IMG_20170509_094533.jpgRevelations 22:19 says if anyone adds to the words of God or deletes taking away from the words of God it is sin God will reprove and deal with that person. Be a Berean and Study the Bible yourself and compare original texts to note changes in meaning. Deuteronomy 4:2 says do not add to or subtract God’s Commands so keep the Commands LORD God gives you. Consequences for tampering with the Word of God either adding, deleting or substrating from Bible is warned by God Who said HE WILL remove names of those who do from HIS Book of Life. The Shakespearean English translation of Bible modernised must remain true to original meaning of God. Salvation depends on Christ’s finished work on Cross so people have to abide by God’s Standards. Effort to make Bible easier to read must not destroy Central Message of the Gospel. Christ is Word made flesh Who dwelt amongs us on earth to save by Sovereign God’s Words directing us on Godpath of life for eternal salvation.hebrew-context-of-galatians-41-728.jpgWe had Bible study group meeting some time ago, taking turns to read out loud the Scriptures for particular day. A few people could not follow text and kept on asking for verses referred to. We took a look at their Bible and surprised their texts varied from ours. This happened many years ago when we realised these subtles changes, especially if you once memorised Bible verses growing up like the King James Bibles then words sound different in meaning. Those who feast on God’s Words readily notice changes. God’s Words energises to feed, protect and incapsulate you. When you revise prayer affirmations daily, at first you will not know anxiety and doubt creep in from negative misformation. So after two weeks saying praying affirmations, you will know Scripture by heart as the word daily protects you and shields you from fear and doubt. feast-on-gods-wordDo do not panic for Word of God says everybody must know word themselves. There is no second-hand faith so you have to know God’s Words yourself to save you. We noticed some Bible texts completely disappeared and today we received important message reinforcing changes taking place in Bible as follows: “A VERY CRITICAL ALERT!!! says, Hello beloved saints, I am sure you know new international version (NIV), published by Zondervan is now owned by Harper Collins who publishes Satanic Bible and The Joy of Gay Sex. NIV and the English Standard Version (ESV) removed 64,575 words from Bible including Jehovah Calvary, Holy Ghost, Omnipotent a few named. Bible renews and transforms a life held in darkness to be translated to Kingdom of Glorious Gospel of Light. It is how the strongholds are broken and people set free to serve Almighty God. KJV_Matthew_24-24The opportunity to receive God’s Words is beset with opposer contenders trying to stop gladiators from winning games. Spiritual warfare tactics is used by the devil’s false Christ’s and false prophets, showing great signs, wonders to deceive itching ears. So those not well versed in word of God are deceived including the very elect as Jesus warned. The NIV, ESV has removed 45 complete verses. Most Bibles device on phones e.g OLIVE TREE BIBLE STUDY APP. Try to find following scriptures in NIV and ESV on computer, phone, device right now if in doubt: Matthew 17:21, 18:11, 23:14; Mark 7:16, 9:44, 9:46; Luke 17:36, 23:17; John 5:4; Acts 8:37 you will not believe your eyes. Refuse to be blinded by satan and do not act like you do not care. Let us remember what Lord Jesus said in John 10:10 (King James Version). These attempts are to lure and deceive people into false security of their messages but God does not approve manipulations by people bending texts to suit themselves.beware-of-faith-based-on-feelings-rather-than-gods-wordTHE SOLUTION If you must use NIV and ESV, BUY and KEEP EARLIER VERSION OF the BIBLE. A Hard Copy cannot be updated. The changes occur when they ask you to update app. on your phone or laptop etc. Buy and KEEP EARLIER VERSIONS AND STORE THEM. There is a crusade geared towards altering Bible as we know it; NIV, ESV and many more versions are affected. We are living in the last days and Jesus is Coming Soon as the Gospel is preached everywhere all the prophecies being fulfilled. The devil is working hard to try to occupy Christians with things of the world so Jesus Coming will catch them unawares. Those who reject God texts reprint own versions to suit their interpretations to seem as if Bible said so. Be sure read to original versions especially New King James changed from Shakespeare era.e9ae378a96912ce06a61f66053e47c09Please prepared there is no more time to waste. And take advantage of sms, WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook, twitter etc to send this message to all your contact. Do not ignore this source of evangelism reaching dying souls to save and rescue the perishing. God be with you always and bless you for doing His Command! This confirms what we realised many years ago as God says My people perish for lack of knowledge. The Bible says God’s Truth you know sets you free and faith comes by hearing word of God. So the church that used to cry and repent for sin, after hearing the word of God, today compromises by defending sin of changing Bible texts to suit the church. revelation-22-vs-18-19bowl-1-webedc8377f4d945edcabd547c737e12f13af1385821bbc43cffd5b7246f948ee46Accurate knowledge is so essential like Bereans to study to know the word of God to impact lives. If a person does not know the words of God they assume it opinions of man imposed on them. So reading Bible in context helps to learn to understand God better. The Bible also has many verses in different places to emphasise God’s Words for repetition to reinforce the message. Jesus answered the  devil from the Word of by saying it is written you must not tempt the LORD your God. So do not twist God’s Words to suit intentions against God’s Words to mislead people, often baby Christians in search of God’s Love. Use faith building Bible encouraging you and leading you to God not distorted versions promoting rebellion against God. They often look for error to justify the Bible is not worth believing to lure you from salvation in Christ. The word of God is Sacred Texts written in the Bible through Holy Spirit according to Timothy 3:16- 17;5:1-2 says The Bible is necessary to teach, reproof, for correction, training in righteousness for all believers not just men of God. To be able to answer Biblically from texts as God’s manual for life equips by the Word of God. The WORD of God is Alive and is sharper than a two-edged sword cutting through bones and narrow to perform changes in hearts and minds of people. Hebrews-4-2-The-Word-Is-Living-and-Active-red-copy1.jpgThis is why devil fights hard to prevent gaining knowledge from Bible because it is greatest weapon that defeats satan in the name of Jesus. Whole generations are kept ignorant from powerful words of God that gives perfect peace beyond human understanding. So to overcome adversary, Word of God must be stored in your heart and your mind to actively recall from memory to replay moment by moment, to feed your soul for hope, assurance and confidence in God. This chaotic world is a man-made version so God will restore His Kingdom for all His Children in Jesus Name. The Word of God is the Lamp to your feet and Light to your path driving away darkness. So knowing the Bible is protection armour that keeps you strong in faith not to be deceived. Jesus said in Matthew 24:24 that the very elect, if not careful can be deceived and misled by the devil. The Bible is a living word so people become living sermons to Glorify God.


