Upperatmoslight1Stunning images of the seldom seen elusive sky phenomenon known as sprites. These brilliant strands of red light surge outbound from the tops of clouds towards space by thunderstorms emitting lightning. “Sprites can reach 50-60 miles into space and penetrate downward into the middle of the stratosphere 15-20 miles high.with jellyfish-like tendrils.” imrsGod’s Majestic displays of lightenings or thunder are often interpreted in various ways by Scientists and religious people as signs from their gods. Interestingly in the Bible God often displays thundering and lightenings as signs of HIS presence when God reveals HIMSELF to address HIS people. God’s natural phenomena is displaying HIS majestic wonders. The 7 Thunders sealed by Daniel from God’s Throneroom endtime signs or wonders from heaven. imrs (1)The above sprite was seen in Oklahoma, often last milliseconds so rarely visible from the ground due to the clouds in the way, precious few sprites have been observed. Ahrns, a graduate student at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks and crew of scientists are flown on several sprite-hunting missions from NCAR’s Research Aviation Flight Facility centre. The ISS provides a clear perspective on The Earth’s Weather. _100729621_thunderstorm_seen_from_space_stationThere are bizarre happenings in upper atmosphere of the earth so new mission wants to know more about it. These is done by Atmosphere-Space Interaction Monitor (ASIM), will be brought to the International Space Station on Monday, observes strange electricity phenomena that occur over thunderstorms. The ISS operating at height circulated over 400 km, offers perfect view of the turbulent weather of earth. ASIM will be deployed aboard the station later this month.Media Caption A thunderstorms by ISS. Electrifying effects of storms observed from the space station. When lightning strikes, something completely different happens over the tops of clouds. Known as Transient Luminous Events (TLE the unusual features were first discovered by chance. Thunderstorms are some of the most spectacular events in nature but what is seen from surface of our planet is just beginnings of wonders. 

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CWG’s Don Lipman wrote post in 2012. NCAR’s Research Aviation Flight Facility in Boulder Related: Red sprites, blue jets, elves mysterious, elusive phenomena.




