Galatians 3:26-28 says not a Jew, Gentile, Greek, SLAVE, free, MALE, FEMALE ALL ARE ONE IN CHRIST JESUS. In the Bible Jesus Christ of Nazareth came to SAVE to redeem ALL FAMILIES in Christ. God created all black and white people equal in God’s Kingdom, no rank, class, status. SOVEREIGN GOD JEHOVAH and CHRIST JESUS are Ultimate Authority all submit to in ETERNAL LIFE. So Matthew 22:30 says after resurrection people DO NOT MARRY so no virgins to marry. Glorified body is like angels in heaven in eternal life so no need to marry, to give birth to replenish earth in future. All restored to youthful bodies, healed, live perfectly healthy lives eternally. Love is directed totally first to God and to Jesus Christ flowing through all people. There is no need to seek fulfilment through a human being because all are fulfilled in Christ Jesus. The supernatural love God fills mankind with is superior to human love. All LOVE comes from God through Jesus the Bridegroom, enriched deeply in Christ Jesus Alone in eternal life. So human romance pales in comparison to GOD’S DEEPEST LOVE BEYOND human understanding in terms of earthly love. Earthly love is full of disappointment, pain, hurt and grief. A Heavenly LOVE yet fully experienced on earth glimpses of true love found here, there on earth.4bdde64e26478018c275ab2ae84328d6.jpgPERFECT LOVE after GLORIOUS BODY IS FOUND IN CHRIST so no human can provide angelic love for glorified body higher being in Christ Jesus. ETERNAL LIFE IN GOD’S PRESENCE is NO HATRED VENGEANCE, Bitterness or vendetta for only the PURE IN HEART FULL OF LOVE ENTER GOD’S PRESENCE. GOD IS LOVE in heaven no evil on earth exists after judgement BY JEHOVAH. Only the sheep enter heaven and goats are thrown out into hellfire burning forever. A banquet by KING MASTER JESUS for all no slaves IN HEAVEN. Emancipate yourself from the arrogant mental slavery justifying abuse of people in THE NAME of God. Vengeance belongs to Jehovah to meet out so stop misleading the people with twisted lies misquoting Bible to deceive naive vulnerable people. Only Jesus is able to Comfort us and restore PERFECT PEACE we crave because human love is limited. Be content, so grateful, thankful for families you feel not good for you. It is God who puts people in families for a reason. Trust God with your family and AVOID ANYONE WHO DIVIDES FAMILY! 29131.jpgJesus the Messiah is surrounded by His mother, father siblings in His Ministry on earth and in heaven with Jesus. Any Church that divides family is a cult for manipulation naive members to control them by CUTTING OFF from loved ones who SEE THROUGH FAKE PASTORS. The fake pastor deceives people for control weakens them without back up support challenging controlling behaviour. They fear families standing up to stop abuse so anyone who knows the Bible well or confronts them is blackmailed and also vilified to subdue members. They make examples of people to humiliate them to put fear in them to become ZOMBIES or robots they control. Beware of anyone twisting BIBLE to CONTROL your life because who the SON JESUS SETS FREE IS FREE INDEED!!! God is LOVE and by love people know you are the children of God.  Jesus LOVE YOUR ENEMIES do good to those who hate you and do not inherit enmity and hatred from a bitter miserable people preaching evil hatred.  God’s promise to Abraham the land of Israel is a BLESSING to ALL NATIONS.Galatians_3-28.jpgIn Genesis 12:2; 18:18; 22:17–18; 26:3–4 God fulfilled promise to Abraham, first in the nation of Israel then all nations. Israel’s technological, agricultural, and medical innovations, advances help all people in the world. God’s greatest meaningful fulfillment of covenant promise is Word of God Jewish people gave all world. God faithfully protects and brought Israel’s eternal salvation through faith in Jesus the Messiah. So Father God in Lord Jesus Messiah by His great mercy Christians born agains are raised the Messiah from dead. To live in future is a great expectation of priceless inheritance in heaven, pure, undefiled, beyond death and decay. Through faith, God protects by HIS power to endure to end, receive crown of life 1 Peter 1:3–5.  God’s destiny for Abraham to become the father of MULTITUDE of NATIONS includes Gentile nations fulfilled in Jesus, a direct descendant of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob Israel in Matthew 1:2–17.  God LOVES people of all tribes, tongues, nationalities, languages in Jesus as heirs of Abraham and joint heir with Christ.

imageGod’s joint heirs are kings and priests of God in Christ Jesus. There is neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; you are ALL ONE IN MESSIAH YESHUA. In MESSIAH you are Abraham’s seed heirs according to promise in Galatians 3:2729. Today know Jesus better by READING BIBLE to STUDY LIKE BEREANS not just do what so called fake control freak cult pastors order you to do to manipulate your life. Messiah Jesus is coming to decide your reward based on if you are HIS SHEEP. Not what the fake prophet misquoted in Bible designed to lie to you because you lack knowledge. God says  MY PEOPLE are destroyed for lack of knowledge of Bible. God says Study to show yourself APPROVED TO GOD not show off Bible verses you memorized. But APPLY the Bible to each need you have, read the specific TEXT daily to meet your need.Galatians+3_26-28.jpgEach one faces God alone on judgement day so remember God will not ask about what the pastor told you. God demands account of your PERSONAL LIFE not the total social media number of followers, bank accounts, mansions, private jets, size of your family, your status, class, colour or race. Each person must share Gospel to DIRECT PEOPLE TO GOD IN CHRIST. The Church you attend or the denomination  is IRRELEVANT TO GOD. Letter to seven Churches in Bible warns Churches. Israel and Jewish people are ONE IN CHRIST JESUS to fulfill all God’s feasts, prophecies covenant promises.  Isaiah 27:6 says, God will cause them that come of Jacob to take root Israel shall blossom and bud to fill the face of the world with fruit. The people of Israel return from parts of the world  their ancestors dispersed take root. The land is blessed and people blessed in the world. Israel’s desert desolate is a major exporter of food to the world. The crops are major export by companies in Israel Isaiah predicted. Isaiah predicted in the Word of God over 2,600 years ago fruit of the land blessing Earth with physical food exported and fruits of God’s Word confirms by Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus. Matthew+1-22+To+Fulfill+What+Was+Spokne+By+The+Lord+Through+Prophets+red.jpg Zechariah says all nations on earth will come yearly to Israel to celebrate Feast of Tabernacles to worship LORD of Hosts. Zechariah 14:16. Isaiah points to road connecting Egypt to Assyria and through this area access road is being built called King’s Highway. Building a super highways links them with all the surrounding nations. These prophesies of Isaiah and Zechariah prepares way in advance in time for Messiah’s rule from His Throne in Israel. Jesus Rules whole Earth and all people will know God in the millennial kingdom in Israel after rapture and His second coming on earth after Armageddon. The land is prepared today to fulfil prophecy of Messiah Jesus as KING of Kings and Lord of lords. And above all countless multitudes of people of all nations, tribes, languages, colours, BELONGS TOGETHER IN HEAVEN AND LATER DWELL ON EARTH WITH GOD. God is not a respecter of persons to put any person above others by class, race, colour, wealth or status. Death is their leveller making all equal before God. No man is bigger or stronger than Jehovah God no matter how powerful they may feel in own eyes to inflate their ego.


