hqdefaultDoes looks affect jobs and will your face land you a dream job? Some measure expected standard face as a potential employer to decide whose face best fits the job. This new trend selects mostly females based on their looks or shape of their faces. Some companies go as far as asking for pictures in advance and then measuring faces with tape during their interviews for their required face. This matter is becoming an issue of concern as some do not hear from the employer again after their receiving photos. This way of employing staff members was again in the news. BLcsr71CAAEkR4ySo is this another stereotypical selection method of the beauty considered fit for a workplace? This method is based on facial profiling by face reader’s opinions who claim to predict suitable jobs for specific faces. They are consulted to analyse faces to determine the best face for each job. Is this another underhand tactics and an excuse to discriminate against certain faces? It is possible to send own air brushed picture to look impressive often people send a younger photo than their current looks. 364309F600000578-3689902-image-a-3_1468489483342Are companies being influenced by the modern concepts of what constitutes good looks online in the media as true standard beauty? What about ‘Ugly Betty’ chosen to help her boss from getting distracted by his beautiful secretaries to focus on managing his company. What happens if a company is catfished as happens often in many cases including Sarah who got a job from a university based on her photo of previous youthful years. The university appointed her and on arrival for work turned out to be confronted by an old lady three times her age. Sarah did not indicate her current age to them so it was assumed she looked like the photo sent. At first, the university thought it was a mix up until she confirmed her identity and she enough she was the same person. She was allowed to do the job based on her excellent and genuine track record on her CV qualifications and work history. Sarah although het looks did not affect her job turned out to be a nightmare. Sarah told university zoology director, she must live literary with all the animals in her home. ae840eace1a73d45b1ba4ac9d0668f97Therefore Sarah turned posh university accommodation into animal husbandry for her practical research. Her teaching produced great students so made up for lack of her youthful look Was tolerated to live among her beloved animals till she died unexpectedly. Sarah carried on dutifully for many years but became a victim of her own success. One of the animals bit her while taking him to a vet in her vehicle became infected by rhesus as he carried that disease. IMG_20170720_194117 Sarah dedicated her phenomenal long life collaborating with the university for many years. The university afterwards took the animals to the appropriate zoo set aside for all other animals. Then the house was refurbished and restored for new person employed to fill her place. Sarah was a great character and loyal to her beloved animals and carried on with her zoologist passion to a whole new level. Her presence at university was well-known so she was popular and well loved, one of a kind in that gated community. Her research papers, work was immaculate in both classroom and outside winning many awards. Sarah’s looks and age did not hinder or affect her work in at all. So if the university had based the choice on only superficial or aesthetic looks to reject application, they would have missed out on her skills, talents and practical abilities for many years, as an impressive scientist. So do looks really help in choosing the most competent staff members? Sarah’s job technically did not have age limits in those days so she was able to do her work perfectly well. Sarah did what she loved most so died doing her job carried on faithfully to the end. So is it fair and ethically moral to demand specific looks to determine certain jobs?



One in three cases of dementia could be prevented if more people looked after their brain health throughout life, according to an international study in the Lancet. It lists nine key risk factors including lack of education, hearing loss, smoking and physical inactivity. The study is being presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in London. By 2050, 131 million people could be living with dementia globally. There are estimated to be 47 million people with condition at the moment.agy-szkenner-1050x846

9 facts of dementia risk

  • Mid-life hearing loss – responsible for 9% of the risk
  • Failing to complete secondary education – 8%
  • Smoking – 5%
  • Failing to seek early treatment for depression – 4%
  • Physical inactivity – 3%
  • Social isolation – 2%
  • High blood pressure – 2%
  • Obesity – 1%
  • Type 2 diabetes – 1%