shutterstock_144889726Mobile phones are used by billions of people all over the world today. They have become an essential part of daily life so people own so many of them to enable them to communicate and to do business. Almost all aspects of life are now tagged to online phone use and it makes it harder to function without a mobile phone in most cases. The solar power energy source makes it possible to use mobile phones, laptop, computers in the most remote parts of the planet. It is becoming harder not to own a mobile phone as every sector of life from calls, banking, trading, marketing dating and ordering food among others is tied to a mobile phone use. article-2142640-0440F6890000044D-734_634x402One wonders how on earth the world survive without the mobile phone in the past. It is now become an indispensable accessory without which some people cannot survive. And here comes the problem associated with the overuse of mobile phones. Research has revealed the impact of mobile phones on the brain. Mental health problem is created by prolonged use without appropriate intervals for breaks. These affects vision sights physically causing myopia or shortsightedness. This means the eyes become affected so much by intense exposure to radiation. And so limits the original capacity of vision. In the same way reduces outdoor activities and exercises so that life experiences of growing up is stunted. 503482104The millennial generations are most exposed to mobile phone uses as they became cheaper and more available than used in the past. It also means they are struggling with the addictive nature of use of mobile phone so experience withdrawal symptoms. It disorients them, so become agitated and frustrated if not allowed to continue the use of mobile phones. Costs of running a mobile phone is quite high and some have run bills into thousands of pounds. Do not realise the high tariff contracts hard to get out of by not reading small print’s hidden penalties they must pay to cancel contracts. Adults are attracted to games on the phone so many apps are available for entertainment and the movies watched on you tube or others. tia7e-ch08-ppt-12-728The virtual life is causing people to drift into their own world think connected to virtual friends online. Online bullying is rampant filtering into sleep times, home work times and the bedroom sanctuary. It almost seems as if such a constant use feels like life is meaningless without the mobile phones. And here is the dilemma of not permitting use of a mobile phone for the relevant websites for assignment or work versus distractions popping up on the screen through bombarding adverts. So how best can parents help children to understand the dangers and effects of use long-term on mental health. A child feels cut off from friends so prevented from socializing. Although a family home has many people to talk to yet peers seem to be more of interest to them to talk to. Technology-IT-computers-laptop-globalThe children or adults feel disconnected by lack of use of mobile phone network. Twitter, chats, Facebook and Instagram encourage an hour by hour uploads to update the friends every few minutes at intervals with break seems like years of not communicating. Parents originally thought mobile phones will help to keep an eye on children or adults dependents from home. Instead it rather became a distraction that makes children too busy to respond to phone calls or texts. These affects some children unable to get off the phone from addictive games so not sleeping properly. So go to school tired and lack focus in the classroom. It is has affected some those unable to study or concentrate at work. Porn is damaging as a factor caused by addiction though starts in childhood as a ‘harmless fun.’ 691945-500x500-250x250Addictive issues make such people the victim of success of conglomerates that deliberately targets young vulnerable people. The treatment centres also are surrounded by gadgets that is so hard to go back in time to reconstruct gadget free childhood for children. As a matter of fact those trying to live off addictive patterns of behaviour, thought modern sophistication are laughed at or mocked so are isolated as a community behind time and progress of modern humanity. The combination of the toxic mixture of nonstop use of phones, smoking, alcohol sleepless nights, substance abuse, junk foods is creating unnecessary mental health problems. The damage affects the members of victims families picking up the tab and dealing with the damage. These affects concentration at work and unnecessary errors during driving and walking without putting mobile phones away. It often caused tragic accidents to innocent people by not paying attention on the roads, in classrooms or church. 1It is issue of epidemic proportions beyond human control without other people’s intervention to help detox phone user. Increasing research shows the damage done to people and a need to encourage them to seek another alternative ways of communication to have a break from a phone during day and night. Teachers are battling with children to away their phones during lessons to learn. Laptops are online educational tools using apps similar to mobile phones so continues a form of use of gadgets in schools. Most activities are online with fewer jobs or even application process or work rota not tagged to mobile phones online. On the one hand the damage is known but on the other hand mobile phones have become indispensable form of modern communication. presentation-on-mobile-phones-5-728Damned if you use it or damned if you don’t.  There seems to no way of easily working around constant radiation and blue lights. Corporate big business depends on use of the mobile phone so it no longer personal problem. It is in the interest of profits to ensure the latest mobiles surpass the old ones to keep people hooked forever. Inbuilt obsolence guarantees high demand and regular change of mobile phones plus exorbitant price tags driving such a multibillion industry. An unseen rate of mental health or cognitive neuropathy impairment is now rampart. People are out of their depth so unable to function normally to do basic daily tasks, chores of life. Forgetfulness and lack of focus of what is at hand living absent-minded in cuckoo land are symptoms of a mental illness. By not giving the brain rest now means psychotic behaviour, OCD and a dementia is increasing in such people. It is flabagasting to watch grown up acting like a child yet unaware of symptoms. It is using it too much that results in traits similar to gambling or alcohol addiction so people really become addicted to the phones and social media. Explore issue of social media addiction as part of BBC Future’s #LIKEMINDED find out more here:

main-qimg-71d0b1b159b2d46ef00ddc6b60f0934d-cInterventions requires a combination of direct and subtle help without a person feeling under attack if removing phone from them. Physical visits, conversation and games, books can help to set up the appropriate time schedule for activities. SMART – techniques of ensuring time related activities including play times must added to rewire brain to heal for detox. Help from professionals can help selfdiscipline, crucial to maintaining the new changes to behaviour patterns. If a mobile phone is used wisely it is a valid tool in modern world to keep in touch with loved ones. Website hosting might not seem the most complicated part of web strategy, but if you don’t get it right it can impact your day to day business. It is also a way to communicate from anywhere in the world by direct line to do business or what’s up chat among others. The modern world is designed not to function without mobile phone so an uphill struggle to live without one. A phone in itself is not a problem, it is the misuse if phones that is addressed here to solve health damage of its addiction.




In Luke 21:25″There will be signs in the Sun, moon, stars and on earth dismay among the nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves.

In Genesis 1:14, God said, “Let there be lights in the heavens to separate the day from the night and let them be for signs, seasons, days and years.

In Genesis 9:12-17, God said, “This is the sign of Covenant I AM making between Me and you and every living creature with you for all successive generations. I set My rainbow in the cloud for a sign of Covenant between Me and the earth. It shall be when I bring cloud over earth the rainbow will be seen in cloud.400px-Double-alaskan-rainbow

In Luke 21:11, there will be many Great earthquakes in various places, plagues, famines, terrors, great signs in heaven.

