Money charms to become rich is the trend some people use to get quick gratification in life. Love of money for vanity to buy material things is concept sold by capitalist as source of happiness and status. This idea affects people’s ego to compete so seen with latest gadgets, latest fashion, latest clothes, cars even if unemployed. Bondage yoke materialism puts some people under pressure to conform so accepted by peers in clicks or gangs. Mistake material possession is equal to value of life so lack of material things, “dehumanize” them so acquire it through dubious mean at cost of others. Its bizarre the least hard-working wants most expensive things due to jealousy and envy, laugh at those living humbly within their means. People perish for lack of knowledge. So paradigm shift to acquire wealth by any means necessary causes brilliant people to lose focus, not concentrate on skills, talents, abilities, to earn genuine honest income. Love of money for lust misguides some to look for such money sources instantly to fit into constantly changing trends. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “people be judged by CONTENTS OF THEIR CHARACTER” not by skin tone, class, race or fashion labels, price tags left on garments to show off brand. Martin Luther’s points out damage done to people not treated fairly. Some actively involved in money charm scams, due to pride, arrogance of entitled generation seeing themselves above “working class” reject physical normal jobs involving sweating or toil. So impatient want everything yesterday without knowing or understanding of principles of how long things take to be made and costs. Live in the moment, to be permanently high, enjoying life seen from their perspective as having fun. Its unrealistic pressure to own only latest constantly in fashion, cars, gadgets that lead to evil lifestyle bondage conscience obsessed to impress others to get Street credit. School textbook topics teach the capitalist model influencing young minds advertising sales contents shops calculate maths and English lessons etc. Compare old textbooks with classrooms disguised market generation shoppers. Money spending preoccupation has no ethics to save money, wait, earn enough to buy things NEEDED without instant loans or credit cards. Free access to money creates debt for people deluded by things of the world, grass is greener keeping up with Jones. Live this lifestyle for years but still empty because of void in heart. Look for fulfilment in wrong places, vulnerable to wiles of deception and entrapment into bondage. People struggling with self-worth taught to get self-worth from how much money they earn equals power. Grow up see others getting self-esteem from earning money. With lack of money, face life of struggle, end up feeling ashamed and humiliated for not enjoying the glamorous luxury lifestyle of others flaunted on TV and in newspapers. So see sophisticated luxury lifestyle of slavery and colonial masters enjoying wealth resources usurped copy lifestyle they cannot afford. Others feel they deserve to take back what the devil stole from them by exploitation resort to such methods. All wealth belongs to God so people are stewards entrusted with God’s wealth to provide for all. Do not seek vengeance on capitalists who dupe, hide billions, reward themselves in luxury. God owns all wealth so God’s business to deal with them, leave it for God Jehovah Jireh to provide for you in Jesus Name. Wealth will not save people as Jesus returns to judge they will throw wealth in caves trying to hide from God.  

The Bible says in last days people will go to and fro in wrong places looking for happiness and enjoyment to feel good about themselves. People want an unrealistic virtual lifestyle not real life existence within God’s will and plans or purpose. Love of money is root of ALL evil as Bible says leading these innocent people to sell souls to spiritualists, witch doctors to get instant money. Money has conditions attached, destroy themselves or others initiated. Innocent people are victims in bondage as the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. So naive, greedy children lured into dark forces by a love of money not realising they get into evil satanism too late. So devil goes for best people’s destiny to destroy and disgrace the family. Ironically, families sacrifice to provide needs so lack nothing from a good home with loving parents, orphan, divorced, widows, poor given all family has. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is met beyond basic necessity so live in luxury but bored, restless seek illusion to have fun in wrong places, entangle lives with the forces beyond control. accompanied by nightmares, evil spirits follow them daily to torment them. Seek deliverance since they got more than they bargained for. Money charms continue working by demanding human sacrifice blood to keep potency or lose everything. They do not become rich or established with charmed money, spend it recklessly as instructed to buy clothes, shoes, drink, smoke, do drugs live a lustful lifestyle. Gain the whole world but lose their soul to devil tormenting them changing rules demand to control them gets worse and deeper in marine initiation meeting satan who gives assignment to kill loved ones and relatives for money. So money contaminates real money causing loss to genuine money mixed with money in bank saving through purchases. So evil spirit money in shops changed sends original money back into evil wallet. So empty coffers of hard-earned money people have. Necessary for good success by entrusting money into God’s HANDS to protect your finances in Jesus Name. Jesus warned there will be lawlessness lack of respect for parents, family in-laws without fear of offending people. The witchdoctor initiation controls their minds secret life is hidden from family members. Loved ones from good family targeted by friends who recruit initiate them. Quantification of the value of life lures people under pressure to destroy others to make satan happy with their pain. As pawns, realise their mistake so run to God for help after coming to their senses. Go down a destructive path, lose friends who died recognise they are next unless urgently delivered in Jesus Name. This time evil spirits fights and struggles with them not to seek help because evil spirits will be cast out. To denounce evil spirit seek deliverance from a deliverance church. Jesus came to destroy all works of devil to DELIVER people from all destruction. Find pastors who deliver you without charging money. Give thanks and Glory to God, Jesus Christ through Holy Spirit. Change sim card, delete online contacts porn sites, bad friends and live actively under deliverance pastor’s anointing. Divine cover of Spiritual father in Christ in church, read to study Bible, maintain deliverance living according to word of God in Jesus Christ Name. Praise God.