Be happy in yourself and do not blame others because life is not only about you exclusively to demand always a 24hour self-centred attention from others who love you. A trend of right to entitlement to be happy at expense of others causes problems in families, society of online. The happiness demanding attention is ruining relationships. Some demand a nonstop unrealistic pressure from loved ones all moments be spent only with them day or night. So time taken to do things or working to provide for them is considered ‘dehumanizing neglect’ for not catering always for them only. Onus of their life is always shifted to others to become totally responsible for them. So like emotional babies, do not realise that growing up means taking a full responsibility for actions. Therefore permanently blame others for problems of their lives or for being born in wrong the environment to undesired parents whose fault made them as they are. Do not put all the anger, and bitterness on those who care about you most. As long as they receive help from everyone at all times without need to help others they feel fine.58216d1a9df4cedf435f5d8a037d7cc4 Dare others ask them to be patient or to wait for their turn often become angry or agitated throwing things at people or breaking things to hurt owners. These behaviour often starts from tantrums of terrible twos not corrected by their innocence not to offend them. Some sulk and cry for hours on end or, develop headaches from crying so cycle is repeated over and over again. A bad upbringing ranges from the spectrum of lack of discipline, correction, ADHD or autism not diagnosed early taking its toll into adulthood. Pride, ego, defiance, anti establishment becomes the norm so used to getting own ways for too long. A genuine effort to support and help them seen as intrusion although often naive of the outcome of their actions. Most of the time the very family considered not good enough for them end up picking up the pieces of their trail of damage to others. Always in denial of reality never aware of effects of their behaviour on a family, relatives, friends or children. In extreme cases traumatize or hurt others incapable of understanding risks or the consequences of an action in advance before it happens. Constantly operate in high-strung emotion demand that those around them always walk on egg shells. Unaware792e6019ecd1c629c0ad3c773ee524ca of social rules etiquette unable to tolerate if attention or a conversation is not only about them. So emotionally draining others yet complaining about lack of attention from those doing their best to live with them. Underlying this state of mind is influence of the liberal views of deception that they are their own self-made people unaccountable to nobody so must depend exclusively only on their own ideas, feelings choices egos without recognising impact effect of damage in hurting others. If not dealt with grow into megalomania, tyrants in extreme cases never content with their lot in life. Always want more and more beyond realistic expectations or available resources in life. Suck others dry but still moan about not being given enough attention. Emotionally draining accurately described ‘manic behaviour of such a person does not understand brain function process of information or instructions properly in the interest of the good of all others. be-happyUnhappiness causes bile toxic chemicals to affect mood swing, sugar withdrawal symptoms, substance abuses affecting genetics of children from some parents, alcohol, poor communication skills, lack of maturity, background experience that intrude into adult years if unchecked. Other times consequence of their sheer pathological wickedness stems from the habitual actions since childhood. Sadly, in schools, emphasis is more on a head knowledge more than personal growth development and emotional maturity required for a longterm living. Another factor is the attitude of certain men seen as powerful if they are rebellious to authority. Some ‘success’ sometimes equated to a bully who tramples over all others bulldozed their way to achieve their goal, be it on corporate ladder, or in family, church, abusers manipulate or attack those who stand up to them. 57c69b8d9a2cff284ba95ed892061acaIt is predicted in Bible by Jesus during the end time lawlessness will abound as such people become more haughty, and disobedient to authority hate discipline, lovers of self more than Lovers of God, high minded ever learning but unable to grasp truth. So cannot understand basic rules, respect, consideration for others. Always insists on their way or no way, self-destruct snapping because they refuse to help or correction to save them from themselves. Truth hurts but God says His people are destroyed for lack of proper Godly knowledge and proper understanding of daily roles in relation to others on Earth. Confusion today in society and wars come from inability to compromise or to put others first. Some insist their way is only way manipulate or force others put under pressure but indulge without listening or valuing others due to greed, love of money, fear. Worse of all undergirding greed motives spur them on to destroy others for their selfish gains. It is well-known in  living history many lives destroyer by not living and let live lifestyle agreement to agree to disagree to live in peace chucked out of window.


SELF-ACCEPTANCE is influenced by the sublime messages of society children are receiving in the early years. Later as adults in life they bear the consequences of living with others perceived as less than themselves in the communities. A caring attitude towards self-acceptance from a healthy point of view is to detox vitriol hatred seeds sown in early childhood. Educational courses often have biased racist undertones and social networks reinforce hatred of some children in schools. Subtle suggestions becomes inner critic causing grieve by inability to be the perfect child accepted or as adult in society. Pressure to fulfil unrealistic dreams by comparing oneself to another is underlying strategy causing anger and division in society. Propaganda tells the false stories through books and images to influence innocent minds to become racists. So it is important to look at the context in which the person questions self- hatred spewing negative ideas about themselves projecting self- hatred on towards others. People are comparing themselves by the views of people’s lives on social media, TV and in the news. So it becomes easy to convince yourself that everyone is having a better time than you. Recognise you are strong, list what makes you personally happy and have a sense of meaning of life, inner peace for good success, joy and happiness. Believe in God, love Jesus, yourself and family even if not perfect. Do not look up to the external visible surface lifestyle of others but deep within inside yourself to use gifts and talents God gave you. Lots of money spent lavishly and glamorously lasts only a short season before craving a new thrill. Those you admire look cool in your eyes but have no deep God morals.img_20161201_160530