In Jeremiah 10:2, Thus says the LORD God Almighty, “Do not learn the way of the nations and do not be terrified by signs of heavens although other nations are terrified by them. In Revelation 12:1, Great sign appeared in heaven and woman clothed with sun and moon under her feet, on her head is a crown of 12 stars. Revelation 12:3, another sign appeared in heaven and great red dragon with 7 heads, 10 horns on heads with 7 crown. In Joel 2:30 God displays wonders in the sky, earth, blood, fire and smoke. In Matthew 24:30,”The Sign of Son of Man will appear in sky and all tribes of earth will mourn. They will see SON OF MAN COMING ON CLOUDS OF THE SKY with POWER and Great GLORY. In Revelation 15:1, I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvelous, 7 angels had 7 last plagues unleashed on earth because the wrath of God is finished.

2 Corinthians 7:1 in the Bible says since we have these promises, beloved, let us clean ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, bringing holiness to completion in the fear of God. And to endure to the end to be saved in Christ Jesus’ Name.


Is Christianity White Religion?

is-christianity-the-white-mans-religionChristianity is not a white man’s religion or slave master’s religion as make belief fallacy assumes. The white people in the West did not introduce Christianity to Africans through slavery. The Africans introduced Christianity 2,000 years ago when African Christian history began in Bible in Genesis with Mitochondrial Eve and Adam before Bible was completed. The Garden of Eden had 4 rivers flowing through Africa Cush, Ethiopia Abyssinia, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and east Africa. People of Africa know the God of the Bible as shown in time of Abraham who lived in Canaan with converts to Judaism and moved once to Egypt during famine. Hagar the mother of Ishmaelites was from Egypt and Jacob lived in Egypt during famine with Joseph. Moses’ wife Zipporah was an Egyptian and Joseph lived in Egypt as the Pentateuch points out. God delivered the people of Israel through Moses in oral history of God’s nature and God’s dealings with HIS people. Generations later God led Israel out of the Egyptian slavery and many Egyptians recognized the God of the Bible as God Almighty. Queen of Sheba was first mentioned in the Bible as this word queen referred to Black woman in 1 Kings 10:1. The queen of Sheba heard of fame of Solomon and his relationship to the Lord so she came to test Solomon with hard questions. And brought many spices as never brought in ever again as queen Sheba gave to Solomon.new2.png

Scholars say Moses’ wife, Zipporah was black as she was a Cushite in Numbers 12:1. Cush is the ancient name of areas of Africa. The Shulamite woman is black in Song of Solomon 1:5 in Bible. Some say Bathsheba in 2 Samuel 11:3 was black so was Simeon the Niger in Acts 13:1. The Ethiopian eunuch in Acts &:37 was black. Ethiopians are mentioned 40 times in Bible references to black people. Since Ethiopians are black, prophet Jeremiah asked, can Ethiopian change his skin in Jeremiah 13:23 referring to a black skin.  Most Bible teachers believe black people are descendants of Noah’s son Ham in Genesis 10:6-20 in Bible. When it comes to active roles blacks play in Bible often white writers consistently are silent. So instead of giving due credit to blacks in living history, tone down the colour of the skin as not important to God as the condition of the heart. The gospel is a universal good news to black people, white people and every shade in between invited to come to Christ for salvation. By the grace of God black are included in the covenant of God with all the nations on earth. So black skin created by God is highly valued, precious, priceless focus on black soul matters to God in Christ.


