IMG_20170509_094533.jpgRevelations 22:19 says if anyone adds to the words of God or deletes taking away from the words of God it is sin God will reprove and deal with that person. Be a Berean and Study the Bible yourself and compare original texts to note changes in meaning. Deuteronomy 4:2 says do not add to or subtract God’s Commands so keep the Commands LORD God gives you. Consequences for tampering with the Word of God either adding, deleting or substrating from Bible is warned by God Who said HE WILL remove names of those who do from HIS Book of Life. The Shakespearean English translation of Bible modernised must remain true to original meaning of God. Salvation depends on Christ’s finished work on Cross so people have to abide by God’s Standards. Effort to make Bible easier to read must not destroy Central Message of the Gospel. Christ is Word made flesh Who dwelt amongs us on earth to save by Sovereign God’s Words directing us on Godpath of life for eternal salvation.hebrew-context-of-galatians-41-728.jpgWe had Bible study group meeting some time ago, taking turns to read out loud the Scriptures for particular day. A few people could not follow text and kept on asking for verses referred to. We took a look at their Bible and surprised their texts varied from ours. This happened many years ago when we realised these subtles changes, especially if you once memorised Bible verses growing up like the King James Bibles then words sound different in meaning. Those who feast on God’s Words readily notice changes. God’s Words energises to feed, protect and incapsulate you. When you revise prayer affirmations daily, at first you will not know anxiety and doubt creep in from negative misformation. So after two weeks saying praying affirmations, you will know Scripture by heart as the word daily protects you and shields you from fear and doubt. feast-on-gods-wordDo do not panic for Word of God says everybody must know word themselves. There is no second-hand faith so you have to know God’s Words yourself to save you. We noticed some Bible texts completely disappeared and today we received important message reinforcing changes taking place in Bible as follows: “A VERY CRITICAL ALERT!!! says, Hello beloved saints, I am sure you know new international version (NIV), published by Zondervan is now owned by Harper Collins who publishes Satanic Bible and The Joy of Gay Sex. NIV and the English Standard Version (ESV) removed 64,575 words from Bible including Jehovah Calvary, Holy Ghost, Omnipotent a few named. Bible renews and transforms a life held in darkness to be translated to Kingdom of Glorious Gospel of Light. It is how the strongholds are broken and people set free to serve Almighty God. KJV_Matthew_24-24The opportunity to receive God’s Words is beset with opposer contenders trying to stop gladiators from winning games. Spiritual warfare tactics is used by the devil’s false Christ’s and false prophets, showing great signs, wonders to deceive itching ears. So those not well versed in word of God are deceived including the very elect as Jesus warned. The NIV, ESV has removed 45 complete verses. Most Bibles device on phones e.g OLIVE TREE BIBLE STUDY APP. Try to find following scriptures in NIV and ESV on computer, phone, device right now if in doubt: Matthew 17:21, 18:11, 23:14; Mark 7:16, 9:44, 9:46; Luke 17:36, 23:17; John 5:4; Acts 8:37 you will not believe your eyes. Refuse to be blinded by satan and do not act like you do not care. Let us remember what Lord Jesus said in John 10:10 (King James Version). These attempts are to lure and deceive people into false security of their messages but God does not approve manipulations by people bending texts to suit themselves.beware-of-faith-based-on-feelings-rather-than-gods-wordTHE SOLUTION If you must use NIV and ESV, BUY and KEEP EARLIER VERSION OF the BIBLE. A Hard Copy cannot be updated. The changes occur when they ask you to update app. on your phone or laptop etc. Buy and KEEP EARLIER VERSIONS AND STORE THEM. There is a crusade geared towards altering Bible as we know it; NIV, ESV and many more versions are affected. We are living in the last days and Jesus is Coming Soon as the Gospel is preached everywhere all the prophecies being fulfilled. The devil is working hard to try to occupy Christians with things of the world so Jesus Coming will catch them unawares. Those who reject God texts reprint own versions to suit their interpretations to seem as if Bible said so. Be sure read to original versions especially New King James changed from Shakespeare era.e9ae378a96912ce06a61f66053e47c09Please prepared there is no more time to waste. And take advantage of sms, WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook, twitter etc to send this message to all your contact. Do not ignore this source of evangelism reaching dying souls to save and rescue the perishing. God be with you always and bless you for doing His Command! This confirms what we realised many years ago as God says My people perish for lack of knowledge. The Bible says God’s Truth you know sets you free and faith comes by hearing word of God. So the church that used to cry and repent for sin, after hearing the word of God, today compromises by defending sin of changing Bible texts to suit the church. revelation-22-vs-18-19bowl-1-webedc8377f4d945edcabd547c737e12f13af1385821bbc43cffd5b7246f948ee46Accurate knowledge is so essential like Bereans to study to know the word of God to impact lives. If a person does not know the words of God they assume it opinions of man imposed on them. So reading Bible in context helps to learn to understand God better. The Bible also has many verses in different places to emphasise God’s Words for repetition to reinforce the message. Jesus answered the  devil from the Word of by saying it is written you must not tempt the LORD your God. So do not twist God’s Words to suit intentions against God’s Words to mislead people, often baby Christians in search of God’s Love. Use faith building Bible encouraging you and leading you to God not distorted versions promoting rebellion against God. They often look for error to justify the Bible is not worth believing to lure you from salvation in Christ. The word of God is Sacred Texts written in the Bible through Holy Spirit according to Timothy 3:16- 17;5:1-2 says The Bible is necessary to teach, reproof, for correction, training in righteousness for all believers not just men of God. To be able to answer Biblically from texts as God’s manual for life equips by the Word of God. The WORD of God is Alive and is sharper than a two-edged sword cutting through bones and narrow to perform changes in hearts and minds of people. Hebrews-4-2-The-Word-Is-Living-and-Active-red-copy1.jpgThis is why devil fights hard to prevent gaining knowledge from Bible because it is greatest weapon that defeats satan in the name of Jesus. Whole generations are kept ignorant from powerful words of God that gives perfect peace beyond human understanding. So to overcome adversary, Word of God must be stored in your heart and your mind to actively recall from memory to replay moment by moment, to feed your soul for hope, assurance and confidence in God. This chaotic world is a man-made version so God will restore His Kingdom for all His Children in Jesus Name. The Word of God is the Lamp to your feet and Light to your path driving away darkness. So knowing the Bible is protection armour that keeps you strong in faith not to be deceived. Jesus said in Matthew 24:24 that the very elect, if not careful can be deceived and misled by the devil. The Bible is a living word so people become living sermons to Glorify God.



