1541684440881605598922-1.jpgStop dreams of swimming, drowning in floods of water struggling to keep afloat to survive in the sea, flashfloods, rivers. This types of dreams shows disturbance by the water and the marine spirits that are oppressing your life to attack you. The marine spirit through evil covenant of the person by an occult means, initiations, ancestral rituals and mind bending spells sent to try to enter your life to sabotage you. The ancestors perform river rituals affecting family or villagers who drink or wash in the river with taboos and totems to live by not to offend the gods and idols. The network of satanic bondage subjects the people’s spirit under their control. The moment swimming or drowning in the dream, it is an indication you are under soul tie covenant with water spirit relationship with spirit spouse. Families offer annual sacrifices to marine powers at riverside to reinforce covenant idol worshippers made. The evil spirits are invited to take good success and good fortunes away to destroy people. Unknown that they are being deceived to seek their ‘protection’ and wealth hidden under water. So the rituals of ancestors guarantee families to the devil to experience difficulties in business, career, no promotion progress in life. Dreams warn of such an attack if you decide to reject evil covenant as a result of salvation in Jesus Christ. The devil fights the person leaving to follow Jesus so thinks a spirit spouse dedicated from birth divorced them. So sabotages progress at the edge of breakthroughs. These dream causes anger, frustration, discomfort, affliction and bondage. The dream means difficult battle to prosper in whatever they do. Some have series of marital problems and marine spouse and children under the sea or in river. 1541684911923-566392789.jpgGod rescues people in a flood drowning in their dreams by angels sent to save and deliver people’s glory caged to limit good success through dreams. So cannot pray or attend church becomes problem they must overcome. To prosper with a money is a big threat to their financial lives. If clothes carried away by a river or left by river it means a water spirit retrieved your garment of favour. This dream activates hardships, depression spiritual attack in key areas of your life. Rivers take away valuables shows loss from the devourer are after your glory and finance. When a dream is about a child taken away by water it means child dedicated to water spirit so child needs deliverance in Jesus Name. Child covenanted by an ancestral river or sea becomes stubborn and struggles with marriage and finances as an adult. If no child, it means a spirit child blocks natural human child so a problem with marriage or child-bearing. Washing the clothes in a flowing river/sea symbolises spiritual cleansing purification by God’s deliverance. It is shows you are washing dirts or curses placed on your garments. Disappointments or rejections by people replaced by new garment of restoration blesses your life to cooperate with your destiny. If in a dried water/river bed, its spiritual wilderness desert dryness so a disturbing dream. It means your plans will not work as planned except by your prayer and fasting to stop the dryness in your life and be revived in Jesus Name. 15416845827311293330498-1.jpg

Supernaturally overcome if in a dream of floods or a river dried in the process or water stopped flowing towards your direction it means wrath of God descent on the water performs your deliverance to set you free from bondage. If dreamt something enters river or met, you need serious deliverance. All your hopes and endeavours captured in dreams dashed in real life so everything crumble before you. If waterspirit lives in you long time without spiritual alertness is threatened with eviction notice after salvation you became spiritually discerning. A wicked spirit controlling your life, possessions, progress in the water hates deliverance to cast it out. So this dream means seek deliverance pastor in Jesus Name to do powerful battle through Jesus to set you free to take you from grass to Grace in Jesus Name. Reject, renounce, break all evil covenant ties with satan, study and meditate on the Bible daily to remain in New Covenant with Jesus. If in dream a flood enters a room its sign of spiritual attack to waste people with troubles or problems. That wicked spirit does not want you to experience joy or comfort in your home. Pray God raises standard against them in Jesus Name. Fetching a clean water from the tap is purification by Jesus, LIVING Water. Your life will flourish to bring stability of mind, peace in your heart to do your responsibilities. Fetching water from stream or river is a sign struggling with various hardships of financial progress to rebuke in Jesus Name. Fast 3days, pray from 6am-6pm. PRAYER POINTS: O LORD God, Forgive all my sins and have Mercy on me in the Name of Jesus Christ. Break backbone of witchcraft against us, burn territory of marine spirit, break ancestor covenants affecting our lives. In the Mighty Name of Jesus We Command the spouse spirits to jump out and escape back to the cage of marine kingdom. We bind spirits of stagnation and shall not borrow to eat. We cover ourselves with Jesus BLOOD.