quote-jesus-was-not-a-white-man-he-was-not-a-black-man-he-came-from-that-part-of-the-world-billy-graham-82-41-55 After Jeremiah 1,500 years later, people of Africa were exposed to the God of the Bible as Jesus dwelt with them in Egypt. The Coptic church has memorialized the person of Jesus Christ who was taken by Mary and Joseph into Egypt to protect Him from the wrath of Herod. 30 years later Jesus faced crucifixion in Jerusalem weak, tortured, towards execution, it was black African man Simon of Cyrene who helped Him carry His Cross in Matthew 27:32. The Apostle Mark names Simon of Cyrene as the father of Alexander and Rufus. After Jesus died and rose again He ascended and His apostles filled with the Holy Spirit, empowered proclaims gospel message during Pentecost. For festivals in Jerusalem, proselytes travelled from African Churches among many people from many places. Africans from places such as Egypt and Libya and all people under the heavens gathered in Jerusalem for Pentecost. Included Jewish converts  who came from every nation under the heavens to Jerusalem at Pentecost as 33 C.E. account describes the Pentecost crowd of people. 3,000 people converted that day in Acts 2:38 when Peter said to them, Repent be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of all sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.TARDIS-Pentecost.jpgThe African converts took gospel to their homelands after these celebration. Acts 2:9 states this following list of all people from places in Jerusalem 3 times a year. As “Parthians, Medes and Elamites and residents of Mesopotamia. Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia Pamphylia, Egypt, parts of Libya of Cyrene, visitors from Rome, Jews and proselytes, Cretans and Arabians.”All people in Jerusalem included Jews as the text says There, dwelling in Jerusalem were Jews devout men from every nation under heaven.” Most were Jews by birth but in the crowd were Gentiles converted to Jewish faith. Devout Jews together with proselyte  Gentiles were present each year in the crowd from every nation under heaven for 33 years in Jerusalem in Jesus’ lifetime and after. About 3 million Jews and converts in Jerusalem go in the temple on appointed days during 3 major festivals in Hebrew calendar which calls for people in Israel to be in the temple. These pilgrimage festivals of Feast of Passover are Pesach, in the Hebrew language in early spring; the Feast of Weeks, “Shavuoth,” which occurred fifty days later in later spring or “Pentecost,” means 50 days after Jesus Resurrection.” A third major pilgrimage festival is Feast of Booths or Tabernacles, “Sukkoth,” in the fall. So the Christian gospel made its way into Africa not in the 17th century through colonization but in first century within months of Jesus’ life and after His death by blacks to black people. 

89bb59177e56c0912f307d68dd09b733.jpgSeveral Africans play key roles in book of Acts where gospel continues to spread beyond Jerusalem. Apollos, an African of Alexandria became influential teacher and co-labourer of the Apostle Paul. The church at Antioch sent Paul and Silas as missionaries working with 2 key leaders of African descent, Simon called Niger and Lucius of Cyrene. The most famous African in New Testament is Ethiopian eunuch’s conversion recounted in Acts 8. Ethiopian eunuch was a high-ranking member of Queen Candace of Ethiopia’s court. While traveling back to Ethiopia from Jerusalem was reading the words of the prophet Isaiah from the Septuagint Old Testament translated from Hebrew into Greek in Africa. While reading he encountered Philip an evangelist who explained gospel to him, assured him of his salvation and baptized him. The Ethiopian already made yearly trips to Jerusalem previously as a Jewish convert. Now returned home rejoicing, bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ with him into Ethiopia where Jesus’ Church maintains consistent witness for two millennia. As gospel moved to Africa from Jerusalem it grew spreading to Europe and elsewhere. The book of Acts 11:20 reveals Africans were evangelizing with non-Africans so over the next several hundred years the African Christians had a tremendous impact on Western Christianity. And so the Western missionaries who came to Africa nearly 2,000 years later brought with them understanding of Christianity influenced by Africans.


 The core Christian doctrines that says American slave masters passed on to black slaves in the 17th through 19th centuries were shaped in large part by whites. African Christians nearly 2,000 years before know God before doctrines of the colour, race, nature of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the nature of the Trinity were formally codified at Church Council of Nicaea. Nicaea and other Christian councils included bishops from all over the Christianized world. And Nicaea had members from East including Africa and the West. It was culturally and ethnically diverse group of bishops not whites who translated teachings of Scripture to the creedal statements that these councils produced and all orthodox Christians follow. So the creedal statement was influenced by writings and the teachings of African theologians like Augustine, Alexander, Athanasius, Cyril and others.