Invite Jesus in your heart to strengthen you to overcome self hatred and racism. Change your mindset, do small things to make you feel good like eating healthy food and sleeping well. Play works with children struggling with confidence and low self-esteem. Self-acceptance is to change misinformation, bias to think well of yourself in line with GOD’S plan for your life. Take responsibility for your wellbeing and eliminate stress.  Some people feel ashamed about who they are due to propaganda targeting them as inferior. Be really honest with yourself to transform and renew your mind. Talk to yourself in the mirror daily and declare I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the Image of God. Accept flaws, use your voice be the best you can be, confident, sure of self-acceptance to overcome any low self-esteem issues. Know what you want from life above all and let peace of mind and inner joy reign in your heart with sound mind of Christ. In reality it is helpful and useful to build up confidence in own head first. To help others see you as reliable, trustworthy, interdependable. Everybody is unique so celebrate yourself and do not look for any affirmation approval before you feel human. Only you can do what you do so be the best you, you can be. Others will respond or react to how best you present yourself and what you spew out of your own mouth. Misery loves company so a pity party attracts the wrong people into your life making things worse. You can overcome by rejecting negative voices unaware was implanted from childhood damaging your life. Life is easy, simple if you know how and believe in God your maker’s opinion about you. Everything will be okay stay strong this is your year. Focus and believe in yourself to love you first and love others as God’s people.


_93856458_img_3770Childbirth loneliness transition affects mothers in isolation without extended family support. As many experience, Molly Forbes is a sociable person but became very lonely when she had a baby
A commission started by murdered MP Jo Cox is investigating loneliness in the UK, which is an epidemic affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. Here, two young women share their stories. In 2010 Molly Forbes had her first child, Freya. But after the birth she was confronted with something she had not prepared for: loneliness. A “sociable person”, Molly – then 26 – was one of the first of her friends to have a baby. Her husband was out at work all day and she did not have close family living by. The loneliness of being a new mother was a real surprise for me. It just hit me,” she said. You are suddenly at home with a baby. You feel safer there so you stay home but it makes you more isolated. “When you go out, you want to be seen to be doing a good job and being happy. If you admit you’re lonely, you might be labelled as not coping. Molly Forbes says you want to be seen to be doing a good job and being happy says Molly. The commission planned by West Yorkshire Labour MP Jo Cox before she was murdered last June – says a fifth of the population privately admit they are “always or often lonely.”_93856435_photo-17
But two-thirds of those would never confess to having a problem in public, it says Molly, from Devon, said that rather than being honest about how she was feeling, she had “put a brave face on – and that can make you more lonely”.
“Looking back, I was definitely feeling quite anxious. “I was worrying about money, about whether I’d go back to my job – and when you don’t have someone to talk to, these worries can spiral out of control.” Molly had lots of friends, but found she couldn’t talk to them about her post-baby concerns. She started writing a blog and made connections with other mums online, and from there I started meeting up with people and found friends that way. The commission says three-quarters of people who are lonely on a regular basis do not know where to turn for support. It is looking for practical solutions to beat loneliness. Molly’s advice for new mums? “Spend time making friends with pregnant women, so you have a support network ready to go once the baby is born.” Find other mums to provide support network Molly said._93885386_ornstein

Who is feeling lonely? Parents – Action for Children found 24% of parents surveyed were always or often lonely. Teenagers – 62% are ‘sometimes lonely’ and one in 20 never spend time with friends at weekends. Carers – 8 out of 10 carers feel lonely or isolated as a result of looking after loved ones. Refugees and migrants 58% of those surveyed in London cited loneliness and isolation as their biggest challenge. The elderly 1 in 3 people aged 75 and over say feelings of loneliness are out of their control. The deafblind charity Sense has said that up to half of disabled people will be lonely on any given day. Have you experienced loneliness? Do you have advice or tips about how to deal with feeling isolated? Talking is key says Michelle so avoid ‘Bottling’ it up. For Michelle Ornstein who has a learning disability, there is nothing worse than being alone. “When Iam here on my own, I feel really down and anxious,” she said. The 22-year-old, from Essex, said her anxieties had got worse in recent years, leading her to leave college. There was an incident on school bus where Michelle was wearing her hearing aids close to a group of people being loud. “I just burst out in tears on the bus. I got myself so worked up and thought this is it. I cannot do this Michelle said. At one point I couldn’t be left on my own at all, I would not let [my parents] out the door. Spending time out of the house and with friends is key to countering loneliness but, Rossanna Trudgian, the Head of Campaigns at Mencap explained, a third of youngsters with learning disabilities spend less than an hour outside their homes on a Saturday. “Social isolation and fear of negative attitudes can remain huge barriers towards feeling welcome and included in society,” she said. But things have got better for Michelle. Talking things through with her family helps and this week she starts a new course. Michelle’s advice is talk she said: “If you keep it to yourself, you will bottle it up to build up anxieties so not go out.”‘Few admit it.’ Michelle is not the only young person experiencing loneliness. _93856429_photo-2

The Mix is an online support service for under-25s. This year, it has seen a 26% rise in the numbers of those accessing loneliness support service, compared to the previous year. Jo Cox begun setting up the commission before murdered in her constituency last June. Community manager James Pickstone said loneliness was an underlying issue shared by many people who visit the service though it was “rarely discussed openly.” He said: We see a lot of young people feeling very isolated at college and university, living away from home, not having the social life expected associated with university experience.” Younger people experience loneliness differently from how older adults do. Prof Graham Davey from the University of Sussex explained “Younger people appear to be focused on the friendship networks and number of relationships they have and experience loneliness as a function of the fewer friends they have.” In today’s society, friendship networks represented nowhere more obviously than on social media. Whether perceived to be a successful user of social media is with many followers one is likely to have impact on feelings of loneliness, anxiety, paranoia and mental health generally,” the psychology professor said. But you won’t find too many status updates about feeling lonely because ultimately Prof Davey argued loneliness has a stigma and few people want to admit they’re lonely. Have you experienced loneliness? Do you have advice or tips about how to deal with feeling isolated? Email your comments to

