echo and reflect thoughts and feelings. Idea being in spotlight or lime light, flagged constantly by a paparazzi getting attention is stranger attention. Take time to DO ONE THING PROPERLY   CORRECT ATTENTION MULTITASKING SLOW MOTION NOT SIMULTANEOUS.






Keep driving without due focus, care and attention or unreasonable consideration for other road users. Modern technology enables instant communication ability to share selfies people cannot wait to get home old fashioned family conversation at the dinner table any more. Attention saves lives and the Bible says there is a time and season for everything in life. It is good to keep in touch to ensure all is well with loved ones. Attention thrill is given new meaning by this generation. Some watch porn while driving causing fatal accidents ruining innocent lives. Absence for few minutes days makes heart fonder. Stop panicking, worrying thinking world will end for not indulging in endless talking. Spend quality time praying for loved ones or nations.