History of Christianity.jpg

David Livingston in 1813-1873 succeeded in his desire to expose the slave trade as his dominant motive. Proving the source of the Nile as geographical part of Africa was important to Livingstone. He proved the Bible was true by tracing the African roots of Judaism and Christianity. And he met generations later Africans who continued keeping black Jewish belief and Torah practices. Livingstone also on Africa in 1841 wrote, it was as exotic as outer space called the “Dark Continent” and “White Man’s Graveyard.” although the Portuguese, Dutch, and English were pushing into the interior, African maps had blank unexplored areas no roads, no countries, no landmarks. So Livingstone helped to redraw maps exploring a dozen countries including the hinterland South Africa, Rwanda, Angola, and Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire). And he made the West aware of the continuing evil of African slavery which led to it being later outlawed. He was awed by the beauty of Zambezi river used for human misery. It linked the Portuguese colonies of Angola and Mozambique, the main suppliers of slaves for Brazil who in turn sold to Cuba and United States. Though Livingstone was partially driven by a desire to create a British Christian colony, his primary ambition was to expose the slave trade and cut it off at the source. The strongest weapon in his task as he believed was for the Christian commercial civilization. He wanted to help replace the “inefficient” slave economy with a proper respect of black economy to buy and sell goods not fellow human beings and God’s people.maxresdefault (1).jpg

Hence whoever identifies misconstrues Christianity as ‘a white man’s religion’ must understand it is not true. Faith in God belongs to all nations under heaven not exclusively as a white religion but is a universal belief. So cannot be made white as Jesus’ bleached image makes Him whiter by overlooking exceedingly important role of blacks, Africans in the Bible in living church history. Original true Christianity comes from finished work of Jesus CHRIST not whites. Jesus “gave himself for all to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify His people as His own Titus 2:14. So all individuals of every tribe, language and people and nation belong to God says Revelation 5:9 as citizens of heavens. As James 1:13-14 says, let no one say when tempted to be evil say “I am tempted by God for God cannot be tempted with evil and so God tempts no one. Each person tempted to do evil is lured and enticed by his own evil desires. People cannot reject God then blame and accuse God for being a white racist by their wicked actions. And salvation is a personal decision required into the kingdom of God through Christ alone so whites are not the gatekeepers of heaven. Bitterness and anger against those who do evil in the name of God is fully recorded in Book of Life by God who takes full notice. During Judgement Day God will throw them in hell if they do not repent. You do not want to be their neighbours in hell so it is important not blame others especially God if not living right within the will of God. And humble yourself, repent to be saved in Christ not to miss heaven because of being misled to think Christianity belongs to whites. All have sinned and fallen short of the grace of God as sinners whether black, white, yellow or red. God loves all people so does not want anyone to reject Christ perish. Accept the key to entering God Almighty’s Kingdom through Christ for Christians as the only way of salvation in Christ alone not whites. Above all, God is not a white racist supremacist so LOVES all people who love and honour HIM in Christ. God created all people, provides life, food, sunshine, rain, shelter for all including HIS enemies. God wants all saved in Christ so stop divisive use of the Christian Gospel to preach hatred and divisions in the name of Father God in Christ Jesus Name. 



Many people in the world are wondering what is really going everywhere you look all over the world the events taking place shows something is going on. But what is really the cause of these things beyond human control taking place? Are people aware of the reasons behind these many conflicts and injustices going on in the world? Everyone wants the quickest best resolution possible, but few have a full understanding of causes of these issues. Ironically all people on earth are affected one way or other matters unfold because all people personally connected to these events. The direct relationship between events that happened thousands of years ago continues to impact life today.whats_really_going_on_here_2_inch_round_button-r097ce49b1f48477eb4cd54683a84f609_x7efx_1024.jpgPeople want love, peace, joy, happiness, because most people care about loving neighbours. Many wonder why can’t all just get along with in peace to mind their own business to live and let us live. So many peace talks, negotiations, deals or dialogue, promises, have been made but hardly worth paper it is written on. At the same time pressure seems to mount as most people, despite these use best efforts to manage own lives reasonably well. Jobs being replaced by machines are harder to find despite numerous qualifications, expertise and training. The cost of living rises yet wages are not keeping up at the same rate so people in debt borrowing to keep up with basic necessities. Meanwhile tons of billions of perfect buried everyday causing famine. Jesus watches disgusted by what He Sees.


Global simultaneous disasters untold out of all proportions affecting almost every part of the world. It seems like the more people yearn for peace these challenges continue to mount. One hardly finishes dealing with previous issue as another is emerging. Life is preoccupied with work, cook, eat, sleep, solve a problem yourself or helping others. The question is this all life is about then what next afterwards? The reality is a picture picture emerges as one reflects deeply on these matters looking for solutions. One soon realises no matter the goodwill intentions things seem to elude mankind beyond an easy reach or grasp. This is time to dig deeper to discover the dormant latent issues or the underlying causes of these problems. Started in Garden of Eden still continues from conflict with God in the beggining.


