15509395996901014032170.jpgJohn 1:1-4 tells creation story of Genesis 1 that “In the beginning God created the world and the Word was with God. The Word was God and He saw all things made by God through Him. Without the Word nothing was made…And The Word Jesus became flesh and came to dwell among us on the earth.” The Bible reveals creation of heaven and earth by DIVINE WORD. And the Genesis 1 and 2 account details helps us to understand how God in the beginning created this world to give us information to help see what happened. In Genesis 1 in Bible, God created the earth in a literal six day period with the light on the first day, the sky and air on the second day, the land and plants on third day, sun and moon stars, on the fourth day, birds and water, mammals on fifth day, animals and man on 6th day. God called HIS creation good, very good and on the seventh day, the Almighty God RESTED so you rest too.1550997781601-1101686397.jpgThis summary description of the earth reveals and explains in details various stages of creation story in Genesis. This picture perfect image of the creation is debated because a reading of Genesis 2 seems sequence of order of the creation story varies. The reason is the creation of mankind appears before the creation of the necessary resources to survive. So debate ensues that two creation stories are in existence. Based on the sequence of the creation story some think it took more than six days to accomplish these two creation stories. Those who think it took longer explain that the days meant years so six days is a metaphor. This is why some people think creation stories are several years apart by two creation stories. The second sequence as follows summarises the picture of Genesis 2 in that order to compare both stages stated to clarify Genesis 1 and Genesis 2.1550997667976-2139429053.jpg1550997149392-1607266889.jpgA more careful reading of the Bible in details shows Genesis 2 summarises the first five days of days of creation story. Genesis 2:4-25 gives details of the story of Genesis 1:27, God created man in HIS OWN Image, in the Image of God HE created them, male and female HE created them. Genesis 2 emphasized the creation of plants and vegetations and atmospheric conditions to make life possible on the earth. So Genesis 2:7-25 gives further details about the six days creation not included in a first original creation story. Others tend to interpret Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 as mutual but with thousands, millions and billions of years apart. So fragment creation story into atoms and molecules accumulated by process of various species in stages until mankind finally evolved. So they respect animals more than God. They do not believe in God so attempt to explain human existence without Creator God. Ingredients of atoms claimed to ‘evolve’ was made by God as cars do not appear without engineers.1550997610391-1607266889.jpgThe missing link in the evolution story drags it further away into the past when nobody was a witness except God, Jesus and angels in heaven. The truth is the fact that ageless, timeless, God exists in the third heaven before calling forth the earth into existence. The dates of these evolution faked by the scientist who added animal jawbone to humans to distort creation story. Darwin said he never thought his ideas will spread like wildfire as he later regrets. The theories dehumanise mankind but they prefer chimpanzees and monkeys as ancestors than believe they are created in IMAGE OF GOD. So pathetic they cannot explain why each species reproduces its own kind except humans. What stopped the process of chimpanzees and monkeys evolving today? Why diminish human image of God because of your unbelief? Angels were present during creation of earth and firmaments by God. In Job 38:4; 6-7, God asked Job: “Where were you when I laid foundations of earth’s cornerstone and the morning stars sang and the sons of God shouted with joy?” 1550939536565-1942937841.jpgJesus and the “morning stars” or “sons of God” are angels who saw earth come into existence from heaven. The earth was “without form and void” but later filled by some of those angels with great angel lucifer, who rebelled against God. “How you are fallen from heaven, O lucifer, son of the morning. How you are cut down to the ground, you who weaken nations. For you said in your heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God . . . I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High God in Isaiah 14:12-14. God explains how lucifer had a throne, tries to overthrow God, but was “cut down to the ground.” Jesus Christ said, “I saw satan fall like lightning from heaven,” in Luke 10:18. So lucifer became satan the nemesis opposer of God due to rebellion and was cast down from heaven to earth.1550939287347-2139429053.jpgGenesis 1:1-31, In the beginning God created heaven and earth. Isaiah 45:12  I made the earth, and created man upon it. MY hands, stretched out the heavens, all their host I commanded. Hebrews 11:3, By faith we understand the world was framed by the word of God, things seen made to appear. Genesis 2:1-25,  Heavens and earth was finished and all the host of them. Colossians 1:16, For by HIM all things are created in heaven, and earth, the beasts, visible, invisible, thrones, dominions and principalities, powers, things created by HIM for HIM Jeremiah 4:23 I saw earth without form void and deep dark heavenly space has no light. Genesis 2:19 Out of the ground the LORD God formed the beasts of the field, fowls of the air and brought them to Adam to name. Adam gave creatures names. Genesis 1: 1, In the beginning God created heaven and earth…on 7th day God RESTED. (God’s Sabbath Day of rest). Exodus 31:16-17 Children of Israel keep Sabbath for generations observed as Covenant. Psalms 33:6 says “By the WORD of the LORD the Heavens were Made and all the Host of Them by the Breath of His Mouth. 