6mfwjn2qitsce8yf.D.0.chocolate-day-quotes-sayings-2014Best Top Valentine gifts and presents people give are so many but chose most popular ones often given by lovers. 7Refresh moods and brighten your day to express deepest sentiments with visual gifts and sensory chocolate delight.6d23f1ec313f9c4c4c75a539cd32af48--valentine-party-be-my-valentineRomantic meal at a favourite restaurant popular way people celebrate Valentine Day. Or sumptuous candle lit dinner at home another worthwhile option.51VmvIEAE8L._SX355_Another Best Top choice is basket filled with assortment of goodies homemade or bought packaged Valentine day gift full of favourite items including sweets, chocolate, biscuit, drink, book, perfume.383032ec510a256b4316e821854eef91 (1)Others exchange gifts to commemorate, preserve special occasion photo framed to remind the spouses of each other. So good to celebrate genuine real true love.unnamedPictures shared with the family, friends, colleagues and kept at home, office or in the car. Families remember couple and support the relationship to grow strong.unnamedPeople make the unique gifts personally made of sentimental value to celebrate love. Handcrafted beautiful love symbol on pillows, bags, cards made as gifts.vdaypillowsWonderful meaningful gifts keep love aflame as these gifts are used daily to keep love afresh and enjoy the romantic love for spouse.4154bvlrEdLGift boxes are so abundantly available to choose favourite ones and fill them with special items preferred. Recycle a beautiful gift box enhanced by ribbons. valentiane_stories_3Deep love warms the heart so give more agape love to make this world a better place to live and enjoy life. And so it is okay to express agape love or of chocolate truffles with red rosesValentine Day February 14th becomes the international day to celebrate love so it is not exclusively limited to spouse. Share gifts and express love to family.a0ce098bfd485ab0e283f5c32c8f444d--valentines-day-poems-valentine-wishesOur Favourite Valentine Ultimate Gift is GOD IS LOVE. And commands us to love GOD, Jesus, ourselves and neighbours. A neighbour is all encountered in our life. valentines-day-couples-ce-005Valentines Day is all about love it gives you perfect opportunity to create agape love in your family, between parent and child, between siblings, school/friends.73602-004-ED7FB127Valentine day is very important to help teach children genuine agape love for a caring attitude towards humans beings and pets. Educate them to share healthy good thoughts daily with to take full advantage of this Valentine day teach global international love for all. Jesus says love all including the perceived enemies.imageService God is LOVE so Valentine day is not just for lovers only it is the day to celebrate to show kindness and agape love to the friend, family, colleagues, community. Do not think its does not include you because you are not married or have no one to call your lover. The world needs more agape love because God says we must’ve others as we love ourselves. So love yourself first and share Godly love with people you know and your friends in a real genuine meaningful way. Note Valentine day is not for only romantic love of spouses but for expressing love globally through real kindness.


Emma Ferguson

Emma Ferguson tried to take her own life at the age of 15 after her mother died. Feeling helpless and hopeless she did not see any light at the end of the tunnel at that time. Today, this teenager who tried to take her own life reaches out to young people struggling to cope this Christmas. As the charity Childline reveals, number of calls received over festive period soars, as Emma Ferguson told children: “You can and you will get through loss” The 19-year-old tweets to encourage others about surviving her teenage suicide attempt which went viral so wants to help those who cannot cope alone. Four years on from almost ending her life, Emma says she now has a happy “smashing life.”The restaurant worker from Dunblane shared struggles with depression in effort to show how far she has come. She wants to inspire others to share story in the lead-up to Christmas the most emotional time of year. She tweeted a picture of herself on hospital trolley after failed suicide bid. Twitter post by @MMVVIII: 4 years ago i attempted to take my own life and was diagnosed with depression after i lost my mum. This year i moved to Glasgow with the love of my life and i am absolutely smashing life. Remember you CAN do it and WILL get through it. #breakthestigma ❤️