The times sadly unfortunately are some of the things manifesting as part of the birthpangs tribulation geering towards great tribulation. God’s weapons are not carnal so are to pray to call upon God to SHORTEN THE EVIL DAYS BECAUSE GOD SAYS UNLESS ELECT REMNANT PEOPLE PRAY TO SHORTENS EVIL TIMES NO ONE WILL SURVIVE IN MATTHEW 24:22. For the sake of the chosen ones, those days will be shortened or should no flesh will be saved but for the elect’s sake God Ssys the evil days shall be shortened. The continuous ruthless, relentless, senseless evil times combines natural disasters of fires, floods, earthquakes, tobado storms, volcanoes lightenings simultanously with wars point to the intense beginning of a growing birthpangs pains Jesus warned about in Matthew 24:24. Be alert for the answer is Call God to Shorten evil days. Give God NO REST NO PEACE TO SAVE!!!


The speed rate of all occurences causing disasters with all consequences globally affects mankind, property destroying the environment needs TO BE STOPPED BY God because No One will survive to God’s Government through Jesus Christ. So God SAYS, GIVE HIM NO REST DAY OR NIGHT UNTIL HE BRINGS TOTAL RESTORATION DELIVERANCE TO ALL LIVING ON THE EARTH IN JESUS NAME. All attempts by mankind clearly show incompetent plan compared to THE PERFECT WORLD GOD CREATED IN BEGINNING. This is because if underlying motives for all peace plans underguided by selfish desire for gaining control of oil resources, minerals plan is to dominate people. God is taking action to wrench resources from all those who continue to fight over GOD’S RESOURCE .


Deprived citizens of many country from own sovereign rule are burdened by the imposed dominant rulers. So do not put TRUST, CONFIDENCE in horses, chariots, causing destruction damage to earth in name of peace cause damage to people. And affects routed innocent women and children who PAY HEFTY PRICE because war mongers are enjoying profit gained from riches accrued by them. The people manipulated by fear divide and conquer causing hatred of peaceful neighbours. A fuel conflict to take control of resources under puppet imposed leaders. Humans become pawns used by greedy heartless   glutons craving more wealth and never content or satisfied with vastly owned all over the world.  For so many generations dominate, exploit others while mocking and humiliating by media propaganda.

maxresdefault (1)

Forgetting every person is God’s creation blessed human beings do exactly as they think without any due consideration or regard for priceless lives. God’s Perfect PEACE Plan Puts an end to these chaos and the destructions through Jesus Christ HIS SON. Spirit error of deluding people chases those dreams by wrong motives will be stopped by God ONCE and for all. This is the meaning of symbolic dream interpreted by Book of Daniel in Bible of a statue of gold, silver, bronze, clay and straw kingdoms on earth today. These kingdoms are being broken or reformed through alliances to fight jointly by each other’s intentions. Mayhem chaos and confusion cause friendly fires targetting self-destructions as God said in Bible in have an important throughout the Bible in Ezekiel 3:17, Acts 20:28-31.


The horror, injustice catastrophe attacks some killed by the friendly fire prevents the real enemy target the devil getting hit. Described in Bible to warn against cocky confidence in weapons of war than trust and obedience of God to live in peace. In Proverbs 11:2, when pride in scrap metal takes precedence over CONFIDENCE IN GOD, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom. GOD DEFENDS ALL THOSE WHO PUT THEIR TRUST IN HIM. These world events are perilous times of tribulation warned about. The PERILOUS TIMES UNFOLDING BEFORE WORLD IS PART OF UNRAVELLING BIRTHPANGS, FINAL KICKINGS OF SPIRITUAL DYING HORSE THAT KNOWS HIS TIME IS UP CAUSING MAYHEM JESUS CALLED THE GREAT TRIBULATION STARTED FROM JESUS TIME SO CONTINUES UNTIL JESUS CONQUERS, OVERCOME ALL VICTORY.