2 Peter 3:5, Some are ignorant the WORD of God made the heaven and earth stand out of the water and is surrounded by the waters.1550939243095-1607266889.jpg1550939362934-1101686397.jpgThe Bible says satan retains authority over the earth and parts of the planet. Jesus after 40 days fasting was told by satan: “Taking Him up a high mountain, showed Him all kingdoms of the world said to Him, ‘All this authority I will give You and the glory delivered to me to give to whoever I want” in Luke 4:5-6. Jesus resisted the temptation but did not challenge satan’s authority. Jesus called devil “the ruler of this world” in John 12 : 31; 14:30; 16:11 and “god of this age” has nothing in me says 2 Corinthians 4:4. In John 8:44-45 Jesus said, “you are children of your father the devil and the lust of your father you do. The devil is a liar and murderer from the beginning so abides not in the truth of God. But the truth you know will set you free in Jesus Name. Soon after God has created Adam and Eve, in Genesis 3 satan appeared as the serpent in the garden to deceive Eve and Adam. The earth is still under satan and demon angels cast down to earth before mankind’s creation. Christ, will depose satan by His Authority to RULE over earth to end rebellion against God. 15509394437372053796231.jpg When God made Adam and Eve, angels sang for joy but later fell to the earth in a chaotic ”without form void,” empty of humans in Genesis 1:2. So God prepared the earth to be inhabited by the people, HE put in Eden to multiply to increase and inhabit the earth. Isaiah said, “The LORD created the heavens and forms earth HE made to be inhabited in Isaiah 45:18. Original earth is in void condition as Scriptures say in Isaiah 34:11. And Jeremiah 4:23 describes the earth as “without form and void” exactly as the Genesis 1:2 said it was an empty, void land. Many Bible texts and verses exist throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelations confirming God’s Creation story of mankind and all things under the universe. These informations also explain meaning of Genesis account as God in HIS WISDOM made all the earth full of possessions . . . so sent HIS Spirit to create and FILL the earth” in Psalms 104:24, 30. The earth had to be filled so God created humans to enjoy them. 15509971036632006293681.jpg“Formless or void” earth was without a human form so it is an empty space and environment without all their required resources or structure ready for human lives. Bible dictionaries translates word ‘replenish’ in Genesis 1:28 from Hebrew verb מלאו (mil’û), as fill not refill. In the modern versions translated in Genesis 1:28 as fill. King James translators in the other places in Old Testament translate it as ‘fill.’ Languages continually change since King James Version appeared 408 years ago in 1611. To replenish (fill) is a verb form of adjective replete (full) so it means exactly the Hebrew word to fill. A modern English of fill is refill as stock and restock prefix ‘re’ means ‘again’ but ‘plenish’ means ‘fill’ in Hebrew. ‘Fill’ is correct translation in older English. God told Adam and Eve to fill void on the earth as stated in Hebrew texts. Ezekiel 28:13 says lucifer was in Eden garden of God with these precious stone coverings sardius, topaz, diamond, beryl, jasper, onyx, sapphire, emerald, carbuncle and crafted in gold settings and engravings. On the day that you were created they were prepared. But Revelations 12:7-9, describes satan trying to overthrow God before Christ’s return: “And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. So the dragon was cast down, that serpent of old, the devil or satan deceiving the whole world is cast to earth with a third of angels evil angels were cast out.”In Job 1:7, God asked satan, “where did you come from?” satan replied, “from going to and fro on the earth (to seek attacks). 