In Luke 21:25″There will be signs in the Sun, moon, stars and on earth dismay among the nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves.

In Genesis 1:14, God said, “Let there be lights in the heavens to separate the day from the night and let them be for signs, seasons, days and years.

In Genesis 9:12-17, God said, “This is the sign of Covenant I AM making between Me and you and every living creature with you for all successive generations. I set My rainbow in the cloud for a sign of Covenant between Me and the earth. It shall be when I bring cloud over earth the rainbow will be seen in cloud.400px-Double-alaskan-rainbow

In Luke 21:11, there will be many Great earthquakes in various places, plagues, famines, terrors, great signs in heaven.

In Jeremiah 10:2, Thus says the LORD God Almighty, “Do not learn the way of the nations and do not be terrified by signs of heavens although other nations are terrified by them. In Revelation 12:1, Great sign appeared in heaven and woman clothed with sun and moon under her feet, on her head is a crown of 12 stars. Revelation 12:3, another sign appeared in heaven and great red dragon with 7 heads, 10 horns on heads with 7 crown. In Joel 2:30 God displays wonders in the sky, earth, blood, fire and smoke. In Matthew 24:30,”The Sign of Son of Man will appear in sky and all tribes of earth will mourn. They will see SON OF MAN COMING ON CLOUDS OF THE SKY with POWER and Great GLORY. In Revelation 15:1, I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvelous, 7 angels had 7 last plagues unleashed on earth because the wrath of God is finished.

2 Corinthians 7:1 in the Bible says since we have these promises, beloved, let us clean ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, bringing holiness to completion in the fear of God. And to endure to the end to be saved in Christ Jesus’ Name.





Global Earth Day highlights destruction of environment by this hotel made with waste collected from European beaches. In addition, recycled waste regenerates fuel from rubbish so the hotel points out damage to emphasize an overwhelming rate of superabundance. So highlighting huge tons of waste daily, environmental campaigners built this temporary hotel largely from rubbish in Italy’s capital Rome to raise awareness of European beach pollution. Save the Beach Hotel is taking guests for 4days only, adorned with debris from the world’s beaches. It had 5 rooms, reception lined with 12 tonnes of rubbish, including toys, cans, car exhaust pipes. Danish supermodel Helena Christensen, who has stayed at the hotel, said it was a striking work of art. “When inside the house, there are walls as would be in normal house but they are all made of inorganic waste,” Ms Christensen, also an environmental campaigner told the

The hotel opened to guests until 7 June and the outside is completely covered in everything thrown away at the beaches. You can basically go around that hotel to look at a lot of very personal objects so some makes you wonder what makes the human beings throw things away on the beach. The hotel, stands beside 2nd Century Castel Sant’Angelo on the banks of the Tiber, created by German artist HA Schult. We are in the trash time,” he was quoted as telling AFP news agency. “We produce trash and we will be trash. This hotel is the mirror of the situation. “We have to change the world, before world changes us.” Would be guests at the hotel will have to hurry to book a room as opened from 3-7 June, and bookings hard to come by on 5 June which marks World Environment Day. Another similar hotel is made entirely of rubbish opened Spanish capital Madrid.

A man looks out from a bedroom at Save the Beach hotel in Rome, 4 June 2010Environmentalism needs to be taken very seriously as walls of BeachGarbage Hotel is covered with detritus deposited by tide in Europe and the waste found in dumps and some items bought at flea markets. There is a big gap between the rate of production and purchasing new items used once and discarded despite being in perfect condition. The idea of keeping anything to be reused by some people seems hoarding so minimalists prefer using item and get another again when the time arrives. The disposable instant generation grow with too much super abundance taken for granted. The impact affects outsourced regions that do not benefit from the huge profits of constantly changing products for thrill of novelty and boredom of resuse. Still many lack awareness of how long item takes from seed, growth, to processing stage of fabric knitting and weaving to garments, cost of transporting, whole sale storage, retail rent, maintenance in shops to buyer affects environmental carbon footprints reflected in weather changes. Advertising and irresponsible marketing, consumerism damage earth causing imbalance of carbon cycle and destroys natural habitat beauty. So acid rain falls with toxic chemicals on plants ruining crops, rivers hence the droughts and famines damaging earth. The desire to only use brand new things always is the cause of not reusing perfectly good items because after event thrown away.