IMG-20181203-WA0005.jpg2 Timothy 3:5 says people have a form of Godliness but deny GOD’S POWER so deny miracles from God. Some forget GOD’S GREATER POWER but accept the devil’s power. And reject GOD’S POWER so many Churches teach their believers not to trust in the Supernatural Miracle POWER of God. They say all miracles ceased with Apostles in time of Jesus so deny GOD’S POWER as a sin against God Jesus and Holy Spirit. Mistrust of GOD’S Supernatural POWER means the LIVING Word of God reduced to merely printed letter, data, facts or figures for logical reasoning conclusion. Such knowledge looks out for errors, mistakes to justify why GOD’S POWER and WORDS today is irrelevant to modern generation. IMG_20181203_193404.jpgSupernaturally Biblically sound living history is dismissed as exclusively only for few people in the past not important to follow today. But Bible is unlike other histories because the ALMIGHTY GOD is directly involved in affairs of mankind on earth through HIS Son Jesus Christ. God commands us in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ to connect with HIM for our own good. A lot of challenges or difficulties in life stem from mistrust of GOD’S POWER to intervene in ordinary lives. Some think God is too big to notice them so God cannot possibly care about personal needs seek for help from other places. Such attitudes cut themselves off from Mercy and Grace of God to suffer. Each brand of Christianity claims their God is the real one so forbids members from seeking the Supernatural miracle available through deeper anointing. IMG-20181203-WA0003.jpgBible says according to your faith be it unto you in Matthew 9:27-31. So Jesus touched two blind men’s eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you. Jesus said to them I say to you If you have faith and do not doubt you will not only do this thing to the fig tree but say to a mountain be removed and cast into the sea and it will be done. Physically blind people discerned God’s MIGHTY POWER at work and followed Jesus crying and saying, Son of David, have Mercy on us. When He came into the house two blind men came to Jesus so He asked them do you believe, I Am able to do this? They said to Jesus, Yes Lord. 29 He touched He their eyes saying according to your faith its done for you.IMG-20181205-WA0001.jpg 30 And their eyes were opened and Jesus told them let no man know this. 31 But they departed and spread abroad His Fame in all the country. People have an appearance of God yet deny HIS POWER because spiritually blind. They need to understand its an offence against GOD’S Supernatural POWER to give due Credit of WORKS of the Holy Spirit to the devil. Christians profess to love and serve God but doubt HIS Miracle POWER today at work in modern times. So destroy faith, trust, Confidence in God to detriment of the doubters. Jesus says you will receive depending on your faith in God’s ability to help and deliver you. Deceptions in a Church is due to a fear of false prophets, apostles of swindling the people to turn against belief in Supernatural miracles. This damages a Church but BELIEVE IN GOD’S PROPHET to RECEIVE PROPHET’S REWARD in Bible in 2 Chronicles 20:20. IMG-20181203-WA0001.jpgBelieve in the LORD your GOD and be established BELIEVE in HIS prophets so you will prosper. Whoever welcomes a prophet as a PROPHET will RECEIVE the prophet’s reward. The duty Christians is to BELIEVE in CHRIST and profess faith in God as Matthew 10:41 said. Those wo receive prophet in the Name of prophet receives prophet’s reward. And all who receive a righteous man in the name of Jesus receives rewards from God. True prophets of God must not be mixed with false ones to reject prophecy to restore your lives in the Name of Jesus Christ. IMG-20181203-WA0004.jpgTest spirits to see if they are from God for by their fruits you will know them. Beloved don’t believe every spirit, but test spirits to see if from God for many false prophets have gone into the world. In Numbers 11:11-29 Moses agreed with God’s Spirit is in all people to prophesy as Eldad and Medad did. So God’s Spirit in Moses imparted to the seventy elders. The LORD told Moses, “Take Joshua the son of Nun, a man in whom is the Spirit, of God and lay your hand on him to stir and activate his faith in Nehemiah 9:20. God sent the Holy Spirit as a comforter and helper in Scripture to make it easy so Spirit of God joined the spirit of man. Each office is relevant and important so Churches cannot reject God’s duty roles.IMG-20181203-WA0002.jpg By this you will know if the Spirit of God for every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God says 1 John 4:1-6. Almighty God says test the Spirit to know if truly from God or an angel of light. To test God’s Spirit is to check if word is in line with Word of God by their fruits. Do not write off and dismiss all prophets as fake just because of rumours and gossips. You do not stop using genuine currency money because the counterfeit is in circulation. Rather you check it thoroughly to ensure it is authentic. People are misled to suffer in pain through the deception of rejecting truth that will be useful to help deliver them. God’s Spirit manifests peace, love, joy even in challenging situations. God confirms by two or three witnesses HIS messages to testify of the Goodness of God on any issue you are dealing with. Don’t let fear or doubt deprive you from God’s LOVE, Grace, deliverance, Mercy. 



establishing-shot-with-Jesus-for-live-classes-768x320Jesus told Philip,”you see Me you see Father God’s Image in John 14:9. In Isaiah 6:1, saw the LORD GOD sitting on HIS Throne so High and Lifted up HIS train fills Temple. On HIS Throne sits a MAN Seats. In Ezekiel 1:26-28 God is a MAN on HIS Throne in heaven. God reveals HIMSELF in Bible by HIS words by a MASCULINE gender. God is male has female qualities but CHOSES to present HIMSELF a MAN emphasises masculine quality FATHER as a Strong protector, MIGHTY Warrior, etc. Describes HIMSELF in the Bible as KING of Kings, the Judge, Husband, Master, God our FATHER and Lord Jesus Christ. God is Spirit but reveals HIMSELF as a MAN and Father in HUMAN BODY. God’s Son Jesus came on earth in human form in John 1:1. Manifests HIMSELF as Father did Jesus Emmanuel God with us in Matthew 1:23; Numbers 23:19 to emphasize God’s truth unlike men. God in a human form reveals HIS  MIND and Moses pleaded with God to change HIS MIND. Bible says God appeared in a HIS PHYSICAL BODY 44 times in the Bible. In Isaiah 59:1 talks of GOD HANDS and EARS. Chronicles 16:9 talks of HIS EYES. Matthew 4:4 on GOD’S MOUTH. 15632845166136994354567183668109.jpgDeuteronomy 33:27 on God’s ARMS verses describe God with the anatomical emotional terms so humans understand, relate to HIM. God has ACTUAL BODY FORM not a blob of invisible shapeless Spirit. God is Spirit chose to be invisible to world in Colossians 1:15 so is VISIBLE GOD when HE CHOOSES to do so. 1 Timothy 1:17 praises God the KING of ages, immortal, invisible God, honour and GLORY forevermore. God is a SPIRIT LIVING person known personally. In Joshua 3:10, You know the LIVING God is among you. In Psalm 84:2, My heart and flesh sings for joy to a LIVING God. Believers understand like C. S. Lewis a gender is deeper than the human mind see. God’s MASCULINITY has wo/man Eve made from Adam’s rib related to God as male and fe/male. The Church is refered to as bride of Christ’s men and women. And Ezekiel 1 saw heaven open God on His Throne on fifth day of fourth month in a thirtieth year sitting by Chebar River. Ezekiel saw and heard GOD’S VOICE! GOD ALMIGHTY SOUNDS like VOICE of hosts of Voices from the firmaments. And above HIS Throne of sapphire stone God sat so Yahweh God of Israel is seen. Under HIS FEET pavement sapphire skylike in Exodus 24:10. God ATE HIS magnificent meal on a mountain shows God’s HU/MAN nature. God ate with the 72 elders with Moses on a Sinai mountain in Exodus 24:1-18 Covenant meal. God reinforced Abraham’s Covenant as God invited seventy two elders to a meal receive HIS impartation of Spirit of God to lead HIS people in Numbers 11:16-30. Moses saw the LORD and spoke to God Face to face as man speaks to HIS friend in Exodus 33:11. God is VISIBLE people testify of HIS HU/MAN/ITY. Moses and Joshua took seventy elders to eat meat with the LORD God and lived saw God, Face to face yet lived. It dispels myths God is too Supernatural to be approached unlike a human form, shape and size. Deuteronomy 21:15-17 says seventy two elders anointed by God. The LORD GOD told Moses to ‘Bring 70 men with two servants so The LORD will give you meat to eat. God is worshipped by a believer who understand GOD’S full Divine Sovereignty Highly revered. The Bible talks of God in human terms as a Father God who has Children through HIS SON Jesus Christ as joint heirs and peculiar people. Acts 7:55-60 says Stephen on earth saw heaven opens Jesus standing next to God’s RIGHT Hand. So GOD has arms and Hands like human beings sitting on HIS Throne. So Stephen filled with Holy Spirit saw into heaven God hand, Jesus standing by the RIGHT Hand of God. He said heaven opened and Son of