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Chronic lingering odoursmell

stink-smell-holding-nose-stockChronic odours research reveals a number of compounds, hippuric acid, eicosane, octadecanal found in higher than usual concentrations on the skin of Parkinson’s patients. The sebum oily secretion that coats everybody’s skin is produced in greater quantity by people with Parkinson develop skin seborrheic dermatitis. Prof Perdita Barran, from the school of chemistry at University of Manchester, told BBC Scotland: “found such compounds more in people with Parkinson’s disease and discovered by Joy Milne who smells it. Joy uses a mass spectrometer for smell on people with Parkinson’s.”One in 500 people in UK has Parkinson’s and rises to about one in 100 among the over-60s. Joy’s noticed musky smell on husband Les before he was diagnosed. It leaves them struggling to walk, speak, sleep with no cure and no test for disease, clinicians diagnose patient by observing symptoms. Prof Barran hoped “volatile biomarkers” identified leads to early detection test for disease, by wiping a person’s neck with swab and testing for the signature molecules. Diagnosis early before motor symptoms set in treatments can prevent disease spreading is ultimate ambition. Les died in 2015, 20 years after diagnosis musky smell decade earlier. The retired nurse linked odour to disease after meeting people with same distinctive smell at a Parkinson’s UK support group she told BBC Scotland. Les became withdrawn, reserved, had bouts of depression and mood swings, if had understood what was happening it would have changed total outlook to prolong his life.lesAnother odour lingering smell detected by a horse of her owners breast turned out to be breast cancer and was treated. Other animals sniff out TB, cancer and landmines. Rats smell tuberculosis and dogs can smell cancer. French scientists say they have proof dogs pick up smell of an epileptic seizure. The University of Rennes team hope findings can lead to ways to predict when people will have a seizure. Dogs or “electronic noses” pick up precise odour during a seizure. Dogs sniff out diseases: cancers, Parkinson’s, malaria and diabetes. Epilepsy is caused by disruption to electrical signals in the brain causing seizures. The disease runs in families, caused by stroke or oxygen deprivation at birth. Some people with epilepsy rely on animals in the child’s bedroom can alert family members of a seizure in middle of the night. The latest study, in the journal Scientific Reports, trained five dogs from Medical Mutts, in the US to recognise smell of sweat taken from patient having seizure. Then given sweat samples from other seven patients relaxing, exercising or having a seizure. Two dogs found seizure sample about two-thirds of the time and other three were 100% accurate. “The results extremely clear constitute the first step towards identifying a seizure-specific odour require detail chemical analysis to find specific compound involved. It is unknown how epileptic seizure leads to change in smell. Dr Amelie Catala, from University of Rennes told BBC “Research is needed but it is possible the change in electrical activity triggers the releasing of some neurohormones that trigger the scent or link to stress-related molecules and pathways, anything else hypothesis are still to be considered. Researchers hope the field could help patients lead to significant improvements in terms of seizure detection, prediction systems,” says report for time for someone to call for help or get themselves somewhere safe before their seizure begins. They are trained to save your life. So check odours smells medically but note a non-clinical smell contaminates the destiny of people. Evil smells can destroy plans and purpose of God in many people’s lives. An affected person may not know evil smell around them. And satanic odour prevents good things happening in their life because the evil smell is like a demonic cream. Its effect causes rejection of a person. These evil smells undetected by person but people smell strange odour. A moment helpers or friends move closer