082-11469815412159966792food-storageark-food-storagewooden-cagesaf34asdfz.jpg.09d5a0844148eb44d920a674955a8574-1.jpgark-growing-foodArk-FB-118noaarkJan-Bruegel-the-Elder-Landscape-of-Paradise-and-the-Loading-of-the-Animals-in-Noah_s-Ark1a2Animals disembarking from the Ark with a river in the foregroundnoah-rejecting-truth-does-not-change-truth-8-638.jpgNoahs Ark 2 1024noahs20ark20mt20ararat20800b

The arkship of Noah’s Flood is found in Turkey. Noah saved his family and pairs of animals from the Flood, according to biblical account in Genesis 6–8. A small bivalve mollusc with boat-shaped shell is found in Mediterranean off Atlantic coasts of Africa and southern Europe. In 1872 George Smith a bank­note engraver assistant in British Museum, discovered story of the Flood the same as in Book of Genesis inscribed on a cuneiform tablet made of clay recently excavated at far-distant Nineveh in present-day Iraq. According to version idol worshippers, thought it was the gods of Babylon who wiped out all mankind through death by water. As in the Bible, the survival of all living things was effected by a single man Noah and his family of 8 people. A Dutch creationist built full-size replica of Noah’s Ark, made according to the blueprint set out by God in the Bible. 3345748822_f632de81feArk6IMG_20170529_111335Johan Huibers spent 3 years and more than £1.03million constructing gigantic wooden boat. He set sight on sailing in the world like Noah experienced. This feat of true biblical proportions inspired by a dream Mr Huibers had 20 years ago in which he saw part of his native Netherlands submerged in a flood like one featured in Book of Genesis. This boat museum now has set sail around the world. Exactly as Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be during Coming of the Son of man Jesus Christ in the end-times. Accept Jesus as your Saviour and pray for family, friends, loved ones and enemies to be saved in JESUS NAME!!! Noah’s Ark Ministries International, Hong Kong documentary team found Noah’s wooden structure believed to be the Biblical boat. Noah’s structure carbon dates to 4,800 years, found at 13,000ft above sea level.
Explorers think they have found Noah's ArkExplorers solved location of Noah’s Ark
Inside the alleged wooden structureExplorers found wooden planks, nails and even staircase inside the structure. On, 15th April 2017 the Historians, and archeologists clerics who sought proof for Noah’s ark existence for centuries found conclusive evidence in Turkey.

“We think it is 99.9% that this is it.”

Yeung Wing-cheung, explorer

Yeung Wing-cheung, a filmmaker who helped discover the remains, said: “We saw Noah’s Ark so think is 99.9%.” Team member Man-fai Yuen added: “The structure is partitioned into different spaces. “We believe wooden structure we entered is the exact same structure recorded in historical accounts.”

The structure was found on Mount AraratNoah’s structure was found under snow and debris on Mount Ararat in Turkey. Another team member, Panda Lee, said: “I saw a structure built with plank-like timber. “Each plank was about eight inches wide. I could see tenons, proof of ancient construction predating the use of metal nails. “We walked about 100 metres to another site. I could see broken wood fragments embedded in a glacier, and some 20 metres long.” The team said the structure had several compartments, wooden beams and discovered what seems to be wooden walls, doors, nails and even staircases.
Noah's ArkThe experts say the evidence of biblical flood ship was 4 kilometres up the side of a mountain 4,800 years ago, shows a substantial geological evidence of flood around the world narrated by many people in folklore and in documents.