man standing at Right Hand of God. God’s Right Hand, BODY part of HIS IMAGE HE created humans like HIMSELF. GLORY of God surrounds Throne yet Stephen saw Jesus physically standing at God’s RIGHT HAND in the opened 103:13 image of God is a kind, gentle IMAGE as FATHER not a woman as mother. God’s Shekinah GLORY is wo/men share 80% physical features as human beings but have unique differences identifying them as male and females. FATHER GOD has HIS Son God Jesus confirming to people in Bible text God is Our Father. JESUS calls God Abba FATHER and God 44 times physical appeared literally face to face to humans confirming God as a MAN. If God doesn’t answer human need HE is accused of sleeping in Psalm 44:24 yet God does not slumber or sleep. The God of Israel created man in GOD’S IMAGE and LIKENESS watches over Israel without slumber. Greek medievals assumed God is different and not human but Bible says God is a literal Man as Jesus said. God is a FATHER in the same way as human fathers. God said if you who know how to give good gifts to your children HOW MUCH MORE GOD OUR FATHER is pleased  to give you what you desire. Matthew 7:11 and Luke 11:13, if you who are evil know to give good gifts to your children how much more will your FATHER in heaven give good things to you. Good things God gives are HIS LOVE for HIS Children or earthly good gifts. Holy Spirit is a gift to HIS Children. RESPECT God to honour HIM as Male not female. God is defined clearly in the Bible its important Christians remember revelations of God in the Word of God through Jesus Christ. We pray to “Our Father God” as Jesus taught us to stop reckless attitude of humans towards Spiritual God. Humans have flesh and God’s Spirit, HIS breath in man not mere clay. God is SPIRIT but Has a HUMAN nature. People as flesh and Spirit manifest HIS PRESENCE in mankind as HE CHOSE to do so. And 59% YouGov survey agree GOD IS A MAN but 41 per cent of British Christians think God has no human gender to refer to God as Male. As professed, Christian living history Diarmaid MacCulloch, told the  Times: unconventional thinking of Image of God as Male is around since Christianity first emerged. God is Male like Jesus’ DEITY, SOVEREIGN, IMMORTAL. God’s DNA component in mankind in HIS IMAGE and LIKENESS. And God’s SUPERIOR Image in humans helps us to see, hear, feel, think, talk, relate, love because God is LOVE. God’s DNA Image’ likeness is represented in life principles to obey be humble, forgive, be generous. GOD’S TRAITS maginify image of God in humans we inherited through Christ Jesus. Justin Welby said God is not a male or female in human sense in a world’s human language is ‘inadequate’ to describe HIM so. Justin Welby talks about divisions in today’s society based on gender issues. The feminist movement wants equality with men extends to God viewed in such terms. God is a Male a Patriarch told men in societies to love their wives as Christ loved His Church from God. Jesus is Male POWER God manifested in the Greco-Roman world of males lords and king. Women, ladies, Queens have God’s authority to rule like men don’t demand men change. 1542973799317-452672964.jpgJustin Welby said God is not a male or a female in the human sense of the word and human language is 'inadequate' to describe him God’s Gender does not CHANGE because the world want it different. FATHER GODMAN is described as “archaic terms” by a Church of England’s article that God is “without body” part or passion. Official teaching: catechism of Catholic church says HE is not a wo/man HE is God. Men love females but Archbishop of Canterbury’s Christian Deity no Gender is archaic because some people prefer gender neutral. Bible says the GODMAN has body so an important distinction in academic circle’s agenda. God’s Gender in biological terms is based on specific state of Jesus circumcision genitalia as Male. Jesus has physical features consistent with His genetics physical so His features matched heavenly DNA. This is why angel overshadows Virgin Mary to conceive GOD’S SON Jesus. Bible recognize God in the beginning created male and female Genesis 2 genders used. The gender social construct of masculinity or femininity is a role people perform. Women as weaker sex men to help. GOD’S MALE identity found in 1 Kings 22:19 Micaiah says, Hear WORD of the LORD I saw LORD God Sitting on HIS Throne and all host of heaven stand by HIM on HIS RIGHT Hand and on HIS left. 20 The LORD said, who shall persuade Ahab to go to Ramothgilead? Then 21 a Spirit stood before the LORD said, I will persuade him. 22 The LORD said how? And he said I will go as lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And HE said, go persuade him and prevail to do so. 23 The LORD put a lying spirit in mouth of HIS prophets so they deceived him due to idolatory judgement of Elijah of Naboth’s vineyard. 24 Zedekiah the son of Chenaanah slap Micaiah on the cheek said, which Spirit of the LORD spoke to you? 25 Micaiah said you will see it the day you in inner chamber to hide. Micaiah’s vision is accurate but Ahab died as lied to by his 400 false prophets. Micaiah’s ACCURATE MALE description of God on HIS Throne in heaven shows Micaiah knows God is MALE on HIS Throne with all on HIS Right and Left Hand. God’s Gender has 170 texts as FATHER one is not FATHER unless one is Male. God CHOSE to reveal HIMSELF to many people as MALE. Masculine pronoun used in Bible to refer to God. Jesus Christ calls God Father Masculine refers to God. Christ used the term of Father to refer to God 160 times. Christ said in John 10:30, I and the Father are one. Jesus Christ came in human form man to die on cross to pay for sins of the world. God our Father in Jesus is revealed in the male form the Bible records numerous. From Acts to Revelations 900 verses use Theos as HIS Masculine noun in Greek to refer to God a consistent pattern of HIS Masculine titles pro/nouns GODMAN.’ CHOSEN Masculine form to reveal HIMSELF to mankind. Jesus Christ has masculine title pro/nouns as a Male in heaven and on earth. Prophets in Old Testament and the apostles in New Testament refer to God and Christ in Masculine term NAMES and titles. GODMAN reveals WHO HE IS help us understand HIM not to box God to limit HIM genderless. This is inappropriate Archbishop of Canterbury’s Christian Deity’s Gender is ‘archaic’ prefers gender neutral HIM is PATRIACHALISTIC.IMG_20201231_46930Degendentrification dysmorphia of FATHER God tries to overlook Biblical Supernatural overwhelming proof text of God’s Male Body important for distinction in academic circles in terms of HIS gender. In 1 Kings 2:2, David told son Solomon, Be strong show yourself a man so David’s advice reflect gender. Moses instructs Joshua be strong and be valiant in Deuteronomy 31:7; 22:5. Gender boundary in Bible says the woman cannot wear man’s apparel or man wear woman’s clothes these things are abhorrent to God. Ancient Israel gender roles Bible prohibits male-male anal intercourse in Leviticus 18:22; 20:13, “a man must not lie with man like woman.” Romans 1 says the same. Males to act and treat men in ancient Israel as masculine and women as females. God is Man in Bible is explicit Male imagery describing God. Song of the Sea in Exodus 15:3 says God is MAN of war, JEHOVAH Nissi is HIS NAME. God is KING in in Isaiah 44:6, God KING of Israel Redeemer, Jehovah LORD of Hosts. Psalms 24:10, WHO is KING of GLORY? Jehovah of hosts is KING of GLORY. Bible expresses God’s MANLINESS in Semitic languages Hebrew verbs respects God’s Gender. Hebrew noun masculine and feminine appropriate gender verb, adjective used. “You” refers to males or females כָּתַבְתָּ (katavta) and כָּתַבְתְּ (katavt) distinguishes a female and male. Unlike German the Greek Hebrew language has no neutral gender all items have grammatical gender masculine or feminine. So a table is, שֻׁלְחָן (shulkhan) is masculine but bow קֶשֶׁת (qeshet) is feminine. God in Bible is Masculine, relevant for God’s representation. God compares the woman in childbirth in Isaiah 42:14 HIS Maternal side. Scholarly consensus that God is non gender entity not male or female as Deity monosex. This contradicts terms of God grammatically masculine has no bearing on Gender of God. Linguistic studies say incorrect grammatical gender understanding God’s REAL GENDER is not a trivial matter. God is masculine verb or adjective grammatical fact derives from view of God as MAN. God reinforces HE IS MAN not halfman halfwoman amaphrodite. GOD created all humans in HIS OWN IMAGE and LIKENESS in roles of a WO/MAN/KIND.1542913327402-452672964.jpg1542823582587-452672964.jpg1542873791468-452672964.jpg1542823799699-1840475426.jpgGod’s Creation Story is Male as Masculine view of God as KING in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 1:1-2:4. Bible confirms a Powerful God in MASCULINE grammatical form as all other male kings. God’s creation of world is like other king’s significant building projects of king’s roles. In Genesis 1:26 נַֽעֲשֶׂה אָדָם, “let us make man in OUR Image refers to God as KING consulting members of HIS royal court as witnesses. Text depicts God KING consults royal