15509442721482006293681.jpgThe Nephilim were on earth in those days after the sons of God mated with the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were mighty men of old, the men of renown. These “sons of God” in Hebrew Bible occurs at Genesis 6:1–4. Romans 1 described how God allows mankind’s “reprobate mind” to be controlled by satan by retaining authority over the present world. God granted all mankind freewill choice but some prefer to join satan as Scripture says. After rebellion of satan and evil angels against God this made God angry so HE didn’t fill the earth, left “formless and void” longer than expected. This is the information explaining meaning of Genesis account as God in HIS WISDOM made all the earth full of possessions . . . so sent HIS Spirit to create and FILL the earth” in Psalms 104:24, 30. God told Adam and Eve to fill void on earth as in Hebrew texts. The earth had to be filled so God created Adam and Eve to do to multiply to fill the earth. After many generations the fallen angels slept with the humans to produce giant nephillim. IMG_20190223_165211.jpg15509404594952006293681.jpgThere was so much evil God regretted making mankind so decided to destroy them with floods. After the Noah flood the earth was renewed as fossil records layered deposits scattered in the earth’s crust shows. Man is made in God’s OWN Image with creative and spiritual ability as written living records of more than 5,000 years reveals. The earth and the space, stars, firmaments are ageless and timeless made by our everlasting God. A look at the earth, stars or exploring the solar systems and beyond infinity show Majestic wonders of God before Adam and Eve. Some of the fallen angels later saw and married the daughters of men as nephillim giants. Nephilim /ˈnɛfɪˌlɪm were offspring of “sons of God” and the “daughters of men” before Noah’s flood deluge according to Genesis 6:1-4. And in Jude 6, this biblical term, “Nephilim” word is fallen angels in Ezekiel 32:27. 15509444804222006293681.jpgSo the fallen angels existed after Adam and Eve was created in Eden and put in the garden and lucifer deceived them like a third of heaven’s angels to rebel against God in Revelation 12:4. Angels are spirit beings in Luke 20 : 36 but can transform into any different being or creature. The Bible doesn’t give an exact timeline of millions or billions of years when these angels lived on earth before creation of Adam and Eve. Genesis 7:11 says in the six hundredth year of Noah’s life on seventeenth day of the second month the world that time perished in the flood on that day all the fountains of the great deep burst forth and windows of heaven opened.” Water gushed out like fountains with rainwater destroyed all people including nephilims. So after the deluge ended Noah’s Ark ship rested on Mount Ararat in Turkey.15509464124352006293681.jpgAfter the earth passed through dinosaur age geologists agree the flood happened between time of reptiles and mammals. These events in the history of life on the earth shows changes from the time of dinosaurs in great numbers and variety, to when dinosaurs do not appear at all. The change was after the world of man came into existence and Noah floods of those previous ages. Ancient earth was refilled as biblical literally after days of Noah’s era and the creation of humans. Initial filling of the void environment is followed by the destruction by floods and re-creation after Noah’s time. The Bible explains the fossil record evidence pointing to ancient earth and a DIVINE recreation at the same time. Genesis has confirmed modern geology and Biblical archaeology. Twenty-first century Astro physicists describe the beginnings of the universe in same cosmological terms as Genesis. Space, time and matter came out of nothing in a burst of light entirely hospitable to carbon-based life. So many chemists and biologists agree life origin from clay templates in Genesis 2:7. So proceeds from the mouth of God, TRUE account of creation as Matthew 4:4 says mankind was made as the Bible shows for thousands of years. The Creator God made original earth, people, mentioned in the beginning in Genesis. Evolution’s supporting fossil record of the natural selection and random mutation theory do not support the Bible account. True facts of the Bible exist but atheists try to look for alternatives outside God seen in the world around us. Genesis does not conflict with science and when evidence from the Bible shows sound knowledge than Darwinian theory. By the way it is important to know Darwin became a born again Christian on his death-bed.15509400415481491823197.jpg15509402114412006293681.jpg3,000 years ago King David recorded his thoughts on gazing at magnificent night sky. He prayed to God, “When I look at your heavens, the work of your HANDS, the moon and stars you established who is a human being that you are mindful of him so you care for them in Psalms 8:3-4. God creates beautiful, magnificent splendour with great plan and purpose for us. The way out of pain and sorrow brought on from rejecting God’s WAY is “Call to ME and I WILL answer you, and show you great and mighty things you do not know” says Jeremiah 33:3. Accept HIS invitation now beyond earth to lead meaningful, purposeful, joyful, moral, emotional and spiritual life in Christ in God. And God sets before you life and death, blessings and curses,” so “Choose life so you and your descendants live” in Deuteronomy 30:19. Endtime events are showing the Rapture birthpang signs of perilous times. So people must live for God and be saved in Jesus Name before it is too late like the time of Noah. Jesus said the times of great Tribulations will be worse than Noah’s floods. Give your life to Jesus and accept Him as personal Saviour. There is no other Name given among men to be saved except through Jesus Name the Only Son of God chosen to save mankind. He is coming soon to rescue those who accept Him but those who reject Jesus will weep and mourn. Be sure you pray and ask God to save you in Jesus Name.