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According to a report in the Guardian and the New American discovery of a supposedly ancient fragment of papyrus is in fact a fake says multiple scholars and experts. According to September 18 issue of UK’s Guardian newspaper, Karen King professor of early Christianity at Harvard University, said the fragment is from the third or fourth century AD and contains text in which Jesus refers to “my wife,” whom he identifies as Mary. “King helped translate and unveiled the tiny fragment at a conference of Coptic experts in Rome,” said the report. “She said it does not prove Jesus was married but speaks on issues of family, marriage that faced Christians.” A host of Bible scholars have refuted notion saying it was a relic of ingenious hoax. Professor Francis Watson, UK’s Durham University studied the fragment and said papyrus is actually a patchwork of texts from a non-canonical Coptic-language Gospel of the Thomas reassembled to suggest Jesus had a wife. In another piece Guardian reported “Watson argues fragment sentences found on papyrus fragment were copied, sometimes with small alterations, from printed editions of Gospel of Thomas.” Watson said it is   a modern forgery, composed in this way in fourth century. Interesting discovery and translation of the papyrus garnered big headlines in mainstream press and on internet but debunked by the Vatican experts. Others said Jesus’ tomb in India in the official burial site of Youza Asaph, a medieval Muslim preacher. A growing number of people believe it is in fact the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth.

Map showing location of Srinagar

They believe Jesus survived crucifixion almost 2,000 years ago, and went to live out his days in Kashmir. In Mecca is an empty Tomb beside Mohammed waiting for Jesus to return from heaven to live 40 years then die and be buried next to him. These notions strongly think Jesus’ was buried there or will be buried later there. It is a story spread by local shopkeepers, just because some crazy professor said it was Jesus’s tomb. They thought it would be good for business. Tourists will come after all these years of violence. And it got into the Lonely Planet so too many people started coming. One foreigner broke off a bit from tomb to take home with him so it was closed. Exhausted Australians appeared, carrying the latest edition of the Lonely Planet travel guide to India, which, sure enough, carried the tale of Jesus’s tomb, with some caveats about crackpots and blasphemy. They took a photo outside the shrine but were not desperately disappointed that it was closed. And so the tomb of Jesus was just another place to tick off on their tourist in India to visit list.

Buddhist monastery, Srinagar

The remains of a Buddhist monastery which some believe Jesus visited

The ruins of a Buddhist monastery in a location halfway up mountainside north Srinagar. It has arrival of mass tourism with hidden stock of ancient terracotta tiles for sale. Claims Jesus was among the religious leaders who attended a Buddhist meeting in AD80, and pointed to the place where he sat. The stories of Jesus in India are not just aimed at the gullible tourists they date back to the 19th Century. They were attempts to explain the striking similarities between Christianity and Buddhism, a matter of great concern to 19th Century scholars. Some Christians to root story of Jesus in Indian soil talk of the missing years of Jesus, unmentioned in the gospels, when he was between the ages of 12 and 30.

Woman kisses statuette of Jesus, in Srinagar Cathedral

Christians form a little more than 2% of India’s population

Some say He was in India, picking up Buddhist ideas. These aren’t notions that have entirely died out. The US based Christian sect Church Universal and Triumphant, is the best-known modern supporter of the belief that Jesus lived in Kashmir. In Islam Jesus is penultimate prophet of a minority tradition adopted by Ahmadiyya sect that Rozabal contains the grave of Jesus. However, professional historians laugh when you say Jesus once lived in Kashmir. His tomb is firmly on tourist trail with a growing number of credulous visitors who believe Jesus was buried in Rozabal shrine. The Son of God called YAHVEH Tzidkeinu arose from the line of David says Jeremiah 23:5–6.  Messiah Yeshua HaMashiach Jesus Son of David fulfilled Messianic prophecy 600 years later a Perfect, blameless, flawless, sinless, spotless, guiltless, Holy, innocent Saviour Who took all of our sins upon Himself so we become the righteousness of El Elyon God in Christ.