Police attempt to subdue the crowds near the Bank of England, during the G20 protests in the centre of London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday April 1, 2009. See PA story POLITICS G20 Protest. Photo credit should read: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

THE SIMULTANEOUS EVENTS POINT TO FOCUSSING ON SHARING OF GOSPEL GOOD NEWS TO CHANGE THE HEARTS OF STONE INTO HEARTS OF FLESH FOR A KING’S HEART IS IN GOD’S HAND TO CHANGE IN JESUS NAME. God must Step in Condescending to intervene because  of the pace and rate at which events are happening. The amount of dialogue and human negotiations taking place by now are more than enough to bring change. It is these underlying causes of deep-seated conflict which started in Garden of Eden continuing. The solution lies at the heart of evry single individual human being to SEEK God Personally to Bring very Quick change to the whole world. So is not the time to blame governments, politicians or leaders. Roots of these global issues lie much deeper than thought. Important to know and remember these matters are clearly stipulated in the Bible to read for yourself. By all means your enjoy life and mind your own business but learn to ask God to FORGIVE all mankind to RESTORE God’s Rule Original Plan, Peace, JoyLove.





Imagine Clouds develop instantly before your eyes transforming into various free shapes unraveling another shape right before your eyes. The Cloud appreciation is a popular growing trend recording images documented free for fun and for relevant educational knowledge. Cloud spotters take hobby further as lifetime career or avid observer. Clouds relevant in everday life as direction of Cloud point to choices made to fly kite, fly in air, rain or storms to avoid. Clouds seen capture precious moments instantly as the free imagination plays a part to enjoy fun of describing type of cloud. So fascinating clouds show the shapes of faces, people, animal types often seen so generally grouped into 3types of clouds.slide_4Each type of cloud has a special name so specific to the shape and position in the sky. Many cloud shapes are formed by a combination of these 3 main cloud types called Cumulus, Cirrus and Stratus seen above, explained next images. Cumulus from Latin means soft heap fluffy cotton wool ball like soft scoop icecream floats in sky. Looks like fog, rains depending on weather conditions of atmosphere.clouds-9-638Can be sometimes accompanied by cold or drifts moving rapidly or slowly staying in same position for several minutes or hours depending on weather conditions. Fascinating shapes seen formed changes covering sky as weather unfolds. Beauty of nature conditions of the atmosphere, environment affects thinness or colour. Next Stratus Cloud like sheet or blanket.clouds-8-638Cloud spotting indeed has now taken on a whole new meaning as group of loyal   followers often share photos of pictures of the defined images, patterns, shapes photographed in the clouds. This is fun and also exciting as clouds past so fast so time is of essence. Many names such as cloud art, cloud spotting, God’s canvass. Third cloud Cirrus is like feather or hair.IMG_20160704_120935Cirrus Cloud is highest in sky thousands of feet or kilometres sighted. Clouds are formed depending on height, area, wind direction. Cloud spotters watch out for these particular features of each cloud to determine type of cloud viewed. Cirrus Clouds are delicate streaks at a highest point of the sky stratosphere. Although Clouds exist above in the troposphere and mesosphere, temperature generally falls with increasing altitude. So the vertical movement or convection of air generates clouds ultimately rains from the clouds.IMG_20160704_132120.jpgDelighful cloud spotters instantly record or call out to others to see types of cloud. Clouds move fast so always have camera ready to take pictures. Clouds do rapidly change so if not quick a particular shape can be missed. Indeed those who take on this fantastic work stream live to you on you tube so enjoy whole new meaning of Clouds. Groups of dedicated loyal Cloud chasers share photos, academic yet fun. 3 main types of Clouds combine to form new Clouds patterns shapes as shown is high in sky, in middle or at lower level.cloud_typesPictures of the defined images, patterns, shapes photographed in clouds. Exciting fun Cloud past-time requires fast action quick time of essence. Cloud art, Cloud spotting, God’Skype, God Cloud Canvass, God’s Facebook, God’s Twitter Account, God’s Signs & Wonders in Cloud Sky and Cloud Sporting names of popular sharing sites. Clouds form depending on location temperature, wind direction, velocity as High, Middle or Low Altitude Clouds.slide_3Cloud spotting indeed takes on a whole new meaning as loyal Cloud Sport group followers often share photos of pictures of the defined images, patterns, shapes photographed in the clouds. This is fun and also exciting as clouds past so fast so time is of essence. Many names such as cloud art, cloud spotting, God’s