Disruptive technologies change world as insight into constant innovative desire for latest items drives markets bringing investment and pleasure thrill to enjoy products. Ubiquitous virtualisation of world to connect 7 billion people online 24/7 requires fuel power, solar energy or fossil fuels and electric. Great progress made with great demand for renewable energy resources of earth. It constitutes higher demand for energy fuels to drive the disruptive technologies set to change world. Technological disruptive change constant feature of modern digital age so intrudes into life by machines or gadgets replacing people at work. This disruptive technologies permeate every facet of life improving quality targetted aspect of life makes impossible possible. Fastrack this from a 1970’s idea every family will have computer in the home. Seemed fanciful and unnecessary but 40 years on advent of smart phones means most people now have access to computer all day everyday From horsecart to car VHS to DVD’s; CDs iPods, iPhones technology progressively reshapes every day lives. So the pressure mounts to keep up demand and supply. 531157main_terrestrial-atmosphere-itmProcesses_fullProcess is thematically driven to focus is on changes happening within global economy. Invested technologies improve people’s quality of life, making economy more efficient, safer and more resilient so attractively highly valued. Disruptive technologies accelerate fast so is energy consumption rates increased. And many technologies disruptive and so investors ability to identify long-term technology winners from inception crucial for good success. Adoption of new technologies if underestimated can impact or challenge modern incumbent technologies. And so adapting curves disrupt technologies to accelerated exponentially, disruption is difficult to predict but yet impacts life. It is energy harnessed from dams or solar power which fuels electric cars vehicles. 

Chart 1: Disruptive Technologies Fastsu-13-how-it-works-energy-storageIntegrated Design as the example, cited by the academic leading commentator on the role of technology as disruptor Dr Tony Seba, story of telecommunications giant hiring consulting firm McKinsey in mid 1980’s forecast adoption of mobile phones for next 15 years. McKinsey’s prediction was 900,000 subscribers in 2000 but it was 109 million people using mobile phones. McKinsey underestimate by the range factor of 120. History shows some experts consistently do understand these exponential nature of disruptive technology impact. Investors continually identify the key technological changes to understand once it begins it accelerates very quickly. Identifying new trends is cornerstone of a process see opportunity  current emerging group of disruptive technologies. Harnessing an Sun Energy efficiently, store in smart building smart trains smart cars from Sun energy.sun-smiley-face-sunspots-sdo