20120202-150317.jpgJesus said in Matthew 24:24 many will come in My name saying, I am the Christ so will deceive many. False christs, false prophets will rise to show great wonders, perform great signs, wonders and even miracles convincingly that even the very elect if not discerning will be led stray. Though multitudes are called into the Kingdom of God few are chosen. Earlier Jesus warned in Matthew 24:11 many false prophets will appear and deceive many people because the devil is an angel of light. The devil’s agents of false righteousness have the appearance of God but deny TRUE GOSPEL TESTIMONY of God, Jesus  power of resurrection genuine miracles. So immediately Jesus resurrects 3 days from grave after Crucifixion by Roman soldiers there was attempt to discount the credibility of this miracle. Skeptics tried for at least 2,000 years to find ways to discredit the Bible and the concept of God sending MESSIAH to save mankind. Though the Bible is correctly accepted as historically accurate Sadducees do not believe in resurrection after death. They paid people to spread false rumours to prevent their response to the TRUTH by changing their minds based on the live evidence of Jesus’ resurrection. Among believers and the followers of Jesus they showed doubt to deceive the vulnerable who do not study the Bible as Disciples of Jesus. So false prophets arise, mislead  many astray to discount the works of God.  Garden-Tomb (1).jpg Bereans study literally Bible to examine the TRUTH for themselves as Paul taught them in Synagogues and in the homes. It is many false prophets who arise and lead many astray, false christs, false prophets  performing signs, wonders, lead people astray. Mark 13:6 says many shall come in Jesus name saying I am Christ so shall deceive many. Jesus Christ foretold major trends precede His RETURN to earth and first sign mentioned is false prophets. It is the plot hatched in Matthew 27:12 to pay money to 12 soldiers who guarded Jesus’ tomb with instruction to spread false rumours among the Jews. The 12 soldiers saw the stone rolled away and reported miracle to Romans turned to apostasy. When they heard there was a supernatural resurrection clear evidence their fear indeed came true. They knew Jesus Power to raise other dead people because they had seen it, they knew His Power to heal diseases, they knew Jesus’ Power over kingdom of darkness, they knew His ability to multiply food, to do miraculous wonders, to walk on water, etc. Their greatest fear above all these miracles is bringing faith to people to accept Yeshua MESSIAH Son of God as the REAL LONG AWAITED SAVIOUR. The shock of a resurrection catapulted them into a plot to cover it up. So in Matthew 28:12-14 in Bible from verse 12, “they assembled with the elders and counseled together in the meeting with Sanhedrin which took place to create false evidence to misinform about Jesus’ resurrection.Rotator3.jpgtomb-rolling-stone-near-jezreel-valley_fjenkikns040208_0145t.jpgThe Sanhedrin of 70 men, elders of Israel who constitute the body of adjudication legal body made resolutions with regard to the whole nation. They convened by official resolution to deceive themselves and the world. The ruling body Sanhedrin came together to plot fake news by spin doctors as facts to say Jesus did not rise up from the dead. That earthquake and angel opening tomb was a glorious story all the Roman guards fell literally and fainted as told first hand by those guards as witnesses. Despite the evidence of Jesus’ empty tomb they did something together with own fake tomb in France and fake paintings of caves as a result of decisions through resolution. They bribed 12 soldiers who lied as they were given large sums of money. They did not want these soldiers going around saying there was miracle, an earthquake and tomb opened by a holy angel. They saw Jesus’ grave clothes lying in place proving obviously Jesus rose from the dead. So given a large sum of argurios, silver money like Judas, paid 30 pieces of silver to betray Christ. They paid because they could not tolerate amazing Truth so unbelief wants to damage faith of other people to stick to wicked sinful position by their wicked hearts. So they literally fabricated a deception to cover up the resurrection act of redemption purchased by Jesus’ Blood. They tried to undermine Gospel Truth that proves the grave was empty with lies against WORK of God. The Romans knew the grave was empty, the Jews knew it was empty, everybody knew it was empty. Everybody in history knows it was an empty tomb so they had no choice but to admit the truth facing them. Instead they paid a large sum of money in verse 13 and told the soldiers, “You are to say, His disciples came by night and stole Jesus away while you were asleep so the soldiers bribed preached the antiChrist gospel to misinform people. IMG_2432.jpgGarden-Tomb.jpgTheir false story despises resurrection of Jesus and Empty Tomb seen here and so created false marriage story of Jesus to Mary Magdalene to distract from REAL TRUTH of Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus warns, when many say behold Jesus is here or there do not believe it because such stories do not agree with the Bible TRUTH. The evidence is clearly available for all who believe in Jesus and receive Him as the TRUE GENUINE MESSIAH to see in Israel today. The Empty Tomb of Jesus donated by Joseph for burial is still there to see proof of Jesus’ resurrection. Many heard earthquake, witnessed tomb opened by angel and so knew impact of resurrection as the CORNERSTONE of Christianity for eternal life. They knew it happened since Jesus’ disciples to Tomb to embalm Jesus saw empty grave. Mary Magdalene, three women, Peter and John saw Jesus’ empty tomb already knew and were on their way to tell disciples. They knew resurrection action was going to spread like wildfire. So the soldiers paid spread lies, others refer to 1947, Nag Hammadi, Egypt that Gnostics Gospels found in hidden jars said Jesus married. Lied Gnostic followers prefer Jesus’ marriage sexual activit more than His death and resurrection were interested in his ‘passion’ in bed than His Passion on the Cross. Alleged archaeology about married Jesus in 1980, in Talpiot outside of Jerusalem, discovered a 2000-year-old burial tomb. In said tomb were ten ossuaries i.e., limestone coffins. Six inscribed Hebrew/Aramaic name “Jesus son of Joseph” scratched on its side, another “Maria,” yet another “Yose” a nickname referred to in Gospels belong to Jesus’ brothers Mark 6:3, Matthew 13:55. A fourth ossuary inscribed name “Matthew” and a fifth the only one in Greek with the name “Mariamene,” a Greek version of “Mary” associated in all of Greek literature with one woman only Mary Magdalene. Lied saying that sixth inscribed ossuary apparently of a child had name “Judah, son of Jesus” carved on it. This paradigm shifts contradicts other Jesus ‘tomb’ in Israel and ‘tomb’ in France at the same time. How many tombs is ‘so called dead body’ of Christ lying in? None! As Empty Tomb PROVES Jesus is Alive So the 2007 documentary, The Last Tomb of Jesus and co-authored book, The Jesus Family Tomb claiming to propel their find onto the headlines, the world’s reaction must be with disgust to stop the smear campaign against Yeshua MESSIAH The Holy Chosen Son of God by those with carnal lustful thoughts. Their attempt to show Jesus as ordinary mere mortal not Celibate Holy Man of God is a lie. It is literal propaganda concocted to spread among Jews to dispute the Empty Tomb in Jerusalem Israel existing today. garden-tomb-02.jpgLuke_24_Garden_Tomb_Empty_outside_Jerusalem.jpgMatthew recorded story of antiChrists already busy discrediting Jesus as He predicted thoughout His Ministry on earth. The soldiers who knew better lied and the chief priests lied. They spread lies to save themselves from slaughter of their inability to produce Christ habeas corpus or the Body of Christ. A study of Gospels of Matthew, Mark among others on the life of Christ from the beginning of the Gospels to the end is a long litany of the insults against Jesus Christ the Son of God. So added insults to injury by false allegations of hoax marriage of Christ as the last great final note of rejection to deceive people. They thought death of Jesus will stop progress of God’s Kingdom so had a shock when His resurrection evidence was proven as God’s VICTORY through Jesus over His enemies. So they lied to try to cover up the real TRUTH by this final apostasy reason denying work of the Holy Spirit. It is part of the reasons Jerusalem was destroyed under the judgment of God do God warns people to repent before final judgement of God for eternal life. God’s Glorious Gospel by Matthew’s approach shows Crucifixion the devil meant for evil God turned to good to bless  people by the Glorious GOSPEL DIVINE genius approach. Matthew shared story to warn the whole world about the false prophets and antiChrists trying to discredit Christ telling lies to mock God to their own self destruction and detriment incurring the wrath of God. This ploy is a feather in their lying hat adds to other things done to Jesus in trying to stop manifestation of the Power of the Living God in vain. So be warned, Jesus predicts there will arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch that if it possible, even the VERY ELECT CAN BE DECEIVED if not alert to the real TRUTH or discerning. And so Jesus did not marry Mary or anyone else or engage in any intimacy because he remained a pure virtuous man as a perfect example to the Glory of God. In fact 144,000 male Jews from 12 tribes of ISRAEL are chosen and sealed by God as undefiled Virgins to follow example of Jesus among others devoted to purity and holiness. These Jews will join Moses and Elijah during endtime evangelism to preach to the world. Countless multitudes from every tribe, nation, tongues, languages will be saved during great tribulation before Jesus Returns to earth to RULE and REIGN FOREVER in PERFECT PEACE. 