isbUK is said experiencing a dire shortage of living space, but does having more room necessarily make people more content? It is common to hear concerns about pokey new-builds and sky-high rents forcing people into ever smaller homes. But the reality is that living spaces in England and Wales are larger than ever, with the average home increasing from 88 to 90 square metres between 2004 and 2016. Instead, the issue is distribution of space is more unequal. The owner occupiers has lots of space compared with young renters sharing a home with several others. In 2017, about 28% of UK households contained one person, up from 17% in 1971. But the proportion of families and individuals sharing private rented housing has almost tripled since 1992 to 6.6%, according toresearch by the Resolution Foundation think tank. So, does more space always mean happier occupants, or is there a cut-off point?Housing in numbers datapic

Status and neighbours

A London-based colleague recently told me about her aunt coming to visit her from Hong Kong. Upon seeing her shoe-box bedroom, she was filled not with pity, but with envy. The aunt had grown up seven people to one room, and thought this living arrangement the height of luxury. This illustrates how the level of space that we expect or aspire to can depend on what we are used to. Even after people move to a bigger house, it may not take long for them to start to feel like they don’t have enough. Surveying almost 1,000 people who chose to upsize their home, my research found that housing satisfaction initially increased after a move by 1.2 points on a seven-point scale. But within three years, this rise had diminished by about 30% as people’s space expectations increased.Chart showing housing satisfaction rises before a house move before diminishing

You might think that people with very big houses would be more satisfied with their property. Found increase beyond four rooms per person resulted in no uplift in housing satisfaction at all. This category is likely to include some older people who would like a smaller space but are reluctant to leave the family home. Even for the average household, more space may not necessarily lead to more happiness. Our space expectations are conditioned by where lived before, but by neighbours. Because house size is status symbol feels worse off if other people get larger houses. A recent US study found increase in size of largest 10% of superstar houses had significant negative effect on their neighbours, Woman prepares food with her daughterThose people who moved into a bigger home, previous surveys have suggested people would be prepared to have less living space overall if it meant less than others. Rising cost of ‘normal’ is not to say everyone is consciously competing with their neighbours over who has the biggest house. Most concern of a house size may stem from underlying desire to fit in to do things considered “normal.”  This could be having dinner around the family table or watching TV on the sofa which requires what is considered to be a “normal” level of living space. If home sizes increase then so does the amount of space we feel like we need just to keep up. If all have space for home gym having friends round for a workout could well become as normal as having them round for dinner.Couple looking at big houseCounting the costs as a nation, do not seem to be getting any happier with our housing, even though living space and housing conditions have improved for many people. The US-based study draws similar conclusions. It suggests people living in a detached house, satisfaction stayed the same since the 1980s as the amount of space per person has grown by about 40%, to more than 900 square feet. People moving into bigger homes comes with costs. Spending more on housing means people incurring more mortgage debt, working longer hours, or commuting longer distance, building more homes has significant irreversible environmental costs. An overwhelming case is to provide genuinely affordable housing for those suffering in cramped, unaffordable living conditions. Beyond this increase is if average living spaces improve wellbeing society is debated. This analysis piece was commissioned by the BBC from an expert working for an outside organisation. Dr Chris Foye is knowledge exchange associate with the University of Glasgow, UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence. His role is building relationships between housing researchers, policymakers, practitioners and residents. 