very awful odour chases them away. They avoid them the moment they begin to talk to them or on phone, text message or real contact. The evil spirit manifest as evil odour repels helpers to avoid them by all means due to strange smell. This spiritual attack is a source of discomfort even if victims apply best fragrance of this world, evil smell still persist. They change clothes, take baths many times but the evil smell attacks them more. The enemy does not want person to receive favour of God in life due to satanic attacks. A person with evil smell find it difficult for to marry or attract serious spouse. The partner may decide to run away or may fail to fulfil marriage vows promised. Due to evil smell people do not remember the good things they do; stop following; abandon them so don’t receive breakthroughs. Its evil smell preventing person enjoying a peaceful, happy married life. It leads to failure and prevents being noticed for a good success. So evil curses are directly opposite to favour if odour remain with a person for long struggles and suffers in life so cannot overcome. The other smell included spiritual deposits from spirit husbands and demonic halitosis. These evil spirit transfer spirit of dead animal into body using spiritual mirror applying spiritual creams all over their body. Spouse breaks marriage without a valid reason blaming the spouse for bad luck, sorrow, problems upon problems. People pray without answer, visiting the native doctor for solution find marriage problem concoction initiate them in the blind witchcraft. Solution is deliverance from God in Jesus Name. If noticing foul odour repent of sin and mistakes or evil culture dedicating people to evil spirits. Constant prayers and fasting helps to overcome pollution from clothes, shoes worn by others affected by evil spirits. Stop suffering disappointments, failure on edge of breakthrough, sorrow, grief, weeping, frustration, limitation and the financial burden yokes. Stop unrequited love not loved returned so living below God’s standard, shame, disgrace, self-pity, afflictions in Jesus Name. Repent, ask God to forgive your sins become a born again believer, break curses and return attached evil smells to sender in Jesus Name. Send Fire of God into your foundation Read: 1 Thessalonians 5:17 INSTRUCTION: Fast and pray between 6am – 7pm. Take a bottle of water, pray on it with Psalm 27 using to bath every night before sleeping. Plead the Blood of Jesus to wash body thoroughly, in Jesus Name. Use Blood of Jesus to wash mind, environment from evil contamination in Jesus Name. All arrows of evil odour backfire, in the Name of Jesus, satanic perfume around body, CLEAR AWAY by Fire in Jesus Name. All inherited evil smell of family house be destroyed in Jesus Name. All smells depart by fire in Jesus Name. The power programing the dead rat, rotten fish smell into body, get out by fire in Jesus Name. Cover all the properties, belongings with Jesus Blood.200246727-001_XSA curse of evil smell attack of marriage break by fire, in the Name of Jesus. The evil smell received from friends go back to sender in the Name of Jesus. The evil smells that entered body by wearing the clothes of others be destroyed by fire in the Name of Jesus. I command demons associated evil smell to leave, in Jesus Name. The evil smell preventing God’s blessings destroyed, expire by Fire, in the Name of Jesus, I release us from the spirit of bad odour in Jesus Name. The power diverted our glory, be converted back to God’s original glory in the Name of Jesus. Our face attracts good things to in the Name of Jesus. The old face of old person in my body, come out by Fire, in the Name of Jesus. The hands of beasts on our hands fall off, in the Name of Jesus. The bad odour from reproductive organ polluting marriage, be flushed away by BLOOD of Jesus. Our helpers will not change their mind towards us, in the Name of Jesus. O Lord, let your Favour go with us everywhere we go, in the Name of Jesus restore our beauty in the Name of Jesus. We uproot every bad smell from all organs in Jesus Name. All evil smell depart from marriages and destiny in