Jesus is online 24/7 and 365 days daily so FREELY available to those who care to learn more to belong to the KINGDOM of YAHWEH. The Bible says there will come a time when no one will say to another know God because each person will KNOW God for themselves. The Bible says in Romans 2:14-15 God gave everyone a conscience and written HIS WORDS on mankind’s heart so they have no excuse to be ignorant. Gentiles who have not the Law of God, by nature instinctively know things contained in the Law. God put His SPIRIT in people to sustain life without which nobody survives and thrives. Modern evangelism is equally valid online as all the major companies are now online and the high streets are suffering due to online shopping. Quick easy, accessible, delivered to your door in the comfort of your home or premises. In the same way that traditional shopper still prefers going out physically to feel the items to check it personally before buying. Similarly traditional believers will not neglect assembling together in the Name of Jesus to worship Sovereign God Almighty in a physical environment as required. Those who have privilege to freely meet together must not condemn those unable to do so. People live under harsh conditions so their only source of hope and comfort is to reach out to Jesus online. 7 billion people on earth need to be reached with Gospel doctrine of Jesus Christ and TESTIMONY of God. Jesus has come to set free from emotional spiritual poverty to be transformed and renewed in mind to follow God wholeheartedly.

jesus-1This cannot be achieved exclusively by any single denomination on earth even if they try to do so. 74 percent of online adults are using social media. Facebook is obvious winner: 71 percent of online adults have an account. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix, LinkedIn are between 20 and 30 percent to over 52%  of all online adults use multiple social media platforms. Social media use cuts across lines of age, gender, ethnicity, too though usage among young adults 18-29 is higher. It is interesting different groups use different platforms. For instance, 53% of young adults use Instagram, a platform not used as widely by older generations. Despite popularity of social media, church leaders are asking: What’s the benefit of using social media for ministry? It’s a valid question. After all, popularity doesn’t always mean positive, helpful, or beneficial. The greatest tool being used today is social media. The world has changed a great deal from the one we knew growing up. The leading sources of information shifted from newspapers, radio to television and computers. And mobile devices have become the primary means of delivering information. Smart phone is replacing TV and computers as the number one delivery system for content. To some people it is the only available way to reach people with the Gospel Good News Message. This is where they are spending their entire time and getting their information. This is how their opinions and beliefs are being shaped. This is true for both rich and poor and those who live in cities or in tiny little villages. Increasingly for old and young alike the mobile world needs input from vitally important SALVATION message. This will help counter lies with TRUTH of Gospel of Jesus Christ to help many facing real challenges. Psalms 119 : 11 says store up God’s word in your heart so not to sin against God. Jesus redeems from sin and God forgives all sins if you repent and ask God’s forgivessness.  


How Can My Ministry Benefit from Social Media? We have all seen the power of social media for good and bad, but let’s focus on the positive for a moment. The fact is that most of the people in your ministry are already using social media, and there are lots of benefits to connecting with them where they are. Your small group only meets once a week, but relationships or conversations continue every day through Facebook. This allows for deepening relationships, knowledge of prayer requests, and encouragement throughout the week. This also works for teams of leaders. Your entire team probably meets together only a few times a year. Social media interactions can help foster a team feel even when you’re not together often. Small groups and whole ministries can use social media for communication, as well. Organize your next training event, group outreach project, or small group sign up day. The bonus is that people can then share the event with their friends, widening the church’s reach. Jeremiah 33:3 says call on God and He will answer and show you great and wonderful things you do not know about. Everyone has opportunity to speak directly to God ready to listen to all. So it is important to help people find God personally in their lives online too. Over the last 2 decades in the 21 Century digital technology brought life changing opportunities and good experiences even though it fuelled explosion in production of consumption of vices. As propaganda machine fuels educated well connected supposedly sophisticated so misguided by fabricated blatant lies against Yahweh God, His Son and people Israel. However, believers cannot throw away a baby with the dirty bath water. Christianity cannot give up emails and online freedom just because of the unscrupulous undesirable actions  of a few bad apples. Good people overcome evil with good to help all. Pray in JESUS NAME as taught in John 14:13-14, And He will do whatever you ask in Jesus NAME IN LINE WITH WORD OF GOD, so the Son of God brings GLORY to FATHER God. Some misapply this verse, thinking that saying “in JESUS’ NAME” at the end of prayer results in God’s always granting carnal lustful and ungodly requests. The prayer must agree with GOD’S Plans and purpose for your life destiny by faith. So the prayer must confirm and conform to what Jesus approves and will do through you. The Bible says Christians must pray to God in Jesus’ NAME because Yeshua is only way God approves for believers to approach YAHWEH. Jesus said: “I am the way and the truth and the life so no one comes to Father God except through Jesus in John 14:6. And Acts 14:12 says there is no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Jesus tells His faithful apostles ask the Father for anything HE will give it to you in Jesus NAME. So honour Jesus, Father God as Philippians 2:9-11 says to appreciate Jesus’ death as God’s provision for salvation in Matthew 20:28, Acts 4:12. Recognise Jesus’ unique role as Intercessor between God and all mankind as Hebrews 7:25 says to respect Jesus’ Service as High Priest who HELPS us gain good standing with God in Bible in Hebrews 4:14-16.