canvass, God’s Skype, God’s Facebook and God’s Twitter Account, God’s Signs & Wonders in cloud sky among many others names. are popular sharing sites. Opportunity is given to encourage people to become an avid cloud spotter and film shapes clouds and weather sites are popular sharing sites. Clouds formed depends on height of location and a wind direction. Clouds are real water particles and ice that floats in the sky called river Clouds. There are also various shapes or sizes of clouds affected by temperature and place where a cloud drifts towards. Right cloud can depicts 3 great main types described. Whether a weather expert or a university professor, a hobby or studying for exams Clouds are fascinating to all loyal fans. dsc_0003_edited-1Cloud spotting shapes photographed in the clouds is fun and exciting as clouds past so fast so time is of essence. Many names such as cloud art, cloud spotting, and Clouds clubs formed depends on an interested person joining other people. Some may use telescopes and even more sophisticated cameras safe for water rain to direct at clouds. Some Clouds are real water particles and ice that floats in the sky called river Clouds. These fall later as rain or unpredictable floods. The various shapes or sizes of clouds can affect the weather pattern so people can tell from temperature and place cloud drifts to.Venn-Diagram-of-the-Big-Ten-©-Margaret-Webster-e1467187943517Some start small and merge into larger Clouds others start big and disperse into small Clouds. Sometimes Clouds form specific clear letters of the alphabet, love hearts and many fascinating shapes you will enjoy watching. It is important to take a break to observe these amazing wonders of nature as some describe it. A cloud forms above earth as far as beyond into deep universe you see from Hubble telescope. The layers of various spheres of earth you can see as briefly illustrated in these drawings giving explanations.cloud_types_original_2 (1).jpgCloud interest groups who introduce the children early at home to watch for the cloud shapes. So grow up with passion and enthusiasm for learning about the environment and how to preserve it.So groups have global membership and also share beautiful pictures replicas of items produced. Other groups travel to places of interest relating to photo see natural reccuring phenomenon in clouds. The Clouds manifest the beautiful wonderful images in universe as hubble telescope records clouds above earth summarised.93e043e8-716f-4553-b862-95b57a430089Miraculous wonders of creation are seen in universe beyond earth often seen on you tube. It is important to put GODLY take on events as mankind cannot ever successfully detach from God. Manifest magnificent wonders of the beauty in God’s Creation. Clouds nicely sum up the expressions of changing mood unfolding special moment before those watching. Such growing interest in interpretations Clouds spotters are filmed as passionate fans share images on social media. Cloud computing so essential tool businesses.the-atmosphere-4-638.jpgSuch popular terms draw attention more towards the clouds in preparation for all to get ready for Jesus Coming in Clouds. Sometimes the cloud spotted has many meanings and interpretations as people perceive a particular shape to be. Some cloud photos are clearly easy to see to spot exact the defined shape straight away on other occasions cloud requires a more detailed explanation to understand the particular shape involved. Whatever the case it is good to observe and record or share with fellow cloud appreciators.diagram-of-the-earths-atmosphereSome cloud society memberships are not just digital thing. Every member receives a pack in post which contains beautiful enamel membership badge as well as a certificate with the member’s name and membership number. Everyone loves to belong to an interest group so certificate says that the member will “henceforth seek to persuade all who will listen to the wonder and beauty of clouds.” The pack contains fantastic ‘Cloud Selector’ identification wheels so turn dials to see to reference image information to help recognise 20 different cloud formations.cloudspotter-app-sidebarA Cloud Manifesto nicely sums up trend:

WE BELIEVE that clouds are unjustly maligned so life would be immeasurably poorer without them.


We think that they are Nature’s poetry, and the most egalitarian of her displays, since everyone can have a fantastic view of them.


We pledge to fight ‘blue-sky thinking’ wherever we find it. Life would be dull if we had to look up at cloudless monotony day after day.


We seek to remind people that clouds are expressions of the atmosphere’s moods, and can be read like those of a person’s countenance.


We believe that clouds are for dreamers and their contemplation benefits the soul. Indeed, all who consider the shapes they see in them will save money on psychoanalysis bills.


And so we say to all who’ll listen:

Look up marvel at ephemeral beauty and always remember to live life with your head in the clouds you may see Jesus!