DTI_white_matter_tracks_sThese risk factors – which are thought to be modifiable – add up to 35%. The other 65% of dementia risk is beyond the individual’s control. Source: Lancet Commission on dementia prevention, intervention or care. Though dementia is diagnosed in later life, brain changes usually begin to develop years before,” said lead author Prof Gill Livingston, from University College London. “Acting now will vastly improve life for people with dementia and families and, in doing so, will transform the future of society.” The report, which combines the work of 24 international experts, says lifestyle factors can play a major role in increasing or reducing an individual’s dementia risk. It examines the benefits of building a “cognitive reserve”, which means strengthening brain’s networks so it can continue to function in later life despite damage.Eve LairdImage captionEve Laird is taking part in a study on how to prevent dementia. Eve Laird, from Dumfries, is worried about dementia because her mum is living with the condition. She decided to make some changes to her lifestyle. “I’m terrible for eating processed foods and takeaways and I’ve really been trying to cut back on that.”I definitely drink a lot more water than I used to – and I don’t drink as much coffee now. “I actually took part in the Edinburgh marathon. For that I joined the Dumfries running club – I go there once a week.” She says she felt so much better for the exercise, and for improving her diet. “I felt a lot healthier and mentally sharper as well. It’s something I’d really like to continue, but it is hard to stay on track.” “I just think the small changes can make such a big difference.”Graph on forecast of dementia growth globallyFailure to complete secondary education was a major risk factor, and the authors suggest that individuals who continue to learn throughout life are likely to build additional brain reserves. Another major risk factor is hearing loss in middle age researchers say this can deny people a cognitively rich environment and lead to social isolation and depression, which are among other modifiable risk factors for dementia. Another key message from the report is that what is good for the heart is good for the brain.brainome

‘Positive changes’

Not smoking, doing exercise, keeping a healthy weight, treating high blood pressure and diabetes can all reduce the risk of dementia and cardiovascular disease, and cancer. The researchers say they did not have enough data to include dietary factors or alcohol in their calculations but believe both could be important. Dr Doug Brown, director of research at Alzheimer’s Society, said: “Though it’s not inevitable, dementia is currently set to be the 21st Century’s biggest killer. We all need to be aware of the risks and start making positive lifestyle changes.” Dr David Reynolds, chief scientific officer at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said: “Alongside prevention research, we must continue to invest in research to find a life-changing treatment for people with this devastating condition.”


jar filled with padding, hand-labelled Jan 19 2015A woman with dementia who went missing in Florida was found by a police dog in a matter of minutes, because she bottled her scent in advance. The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office said the woman used specialist scent preservation kit. It can hold a person’s scent for up to seven years. She stored the scent two-and-a-half years ago and a picture of the jar showed it was dated January 2015. The scent preservation kits involve rubbing a pad on a person’s underarm, sealing it in a sterile jar so police dogs have the reliable scent to smell before looking for a missing person. Manufacturers say they work better and more quickly than articles of clothing, because they are not contaminated by other people’s smells or smells from the environment. Dogs have a stronger sense of smell than humans and working police dogs are trained to sniff out drugs, people and in some cases corpses. So in this case, the missing person was found and the dog earned a celebratory ice with ice creamThe dog, Ally, was rewarded with an ice cream after finding the woman.


Lack of sleep long-term causes parts of brain’s synapses to be ‘eaten’ by other brain cells, according to a new study by researchers at the Marche Polytechnic University in Italy. Astrocytes are a cell in the brain that clean out worn-out cells and debris. Scientists studying the brains of mice found these cells were more active when the animals had been deprived of sleep, breaking down more of the brain’s connections. “We show for the first time that portions of synapses are literally eaten by astrocytes because of sleep loss,” research leader Michele Bellesi told New Scientist. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as most of the synapses affected were larger and more mature, like old pieces of furniture and probably need more attention, cleaning said Bellesi. The more worrying finding was that ‘microglial’ brain cells, which seek out damaged cells and debris, were also more active in brain experiencing chronic sleep deprivation. “We already know sustained microglial activation observed in Alzheimer’s or other forms of neurodegeneration,” Bellesi said. And previous research found chronic sleep deprivation increases so-called plaques in the brain thought to be a main cause of Alzheimer’s and other dementias.agy-szkenner-1050x846

  • Sleeplessness and associated lack of productivity costs UK economy over £1billion a year, according to a study from Benson Beds.
  • UK adults lose 200,000 working days a year due to sleep issues.
  • 66% of insomniacs cite work stress as reason for inability to sleep.
  • A study from the Sleep Health Foundation has found a third of adults have made a mistake at work due to tiredness.