House keysIPPR says pay all 25-year-olds a £10,000 inheritance, thinktank said government could create a citizens’ wealth fund to address inequality. All UK-born citizens be given £10,000 “universal minimum inheritance” when they turn 25 to help address growing wealth inequality as thinktank proposed. Tax reforms and a selloff of assets including government’s stake in Royal Bank of Scotland to help create the citizens’ wealth fund worth £186bn by 2029/30, Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) said. Such a fund will give everyone stake in the economy and help young people invest in their futures. Through buying property and investing, education, starting business, according to report of IPPR Commission on Economic Justice. The fund could be large enough to pay all 25-year-olds as a one-off capital dividend of £10,000 from 2030. Report proposes capitalising fund uses the mixture of asset sales, capital transfers, new revenue streams, borrow amount for return reinvested in decade. These includes reformed wealth taxes as gift tax to replace inheritance tax and “scrip tax” of up to 3% requiring major businesses to issue equity to the fund. The authors propose national asset sales including RBS stake. IPPR on wealthiest tenth UK households own 44% nation’s wealth, least wealthy half of households own 9%. More than 70 governments around world’s sovereign wealth funds help alleviate poverty. Norway invested oil income sovereign wealth fund from 1990 now worth more than $1tn (£713bn). IPPR report claims UK’s revenues from North Sea oil if invested in a sovereign wealth fund in the 1980s, worth more than £500bn today. Carys Roberts, an IPPR senior economist, said: “Who owns wealth and who inherits wealth is more important increasingly so, as share of national income paid to people through wages declines. “A citizens’ wealth fund would enable all citizens to collectively own portion of our national wealth, to ensure everyone benefits from rising returns to capital, not just people who will inherit or who already own assets.” This grand noble idea on paper to help ALL 25 year olds tremendously good but exacerbates wealth gap even more given equally to All regardless of wealth. The rich gets richer by grant £10,000 pocket-money while deprived person gets a headstart. An average property is worth £160,000 to £500,000 depending on location beyond most 25 year olds so does this money bring required change? With most 25 year olds already heavily in debt with student loans, unemployed lives at home £10,000 borrowed wealth another ploy to dump national burden of debt on young people by a very rich wealthy few preserving and growing riches. The rich do not need this money as already provided for realistically it is hardworking citizens struggling to pay mortgages or choose to feed family is a major issue that needs attention. It is brilliant to help 25 years olds get up the property ladder but without the regular paid wages as article points out income depleting means repossessed property for the investors creating this scheme. It is really too good to be true so a rethink by this thinkthank is urgently required. Naive 25 years old will run after a “free” £10,000 pounds grant only to realise the catch years later after losing it all. So do not do these only to add more insults to injuries of people already suffering. Can alternative scheme ensure genuine resources used to pay good salaries so people earn money and live without such borrowed wealth on top of debts? Sure you can.


