Double rainbow over Hanthorpe in Lincolnshire

God’s Covenant double rainbow is seen across the sky as people applauded NHS and key workers on their doorsteps. The rainbow of God surrounding HIS throne significantly connects heaven and earth directly.  BBC Weather Watchers across England captured phenomenon which appeared in many parts of the country on Thursday evening continues today.A double rainbow in Thetford. in NorfolkHappened as the residents took part in “Clap for Carers” weekly tribute to those working in the frontline of the Covid 19 pandemic. Rainbow became symbol of thanks to God and the key workers with many displaying homemade pictures in their windows. In some areas of country treated to double arches and the others spotted the vivid streaks of colours.Double rainbow over the sea in Teignmouth, DevonIn Devon was beautiful rainbow arches appeared over the sea in Teignmouth.Double rainbow in HarrowThe double rainbow appeared after the rainy end to the month, which had been sunny for the majority of lockdown.

Rainbow over London
The rainbow spotted by lots of people in London where it seemed to end on the Shard.Double rainbow in Hulme, Greater Manchester
Sian Evan’s double rainbow in Hulme, Manchester.
Rainbow over houses in Whittlesey
BBC Weather Watcher Happy Snapper captured rainbow in storm cloud over Whittlesey, in Cambridgeshire moments before weekly clap for carers
Rainbow's end in Holmrook, Cumbria
The colours were vibrant in Holmrook, Cumbria
Rainbow above building displaying hope sign in Wickford, in Essex
This rainbow appeared above a building in Wickford, Essex, with word “hope” in window

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