A key emerging disruptive technology combines cost competitive Solar power and battery storage technology. Even if ignore carbon benefits of solar power in energy grid ability for homes generate enough power for own needs, for cost competitive and does not increase over 20 year time period is enticing prospect. Encouragingly, obstacles standing in way of goal increasingly disappearing, with cost of solar technology falls. Economics and realities of finite fossil fuel industry look increasingly less attractive as the production costs of renewables fall and economies of scale increase. Solar Costs plummeting mean cheap clean energy compared with the renewable sources.chemical-plant-1150909Another current limitation of the solar energy is intermittency; the sun shines during middle of day but we consume most of our power in the evenings and in the morning. The solution to problem may be around the corner in the form of improving battery technology. So home batteries could allow energy stored in day to use in evening. ‘Power Wall home battery charges electricity generated from solar panels day utility rate low power evening is disruptive technology potential revolutionises home energy usage. Portfolios invested in the number of firms benefit from changes to solar technology advance energy storage. So SunPower, specialist design manufacture energy saving environmental protection products like solar cells; Manz, supplies and services integrated production lines panel displays, thin film solar module lithium-ion batteries, IP Group portfolio CleanTech company CeresPower develop fuel cell technology.Figure Power WallteslaSmart buildings are another disruptive technology that may well be at a tipping point is the network technology behind smart homes and buildings, which is emerging as next big potential change to everyday life. Just as smart phones took a semi-conductor chip and transformed our mobile phones into an intelligent hand held computer, semi-conductor chips integrated everyday appliances home refrigerators, air conditioning and office lighting transform the way energy used and cut costs for consumers and businesses alike. This technology allows air the conditioning systems to connect lighting system ensure harmoniously adjust to various different factors like a human occupancy and sunlight levels to ensure no energy is wasted. Meanwhile fridge will soon be able to connect home energy system to optimise when it draws power avoid peak energy cost. The Smart Buildings hightech electronic gadgets.  d9ce808e6a40f022de8ba9a599265dab83d4862e.pngSo advanced is Zuckerberg’s AI Toaster in an interview with The Verge, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he has a goal of making his entire home run on AI technology, including his toaster. So his pet project real challenge, he says, is making AI aware of when to actually make the toast. Once it effectively learns his exercise, meeting, and eating habits, it will know what time of the day he’s in need of some toasted bread. More and more people are multitasking through gadgets putting confidence in electronic technology. Life is becoming much more mechanised by a smart high technology implementing innovations so people can allocate time to other issues at hand. On the surface of it sounds great and useful to save time to do other things. However fascination with a modern sophisticated technology ambitious goal expectations of corporations affect environment. Constant desire and excitement to create a utopian ultimate lifestyle consumes an energy level by 1% few use 99% resources and 99% use 1% resources left shared. So disproportionate use of global resources among such few create the disadvantage of hardships. Excessive desire to acquire the most impressive and design items to signify status and wealth damages earth. Rate of material thing instantly disposed of correspond with amount of waste of perfectly functing gadgets thrown out causing landfill pollutions. Yet research continues to fastrack new designs daily.ai_toaster.jpgPortfolios of companies driving smart revolution or Acuity Brands in lighting and Daikin air conditioning technology semiconductors design controls, an Arm Holding pioneer widespread adapting a semiconductor in everyday appliances. Smart trains and smart cars are desired more and more so automobile industry is in the news recently. Volkswagen among others in industry trying coping with the challenges of disruptive technologies. So the irony is cars a disruptive technology themselves displaced the horse and cart. Industry adapts to increasingly stringent environmental standards demand for a smaller, more efficient vehicles. Cars  of the future will be more like computer on wheels than complex mechanical motor, and technological advances here are moving very quickly. Again, leading the way proven electric cars makes better performance vehicles than those with traditional combustion engines at the same time as five times more efficient. Currently many value and invest in these companies enabling changes pioneered Linear Technology NXP semiconductors.power-plantAutonomous driving technology, which a few years ago considered science fiction, is rapidly evolving and the possibilities are very interesting. These ‘self driven’ cars will almost certainly use roads and infrastructure more efficiently, meaning fewer accidents and more time to work and relax rather than drive. These are technological advances happening so the traditional car manufacturer scrambling to adapt to changes. Cars made today are already increasing electronic software content significantly. 70% of the valued cars consist of software electronics with engine forming smaller component by traditional competitors, whose vehicles are typically around 30% software and electronics. This figure is moving up as a number of companies set to benefit from growing electronic content auto industry such as NXP, Infineon, Hella and Linear Technologies. These companies are key players in technology industry in areas as semi-conductor chips which process information in and around car. What is most interesting disruptive technologies interrelated. Electric vehicles become so popular, demand for solar technology increases, driving down costs. Advances in battery technology reduces costs for home batteries and electric vehicles, and feed into smart homes smart buildings. The cusp of revolutionary process built portfolios are set to benefit from change.


