IMG-20190730-WA0001.jpgJesus told His disciples to go on ahead to Capernaum so they set sail in a boat. It soon turned into a storm and they were struggling to keep boat under control. A figure appears walking on the water.15658734241375412459547235898397.jpgStorm blinds them not recognising Jesus they lived and worked with so panicked said it is a ghost. Peter boldly steps out by faith to join Jesus, starts sinking took his eyes off Jesus for a moment in time. IMG-20190815-WA0006.jpgIMG-20190503-WA0016.jpg IMG-20190812-WA0000.jpg20190820_193921.jpgStress and pressure of can cause a hasty decision of Peter to jump in the sea and he got saved by Jesus Christ in victory. 15661586438528940833344511269508.jpgJesus called disciples from fishing fish to fishers of men to save mankind. It is happening as people run from danger seeking refuge elsewhere. Look on the horizon for help heading towards them. Storms of life blind vision from helpers. Trust God to see victory for eternal life in Jesus Name.

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