Post read: “Four years ago I attempted to take my own life and was diagnosed with depression after lost mum. So this year moved to Glasgow with the love of her life absolutely leading smashing life. Remember you CAN do it and WILL get through loss no matter how painful life feels today. Help #breakthestigma and silence of suicide. Emma’s tweet went viral with more than 58,000 likes and almost 8,500 retweets. She is delighted she is able to help others and said: “For someone with depression, this is the worst month of the year. She did it for herself but now is blown away by the number of people related to experience. Emma FergusonPeople replied saying they really need this kind of support system to know they too can survive the most traumatic lowest moments they are going through in life. Others experience similar or even the worse things yet endure to tell others about it too like Emma. So Emma said it feels good to make a difference. And wished when she was at her lowest she had survivor’s tweets to give her hope to know there is life after loss. And all she wanted then was to have someone understand her and what she was going through. Emma was 6 years old when her mother Fiona was diagnosed with a breast cancer. By the age of nine, Emma was her mother’s carer getting up at six in the morning to look after her before school. Emma was at high school when she was summoned home to a moment she feared most, her mum passed away in her arms shortly afterwards. Emma sank lower and lower into depression and pain of self harming. When she was 15 she waited till her father and brother left home, she locked door and made an attempt at killing herself. It is a miracle God sent concerned neighbour arrived in time to stop Emma as she passed out.Emma Ferguson and Adam Lindores

Loved One(s) Not There

After time in mental health unit, Emma returned to live with her grandmother, who kept her busy and gave her hope. ‘She was the person who supported me,’ she said. She told she will get through it all and be happy again. Four years later at the age of 19, has new job in Glasgow, a supportive boyfriend and wants to tell other young people there is light at the end of the tunnel. Christmas can be the worst time especially if one person who is meant to be there at the table is not there. Emma wants to help the young people by saying picture the loved being there in spirit with you. Know a special person will say its Christmas you should be happy.’ Her mum or loved one would want you to be happy so be happy that day and think that way. “It takes time. I want anyone feeling low to know that it takes time but life gets better.” Emma and boyfriend Adam Lindores went on a recent holiday to Iceland. Children’s charity Childline revealed the rising call numbers over Christmas festive period. Volunteers at bases in Glasgow and in Aberdeen had 320 calls across 4 festive holidays of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Hogmanay and New Year’s Day in 2016/17, up from 288 the year before. Across the UK, there were nearly 2,500 counselling sessions by Childline over the same period, with young people seeking help for issues including abuse, anxiety and suicide. It is necessary to know some medications cause suicidal thoughts so confide in your GP, friends about such thoughts. Get advise get help and postpone suicide to get support. No matter how bad things are or traumatic experiences it too shall pass though may not seem so at the moment. Childline president Dame Esther Rantzen said too many children find Christmas, darkest and most difficult time of year.” She said: “They contact Childline to tell us they are spending holidays surrounded by violence and anger, suffering from abuse and neglect, or wrestling with mental health problems.” Above all God loves you, so cares deeply inspite of any pain you may be going through. 

Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu

Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu encourages people with the Christmas  message on Christmas Day at 10am. He said the great joys and privileges of life is encountering all kinds of different people from all walks of life. People are amazing, supportive with the desire to make difference to make things happen. To share joy of Christmas helping others constantly with goodness, compassion in a midst of adversity, hardship, pain. A shining example is family and friends bringing light and hope to others in the face of unimaginable grief and painAs all can help others to overcome poverty and adversity by goodwill during loss. It is so beautiful Christmas story in action shine light to overcome darkness. For some people Christmas hardest season of year in despair, hopelessness, fear or frustrated but have hope in God. Reflect on joy and pain of life’s crushing loads, with painful slow steps. Picture Jesus embracing you and feel the moment of joy. Be encouraged the Christmas story absolutely recognises hardship of life but reassuring the birth of Jesus Christ in stable give light to overcome the dark world. The angel told the shepherds do not be afraid as bringing you good news of great joy for all people.” Jesus Christ brings hope, peace, joy and promise of new life, eternal life for all the people. For you. For me. For those loved ones lost. For those yet to be born. I think it’s the best news there is. So be encouraged and remember there is no situation so dark grief so great light of Christ can’t penetrate and overcome. Emmanuel God is among us. Prayer in the midst of whatever life is throwing at you right now good, bad, ugly you can experience a sense of deep joy during Christmas. So have a blessed and peaceful Christmas.