Stocks provides a general information to demonstrate investment philosophy not a recommendation to buy or sell as view of Investment Manager changes. Driving growth iRisktment to gain profit information investment professionals on site suitable for a private investor. It is noteworthy value of investments and any income from them can go down as well as up. Clients’ capital is at risk and often may not get back what originally invested. Choose fund to make sure you understand aims, risk and should ensure to read the Key Investor Information and Document Supplemental Information in small print. Document include Terms and Conditions, beforehand available on websites. Full information investment financial or investment advice given is to persuade people to part with the money to use for Creation of energy resources. So Earth depends heavily in some parts on these sources natural electric energy survival. Ozone solar activity of high anomalies affect earth as Ultraviolet rays or lasers impact weather natural light colours, are causing change in some ways. So energy from Sun combines to generate heat on objects absorbing or deflecting energy. Notice climate change major concern gadgets inbuilt protection to avoid the burning radiation. A glass office house burnt objects closeby due to reflection of radiation. Understanding a spatial knowledge impacts built design material on vicinity relation project. The Grand design require structural modern environment. Natural disaster damage asset compounded surface materials as stark reminder so to remain alert, firm vigilant, assertive in protecting people from destruction by safety measures.

Geothermal-_-Kawerau_3908.jpgMedia shows highest level energy rate is increasing nuclear so damage control by government trains to understand impact on life. World continues to plan, prepare know primary material obstacle harzard potential radiation. So modern Hightech sophistication can affect destroy natural environment. Taking time to follow the safer simpler non complex risk design urgent. Competitive fast paced goals to make name sometimes overules risk consequence to people. Individuals can learn to apply the mass psychology to understand the illicit world of finance operates to make profit. Understanding how financial world operates is key to understanding bankers create the wars, boom and bust cycle problems plaguing mankind. Accumulation consumerism contnues unabated if not checked time is running out for earth. It is unfortunate because material stuff does not improve quality of life and does not contribute essential happiness. Why destroy the natural earthly things if people happy for few days get another. Vicious cycle costs beautiful earth God Gave mankind. Incessant consumerism of the material possession to lose precious soul in hell? When nothing is taken out after death? Delusion of grandeur damages earth and conflict over natural resources. So Peace harmony traded garbage waste dumps is spreading fast. Natural energy resources like dams affect supply price shortage. Adam_Beck_ComplexThat is reason our mission to bring this awareness to all as more important than ever to understand the times in relation to world events. With the help of friends like you, using communication medium available to speak the truth about God to rally salvation support to save mankind. The solar flares generated and directed to this planet are intended for the sole purpose of disrupting electrical devices and disabling power grids. The darkness satan brings upon planet inhabitants to cause literal darkness to deprive source of energy when the sun sets until it rises again. Targets complete communication system, power stations power houses, battery powered satellite failures, loss of power grids. Fighting over oil wells and nuclear power sources is latest combat attempts satan plans to use to keep his prized children under attack. Sweltering heat or drowning kills thousands. So the scorching Sun and flood policy continues damaging the earth and its population. Constant secret efforts to try to knock communication satellite satan’s latest chess move tries to affect the satellites unshielded in some categories. So those which remain in working order are used but increases costs. Individually targeted satellites and power sources are repaired or rebuilt cost taxpayer money could be used on other vital needs. Cost of living increasing faster rate than happiness promised from such intensive heavy duty material nation building. Pressure mounts on people world events get worse simultaneously but God saves.coal_fired_power_plant1_smallThis is why a non communication will throw entire world of people into chaos panic mode. The source of information highway solely directed online maintain control and power to dominate thought process cause counter domino effect on world. Overwhelming constant sourced bulk information if not properly stored and if not handled effectively interrupts work. It is written in Revelation 16:8, 9 the 4th bowl poured out is bowl on Sun. God’s Wrath gives power to burn things or some people with fire and people were burned by intense heat. So Blasphemed the Name of God WHO HAS POWER over plagues if not repent to give God GLORY. Those without Seal of God have the mark of beast so destroyed. Scenes of screams emerge in hellish conditions going on as a result of Wrath of God happens during Great Tribulations period. God gradually reducing people to reveal what is ahead for all of mankind if they do not repent, seek God in Christ in Truth. The weather and other natural phenomena like insect problem worsen so note the news media reporters will puzzled at what’s coming upon this planet. They will do so by the looks upon their faces and comments they make in puzzlement of continuous terrors and plagues like those of ancient Egypt. The worst is still ahead in Great tribulation God Says all will perish if He Does not Shorten evil days. Eventually, entire planet will be made to know these events comes from Father’s anger. Jesus restores earth to perfect peace forever.

