In Bible our prayers are in golden bowls of incense Revelation 5:8. The prayers of God’s people fills the heavenly bowls as sweet aroma like burnt offering. Bible in Revelation 8:3-5 an angel with golden censer came and stood at the altar took incense offered prayers of all the saints on the golden altar before God’s throne. The smoke of incense with the prayers of the saints ascended before God from the angel’s hand. The angel took censer filled with fire from altar and threw it on earth. There was noise, thunderings, lightnings and earthquakes on earth.” A prayer of a saint availed much in Jesus Name. Pray for God’s  mercy and grace and power to overcome devil in Jesus Name.

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JESUS KING OF Kings&Queens

20190901_215455.jpgJesus the KING OF Kings and Princes returns to rule in Israel. In Revelation 20:4 the saints rule and reign with Christ. Jesus and saints return with a heavenly army in Jude 1:14 as Enoch the seventh from Adam prophesied. The Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints and many passages in the old and new testament confirm saints will rule. Isaiah 32:1 says the righteous reign with Messiah and princes rule with justice. Daniel and John says saints rule after the beast destroyed in Revelation 19:20 in Second Coming of Christ, reign of saints not yet come. Four kings arise out of earth but saints of Most High God will receive to possess kingdoms forever in Daniel 7:17-18. The Ancient of Days will come to judge but favour saints of Most High in Daniel 7:21-22. God’s Kingdom,  dominion, greatness of kingdoms under whole heaven given saints. His Kingdom has everlasting dominion will be served and obeyed Jesus by all nations in Daniel 7:27. Jesus is given an authority over cities Luke 19:17-19. James and John wanted position on the left and right of Jesus to rule in Mathew 20:20, Mark 10:37. In Revelation 3:21 Jesus overcame death to sit near God’s throne in heaven. He sits on His throne God highly exalts Jesus given authority. Believers sit near Jesus on David’s throne in Matthew 25:31 as their KING on earth. Become kings and priests in God’s kingdom iRevelation 5:10 and reign in Jesus’ millennial Kingdom as kings and priests to God. Joint heirs with Jesus the believers are God’s royal priests. In New creation are His special people, Body of Christ, heirs of God co-heirs in Christ Jesus. KINGS AND PRIEST.jpgAs Jesus Rules and Reigns all in Christ will rule and reign as kings, queens and royal priests on earth. Jesus is ONLY KING’S KINGDOM citizens made Kings and Queens. People in other kingdoms are NOT ALL Kings as UNIQUE Kingdom of God. People must know because some are going around saying they kings and queens. In Deuteronomy 17:14–15, God said, “ In land the LORD your God gives you say, ‘set king over us like all nations be sure to appoint a king LORD chooses. God promised Jacob, Nations will come from you and kings among descendants in Genesis 35:11, Genesis 36:31; 49:10; Numbers 24:7–9; Deuteronomy 28:36. In Bible, Jezebel the woman she – devil in 1 Kings 16:31; 18:4-19; 19:1, 2; 21:5-25; 2 Kings 9 manipulates King Ahab to control nation. Its a misnomer to encourage the people to think all are kings and queens all at the same time. One reigning king and queen and subordinate kings and queen living in harmony. Hierarchy structure of kingship is birthright seniority from God but exceptions happen on special occasions. Hierarchy structure includes set formal positions with authority of each king. A paramount King is bowed to by lesser king during durbars. During procession event lesser king got out of his palaquin to walk on foot by a Senior King’s palace as a sign of respect and honour. Repeats again on return after procession to sit in palaquin after passing the King’s palace. Each king holds their strategic positions in battle knows which location to be in to cover the Senior King permanently associated with each kingdom. These kings meet together at international and local level to help celebrate community and to keep in touch with the citizens. thought-1.jpgDisputes or differences settled amicably but warring faction may disagree on the issues they do not see eye to eye. This is a traditional kingship which treats their king as God’s representative on earth. A lesser king brings specific gifts, tributes, to the Senior Kings. During the hunting season parts of the game veal belonging to Senior King given to them. A public  sitting, arrival, processions are all based on preset protocol of Kingdom structure for thousands of years. Highly follow protocol of hierarchy of office and position of king is established by traditions. Its not based on favouritism by popularity of king or opinions of the people. The king’s family trained from birth aware of  protocol traditions. To people unfamiliar with kingdom rules may find standard life is different or strange. Each role establishes an order for  security and safety. To understand protocol humbly study