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my-body-4-638Ephesians 4:16 says God makes parts of the whole body of Christ to fit together perfectly like eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, feet, fit the body. Each works to help other parts function better as part of the whole body. The Body of Christ is compared to these physical body parts working in unison to perform assigned role. Enables the body to coordinate to support each other. God creates two eyes to see twice by faith to see through eyes of faith. God’s plan and desire uses  two ears to hear twice to discern facts more than speak. Each part of the body works by Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12 :1-26. The Bible says gifts of Holy Spirit given to brothers and sisters to inform by word of God. It is important to know roles of apostles, arch/bishops, clerics, ministers, parsons, pastors, priests, captains, chaplains, general overseers, pope, superintendents, evangelists, lay preachers, catechists, hospitality these wo/men use eyes to see visions of God. Ears hear the voice of God, nose smells a sweet aroma fragrance of Christ Jesus, a mouth speaks true prophetic words of God does not return void accomplishes victory. Their hands bless as feet springs into action on behalf of God’s Gospel message. Take time to train to be aware of strengths, gifts, enables their best use of God’s talents or abilities. Appropriate use of talents ensures competence and efficiency. God puts each role in place to follow a management of God’s Business. five_senses_collageThe eyes, nose, mouth has correct roles by wisdom, humility, discernment used at times one seems better than others if aware. Perspectives of each depends on willingness to obey God’s Gospel plans and recognises their work is unto LORD God’s Glory not for the praise of people. Some roles are not quite what one feels is within a calling but each little helps as drops of water makes a mighty ocean no matter how small each contributes to bigger picture of God’s Kingdom. Accept an assigned role to please God to do HIS WORK in Christ. Since the foundation of earth God’s chosen ones yield to God by the Holy Spirit. If eyes insists on doing a work of mouth, ears, hands, feet causes chaos and confusion. This is due to the fact an original role is neglected to take on another’s role not qualified, entitled  to perform. So new role is not done well because God never intended that work for them in the first place. Their original plan of God to devote time to the LORD God Almighty alone instead strays into other directions by their envious jealous distractions. Verse 2 says know pagans are influenced and led astray to follow mute idols. 3 Their functions misplaced in wrong places out of tune with God. So God wants you to speak by the Spirit of God that Jesus is Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit living inside believers.Jesus+christ+how+horrifying+freya+jobbins+portrait+made+out+of_797e82_5021177.jpg4. The different gifts are from the same Holy Spirit given 5 for different kinds of duties from the LORD God Yahweh. 6 So the different gifts work in everyone for the same God. Each one manifests their gift by the Holy Spirit for common good. 8 To one is given Spirit of wisdom and  another knowledge from same Spirit. To another faith by Spirit or gifts of healing by Holy Spirit. To others miracle powers or gift of prophecy to discern spirits and others speak in tongues, interprete the tongues. All work by Holy Spirit as God decides so displacement of any part to other functions causes discord, division, disunity, confusion, misunderstanding.resist-the-devil-he-will-flee-james-4-7.jpg