counselors in heaven including Jesus and angels. Androgynous God is not a point of view of Genesis 1:27, God created man in HIS Image in the Image of God did HE create male and female HE create them. God is the MALE KING as men father female daughters people are created male and female in God’s image in Genesis 1:27 in Bible. God creates people in HIS OWN IMAGE is GOD’S MALE GENDER Jesus told us. The Bible shows God provides solace ‘as a mother comforts her child refers to God doesn’t mean God’s Male Fatherhood is abandoned. God has a fe/male Children so God’s Deity is Male MASCULINE. God is the FATHER of all creation all flesh in the Garden of Eden Image of God as Male in Bible. The Garden identifies God as MALE and MASCULINE FATHER. So in Genesis 4:1 Eve’s conceived Cain as, God created a child. God is Father has a Mother’s dual gender identity attributes as God. In Isaiah 42:5-43:10 God’s maternal side of female caring nature of male and masculine is depicted. In Isaiah 42:14 God is ‘female’ a woman giving birth. I kept silent so long I Kept still restrain Myself WILL scream like a woman in labour I will pant and gasp. God panting as woman in labour breathes forcefully wreaks havoc in the world in Isaiah 42:15. So hills, heights scorch cause greens to wither turns rivers o isles dries marshes. In Isaiah 40-66 God uses woman synonym of prophet Isaiah living in Babylonian exile depicting a God a woman. Motherly Image God is a picture of Gender of God for comfort. God’s Gender in Bible is a LOVING Father like mortal father’s love for their children. God is in HUMAN IMAGE created in all humans. Noah story in Genesis 6:6 God regretted HE made man on earth so HIS heart was sad. They saw God as a MAN with manly habits took HIM for granted. So GOD’S GENDER GODMAN speaks with HIS multiple voices of God in metaphor. Brevard Childs (1923-2007), the biblical scholar, Yale University, Yale Divinity School said: Entire Bible portrays God of Israel’s IMAGE in HIS creations sustained by grace. God watches over Israel without SLUMBERING. Bible in political correctness recognises the people who don’t have any clear sexual identity or orientation due to health reasons. So Bible’s interpretation on new meanings notes and respect them. God remains MALE is relevant and crucial as ALPHA ULTIMATE MALE role model above all men recognizes differences. God is MALE so HE is NOT a gender-neutral, genderless blob but GENDER  INCLUSIVE. So men are not pressured to be neutral gender before accepted as a father to their children. Why demand GOD denounces HIS GENDER as OUR FATHER before HE is good enough to be accepted by those HE CREATES? Romans 1 warns of changing truth to lies or turn lies to truth. God gives up people with reprobate mind to do as they please out of freewill will face God and account for misleading people. GOD LOVES all HIS people is no respecter of persons based on gender, rank, status, titles, power or positions all EQUAL before God in Christ.

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Times Newspaper Article on God’s Genderization The King James Bible, The New Revised Version, The Old King James Bible Version Texts & Verses Professor Marc Zvi Brettler is Bernice & Morton Lerner Professor of Judaic Studies at Duke University, and Dora Golding Professor of Biblical Studies (Emeritus) at Brandeis University. The

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1542022687617-1302569310.jpgTo Seven Churches Jesus said, I Am Alpha and Omega First and Last write the message to them in Asia. Write things you see and all  things to happen in Revelations 1:11, 19. So Seven Churches like the modern Churches  show things are not perfect. Christians are not PERFECT they are Spiritual hospitals to help people why need the Great Physician Jesus. God expects the Church to grow from glory to Glory but all: pastor, minister, elder, the congregation members in Churches deal with problems. The Seven Chhurch faced so many challenges as Churches in Revelations. Problems encountered in those Churches as in today’s Churches arein Seven categories in Revelation 2-3. They are literal Churches  John writes about for spiritual significance for Churches and believers. First purpose of letters is Churches to meet needs of others. Second reveals different types of individual characters in Church to learn God’s TRUTH. Third point Seven churches WARN modern Churches faced by on many issues in Church history. Seven Churches of God’s message to save mankind in Christ in God eternally.1542275081129-1953533357.jpg1542275824877-1302569310.jpg(1) Ephesus Church in Revelation 2:1-7 lost first love Jesus Christ 2:4 in idolatry priority. They indulged in religious rites of sensuality and wildest bacchanalian excessive vicious orgies to worship of Cybele in Paul’s time. In two years the Word of God from their school of Tyrannus. Paul wrote, great and effectual door opened to me but many adversaries” in 1 Corinthians 16:9. John, an “apostle of love” and “son of thunder,” in Ephesus as a pastor exiled to Patmos, after ten years returned to Ephesus. A Basilica of Saint John on highest point built over burial spot of John. Ephesus Church Paul said sexual immoral conduct in pornography, sexual adultery led an impure unholy life in Ephesians 4:19. So believers entangled in sins in Ephesians 4:17-19 but Christians freed from “sexual immorality,” or covetousness in Exodus 20:1. Passion of a desire to lust after other’s wife. Selfish greed actions, thoughts, attitudes Paul said such a things should not exist among believers as Christians. Told confess sin to God repent to seek God’s forgiveness in 1 John 1:9. To look after interest of people to account for health of the church. Paul said each Church needs proper conduct to avoid these problems in 1 Corinthians 5. Sexual immorality tolerated in Church caused problems for thess entire congregation. Christ saw them a bad witness to the world. Greek culture clash with ethics of Jesus on sexual morality. Greek culture is not for the followers of Jesus as a man took his father’s wife in sexual relationship not married lived together with stepmother his father’s wife. This sexual immorality not named among Gentiles is incestuous Paul said. Pagans didn’t do what these Corinthian Christians accepted against Bible, Leviticus 18:8, Deuteronomy 22:30; 27:20. Corinthian Christians didn’t bother no reaction to sins. Puffed up not mourn so sin is taken away. The sin was bad but Paul is more concerned Corinthian Christians take sin lightly. Paul said problems of Corinthian Christian’s was abuse of God’s mercy. Paul dealt with moral problems to bring change from God’s Word. Paul’s solution to problem is remove such a man from fellowship with God’s people. The Corinthian God’s law in Leviticus 18:8 forbid incest sex with stepmother no nakedness of father’s wife. Openly tolerated sin puffed up did not mourn. Corinthians must grieve for the man and take him away from Church.1542276701749-1302569310.jpg2. SMYRNA Church suffers martyrdom for Christ in Revelations 2:8-11 persecution 2:10 in city adorned by noble buildings, beautiful temples of Zeus, Cybele (Diana), Aphrodite, Apollo, Aesculapius. Smyrna theater odeum, music center, stadium. And Polycarp bishop of Smyrna student of John, martyred burnt alive A.D. 155. Jesus’ letter to Churches said He knew their sufferings, poverty so did not condemn them. Church at Philadelphia had lampstands but few Christians live in Izmir. Make indirect contact, don’t come in open as Christians is persecuted in modern Turkey. Smyrna Church A.D. 100 to A.D. 314 in death John to Edict of Toleration by Constantine in A.D. 313 ended persecutions of Christians in Roman Empire’s intense persecution by ten Roman emperors: Nero: 64-68, Paul under reign Domitian: 95-96. John exiled. Trajan: 104-117 Ignatius burnt at stake Marcus Aurelius: 161-180 Polycarp martyr. Severus 200-211 Maximinius 235-237 Decius: 250-253 Valerian 257-260 Aurelian 270-275 Diocletian 303-313 worst of all emperors. As Christians stood up for God and King Jesus obeyed God not men paid price with their lives for Lord Jesus Christ King of Universe. In 1925 by Pope Pius XI pushed against rise of secular political allegiance of Christians. Faculties exempt in the empire so Christians reigned in minds, wills and hearts. Christ is their King will topple kingdoms and replace human despots rules Kingdom of God. Jesus is ONLY TRUE KING none except Jesus Christ POWER served. Doctrine of Christ their King loved not their lives to death. Faith is more important than laws fights faith. God’s Rule in Jesus above all kingdoms. Christian God’s monarchy kingship of Jesus coronation on Cross crowned with thorns in his head. King Jesus comes so world abdicates royal status to KING born in the manger of David’s City, Jesus, ULTIMATE SACRIFICE ransoms many. Christ’s Kingship on Cross not a glamourous dress processions ermine and orbs glorious courtiers. Monarchy Spirit is closer to God in Christ Blood as Servant KING Priest serve help others in kindness baptised by faith.1542275166770-729587537.jpg(3) Pergamum Church in Revelations 2: 12-17 to repent in 2:16 Pergamos temple library of the pagan world. Parchment (pergamena) used by library Mark Antony to Cleopatra of Alexandria in Egypt. So evil was satan’s city seat of religion in Pergamum’s headquarters cult schism divisions. Jesus said that satan’s throne in Pergamum heathen temple.  