status and treatment with respect of traditional setting structures. Kings wear huge gold chains during events not like gold teeth mouth distorts a true real king. Lack of humility misleading people by delusion of grandeur pyscho megalomaniac impostor syndrome royal paranoia feeling superior to others. Narcs do not submit to authority or understand kingship. Its not an arrogant pompous tyrant ordering people around. King makers choose by birth order humble considerate pliable person they feel can cope well with leadership position. They are trained and taught kingship duty for life not for self aggrandisement indulgence. Not negative attention seeking behaviour trying to outshine others to show off to the world. Its essential to educate modern generations about social structure to understand roles of monarch’ subjects and citizens. Lack of such modern education makes social media want to dictate structures they do not understand. Security require discreet communications in silence, using trained eyes, blinks, wink and  handle position of teacup, bags secret subtle language in the presence of dignitaries. Not blunt, raw or outspoken all the time reason for their personal safety. Revelation 8:1 says when the Lamb opens seventh seal is silence in heaven half an hour. Time to speak and time to be silent to know when to talk or be silent say nothing Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:17. Jesus SUBMITS to God ONLY KING of Kings SEATED AT GOD’S RIGHT HAND. Good to know its not wealth or fame His reason to become KING. Some think rich or powerful position automatically makes them king. So unrealistic demands on others to fulfil their fantasy rebuffed get so angry and irrational. They live in utopia fantasy world blindspots not realising life is tough and challenging so must adapt to grow up. Put others first and life is not exclusively only all about you. 20201223_223027ONLY ONE KING OF Kings Jesus is the Head of Children of God. Jesus warns in the last days highminded people feeling above their station have minds on physical things not on real things of God. God is not retained in their thoughts in Psalm 10:4, Romans 1 they hate authority so do their own thing for they think they are superior to God’ Jesus and kings. These are a presumptuous, selfish people imposing their strong will on others its their way or no way. Bad behaviours, acts out of dictates of their own heart to influence public opinion. Don’t follow God in humility to trust HIM to bring HIS WILL to pass in their life. 2 Peter 3 says: know in the last days perilous times will come people will be lovers of themselves’ lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure than lovers of God 5 having form of godliness but deny God’s power. From such turn away 6 For this sort creep in houses and make captives of silly women load down with sins, led away by lusts 7 always learning and never able to come to knowledge of truth. 8 As Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, resist truth, men of corrupt minds disapproved of by faith 9 will not progress their folly manifests to all they misled. Man of God using Word of God must 10 follow doctrine, lead Godly life, faith, longsuffering, love, perseverance 11 face challenges like Antioch, Iconium endured as the LORD delivered. 12 All who live Godly in Christ go through life challenges 13 as the evil men impostors grow worse deceive so deceived.KINGS AND PRIESTS.jpg2 Peter 3 says 14 You continue in things learnt in childhood 15 known Holy Scriptures to make you wise for salvation by faith in Christ. 16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction instruction, righteousness 17 man of God to be complete equipped for good works. ONLY JESUS MILLENNIAL REIGN believers made kings so don’t be deceived or think too highly of yourself not submit to God. Daniel 2:21 says God changes times seasons HE makes  kings,  removes kings, promote kings. HE gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the humble. A TV show put only kings in a house without servants so did chores, cooked, cleaned. SOVEREIGN LORD gave Jesus all POWER of authority in heaven and earth in Matthew 28:18-19. To teach all nations, baptizing them in Name of Father God, Son, Holy Spirit. Jesus in John 14:12–14 gives power as crucified risen Christ. But satan tries to be like Most High God in Ezekiel, Isaiah 14 cast out of heaven. So Most High God is KING could not have another king in heaven. Kings and queens in kingdoms so no two kings or queens at same time. After satan cast out of heaven to earth the world became his kingdom as ruler of world in John 12:31. Kingdom of God has One KING, Jesus Christ ruling KING in 1 Corinthians 15:28. Jesus refused the offer of satan to make him king after He fasted 40 days and nights in wilderness. In future all overcomer saints rule with Jesus as sons and daughters of God. The Kingdom of God gives leadership power of dominion to saints. Jesus is Absolute KING OF Kings and Lord of lords.