If feeling emotionally distressed and would like details of organisations which offer advice and support, click here or call for free any time to hear recorded information 0800 066 066.






It comes as parents told the BBC their children’s supplies were due to expire in a few days, and they had been unable to get replacements. The government says it is working with EpiPen’s makers to resolve issue. EpiPens are the most common adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs) prescribed to people with serious allergies to nuts, milk, fish, shellfish, eggs, some fruits. People recommended to keep two of the devices with them at all times for cases of anaphylaxis – a severe and sometimes life-threatening reaction often caused by allergies – as one is not always enough. They can only be used once and have expiry date that lasts for minimum of 12 months. There is shortage of EpiPens in UK and other countries for months. There a shortage of alternative AAIs prescribed in the UK like Jext and Emerade amid a surge in demand for them. Lynne Riles said she is trying to get EpiPen prescription for her seven-year-old daughter for the past six weeks. “Their pens expire at the end of September and feels at wits’ end.” Sal Smith said her four-year-old’s EpiPens were due to expire at end of the month, after she had tried for four weeks to get more. Still no sign of getting them.” The allergen reactions include these foods.An assortment of foodsNuts, shellfish and eggs among foods that trigger allergies. Food like peanuts, milk/dairy foods, egg, wheat, fish and seafood, sesame and soya, insect stings from bees and wasps, medication such as antibiotics and ibuprofen and latex rubber gloves, balloons, swimming caps affect some people caused by chemicals used in producing items. In response to shortages, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) agreed to request by Mylan, company behind EpiPen, to extend expiry date of some batches of the 0.3mg version of the device. The MHRA made decision after it was given evidence the shelf life of 0.3mg pen was 20 months from date manufactured. It said devices work “just as effectively” during extended expiry period. But the extension does not apply to the 0.15mg version, given to children under 30kg. Mylan has no stock of the 0.15mg pens left, Department of Health and Social Care guidance to healthcare professionalsMore pens due in October but is not expected to meet normal demand department.