Jesus Name. The invisible smell making helpers to forget us, be exposed and get out of our life in Jesus Name. All powers using this condition to disgrace family we command your life to scatter by fire, in Jesus Name. The marital crowns on our glory, catch fire, in Jesus Name. The evil smell affecting us because of sins, O God have Mercy, in the Name of Jesus. The strangers in life, troubling marriages fade away in Jesus Name. The demonic powder applied on our face when asleep blow back to the sender, in Jesus Name. The evil money power that wants spouse to divorce BE ARRESTED BY FIRE, in Jesus Name. All marital curses from all others break by Fire, in the Name of Jesus. The BLOOD of Jesus disconnects sins of ancestors, in Jesus Name and sets free from sin and sorrow. Blood of Jesus, destroys curses harming life, in Jesus Name. Whatever is done in the past opening the gate of destruction, Forgive O LORD. My Father, pull down structure of foul foundation’s curse bringing evil things, in the Name of Jesus. Holy Ghost renounce curse of evil smell tormenting family with great calamity, in Jesus Name. The evil smell wrecking marriage be destroyed in the Name of Jesus. Any evil smell eating and drying up skin, be erased by Holy Ghost, in Jesus Name. The curse stopping those who move closer to us, expire, in Jesus Name  Holy Ghost remove the smell that generates hatred and resentment in the Name of Jesus. By the BLOOD of Jesus, I scatter clean away bad odours working against us because of touching unclean things, in the Name of Jesus. That evil smell making spouse to fight, dry up, in Jesus Name. We will not be burdens to others in the Name of Jesus. All powers of my family house causing shame, die, in Jesus Name. The arrows of all marital disgrace we reject you in Jesus Name. A spirit of slavery in foundation, break by Fire. The evil patterns of borrowing in life break in Jesus Name. All evil hands pulling hands backwards wither. All the good things of life in coven of witchcraft be released in Jesus Name. Command all roots of problems in life to dry up in the Name of Jesus. Thank you Father God for hearing and answering prayers, thank you Jesus for saving, healing and delivering us from way of death to the Way of Godly Living in Jesus Name. We Thank you Holy Spirit for teachings us in Spirit and in Truth in Jesus’ Name. God bless you readers in Jesus Name. The Doctors didn’t find anything medically wrong with person in video an example of spiritual attack healed completely by God in Jesus Name. GLORY to God.


27 The LORD is my Light and Salvation whom shall I fear? The LORD GOD is the Strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked, even enemy foes, came upon me to eat my flesh they stumbled and fell. If a host encamps against me, my heart shall not fear: though war may rise against me, I have CONFIDENCE in God. One thing I desire of the LORD and I seek after; that I will dwell in the House of the LORD all the days of my life to see the beauty of the LORD and enquire in HIS Temple. 5 For in the time of trouble HE shall hide me in HIS pavilion, in HIS Tabernacle HE hides me; HE has set me up upon my rock Jesus Christ. Now my head is lifted up above all the enemies around me. I offer to God in HIS Tabernacle sacrifices of joy I sing yes, I sing praises to the LORD7 Hear, O LORD, when I cry with my voice: have MERCY on me and answer me. When YOU said seek MY Face; my heart said to YOU, YOUR Face, LORD I seek. Hide not YOUR Face far from me put not your servant away in anger YOU are my help; leave me not or forsake me O GOD of my salvation. 10 If my father and my mother forsake me the LORD GOD will take me up. 11 Teach me your way LORD and lead me in the plain path because of enemies. 12 Deliver me from the will of enemies for false witnesses rise up against me, breathing out cruelty. 13 I will have fainted if I did not believe to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. 14 I wait on the LORD, I am of good courage, GOD will strengthen my heart, I wait on LORD GOD ALMIGHTY in Jesus Name. Continue to maintain deliverance by prayer and serve God in Jesus Name.