And Dionysius Bacchus, god of wine, goat-god is depicted with horns, upper part man, lower part goat cloven feet god of wine or alcohol, liquor. Greek god Asklepios was Anatolian Oriental serpent temple prostitution of sexy voices healing satanic. Jesus commends His believers at Pergamum told to hold fast His Name faithfully defend Christ. Arian heresy denied deity of Christ but Athanasius from North Africa was great defender of the faith  at Council of Nicea in A.D. 325 condemned Arianism. Augustine rejects Pelagian heresy denied original sin total corruption human nature by irresistible grace. The two giants stood up for the Christian doctrine’s faith.1542283658129-1302569310.jpg(4) Thyatira Church in Revelation 2:18-29 is false religion (2:20). Jesus said, I know your deeds, love, faith, service persevere more in Revelation 2:19. Five qualities 1)love 2) faith 3) service 4) patience 5) greater works but is tolerating Jezebel idol prophetess to mislead God’s servants in sexual immorality eat food sacrificed to idols in Revelation 2:20. Is false religions believers compromised in Church.  Jezebel’s idolatry oppose God, false teachers in Church in Thyatira continued deception. Jesus pronounced judgment on Jezebel faith in Church of Thyatira to repent of sin or will cast her on bed of suffering all who commit adultery with her suffer strike the children dead in Revelation 2:22-23. Jesus encourages the faithful: “To the rest of you in Thyatira who don’t follow teachings to learn satan’s ways I will not burden you. Hold on until I come in Revelation 2:24-25 faithful believers don’t fall into satan’s trap remain faithful till Christ’s return. Jesus Thyatira Church,  “All who overcome to do My will to the end I’ll give authority over nations to rule with iron scepter to dash in pieces like pottery on authority of Father God. Daniel wrote all kingdoms will fall, shattered by the Stone uncut by hand livingstone Jesus Cornestone  of the Church. I will give you a morning star in Revelation 2:26-28. Give 1) authority over nations 2) Victory over enemies 3) Morning star Jesus in Revelation 22:16 to His Church in Christ in fellowship rule together forever.1542277538911-1302569310.jpg(5) Sardis Church in Revelation 3:1-6, fallen asleep. (3:2). To angel of Church in Sardis is message from the Lord. “Words of Him who holds Seven spirits of God, seven stars. Jesus Seven Spirits is perfect Spirit of God so Jesus holds seven star angels, pastors in the Seven Churches in Revelation 1:20. Jesus condemn lifeless state of Sardian church “I know your deeds you have reputation of being alive but dead, Revelation 3:2. This Church has good reputation, but is spiritually dead filled with unsaved people through rituals of religions. Are tares among wheat in Matthew 13:24-30 Jesus calls to repent to “Wake up, strengthen what remains about to die change bad deeds be complete in the sight of God. Remember what you received, hear, obey, and repent in Revelation 3:2-3. Pay attention to salvation, care about Jesus and God or Jesus judgment takes place. If you don’t wake up I will come like thief in Revelation 3:3. Church repented is alive disciplined by Jesus Sardis Church to be faithful a few didn’t join in idolatry. Walk with Jesus in white worthy in Revelation 3:4. Faithful remnant garments pure white and worthy in Ephesians 4:1; Colossians 1:10; in 1 Thessalonians 2:12. The worthy in heart is promised walk with Jesus in white, Matthew 22:11-12; Revelation 19:8. Jesus to believers in Sardis overcomers dress in white never blot out names from Book of life. Jesus will acknowledge names before “My Father and angels in Revelation 3:5. Overcomer is born again in 1 John 5:4 receive white garment of righteousness eternal life Jesus will confess to God in heaven in Luke 12:8.1542278829955-1302569310.jpg(6) Philadelphia Church in Revelations 3:7-13 endure patiently in 3:10. Lord Jesus has identified Himself Holy and True holds the key of David. What He opens none can shut, what He shuts none can open is description used to emphasize His Holiness, Sovereignty and Authority refers to David’s Messianic prophecy in Isaiah 22:22. Jesus affirms their Godly actions: I know your deeds before you open door none can shut. I know you have little strength but kept My word, not denied My Name in Revelation 3:8. The Church of Philadelphia weak but remained faithful in face of trial Jesus opens doors for blessings. Jesus condemned enemies of Philadelphian believers as synagogue of satan, who claim to be Jews will come to fall at your feet and I love you in Revelation 3:9. These persecuted believers know Christ Loves loyal Church of Philadelphia victorious over enemies. Jesus told believers in future coming since you kept My command to endure patiently, I will keep you from hour of trials to come on the whole world to test those who live on earth. I am Coming Soon Hold on what you have so no one can take your crown in Revelation 3:10-11. A Church’s faithful endurance is a blessing Jesus takes them in Rapture before the Great tribulation in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. Faithful rewards in Rapture in Clouds not Second Coming of Jesus Christ to Mount Olives in Israel. Philadelphians are promised to be saved, preserved from time of Great tribulation after Rapture. Jesus told the Philadelphia believers, ‘All who overcome I will make a pillar in Temple of My God write NAME of God on foreheads. Name of City of God New Jerusalem comes down from heaven from God write your New Name on pillar in Revelations 3:12. God Honours in pillars in heaven Philadelphians. Pillar is Spiritual Temple of God in New Jerusalem in heaven in Galatians 2:9; 1 Corinthians 3:16-17; 2 Corinthians 6:16 Ephesians 2:19-22; 1 Peter 2:4-10. Jesus’ eternal pillar in House of God strengthens weak believers Philippians 4:13. Jesus comforts, blesses Philadelphians who faithfully stand for Christ in pagan culture. He encourages all His faithful believers.1542275559897-1302569310.jpg(7) Laodicea Church in Revelation 3:14-22 lukewarm not hot or cold in 3:16. Laodicean Church not praised by Jesus condemn deeds neither cold nor hot spits out of mouth. You say, ‘I am rich wealthy don’t need anything. But wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked in Revelation 3:15-17. Jesus said, lukewarm three times due to a spiritual lackadaisical attitude. Jesus has nothing to do with them to spit them out. Apathy spiritual blindness of rich blessed self-sufficient in all material things. Spiritually the Laodiceans wretched pitiful condition ignorant of need in Church of self-deceived hypocrites. Laodicea church told repent of sin buy gold refined in fire, to be rich buy white cloth to cover nakedness. Put salve on eyes to see in Revelation 3:18. Material wealth of no eternal benefit. Jesus says come to Him for a true, Spiritual riches in Isaiah 55:1-2. Christ’s eternal inheritance clothes righteousness heal all those spiritual blindness. Jesus rebukes to repent discipline I stand at your door and knock. If you hear My voice and open door I will come and eat you and Me in Revelation 3:19-20. And God disciplines those HE LOVES in Hebrews 12:6 to change, repent, let Jesus come in and take His rightful place in Church to dine with His Children last Super close relationship. Jesus tells believers in Laodicea who overcome, I will give right to sit with Me on My Throne as I overcame and sit with My Father God by HIS Right Hand on THRONE, Revelation 3:21 Christ’s future Kingdom built on agape Love not be destroyed by deceitfulness of wealth and desires for other things choke the Word in Mark 4:19. Christ says repent and live to serve God in Joshua 24:15. Jesus calls all to follow Him warns in Matthew 24:11 in last days many false Christ’s claim to be Jesus. But trust and believe ONLY in Jesus in Bible LIVING in heaven on RIGHT Hand of God is physically coming back to earth. Jesus tells people, beware of false prophets in the last days claim to be Christ understand scripture false prophets don’t to follow Russian Jesus, Australian Jesus, Jim Jones wacko of waco or others.  