Esteban JobbagyNew River gorges in flatland as rainfalls persists Ana Risatti woke to an ominous roar outside her home. Thinking noise was continuation of night’s downpour, she stepped outside to look. “I nearly fainted when I saw what it really was,” said Risatti, 71. Instead of falling from sky, the water she heard was rushing down a deep gully it carved overnight beyond wire fence around her home. Sudden appearance of a network of new rivers in Argentina’s central province of San Luis has puzzled scientists, worried environmentalists and disheartened farmers. It raised urgent questions over the environmental cost of Argentina’s dependence on soya beans export crop.Ana Risatti - New rivers Argentina pieceAna Risatti: ‘I nearly fainted when I saw what it really was.’ Photograph: Uki Goñi for the Guardian. “The roar was terrifying,” said Risatti, remembering that morning three years ago. “The land had opened up like a canyon. Water was pushing through far as I could see. Huge mounds of earth, grass and trees were being carried along the water surface.” The ravine carved its way dramatically across Risatti’s farm that night is grown to 15-miles (25km) long. Deepest point measures more than 60 metres wide and 25 metres deep. The largest several new water courses, the Río Nuevo (New river) runs through Cuenca del Morro, a groundwater basin mild incline covers 373,000 hectares (nearly 1,500 sq miles) of flatlands in San Luis province. Until early 1990s, Morro basin a patchwork of water-absorbing forests and grasslands, but mostly gone, replaced by maize and soya beans. Argentina’s transformation into a soya bean powerhouse resulted in widespread deforestation to make way for the crop, now covering 60% of the country’s arable land. Some 2.4m hectares of native forest lost in the last 10 years, according to Greenpeace.Esteban JobbagyEsteban Jobbágy: ‘Argentina is a banana republic so soya bean is new banana. As Esteban Jobbágy, environmental expert at University of San Luis, said a sudden appearance of new rivers is due to the convergence of three factors: “Number one, rainy years in recent past climate has been changing. Next, the nature of the soils are quite unstable. Third, this watershed is hosting a lot of agriculture the first time. Argentina is world’s third largest soya bean producer after US and Brazil and accounts for 18% of global production. In 2016, combined exports of soya beans, soya meal and soya bean oil made up 31% country’s total exports. “Argentina is a banana republic, soya bean new banana, says Jobbágy without soya bean our farms could not survive and the country couldn’t survive.800px-Tobler_hyperelliptical_projection_SW (1)argentina-mapUnlike deep-rooted forests replaced that absorbed large amount of groundwater all year round soya bean has short roots and grows a few months of the year. So caused aquifer beneath Morro basin to rise, increased speed of subterranean flow in turn triggering collapse of area’s permeable soil. Around 2008, farmers started to report appearance of shallow run-off channels, but in last five years, pace of erosion quickened dramatically those streams became deep trenches. Climbing down side of the new gullies, Jobbágy claws at cliff wall and a clod of soil dissolves in his hand. “It’s basically dust,” he says. “When it gets soaked, it is really unstable so what looks like a solid becomes liquid. So humble river moves a lot of sediment despite the relatively gentle incline,” Jobbágy explains. That leads to a second problem for farmers: sometimes entire fields downstream disappear overnight when rivers dump layers of sediment as metre (3ft) thick.Alberto PanzaAlberto Panza this used to be totally flat pasture land.’ Photograph: Uki Goñi for the Guardian. Alberto Panza, a 41-year-old cattle rancher is one of few holdouts refusing to lease land to giant soya-bean conglomerates that largely replaced Argentina’s small farmers. Driving his battered pick-up truck along a dirt road, Panza remarks how deserted land looks today: no longer gauchos  Argentina’s cowboys riding bareback through fields. Farmhouses are demolished to open up more land to lease to soya producers. So many farmers live in city,” says Panza. “It’s easier to move out and lease your land to company than to farm yourself.” Arriving at his ranch, Panza walks into land described as a Martian landscape. In the middle of a field, a giant canyon more than 60 metres wide, 25 metres deep drops abruptly away, slow current of water at the bottom. Panza’s farm cut in two by canyon. This used to be totally flat pasture land, he says. An electricity pole lies on its side on the river bed, its cables still attached to poles standing on the other side. Because the river keeps changing course so unable to build a bridge or a path across water to reach the other side of his land. With less than one third of Morro basin left covered in forest or grasslands, nearly half devoted to soya and maize government of San Luis has finally stepped in to try to save the basin from becoming a river delta.The Río Nuevo carves out a canyon.The Río Nuevo carves out a canyon. The government after new water courses started controlling outskirts of the city of Villa Mercedes and two major roads that carry international overland trade between Argentina and neighbouring Brazil. At San Luis office of the National Institute for Agricultural Technology (Inta), 3 scientists Claudio Sáenz, Juan Cruz Colazo and Mario Galván studying the Morro basin for the last 10 years. So partly due to their efforts, the province passed emergency law in 2016 obliging landowners to preserve 5% of farms as forest, pasture, plant water-consuming winter crops if land not used for soya bean. The government tells so far about 60% of farmers in the basin have made a commitment to meet the obligations,” says Galván. But is just a grain of sand, cautions Sáenz. Loss of small farmers compound problem agri-conglomerates have little incentive to rotate crops or preserve sustainability of the soil, he said. “If a plot is unusable, they simply move on to lease another area, leaving the owners to deal with the problem. It’s a system that not only erodes the soil, it also erodes the agricultural know-how of landowners.” Jobbágy spends much time on the field, measuring flow of the new rivers, trying to chart their ever-changing courses and developing links with the few remaining farmers. “Many landowners very volatile link with their land,” he says. “With the demolition of so many farmhouses, the soul of the land is being lost. As long as the system works, all is fine. But when nature rears up and says: ‘Enough!’, it becomes a very difficult situation to reverse.”

  • This story published with support of European Forest Institute and Lookout Station EFI’s new initiative connecting journalism and science around the topic of climate change


1. Squish it with a tissue

This is the easiest, and most common, way to kill a spider. Squish it in a tissue, and then throw it away in a trash/flush it down the toilet. Easy.