15698540731157495813780866790507.jpgYour eye contact is secretly used to judge if you are telling the truth or lying.  Proverbs 4:25, says let your eyes look to connect eye contact gets attention of listener. The body language eye contact is used to determine secretly if you are telling the truth. Hand gestures made, moods, posture and tone of voice, colour worn, confirms what is heard and observed. Silent language indicate if a person is telling the truth or if their actions are congruent to what they are saying. Professionals trained apply eye contact displayed to ensure what see agrees with what a person said is heard.15698541017993568179084049943003.jpg Eye contact is used in profiling to select jobs by staff. Potential employee chosen for role. Eye contact facial recognition profile people at airport by experts trained to assess image of people using standard measures. But six billion people raised in other cultures told to look down as sign respect of respect to elder or boss. To bow head moved up and down to say yes or head moved sideways three times is no. All communities don’t look directly in eyes of adults or leaders if they do, told they its disrespectful. Eye contact is truth in the Western countries so no eye contact is lying.15698541660107598815471588664349.jpgThis contradicts Western expectation of eye to eye contact as proof of telling the truth. The irony is the person observed or assessed by Western standards have NO CLUE they are judged. Professionals trained choose potential people without IDEAS of culture of a randomly selected person by these artificial intelligence technology. Bias of institutional racism undertones means the measurement of people unaware of what is taking place. Individual differences and their style of communication is significant. 15698559844632957957749377765166.jpgA person is stopped or pulled over for not having eye contact expected answering the officer and made uncomfortable. It unsettles and agitates a person’s time wasted without understanding why. This Catch 22 situation misinterprets body language to assume the person has something to hide so guilty. The professional probes further unaware of the anger caused by their lack of knowledge. So misunderstand cultural differences of that innocent person. Ask for reason why no eye, contact don’t interrupt if no EYE CONTACT.15698555935354557282682839323441.jpg People NOT TOLD eye contact in developed countries is an issue. So crucial eye contact matter causes confusion  mistrust involving people unaware of what is going on during interaction. The person in authority uses the privileged position of power to gain upper hand to do what they want. This is injustice  felt by innocent facing consequence for lack of no eye contact chaotic situation set up. Its use for intervention purposes seems a good idea to observe from safe distance potential threat but this concept needs fine tuning. 15698549368068715366091177153195.jpg The body language of touching the face, hair is interpreted by professionals. So potential employee who does not understands what is going on unaware of these process. Schools must teach eye contact in PSMA classes not to mislead people out and about minding their own business. In Luke 11:34 in Bible eye is lamp of of body for vision to focus full attention. A speaker listens actively, deeply to reflect on conversations. The education system training academies must emphasize need to educate experts not to stress people out by their eye contact issues. Their time is wasted feel overwhelmed and exhausted by their treatment. Eye contact misleads if used as proof of innocence to misjudge as ‘guilty.’ 1569855211223402264736410128350.jpgBible says eye is like lamp provides light for your body. Yet considered rude by elders for looking in their eyes. This double standard of looking in some eyes or others don’t look in eyes in developing communities confuses children. Looking in eye in western world in is truth people raised in the West taught to look in the eyes. But not realise implications of policy of no eye contact means dishonesty abuse guilty. Decisions are made on people’s lives by eye contact mechanisms but they do have awareness. The distorted perception of eye contact by professional lack awareness of cultural facts. Some people talk with head bowed way of life wherever they are. 15698551529211664758458734048476.jpgAdults learning about eye contact forget and look down naturally used to, misinterpreted as lying so probed over and over again. Eye contact guilt maltreat people by some of the professionals. Test machine algorithms pick people randomly. Gadget technology chose them unaware they are selected by chance. The person’s cultural upbringing not taken into consideration as no eye contact culture  in developing world. The sign of respect and honour to elders, leaders, bosses or kings in Western countries is interpreted as ‘lying.’15698553084514133208070762997710.jpgCultural shock under values person targeted but doesn’t understand why selected. It may be true in Western culture liar incapable of keeping eye contact hiding something. But is not the case in other cultures eyes must look down as respect. The eye is entrance to soul or window to the soul so is presumed no eye contact means lying. Interrogators use eye contact as truth. Nobody sees inside the soul its a misnomer eyes communicate emotions. Widely opened eye is excitement or passion. 