Born again Christian people to draw closer God in Christ to be in God’s  Presence. Pin imageIf Churches of Jesus don’t challenge them so fool people who discover original members complicit in secret fake trust in fear because sermons seem perfect as saints actions don’t match. People leave Church attacked called spiritual prostitutes not faithful to a pastor. Psychologically left behind hooked sink and barrel pour in money lose homes, property. Lack of accurate knowledge so stays behind out of fear in the Church. Pastor in pulpit or pew members know such false pastors and churches exist etc. Though none is PERFECT Church pastors can be seen through actions others never give game away. In ignorance or lack of confidence in God makes people rely on Charlatans. Charming use genuine pastor, members as frontline workers create trust despite evil ways. Their elect remnant faithful few God uses in Churches against all odds. Exploit insiders to take advantage of vulnerable hurt people using GOSPEL. GOD, JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT GOSPEL sees them as in Jesus letters to Seven Churches. They heal the sick, deliver people  miracles, wonders, people go to heaven. Jesus said, depart from Him evil doers does not know them. They do miracles to pull crowds and impress people, play ‘God’ and take God’s GLORY instead of giving credit or Honour to God. And lucifer wants to be God not a servant of God not the man of God. Paul did not want to lead others to God to perish run the race to win a prize. Paul told people since repentance lived by a good example works hard, sold tents, earns income didn’t rely on Church donations or make money. Received free gifts cheerfully from people to him a servant of God is saved like everyone. He worked out HIS salvation with fear of God and trembling in humility. Paul not Saul anymore. Some leaders take the mick they are ‘Jesus’ so God deals with heresy and blasphemy mocking. The people follow them but know they’re not at peace within. Seek them because no hint of all evil told. Different people claim to be Jesus open churches a false prophet or the pastor needs gullible, vulnerable people. The Stockholm syndrome attachment deceives the people.  In Matthew 24:24 discern evil so the elect is  not deceived by false prophets 15422880117261978514216.jpgCunning manipulative smooth operators do destroy victims suck victims dry it’s hard to notice it’s taking place. Reliable front men of trustworthy foot soldiers fool people so hard to believe bad things happen in secret their chambers. So embers unaware of evil going on a few inner circles who expose them are blacklisted, blackmailed or killed in extreme cases. Jesus says test the spirits to see if they are from God by their own personal private life fruits you will know them. Since there is no perfect pastor, nobody perfect, assembles together. Check content of pastor’s character if biblical, members unfaithful is a yardstick to go by in Church. Bible says Houses of God have vessels of dis/honour wheat and tares. God had lucifer Jesus had Judas Iscariot and Churches faces challenges. DEPEND ON GOD FOCUS ON JESUS and HOLY SPIRIT. God says soon nobody needs anyone to teach them to KNOW God. GOD WILL TEACH ALL PEOPLE DIRECTLY HIS WORDS. READ, STUDY BIBLE, PRAY, SEEK GOD’S FACE. Thank God for HIS Grace, Mercy in Jesus Name a false prophet has nothing good to offer but God’s Creation in image of God sincerely ignorantly wrong. Some are mentally deranged or others fulfill prophecy Jesus’ endtimes false prophets. So Jesus said learn from others  mistakes, avoid it learn from the wise to grow. Timothy says check pastor’s domestic track record if loyal husband of wife; takes care of family, a good role model, honest, genuine or approved by God. Faithful to a wife, handles money well, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, is honest, caring, compassionate, sincere. First duty is yourself to please God a watchman policing false fake Churches or members. Ssk God to deliver you in Jesus Name from oppressive Church attended with preconceived ideas of Church in their head. And go there based on what they want see, feel, experience, elated are disappointed in Church. Many look for a perfect Church its illusion it does not exist. 1542283999442-1302569310.jpgDon’t assume all members are born again so follow, obey God in a heavenly atmosphere. Don’t go to Church with the attitude of great expectations to satisfy assessment checklist. Godly members meet the standard checklist analysis during a honey moon period. Loyal ones reliable, dependable trustworthy serve for years. Others come and go, thorns in the flesh of Church don’t leave. Toxic members, leader’s faction in Church like Judas Iscariot of Jesus and Apostles sabotage kills a leader. Actions of lucifer to God in heaven led satan take a third of angels thrown out of heaven. Falsely accuse God cause division. Complex Church autocrat leaders manipulates their vulnerable members they taken advantage of. Become pawns divide conquer members for selfish ends. Request money for praying with coloured candles, bath in river streams unlike leprosy cured free by Elijah. So prays repetitive prayers chants not in Bible. Petty jealousy resurface emotion and feeling hurt. Shocks, ruins Churches some fall away from God or too strict some rebel leave. Whatever situation members or leaders face problems unresolved left fester scandalous damages reputation of Church. In Bible some people fall away denounce Church breakdown so communication unresolved. The people lost faith in God by human actions observed or forced repulsive acts don’t recover suffer in silence. Others leader don’t rely on God are chewed, spewed out other victims replace them. Victims played as game of chess none gains upper hand not rock perpetrator boat. At a glance, seem normal til dust settles so reality sets in. Fight, flight, swim, sink mode decision faced nowhere to go. Fear gets hold leader’s secret privileged informations need to know the basis of the style of leadership. 1542284906118-1302569310.jpgHidden secret meeting takes place so people aware but helpless cannot intervene or take action due to fear targeted excluded, killed. Girls or boys groomed in Church twist mind to feel their fault. Follow your gut instinct or feeling right if its too good to be true so stay from people promising moon discards you, ghosts when they finish with you. Suffering, in pain damage costs you not worth the pain stop things and leave. You have the power to stop don’t play victim relying on perpetrator manipulate you. A perfect Churches wanted doesn’t exist no Church can cater to member needs humans imperfect. The Church exists forever perfect church of God in Scripture perfect Church possible in the Word of God. Loking for perfect Church causes problems. Stop wasting time looking for the perfect Church no church is sinful people seek help of God in Christ to be whole. 1 Corinthians 1:1-9 says looking for perfect Church you’ll be disappointed impossible to find on earth. Lord Jesus returns to set up NEW Church of God. Hope in God in Church love Godly life. Ideal Church of God is PERFECT Jesus Christ in His Reign. No human leaders, Churches or members perfect if Church pastor preach sermons worship music stirs people. Present flawless programs address life needs, trendy facilities. Concentrate on program expected in Church to keep eyes on members, body of Christ hold them accountable is responsible Church perfect lies. They focus on faults in Church memberd accused but not perfect.1542288141401-1953533357.jpgA Church is determined by measures of life in Church programs, plans or property and possessions. This distracts Church people to follow material and health needs. So do not teach love of Jesus in 1 John 4:2-3 as their personal saviour, friend to love and adore. Recognise Spirit of God to know Jesus Christ came in flesh from God in heaven. Jesus will return in flesh to Reign on earth. Colossians 3:12-14 says God’s CHOSEN people to be holy love clothed in compassion kind in humility, gentle, patiently bear with others to forgive grievances against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgives you. 14 Above all virtues put on love to bind all together in a perfect unity. Forgive all who offend you and live in harmony. Church of Christians in fellowship love helps grow in Spirit and Truth mature in things of God. Harmony expressed in love in Christian community in Galatians 5:22-25 fruits of Holy Spirit. Deep real relationships in Christ flows by love from God. Jesus prays His followers be one. Churches connect if in Christ in Godly love not lust. Perfect church community ground action speak louder not mere words. Practical agape loves believers as God’s Children by their love of each other even obea, juju, vudu priest, witchdoctor’s oracle’s predict future as Saul saw Samuel from witch at Endor in disguise. To forecast or predict things in the NAME of God is not only measure of true prophet of God. Fruits, God’s Word sermon performs, miracle signs, healing wonders vessel do need deliverance, salvation and mercy of God. Paul said he did not want to lead others to Christ to perish so runs the race like the congregation to win a prize too. Jesus warned people performing miracles in His Name, save, heal people with signs and wonders show off to takes God’s GLORY do not PLEASE or HONOUR God. For wrong reason of pride, ego God rejects them despite personal attempts to impress God. A salvation in the Name of Jesus not in display of miracles to pull crowds. May be used to save others but sincerely wrong not humble do not submit to Jesus by God’s Authority. 