Unity & Diversity in Christ Body

12 The bodys many parts form one body in Christ. 13 All baptized by one Spirit in one body so Jews, Gentiles, slave or free given one Spirit to drink a communion Blood of Yeshua Messiah. Through His eternal Spirit offered Himself without blemish to God to clean conscience from dead works to serve living LORD God in Hebrews 9:14. Word of God says all the people in Messiah are free indeed and so there is no condemnation for those in Yeshua Messiah who don’t walk in flesh in Romans 8:1. 14 The body is not made of one part only but of many. 15 If a foot says, “Because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body its not a good reason to stop being part of the body. 16 And if ears say, “Because I am not eye, I do not belong to the body,” its not good to stop being part of the body. 17 If whole body is eyes, where is sense of hearing? If the whole body ears how will sense of smell be? 18 God put parts of body together as HE wants them to be. 19 If only one part takes over what will others do? Each is part of the whole body in Christ Jesus.1933377-Very-ugly-face-and-comical-create-with-the-hand-with-an-eye-an-ear-the-nose-the-mouth-and-a-foot-Stock-Photo.jpg21 The eyes cannot say to the hands, “I don’t need you!” And the head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you!”22 So the weak body part is indispensable if  less honourable needs help treat parts modestly. 24 The presentable part need no special treatment for God puts body together to give greater honour to some parts 25 Stop divisions in body to help each other. 26 If one suffers its all parts suffering. If one part is honoured every part rejoices with them. It is important the body of Christ understands various roles assigned by God are valid and so necessary to build House of God. Each one plays active role efficiently to ensure they synchronise together so the team triumphs on God’s Side in Christ.BodyofChrist.jpgc10d4d7da7e40603a2bec2f066aefc43.jpgdownload (1).jpgSpiritually speaking, if the parts see eye to eye there is love and unity, peace and joy. Not chaos and confusion similar to a body dysmorphy and dystrophy, so an outsider sees a well-formed whole person yet inside a person does not think so until corrective surgery solves the problem. In Christianity God tells believers to liken church of God to the individual body parts located in the right places for God’s purpose. Each part is equaly useful and helpful so none cannot take the overall total credit exclusively for their contribution. So the body of Christ is made up various parts that look different but are purposefully designed to suit each role. So therefore, time cannot be wasted in trying to redesign the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, hands and feet to suit fanciful purpose. God in HIS Wisdom created body parts assigned so each can work all things together for greater good of mankind. download.jpgb697e9e4b43ba81e1f6c785525021a10.jpgBiblical principles work in places with discipline and productivity and is not an exclusive private idea to the church. Any organisation seeking the optimum performance must ensure the right skill allocated as eyes sees, ears hear, nose can scent, mouth talks, the hands work and feet to move on behalf of company. The correct skills makes talents increase through efficiency, productivity, profit margins. Ensure each part of corporate body is correctly placed and envisages short-term, mid-term, long-term vision of the future well-being of all members.slide_12.jpgGod Loves to hear from all His Children so the prayer of the upright pleases God says Proverbs 15:8. Know for sure God Loves you as He KNOWS you. God is Close to you not remote, impersonal, and uninvolved in your daily lives. The Bible reveals God created humans for a very personal relationship with HimPrayer is the key way to engage in relationship so talk to God persistently throughout the day by Word of God. In Eden Garden God talked Adam and Eve spending time together sharing thoughts and feelings as a good father makes time for his children in Genesis 3:8. Good times with father God helps to discover the kind of day children have had. If any problem shares wisdom and provides help or offer solutions. So good children are interested in spending time with parents gaining wisdom, so God’s children spend time with the Heavenly Father. God already knows our minds before we say, share, or ask anything. God Knows all things, Jesus Open door to spend time with us, listening to our prayer is born out of His love and desire to have a real and vibrant relationship with us.  He is ready to listen and to guide us, but we must first come to the Source of Life. For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to prayer in 1 Peter 3:12.  romans-12-4-5.jpgrom-12-4-for-just-as-in-one-body-we-have-many-members-and-all-the-members-of-the-body-do-not-have-the-same-functionBody of Christ makes sure continues to meet together with other believers as the Body of Messiah required in Bible in  Hebrews 10:24–25. Walk free of sin by the Grace of God’s forgiveness to join all who follow Yeshua. You need to continue to be accountable in the Body to one another and uplift one another to live a life of holiness. Each of is given a ministry of reconciliation, we should be agents of healing and restoration. The world must learn from authentic real Christianity applied in living sermons to attract more people God adds daily. Its Yahweh God’s agape love that builds a Church in Christ. The principles work in the home as well and in the community. All people need to have consideration for a real assessment of gifts of Spirit of God in all human beings. By taking time to carefully analyse the best roles each person gets fulfilment of playing their mind. This helps identify the best talent most suitable for each role by members of a community. The church is example of God to all nations so must work with people in unity and love. The Church of God in Christ is God’s Kingdom family.