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It comes as parents told the BBC their children’s supplies were due to expire in a few days, and they had been unable to get replacements. The government says it is working with EpiPen’s makers to resolve issue. EpiPens are the most common adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs) prescribed to people with serious allergies to nuts, milk, fish, shellfish, eggs, some fruits. People recommended to keep two of the devices with them at all times for cases of anaphylaxis – a severe and sometimes life-threatening reaction often caused by allergies – as one is not always enough. They can only be used once and have expiry date that lasts for minimum of 12 months. There is shortage of EpiPens in UK and other countries for months. There a shortage of alternative AAIs prescribed in the UK like Jext and Emerade amid a surge in demand for them. Lynne Riles said she is trying to get EpiPen prescription for her seven-year-old daughter for the past six weeks. “Their pens expire at the end of September and feels at wits’ end.” Sal Smith said her four-year-old’s EpiPens were due to expire at end of the month, after she had tried for four weeks to get more. Still no sign of getting them.” The allergen reactions include these foods.An assortment of foodsNuts, shellfish and eggs among foods that trigger allergies. Food like peanuts, milk/dairy foods, egg, wheat, fish and seafood, sesame and soya, insect stings from bees and wasps, medication such as antibiotics and ibuprofen and latex rubber gloves, balloons, swimming caps affect some people caused by chemicals used in producing items. In response to shortages, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) agreed to request by Mylan, company behind EpiPen, to extend expiry date of some batches of the 0.3mg version of the device. The MHRA made decision after it was given evidence the shelf life of 0.3mg pen was 20 months from date manufactured. It said devices work “just as effectively” during extended expiry period. But the extension does not apply to the 0.15mg version, given to children under 30kg. Mylan has no stock of the 0.15mg pens left, Department of Health and Social Care guidance to healthcare professionalsMore pens due in October but is not expected to meet normal demand department.

Emma Cummings, 10-year-old son Loui has severe allergies, said if the supply problems continued and she had no AAIs left in date, she would be forced to keep her son indoors, as he is at risk from airborne allergens. “Loui wouldn’t be allowed out of four walls of our own house, I can categorically say that there is nothing in house to trigger allergies for him. That will restrict his education, his after-school activities, but would. A parent with child like Loui, would have no choice.” DHSC guidance said people left with nothing but expired AAIs keep them until they get replacements and be prepared to use them. While AAIs lose their potency and become less effective after their expiry date, is not harmful, and better to use expired AAI than none at all, it said. Careful management of an existing supplies will prevent need for using expired pens. The Health Minister Lord O’Shaughnessy told BBC: “doing everything we can to ensure patients continue to access medications needed, and we have issued detailed guidance to healthcare professionals.” Mylan said Pfizer manufactures of drug “working hard” to increase production and supply would stabilise between October and December this year. Allergy proof house built by parents for £500k is allergy-free ‘haven’ to help sons avoid potentially fatal attacks.Born & Elinor Barikor’s two sons, Avery, 7, Pascal, 5, and daughter Blakely, 3. The boys have life-threatening allergies to a countless triggers. Solution to build the house so everything is allergen-free as possible. The house in Richmond is to help ensure fewer allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Elinor 37, art dealer and husband Born 36, a sports technology entrepreneur.Dream team: Grand Designs presenter Kevin Macleod with owners Born and Elinor BarikorGrand Designs presenter Kevin Macleod with owners Born and Elinor Barikor. The boys with life threatening allergies to dairy, wheat, egg, gluten, soya, oats, pulses, beans and fruits, and nuts, dust, pollen, animal fur. Pascal has asthma so story of Pret sandwich packaging didn’t display allergen information. To limit boys’ allergic reactions, changing milk, reading food labels but still unexplained reactions says Elinor. ‘They had hives or rashes though antihistamines inhaler is used daily. Always in hospital so better way to health to end suffering to help them. The couple discovered building materials and household items, carpets, paints and treated woods do exacerbate allergies as made with materials that produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemicals easily inhaled. Safe space: The couple sold their east London property to build their £500,000 havenThe couple sold east London property to build their £500,000 haven.Stylish and low-risk: The living room looks no different to any other incredible mansionStylish, low-risk living room looks no different to other incredible mansion.Modern moves: The property is located in Richmond, but would easily look at home in LA Property in Richmond like home in LA. The common VOCS acetone, in furniture polish and wallpaper; benzene, in paint, glue, carpeting; ethanol, detergents and formaldehyde in floor lacquers, plastics. ‘VOCs everywhere. Dr Mark Rosenthal, a consultant in paediatric respiratory medicine, Royal Brompton Hospital says pleasant VOCS scent of flowers, natural wood or perfumes, less pleasant paints varnish, glue and moulds give off. High concentrations VOC airway irritant and trigger other allergies.’ Formaldehyde, triggers asthma symptoms, adds Dr Andy Whittamore, a GP and clinical lead at the charity Asthma UK. Elinor and Born’s built house so structured the interior design allergen-free as possible. An architect shared their vision so the building began in March 2017 and took nine months. The single storey house constructed of walls, half concrete, half panels concrete buildings emit fewer VOCs and panels the lowest VOC found.See for yourself: The building, which began in March 2017 and took nine months, features in tomorrow's episode of Channel 4's Grand Designs seriesSleek: Inside the property, the couples' kitchen is impeccable - while also minimising triggersImpeccable kitchen minimises triggersThe building is a single storey house constructed of walls that are half concrete, half panelsThe singlestorey house constructed wall half concrete panels. Inside, a bamboo not carpets, kitchen formaldehyde-free MDF, sofa second-hand because brand new furniture can ‘off-gas’, meaning it releases VOCs potentially for years. The house is air-tight, air filtered by MVHR unit machine extracts moisture from air in damp areas, kitchen and bathrooms pulls fresh air from outside and filtering out pollution, pollen and dust. System is beneficial says Dr Deborah Marriage lead paediatric allergy and respiratory clinical nurse specialist Bristol Children’s Hospital. Children with most asthma prescribed laminar flow device filters air surrounding bed to improve their symptoms.’ But outside to school are exposed again’, adds Dr Rosenthal.Smart: The house is also air-tight, with the air filtered through an MVHR unit - a machine that continuously extracts moisture from the air, filtering out pollution, pollen and dustHouse air-tight with air filtered MVHR unit machine extracting moisture from air, filter pollution, pollen and dust.'Before we moved, we usually had to administer antihistamines weekly or found one of them covered in a rash almost daily. For us it was proof our house was working,' they saidOften administer antihistamines weekly or covered in rash almost daily but now free so proof home working,’ they said. Elinor and Born don’t need convincing as efforts worth it. Despite boys going to school, social events, six months after move parents struggle to recall the last time they’d had an allergic reaction. ‘We looked at each other and drew a blank,’ Elinor says. ‘Before we moved, we had to administer antihistamines weekly or found one covered in rash almost daily. For us it was proof our house worked.

Karanbir Cheema’s father said he was heartbroken.This 13-year-old was severely allergic to wheat, gluten, all dairy products, eggs, all nuts, asthmatic and suffered from atopic eczema, went into anaphylactic shock and died after a severe reaction to a piece of cheese allegedly forced on him so is investigated by Metropolitan police’s murder team. Karanbir Cheema was taken to a west London hospital on 28 June after feeling unwell during the school break, died on Sunday 10 days in Great Ormond Street children’s hospital devastates family and school friends. An incident occurred that led the boy into contact with allergen,” the Met said in a statement. A 13-year-old boy arrested is on bail pending further inquiry as case passed to homicide officers. Karanbir’s father, Amarjeet, told Evening Standard he was heartbroken in hospital watched him die so no parent should go through that.” he said, wants answers how could this happen? “My son had allergies but was very careful with allergy to dairy products avoiding them. I don’t how a piece of cheese hit him could kill him, it doesn’t make any sense. We have been told very little.” Postmortem scheduled Wednesday 12 July to establish cause of what Met described as “an unexplained death.” The head of William Perkin C of E high school, Greenford, west London, where Karanbir was a pupil said he was treated immediately in school before paramedics arrived. He had a full care plan and all the normal steps expected with a child with allergy in place. We provided medications delivered,” Alice Hudson, executive headteacher told the Evening Standard. “Everything done but tragically in this situation not effective. She told Daily Mirror Karanbir or Karan came to school office to tell staff he had very bad reaction to cheese as Hudson added: “He had many friends who are devastated at his death, as are staff. He was a bright and keen student who excelled in maths.