154228825875025945107.jpgMiracles impresses people becomes ‘god’ to followers. People quote what they say more than God’s Words in Bible. Instead leading people to God as conduit draw people to get rich themselves for praises and adulations. Forget no other Name give  among men by which people will be saved play god points to “fruits” of what they do or tell you to do is contrary to Bible teachings. Some members practice greater love lay their lives down for them but don’t return favour. Uses people to build themselves up not God in Christ attack members, find faults belittles, humiliates to feel powerful none scrutinize their personal behaviour, character, talk, action in private. Build up to encourage with others warts and accept actions to correct wrong attitudes of immature new baby Christians not so harsh unlike God’s mercy. Some create pain uses a bitterness to hurt people don’t let Holy Spirit change them drain is emotionally tiring. The money conscious, materialistic minded says preach “all these things added” rich wealthy doctrine not filled but spiritual pride. Live a sinful lifestyle separate fleshy body lust and spiritual body in Christ. Is dual personality concept used to fool, abuse members justify sin tell victims God is aware so acceptable. A tendency to misinterpret Bible, lusting after ladies in Church. Don’t be deceived to ignore devil. Best response is use practical wisdom in Romans 12:9-13:10 to build up the body of Christ not focus on fault FOCUS on Jesus and Sovereign God in Christ. It is all about God FIRST. Church is God’s assembly WORSHIP and Godly values. Some in the Church learn things of God, find or make friends or mate, spouse, sell, network so know their motives for attending Church. The priests or pastors, ministers, leaders, elders to abide by God’s instructions. Bible says Aaron’s sons died for uncalled for sacrifice to God in Temple that was a senior priest’s job. 2 Chronicles 27:1-2 says King Jotham, didn’t go to the temple to worship God, but His father Uzziah went to temple every week expects son to continue practice. Some young people turnaway from parent’s training, church miss God’s blessing Jotham refused going into temple to receive God’s blessing. Blamed ashamed of father’s leprosy associated in anger with God.1542288203393-729587537.jpg Felt its God’s fault his father in their church ruined his life. A royal family will not turn up to hear people whispering about a king’s leprosy. 2 Chronicles 27:1-2 on Jotham not in temple is KNOW place in Church. Wrong to abandon Church due to anger condemning God did not set s good example as a leader. Moses is a leader punished by God didn’t go to promised land despite serving God years. Ananias and Sapphira in Pentecost Church dealt with by Holy Spirit who revealed their deeds God punished them. Exegesis shows interpretations of passages to understand in context history of Uzziah and king Jotham, 2 Chronicles 26-27; 2 Kings 15:1-6, 32-38. King Uzziah disobeyed the LORD God in a Temple offered incense on altar only priest’s do in 2 Chronicles 26:16-20. Uzziah’s pride destroys temple results in “leprosy until day he died” in 2 Chronicles 26:21. So lived in isolation in Leviticus 13:46. God’s punished in 2 Kings 5:27; 2 Chronicles 16:12; 21:12-15 so leaders must be careful handling Church. Important to understand Temple is the LORD’s not to repeat past leader’s mistake. Uzziah proudly usurped priest’s office Jotham is disobedient refused to attend Temple. God disciplines all HIS Children and blesses obedient earning a special crown from God. Leaders, members, congregations need to learn past mistakes to not repeat them. Unashamed workmen God, corrects interpret Scripture not render them literature cuts off Holy Spirit of God in texts. Koresh wants to take over Moses’ leadership duties ganged up with others rebel against Moses. GOD punished opening the ground to swallow them with all families though a few survived. Saul performs sacrifice as Samuel arrives told to obey is better than a sacrifice. Disobedience like witchcraft if rebel against God’s instruction or command in the Bible is idolatry. In 2 Timothy 2:15, “Present yourself to God approved a workman who don’t need to be ashamed, correctly handling Word of TRUTH. Some Church leaders stop members studying Bible tell them they are the Moses. Theological gymnastics to prove how highly learned one  is confuses members. A desire to impress preaching a fixed formula Gospel causes chaos disagreements. Turns Church into factions of theology, unprofitable and unsuitable. Some pastor’s split Church over traditions of men, doctrines to suit ideology. Church idolize men of God not God of men. Independent Church challenge the leader in secret but allows them to function because he appoints them to lead as founder Church is treated as if they are above corrections.IMG-20181029-WA0002.jpg Diligently write about common salvation so necessary to contend earnestly for the faith delivered to saints. And certain men crept in unnoticed marked condemn ungodly men to turn grace of God to license immorality and deny Jesus Christ only sovereign and Lord in Jude 3-4. Jude says defend the Faith to pay attention to the body of Christ, His doctrine Christian TRUTH. Christian doctrine, saints to keep secure in Revelation 22:19 instructs readers not to add or to take from the Word. Christian take basic doctrine of faith to live by example in agape love. Keep these Godly principles for Christian living as Paul in 2 Timothy  4:7. Be faithful in truth to doctrine core belief sound doctrine Christian life God knows you understand God’s Word defend it in personal relationship with God in Christ and Holy Spirit. Greek, Hebrew, historical or systematic theology studies devoid of Godly relationship in Christ. The Church of God is one if different in theology. Ephesians 4:4-6, says the Church is one body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith one baptism; one Father God of all, above all through you all.” Theological debate differences exists but its one faith one LORD  God Almighty in Christ. Study true doctrine of love and faith. Jude’s sound doctrine of faith is practical ethics not distorted false teachers turns Grace of God into license for immoral sin. False teachers who change God’s words affect practical life of believers. Essential faith doctrine of Jesus’ creeds and confession in Matthew 16:13-17. Jesus in Caesarea Philippi asks His disciples Who do men say I am? Some said, John the Baptist, Elijah others, Jeremiah or a prophet. But who do you say I am?’ Simon Peter said, ‘You are the Christ Son of the Living God.’ So Jesus said to him, ‘Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, flesh and blood didn’t reveal this to you My God Father in heaven did. Peter confessed true identity of Christ on basis of faith and doctrine in Christ. In 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, Gospel to you received stand saved to hold fast the word preached you believed. Delivered to you is the Word, receive Christ who died for sins buried, rose on third day is coming in Rapture to resurrect dead soon. _20180716_231734.JPGPaul delivered, “faith” received as content of Gospel. 1 Timothy 3:16 on mystery of God in confession of creed of God manifest in flesh justified in Spirit preached among Gentiles, believed, heard in word received in glory in heaven. Confession is bedrock of a Christian belief faith like Jude. Church doctrine on the faith Jude talks discussed so the Christian to believe and Jesus express interest in a sound doctrine to protect faith. Doctrine is crucial to Gospel Truth of person working in Christ. Theologian, pastors, members be trained to defend faith its not professional theologians only Christians. Biblie educated contend for faith not allow false teacher to do what they want. Jesus in New Testament warned of the false teachers in Acts 20:29-30; 2 Corinthians 11, in Colossians 2:4-5; or 1Timothy 4:1; 6:20; and 2 Timothy 4:3; 2 Peter 2:1; 3:4. The texts say false teachers come in Churches. So Jude sounds the alarm, “Church beware” Contend earnestly for the faith as satan’s counterfeit actions in Christian history blurs the truth of God. The true Christian, well-grounded in Scripture spots the counterfeit doctrines. So earnestly fight for the Gospel enemy already defeated by Jesus by intense devotion to God contend for faith. Doctrine taken seriously is refuting the errors in Churches. A doctrine interpretation eschatology premillennialism or post-tribulation Christians go into heaven before the Great tribulation. Pretribulations, believers in rapture say occurs before great tribulation. Amillennial eschatology of these postmillennials debates exists but advocates of legitimate interpretations are not heretic or apostate false teachers. Only God knows exact time exist in eschatology but His deity , blood atonement, Second-coming or virgin birth in Bible. Doctrines of faith as Christian don’t confuse issues if unable to resolve the differences. Contend for the faith by wisdom to discern false teachers cases the Christian contend firmly in love restore false teacher to regain faith trulynconverted. So messages of Jude is still vital for a twenty-first century Church to proclaim and defend God’s Truth by faith actions agape love for salvation:

  1. The Scripture is God’s True Words.
  2. Adam and Eve lived Eden Garden
  3. The sin nature of human is saved
  4. The deity of Christ is absolute
  5. The virgin birth of Christ is real
  6. The sinless Christ’s perfection
  7. Substitution atonement of sin
  8. Jesus’ bodily resurrection is true
  9. Jesus second coming literally here
  10. Eternal, literal heaven and hell
  11. Perfect Church reflects love of God
  12. Perfect Church genuinely forgives
  13. Perfect Church love boundaries
  14. Perfect Church transparent to all
  15. Perfect Church cares for members
  16. Perfect Church cares for all guests
  17. Perfect Church use Bible reference
  18. Perfect Church Leads by Example
  19. Perfect Church is done Scripturally
  20. Perfect Church prays /worship God
  21. Perfect Church does Bible study
  22. Perfect Church Fasts and prays
  23. Perfect Church teach sanctification
  24. Perfect Church live by God’s Word



1541626902374605598922.jpgThe deceiver deceives proud egoist like devil esteem themselves above God. But God hates the proud and gives grace to the humble. Spirit of pride is why satan  thrown out of heaven deceives people. Jesus warns in Matthew 24:24 elect can be deceived or manipulated if not alert. Jesus said satan is the father of lies and deceives captives by deceit. And satan deceives the whole world turned angels against God to try to overthrow God in heaven so were thrown out. Believers misled because he hates the born-again Christians, Jews, God’s angels who love and obey God. Uses lies to deceive and lead people down wrong paths to ruin. And lucifer knew music impresses God so people praised his voice so too proud to submit to God. Chucked out of heaven targets God’s people on earth to deceive recruits them to hell prepared only for devil and demons. A lot of people think satan just a joke comic invention for fun to mess about taking mick out of people. Subtle deceit in many forms is hard to discern because person being deceived fails to recognise it. Reject advise others see if they make plain the truth to them are offended. Deceiver offers good ideas or good intentions to deceive the person genuinely in need so its easy to deceive the deceived. Motive is to charm and to impress to fain trust of the people taken advantage of. Deceives and create havoc because satan enjoys painful sufferings of the people deceived. Gives deceiver a false sense of control, power dominates a person’s mind. The devil knows Bible and once was God’s best friend still goes to visit God in heaven time to time.wp-1541628604178..jpg The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus comes to give life the life more abundantly in John 10:10. The deceiver knows God’s great love for HIS Children in Scriptures. Turns to an angel of light in Church by false counterfeit religions and false preachers Jesus warned about. God is Spirit all who love God to obey in Spirit and Truth. Christ directs or guides us to strengthen and comfort in sorrow. Crafty deception of satan is packaged to deceive uses wicked evil demon spirits pretends to be friendly and deceive. The old serpent devil satan dragon deceives the whole world and causes confusion to rebel against God. Eve said, “serpent deceived her is cause of sin DNA in all mankind. All have sinned so fallen short of the GLORY of God. Cause and effect of deceiver drives people kept in captivity. Bible says satan is calculating, strategic, manipulates to deceive people to make God look as wicked uncaring father who waits to punish people. Its the biggest lie because satan traps the people deceived then uses his entrapment set up against them. And satan knows his time is up so intensifies deceptions to mislead people to hate others. Negative experiences are satan’s spiritual wickedness in the high places to control the gullible people who don’t know God. The devil uses the Bible twisted not how God wants so believers must study the word of God to know the truth like Bereans. God gives all freewill choice to stop devil interfering in your lives. Your interest and wellbeing tested by evil spirits so discern if its from God.1541628137674605598922.jpg People must discern if plans or projects are pleasing to God? If decision is selfish or rebellious or its GOD’S WORD? After Rapture Jesus returns to earth so satan is bound by God not to deceive nations in Revelations 20:1–3. The LORD God is warning: woe to deceivers who do not repent or forsake evil ways, face wrath of God to come in endtimes. There are living stories about deceivers deceiving deceived but focusing on a few in Bible. Merciful Gracious LORD God forgives us genuine repentance by discovering we were deceived. Jacob deceiver deceived father to take Esau’s blessing is deceived by his father in-law who swapped Leah for Rachel he loved. Jacob works seven plus seven years for Rachel so Leah first wife had conflict over speckled animals. God’s Covenant Abraham in Jacob’s sons are twelve tribes of Israel. Story of Jacob whose name means to deceive or cheat; deceived his father deceived by his sons Joseph dead but sold to the Ishmaelites. Sibling rivalry caused brothers to hate Joseph for his dreams. Joseph survived to save his family in famine years later moved to their Canaanland promised to Abraham with other territories. God is aware of deceiver’s ploy to deceive the deceived and God forgives because they know not what they were doing. Jesus prayed on Cross of Calvary for mankind to be forgiven from all sins. Thank God for Jesus and His Grace and Mercy don’t let the devil deceive you. Check if your decisions are in obedience to God’s plan for your life. Don’t be blinded, charmed by manipulating deceiver using abusing you to discard you later traumatised. In the beginning seems to good to be true don’t ignore your gut feelings or friends and family seeing through actions you are blinded too. Addictive seduction can shroud good decisions regretted later so its better to suffer for a short season not to endure a life time of regret. Marry in haste repent in leisure means you live a miserable life instead of what devil lied to you about to con and deceive you. So Jesus said the devil has nothing in me if Christ lived in you choose to obey God it is not mankind’s decisions for your life that counts. It’s better to obey God than men whose motive is to ruin your life to fulfill the selfish greedy desire to enrich  themselves manipulating your life. The only way to overcome deceiver is apply the truth of God’s words. Jesus said, It is written to the deceiver, God says man is not to live by bread alone but by every word that comes from God. Not to tempt God, bow to sell soul to devil for riches that rust or decay not needed in heaven. Jesus said a man’s life doesn’t constitute material possessions but a good name is better than riches. Dont gain the whole world and lose your soul for the love of money is root of all evil. So devil’s envy,  jealousy and pride cause God to throw him out if heaven. Then devil deceived Adam and Eve affecting the world, God BRINGS CHANGE TO RESTORE EARTH in Jesus’ millennial reign in Israel.