Emma Cummings, 10-year-old son Loui has severe allergies, said if the supply problems continued and she had no AAIs left in date, she would be forced to keep her son indoors, as he is at risk from airborne allergens. “Loui wouldn’t be allowed out of four walls of our own house, I can categorically say that there is nothing in house to trigger allergies for him. That will restrict his education, his after-school activities, but would. A parent with child like Loui, would have no choice.” DHSC guidance said people left with nothing but expired AAIs keep them until they get replacements and be prepared to use them. While AAIs lose their potency and become less effective after their expiry date, is not harmful, and better to use expired AAI than none at all, it said. Careful management of an existing supplies will prevent need for using expired pens. The Health Minister Lord O’Shaughnessy told BBC: “doing everything we can to ensure patients continue to access medications needed, and we have issued detailed guidance to healthcare professionals.” Mylan said Pfizer manufactures of drug “working hard” to increase production and supply would stabilise between October and December this year. Allergy proof house built by parents for £500k is allergy-free ‘haven’ to help sons avoid potentially fatal attacks.Born & Elinor Barikor’s two sons, Avery, 7, Pascal, 5, and daughter Blakely, 3. The boys have life-threatening allergies to a countless triggers. Solution to build the house so everything is allergen-free as possible. The house in Richmond is to help ensure fewer allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Elinor 37, art dealer and husband Born 36, a sports technology entrepreneur.Dream team: Grand Designs presenter Kevin Macleod with owners Born and Elinor BarikorGrand Designs presenter Kevin Macleod with owners Born and Elinor Barikor. The boys with life threatening allergies to dairy, wheat, egg, gluten, soya, oats, pulses, beans and fruits, and nuts, dust, pollen, animal fur. Pascal has asthma so story of Pret sandwich packaging didn’t display allergen information. To limit boys’ allergic reactions, changing milk, reading food labels but still unexplained reactions says Elinor. ‘They had hives or rashes though antihistamines inhaler is used daily. Always in hospital so better way to health to end suffering to help them. The couple discovered building materials and household items, carpets, paints and treated woods do exacerbate allergies as made with materials that produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemicals easily inhaled. Safe space: The couple sold their east London property to build their £500,000 havenThe couple sold east London property to build their £500,000 haven.Stylish and low-risk: The living room looks no different to any other incredible mansionStylish, low-risk living room looks no different to other incredible mansion.Modern moves: The property is located in Richmond, but would easily look at home in LA Property in Richmond like home in LA. The common VOCS acetone, in furniture polish and wallpaper; benzene, in paint, glue, carpeting; ethanol, detergents and formaldehyde in floor lacquers, plastics. ‘VOCs everywhere. Dr Mark Rosenthal, a consultant in paediatric respiratory medicine, Royal Brompton Hospital says pleasant VOCS scent of flowers, natural wood or perfumes, less pleasant paints varnish, glue and moulds give off. High concentrations VOC airway irritant and trigger other allergies.’ Formaldehyde, triggers asthma symptoms, adds Dr Andy Whittamore, a GP and clinical lead at the charity Asthma UK. Elinor and Born’s built house so structured the interior design allergen-free as possible. An architect shared their vision so the building began in March 2017 and took nine months. The single storey house constructed of walls, half concrete, half panels concrete buildings emit fewer VOCs and panels the lowest VOC found.See for yourself: The building, which began in March 2017 and took nine months, features in tomorrow's episode of Channel 4's Grand Designs seriesSleek: Inside the property, the couples' kitchen is impeccable - while also minimising triggersImpeccable kitchen minimises triggersThe building is a single storey house constructed of walls that are half concrete, half panelsThe singlestorey house constructed wall half concrete panels. Inside, a bamboo not carpets, kitchen formaldehyde-free MDF, sofa second-hand because brand new furniture can ‘off-gas’, meaning it releases VOCs potentially for years. The house is air-tight, air filtered by MVHR unit machine extracts moisture from air in damp areas, kitchen and bathrooms pulls fresh air from outside and filtering out pollution, pollen and dust. System is beneficial says Dr Deborah Marriage lead paediatric allergy and respiratory clinical nurse specialist Bristol Children’s Hospital. Children with most asthma prescribed laminar flow device filters air surrounding bed to improve their symptoms.’ But outside to school are exposed again’, adds Dr Rosenthal.Smart: The house is also air-tight, with the air filtered through an MVHR unit - a machine that continuously extracts moisture from the air, filtering out pollution, pollen and dustHouse air-tight with air filtered MVHR unit machine extracting moisture from air, filter pollution, pollen and dust.'Before we moved, we usually had to administer antihistamines weekly or found one of them covered in a rash almost daily. For us it was proof our house was working,' they saidOften administer antihistamines weekly or covered in rash almost daily but now free so proof home working,’ they said. Elinor and Born don’t need convincing as efforts worth it. Despite boys going to school, social events, six months after move parents struggle to recall the last time they’d had an allergic reaction. ‘We looked at each other and drew a blank,’ Elinor says. ‘Before we moved, we had to administer antihistamines weekly or found one covered in rash almost daily. For us it was proof our house worked.