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Karan’s family.”Natasha Ednan-Laperouse,Natasha Ednan-Laperouse died in the hospital in Nice after collapsing on a BA flight. She had a severe sesame allergy died after eating airport Pret a Manger baguette, which did not list ingredients. Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, 15, collapsed during a flight from Heathrow to Nice on 17 July last year. Despite her father administering two EpiPen injections, Natasha, from Fulham, London, died within hours, West London Coroner’s Court will hear. Pret a Manger said it was “deeply saddened” by the death. Natasha’s father, Nadim Ednan-Laperouse, said in a statement: “It’s a daily battle and pain indescribable.” Mr Ednan-Laperouse, the founder of Wow Toys company, said: “As a family now of three my wife son and I are trying to adjust to life without our beloved girl. ” Everything we say and do reminder she isn’t with us her empty bedroom, school uniform hanging in her wardrobe, her holiday bag packed for her holiday in Nice has never been unpacked. We can’t bear to.” A spokesperson for Pret said: “We were deeply saddened to hear about Natasha’s tragic death, and our heartfelt thoughts are with her family and friends.”Airline passengers at Heathrow Airport terminal FiveNatasha ate baguette before boarding a flight to Nice. Natasha ate an artichoke, olive, tapenade baguette bought from a main Pret a Manger shop in Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport, said the family’s solicitors, Leigh Day. It is believed the sesame was baked into the baguette, rather than contained in seeds on its crust, said Pret. The teenager collapsed on the British Airways flight and later died in hospital in Nice. An estimated 1 in 100 people allergic to sesame protein according to the NHS. Reactions vary from rashes and swelling, to breathing difficulties. Pret a Manger confirmed its products not individually labelled with allergen or ingredient information. The  signs on shelves or till points customers to speak to manager trained to provide allergen advice, the company said. And information is available in company’s allergen guide, available in stores and online. A Pret spokesperson said: “We take food allergies, allergen information is provided to our customers extremely seriously. “We continue to do all that we can to assist the coroner’s inquest.” The hearing is due to start on Monday. Amy a TV presenter suffered an anaphylactic reaction in Spain too at a restaurant that reassured her food was nutfree.

Amy May once a presenter on TV in UK in this video is to educate the public to understand serious effects of allergies. Actively vivacious Amy was absolutely thrilled in a fabulous Miss Independent Woman’s team’s super splendid bunch, suffered an allergen reaction. Is a keen traveler, writer for marvellous online slumber party worked for UK’s most popular daytime television shows, Daybreak, Lorraine, This Morning. And created online features, behind scenes exclusives, revealed latest fashion must haves! Mingled with celebrities from Russell Brand to David Attenborough or breaking hard news stories on This Morning Hub after University for a few years but journalistic career taken few twists and turns. Was a co-presenter at BBC Radio Kent, completed Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism, and on Channel Five news and  ITV in spare time presenting work. Helped animal rescue shelters in UK and Spai until experienced reaction to nuts affecting her life, career, speech, mobility and activities. Was reassured by chef that no nuts in her food but reacted from just a bite so now looked after by her parents. Be aware of seriousness of food allergy and teach children to be very careful at school and on playgrounds. Restaurants must keep separate food preparation area, tools, ingredients, to stop cross contamination. Dust particles from nuts flows to other places place so breathing in air near nut eaters triggers reactions. Its really sad allergy sufferers cannot be part of the joy of eating out with friends and family without risks. It’s impossible to confine meals to homemade foods if airlines ban customers travelling with food on planes and restaurants ban the customers from bringing in their own foods. This issues must be addressed by special permissions to carry own foods out and about in restaurants or planes. Yet how much food can one take along or keep on a three-week holiday in the heat of the summer weather? Can those in the food industry set up the Specialist Allergen’s Cafes, Restaurants or Mobile Vans with trained staff to sell or supply various foods? Can they liaison with the schools and public to train the specialist allergen staff at exclusive restaurants to cater for such needs. This can be done as a potential business arrangement to ensure there are no mix ups in the busy rush hour when staff or customers may not have enough time to read labels or notices in premises pointing to allergen information? The Signboards, Signposts, Uniforms, cups, plates, cutlery, aprons, packagings, decor, must be bold and in the brightest most unmissable places situated in prime locations to solve the allergen problems hopefully. Epipens must be redesigned for multiple uses like Asthma inhalers not one use per pen causing severe shortages.