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Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? in the Bible in 1 Corinthians 6:19.

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Imagine Clouds develop instantly before your eyes transforming into various free shapes unraveling another shape right before your eyes. The Cloud appreciation is a popular growing trend recording images documented free for fun and for relevant educational knowledge. Cloud spotters take hobby further as lifetime career or avid observer. Clouds relevant in everday life as direction of Cloud point to choices made to fly kite, fly in air, rain or storms to avoid. Clouds seen capture precious moments instantly as the free imagination plays a part to enjoy fun of describing type of cloud. So fascinating clouds show the shapes of faces, people, animal types often seen so generally grouped into 3types of clouds.slide_4Each type of cloud has a special name so specific to the shape and position in the sky. Many cloud shapes are formed by a combination of these 3 main cloud types called Cumulus, Cirrus and Stratus seen above, explained next images. Cumulus from Latin means soft heap fluffy cotton wool ball like soft scoop icecream floats in sky. Looks like fog, rains depending on weather conditions of atmosphere.clouds-9-638Can be sometimes accompanied by cold or drifts moving rapidly or slowly staying in same position for several minutes or hours depending on weather conditions. Fascinating shapes seen formed changes covering sky as weather unfolds. Beauty of nature conditions of the atmosphere, environment affects thinness or colour. Next Stratus Cloud like sheet or blanket.clouds-8-638Cloud spotting indeed has now taken on a whole new meaning as group of loyal   followers often share photos of pictures of the defined images, patterns, shapes photographed in the clouds. This is fun and also exciting as clouds past so fast so time is of essence. Many names such as cloud art, cloud spotting, God’s canvass. Third cloud Cirrus is like feather or hair.IMG_20160704_120935Cirrus Cloud is highest in sky thousands of feet or kilometres sighted. Clouds are formed depending on height, area, wind direction. Cloud spotters watch out for these particular features of each cloud to determine type of cloud viewed. Cirrus Clouds are delicate streaks at a highest point of the sky stratosphere. Although Clouds exist above in the troposphere and mesosphere, temperature generally falls with increasing altitude. So the vertical movement or convection of air generates clouds ultimately rains from the clouds.IMG_20160704_132120.jpgDelighful cloud spotters instantly record or call out to others to see types of cloud. Clouds move fast so always have camera ready to take pictures. Clouds do rapidly change so if not quick a particular shape can be missed. Indeed those who take on this fantastic work stream live to you on you tube so enjoy whole new meaning of Clouds. Groups of dedicated loyal Cloud chasers share photos, academic yet fun. 3 main types of Clouds combine to form new Clouds patterns shapes as shown is high in sky, in middle or at lower level.cloud_typesPictures of the defined images, patterns, shapes photographed in clouds. Exciting fun Cloud past-time requires fast action quick time of essence. Cloud art, Cloud spotting, God’Skype, God Cloud Canvass, God’s Facebook, God’s Twitter Account, God’s Signs & Wonders in Cloud Sky and Cloud Sporting names of popular sharing sites. Clouds form depending on location temperature, wind direction, velocity as High, Middle or Low Altitude Clouds.slide_3Cloud spotting indeed takes on a whole new meaning as loyal Cloud Sport group followers often share photos of pictures of the defined images, patterns, shapes photographed in the clouds. This is fun and also exciting as clouds past so fast so time is of essence. Many names such as cloud art, cloud spotting, God’s canvass, God’s Skype, God’s Facebook and God’s Twitter Account, God’s Signs & Wonders in cloud sky among many others names. are popular sharing sites. Opportunity is given to encourage people to become an avid cloud spotter and film shapes clouds and weather sites are popular sharing sites. Clouds formed depends on height of location and a wind direction. Clouds are real water particles and ice that floats in the sky called river Clouds. There are also various shapes or sizes of clouds affected by temperature and place where a cloud drifts towards. Right