2. Step on it with boot

If the spider is bigger than like, oh, a dime, your best bet might be to get a large and heavy boot, put boot on, and SQUISH IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT.how-to-get-rid-of-spiders-in-bedroom-how-to-safely-get-rid-of-spiders-from-your-house-top-10-home-ideas-768x512

3. Place a cup over it

Maybe there’s a small pain in your heart every time you a kill a bug, because bugs are living things, too. So maybe you decided to corral the spider underneath a cup, and hope it can’t get any air (how do spiders breath?) and it slowly suffocates underneath your blue kitchen cup. BE SURE TO PUT THIS CUP IN THE DISHWASHER.

4. Call someone to help

Maybe you don’t want to kill the bug, but you want someone else to. Grab that cup, place it over the spider, and then wait until your significant other/a friend/the cable repair man comes over and you’re like “Hey, so I’ve got this spider underneath this cup…”

5. Vacuum it up Hoover

Do you not want to touch the spider whatsoever, but want to get rid of it ASAP? You know that vacuum you’ve got in your kitchen closet? Detach the hose, and suck that little sucker right up (and then give it an appropriate amount of time, so you know the spider is 100% dead, and empty your vacuum out).spider_chart

6. Spray it with Raid

Raid was invented to kill bugs so using a spray or two (or a whole can) of Raid on eight-legged beast should do the trick.

7. Spray with hairspray

Do you not have Raid, because last time you were at Target you were like, “Ugh, why is Raid so expensive? Something that kills spiders should be FREE!” If you don’t have Raid, hairspray usually does a pretty good job of immobilizing spiders. Not that I’ve killed a lot of spiders with expensive frizz-control hairspray before.

8. Douse it with water

Some spiders comes out of nowhere and if worried that it’ll get away before you can get a tissue/a shoe/Raid, all you’ve got is a cup of water. THROW THAT CUP OF WATER OVER THE SPIDER! SPIDERS CANNOT SWIM! Don’t do this, while sitting on your couch. That’s a bad idea.

9. Use paper & throw out

This one is hard. First, you need a piece of paper, and then you need to be brave enough to get close enough to the spider and hope and pray it makes it onto the piece of paper, and doesn’t scurry away in the opposite direction. Then you need to walk towards a window, once again hoping and praying that the spider doesn’t start crawling on the paper towards you, and maybe to your hand, and then up your arm, and oh boy. Actually, don’t try this one at home.

10. Ignore & hope it dies

No time like present to start symbiotic relationship with the spider! Whatever you do, DO NOT SET FIRE TO SPIDER INDOORS!!! It may crawl burning and spread the fire to set house on fire as recently happened in America. Pin the spider through with a fork or a kebab stick firmly while wearing gloves to be safe if poisonous and burn safely sealed in a container outside. If bitten some spiders must be preserved to show the medics to help identify type of spider for a correct antidote. So do not let fear overcome you to be frightened or panic to let anxiety set in and miss the spider.

11. Scream for help

This one will not actually do anything to spider but hope neighbours come to your aid.


Mum singing to babySinging speeds up’ recovery from post-natal depression. Singing helps mothers recover from post-natal or post partum depression more quickly study suggests. Researchers found women who took part in group singing sessions with their babies experienced much faster improvement in their symptoms than those who did not. The study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, looked at 134 mothers with post-natal depression. Early recovery is seen to be crucial to limit effects on mother and baby. Post-natal depression is estimated to affect one in eight new mothers. And previous studies have indicated singing can help improve the mental health of older people and those with dementia, but this is the first controlled study of its effect on post-natal depression. The women were placed into three groups:Mother and baby music group
  • one took part in group singing
  • another took part in in creative play sessions
  • a third group received their usual care, which could include family support, antidepressants or mindfulness