img_20161219_071500Watching over is Jesus is praying for you right now! We know the encouragement from someone who loves us praying for us boosts our confidence God trust. So when we face burdens, grief, sickness, pain, loss, and trouble, we want people to join us in prayer. Knowing Jesus is watching out for us by intercessions is tremendous compares to having others pray for us! Through Jesus we can all things through Christ who strengthens us by Prayer, Power and Purpose. In-depth look at incredible prayer Jesus prayed in John 17 applies to our lives today. Shake off the fears and malaise that hold you back and begin to see God work in a new way! Among the prayers Jesus prayed for us is Know Only True God YAHWEH and be One as Jesus and His Father Are One to be kept from evil. A church believer is to use social media personal devotion or prayer as a wonderful tool to develop a deeper relationship with God. Each day features a Scripture passage, a prayer meditation, as well as a closing prayer in the content for a Bible devotional. Life is adapted in Christ to enjoy joyful PEACE in God’s PRESENCE even in the midst of chaos. The Virtual Reality collaborates with other leaders around the world so the Social media is allowing millions of praying believers to reach around globe and across borders. Growth is made possible through the enormous investment of time and the resources translating materials communicating in different languages. Jesus endorses you reaching Him privately in own prayer closet too. You can now download Apps from either Google Play or Apple store on your smartphone or android phone for sermons and Ministry itinerary. I like to follow big and small-group pastors and leaders to learn about new resources and methods. In the same way, you can share your favourite finds with other leaders. I recently bought a book someone I follow recommended to let me know it was on sale.  I learned important ministry tips from diverse leaders I follow online yet have never met in person. Their wisdom has taught me things I would not have learned looking at ministry through my own lens. Leading a small-group ministry can feel pretty lonely, but social media can help you feel like you are not alone. You can connect with others in small-group ministry and be reminded that others are facing similar issues. Did you know leaders who purchase a multi-user subscription to are invited to an exclusive Facebook group with other leaders? 


A Discipleship Opportunity

For all the positive benefits of using social media to connect with people in your ministry, there are some important warnings. After all, typing behind a screen can make people pretty brave enough to say things they would never say in person. And that can lead to some sticky situations. But for those of us in small groups, social media usage can become a discipleship opportunity. We need to talk about the ethics of social media, conflict resolution, importance of patience in “on demand” culture. Rather than sit by and hope our group members apply values of God’s Word to their posts, tweets, pins, we need to take a proactive approach. For instance, many popular retouched versions of their lives on social media sharing the best and the prettiest. The term catfish has even been coined to refer to posts unrealistic to impress! Showcase filtered photos of famous stars from famous popular backgrounds. These posts show an unrealistic view of real life, and can be discouraging to others. Discipleship is about what God is doing right here, right now, right in the midst of the mess and chaos of our real lives. That is the picture we could be presenting on social media. What we post must help to build online platforms providing Godly content to host useful applications appropriately. God’s Churches cannot expect to reach billions without satellite TV social media networking in modern times. So God’s Chosen people need strengthening and encouraging of faith in the inner man.

nyoo_700For many, social media encourages all those whose only ACCESS SOURCE of Gospel is online to trust in the Living God for their redemption. Through these mail orders generate ebooks, Bibles to grow a church without walls meeting diverse needs of isolated people. So valid those able to physically gather together in the Name of Jesus serve God. But does not mean making derogatory statements to undermine the credibility of online churches by traditional ones which is irresponsible. Many cannot publicly confess and declare their faith without persecution so they study privately like Nicodemus studied privately with Jesus as ministers help in such situations. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not an exclusive monopoly of a particular group of people attacking others far more reaching out to people globally than they do under one roof in a single service.  The young used to classroom online, game boys, computers are reading BIBLE online than carrying physical Bible in some cases. The contents and message of the word of God accomplishes what it is sent to do as much as the spoken word read from the Bible. So message is not different just because it is typed online to reach more people globally. Manual versus digital is now commonplace so reading the Bible  electronically reaching many more. Just watch congregations as most members use sophisticated gadgets for sermon. So most pastors and preachers are using the very exact electronic devices and gadgets they are using to condemn others not to use them. There is no need to discourage people genuinely in search of God online if that is the only source available to them. The word of God works as long as faith is attached, God Watches over HIS WORD to perform it so will never return void but accomplish all it is sent to do. Jesus_mac1Multibillion businesses are run online globally including Google, pay pal, ebay among other conglomerate organisations like Amazon, Banking, Time Magazine, gaming etc. The enemies of YAHWEH invest significant ernomous billions of dollars into anti Christ projects to try to sabotage Spirit of Truth of salvation. Yet  when God is your FATHER you do not need protocol to call upon YAHWEH directly. As a CHILD of God enter BOLDLY into the PRESENCE of GOD through the BLOOD and Name of Yeshua MESSIAH and pray for yourself and loved one including enemiies. You do not need formulas and methodology, if you are doing is limiting the SPIRIT of God. As God is your Father, you approach Him anywhere anyhow anytime in Jesus Name and God Hears you alright even if you do not feel anything immediately. It is necessary to focus on the Godly social  networks to try to study Bible soul food to grow. It is time Churches wakes up to modern trends, methods of evangelism, skyping, and teleconferencing online communications instead of undermining it. Recently a local pastor refused to help most people unless they personally see him first face to face. As a result thousands descended one Sunday at his church 10 times more than he had room to contain. It was raining heavily with sleet and snow and many dissapointed had to attend other local churches in the vicinity. No single church can contain God though loyalty to a good church is vital, that church must not turn into a cult villifying other churches with insults in the name of God. Globalised corporations are doing business online. When digital watches initially emerged at first traditional manual chronological analogues refused to buy into the new technology. Soon other smart companies took over in the same way the computers overtook typewriters. Digital cameras now on phones and modern film making replaced pin hole cameras. Progress is part of a dynamic life so the church must stop insisting on using only past methods causing demise of church turned into pubs or dance halls etc. A sophisticated approach to the Gospel is necessary to sustain interest of the modern society. If you are blessed to be under a good church thank God and continue to study the word of God as a disciple of Jesus. If not trust the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth and spirit of wisdom to discern revelation Knowledge of Christ in God. Jesus personally intercedes for all those sincerely searching for Him so willing to save them because God wants all saved. JESUS said if you are Truly His disciple continue to study YAHWEH’S WORDS in the Bible or Torah/ Tanakh to grow in the Lord and be nourished with Soul Food in Christ.   Jesus the Lion from the tribe of Judah is considered, in traditional Judaism and in the Tanakh, the father of the MESSIAH YESHUA we know means salvation. The Lion from the tribe of Judah will one day RETURN PHYSICALLY to JERUSALEM to rule. The scepter will not depart from Judah or ruler’s staff from descendants, until COMING of ONE it BELONGS to, the ONE all NATIONS will HONOUR, YESHUA MESSIAH says Genesis 49:10.