1569856080901921482802635910558.jpgEyes are mirror to the soul expresses hidden things so face reading knows people better through their eyes. You can know anyone in glance by the look in their eyes. From a day nursery body language facial expression is taught toddler given facial chart of laughter, sadness, tears, fear sad, happy smile emojis conditioned to know from childhood. These helps child’s development to understand the emotions people feel. Other cultures do NOT know about facial expressions. Unheard of in some places but used to determine truths or dishonesty globally. Eugenism technology calculation measurement determines pure race faces as truth by analysing data. 15698563677346650689849970460877.jpg15698567215082823320508322049933.jpg15698567687105836674172911464260.jpgAccyracy of images produced by AI data is not identical to original photo input into the computer. So generates debate about ethics of using of the facial recognition technology. EYES ARE MIRROR OF SOUL used to read a person’s thoughts ascertained by looking in their eyes. Trained eyes expresses naturally sculptured emotion but others not realising being read coded by an innocent behaviour. Perception of lying observed data as reliable than what the person says means focus is on eyes, facial expression taken more seriously. 15698564685217602585483894221635.jpg15698564966297660481461924447768.jpg15698560466605823939569402393629.jpg15698555556185845647951945252567.jpg15698554442225817182311506030717.jpgIMG-20190930-WA0004.jpg15698550016522466732695670191677.jpg15698542536351786798650739287017.jpg15698566623168652403132226833191.jpg15698565672722547522470440025800.jpg
Bias shows angry black men no matter what they say personal situation is not believed if its not synchronised by data. Technology is not 100% perfect it can misread information to lead to targeted person unaware of what is going on. Eyes are considered windows to the soul because a pupil tell a lot about what is going on in the mind of a person used by psychologists to determine and diagnosis of truth. In Matthew 6:22-24 says the eye is the lamp of the body draws light into body from eyes. Light shines into the Spirit from God so eyes reflect thoughts. A person’s thoughts can be ascertained by looking into the eyes. The eyes is entrance to the human soul from other people reflecting thoughts. Be careful little eyes what you see. Babies keep eyes focussed on person looking after them. The debate goes on among experts on the ethics of eye contact a sole measure of truth or lie. 




1554131634066-558992983.jpgInner peace joy in Christ brings contentment to fulfil what the Bible says to learn to be content ‘in all circumstances.’ The bigger car or a bigger house or a bigger salary brings contentment with responsibility. There will always be something ‘bigger and better’ out there. There will always be people who have more so you’ll never be able to get off the treadmill. That is not to imply be satisfied with enslaved debt or destructive habits, or settle for complacency and mediocrity. To fulfil the call of God on your life you must keep working to improve yourself, while totally dependent on God to bless you, promote you, and meet your needs through the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name.1554131423518-1292215322.jpgContentment means making the most of your strength, position, possessions and personality. Your inner peace, security and self-worth should be based on who you are in Christ, not what you have in material assets. The Godly great way to live is be blessed yet focused on Blesser. Paul lived and learned…to be content in all circumstances happy with a little as with much. He found recipe to be happy whether full or hungry even on empty stomach. Whatever or wherever issues faced make it through it all by the help of God in Christ who strengthens you.1554132106452-1292215322.jpgEach day is a choice to make regarding attitude to life and learn to be content. Paul was content in all circumstances at peace within but external observations show otherwise in Philippians 4:11. He arose above the outward circumstances that depress and destroy others to look up to God to keep him in perfect peace that passes all human understanding so overcame adversities. The Spirit of God in man uplifts to seat supernaturally in heavenly places beyond the cares or the woes of this world. So endured the pain and trauma to face tomorrow against all odds in Jesus Name.