Karanbir Cheema’s father said he was heartbroken.This 13-year-old was severely allergic to wheat, gluten, all dairy products, eggs, all nuts, asthmatic and suffered from atopic eczema, went into anaphylactic shock and died after a severe reaction to a piece of cheese allegedly forced on him so is investigated by Metropolitan police’s murder team. Karanbir Cheema was taken to a west London hospital on 28 June after feeling unwell during the school break, died on Sunday 10 days in Great Ormond Street children’s hospital devastates family and school friends. An incident occurred that led the boy into contact with allergen,” the Met said in a statement. A 13-year-old boy arrested is on bail pending further inquiry as case passed to homicide officers. Karanbir’s father, Amarjeet, told Evening Standard he was heartbroken in hospital watched him die so no parent should go through that.” he said, wants answers how could this happen? “My son had allergies but was very careful with allergy to dairy products avoiding them. I don’t how a piece of cheese hit him could kill him, it doesn’t make any sense. We have been told very little.” Postmortem scheduled Wednesday 12 July to establish cause of what Met described as “an unexplained death.” The head of William Perkin C of E high school, Greenford, west London, where Karanbir was a pupil said he was treated immediately in school before paramedics arrived. He had a full care plan and all the normal steps expected with a child with allergy in place. We provided medications delivered,” Alice Hudson, executive headteacher told the Evening Standard. “Everything done but tragically in this situation not effective. She told Daily Mirror Karanbir or Karan came to school office to tell staff he had very bad reaction to cheese as Hudson added: “He had many friends who are devastated at his death, as are staff. He was a bright and keen student who excelled in maths.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Karan’s family.”Natasha Ednan-Laperouse,Natasha Ednan-Laperouse died in the hospital in Nice after collapsing on a BA flight. She had a severe sesame allergy died after eating airport Pret a Manger baguette, which did not list ingredients. Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, 15, collapsed during a flight from Heathrow to Nice on 17 July last year. Despite her father administering two EpiPen injections, Natasha, from Fulham, London, died within hours, West London Coroner’s Court will hear. Pret a Manger said it was “deeply saddened” by the death. Natasha’s father, Nadim Ednan-Laperouse, said in a statement: “It’s a daily battle and pain indescribable.” Mr Ednan-Laperouse, the founder of Wow Toys company, said: “As a family now of three my wife son and I are trying to adjust to life without our beloved girl. ” Everything we say and do reminder she isn’t with us her empty bedroom, school uniform hanging in her wardrobe, her holiday bag packed for her holiday in Nice has never been unpacked. We can’t bear to.” A spokesperson for Pret said: “We were deeply saddened to hear about Natasha’s tragic death, and our heartfelt thoughts are with her family and friends.”Airline passengers at Heathrow Airport terminal FiveNatasha ate baguette before boarding a flight to Nice. Natasha ate an artichoke, olive, tapenade baguette bought from a main Pret a Manger shop in Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport, said the family’s solicitors, Leigh Day. It is believed the sesame was baked into the baguette, rather than contained in seeds on its crust, said Pret. The teenager collapsed on the British Airways flight and later died in hospital in Nice. An estimated 1 in 100 people allergic to sesame protein according to the NHS. Reactions vary from rashes and swelling, to breathing difficulties. Pret a Manger confirmed its products not individually labelled with allergen or ingredient information. The  signs on shelves or till points customers to speak to manager trained to provide allergen advice, the company said. And information is available in company’s allergen guide, available in stores and online. A Pret spokesperson said: “We take food allergies, allergen information is provided to our customers extremely seriously. “We continue to do all that we can to assist the coroner’s inquest.” The hearing is due to start on Monday. Amy a TV presenter suffered an anaphylactic reaction in Spain too at a restaurant that reassured her food was nutfree.

Amy May once a presenter on TV in UK in this video is to educate the public to understand serious effects of allergies. Actively vivacious Amy was absolutely thrilled in a fabulous Miss Independent Woman’s team’s super splendid bunch, suffered an allergen reaction. Is a keen traveler, writer for marvellous online slumber party worked for UK’s most popular daytime television shows, Daybreak, Lorraine, This Morning. And created online features, behind scenes exclusives, revealed latest fashion must haves! Mingled with celebrities from Russell Brand to David Attenborough or breaking hard news stories on This Morning Hub after University for a few years but journalistic career taken few twists and turns. Was a co-presenter at BBC Radio Kent, completed Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism, and on Channel Five news and  ITV in spare time presenting work. Helped animal rescue shelters in UK and Spai until experienced reaction to nuts affecting her life, career, speech, mobility and activities. Was reassured by chef that no nuts in her food but reacted from just a bite so now looked after by her parents. Be aware of seriousness of food allergy and teach children to be very careful at school and on playgrounds. Restaurants must keep separate food preparation area, tools, ingredients, to stop cross contamination. Dust particles from nuts flows to other places place so breathing in air near nut eaters triggers reactions. Its really sad allergy sufferers cannot be part of the joy of eating out with friends and family without risks. It’s impossible to confine meals to homemade foods if airlines ban customers travelling with food on planes and restaurants ban the customers from bringing in their own foods. This issues must be addressed by special permissions to carry own foods out and about in restaurants or planes. Yet how much food can one take along or keep on a three-week holiday in the heat of the summer weather? Can those in the food industry set up the Specialist Allergen’s Cafes, Restaurants or Mobile Vans with trained staff to sell or supply various foods? Can they liaison with the schools and public to train the specialist allergen staff at exclusive restaurants to cater for such needs. This can be done as a potential business arrangement to ensure there are no mix ups in the busy rush hour when staff or customers may not have enough time to read labels or notices in premises pointing to allergen information? The Signboards, Signposts, Uniforms, cups, plates, cutlery, aprons, packagings, decor, must be bold and in the brightest most unmissable places situated in prime locations to solve the allergen problems hopefully. Epipens must be redesigned for multiple uses like Asthma inhalers not one use per pen causing severe shortages.