cloud can depicts 3 great main types described. Whether a weather expert or a university professor, a hobby or studying for exams Clouds are fascinating to all loyal fans. dsc_0003_edited-1Cloud spotting shapes photographed in the clouds is fun and exciting as clouds past so fast so time is of essence. Many names such as cloud art, cloud spotting, and Clouds clubs formed depends on an interested person joining other people. Some may use telescopes and even more sophisticated cameras safe for water rain to direct at clouds. Some Clouds are real water particles and ice that floats in the sky called river Clouds. These fall later as rain or unpredictable floods. The various shapes or sizes of clouds can affect the weather pattern so people can tell from temperature and place cloud drifts to.Venn-Diagram-of-the-Big-Ten-©-Margaret-Webster-e1467187943517Some start small and merge into larger Clouds others start big and disperse into small Clouds. Sometimes Clouds form specific clear letters of the alphabet, love hearts and many fascinating shapes you will enjoy watching. It is important to take a break to observe these amazing wonders of nature as some describe it. A cloud forms above earth as far as beyond into deep universe you see from Hubble telescope. The layers of various spheres of earth you can see as briefly illustrated in these drawings giving explanations.cloud_types_original_2 (1).jpgCloud interest groups who introduce the children early at home to watch for the cloud shapes. So grow up with passion and enthusiasm for learning about the environment and how to preserve it.So groups have global membership and also share beautiful pictures replicas of items produced. Other groups travel to places of interest relating to photo see natural reccuring phenomenon in clouds. The Clouds manifest the beautiful wonderful images in universe as hubble telescope records clouds above earth summarised.93e043e8-716f-4553-b862-95b57a430089Miraculous wonders of creation are seen in universe beyond earth often seen on you tube. It is important to put GODLY take on events as mankind cannot ever successfully detach from God. Manifest magnificent wonders of the beauty in God’s Creation. Clouds nicely sum up the expressions of changing mood unfolding special moment before those watching. Such growing interest in interpretations Clouds spotters are filmed as passionate fans share images on social media. Cloud computing so essential tool businesses.the-atmosphere-4-638.jpgSuch popular terms draw attention more towards the clouds in preparation for all to get ready for Jesus Coming in Clouds. Sometimes the cloud spotted has many meanings and interpretations as people perceive a particular shape to be. Some cloud photos are clearly easy to see to spot exact the defined shape straight away on other occasions cloud requires a more detailed explanation to understand the particular shape involved. Whatever the case it is good to observe and record or share with fellow cloud appreciators.diagram-of-the-earths-atmosphereSome cloud society memberships are not just digital thing. Every member receives a pack in post which contains beautiful enamel membership badge as well as a certificate with the member’s name and membership number. Everyone loves to belong to an interest group so certificate says that the member will “henceforth seek to persuade all who will listen to the wonder and beauty of clouds.” The pack contains fantastic ‘Cloud Selector’ identification wheels so turn dials to see to reference image information to help recognise 20 different cloud formations.cloudspotter-app-sidebarA Cloud Manifesto nicely sums up trend:

WE BELIEVE that clouds are unjustly maligned so life would be immeasurably poorer without them.


We think that they are Nature’s poetry, and the most egalitarian of her displays, since everyone can have a fantastic view of them.


We pledge to fight ‘blue-sky thinking’ wherever we find it. Life would be dull if we had to look up at cloudless monotony day after day.


We seek to remind people that clouds are expressions of the atmosphere’s moods, and can be read like those of a person’s countenance.


We believe that clouds are for dreamers and their contemplation benefits the soul. Indeed, all who consider the shapes they see in them will save money on psychoanalysis bills.


And so we say to all who’ll listen:

Look up marvel at ephemeral beauty and always remember to live life with your head in the clouds you may see Jesus!