The singing workshops saw the mothers learning lullabies and songs from around the world with their babies and creating new songs together about motherhood. And those with moderate to severe symptoms of post-natal depression reported a much faster improvement than mothers in the usual care and play groups. All the groups improved over the 10 weeks, but in the first six weeks, singing group already reported an average 35% decrease in depressive symptoms. The Principal investigator Dr Rosie Perkins said the study, although small, was significant because it was important to tackle the symptoms as quickly as possible. “Post-natal depression is debilitating for the mothers and their families. As research indicates some women think accessible singing with their baby helps speed up recovery at one of the most vulnerable times of their lives,” she said. The lead author Dr Daisy Fancourt at University College London, said singing is another useful therapy to offer women. babies with musical instrumentsMany mothers have concerns about taking depression medication whilst breast-feeding and uptake of psychological therapies with new mothers is relatively low,” she said. “These results are really exciting as suggests something as simple as referring mothers to this community activities could support their recovery.” Dr Trudi Seneviratne, who chairs the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Perinatal Faculty, said: “It’s exciting to hear about the growing evidence base for novel psychosocial interventions like singing to facilitate a more rapid recovery for women with post-natal depression. “I look forward to more work in this area in the future, as it will be enjoyed by both mothers and their babies.”Since the study, Breathe Arts Health Research has started running singing workshops in partnership with the Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust for women with post-natal depression across the south London boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark. Community and socialising helps overcome isolation and loneliness of new mothers. The feel good factor of singing with the babies is definitely a win- win situation lifting the mood and going out of the home helps to lift their spirit too. Isolated mothers can organise own singing sessions with friends in communities and their babies benefit too from a calm, happy, relaxed mother. If child raising is recognised or considered as a valid hardwork and to celebrate mothers and carers the world will become a better and safer place. So families must be prioritised and to help mother’s like Finland pays both parents to raise their children. Depression is caused by loneliness, pressure, stress of modern living without extended family support and children become depressed too. So it is good news to help mother’s and also to improve motherhood as an honourable collaboration with God’s idea to multiply to replenish the earth.


BanDtmdIAAAqQ9GRelax and enjoy Christmas as a time of year to recount your blessings and to celebrate Jesus. Remember to thank God for sustaining your life and providing for you throughout the years. Enjoy this time of year which puts much pressure on people to spend more than ever. It is a good time to reflect and take stock of the year to assess what worked well and how to improve life next year. christmas2Above all it is good to keep in mind that Christmas is about love and the birth of Jesus Christ to save mankind. The whole world takes time to celebrate Jesus and give thanks to God for our families and our friends. Enjoy without fussing over the perfectionist details and obsessing over materialistic image, instead value the joyful festive season and be grateful and thankful for life itself. As the world gets worse it is necessary to appreciate favour of God not just material details. Christmas Day can be very difficult day for young care-leavers,” Sissay says.“For some going home for Christmas, painful and there’s arguments and dysfunction. There are young people with nowhere to go feeling sad on their own that day so feel a greater sense of loss. “It’s about making people smile to let them know they matter especially on that day.”

1400975012648So many people are homeless, or live in squalor, poor, cannot afford privilege of safe environment, in dangerous region of war zones. Thank God for the Prince of Peace Jesus and do not hurt family or friends and colleagues over your selfish bizarre stubborn behaviours that ruins the festive season. The weather affects some so can trigger unusual reactions too. With abundant alcohol and substance use can get some situations out of hand. Yet the purpose of Chtistmas is to bring joy to the world, goodwill and peace on earth. Human relations are challenged as families out of touch assemble under one roof with many shenanigans. And emotions and feeling severely tested it is good to hold tongue for sake of comprise and peace. Woman-wrapping-gifts_cejaisFun-ways-to-wrap-gifts.jpgAsk for help or advise if not sure about presents or gifts to give each person as Jesus received gifts relating to his life, call and destiny. Gifts must be relevant and meaningful to the receiver not just what you insist on giving them whether they like or want it or not. Remember the golden rule of gifts to yourself and how it makes you feel. Be kind-hearted especially with the innocent children around do not to ruin the day for them. If physically present be a part of family or rather stay distant and send presents.Dear-Tired-Mama-Its-Time-to-Relax-and-Enjoy-Christmas-1 instead of stressing all. Some might cite Christmas as a cause of breakdown of a family and their marriage. By fighting each year over Christmas among other issues toxic relationships can reach the tipping point at that time. Yet those who listen, change, adapt to enjoy Christmas but the stubborn ones continue ruining it for loved ones. Without an awareness over behaviour that the obsession with achieving that one, symbolic or perfect family causes misery not merriment. In the Bible, Jesus said in Luke 12:15, Take care and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in abundance of possessions.

407d518n663One person described themselves as a tyrant in family festive season. Fretting over every last detail for weeks ahead in a bid to make it all extra special. And refusing to delegate anything even the decorating of the tree or laying the table since none else ever got things right in their opinion. Determined everything goes according to their plans only as the control freaks the atmosphere in family home is more fearful than festive. So it seems more like a dictator than a Father Christmas sharing love, joy, happiness and kindness. Looking back, realised its not worth fussing over nitty gritty silly unnecessary details so enjoy Christmas.