Revitalising me time is a special moment taken to develop your inner strength to fine-tune and enhance your life. This awareness is key to recognising that the tension in your neck, shortening of your temper, restlessness or being fidgety so you just cannot focus to concentrate means you need to take regular time to rejuvenate yourself. It also helps to know your reactions in adversity for how you show fatigue is essential to your health. Putting in “me time” balances your life determination, hard work and resilience to achieving your lifestyle. Time set aside to take best care of your personal life is investment to your personal well- being and overflows to bless your loved ones and colleagues. Keep a day or two each week, set aside to reflect on your life input, review what worked well, your strengths, best achievement, challenges faced and how you overcome them. how-to-schedule-me-time-1-size-3

You need to read actual book each week to detract from gadgets for a while from radiation and distractions. Most people think leading a nonstop active life from one activity to another means hardwork. However, something gives by taking its toll on the body so keep journal to record your daily gratitude practices, reflect on your plans and progress. Check in with how you feel, as well as how you are doing, to connect your physical and emotional reactions to your lifeactions. A massage of your own body enhances blood circulation, drinking water is best for detoxing, sleeping 8 hours minimum all add up to ensure a sound mind and a sound body. Physical exercise is good for the body as much as me time rest times.women-relaxing

Self-compassion is permission to step off self destructive roller coaster to change your life with a better action plan. It is so easy to fall into trap of keeping pushing, keep striving on keeping going until the body breaks. Allow yourself me time to renergise and recharge your batteries as you regularly give your car MOT to ensure it is in good condition and safe to drive. Allow yourself the chance to do something to improve personal life from your “me time” list. Allow yourself time to relax and invest in maintaining your well-being, replenish your mind, plans or changes to maintain your life. homeschooling1

Running helter skelter to and fro takes its toll on the body and mind so clogs clear thinking. Clarity of mind is necessary to make good choices and good decisions. A fogged mind constantly overloaded with too much information, stress or worry cannot help in fully understanding choices made. Offload into a safe space like a journal to clear your head. You can write what is meaningful to you down to read later. Often as you will be surprised how you felt then as feelings change with the moment. This is why you need not follow the feelings to rush to make a decision or impulse buy but reassure yourself and reflect deeply first about the implications and consequences. So you learn quickly that you are a survivor on a daily basis.tumblr_obyy6wmsc91vc094bo1_1280

Take a moment or two now to think about how you balance striving for your desired outcomes and your perfect “me time” activity. Are you at risk of pushing to breaking? How do you spot those moments and what are your “me time” revitalising activities? Taking time to revitalise takes courage and strength to say no to many other attractive options available vying for your attention often spurred on by friends. Some think me time is loneliness and negative if not constantly surrounded by voices of friends non stop. Some may misconstrue it as isolation and mental imbalance so make fun of the moment calling you a hermit or anti-social. However, it is so rewarding if one can listen to favourite music or reading undisturbed. This calms the mind and rests the body to regain strength ready to continue with life. Research me time activities suitable for you to develop habit to rest yourself. 

metime_image-2_1Take time to eat properly and drink fluids regularly for hydration. Look for a good book to read as soul food to nurture your mind, soul and body. Clear your head and refill with good thoughts spoken out loud to your hearing to boost confidence. Books are helpful to concentrate to focus as it takes you deeply into the contents of the message. Talk to friends for support but be aware of seemingly contradictory advise can create confusion not knowing what to do. Take me time for concerns of your life to make informed choices as you reflect deeply because charity starts at home with yourself first. Then you become better equipped, refreshed to make informed choices. Jesus took time aside from the multitudes, disciples and the apostles for 40 days by Himself to Seek the Face of God in prayer. You may not need that long but twice a week can help to fine-tune your life, thoughts and emotions. Those who proactively practice the PRESENCE of God enjoy greater peace of mind. Reconnect with yourself and love yourself as the Bible says love others as you love yourself. God did not say neglect yourself to please others. Me time acknowledges you and values you accept and love yourself. Stop running away from yourself thinking someone else will come along to love you before you deserve to love yourself. Me time is not abandoning family or loved ones. It is crucial to mental health and sanity because you cannot continue giving of yourself without taking a break. As you stand up for yourself you become stronger because this is why God made Sabbath day for your day of rest too. God Rested on the 7th day so you need rest.