Ultra betrayal was done to God started by lucifer in heaven by his rebellious actions. God Loved and Trusted lucifer’s voice so entrusted him with all the greatest musician maestro endowment archangel title. God’s music gift, beautiful clothes decorated precious stones was of great status. Yet pride, insolence, insubordination lack of humility, ingratitude disappointed God. So was thrown out of heaven so God’s Trust was Betrayed!images (19)

He went straight on revenge attack of God’s Beloved children Adam and Eve in garden of Eden deceived to separate them from God. The devil decided if cannot have God will try to destroy those God Love dearly. So due to envy, jealousy targetted richest man Adam on earth richly blessed by God never lacked good things. 

unnamed (16)Same devil entered Iscariot through his weakness of love of money, the root of all evil. So forgot all Jesus did for him and betrayed Christ with the enemies who hated Jesus.The devil hates God so much he cannot stand those who deeply love God faithfully in loyalty.

unnamed (11)

He attacked Job, used Iscariot to betray Christ who loved him equally and provided for him despite Jesus’ kindness, generosity due to selfish reasons betrayed Christ. So closer one draws to God anointing elevates Glory through believet so satan hates betrays them. For 30pieces of silver shekels he betrayed Christ and destroyed his life as he did not forsee consequence. He should have repented from cursed blood money. Christ would have forgiven and accepted him in fold.unnamed (9)

Betrayed humble believers direct traffic to Sovereign God to Reinforce Salvation of priceless souls through Christ by God’s Love. So God’s Position of Honour is Exclusive Theocratic Patent Right As Almighty God. So arrogant pompous lucifer thrown down to earth with 1/3 angels create envy, hatred, rebellion, in the church. Focus on God through Holy Spirit in Christ.unnamed (19)

Today instead of repenting or giving good advise to others to avoid his mistakes, lucifer actively recruits naive ones to rebel against God. So busy deceiving God’s Beloved Children but hold on by faith in Christ. unnamed (31)

With no Reverence Regard treats God with disdain so mere mortals hide in God’s armour safely in God’s Presence. Bedfellows of satan turn against God’s devoted dedicated so God shields and Protects us. Do the right thing, continue to trust God Who Loves you.unnamed (27)

Jesus said, as one lives an upright righteous life, devil uses loved ones to attack. There is a time when God’s Words like two – edged sword divides so cuts through families, churches, acquaintances, in – laws, people one sacrificed for and paid their way in life. Yet used by enemies, to turn against you to try to hurt you in the process self-destruct so release them to God.

unnamed (25)

Be prepared for ultra betrayal by people you love and thought loved you. In Matthew 10:36 Christ describes them accurately. If they did it to God, Job, Christ look out! For your salvation is near in Jesus Name. God is able to Protect, Comfort through Holy Spirit in Jesus Name. One genuinely loves people you thought love God, latch to you like leeches to try to drain life – blood of faith, manipulate, use, abuse you, God will revenge.

unnamed (20)

The believer is betrayed because the devil’s spirit is behind attack of one’s faith to try to distract attention and focus on God. So betrayal is persecution of using innermost circle people to try to discourage faith and motivation to accomplish the plans and purposes of God for your life and destiny.I-would-like-to-thank-the-people

Remember you came in the world an individual in society, family, church so exit an individual to face God your maker alone. So no matter how hated, betrayed or loved you feel, you are an individual with personal faith – life in God’s Hands.