wp-1578403267950.jpgNicodemus asked Jesus how to be born again and be saved. Jesus said this is not birth by flesh from mother’s womb but means become child of God. Being born again means new life in Christ Jesus by accepting Spiritual rebirth. Through the BLOOD sin is washed away so its not by natural birth of women. So Nicodemus asked Jesus crawl back into the mother’s womb to be born again? Nicodemus the Pharisee and member of Sanhedrin asks Jesus at night to discuss Jesus’ teachings in John 3:1–21. Nicodemus a ruler of the Jews asks Jesus if he needs second time to enter his mother’s womb to be born again?” Jesus told him, “Unless you are born of water and the Spirit you cannot enter kingdom of God. This question is  asked Jesus said being born again is not crawling back into your mother’s womb but be Spiritually new creation in Christ so saved. God’s Son Jesus died to save all from sin to accept Jesus as Lord in Bible. God’s requirement to enter heaven and live in eternal life reunited with loved is in Christ Jesus into God’s Presence. The person born again accepts Jesus as Lord to live for God Alimighty in Jesus Name.wp-1578403490238.jpgAll in Christ in will be taken in Rapture to heaven alive with a resurrected dead ones to go to heaven and escape GREAT TRIBULATION WRATH of God that takes place. This is what born again means in the Bible as you become a child of God. After DNA of sin contaminated mankind you need a detox through Jesus Blood to be redeemed. Believe and receive Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour. People are God’s creation but not all are God’s CHILDREN. So be born again according to Jesus in Bible to qualify to enter the kingdom of God. John 3:3-8 says God’s True Light Jesus shines on people to be saved in the world. Jesus came into the world but the world He created did not recognise him, came to his own creation and own people but didn’t accept Him. God will destroy all who reject HIS Son Jesus as the Lord and Saviour so pay for their sin by God’s wrath. So reject God’s  free gift of eternal life to be punished. It is not a question of not being religious but it is a choice to join God’s Kingdom. wp-1578403436681.jpgAll who ACCEPT Jesus He gives them the power to become the Children of God so all those who truly believe in Him their birth does not depend not on the course of nature or impulse plan of man but on God. Christ offspring not birth by blood or of flesh and man but God CHOOSES subjects of HIS KINGDOM in Christ. To be born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God is to be again. God in His mercy allows people the freedom of choice to make up their own minds to become the citizens of heaven in HIS KINGDOM. HE sent Gospel message from time of Adam and Eve to save all mankind from HIS WRATH anger destroying one third of the earth. God rebuilds earth and comes to live on the perfect earth in future. HE warned in Daniel 9-12 of the destruction taking place till GREAT TRIBULATION.


Its a crucial time in history to decide if you want to belong to Yahweh in Christ Jesus the Only way chosen by God. This is not religious debate of which Church you attend or which faith you prefer or force onto people. God is warning world if consequences if people still refuse to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Life is normal with challenges here and there overcome to survive often celebrated to thank God for delivering from adversity. Being born again is decision time choice for those in Christ in God in eternal life.

John 1:12 says all those who receive and believe in Jesus Name become children of God. 13 Its not by birth, blood or flesh of man but of God, not based on natural descent of human decision but through birth out of God. Joint heirs of Christ are His Blood kindreds not by natural flesh but by predestination of God’s salvation.

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